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Chapter 4


*** FACT: Trampolining, rebounding or cellercising that is, bouncing, whether lightly or sprightly, on a trampoline makes a quantum leap (no pun intended) beyond all other known aerobic and non-aerobic activities in cleansing, strengthening and toning the entire body while being free of all their inherent liabilities. It can be done virtually anytime, anywhere, by anyone child or centenarian indoors or out, and is the only exercise which simultaneously firms and detoxifies every one of the bodys 100 trillion cells. "Rebounding is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has found." Jump for Joy, James R. White, Ph.D ************************************************************************** Rebound exercise is undoubtedly the most complete and efficient training activity known for building coordination, stamina, agility, balance and overall physical fitness without the usual trauma associated with other forms of vigorous exercise. Dr A. Ackleson. Texas ************************************************************************** "I keep my rebounder at the foot of my bed and use it daily." Bob Hope, comedian, centenarian (1909 2009) ************************************************************************** If you see somebody jumping up and down on the second floor of the White House, thats me rebounding. Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States ************************************************************************** HEALTH-GIVING EXERCISE DOESNT HAVE TO HURT Wouldnt it be wonderful if there were just one exercise which could do away with all the others? Which eliminated the need for the endless conveyor belt of massive and expensive equipment? Which could be done anywhereat home, work or while traveling? Whichgaspwas almost effortless? Shock and stress-free? So pleasurable it can be almost addictive? Its here, its been here for decades, and its called by various names: rebounding, trampolining, cellercise. This unique form of anti-gravity exercise has been studied by no less than the National Aeronautical & Space Administration in its search for optimal conditioning, and found to be far more aerobically efficientsixty eight percent to be exact-- than jogging. Dr. Morton Walker, M.D. in his book, Jumping for Health, lists the following 30 health advantages of

regular rebounding: 1) Increases respiratory capacity. (lowering mortality) 2) Circulates greater oxygen to tissues (raising immunity) 3) Creates higher equilibrium between tissue oxygen need and oxygen availability. (creating greater power) 4) Greatly enhances muscular and valvular fluid exchange, lightening the hearts workload and facilitating lymph-flow. 5) Tends to reduce levels of arterial blood pressure during exercise. (resting heart) 6) Lessens the higher blood-pressure period after exercise. (resting the heart) 7) Increases resistance to cardiovascular disease. 8) Increases red-cell production activity of the bone marrow. (raising oxygen-delivery capacity) 9) Aids venous blood flow as well as lymph flow. (enhancing waste-cleansing) 10) Encourages collateral circulation of blood and oxygen. 11) Strengthens heart muscle and other muscles, causing them to work with greater efficiency. 12) Lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.(producing arterial health) 13) Allows heart to beat more slowly at rest. 14) Stimulates metabolic activity. 15) Promotes growth and tissue repair. 16) Tones the endocrine system, especially the thyroid, to increase output. 17) Enhances the bodys alkaline reserve for potential emergency output. 18) Attains absolute potential of the cells on a biochemical level (maximizing function and performance). 19) Conserves physical strength and efficiency. 20) Expands the bodys capacity for nutrient fuel storage and endurance. 21) Improves coordination through enhanced transmission of nerve impulses and muscle response. 22) Produces vigor through increased muscle fiber tone. 23) Provides relief from neck and back pains, headaches and pains due to poorly toned physiology. 24) Enhances digestion and elimination. 25) Creates purer sleep and relaxation. 26) Increases mental performance, enhancing learning. 27) Curtails fatigue and menstrual discomfort in women. 28) Minimizes colds, allergies, digestive and abdominal problems. 29) Slows aging. 30) Lessens likelihood of obesity. Exercising on a mini-trampoline for its beneficial rebounding result enables you to create chelation therapy within your body and brain. Dr. Morton Walker In the 30-odd years since Ive been reboundingand in the process, collecting rebounders Ive collected numerous books on the subject by various experts and spoken with many movers and shakers in the field but I have yet to encounter a more compelling exponent than David Hall. DAVID HALL CONTEMPORARY APOSTLE OF ANTI-GRAVITY Almost certainly trampolinings most charismatic prophet, Hall formerly an insurance salesman and selfdescribed couch potato is creator of his own unique take on the trampoline, called the Cellerciser. His dynamic style betrays a deeply-informed faith in the powers of anti-gravity exercise and the quantum benefits it reliably bestows upon those who engage in it along with a boyish ebullience for getting his message out. THE TIMELESS BODY Hall quizzes his audiences with a double-edged question, Is there anybody (any body) here over 7 years old? His answer? No, Cells dont get old, theyre always replacing themselves. But they do get weak, and when

cells get weak, body parts and functions get weak. But the good news is that we can strengthen and improve the efficiency of our cells at any age, and when we strengthen the efficiency of our cells, we automatically begin to strengthen the efficiency of our body parts and their functions at any age. TRAMPOLINING AS ENERGY EXERCISE Nor is Hall shy about confining his sermon on the myriad blessings of cellercising to the physical realm; hes equally enthused about its ability to enhance the human condition on other levels: Your cells are transmitters and receivers thats how they communicate. What does that make your body? Its literally a transmitter and a communicator. You get in touch with Mother Earth or Father Sky if you like the physical and the spiritual. It creates a whole different impact on the idea, Honor your Father and your Mother that your days on earth may be long. (See Our Radiant Earth) SPONTANEOUS BUFFING Equipped with a naturally lean and ripped athletes body, when Hall is persuaded by his host to laughingly bare his midriff to his audience, their eyes go wide and their jaws drop: Halls abdominals are showcase specimens, taut but never bulky, like the rest of his musculature,. Yet, paradoxically, he confides he never exercises as it is commonly understood no sit-ups or push-ups, no weight-lifting or workouts at gyms or on home equipment. So whats his secret? He cellercises. Whats more, he swears he achieves all of this in a mere 10 minutes a day, and, much like much of the rest of humanity in the virtual era, spends the remainder of his time as a desk potato. Whats going on here? Is this some late-breaking New Age fitness guru hype or is it fault-free straight talk from a man who has found a genuine shortcut to the Holy Grail of optimal conditioning? There are compelling reasons to give genuine consideration to the latter possibility, as well soon discover. RESPONSES FROM THE REAL WORLD But first, the documented testimonials: a yoga instructor tells Hall shes made more physical progress in 6 months on the Cellerciser than in 20 years with yoga; an 80-year old lady begins cellercising and by her 90s is skiing, and at 101, tobogganing; a 94-year old lady writes that cellercising has saved her life, and manages to tell her story in the Seattle Times most popular single feature to date; a torn-up weight-lifter, begins cellercising, and after 3 ! months wins the senior pentathalon games for all of North America, writing, Its been amazing the positive influence your program has had on my body; Ive spent thousands on supplements in the last 15 years, and done every body-stretching routine imaginable, but nothing has worked like your tramp (trampoline) to help me get my muscle and joint health back. A woman with migraines for 15 straight years, bed-ridden and on maximum IV medication, who had lost her will to live hears Hall on the radio. She procures a Cellerciser; and after 4 months of silence she writes Hall that for the first time since 1958 she is free of migraines, off of all pain medication, and that the Cellerciser has given me a whole new lease on life. And on it goes: fibromyalgia, lupus, cellulite, weak sphincter control, chronic fatigue. And finally, the tearful revelation of a woman severely injured in an auto accident, given up by her physician, consigned to a life of unceasing pain in every limb and joint who finds herself miraculously free of all pain after encountering David Hall and religiously practicing cellercise. EINSTEINS INSIGHT SHEDS LIGHT ON THE QUANTUM GRAVITY EFFECT But, as his presentation continues, Hall does not leave us mired in mystery its clear he wants us to get it, to comprehend the magical modus operandus at work when the human body launches up into the air even slightly, without ever leaving the mat is for an instant suspended weightless then plunges earthward with the gathered vectors of acceleration, momentum and gravity in its flight-path. None other than Albert Einstein was the first to observe that, from the cellular or physiological point of view, the

human body could not distinguish the difference between acceleration, momentum or gravity; they are all experienced as a unified force internally. Virtually miraculous things begin to happen, triggered by the force-flux that compresses and decompresses or massages our population of 75-100 trillion cells at every bounce. A QUEST FOR QUALITY The only shadow which crosses Halls consistently sunny features is a genuine concern that this process be done in the safest, most benign and elegant way, on a unit which reliably dissipates impact on allimportant, sensitive areas such as the joints and spinal column, and that people be spared the risks of units such as the one which permanently disabled his father. Enter the entrepreneur Hall, with what, from all angles, appears to be a truly state-of-the-art trampoline the Cellerciser- with ampler diameter than most, nearly indestructible construction, and an impactsensitive response that makes it, for many, the uncontested choice of user-friendly launch-pads. If this be the case, then the entrepreneur may in fact be a deliverer in disguise. Nor given the almost certain longevity of the unit is the cost unreasonable at $325 for a portable halffold unit. The unique process at work is what may be called The Sponge Effect: as you lift upward, and for a minimoment, experience weightlessness, your tissues and cells expand due to the decrease in gravitational pull; enabling maximum fluid-expansion, but another micro-moment later, as you plunge downward into the trough of your bounce due to the accumulated gravitational momentum your system experiences something between closer to 2 Gs (body-weights) or more of force -- at which point your tissues and cells all 100 trillion of them undergo a sudden contraction or squeezing. And, in a typical trampolining session, this rapid expansion-contraction phenomenon is triggered approximately 100 times every minute. As the cells in the body intensively compress and decompress during every bounce, the shifting forces powerfully stimulate rapid fluid exchange, flushing toxins, metabolic wastes particularly disease-producing trapped blood proteins as well as other debris out of the cells. Simultaneously hundreds of lymph nodes are reflexively siphoning life-enhancing lymphatic fluid through the more than 3500 kilometers of the passages, eliminating toxins in the process. LYMPH THE TRUE FLUID OF LIFE Lympha was the ancient Roman goddess of fresh water, embodying all its life-giving aspects. And from her derives the term lymph, the life-giving water of the body, without which human existence would not be possible. Amidst and between all the myriad organs, tissues and membranes that comprise a living body flows a mysterious substance known as interstitial fluid, a biological interface enabling exchange of life-sustaining substances, vital nutrients as well as metabolic waste products. When it lies outside the lymphatic passageways, it is termed interstitial fluid, but when it enters the lymphatic passageways, it is called lymph. Dr. C. Samuel West, lymphologist, D.N., N.D., spent his life teaching people about the critical importance of lymphatic cleansing for optimal health, and for healing. His life-long mantra was stunningly simple: trapped blood proteins are the overwhelming cause of illness and death in human beings. Pain and injury can be eradicated by restoring fluid flow and liberating these un-excreted metabolic waste products from our cellular environment, through modalities such as massage, deep breathing, colonic irrigation, tissue cleansing, juice flushes and fasting, to name a few but nothing comes even remotely close to anti-gravity exercise at jump-starting microcirculation of the lymphatic and therefore the immune throughout the entire system simultaneously. A SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR HIGH IMMUNITY

People who have dealt with major immune-related illnesses, such as cancer, have attributed their healing to the rebounding regimen prescribed by Albert E. Carter: once per hour for one to three minutes, which causes a dramatic rise in the number of white blood cells in the bloodstream. The stimulation of bouncing drives them from their storage places in the lymph glands, scavenging throughout all the organs of the body for dead and mutant cells. At the hours end, most of the lymphocytes are back home in the lymph glands again. Thus, this renewed strategy insures that they stay in continuous circulation. When I was in Australia I had a medical doctor in my seminar who said, I am a medical doctor, and what I have just heard is a medical breakthrough. You see there are many doctors and scientists who can create a lot of chemicals that can help people when they get sick, but you have created something which prevents the illnesses from ever occurring. Albert E. Carter, author of The Cancer Answer Perhaps a simple, stunning glimpse at the occurrence of breast cancer (which thrives only where there is stagnation in the lymphatic flow) in women who wear lymph-constricting bras will speak volumes about the critical importance of unrestricted lymphatic circulation in remaining cancer-free: Hours in a Bra Per Day* 24 Chance of Breast Cancer* 75.00% (3 out of 4)

greater than 12 (but not to bed) 14.28% (1 out of 7) less than 12 0 (or rarely) 00.66% (1 out of 152) 00.60% (1 out of 168)

ORIGINS & PIONEERS OF ANTI-GRAVITY EXERCISE In 1936, George Nissen, a gymnast, and Larry Griswold, a competition diver both of the University of Iowa created the first trampoline, based upon the trapeze safety net design, naming it after the Spanish word trampolin a diving board. And by 1942 the Griswold-Niessen Trampoline & Tumbling Company was seeding America with their creations. The military was quick to seize upon its unique value and pioneered the use of trampolining in the training of pilots and navigators, affording them . . . concentrated practice in spatial orientation that had not been possible before. After the war, the space flight program exploited the trampoline to help train American and Soviet astronauts to condition themselves to variable body positions in flight. And this neurological conditioning effect extends even to those who may be earth-dwelling trampoliners. Following, a recent series of interviews with cellologist and Cellerciser-creator David Hall:

DISCOVERY JM: May we hear about the genesis of your own journey to cellercising? What was your initial introduction to the practice of jumping or rebounding? DH: (laughs) As I mentioned, I was an insurance agent with Mass Mutual in Newport Beach, California; I also had a franchise with a success motivation institute, and once a week I would hold a support group meeting, helping individuals and businesses identify their goals and objectives and reach them. One of my customers was a lady named Diane, and Diane wanted a husband. And she ended up meeting somebody named Al Carter (well-known pioneer of rebounding). She wanted me to meet him, and brought him to one of my meetings. And he introduced me to what he had at the time, which was a mini-trampoline.

Now, I was in need of something to improve my immune system because of an episode I had with pesticide poisoning and asbestos poisoning. And my health was suffering for it, so I started playing around on this thing. And although it kept hurting my back, I started getting results, and I was losing weight and getting more defined in body-tone. People began to ask me what I was doing, and thats when I began teaching and sharing my programs with them. INSIGHTS & RUDE AWAKENINGS But the problem in the unit was the little (uniform) tube springs, which is what Al had been promoting, which are very damaging, but which to me didnt represent NASAs (the National Aeronautics & Space Administration) research (on the benefits of rebounding) at all. (Those studies) were based upon big trampolines, not mini-trampolines, and they didnt create G forces or acceleration or deceleration effects without an abrupt jarring effect. I asked (this company) if they would make me a tapered spring design, and they agreed to do it -- this was going to be a unit, with my name on it. (The company) came back and asked me if I wanted an equity position if I kept their name on it. . .and they started producing the unit, and I started traveling around to demonstrate with it. And that was the soft-bounce rebounder, which is what we ended up calling it at the time. And I get a phone call from the secretary who worked for them, and she says, David, I am so sick and tired of what (they) are doing to you, and I said, What are you talking about? She said, (Theyre) keeping two sets of books. And she gave me dates and figures to the amounts of money that they were keeping and not giving me. And I had a restless weekend, because I was very concerned. And I gave them a call the following Monday I did not use (the secretarys) name and asked them about it; their only comment was, What are you worrying about? Youre doing just fine. I said, Thats not the point I need to trust the people Im working with it. They said, Youre not going to get it manufactured anywhere else. And at that point I decided to leave and create my own unit. . . Thats why I introduced the tapered spring design, to create those G forces, which you could not create on the little tube springs. And so now virtually everybody says I introduced the tapered spring design, and everyones now following suit and doing the tapered spring design.(Note: the tapered spring design creates a tempered, 3tiered response which attenuates the impact on the body) Needak started doing it, ReBoundAirs doing it. JM: But they have a very abrupt bounce. DH: I know, and thats not NASAs research. Can you imagine an astronaut, coming in from outer space, and theyve been there for 3 months, and theyre helped out with a stretcher, and they jump on a unit like that? JM: No, I cant, really. DH: No, its not going to happen. My objective always has been I needed it for myself, I needed a unit to work on me, and then in the process of working on me people began asking me what I was doing because they saw the difference in me. All I did was start teaching them. In the process of teaching them I was invited to speak before Rotaries, Lions, Kiwanis, senior citizen centers I did that for about 3 years, and I woke up and said, Why am I selling insurance? I left the insurance business and went out on the road. That was 1994, and I started traveling and re-igniting the industry with the tapered spring design. DANGERS & BIO-FRIENDLY INNOVATIONS DH: There are so many rebounders on the market its a generic term if you use the term rebounder and youre talking about specific exercises, techniques and routines, and somebody like my dad goes out and gets a rebounder thinking its the same thing, they could seriously damage or hurt themselves. My dads been permanently disabled since 1995. JM: Due to what? DH: Due to a typical rebounder. He attempted to do my exercises on one and the jarring effect was so severe that he put a bone fragment through a nerve in his lower back within the first month of using it. He went to a Rotary Club and heard about all these benefits after he had heard about it from me, and ended up buying one from one of his peers, thinking it was the same thing his son was telling him about. JM: And this was simply a cheap unit? DH: No it was a very expensive unit he had paid over $200 for it. In fact, in 1995, Dr. Morton Walker came out with an article in the Townsend Letter for doctors warning doctors to avoid those units. Now hed been a customer of mine for many years, but at that time (this company) was still making those little tube springs which Im was very much against. I still am. CLUES TO TRAMPOLINE QUALITY

JM: In the higher bracket units, has there been a uniform transfer over to the tapered-spring design? DH: Well, yeah, when I introduced the tapered spring I started traveling all over the country doing it. The bottom line is that I came out and created a unitI wanted the very best materials, I knew that if I could have a better steel in the strings its going to hold up a lot longer, its not going to stretch out like the typical rebounder, its not going to create pronation (joint collapse) of the feet. In fact, it was so strong that it destroys conventional spring molds, and so we had to create a tungsten steel mold just to be able to produce our spring. And so I created a triple-tiered spring we patented it and weve done some engineering research on that, where the objective has been to create a larger diameter in the center of the spring and focus the effect so the center of the spring will stretch first, and when you need more spring it graduates to the next tier, and lastly to the elastic coils. And our objective in that process has been to create a unit that a hundred-pound person can use and theyre going to use the center portion of the frame and thats pretty much all theyre going to use, and if a 200 or 300 pound person gets on it, theyre going to use a more extensive part of the spring and thats what weve been able to achieve. But Ive done other things to get that unit to perform better, because the whole basis of this is to create G forces. JM: Are you saying that in a better unit the horizontal plane will be maintained even when the mat gives? DH: Yeah what you want is to have as little movement in the spring until you put the energy into the spring. If you step on a unit, and the steel in the spring is so weak that all you do is sink, then theres that much of spring youre really not going to have as much use for. Youre not going to get as much acceleration and deceleration thats where the benefits lie. But you also want the mat itself not to stretch; you want the mat to work with the foot. The foot has movement you want there to be movement. If there isnt movement and youre landing youre going to create problems in the ankles and the knees, so you have to have movement to conform with the foot. However, you dont want to stand on a unit and have that movement to such an extreme that automatically youre starting (to bounce) with your feet because the thing is so soft. And you can try this; you can stand on (product A) or you can stand on (product B) and you will see how much softer they are in the middle, automatically. You want to have the mat to start to really stretch when you start to put the energy into the mat. Im not quite there yet but I think Im the closest one on the market you want something which is self-adjusting. FOCUSING ON THE FINESSE FEATURES JM: Im on somewhat delicate ground here, because Im someone who has been enthusiastically trampolining for 30 years and who almost exults in it but who has yet to experience your Cellerciser which I plan to do whereas I have experienced quite a number of others. And Im hearing you say that, in some measure, all or most of these may be putting me or my body at risk even though I have not experienced problems. (Note: units used were ReboundAir, Needak and Sun King). DH: Theyre not putting you at risk as much as the other ones are. You dont necessarily want to do all of my exercises on them. Just be sensitive to how your knees and ankles feel after a while if they hurt. JM: Well, Im actually more concerned about those who may be reading this interview; I dont want to have you appear as an elitist. . . DH: I understand. I care about people, I care about the industry a lot of it because of what its done for me and what it did to my dad. JM: What I wonder if youd be able to say without compromise, is that people can have positive experiences on units other than your own? DH: Absolutely, absolutely. Theres just things you have to watch out for, and be sensitive to. And I agree with you, goodness Im not out there to say were the only ones out there in the industry to have a good unit. Im not out there to say that. The second best to us would be Needak. I can tell you the difference in quality, but its the second best in my opinion they use rubber tips they wear out, theyll crack. We use polymer tips for the foot they never wear out. Never one wore out yet. They spray-paint their unit and call it powder-coated, and its not; Ive been to their facility. We use electro-plated. These are things that are not going to make a big difference to your readers, because I want to make sure that units going to be around generations from now, if possible. JM: What is the longest duration one of your units have had? DH: My units? I still use it its sitting outside next to another brand thats rusting, because its not electro-plated. JM: But how long would that be? DH: Probably 1996. And the rubber feet are still fine! Theyre discolored, but theyre not cracked at all. And the springs are in excellent condition I couldnt believe it! I had to change the mat because a football

player from the high school came over to do some work on our property, and he launched that thing, and yeah some of the stitching gave way. It didnt hurt the mat. But thats fourteen years thats pretty good. I couldve had that re-sewn, but I didnt. Theres another thing the Tri-Fold Cellerciser has that no other unit has: its the only unit in the world that has a flexible frame just the way they build those suspension bridges so that they have movement so they can endure the movement of the earth itself. When you jump side to side, the frame moves with the springs, and as a result of that, it keeps you more centered. JM: And theres less of a jolt as you change direction. DH: Thats exactly right. SURPRISING DISCOVERIES JM: So, to continue the story of your journey, you felt the benefit of this new activity in your life, and decided it was a very good thing. . . DH: I got pushed into it, actually. Everybody asked me, David, what are you doing? Because, in one month, my wife asked me, So, are you lifting weights? and I said No, Im just playing on a minitrampoline. But I noticed I dropped a belt notch, I said, Wow, this things really working, so I really took it seriously after the first month. Within 6 months my entire physique had changed. I was standing erect, my stomach muscles were flat, my energy levels had soared, my insurance colleagues were asking me, David, what are you doing? So I did a demonstration for Mass Mutual and they went nuts. And then the word spread. DANCING ON AIR FAREWELL TO EXHAUSTION JM: One phenomenon I discussed long ago with another veteran trampoline enthusiast was the lack of fatigue that I regularly marvel at on the trampoline; and, I think, at that time we concluded it was due to the constant cleansing or removal of fatigue acids, via the amplified fluid exchange, relieving of the body of the sense of tiredness or exhaustion. DH: But its more than that. Yeah, thats good, thats part of the purification of the body however theres a generation process too you generate energy on different levels, and you actually see that in the blood 3 to 5 minutes after youve been on a Cellerciser; rather than sticky (clumped) blood, the cells have been separated and energized. The cells themselves are batteries theyre positively and negatively charged they have a sodium and a potassium pump. And so, they literally generate energy, and thats one step. The world, the earth itself has magnetic fields, and so does the body, but the body is not dependent upon its magnetic field by having to wear an amulet around the neck, and you know, these various different things. On the Cellerciser you can generate your own energy field, and youll keep it with you for a period of time. If youre grounded to the earth youll keep it longer. If you end up walking around on pavement all day long, no, youll lose it pretty quickly. Because youre separated from the earths magnetic energies, literally, and also, the giant compact effect creates stress and tension in the body, restricting energy flow. MYSTERIOUS EMPOWERMENTS JM: You did a video kind of half kinesiology and half parlor trick in which a group of your friends were unable to keep their balance trying to resist your downward pressure on their upturned, clasped hands but who, after rebounding or cellercising were easily able to maintain balance including the one lady in the group even when you applied tremendous pressure. DH: Yes. JM: What is the actual mechanism by which they were able to maximize their stability so dramatically? DH: Isnt it amazing? You can not accomplish that through any other modality of exercise. I developed that many years ago. Most people are walking around with imbalances throughout their body; theyre both physical as well as chemical in their magnetic fields some people call it chi. There are imbalances in the body, and what cellercise does is, it literally helps to balance the body at many different levels. Thats going to be in my book, and Ill explain more in detail about that. JM: Thats quite dramatic; may I ask, is the effect long lasting, or would it have to be renewed hourly, or daily? DH: Not hourly well, yeah, it has to be renewed daily because the natural imbalances that occur within most peoples bodies start to recur again. There are a couple of factors that can cause that. By as I explain in my book and Im the living testimony of it how to retain that, so that you dont lose it. EARTHING, QIGONG & CELLERCISING: A TRIPLE HEALTH WHAMMY JM: That sounds intriguing. Ive written a book on energy healing, entitled Life More Abundant; the

Science of Zhineng Qigong (or Energy Intelligence) which you can see on about enhancing energy in the human system. DH: Ah! There you go. JM: You know about the Asian cultures practices which endeavor to bond the human energy with the earths field. DH: Yes. JM: Now, I think thats the most promising direction ever but its amazing as I was telling Clint Ober, the author of Earthing, the Greatest Health Discovery Ever? you see many of these qigong teachers teaching their students with rubber-soled shoes on, as if theyre completely unaware of the tremendous difference it would make to our electromagnetic fields. DH: (laughing) Thats right. You cant do it youre right, youve just literally insulated yourself from it. JM: But I dont think theyre aware of the almost quantum benefits of cellercising or mini-trampolining in this regard, either. DH: You cannot get it any other way even (author) John Gray I was on television with Dr. John Gray hes been a customer of mine for over 15 years, and we were on television, and they interviewed him for his new book. He was talking about this shake and bounce technique that he does, and he talked about how it restores the energy and strength and balance of the body, how phenomenal it is. And I looked at him when he was done and I said, You cannot get the strength and bounce on your program, doing that, that you can on a Cellerciser and I had just spoken before him and he said, Oh yes, you can yes you can, you can do that. And I said, No, you cant. And so I did the strength and balance test on him, and, of course, he fell right over like I thought he would. And I got him on the Cellerciser and did it again, and of course he experienced it, and he said, Why is that? (laughs) I said, John, you should know! Because, I educated him quite a bit on it. And I love John, hes great. But you cannot get it, and there are reasons for that. JM: The most curious thing of all is that were not speaking of a traditional activity; rebounding is a modern creation. DH: People jump on the bed or a couch its a natural tendency, in children, to do it, and that natural tendency is very important for a couple of different reasons. . . JM: But you have to agree that it is a 20th century technology. DH: Yeah, it is. It harnesses it more effectively. CELLERCISE PORTAL TO A NEW PARADIGM JM: Are you in a position to say that cellercising connects you with that greater field? DH: Yes! Yes, I do. I honestly believe that. Thats cellology; thats the attempt to take the spiritual and the physical, and to bridge them. JM: Is that a hunch, an experience, a conviction? DH: Its what I believe Ive experienced, its why I believe Ive been able to achieve what Ive been able to achieve when thereve been so many things that have gone against me its because I turn it over to a higher source, I really believe that. And every day Im alive to me its a great blessing because what happened to me in 1990 when I had asbestos poisoning would have killed most people; after running up 18 flights of stairs of asbestos-filled stairwells, and I got to the top, I didnt know what was happening my body just shook. I woke up the next morning the right side of my lymphatic system had collapsed. For at least 2 years, my liver was shot, my lymph nodes swelled up, my color changed, my health was critical. And I had two children and one on the way, and thats when I started my journey. And in the process of this journey, I actually had a vision, and that vision is what moves me forward to believe that Im here on this hearth now to help share that vision with other people so they can also see it. JM: How would you describe that vision? DH: It was a portal that opened up; it was like a conduit in space that kind of opened up, and this person emerged with a message. And that led to the development of cellology. RENEWING THE WORLD ONE BY ONE JM: I sense a natural charisma or electricity in you which Im surely attracts many people to you; is this something which predated your life in rebounding, or cellercizing, or which somehow emerged from it? DH: No, I was told many years ago by an Indian that gave me a name he said that my name was Singing Out; he said I came to this earth with a message, and my overall objective or message is How do we heal

the earth?; well, first of all, weve gotta heal societies. How do we heal societies? ;weve gotta heal communities. How do we heal communities? ; first, weve gotta heal the individual. How do we heal the individual? And Ill tell people what not to do and thatll be in my book too. The way weve been going about it, were not going to do it. We will never create a healthy society or a healthy world by treating the symptoms of illness. JM: No, its much more about re-connecting with the natural world. DH: Yes, and connect with it, communicate to it, and ask for help from it, because Mother Earth, or the Spirit of the Earth, without question I know, and you do too can be very helpful. JM: You begin to realize youre never really alone. DH: Thats right. I think the Indians knew and there are a lot of cultures that knew and understood that more effectively. We, in our culture today, are so oblivious to that. The message is what Im hoping to help people understand. What we can do. We dont have to have hungry people; we have technologies available right now where we can be growing vegetables and herbs on the streets instead of lovely trees and flowers. Theres so much we can do if we can create a better a vision; our nation, our country was built upon independence, and yet people are becoming more and more dependent on others and government, whose proper role is to create independence, to make communities independent. JM: Anything else youd like folks to know? DH: Everyones at a different stage; we cant make one DVD and say, This is for everybody to follow, and this is one reason I havent, cause there are a lot of people out there doing that to make money. My approach is to teach the technique and to (allow them to) grow based upon where theyre at. Be in tune with the body, listen to it. It will grow with Cellercise. The old ideology of no pain, no gain thats not true. The whole objective here is to get in tune, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Rebounding is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man. Albert E. Carter, Reboundologist

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