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Give answer (1) if only conclusion 1 follows Give answer (2) if only conclusion 2 follows Give answer (3) if either conclusion 1 or 2 follows Give answer (4) if neither conclusion 1 nor 2 follows Give answer (5) if both conclusion 1 and 2 follows 1. Statements: Some boxes are packets. Some packets are tubs. All tubs are desks. Conclusion: Some desks are packets. Some desks are boxes. 2. Statements: All chairs are rooms. Some rooms are tyres. All tyres are wheels. Conclusion: Some wheels are rooms. Some rooms are chairs. 3. Statement: Some pens are tables. Some tables are leaves. Some leaves are flowers. Conclusion: Some flowers are pens. Some leaves are pens. 4. Statement: All books are mirrors. Some mirrors are hotels. Some mirrors are building. Conclusion: Some buildings are mirrors. No building is mirror. 5. Statement: Some hammers are needles. All needles are bins. All bins are hills. Conclusion: All bins are needles. Some hills are hammers. 6. Statement: All trees are jungles. All jungles are rivers. All rivers are mountains. Conclusion: Some mountains are jungles. Some rivers are trees.

Statements 7-9:
Some apples are bananas. All bananas are oranges. Some oranges are mangoes. No mango is papaya. All grapes are papaya. Some papayas are apples. 7. Conclusion: Some grapes are apples. Some oranges are apples. 8. Conclusion: Some mangoes are not bananas. Some mangoes that are bananas are also apples. 9. Conclusion: All oranges, which are apples, are necessarily bananas. No grape is a mango. 10. Statement: Some desks are chains. Some chains are tables. All tables are ponds. Conclusion: Some ponds are chains. Some ponds are desks. 11. Statement: All sweets are fruits. Some fruits are pencils. All pencils are rats. Conclusion: Some rats are sweets. Some rats are fruits 12. Statement: Some books are huts. Some huts are walls. Some walls are nets. Conclusion: Some nets are books. Some nets are huts. 13. Statement: All roofs are windows. All windows are mobiles. All mobiles are buses. Conclusion: Some buses are roofs. Some mobiles are roofs. 14. Statement: All buildings are towers. No towers are a rod. Some roads are huts. Conclusion: Some huts are building. No hut is a building. 15. Statement: All benches are cots. No cot is lamp. Some lamps are candles. Conclusion: Some cots are benches. Some candles are cots. 16. Statement: Some cats are dogs. All dogs are goats. All goats are walls. Conclusion: Some walls are dogs. Some walls are cats. 17. Statement: Some buildings are sofas. Some sofas are benches. Some benches are tables. Conclusion: Some tables are sofas. No table is sofa. 18. Statement: Some bats are desks. All rats are bats. All desks are chairs. Conclusion: Some desks are rats. Some chairs are rats. 19. Statement: Some roads are ponds. All ponds are stores. Some stores are bags. Conclusion: Some bags are ponds. Some stores are roads.

20. Statement: Some schools are colleges. Some colleges are universities. All universities are institutes. All institutes are classes. Conclusion: Some colleges are classes. All universities are classes. 21. Statement: Some umbrellas are raincoats. All raincoats are shirts. No shirt is a blazer. Some blazers are suits. Conclusion: Some shirts are umbrellas. Suits are raincoats. 22. Statement: Some computers are boards. Some boards are chalks. All chalks are bulbs. No bulb is a tube light. Conclusion: Some bulbs are computers. No chalk is a tube light. 23. Statement: All doors are floors. Some floors are tiles. All tiles are paints. Some paints are stones. Conclusion: Some floors are paints. Some doors are tiles. 24. Statement: Some leaves are petals. Some petals are flowers. All flowers are fruits. Some fruits are nuts. Conclusion: Some nuts are flowers. No nut is a flower. 25. Statement: All pictures are paintings. All paintings are photographs. Some photographs are designs. Some designs are movies. Conclusion: Some paintings are designs. Some photographs are movies. 26. Statement: Some tables are capsules. All capsules are syrups. Some syrups are medicines. All medicines are powders. Conclusion: Some syrups are powders. Some syrups are tablets. 27. Statement: Some rooms are flats. All flats are buildings. Some buildings are bunglows. All bunglows are apartments. Conclusion: Some flats are bunglows. Some apartments are buildings.

Statement: 28-30
Some paints are brushes. All brushes are varnishes. All colours are varnishes. No varnish is a canvas. 28. Conclusion: No canvas is a brush. Some paints are varnishes. 29. Conclusion: All varnishes are colours. Some brushes are canvases. 30. Conclusion: No paint is canvas. No colour is canvas.

Statement: 31-32
All rivers are winds. All clouds are rivers. All oceans are rivers. All winds are breeze. 31. Conclusion: Some oceans are not breeze. No clod is a ocean. 32. Conclusion: All rivers are breeze. Some winds are not clods.

Statement: 33-35
All staplers are printers. Some printers are machines. All computers are machines. All machines are equipments. 33. Conclusion: Some equipments are staplers. No machine is a stapler. 34. Conclusion: Some staplers are machines. All those printers which are machines are also equipments. 35. Conclusion: All computers are equipments. No computer is a printer.

36. Statement: Some trains are cars. All cars are branches. All branches are nets. Some nets are dresses.

Conclusion: (a) Some dresses are cars. (b) Some nets are trains. (c) Some branches are trains. (d) Some dresses are trains. (A) Only a and c follow (B) Only b and c follow (C) Only a and d follow (D) Only b, c and d follow (E) none of these 37. Statement: Some pencils are kites. Some kites are desks. All desks are jungles. All jungles are mountains. Conclusion: (a) Some mountains are pencils. (b) Some jungles are pencils. (c) Some mountains are desks. (d) Some jungles are kites. (A) Only a and c follow (B) Only a, b, and c follow (C) Only c and d follow (D) Only b, c and d follow (E) none of these 38. Statement: All papers are clips. Some clips are boards. Some boards are lanes. All lanes are roads. Conclusion: (a) Some roads are boards. (b) Some lanes are clips. (c) Some boards are papers. (d) Some roads are clips. (A) Only a and b follow (B) Only a and c follow (C) Only a, b, and c follow (D) Only b, c and d follow (E) none of these 39. Statement: All pens are clocks. Some clocks are tyres. Some tyres are wheels. Some wheels are buses. Conclusion: (a) Some buses are tyres. (b) Some wheels are clocks. (c) Some wheels are pens. (d) Some buses are clocks. (A) None follow (B) Only a follow (C) Only b follow (D) Only c follow (E) Only d follow 40. Statement: All stones are hammers. No hammer is ring. Some rings are doors. All doors are windows Conclusion: (a) Some windows are stones. (b) Some windows are rings. (c) No window is stone. (d) Some rings are stones. (A) Only a follow (B) Only b follow (C) Only c follow (D) Only either a or c follow (E) Only either a or c follow and b follow

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