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The markets surged today. Sensex close up 105.05 gains 0.47% & the Nifty close up 31.50 gains 0. 47%, rose to record high for an eighth consecutive session after non-bank financial companies such as IDFC Ltd surged after the election commission allowed the Reserve Bank of India to announce new bank licenses ahead of the general elections. Equity benchmarks continued to hold positive momentum in afternoon trade supported by RIL and ICICI Bank. IDFC provisionally rose 4% while LIC Hous Fin Ltd gained 5.5%.


BUY CONTRACT 701960 47509

BUY VALUE [Cr.] 22841.51 1657.23

SELL CONTRACT 674377 42789

NET VALUE [Cr.] 21870.69 1488.95

NET BUY/ SELL [Cr.] 970.82 168.28

www.TheEquicom.com 09200009266

COMPANY NAME IGL RANBAXY SBIN ORIENTBANK LICHSGFIN EXPIRY DATE 24-Apr-14 24-Apr-14 24-Apr-14 24-Apr-14 24-Apr-14 OPTION TYPE CE CE PE CE CE STRIKE PRICE 330 440 1450 250 285 LTP 4.00 10.80 3.00 8.20 3.00 CANG. (RS) 3.30 8.55 2.30 6.20 2.25 CHAG. (%) 471.43 380.00 328.57 310.00 300.00 OPEN INTREST 1000 280000 14625 48000 2000

COMPANY NAME AUROPHARMA CAIRN CANBK RELINFRA BIOCON EXPIRY DATE 24-Apr-14 24-Apr-14 24-Apr-14 24-Apr-14 24-Apr-14 OPTION TYPE PE PE PE PE CE STRIKE PRICE 420 310 200 360 510 LTP 0.90 0.15 0.40 1.00 1.00 CANG. (RS) -31.05 -4.00 -9.61 -21.15 -19.85 CHAG. (%) -97.18 -96.39 -96.00 -95.49 -95.20 OPEN INTREST 8000 1000 0 2000 1000

www.TheEquicom.com 09200009266

PRODUCT Index Futures Volume Futures Stock Futures Index Options Stock Options F&O Total

NO. OF CONTRACTS 277511 420 647803 1785929 262922 2974585

TURNOVER IN RS. CR. 9221.84 75.75 23488.90 59956.18 9338.71 102081.38

PUT CALL RATIO 1.14 0.43 1.01


STRIKE PRICE 6800 12700

P.CLOSE 72.40 322.40

OPEN 83.35 350.25

HIGH 89.00 390.20

LOW 67.30

LAST 88.00

VOLUME 11625750 118850

CHANGE % 21.55 20.66

263.80 389.00

www.TheEquicom.com 09200009266


Resistance 1:- 6800 Support 1:- 6700

2:- 6850 2:- 6650

Technical View:
Our yesterday’s Nifty 6800 call option made high 89.00 traded near to our target of 90.00. Tomorrow traders can buy Nifty (6800 Call) option at 85.00 for the target of 100.00 (Intraday).

www.TheEquicom.com 09200009266


Resistance 1:- 12980 Support 1:- 12655

2:- 13140 2:- 12510

Technical View:
Our yesterdays Bank Nifty 12700 call option made high 390.20 our target was 350.00 which is achieved today. Tomorrow traders can buy Bank Nifty (12900 Call) option buy above 280.00 for the target of 310.00 (Intraday).

www.TheEquicom.com 09200009266

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