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A Project on Human Resources Recruitment

Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for qualifying

Master of Management Studies Of University of Mumbai Submitted by LLLL MMMMM

Roll No.: 15 Speciali ation: !uman Re"ource"

#ollege of $anagement% &&&&&& '(a"t)

*or Academic +ear ,-1,.,-1/

A Project on Human Resources Recruitment

Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for qualifying

Master of Management Studies Of University of Mumbai Submitted by LLLL MMMMM

Roll No.: 15 Speciali ation: !uman Re"ource"

#ollege of $anagement% &&&&&& '(a"t)

*or Academic +ear ,-1,.,-1/

Project 0uide: Prof. SSSSS

1o% 1he 2irector% #ollege Of $anagement% 3idyanagari% #hinchpada road% &mani4ali% &&&&&& '(a"t)% 2i"t. 1hane 5 6,1 /-7. Re"pected Sir%

8 the under"igned hereby declare that the project report entitled 9!uman Re"ource" Recruitment: i" an original ;or< de4eloped and "ubmitted by me under the guidance of Prof. S"""" 1he empirical finding" in thi" project report are not copied from any report and are true and be"t of my <no;ledge.

2A1(: P=A#(: 1hane RO== NO.: 15

Signature of "tudent =lll $mmmm

1hi" i" to certify that the project entitled >!uman Re"ource" Recruitment? "ubmitted by >=lll $mmmm? in partial fulfillment for the a;ard of $a"ter of $anagement Studie"@ Ani4er"ity of $umbai i" her original ;or< and doe" not form any part of the project" underta<en pre4iou"ly. Al"o it i" certified that the project repre"ent" the original ;or< on the part of the candidate.

Place: Thane Dat e:

Signature Signature of Guide





Bith immen"e plea"e ;e are pre"enting 9!uman Re"ource" Recruitment: Project report a" part of the curriculum of >$a"ter of $anagement Studie"?. Be ;i"h to than< all the people ;ho ga4e u" unending "upport.

8 eCpre"" my profound than<" to 2irector and Prof. S""""% project guide and all tho"e ;ho ha4e indirectly guided and helped u" in preparation of thi" project. Be al"o li<e to eCtend our gratitude to all "taff and our colleague" of #ollege of $anagement% ;ho pro4ided moral "upport% a conducti4e ;or< en4ironment and the much.needed in"piration to conclude the project in time and a "pecial than<" to my parent" ;ho are integral part of the project. 1han<ing you.

=lll $mmm

"DE '
Project #ontent": Page No.
i. =i"t of figure" D diagram"

1 , 8ntroduction of the "tudy ,.1 ,., ,./ / 66 6G 5 7 G E F 111 5F

Organi ation Profile , . 1E 1F . /G

$eaning% 2efinition% #oncept Objecti4e" Scope /E . 61 . 6E . 55, 5, 5/ 5/ 55 57 .

Re"earch $ethodology 2ata Analy"i" Recruitment HA theoretical frame ;or<H *inding" =imitation #onclu"ion Sugge"tion" Bebliography D Iibliography Jue"tionnaire

List of Diagrams

Sr( "o() 1 , / 6 5 7 G E F 111

*ART CULARS *orm of 8nter4ie; Source of #andidate 1elephonic 8nter4ie; Round 1rac< #andidate 2efine #andidate 1ime Spent 2ifferent Proce"" Ia"ic Jue"tion" #o"t #alculating Sy"tem (4aluation and control of Proce"" *acility for trainee"

*g( "o( 6, 6/ 6/ 66 66 65 65 67 67 6G 6G

Executive Summary
The Human Resources are the most important assets of an organization. The success or failure of an organization is largely dependent on the caliber of the people working therein. Without positive and creative contributions from people, organizations cannot progress and prosper. In order to achieve the goals or the activities of an organization, therefore, they need to recruit people with re uisite skills, ualifications and e!perience. While doing so, they have to keep the present as well as the future re uirements of the organization in mind. Recruitment is defined as, "a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the re uirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in ade uate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient workforce.# In order to attract people for the $obs, the organization must communicate the position in such a way that $ob seekers respond. To be cost effective, the recruitment process should attract ualified applicants and provide enough information for un ualified persons to self%select themselves out. The term "HR recruiter# may sound redundant, as both human resources managers and recruiters both find $ob candidates and get them hired, this $ob is very specific. Recruiters will work from resumes or by actively soliciting individuals ualified for positions. & recruiter's $ob includes reviewing candidate's $ob e!periences, negotiating salaries, and placing candidates in agreeable employment positions. Recruiters typically receive a fee from the hiring employers.

PRO*8= ( O* 1!( OR0AN8KA18O N

Address: Office No.2, A-wing, GN Apt, XXXXX (W), Mumb i - !"""#" $m i% &' ( )rd* ,ont ct No: -22..""""" / "22 2012"""" Website -

About Company
(!ecutive )anagement *onsultant is located at )umbai +India, &ssists companies in search of ualified and e!perienced professionals across sectors and industries. We are a prominent e!ecutive search - selection company, providing a wide range of recruitment solutions for various re uirements. We are a team of dedicated professionals offering services across India. (stablished in .//0 with licenses, ()* is leading Indian and International companies for their middle - senior management re uirements. ()* caters to both domestic placements across India as well as international locations. We have turnover of 1/ lakhs. 2ur team of .3 head hunters have e!tensive previous professional work e!perience and currently specialize in different domains across industries and professionally head hunt and source candidates based on specific client re uirements. Recruiting at a Speed using the best technology, We believe Time is Money hence sourcing the right resource in shorts Mohammad Shaikh Director EMC-Executive Management Consultant

4act 5heet
6ear of (stablishment7 .//0 8ature of 9usiness )a$or )arkets 7 )anufacturer, 5ervice :rovider 7 Indian 5ubcontinent, (ast &sia, )iddle (ast and 5outh (ast &sia

*ontact ;etails
*ompany 8ame7 *ontact :erson7 *ontact 8o.7 &ddress7 Web 5ite7 ()*% (!ecutive )anagement *onsultant )rs. 5haikh < +=1,%=..>>///// 9lock 8o.., &%Wing, ?arib 8awaz &pt, :ipe @ine Rd, !!!!! +W,, )umbai, )aharashtra % A///// +India, http7BBwww.emc.inB

*ompany :rofile
()*% (!ecutive )anagement *onsultants process driven, recruitment firm that assists organizations in achieving business ob$ectives through understanding and effectively addressing the CpeopleC issues in their business. 2ur focus is on desired outcomes and bottom line success. ()*% (!ecutive )anagement *onsultant is into (!ecutive 5earch, Turnkey :ro$ects - ?eneric Resourcing. ()*%(!ecutive )anagement *onsultant is specialized in Head Hunting, Resourcing and 5creening of candidates from - across Industries. "2ur point of difference is that we are a focused, professional, ethical and proactive teamD#

!ATA "A#$ We have a fairly large data bank comprising of candidates in )anagerial functions, HR;, &ccounts, 4inance, (ngineering, Information Technology and )arketing to suit the re uirements of )anagement at all levels of functions. 2ur data bank consists of candidates from different locations and in various countries. They could even supply candidates with very rare skill sets and e!perience from their data bank. This is helpful to identify candidates for specific locations within short notice. %AC&'&T&ES & completely computerized 8etwork environment with sophisticated software for maintaining and accessing data bank % &n e!tensive library covering almost all sub$ects relating to business. % Three telephone lines, 4a!, Internet and email facility. % & good $ob site on the web to publicize the re uirements immediately. % ;edicated Team of *onsultants and staff who believe in Right :eopleDD Right 5olutionsDD Aim ( Approach o) EMC &im &im is to ensure we match you with your ideal $ob every time. With an ethos that focuses on the needs and aspirations of each individual candidate, rather than simply Efilling $obsF, we make sure we understand what you want first before discussing any relevant career options. If our clientFs are looking for full time, part time, permanent or temporary opportunities, our specialist consultants are on hand to guide you through the options to match you with your ideal $ob. 2ur aim is to offer our clients the best consultancy services in India. This means that we provide clients with full consultancy service, from identifying the relevant candidate, to closing the position at short span of Time. Initiatives We proactively seek grant schemes that match your needs and help you tailor your pro$ects to take ma!imum advantage of grant opportunities.

2ur e!tensive professional network and e!perience in a wide range of grant schemes ensure that we track the latest developments in incentive schemes and identify opportunities as they arise. 6ou can then adapt your decisions to better fit public ob$ectives. :artnership *lose collaboration with clients regularly leads to long%lasting partnerships. The better we know you and your organization, the better we can advise you. This leaves you free to focus on your core business while we deal with grants ac uisition, administration and pro$ect management. We also partner with clients in their consortia, technological platforms and other public%private partnerships. &pproach 2ur &pproach towards *lient is distinctive. @arge amount of support teams, provide clients with the complete range of fully integrated recruitment solutions from each site. True client partnerships, an advanced internet development strategy and our focus on placing people are part of what makes us different. *uality +olicy , +rocesses Guality :olicy 2ur consultants go through a stringent pre% ualification phase to ensure that they have the e!pertise that the clients re uire. We select e!perienced personnel with established professional consulting e!perience. We put strong emphasis on &ttitude, *ommunication and Team :layer skills and demonstrated ability to stretch themselves to contribute to the successful completion of pro$ects. We engage in reference checks, drug tests, and background checks before deploying our manpower to the pro$ect. 2ur :hilosophy 5ervice to the customers and the candidates is our motto. (ach employer is important to us and gets personalized attention, irrespective of size or even volume of business generated. 5imilarly, every candidate is treated with warmth and understanding. We make every effort re uired to find suitable placement for the $ob seekers. It is essentially this philosophy which has enabled us to attain our present stature.







&;@&95 4I@)5

WH6 ()*K L & perfect mi! of 9usiness focus and technology which is backed with a specialized team of :rofessional recruiters who are continuously updated with technical training and high end support. L 5tate of the art Infrastructure, Well e uipped - &ir%conditioned work station. L *apability to source high number of candidates for the *lients, scale up and double candidates when needed for pro$ect works. L *ritical strength to always stand up on efficiency and uality in fulfilling commitments at the workplace.

Executive Management Consultant ta-es care o).

*uality 2ur consultants go through a stringent pre% ualification phase to ensure that they have the e!pertise that the clients re uire. We select e!perienced personnel with established professional consulting e!perience. We put strong emphasis on &ttitude, *ommunication and Team :layer skills and demonstrated ability to stretch themselves to contribute to the successful completion of pro$ects. We engage in reference checks, drug tests, and background checks before deploying our manpower to the pro$ect. Cost We keep our overheads low and therefore we can compete with the biggest of staffing firms to provide a fair and competitive rate. /n Time !elivery That is a promise we made to ourselves. We have taken e!treme care to ensure that delivery is met and we are proud of our track record that shows =/L of the candidates selected take up our pro$ects. 2ur support function facilitates our consultants to move from pro$ect to pro$ect. This ensures that they are ready to work Ewhen and whereF our clients need them.

Retention 2ur retention level of consultants on the pro$ect is at an enviable rate of =3L. This does not happen accidentally. We spend uality time on the staffing needs and ensure that the staffing solution we provide really fulfills the clientsF needs.

Speciali0ation in level o) recruitment ()* handles the below > @evels of Recruitment7 M )iddle - 5enior @evel of )anagement M Munior - )iddle @evel of )anagement M Munior - 5enior @evel of )anagement

()* deals with all "IT re uirements# - below mentioned are some of the 4unctional area of recruitment where ()* is specialized7 L 5oftware (ngineers +*ore Mava, M5:, M.)(, M.((, *<<, *N, O9, O9 script,, &, HT)@, &utocad, L )anual Testing (ngineers +:erformance Testing +Web @oad,, 4unctional Testing, Integration Testing ,White bo! Testing , ;atabase testing +5G@, 2racle, , L &utomation Testing (ngineers +Winrunner, @oadrunner, Rational Robot, GT:, 5kilktest, L :ro$ect @eadB@ead )anagementB:ro$ect )anager L Informatica, &utosys, ;atabase &dministrator +2racle , 5G@, ;9.,;9 &ttritions, L 8etwork B 5ystem supportB5ystem Integration L 5ymbian, 9rew, &ndroid, iphone, 9lackberry, 4i!ed line data L ;ata center 2perations L .net +O9B &5:B O*B *NB 5harepoint, L 5r. 2ps (ngineerB2ps )anager L &ssistant )anager 5ervice ;elivery +8etworking B 5ystem Integration B IT 2peration, L *rystal Report L Weblogic B Websphere B W&: L Mava B M5: B B B Munit

L 5iebel B :H: B :erl B :eople soft L 5&: +4I*2 B 9&5I5 B &9&: B 5R) B *R), L P)@ B Q)@ B HT)@ B ;HT)@ L Pni! B @inu! B Windows L GT: B Win Runner B @oad Runner L 5G@ B 2racle B ;9. B :@ 5G@ B ;.H B ;base L @otus B )ainframes L >;)a! B *oral ;raw B &dobe :hotoshop L &dobe :agemaker B &dobe Illustrator L &pache L *old 4usion L )atlab B @abview L Rational Robot B )G* B 5ilk Test L * B *<< B *N B O9 B O* B O*<< B &5: B 4o!pro L 8etwork B 5ystem B 5upport B Implementation (ngineer L ;elivery )anagers +:): - ITI@ certified,

%unctional Area o) Recruitment Speciali0ation ()* deals with all "IT 8on re uirements# - below mentioned are some of the 4unctional area of recruitment where ()* is specialized7 L 5ales - )arketing +&ll areas,7 (!ecutives, Regional )anager, )arketing Head, &)% 5ales, 9randing )anager. L &ccounts - 4inance +&ll areas, L (ngineers *ivil B )echanical B *hemical L ;raftsman B Interior ;esign (ngineer L 5ecretary to *42 B ); B O: L :rocess Trainers B O8& Trainers L &dmin (!ecutive B 4ront 2ffice (!ec L :ro$ect )anager, 5r. )gr B )gr :roduction - :lanning, ;?) 2peration, )anager *ontract - :lanning, )anager ;esign

L *ommercial Head, :iping (ngineer, )anager Guality, (!ecutive :rocurement, &rchitects L Road 5urveyor L ?), O:, &O: R 4inance , 4inancial &nalyst, Investor Relation L HR - &dmin7 )anager HR, 5r.(!e. B (!e. HR. L @egal 7 )anager @egal , *ompliance )anager, *ompany 5ecretary

1o2 does recruiters,consultant get paid3 & recruitment consultant primarily acts from a position of self interest. Their $ob is to generate revenue by making sales. 5ales mean selling their service, their ability to find the right candidate, to prospective employers. In effect they are selling you. This means they will be eager to champion you, their product, to the employer, likewise they will be keen to ensure that you will accept the position if offered. (!actly how a recruitment consultant is paid depends on whether it is a permanent or contract position. ?enerally for a permanent placement the company receives a proportion of your salary, or a set fee agreed with the employer. The more you earn the more they stand to make. Hnowing this should ease any concerns you haveS in this you are both on the same side. 4or a contract the consultant will receive a margin of your rate.

4ob +ro)ile in EMC. L 5ourcing resumes through different $ob portals like 8aukri, monster etc. L 9ased on the clients re uirements screening the resumes and $udging the *andidates to meet the particular re uirement. L Initial phone screening of candidates to $udge communications and background. L 5hort listing the candidates as per clientFs re uirements and then scheduling up the interviews. L Regular follow up with the selected candidates to confirm their $oining dates, ensuring the ma!imum of them are placed successfully with the respective organization L )aintaining and updating database of potential, prospective and re$ected candidates L *onstantly be in touch with the candidate until heBshe $oins. L *o%ordinate with other recruiters to work as a team. L )aintaining a database of candidates. L Handling end to end recruitments.

Re5uirements & 2or-ed on in EMC L Relationship 2fficers B 5r. Relationship 2fficers B Territory )anager for the @ocation of ;elhi and )umbai+@ower parel,, for the Guikr India :vt @td L 5ales )anager for the @ocation of &hmedabad, for Guikr India :vt @td L &sp.8et for the @ocation of )umbai+)alad,, for the >? 5ervices L :ro$ect (ngineer for the location of )umbai, for 5igma 9yte L 5ecretary to ); for the location of )umbai+&ndheri,,for 4inancial Technologies L :ro$ect *o%ordinator with 2nmobile ?lobal @td. L Techlead :osition for &tidan Technologies

Recruitment (mail sent to candidate regarding the same

'e r , ndid te, 2)is is to bring to 3our 4ind notice t) t we ) 5e Officer/ 7r. 6e% tions)ip Officer wit) URL: - )ttp:// bout.p)p Location: 'e%)i n opening for t)e post of 6e% tions)ip

!esignation. (!perience7 (ssential Gualities7

Sr6 Relationship /))icer, Relationship o))icer .< 6ears (!cellent *ommunication 5kill, :ositive attitude, passionate, highly motivated, 5hould come from online, yellow pages, space selling and should have a good idea about online salesBmarketing Responsible for monitoring accessing, improving the ad sales, revenue monitoring &ble to independently ideate and came out with solution to client and ad sales team )onitoring &ll ad positions, ad campaigningFs, sales etc. )onitoring their sales B telesales team.

Mob Responsibility7

&f 3our c ndid ture suits t)e mentioned profi%e t)en 4ind%3 send us t)e fo%%owing det i%s: :. 3our upd ted resume in M7 Word form t. 2. ;resent ,2, .. $+pected ,2, !. Notice ;eriod

As t)e re9uirement is

bit urgent, n e r%3 response on t)is wou%d be )ig)%3 ppreci ted.

A%tern ti5e%3 if 3ou 4now someone suit b%e nd 5 i% b%e t)en ;%e se refer (or) %et us 4now t)eir cont ct det i%s. We s) %% c)ec4 t)eir wi%%ingness for t)is opportunit3. ;%e se, respond t t)e e r%iest. Best regards,

Llll |HR| $M,-$+ecuti5e M n gement ,onsu%t nt

Direct: 9223499000 ||

Recruitment Email sent to candidate

<i, Opening wit) Onmobi%e G%ob % =td for ro!ect "o-ordinator nd A %ue Added

OnMobi%e >N7$: ONMO?&=$@ is one of t)e % rgest w)ite-% be%%ed ' t 7er5ices >AA7@ comp nies for Mobi%e, = nd%ine touc)es t)e %i5es of o5er : bi%%ion mobi%e users so%utions, ;)one ? c4up nd Medi

7er5ice ;ro5iders. OnMobi%e nd de%i5er3 nd Aideo

cross 11 countries e5er3 mont).Wit) our

di5erse product portfo%io of Mobi%e Music, mu%ti-screen Aideo G tew 3 nd ;erson % ,%oud M n gement so%utions, Aoice port %s, M-,ommerce products

nd ser5ices, we gener te 2 ( 1B contribution for top )osted ,%oud wit) on-site oper tions t

customers nd top %ine re5enues of o5er C7 DE"" mi%%ion for o5er -2 customers g%ob %%3. We de%i5er our products b3 t)e best combin tion of 2""", OnMobi%e ) s :1"" emp%o3ees spre d Midd%e $ st c9uisitions inc%ude Ao+mobi%i (2""#), 2e%ism Location: ? ng %ore #e$site: )ttp:// t)e customer premises or t)roug) products dep%o3ed in customer networ4s.Founded in cross &ndi , C.7., =A2AM, Afric , Austr %i , in 2""E. 6ecent (2""E), nd 'i%it)ium Networ4s (2":"). nd $urope. 2)e comp n3 w s pub%ic%3 %isted in &ndi

%D &or Job Title

osition:Project Coordinator India Private Operators - PMO B.Tech / BE / MCA / MBA 1-3years Role Project co-ordinator is a Project Manage ent O!!ice ro"e. T The ro"e re#$ires the person to p"an% drive% co-ordinate and trac& projects 'ith vario$s interna" sta&eho"ders. T (ched$"e reg$"ar eetings 'ith the action o'ners !or stat$s trac&ing. T )pdate the senior e *ers o! the organi+ation on the stat$s o! the projects% high"ight ,e#$ire ents% ris&s and gating iss$es and pro*a*"e reso"$tions. T Prepare and ana"yse the data co""ected !ro vario$s reports and present it to the "eaders !or !$rther ana"ysis and decision a&ing. Skills 1- .ood Ana"ytica"% negotiation and co $nication s&i""s.

Department Qualification Experience

Job Description

/- .ood s&i""s in E0ce" and ppt. (ho$"d have good a*i"ity to ana"y+e data% prepare and present ana"ysis to interna" sta&eho"ders. 3- A*i"ity to p"an% drive% co-ordinate and trac& projects 'ith vario$s interna" sta&eho"ders and report the progress to the A1P. 2- (ho$"d possess good Project 3no'"edge and (yste Location Banga"ore anage ent s&i""s. Te"eco "eve" &no'"edge pre!erred.

&f t)is profi%e suits 3our c ndid ture, 4ind%3 send t)e '(dated res'me mentioning t)e fo%%owing det i%s::) 2ot % $+perience 2) 6e%e5 nt $+p. .) ,urrent ,2, !) $+pected ,2, 1) Notice ;eriod Best regards,

Lllll |HR| $M,-$+ecuti5e M n gement ,onsu%t nt

Direct: 9223499000 ||

Recruitment Email sent to candidate

From: 4"""""" M 5"""""6e c.in7 To: Sent: T$esday% 18 May /91/ 3:18 PM Subject: Opening 'ith Atidan Techno"ogies !or Tech 4ead ;i% As per the disc$ssion% I a sending the Co pany<s pro!i"e and =o* >escription. Opening 'ith Atidan Tec nolo!ies !or the post o! Tec Lead Atidan Tec nolo!ies is an IT ind$stry. It<s an ).(. *ased $"tinationa" co pany. Atidan co *ines o!!shore cost-e!!iciency and /2 ho$r 'or& cyc"es 'ith direct tea interaction at di!!erent "ocationde"ivering "o'-ris&% high-per!or ance so"$tions to he"p yo$ i prove co $nications% strea "ine 'or&!"o' and increase prod$ctivity. "RL: # http://''' /Pages/inde0.asp0 Location: - M$ *ai Job Description:# 1- Candidate $st have at"east ? yrs o! e0perience. /- E0p 'or&ing on 'e* *ased projects is a $st. 3- E0pos$re on (harePoint is pre!era*"e. 2- E0pos$re 'or&ing 'ith )( c"ients is a $st. 8- App"icant sho$"d *e 'or&ing as a tech "ead. $nter%ie&: - On (at$rday @1A May /91/Timin!: # A AM TO 1/ PM $nter%ie& 'rocedure:1- Aptit$de Test @;, Intervie'/- Co p$ter Progra ing Test @.Bet Test3- Technica" Intervie' C 1 2- Technica" Intervie' C /

I! this pro!i"e s$its yo$r candidat$re &ind"y send the !o""o'ing detai"s:1- )pdated ,es$ e in 'ord !or at. /- Tota" E0p. 3- ,e"evant E0p. 2- C$rrent CTC. 8- E0pected CTC. ?- Botice Period. (est re!ards) 4"""" *+R* EMC-E0ec$tive Manage ent Cons$"tant Direct: ,--./,,000 ** llll1emc2in

%ormat o) Candidate &ntervie2 Schedule details sent to /rgani0ation Hi, 9elow mentioned is the interview schedule for &) B )anager HR:
Sr6 #o 1 . . Candidate #ame Oeena Hashelkar Richa )ehta Ragni Methi &ntervie2 !ate 1Uth )ay 1. 1Uth )ay 1. 1Ith )ay 1. &ntervie2 Time 1/.// am 11.// am 11.// am Contact #o =I////// =I>>////// =I>>=///// Mode 4.4 4.4 4.4 'ocation )umbai )umbai )umbai +osition &)B)anager HR &)B)anager HR &)B)anager HR Consultant ()* ()* ()*

Wee-ly Status Report

' te , ndid teGs N me ,ont ct No ,%ient ;osition App%ied for =oc tion ,A 7ent

2--M 3-:2

7o) m 6 5 %

9727700000 0




! "ent

Trac-er sent to Company consists o) the )ollo2ing elements. 5tatus +*O sent or not,, 5ource +*onsultant 8ame,, *andidate 8ame, *urrent *ompany +candidate is working with,, 6rs 2f (!perience, @ocation, (ducation, *urrent ;esignation, *urrent *T*, (!pected *T*, :osition &pplied 4or, *ontact 8o., :rofile 5ent ;ate, @ine )anager, 1st @evel % Resume 5creening, )ode, ;ate, .nd @evel % :I or TI, ;ate, > @evel R :I, ;ate, 4inal 5tatus, *lient *T* if offered.

%orm attached along 2ith candidate resume 2hile )or2arding to the Client 7i6e6 organi0ation8

Executi%e 3ana!ement 4onsultant

N me ;osition pp%ied for ,urrent ,omp n3 ,urrent ;osition <ig)est 9u %ific tion 2ot % $+p 6e%e5 nt $+p ,urrent ,2, $+pected ,2, Notice period ,urrent =oc tion Wi%%ing to wor4 in =oc tion Opted for (H/N) 6e son for Iob ,) nge W)3 t)e ,%ient (e.g. 2 t /F2) W)3 ,onsu%t nt ) s s)ort%isted t)e ,A

ntroduction !f t+e Study

/b9ectives o) the study.

The main ob$ectives of the study are as follows7 i. ii. iii. iv. To understand the process of recruitment To know the sources of recruitment at various levels and various $obs To critically analyze the functioning of recruitment procedures To identify the probable area of improvement to make recruitment procedure more effective v. vi. To know the managerial satisfaction level as well as to know the yield ratio To search or headhunt people whose, skill fits into the companyFs values

Scope o) study.
The benefit of the study for the researcher is that it helped to gain knowledge and e!perience and also provided the opportunity to study and understand the prevalent recruitment procedures. The key points of my research study are7 i. To Pnderstand and analyze various HR factors including recruitment procedure at consultant. ii. To suggest any measuresBrecommendations for the improvement of the recruitment procedures

1uman Resource Management and 1uman Resource !evelopment

;efinition7 HR) is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner. This covers the fields of staffing +hiring people,, retention of people, pay and perks setting and management, performance management, change management and taking care of e!its from the company to round off the activities. This is the traditional definition of HR) which leads some e!perts to define it as a modern version of the :ersonnel )anagement function that was used earlier. We have chosen the term "art and science# as HR) is both the art of managing people by recourse to creative and innovative approachesS it is a science as well because of the precision and rigorous application of theory that is re uired. Human Resource ;evelopment +HR;, means to develop available manpower through suitable methods such as training, promotions, transfers and opportunities for career development. HR; programs create a team of well%trained, efficient and capable managers and subordinates. 5uch team constitutes an important asset of an enterprise. 2ne organisation is different from another mainly because of the people +employees, working there in. &ccording to :eter 4. ;rucker, "The prosperity, if not the survival of any business depends on the
performance of its managers of tomorrow." The human resource should be nurtured

and used for the benefit of the organisation. :ses o) 1uman Resource Management in an organi0ation. L Human Resource )anagement +HR), is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. It can also be performed by line managers. L Human Resource )anagement is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training.

L HR) is also a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people and the workplace culture and environment. (ffective HR) enables employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organization's goals and ob$ectives. L Human Resource )anagement is moving away from traditional personnel,

administration, and transactional roles, which are increasingly outsourced. HR) is now e!pected to add value to the strategic utilization of employees and that employee programs impact the business in measurable ways. The new role of HR) involves strategic direction and HR) metrics and measurements to demonstrate value. L The Human Resource )anagement +HR), function includes a variety of activities, and key among them is responsibility for human resources %% for deciding what staffing needs you have and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations. &ctivities also include managing your approach to employee benefits and compensation, employee records and personnel policies. Psually small businesses +for%profit or nonprofit, have to carry out these activities themselves because they can't yet afford part% or full%time help. However, they should always ensure that employees have %% and are aware of %% personnel policies which conform to current regulations. These policies are often in the form of employee manuals, which all employees have. L HR) is widening with every passing day. It covers but is not limited to HR planning, hiring +recruitment and selection,, training and development, payroll management, rewards and recognitions, Industrial relations, grievance handling, legal procedures etc. In other words, we can say that itFs about developing and managing harmonious relationships at workplace and striking a balance between organizational goals and individual goals.

Advantages , &mportance o) 1R. L )eeting manpower needs7 (very 2rganisation needs ade uate and properly ualified staff for the conduct of regular business activities. Imaginative HR: is needed in order to meet the growing and changing human resource needs of an organisation. L Replacement of manpower7 The e!isting manpower in an 2rganisation is affected due to various reasons such as retirement and removal of employees and labour turnover. HR: is needed to estimate the shortfall in the manpower re uirement and also for making suitable arrangements for the recruitment and appointment of new staff. L )eeting growing manpower needs7 The e!pansion or modernisation programme may be undertaken by the enterprise. )anpower planning is needed in order to forecast and meet additional manpower re uirement due to e!pansion and growth needs through recruitment and suitable training programs. L )eeting challenges of technological environment7 HR: is helpful in effective use of technological progress. To meet the challenge of new technology e!isting employees need to be retrained and new employees may be recruited. L *oping with change7 HR: enables an enterprise to cope with changes in competitive forces, markets, products, and technology and government regulations. 5uch changes generate changes in $ob content, skill, number and type of personals. L Increasing investment in HR7 &n employee who picks up skills and abilities becomes a valuable resource because an organisation makes investments in its manpower either through direct training or $ob assignments. L &d$usting manpower re uirements7 & situation may develop inS an organisation when there will be surplus staff in one department and shortage of staff in some other department. Transfers and promotions are made for meeting such situations. L Recruitment and selection of employees7 HR: suggests the type of manpower re uired in an organisation with necessary details. This facilitates recruitment and selection of

suitable personnel for $obs in the 2rganisation. Introduction of appropriate selection tests and procedures is also possible as per the manpower re uirements. L :lacement of manpower7 HR: is needed as it facilitates placement of newly selected persons in different departments as per the ualifications and also as per the need of different departments. 5urplus or shortage of manpower is avoided and this ensures optimum utilization of available manpower. L Training of manpower7 HR: is helpful in selection and training activities. It ensures that ade uate numbers of persons are trained to fill up the future vacancies in the 2rganisation.

1R T/+&CS ; %:#CT&/#S Recruitment and 5election :rocess

*omplete Recruitment life cycle

L @evels of *ompanies L Technologies and ;omineer L :ortal (!planation L (!planation of Mob ;escription and &nalyzing of Re uirement L 5ourcing of :rofiles from :ortals L 5creening of profiles as per the re uirement L *alling the *andidates L 4ormatting of profiles and TrackerFs :reparation L )aintenance of ;atabase

Training and ;evelopment

L *oncept of Training and ;evelopment L Training 8eeds Identification :rocess L ;esigning &nnual Training :lans L Training (!ecution

L ;esigning (mployee ;evelopment Initiatives L ;esigning 5upervisory ;evelopment :rograms L ;esigning )anagement ;evelopment :rograms L What is Training R2I and how to *alculate L Introduction to 9est Trainer 5kills, Hnowledge and &bilities

Induction and 2rientation

L How to ;esign Induction :rograms and (!ecution L How to ;esign on the Mob Training :rograms and )onitoring L How to evaluate effectiveness of Induction and on the Mob Training :rograms L :robation *onfirmation and HR Role

Team )anagement 5kills

L Pnderstanding What is a Team L Pnderstanding Team ;evelopment 5tages L What is your Team )embership 2rientation L How to improve your effectiveness as Team )ember L What is Team @eadership L Pnderstanding my 2rientation

1R Recruitment.

&ccording to (dwin 4lippo, "Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective

employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the Organisation."

Recruitment is a continuous process whereby the firm attempts to develop a pool of ualified applicants for the future human resources needs even though specific vacancies do not e!ist. Psually, the recruitment process starts when a manger initiates an employee re uisition for a specific vacancy or an anticipated vacancy. It is the process to discover sources of manpower to meet the re uirement of staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in ade uate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force. Recruitment of candidates is the function preceding the selection, which helps create a pool of prospective employees for the organisation so that the management can select the right candidate for the right $ob from this pool. The main ob$ective of the recruitment process is to e!pedite the selection process. Recruitment is almost central to any management process and failure in recruitment can create difficulties for any company including an adverse effect on its profitability and inappropriate levels of staffing or skills. Inade uate recruitment can lead to labor shortages, or problems in management decision making and the recruitment process could itself be improved by following

management theories. The recruitment process could be improved in sophistication with Rodgers seven point plan, )unro%4rasers five%fold grading system, psychological tests, personal interviews, etc. Recommendations for specific and differentiated selection systems for different professions and specializations have been given. & new national selection system for psychiatrists, anesthetists and dental surgeons has been proposed within the PH health sector

#eed )or Recruitment

The need for recruitment may be due to the following reasons B situations L Oacancies7 due to promotions, transfers, retirement, termination, permanent disability, death and labour turnover. L *reation of new vacancies7 due to growth, e!pansion and diversification of business activities of an enterprise. L In addition, new vacancies are possible due to $ob respecification. The recruitment and selection is the ma$or function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organisations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and re uires many resources and time. & general recruitment process is as follows7

Identifying the vacancy7

The recruitment process begins with the human resource department receiving re uisitions for recruitment from any department of the company. These contain7 T :osts to be filled T 8umber of persons T ;uties to be performed T Gualifications re uired

L :reparing the $ob description and person specification. L @ocating and developing the sources of re uired number and type of employees +&dvertising etc,. L 5hort%listing and identifying the prospective employee with re uired characteristics. L &rranging the interviews with the selected candidates. L *onducting the interview and decision making

The 1R Role in Recruitment changed and 1RM.

L ;ecides about the design of the recruitment processes and to decide about the split of roles and responsibilities between Human Resources and Hiring )anager L ;ecides about the right profile of the candidate L ;ecides about the sources of candidates L ;ecides about the measures to be monitored to measure the success of the process & traditional role of HR in Recruitment was an administrative part of the whole process. The HR) was responsible for maintaining the vacancies advertised and monitored, but the real impact of HR) to the performance of the whole recruitment process was minimal. 9ut as the role of Human Resources in the business was increasing, the HR 5trategy was changed. 4rom making the process working to the real management of HR :rocesses and the Recruitment :rocess was the first to manage. The role of HR in Recruitment is very important as HR) is the function to work on the development of the recruitment process and to make the process very competitive on the market. &s the $ob market gets more and more competitive, the clearly defined HR Role in Recruitment will be growing uickly. HR) is not a function to conduct all the interviews today, the main role of Human Resources is to make the recruitment process more attractive and competitive on the $ob market.

Scope o) 1R Recruitment.
L HR $obs are one of most important tasks in any company or organization. L To structure the Recruitment policy of company for different categories of employees. L To analyses the recruitment policy of the organization. L To compare the Recruitment policy with general policy. L To provide a systematic recruitment process. L It e!tends to the whole 2rganization. It covers corporate office, sites and works appointments all over India. L It covers workers, *lerical 5taff, 2fficers, Mr. )anagement, )iddle )anagement and 5enior )anagement cadres. L & recruitment agency provides you with career counseling which renders a crystal clear picture of what are the possible career options out there for you and which $ob option suits you the best.

/b9ective o) 1R
L To obtain the number and uality of employees that can be selected in order to help the organization to achieve its goals and ob$ectives. L Recruitment helps to create a pool of prospective employees for the organization so that the management can select the right candidate for the right $ob from this pool. L Recruitment acts as a link between the employers and the $ob seekers and ensures the placement of right candidate at the right place at the right time. L Recruitment serves as the first step in fulfilling the needs of organizations for a competitive, motivated and fle!ible human resource that can help achieve its ob$ectives. L The recruitment process e!ists as the organization hire new people, who are aligned with the e!pectations and they can fit into the organization uickly.

Advantage o) /utsourcing Recruitment,1iring o) Consultancy

Traditionally, recruitment is seen as the cost incurring process in an organization. HR outsourcing helps the HR professionals of the organisations to concentrate on the strategic functions and processes of human resource management rather than wasting their efforts, time and money on the routine work.

2utsourcing the recruitment process helps to cut the recruitment costs to ./ L and also provide economies of scale to the large sized organizations. The ma$or advantages of outsourcing performance management are7 *ost Reduction

Result GualitativeBGuantitative

Hiring of consultancy

Time saving of *ompany

4ocus )anagement (ffort 2utsourcing is beneficial for both the corporate organisations that use the outsourcing services as well as the consultancies that provide the service to the corporate. &part from increasing their revenues, outsourcing provides business opportunities to the service providers, enhancing the skill set of the service providers and e!posure to the different corporate e!periences thereby increasing their e!pertise. The advantages accruing to the corporate are. L Turning the management's focus to strategic level processes of HR) L &ccessibility to the e!pertise of the service providers L 4reedom from red tape and adhering to strict rules and regulations L 2ptimal resource utilisation L 5tructured and fair performance management. L & satisfied and, hence, highly productive employees L Oalue creation, operational fle!ibility and competitive advantage Therefore outsourcing helps both the organisations and the consultancies to grow and perform better.

Changing Role o) Recruitment &ntermediaries. Recruitment consultancies, agencies or intermediaries are witnessing a boom in the demand of their services, both by the employers and the $ob seekers. With an already saturated $ob market, the recruitment intermediaries have gained a vital position acting as a link between the $ob seekers and the employers. 9ut at the same time, one of the ma$or threats faced by this industry is the growing popularity of e%recruitment. With the changing demand, technologies and the penetration and increasing use of internet, the recruitment consultancies or the intermediaries are facing tough competition. To retain and maintain their position in the recruitment market, the recruitment intermediaries or consultants +as they are commonly known, are witnessing and incorporating various changes in terms of their role, functions and the services. &ccording to a survey amongst top employers, most of them agree with the growing influence of technology and the Internet on the recruitment processes. U/ per cent of employers reported the use of application portal on their companyFs official website. &part from that, the emerging popularity of the $ob portals is also growing. 9ut the fact that the intermediaries or the consultants are able to provide their e!pert services, economies of scale, up to A/ percent savings in the recruitment costs, knowledge of the market, the candidates, understanding of the re uirements, and most importantly, the assess to the suitable and talented candidates and the structured recruitment processes. The recruitment intermediaries save the organisations from the tedious of weeding out unsuitable resumes, co% coordinating interviews, posting vacancies etc. give them an edge over the other sources of recruitment. To retain their position as the service providers in the recruitment market, the recruitment intermediaries are providing vale added services to the organisations. They are incorporating the use of internet and $ob portals, making their services more efficient. ;espite of the growing use of the internet, the recruitment intermediaries are predicted to continue dominating the recruitment market in the anticipated future.

Recruitment Management System Recruitment management system is the comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment processes of an organisation. It is one of the technological tools facilitated by the information management systems to the HR of organisations. Must like performance management, payroll and other systems, Recruitment management system helps to contour the recruitment processes and effectively managing the R2I on recruitment. The features, functions and ma$or benefits of the recruitment management system are Ae!plained below7 L 5tructure and systematically organize the entire recruitment processes. L Recruitment management system facilitates faster, unbiased, accurate and reliable processing of applications from various applications. L Helps to reduce the time%per%hire and cost%per%hire. L Recruitment management system helps to incorporate and integrate the various links like the application system on the official website of the company, the unsolicited applications, outsourcing recruitment, the final decision making to the main recruitment process. L Recruitment management system maintains an automated active database of the applicants facilitating the talent management and increasing the efficiency of the recruitment processes. L Recruitment management system provides and a fle!ible, automated and interactive interface between the online application system, the recruitment department of the company and the $ob seeker. L 2ffers tolls and support to enhance productivity, solutions and optimizing the recruitment processes to ensure improved R2I. L Recruitment management system helps to communicate and create healthy relationships with the candidates through the entire recruitment process. L The Recruitment )anagement 5ystem +R)5, is an innovative information system tool which helps to sane the time and costs of the recruiters and improving the recruitment processes.

1R Recruitment +rocess

<6 Client need assessment L ;efine ob$ectives and specifications L Pnderstand client's business and culture L Pnderstand the $obBposition specifications L Pnderstand roles and responsibilities of the prospective candidate L ;evelop a search plan and review with the client =6 Candidate &denti)ication L Identify target sources L (!tensive organization mapping, research - database search of the profile L :rovide status report to client about the available talent pool >6 Candidate assessment and +resentation L 5creen and evaluate candidates L :ersonal Interviews with *andidates wherever possible % assess skills, interest level and cultural fit L ;iscuss the shortlist with the client and send resumes ?6 Candidate intervie2, selection ( +resentation o) /))er L 4acilitate interviews with the client L 2btain feedback L :articipate in decision making process L :rovide inputs on candidate's desired compensation @6 Closure ( %ollo2 up L 8egotiate offer acceptance L (!ecute Reference check, *ompensation - Mob @evel ;iscussions L *oordinate Moining 4ormalities and on boarding as per predefined date L *losing review to understand client's level of satisfaction. 1R Telephonic &ntervie2 *uestions. L L L L L L Tell me about yourselfK Tell me about your $ob profileK How much current *T*, youFre getting in current organizationK How much youFre e!pecting form new organizationK How the notice period you re uired if you are selectedK Why did you want to resign from your previous $obK

1R Challenges in Recruitment Recruitment is a function that re uires business perspective, e!pertise, ability to find and match the best potential candidate for the organisation, diplomacy, marketing skills +as to sell the position to the candidate, and wisdom to align the recruitment processes for the benefit of the organisation. The HR professionals R handling the recruitment function of the organisation% are constantly facing new challenges. The biggest challenge for such professionals is to source or recruit the best people or potential candidate for the organisation. In the last few years, the $ob market has undergone some fundamental changes in terms of technologies, sources of recruitment, competition in the market etc. In an already saturated $ob market, where the practices like poaching and raiding are gaining momentum, HR professionals are constantly facing new challenges in one of their most important function% recruitment. They have to face and con uer various challenges to find the best candidates for their organisations. The ma$or challenges faced by the HR in recruitment are7 L &daptability to globalization R The HR professionals are e!pected and re uired to keep in tune with the changing times, i.e. the changes taking place across the globe. HR should maintain the timeliness of the process L @ack of motivation R Recruitment is considered to be a thankless $ob. (ven if the organisation is achieving results, HR department or professionals are not thanked for recruiting the right employees and performers. L :rocess analysis R The immediacy and speed of the recruitment process are the main concerns of the HR in recruitment. The process should be fle!ible, adaptive and responsive to the immediate re uirements. The recruitment process should also be cost effective. L 5trategic prioritization R The emerging new systems are both an opportunity as well as a challenge for the HR professionals. Therefore, reviewing staffing needs and prioritizing the tasks to meet the changes in the market has become a challenge for the recruitment professionals.

Researc+ Met+odo,ogy

R(5(&R*H is a Ecareful investigation or in uiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledgeF. MET1/!/'/AB /% ST:!B. The pro$ect is a systematic presentation consisting of the enunciated problem, formulated hypothesis, collected facts of data, analyzed facts and proposed conclusions in form of recommendations. The data has been collected from both the sources primary and secondary sources. !ATA C/''ECT&/#. +rimary !ata. :rimary data was collected through survey method by distributing uestionnaires to employees. The uestionnaires were carefully designed by taking into account the parameters of my study. Secondary !ata.
;ata was collected from web sites, going through the records of the organisation, etc. It is the data which has been collected by individual or someone else for the purpose of other than those of our particular research study. 2r in other words we can say that secondary data is the data used previously for the analysis and the results are undertaken for the ne!t process.

$&#! /% RESEARC1 The research done by (Q:@2R&T2R6 R(5(&R*H This kind of research has the primary ob$ective of development of insights into the problem. It studies the main area where the problem lies and also tries to evaluate some appropriate courses of action.

Sample !esign. & complete interaction and enumeration of all the employees was not possible so a sample was chosen that consisted of .3 employees. The research was taken by necessary steps to avoid any biased while collecting the data.

Tools o) Analysis. The data collected from both the sources is analyzed and interpreted in the systematic manner with the help of statistical tool like percentages. RESEARC1 !ES&A#. & research design is the arrangement of the condition for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. & research design is the specification of methods and procedure for ac uiring the information needed to structure or to solve problems. It is the overall operation pattern or framework of the pro$ect that stipulates what information is to be collected from which source and be what procedures. 1 , / 6 5 7 G E Bhat i" "tudy aboutN Bhat i" "tudy being madeN Bhere ;ill the "tudy be carried outN Bhat type of data i" requiredN Bhere can the required data be foundN Bhat ;ill be the "ample de"ignN 1echnique of data collection. !o; ;ill data be analy edN

Data Ana,ysis And nter-retation

The analysis of the data is done as per the survey finding. The data is represented graphically in percentage. The percentage of the people opinion were analyzed and e!pressed in the form of charts.

*uestion <. What )orm o) intervie2 did you pre)er3

)ost of the manager :refer :ersonal interviews, >/L prefer to take telephonic interviews where as only ./L goes for video conferencing and rest 1/L adopt some other means of interviews.

*uestion =. What source you adopt to source candidates3

*andidate Referral

*andidate Referral 1/L

&dvertising Mob :ortal

&dvertising 3L

Mob :ortal I3L

5ource7 *ompiled from uestionnaire data Interpretation7 This analysis indicates that most of the respondent i.e. I3L responded for Mob :ortal, 1/L responded for *andidate referral and 3L responded for &dvertising. *uestion >. 1o2 many stages are involved in selecting the candidate3 , 1o2 many *uestion you are as-ing during the Telephonic intervie2 round3

4our 2ne 1/L 3L

2ne Two

Three A/L

Two A3L

Three 4our

)ost of the (!ecutives :refer two stages of interview, A/L prefer to take three stages interviews where as only 1/L goes for four rounds and rest 3L sometimes opt for one round of interviews.

*uestion ?. 1o2 do you trac- the source o) candidate3

;ata 13L

5oftware 3L
(o!t'are On"ine

2nline I/L


)ost of the (!ecutives I/L prefer online, 13L prefer ;ata where as only 3L goes for software to source a candidate. *uestion @. !oes the organi0ation clearly de)ine the position ob9ectives, re5uirements and candidate speci)ications in the recruitment process3

8o 3L

6es 8o

6es =3L

This analysis indicates that most of the respondent i.e. =3L responded for 6es and 3L responded for 8o.

*uestion C. What is the average time spent by executives during recruitment 7each candidate83 more than 13 mins 1/L 1/ % 13 mins 1/L 3 % 1/ mins ./L 1 % 3 minutes 0/L This analysis indicates that most of the respondent i.e. 0/L responded for 1 to 3 minutes, ./L responded for 3 to 1/ mins, whereas 1/L responded for 1/ R 13 mins and rest 1/L responded for more than 13 mins. *uestion D. !o you )ollo2 di))erent recruitment process )or di))erent grades o) employees3
1 % 3 minutes 3 % 1/ mins 1/ % 13 mins more than 13 mins

8o 3L

6es 8o

6es =3L

This analysis indicates that most of the respondent i.e. =3L responded for 6es and 3L responded for 8o.

*uestion E. What are the basic 5uestions you as- to the candidate3

*urrent Mob :rofile *urrent B /L (!pected *T* /L

8otice :eriod /L (!perience +Total B Relevent, /L

(!perience +Total B Relevent, *urrent B (!pected *T*

&ll of the &bove 1//L

*urrent Mob :rofile 8otice :eriod &ll of the &bove

This analysis indicates that the entire respondent i.e. 1//L responded for asking all the basic uestions. *uestion F. !o you have any system to calculate cost per recruitment3


8o U/L


6es >/L

This analysis indicates that most of the respondent i.e. U/L responded for 8o and >/L responded for 6es.

*uestion <G. &s there any provision )or evaluation and control o) recruitment process3

8o 33L 6es A3L

6es 8o

This analysis indicates that most of the respondent i.e. 33L responded for 8o and A3L responded for 6es. *uestion <<. &s there any )acility )or absorbing the trainees in your organi0ation3


6es U/L


8o >/L

This analysis indicates that most of the respondent i.e. U/L responded for 6es and >/L responded for 8o.

T1E/R&T&CA' %RAMEW/R$. TH(2RI(5 R(?&R;I8? R(*RPIT)(8T

R(*RPIT)(8T I5 TW2 W&6 5TR((T7 It takes recruiter and a recruitee7 It takes a recruiter and a recruitee recruiter has a choice whom to recruit and whom notS &s per 9ehling et al, there are three ways in which a prospective employee makes a decision to $oin an organization. &ccordingly, the following three theories of recruitment have been evolved7 L 2b$ective factor theory L 5ub$ective factor theory L *ritical contact theory These theories can be e!plained as follows7 /b9ective %actor Theory It assumes that the applicants are rational. &s per this theory, the choice of organization by a potential employee depends on ob$ective assessment of tangible factors such asS :ay package, @ocation, 2pportunity per career growth, 8ature of work and (ducational opportunities. The employer according to this theory considers certain factors among othersS educational ualification, years of e!perience and special ualificationBe!perience. Sub9ective %actor Theory The decision making is dominated by social and psychological factors. The status of the $ob, reputation of the organization and other similar factors plays an important role. &ccording to this theory, compatibility of individual personality with the image of organization is decisive factor in choosing an organization by individual candidate seeking for employment. These sub$ective factors areS :ersonal compatibility for the position, *ompetence and 9est fit.

Critical %actor Theory

The critical factors observed by the candidate during his interaction with the organization play a vital role in decision making. Recruiter being in touch with the candidate, promptness of response and similar factors are important. This theory is more valid with the e!perienced professionals. There are instances when a candidate is unable to choose an organization out of alternative based on 2b$ective and 5ub$ective factor+s, listed above. This is due to many reasons such as limited contact and insufficient data with regards to the organization or its own inability to analyze and come to ant conclusion. In such cases, certain critical factors observed by the manager during interview and contact with personnel of the organization will have profound influence in his decision process. It must be noted that, the theoretical base given above by 9ehling et al was mostly influenced by the working condition which e!isted in developed countries like The Pnited 5tates of &merica and (uropean countries. In these countries, vacancies are many and there is scarcity of suitable hands unlike in developing countries like *ameroon where vacancies are less and hands are more resulting to large scarce unemployment. The theoretical base given above cannot be applied in developing countries e!cept in hid paid $obs where higher skills and better knowledge are the prere uisites. In such cases, candidates have variety of choices and he is the master of his choice. In production, servicing and clerical $obs, unemployment is where the number of $ob seekers far e!ceeds the vacancies. In such a situation, candidates have little choice and such, grab whatever organization call him or her for employment. In such a case, the potential organization is in a better place to choose the candidates from the many available. Hence, the recruitment process should be that of filtering and re%distributing potential candidates not only, for actual or anticipated organization vacancies but also searching for prospective employee. 4rom 9ehlingFs review, it could be assessed that workers output will increase due to certain ob$ectives of motivating them through regular payment. This will help to influence their working conditions thereby making them to be effective at work. :roblems arise when unemployment rate is high and the number of those seeking for $obs far e!ceeds the vacancies that e!ist. In this case, candidates have little choice to be offered the $ob in

the institution. Though they possess the knowledge, education, the process should be to filter and re%discover their potentials. When this happens, right + ualified, employees should be placed in the right positions and as a result, it will lead to an increase in productivity. ;ue to the sub$ective factor of a candidate being best fit for the $ob, it is not the best procedure to determine whether his output will increase or decrease but it should be assessed from the critical factor observed during interview and the contact with the personnel of the organization that will influence his productivity and his decision making. +ersonalityH4ob %it Theory The personalityR$ob fit theory postulates that a person's personality traits will reveal insight as to adaptability within an organization. The degree of confluence between a person and the organization is e!pressed as their :erson%2rganization +:%2, fit. This also referred to as a personRenvironment fit. & common measure of the :%2 fit is workplace efficacyS the rate at which workers are able to complete tasks. These tasks are mitigated by workplace environs% for e!ample, a worker who works more efficiently as an individual than in a team will have a higher :%2 fit for a workplace that stresses individual tasks +such as accountancy,. 9y matching the right personality with the right company workers can achieve a better synergy and avoid pitfalls such as high turnover and low $ob satisfaction. (mployees are more likely to stay committed to organisations if the fit is 'good'. In practice, :%2 fit would be used to gauge integration with organizational competencies. The Individual is assessed on these competencies, which reveals efficacy, motivation, influence, and co%worker respect. *ompetencies can be assessed using various tools like psychological tests, competency based interview, situational analysis, etc. If the Individual displays a high :%2 fit, we can say that the Individual would most likely be able to ad$ust to the company environment and work culture, and would be able to perform at an optimum level.

#indings. Conc,usion. Suggestions. Limitation

L &ccording to the 5urvey, Recruitment differs from company to company for each category. L &ccording to the 5urvey, the company do utilize internet sites for the recruitment process and for finding the talent candidate L &ccording to survey it is observed that the company are utilizing the $ob description in order to make screening process more efficient

'imitation o) the study.

The study is sub$ected to the following limitations L The study is based on the data provided by the company statements so, the limitations of the companyFs employees remaining are e ually applicable. L In some cases data is collected from the companies past records.

T T T T :olices adopted by ()* are transparent, legal and scientific. Recruitment is fair. The recruitment should not be lengthy. To some e!tent a clear picture of the re uired candidate should be made in order to search for appropriate candidates. T )ost of the employees were satisfied but changes are re uired according to the changing scenario as recruitment process has a great impact on the working of the company as a fresh blood, new idea enters in the company.

T Time management is very essential and it should not be ignored at any level of the process.

Recruitment policy is satisfactory in ()* but the periodicity of recruitment is being more which needs to be reduced.

*ommunication, personal and technical skills need to be tested for employees

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F *.9 )amoria and 5.O. ?ankar +.//A,, :ersonal )anagement Te!t and *ases. Himalaya :ublication. F (ssentials of HR) and IR % :.5ubba Rao. F :ersonal )anagement % *.9.)emoria. F Research )ethodology %*.R.Hothari. F :ersonnel and Human Resource )anagement R :. 5ubba Rao, Himalaya :ublication

/uestionnaire on Recruitment *rocess

#ame H CompanyIs name H !esignation H !ate; #ote H +lease )ill the appropriate option6 *uestion <. What )orm o) intervie2 did you pre)er3 a. :ersonal interviews b. telephonic interviews 7 c. video conferencing 7 8 d. 2ther 8

*uestion =. What source you adopt to source candidates3 a6 Candidate re)erral b6 Advertising c6 4ob portals

*uestion >. 1o2 many stages are involved in selecting the candidate3 , 1o2 many *uestion you are as-ing during the Telephonic intervie2 round3 a6 < b6 = c6 > d6 ? e6 More 7 8 7 8

*uestion ?. 1o2 do you trac- the source o) candidate3 a6 So)t2are b6 /nline c6 !ata

*uestion @. !oes the organi0ation clearly de)ine the position ob9ectives, re5uirements and candidate speci)ications in the recruitment process3 a6 Bes b6 #o 7 8

*uestion C. What is the average time spent by executives during recruitment 7each candidate8 3 a6 <mins to @mins6 c6 <G to <@mins6 b6 @ to <G mins6 d6 More 7 8

*uestion D. !o you )ollo2 di))erent recruitment process )or di))erent grades o) employees3 7 a6 #o b6 Bes 8

*uestion E. What are the basic 5uestions you as- to the candidate3 a6 Experience 7Total,Relevant8 b6 Current CTC,Expected CTC c6 4ob +ro)ile d6 #otice period e6 All the Above

*uestion F. !o you have any system to calculate cost per recruitment37 a6 #o b6 Bes, please speci)y H

*uestion <G. &s there any provision )or evaluation and control o) recruitment process3 7 a6 Bes b6 #o 8

*uestion <<. &s there any )acility )or absorbing the trainees in your organi0ation3 a6 Bes b6 #o 7 8

/uestionnaire on Recruitment *rocess

#ame H CompanyIs name H !esignation H !ate; #ote H +lease )ill the appropriate option6 *uestion <. What )orm o) intervie2 did you pre)er3 a. :ersonal interviews b. telephonic interviews 7 c. video conferencing 7 8 d. 2ther 8

*uestion =. What source you adopt to source candidates3 a6 Candidate re)erral b6 Advertising c6 4ob portals

*uestion >. 1o2 many stages are involved in selecting the candidate3 , 1o2 many *uestion you are as-ing during the Telephonic intervie2 round3 a6 < b6 = c6 > d6 ? e6 More 7 8 7 8

*uestion ?. 1o2 do you trac- the source o) candidate3 a6 So)t2are b6 /nline c6 !ata

*uestion @. !oes the organi0ation clearly de)ine the position ob9ectives, re5uirements and candidate speci)ications in the recruitment process3 a6 Bes b6 #o 7 8

*uestion C. What is the average time spent by executives during recruitment 7each candidate8 3 a6 <mins to @mins6 c6 <G to <@mins6 b6 @ to <G mins6 d6 More 7 8

*uestion D. !o you )ollo2 di))erent recruitment process )or di))erent grades o) employees3 7 a6 #o b6 Bes 8

*uestion E. What are the basic 5uestions you as- to the candidate3 a6 Experience 7Total,Relevant8 b6 Current CTC,Expected CTC c6 4ob +ro)ile d6 #otice period e6 All the Above

*uestion F. !o you have any system to calculate cost per recruitment37 a6 #o b6 Bes, please speci)y H

*uestion <G. &s there any provision )or evaluation and control o) recruitment process3 7 a6 Bes b6 #o 8

*uestion <<. &s there any )acility )or absorbing the trainees in your organi0ation3 a6 Bes b6 #o 7 8