List of justice bills signed into law

In the 2014 legislative session, state legislators approved four new felonies and 15 new misdemeanors. Of those, three felonies and 13 misdemeanors have been signed into law by the governor: Felonies HB71 • Bans distribution of “revenge porn,” or an “intimate image” of a person, without that person’s permission. (Subsequent offenses after first: Third-degree felony) HB213 • Makes it a felony for teachers or volunteers at a public or private school to unlawfully touch or fondle students between the ages of 14 and 18. (Third-degree felony) HB392 • Prohibits a Utah delegate from supporting or approving an unauthorized amendment or change to the U.S. Constitution. (Third-degree felony) Misdemeanors HB30 • Adds new “spice” and emerging drug alternatives to listed controlled substances. (Class B misdemeanor) HB71 • Bans distribution of “revenge porn,” or an “intimate image” of a person, without that person’s permission. (First offense: class A misdemeanor) HB101 • Prohibits individuals from engaging in conduct that blocks traffic in certain roadways. Also bars people from soliciting money or goods in “an aggressive manner” on sidewalks within 10 feet of the entryway to a bank or ATM. (Class C misdemeanor) HB200 • Bans removing, altering, defacing or otherwise vandalizing campaign signs. (Class B misdemeanor) HB277 • Requires all music therapists obtain a state-issued professional license and makes it illegal for such therapists to practice using the title of “certified music therapist” or represent that they have been certified. (Class B misdemeanor) HB390 • One of the bills inspired by former Attorney General John Swallow. It makes it illegal to obstruct a legislative proceeding and extends the state’s definition of a pattern of unlawful activity to include tampering with evidence and falsifying certain government records. (Class A misdemeanor) HB394 • Require candidates to itemize how money from their account is spent rather than being able to make lump-sum payments to consultants or credit-card companies for expenses. Makes it unlawful to do otherwise. (Class B misdemeanor) SB13 • Reduces some third-degree felony theft charges to class A misdemeanors. SB36 • Bars the use of Utah’s list of registered voters for commercials purposes. (Class B misdemeanor) SB87 • Makes it unlawful conduct to hire or compensate an “unlicensed person” to perform work on a construction project, unless the person is an employee of a licensed professional for wages and is not required to be licensed under the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act. (Class A misdemeanor) SB88 • Exempts video or audio recordings or transcripts of an interview conducted at the Children’s Justice Center from GRAMA laws. Prohibits the distribution, release or display of any such material. (Class B misdemeanor) SB137 • Requires health care providers to wear a badge or clothing that identifies their name and license type. Bans misrepresentation. (Class A misdemeanor) SB232 • Proceeding without obtaining an inspection through a checkpoint station set up to check for Dreissena mussel contaminant is unlawful. (Class B misdemeanor)