EV Fest 2014 Electric Vehicle Show Announcement EV Fest announces their Fifth Annual EV Fest 2014 Electric Vehicle

Show on June 15, 2014, at Hamilton Wentworth Twin Pad Arena, 27 Hwy 5 West, Hamilton, Ontario , from 10AM until 5PM. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, April 01, 2014 -- EV Fest today announced its officia l show date on Sunday, June 15, 2014 at The Hamilton Wentworth Twin Pad Arena, 2 7 Hwy 5 West, Hamilton, Ontario, from 10AM until 5PM. June 2014 marks the fifth EV Fest. Growing steadily from a standing start seven years ago, this year's show is devoted to OEM vehicles, personally-converted Elect ric Vehicles, Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids, eBikes, Electric Scooters, Trikes, EV co mponents and supplies. And once again, waste vegetable oil conversions. Fuel Cel l Cars may also be seen this year. EV Fest 2014 offers 17,000 square feet of indoor and under-roof show space and c an be enlarged to up to 34,000 square feet. EV Fest creator Robert Weekley is proud of this year's growth. ªOur mandate is to gr ow EV Fest to be the largest Electric Vehicle show in Canada. We're expecting up t o 70 exhibitors to attend. That's from inside Ontario, the rest of Canada and inte rnationally too.º Weekley explains further, ªWe've caught the public's attention at just the right time. Gas prices are going nowhere but up. Drivers are aggravated by wild swings in f uel prices. Our imported oil is at the mercy of unstable governments. Right from the start, we've seen all kinds of people visit the show. We get the professional s - Designers, Municipal Decision Makers, CEO s and Fleet Buyers, and the fans w ith a personal interest in how an Electric Vehicle (EV) might benefit their life style.º ªEV Fest 2014 is a natural partnership of all the EV-type vehicles currently avail able. The OEMs use it to gauge the reactions of an eager and receptive public,º co ncludes Weekley. About EV Fest: April 10, 2010 saw "EV Show & Shine BBQ" formed after less than five weeks plann ing. The successes it generated led to a name change and a new website, and the first official `EV Fest' was set for October 2010. EV Fest 2011 took a new direction and moved to the Evergreen Brick Works. Boasting 36 Exhibitors onsite, it was d ouble the previous year's event. EV Fest 2012 grew once again and attendance nearl y tripled. 2013 saw EV Fest scaled back to accommodate a move to a smaller facil ity that supported charging up to eight Electric Vehicles at one time plus a 20 kW Solar Carport. But now the time has come to grow even further. 2014 boasts space for up to 80 i ndoor exhibitors plus 10 EV charging stations. It also allows excellent support for corporately-sponsored Electric Vehicle test drives, without interfering with the core show activities. About Hamilton Wentworth Twin Pad Arena: Since the Grand Opening of the North-Wentworth Twin Pad Arena on Nov. 10, 2012, the public have steadily and increasingly discovered this facility Located west of Clappisons Corners, the North-Wentworth Twin Pad Arena is a 90,000-square-foo t, barrier-free facility featuring two NHL-size rinks, seating for 800 guests, a community meeting room, and much more. EV Fest is proud to promote Canadian innovation in Electric Vehicles nationally and to the world.

Contact: Robert Weekley, EV Fest Lead Developer, TEL: 416-638-4368, e-mail: evfe st@evfest.ca, Website: www.evfest.ca; Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EVFest, Twitter: @EVFe stShow Contact: Robert Weekley EV Fest 35B-10520 Yonge Street, Suite 265 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3C7 416-901-9191 robert@evfest.ca http://www.evfest.ca

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