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PUTNAM C OUNTY NEWS and RECORDER Guide to the 2009

Primary Election
We are 143 years old but new every Wednesday See pages 10 and 11

No. 36
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Philipstown & Putnam Valley 50¢

Senior Center Could Close

by Eric Gross in Philipstown. of a 15 percent reduction in Legislature will now begin
Bondi said Philipstown se- “contributions to outside agen- reviewing the executive budget
County Executive Robert niors will be able to “receive cies that do much to improve line-by-line in the next two
Bondi has proposed closing the services at the Putnam Valley the quality of life in Putnam weeks in committee before
Senior Center on Cedar Street Senior Center,” more than 11 County. We would like to con- formulating its budget during
in Cold Spring and cutting other miles away from the one in tinue with these programs as the Budget and Finance meet-
“quality of life discretionary Cold Spring. well as funding organizations ing on Sept. 23 and Sept.24.
programs.” The county executive also like libraries, Cooperative Ex- A public hearing on the
In a Tuesday evening ad- announced a plan to cut 49 tension, and museums, but the revised budget is scheduled
dress to the legislature, Bondi full-time positions in his 2009- county cannot spend money it for Sept. 29. The budget will
also announced a proposal to 2010 budget. does not have.” then be forwarded to Bondi
eliminate Friday trolley service Bondi said the cuts were part Members of the Putnam for his perusal.

Re-Zoning Packs the House Armistice

by Joe Lindsley Jr. hosted a number of meetings
about the re-drafting of the
the North Highlands Fire Hall
will not be a polling place this
On September 3, 2009, there Comprehensive Plan, but in fall, it was selected as the site After years of
was quite a crowd at the Philip- recent weeks a growing num- of the meeting. Mazzuca said
stown Town Hall for the town ber of residents have begun to the board would like to have
dispute, Garrison
board meeting. A good portion express their concerns about Joel Russell, the land use at- teachers, district
of the audience consisted of
members of a group of business
the proposals to make much
of Philipstown into a “rural
torney and planning consultant
who helped draft the proposed
sign contract
and property owners calling conservation zone.” Mazzuca zoning changes, in attendance. by Michael Mell
themselves Concerned Citi- reassured the audience that the An audience member requested
zens of Philipstown. They were plan was not carved in stone, that the workshop be video- The September 2, 2009,
there to express their concern and that he had “some crazy taped, and the board agreed. board meeting of the Garrison
about the town’s proposed zon- sense that there might be some The business owners “have Union Free School District
ing changes as detailed in the changes” coming to the zoning valid concerns, there’s no began with an announcement
Comprehensive Plan. proposals. doubt” said Richard Shea, town that the board has reached
To prevent the meeting from Near the end of the meeting, board member and town super- agreement on a new contract
running far into the night, in consultation with members of visor candidate, in an interview with the Garrison Teachers
Supervisor Bill Mazzuca an- the audience, it was determined Tuesday. “I guarantee you that Association and would vote to
Annie Chesnut nounced that a special work- that there will be a zoning work- there will be changes to this approve it immediately. The

Putnam Remembers September 11

White ceramic stars in honor of the victims of 9/11 adorn a rock wall surrounding a cross made of World Trade Center steel
shop would be held to discuss
zoning changes. During the
past years, Philipstown has
shop at 7:30pm on Tuesday,
September 15, the same day
as the primary elections. As

(See Re-Zoning on Page 14)

five-year contract includes
salary increases, increases in
teacher contributions to health
care insurance, and profes-
atop the hill at Graymoor, the home of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. On Friday, Sept. 11, there will be Memorial sional development programs.
Masses at 8:46am (the time of the first terrorist attack) and at 11:30am in St. Pius X Chapel (6th floor) at Graymoor.
That evening, at 8 o’clock, there will be a candlelight Service of Remembrance in the Memorial Garden. See page two for a
story about Putnam County’s annual memorial service, including a list of those Putnam residents who died in the attacks.
The Bear and the Bees “Garrison’s board of educa-
tion, administration, teach-
ers, and staff can now move
forward,” said board presi-
dent Anita Prentiss, “work-
Dining Out in P h i l ip s t ow n Fate Still Unknown in ing together on what matters
most: student achievement
County’s Battle with MTA and high-quality education.”
The announcement earned an
by Eric Gross legislature also shares in this ovation from those in atten-
responsibility.” dance and the board voted
The Putnam County Legisla- Bondi urged Putnam to “pay unanimously to approve the
ture plans to fight the Metro- this bill as required by law contract.
politan Transportation Author- in a timely fashion to avoid The agreement covers 2007
ity’s recently enacted mobility interest and penalties and late through 2012, providing sal-
tax through the courts. filing fees that will adversely ary increases of 3 percent
I n J u l y, C o u n t y E x e c u - affect our taxpayers.” and 2.75 percent for the first
tive Robert Bondi vetoed a At last week’s regular two years; corresponding to
resolution approved by the monthly meeting of the leg- amounts already budgeted.
nine-member governing body islature there was no vote Annual percentage increases
calling for the county to re- taken to override the execu- for the balance of the contract
frain from paying the MTA tive’s veto. Instead, Legisla- term are 2 percent, 2 percent
a “single penny” for the tax tor Vincent Tamagna of Cold (See GUFS on Page 8)
M i c h a e l T u rto n
that will cost businesses in Spring called for the county
Pouring what the Irish refer to as a ‘proper pint’ of Guinness
the commuter region millions to initiate an Article 78 pro-
Karen Shea
is a time-honored process that requires skill, patience, and Karen Shea of Philipstown spotted this bear in her backyard on Tuesday. She
of dollars. ceeding against the state and
care. McGuire’s on Main is now equipped to do just that
for its thirsty customers.
Bondi agreed with the leg-
islature that the mobility tax
the MTA relating to the tax.
“A court of law must make a
writes that she was able to snap this picture from the safety of her home:
“This bear has been to visit us twice this summer and has been seen in many
Teachers to
of our neighbor’s yards as well ... He was determined to get to our bees and Get Pay Raise
McGuire’s Taps into
was an “onerous tax, adversely decision on whether Putnam
affecting the businesses and County has an issue of taxa- unfortunately they did not survive the assault.”
by Michael Turton
residents of our county,” but tion without representation,”
Old Irish Tradition said he vetoed the resolution Tamagna said. “I want a judge Putnam Sheriff’s Race The Haldane Central School

Analyzing the Crime Stats

based on one specific clause to decide.” District has reached a new,
get it almost anywhere in that could not be enforced: Tamagna charged the state’s
Part of a series on the world. It’s like coming “Putnam County government
two-year agreement with the
actions were “totally unac- Haldane Faculty Association
local eateries home.” has no right to say ‘Putnam ceptable because the MTA
by Michael Brendan they say it is an increase of est, even with an economic (HFA) which represents Hal-
Cold Spring resident Brian will not authorize any pay- continues to loot the people dane’s teachers and teachers’
by Michael Turton McElroy attended Saturday’s Dougherty 40 percent. There has to be downturn. According to the
ment of the unfair and unjust of Putnam County, since the assistants for grades K-12.
festivities and his love of mobility tax.’” Bondi called it tax is retroactive to March 1, ‘truth in lending’ here.” Index Crimes statistics re-
McGuire’s on Main in Cold As the Sheriff’s race has The candidates have also ported by the New York State Like most labor agreements,
Guinness supports McGuire’s his “fiduciary duty as County which will result in a $127,500 the new contract is multi-lay-
Spring has just become the view. “My dad was one of intensified in the weeks lead- debated how safe Putnam Justice Services, the lowest
Executive to uphold the laws expenditure for county gov- ered, complex, and not likely to
world’s most recent addition eleven kids. My grandfather, ing up to the primary, the County is relative to the absolute crime rate was in
of New York State, whether I appear on any best seller lists.
to a global fraternity of pubs Francis Xavier McElroy, al- ( S e e M TA o n P a g e 8 ) four candidates have made area. In nearby Rockland 2007, a rating of 952.8. The
agree with them or not. The The bottom line is that the new
that serve up one of Ireland’s ways had a keg of Guinness crime statistics one of the C o u n t y, c r i m e i n t h e p a s t next safest year was 2006
most beloved exports – Guin- top issues of the campaign. year has jumped 11 percent, 954.6. And the third best year contract will cost taxpayers an
on ice.” McElroy has fond
ness stout.
“With a last name like Mc-
memories of sharing a pint County Will Help Pay for Former NYPD Captain An-
drew DeStefano asks in his
making Putnam’s increase in
crime look modest. Dutchess
was 2008. “People are trying
to make the public feel like
average of 3 percent more in
each of the two years.
with his grandfather and, not
Guire you have to serve Guin-
ness” said Shaun McGuire,
surprisingly, as he recalled Cold Spring Trash Removal ads, “How Safe Are You?”
and lists a series of unnerv-
county’s overall crime index there is a huge crime wave in “One of the signs of a fair
agreement is that both sides
those times he added, “Guin- has seen a modest uptick in Putnam County,” Smith said.
by Eric Gross ter of fairness. Cash registers feel they wanted more. There
who along with his sisters ness is my favorite drink.” ing statics about an increase crime overall since a 2006 Smith attributes the recent
Tanna and Mandy, own and ring up sales and sales tax were concessions on both
John Maasik of Cold Spring in crime in Putnam County low. Meanwhile, Westches- increases in crime rate in part
Cold Spring will get the revenue for the entire county sides,” commented Superin-
operate the Main Street pub. says that he and his friends in 2008: Burglaries up 43.3 ter County has seen steady, due to the economic downturn
financial help needed to pick every Saturday and Sunday, tendent Mark Villanti at the
Last Saturday, McGuire’s take some of the credit for percent, aggravated assaults though modest, decreases in that leaves people out of work,
up its trash. The Putnam Leg- while the residents are left start of the September 1, 2009,
was packed as Guinness lov- Guinness coming to Mc- up 54.5 percent, 17 percent crime over each of the past four along with other factors in
islature voted 6-3 last week with the mess on Monday meeting of the Haldane School
e r s gather e d f o r a s p e cial Guire’s. “Every time we increase in violent crime, years. The contrast Smith’s surrounding counties.
to expend $7,500 that will morning.” Board.
party to celebrate the draft came in here we’d tell Shaun, and a 34 percent increase in critics draw between Putnam
assist the village government Last month Mayor Seth (See Crime on Page 13) (See Haldane on Page 8)
brew’s arrival. ‘You should have Guinness.’ DWIs. In an interview with the and surrounding counties is
with its increasing costs for Gallagher reported that his
The Beer Lover’s Guide Someone jokingly suggested PCN&R, Kevin McConville, on the rate of violent crime.
garbage pick-up. village was “seeing more
describes Guinness Stout the Democratic candidate for We s t c h e s t e r a n d D u t c h e s s
as “”Mushy, mellow, soft,
mildly bitter with an almost
that everyone should throw
twenty bucks in the pot…”
Legislator Vincent Tamag-
na called it “terribly unfair”
weekend visitors than in re-
cent years.” He cited the June
Sheriff and former chief of
the MTA Police, said, “If you
have seen a modest decrease
in the rate of violent crime;
What’s Inside
roasted chocolate elegance…
classy and very satisfying.”
Maasik said.
The “pot” Maasik referred
for the village’s 2,000 resi-
dents to “pick up the entire
7 visit of the Tall Ships, when
“3,000 visitors packed the
look at Putnam County in the
last three years, crime is up
Putnam stands out in the past
year for a modest increase.
News Sports
to was the money needed to tab for the removal of tons waterfront park to view the
That “mushy, mellow” stout install separate lines and taps 34 percent.” “We are the safest county
of trash, rubbish, and gar- flotilla sailing and motoring
generates an intensely loyal to serve the popular Irish beer, Sheriff Smith says his op- in the Hudson Valley by far,”
bage generated by weekend up the Hudson.”
following and McGuire feels a requirement that Guiness ponents are trying to scare Sheriff Smith said, “and the Bill and Hillary Expanded Sports
visitors and tourists who fre- Mayor Gallagher also re-
that is about more than just the does not budge on. the public. “In 2006 we had second safest in New York, Coverage:
beer itself. “I think it’s really
quent local merchants and called the Independence Day
25 robberies. In 2007 there b e h i n d H a m i l t o n C o u n t y,
Hit the Highlands
McGuire picked up on the generate substantial sales weekend when, “Cold Spring Season Previews for
about tradition. Guinness is idea, and it proved to be a true were 10 robberies in Putnam which has more deer than
tax revenue.” welcomed 8,000 guests for Haldane and Put Valley
something that has remained win-win outcome. It would County. That means robberies people.” To prove the case,
Tamagna described Cold a full day of entertainment
consistent in a world where went down 60 percent. The Smith points out that over the
Spring as the “gateway to throughout the commercial
little else has. And you can (See McGuire’s on Page 12) n e x t y e a r, 2 0 0 8 , w e w e n t past 18 years, the past three page 12 page 15
tourism. This is strictly a mat- ( S e e Tr a s h o n P a g e 1 3 ) from 10 to 13 robberies. Then years are still among the saf-
Page 2 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mark Your Calendar – Meetings This Week

Thursday 9/10 Friday 9/11 Monday 9/14 Tuesday 9/15 Wednesday 9/16
7 PM - Cold Spring PATRIOT DAY 9:30 AM - Philipstown Board at the 7 PM PV Town Board Regular Mtg
Local Waterfront Revitalization No Meetings 6 PM - PV Planning Board Mtg
Plan Special Board 7:30 PM - Philipstown Town Hall to discuss the Town Park 7:30 PM - GUFS Board Special Mtg
6:30 PM - PV Zoning Bd of Appeals- SATURDAY 9/12 Zoning Board of Appeals at Quarry Pond 7:30 PM -Philipstown Board Weekly
Workshop 9 AM - PV Final District Budget Hearing 7 PM - Haldane BOE Workshop Wkshop - Presentation from the head
7 PM - Cold Spring Zoning Bd of
Appeals 7:30 PM - Cold Spring Board of the NY State agency that oversees
7 PM PVCSD Board of Ed Wk Sess. 11 AM - Philipstown North Weekly Workshop property tax administration.
Highlands Fire District Workshop

Wo r k i n g i n t h e P C N & R o ff i c e o n L a b o r D a y g a v e u s a
delightful—and heartwarming—view of the Main Street
sidewalks chock full of shoppers and sightseers. The
Polls Open at 6am Tuesday Countywide
photo to the right shows some of the waves of customers by Eric Gross public office,” said Elections of Cold Spring. McHenry, and Patty Villanova,
that inundated Cup-O-Ccino all day long. Commissioner Robert Bennett. In Philipstown, two candi- along with Democrats Samuel
There was some excitement under the tent Saturday Putnam County Elections His counterpart, Commis- dates are running for super- Davis, Christopher Lieber-
night at Boscobel: If you were there, you would have seen Commissioners Robert Ben- sioner Anthony Scannapieco, visor—Republican Matthew man, and Wendy Whetsel. An
Hillary and Bill Clinton second row center enjoying the nett and Anthony Scannapieco added, “This is part of the Mastrantone and Democrat Independence Party Primary
Shakespearean play Pericles (see the photo on page 12). and their staffs didn’t have process. Residents have the Richard Shea. is also scheduled.
Afterwards they talked with the cast in the actors’ tent much of a vacation this summer right to seek election as long Four candidates are seeking Putnam Valley Justice Gina
a n d c o m p l i m e n t e d C o l d S p r i n g ’ s C h a r l o t t e P a l m e r- L a n e now that 69 candidates have as they receive the necessary two town board seats—Demo- Capone is seeking reelection
o n t h e c o s t u m e s . T h e y h a d s e e n a r e v i e w i n t h e N Y Ti m e s filed petitions to run for 34 signatures on petitions.” crats Betty Budney and John without opposition, while
and decided to call for tickets. And yes, Hillary was positions in town and county Putnam’s top race this year VanTassel, and Republicans Highway Superintendent Earl
wearing a pantsuit! government this fall. pits Sheriff Donald Smith Joselle Cunane and Theresa Smith is facing an Indepen-
There is lots going on this coming weekend, from The large number of candi- against three challengers. Polhemus. dence Party line challenge
Ta k e - a - H i k e , t o t h e S u m m e r S u n s e t C r u i s e t o b e n e f i t dates seeking office will result Former Southeast Town Judge Philipstown Assessor Brian from Mark Pawera.
PA R C , a P o p Wa r n e r f u n d r a i s e r, t o a B l a c k Ti e B a r n in a number of primaries next James Borkowski and retired Kenney is running unopposed. N e x t Tu e s d a y ’ s p r i m a r y
Dance at The Barn at Glynwood. Check the Coming Tuesday. NYPD Captain Andrew DeSte- Putnam Valley Supervisor contests will be a warm-up
Events on page 4. “In some towns like Carmel, fano are challenging the sheriff Robert Tendy is facing op- for Commissioners Bennett
Remember to drive carefully now that school is open. Kent, and Putnam Valley, vot- in a GOP Primary while Kevin position from Democrat Dawn and Scannapieco and their
Happy Birthday greetings to; Penny Craig, Doreen ers will need a scorecard due McConville of Cold Spring, Powell. The two will be bat- dozens of election workers
D e r r y, J o a n n R e i n h a r d t , J o D a n a , S t e p h e n S m i t h , R i n a Crowds at Cup-O-Ccino on Labor Day. Annie Chesnut to the great interest in seeking the retired head of the MTA tling for the Independence who prepare for November’s
D e s a i , M i c h a e l B a d e , S u d h a P a t e l , Tr i x i e M c C a r t h y, Police, is the Democratic chal- Party line in a primary next general election. This week
B r u c e C a m p b e l l , Ti n a B a r i l e , R o g e r B l a n c h a r d , P a r i - lenger. week as well. the PCN&R is providing the
mal Mehta, Sangita Modi, Kasey Battaglia, Patricia Running unopposed is Dr. Six candidates are vying public with snapshots of the
K e e g a n , K . J . C o n l e y, D i a n a S w i n b u r n e , K a t h y H a m e l , Michael Nesheiwat for Put- for two seats on the Putnam candidates running in primary
P a t r i c k L i l b u r n e , D e b M o r i t z , a n d M a rg a r e t M o r i t z . nam Coroner, as is Putnam Valley Town Board—Republi- races. Check out our Primary
Best wishes to all. Legislator Vincent Tamagna cans Jacqueline Annabi, Esther Day special on pages 10-11.

Putnam to Remember 9-11 Friday Evening

by Eric Gross Patterson, all FDNY members; ternal Order of Police will
Steven Driscoll of Lake Car- participate in the program.
Eight Putnam residents who mel, a member of the NYPD The names of each hero will
died on September 11, 2001, E m e rg e n c y S e r v i c e s U n i t ; be recited with tolling bells
will be remembered Friday David Fodor of Garrison, a to follow. The ceremony gets
evening at the 9-11 memorial tax accountant, and George underway at 8pm and will be
service at Carmel’s Corner- Paris of Carmel, an employee preceded by an ecumenical
stone Park. of Cantor Fitzgerald. service of remembrance at
Putnam’s eight heroes are: Members of the Stephen St. James Church in Carmel.
Christopher Blackwell of Driscoll Chapter of the Fra-
Putnam Lake, Daniel Harlin
of Kent, Robert Minera of
Carmel, Thomas Kuveikis
of Kent and George Cain of

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Page 3

T h e H e r o e s o f F l i g h t 9 3 Will I See My Dog in Heaven?

Honored in Words, Images Signing at Graymoor


1 Chestnut Street, Fair Street, Cold Spring Academy & Cherry Cold Spring, NY 10516
Cold Spring 845-265-3718 Streets T H E H I G H H O LY D AY S
Fr. Shane Scott- Cold Spring - 265-3220 Services led by Can-
Hamblen, Rector, 265- Fr. Brian McSweeney, Rev. Leslie Mott, Pastor torShoshana Lash, Or-
2539 Pastor ganist Douglas Keilitz
Mr. Ron Greene, Senior Masses: Sat. 5:30pm, Sun. email: FPCP@verizon. All Services at St.
Warden, 265-3624 7 : 3 0 a m , 9 , & 11 : 4 5 a m . , net Mary’s Parish House
www.stmaryscoldspring. Weekdays: 8:15am, St. Jo- Worship Service: 10am Sat. Sept. 12: Shabbat/
On Sunday, September 27, he lines up evidence from seph’s - Garrison, Sun., Chancel Choir Rehearsal: S’lichot Services, 9:30am,
immediately following the the Scriptures, Christian
Sun. Masses: 8am (spoken); 10:15am. Holy Days: 8:15am Wednesdays 7pm Discussion, 10:30am
11am Mass outside Pilgrim tradition, and liturgy, and
10:30am (sung); Sunday & 7:30pm Mass, Holy Day Office Hours: Tue, Wed & Fri. Sept. 18: Rosh Hashanah
Hall, Graymoor, the Francis- the life and teachings of St.
school in Parish Hall dur- Vigil: 530pm Thu, 8-12 Evening Services, 8pm
can Friars of the Atonement Francis of Assisi, that God
ing 10:30 mass Confessions: Sat., 4:30-5pm Food Pantry: Saturdays Sat. Sept. 19: Rosh Hashanah
are welcoming Franciscan desires all creatures (yes,
Thurs. Fri. & Sun.: AA in Wed/Sun Sept 13/16 - “A 9-10am Morning Services, 10am
friar and popular writer Fr. including our beloved pets!)
parish hall, 8pm Parish Mission” w/ Fr. An- Sun. Sept. 27 : Kol Nidre
Jack Wintz, OFM, who will in the afterlife
gelus Shaughnesy, 7pm, dif- UNITED METHODIST Evening Services, 8pm
FRANCISCAN FRIARS sign copies of his new book, For those unable to attend,
ferent topics each night CHURCHES OF COLD Mon. Sept. 28: Yom Kippur,
OF THE ATONEMENT Will I See My Dog in Heaven? individually inscribed and
Fri/Sat Oct 2/3 - Oktober- SPRING & SOUTH morning services, 10am, dis-
Route 9, Garrison Will we see our dogs and personally signed copies of
fest, in celebration of the HIGHLAND (Garrison) cussion, 1:30pm, afternoon
424-3671 cats in the hereafter? Does the book will be available
Feast of the Holy Angel. 845-265-3365 services, 3:30pm, community
graymoorcenter@ God’s plan for eternity in- through September 26 from
5-10pm. German food, beer, South Highland UMC, break fast immediately fol- On September 11th, 2001, crash site and documented clude the created nonhuman the Graymoor Book & Gift
Italian ices, more. Children’s 19 Snake Hill Rd. lowing Afternoon Services while we were being attacked the experiences he witnessed
Sunday Eucharist - 11am, world? Fr. Jack, brings a love Center by calling 424-2100
games, dunk tank, live enter- Garrison Sat. Oct. 3: Shabbat/Sukkot by hijackers using commer- there. In a twist of fate he
Pilgrim Hall. for all creation and infec- or by visiting www.Atone-
tainment and gaming wheels. Cold Spring UMC, services at Surprise Lake cial airliners as weapons, met with the relatives of
Daily Mass - Mon. - Sat. tious enthusiasm to the seri-
265-3718 216 Main Street Camp,9:30am, Sukkah Build- the passengers and crew of a passenger after an odd
11:30am. ous task of exploring these heaven.htm
Bingo - Thursdays, doors Pastor Margaret (Peggy) ing by the Lake, 10:30am, United Airlines Flight 93 coincidence, and also met
Mondays - Holy Hour, 8pm. long-asked questions. In Pilgrim Hall is located at
open 6pm, first game begins Laemmel services from Newark, NJ, to San with Val McClatchey, who
Centering Prayer - 8pm. Will I See My Dog in Heaven? Graymoor on Route 9. For
South Highland in Garrison For more information call Francisco, CA, took their took the famous photograph
Monthly Prayer Meeting 2nd ST. PHILIP’S CHURCH he admits that no one really information, call 424-2111.
worship service at 9:30am. 265-8011 and leave a mes- plane back from the terror- of the smoke cloud from
Sunday of every month at IN THE HIGHLANDS knows what God has in mind
Cold Spring worship service sage or e-mail philipstownre- ists, but lost their lives when the crash titled, The End of
2 p m. Rec o v e r y I n c . e very Episcopal for us in the next life. But
at 11am. formsynagogue the plane crashed into the Serenity. He then returned
Wednesday, 7:30pm. 1101 Route 9D, Garrison in ten thoughtful chapters,
South Highland Sunday ground near Shanksville PA. for the five-year memorial
Renewal Farmers’ Market: Across from school school will begin on Sun- Their courage as impromptu service and again met with
Every Friday, 10-3, during Rev. Francis H. Geer, Rec. day, Sept. 13th during the REFORM TEMPLE OF ‘citizen-soldiers’ is said to t h e v i c t i m ’ s f a m i l y. H i s
growing season.
F r i . S e p t . 11 - M e m o r i a l
424-3571 - e-mail:
9:30 worship service. PUTNAM VALLEY
362 Church Road
have been the first victory reverent appreciation for Cold Spring’s Luisa Perkins
Sat. Sept. 12 - Bake Sale, in the ‘War on Terror.’
masses at 8:46am (the time 8am - Holy Communion Foodtown, 9:30am-noon Putnam Valley
Rabbi Allen Darnov
This sad moment in our
what the heroes of Flight
93 did, and how their brave Speaks at Geneology Fair
of the first terrorist attack) 10:30am - Main Service Sat. Oct. 10 - Bake Sale, nation’s history will be com- example resonates with each On Saturday, September 19, you already have. Information
and at 11:30am, at St. Pius Choir–Thu, 7:30pm Foodtown, 9:30am-noon 845-528-4774 memorated with a program of us has compelled him to from 10am to 3pm, the York- will be provided on Internet
X Chapel (6th floor). Junior Choir–Sun at 9:15am entitled “Going to Shanks- share this remarkable piece town Family History Library, resources, recording oral his-
F r i . S e p t . 11 - 9 / 11 C a n - Sunday School–Sun 10:30am Shabbat Services: Fridays, ville,” which includes pho- of recent history in words,
COLD SPRING at the Church of Jesus Christ tories, and much more. For
dlelight Service of Remem- Acolytes – Sunday 9am 8 p m ; Yo u n g p e o p l e ’ s s e r- tographs, videos, and a talk photographs, and moving
BAPTIST CHURCH of Latter-day Saints, will host complete schedule of events
brance, at Memorial Garden, Adult Class – Sunday at noon vice- third Friday of the by Jim Cypher, Jr., at the images.
(American Baptist a Family History Fair, which and details go to
8pm Life Support Group – Wednes- month, 7pm. Hebrew School, Howland Center in Beacon There is no admission
Churches, USA) will feature a lecture by Cold or
Sun. Sept. 27 - Book sign- days at 7:30 PM ages 3+ o n F r i d a y, S e p t e m b e r 11 , fee, but donations to the
Jay Camp Spring resident Luisa Perkins. phone 914-941-9150.
i n g o f Wi l l I S e e M y D o g St. Philip’s Nursery School at 7pm. Flight 93 Memorial Fund There will be free classes, The Church is located at 801
in Heaven? following 11am M-F–9am to Noon A year afterwards Jim are encouraged. www.hon- presentations, and informa- Kitchawan Road, in Ossining,
245 Main St., Cold CORNERS UNITED
Mass Cypher Jr. drove out to the tion booths to help you get ¼ mile east of the Taconic.
ST. JOSEPH’S CHAPEL GRACE UNITED 265-2022 729 Peekskill Hollow temporary memorial at the started building your family
A mission Chapel of Our METHODIST CHURCH Sunday Services, 10:30am Road, Putnam Valley tree or to help you add to what
Lady of Loretto Church 37 Peekskill Hollow Wednesdays: Prayer- Fel- 845-528-5076
Upper Station Rd., Road, Putnam Valley lowship time, 7pm
Garrison, 265-3718 Pastor Tony Mecca 1st Sunday of the month
Sunday Mass: 10:15am 845-526-3788 BEACON HEBREW worship: 2pm
Sunday Service & Sunday ALLIANCE
PHILIPSTOWN School: 10 am. Conservative Synagogue
WORSHIP GROUP Prayer Service w/ Com- 331 Verplanck Ave., FIRST HEBREW
Quaker Meeting munion: Tues 7 pm. “Tues- Beacon CONGREGATION OF
(845) 424-3525 days w/ Tony” - Discussion Rabbi Josh Wohl PEEKSKILL
Meeting for Worship – 2nd & group, 9am. Cantor Ellen Gersh 1821 Main Street,
4th Sundays of each month, Tue. Sept. 22 - Fall luncheon 845-831-2012 Peekskill
10am, at 848 Old Albany & auction, 11:30-1:30pm. 914-739-0500
Post Road (Whyatt Stone Fri. night Shabbat services
Cottage), Garrison. Call for ST. LUKE’S LUTHERAN
directions. Children of all CHURCH Rabbi Lee Paskind
Sat. morning Shabbat ser-
ages welcome. 65 Oscawana Lake Rd., Services: Sat. 9:30am; Fri.
vices, 9:30am
Putnam Valley 8pm; Monthly Fri. family
TEMPLE ISRAEL Check website for religious
www. service, 6:30pm
140 Lake Drive school, services, events info. Sat. Sept 13 -Sukkot Family
Lake Peekskill 845-528-8858
Rabbi Jeff Cymet Workshop, free, 12:30 p.m Daily minyan at downtown
845-528-2305 Sunday Worship - Service:
Shabbat Services: Fridays synagogue (call for info)
9am, Coffee hour: 10:15am,
8pm; Saturdays 9:15am.
Page 4 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sat. Sept. 12 - Boot-Stompin’ Sun/Wed Sept 13-16 - ‘A Sun. Sept. 20 - Walkabout at Sat. Sept. 26 - 32nd annual Sat. Oct. 3 - Haldane School Fri. Oct. 9 - VA Hudson Valley
Black-Tie Barn-Dance Gala to Parish Mission’ discussions Tilly Foster Farm. Guided his- Cold Spring Harvest Festival. Fdn. Benefit to Support En- Health Care System Veterans
benefit Glynwood. 7pm cock- w/ Fr. Angelus Shaughnessy, torical tours, 1pm. Reservations Starts at 10am, Main. Street. vironmental Studies, 5-8pm. Job Fair, 11am-3pm, Castle
tails & dinner at The Barn at 7-8pm, Our Lady of Loretto. rec, space ltd. 845-279-4474, Gynwood Center, Tickets $50 Point, Route 9D. Meet employ-
Glynwood Farm. $250p/p. Anita, Different topic each night; before Sept. 30, $60 after. Tick- ers, service orgs, etc. Bring
265-3338. all welcome. 265-3718. Sat. Sept. 26 - Free concert by ets: Haldane School Foundation, several copies of resume and
West Point Band at Putnam Val- PO Box 364, Cold Spring NY discharge papers.
Sun/Thu Sept. 20/24 - Philip- ley HS, 7:30pm.
stown Seniors trip to Wildwood, 10516 or Eugenie@amartcon-
Sat. Sept. 12 - Hudson Highlands
Girl Scouts’ Community Tag COMING UP: NJ, 5 days/4 nights, visit At- The Putnam County News &
Sage, 9am-2pm, at the Little lantic City, winery tour, Cape Fri/Sat Sept. 26/27 - Open Stu-
Recorder is happy to announce
League field at North Highland May boardwalk & boat cruises. dios, Beacon, www.beaconarts. Sun. Oct. 4 - HH Land Trust your event. A complete list-
Thu. Sept. 10 - HH Trust Take- Fire House. Toys, clothes, books, Fri/Sat Sept. 18/19 - Philip- $379 incl. 3 dinners/4bfasts. org for more details Take-a-Hike! Fire on the Moun- ing of Coming Events are on
a-Hike! Musical Tot Trek II stown Garden Club flower show, Eileen, 265-5098.
ONGOING: w/ Stacy Labriola. Ltd. space,
games, more. Refreshments for
open to public for viewing from
tain w/ Jordan Dale. Bring a our website at
sale. Raindate Sun. Sept. 13. Sun. Sept. 27 - Fall foliage bag lunch. Meet: 10am. Sur- To send your listing: PCN&R,
reg. req’d. 10am, 1 hr., easy/ Deirdre Knapp 265-9485 2-4 on Fri and 10:30-5 on Sat, prise Lake Camp Main Bldg. PO Box 185, Cold Spring, NY
Desmond-Fish Library, Gar- Sat. Sept. 19: Tots Park Jambo- cruise aboard The Commander w/
Cold Spring Farmers’ Market, family-friendly., 4 hrs, difficult.:, 10516; fax 265-2144; e-mail,
rison. ree: 4-6pm at McConville Park Jim Witt, raise funds for Hope
Saturdays through Thanks- 424-3358 424-3358
Sat. Sept. 12 - Handmade Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy for Youth Foundation. 12:30-
giving, 8:30am-1:30pm, 3:30pm, dep.s from Peekskill.
Cavalcade outdoor craft fair, some live music while you help
at The Nest, Chestnut St. Sat. Sept. 19: Tots Park Jam- $35p/p, $10/children under 12.
Fri. Sept. 11 - Jazz vocalist raise funds for the park. Sug-

11am-7pm, free. 20+ booths of Sun. Oct. 4 - Sunset Series:
Michelle LeBlanc and quartet, handcrafted items. Cnr of Main boree: 4-6pm at McConville gested donation: $20/family. 845-265-2010 or witt@best- Readings at Chapel of Our Lady
Putnam Valley Farmers’ Mar- Park. Bring a picnic blanket and
“I Remember You,” 8pm, Arts

kets: Fridays, 3-7pm, Tomp- St and North Cedar, Beacon Restoration. Poet Edwin Torres.
on the Lake, 640 Route 52, enjoy some live music while you 4pm, wine & cheese reception
kins Cnrs Methodist Church, help raise funds for the park. Mon. Sept. 21 - Flu Shot clinic
Kent Lakes follows. Free, park at Metro-
outdoors, 729 Peekskill Hol- Sat. Sept. 12: Lauren Hale Dance Suggested donation: $20/family. spons. by Health Dept. 2-6:30pm, Wed. Sept. 30 - Senior Roast
low Rd. June 19-Oct. 9 ALSO Garrison Fire House. Bring proof Beef Dinner and Bingo, Phil- North station.
presents Drop-In Dances. Mod-
Wednesdays, 3-7pm at Putnam Fri. Sept. 11 - Service of Re- ern dance improvs performed of age & Putnam Cty residency. ipstown Community Center,
Valley Grange, Adams Cnrs,
128 Mill St. Indoor/Outdoor,
membrance for 9/11, Graymoor
Memorial Garden, 8pm
every quarter hour, 7-9pm.
Free. Shambhala Yoga Ctr, 4
Sat. Sept. 19 - HH Land Trust
Take-a-Hike! What Henry saw &
$20; free for those over 60.
Noon - 3pm. Free. Philipstown
residents only.Res. required by Health Department to Host
through Dec. 16.845-528-0066
Sat. Sept. 12 - Summer Sun-
Sth Chestnut St., Beacon more w/ historian Ray Phillips.
Part of the Hudson River Valley
Tue. Sept. 22 - Plant One On Me:
Sept. 28. 424-4618.
Seasonal Flu Vaccine Clinics
Historic Walking Tours of Cold Ramble.10am, Ft. Montgomery
Spring conducted by volun- set & Fireworks Cruise on the Sun. Sept. 13 - Sunset Series: Visitors’ Center, 2 hrs., Moder- learn about frontage plantings Fri. Oct. 2 - HH Land Trust’s The Putnam County De- to 18 years old, the Put-
teers from Putnam County Hudson, in celebration of the Readings at Chapel of Our Lady ate., 424-3358 with Keep Putnam Beautiful. 20th Anniversary Celebration partment of Health will be nam County Department
Historical Society, Sundays 400th Anniversary Hudson sail, Restoration. Novelist Valerie 7-8:30pm, Cornerstone Park Dinner, The Garrison. For tickets holding public seasonal flu* of Health recommends flu
at 2pm, free, meet at foot of cruise on the River Rose. Din- Martin. 4pm, wine & cheese Bldg, Fair St/Rt 52, Carmel. call 424-3358. clinics for adult Putnam vaccination to be adminis-
Main St.; through early Nov. ner buffet, open bar, music, reception follows. Free, park Sat. Sept. 19 - Family History 845-278-61030, x 43155.
Fair, 10am-3pm, free classes, County residents (18 years tered by the child’s health-
dancing, silent & live auctions, at Metro-North station.
lectures, info booth re build- Fri. Oct. 2 - Philipstown Rec pro- of age and older) at Garrison c a r e p r o v i d e r. H o w e v e r,
Peekskill Celebration Fireworks
ing your family tree. Church Tue. Sept. 22 - Fall luncheon vides transportation to Golden Fire House, 1616 Route 9 on eligible children 6 months
Display. 8-11p.m., $100 per
THIS WEEK: Sun. Sept. 13 - HH Land Trust of Jesus Christ of Latter-day & auction, Grace Methodist Idol Senior Vocal Competition Monday, September 21, and to 18 years old can receive
person, benefit for PARC. 845-
Take-a-Hike! Night Sky Out- Saints, 801 Kitchawan Rd., Church, 337 Peekskill Hollow Event, Westchester County Ctr, again on Monday, October seasonal flu vaccine through
278- PARC, ext. 287 or www.
ing w/ astronomer Frank Suits. Ossining. www.familyhistory. Road, Putnam Valley. 11:30- White Plains, 2-5pm. Res. req’d.
Wed. Sept. 9 - Annual Cold
Info about participation, call 19, from 2-6:30pm on both the department’s pediat-
Bring blanket & binoculars., 914-736- 1:30pm. Sandwiches, salad bar
Spring Farmers Market Com- & desserts. $7/lunch; $3/auction Margaret, 424-4618. days. ric immunization clinics.
8pm, Garrison Golf Club parking 1791 The cost of the flu vacci- Please call 845-278-6086
munity Dinner, 7pm, The Gar- Sat. Sept. 12 - Bake sale. spon- lot. 2 hrs, easy/family friendly. bids. 845-526-3788.
rison. sored by South Highland UM nation is $20. The vaccine for more information., 424-3358 Fri/Sat Oct 2/3 - Oktoberfest,
Church, 9:30am-noon, in front Sat. Sept. 19 - Jazz Vespers is free for those age 60 and Additional flu clinics may
w/ renowned jazz musicians, Sat. Sept. 26 - Constitution in celebration of the Feast of
Wed. Sept. 9 - Putnam County
of Foodtown
the Holy Angel, Our Lady older or for anyone with a be scheduled as flu vaccine
Sun. Sept. 13 - 15th Annual 5:30pm, free, First Presbyterian Island Family Day, 10am-3pm.
Seniors Picnic, spons. by Of- Exhibits, demos, birds of prey, of Loretto, 5-10pm. German Medicare card. Persons will shipments arrive. Please
Hoot on the Hudson, 12-6pm, Church, 10 Academy St. Cold be asked to provide proof of continue to check the Put-
fice for the Aging, 10am-3pm, Sat. Sept. 12 - Army vs. Duke Little Stony Pt. Spring, 265-3220. horse & wagon rides, boat rides, food, beer, Italian ices, more.
Veterans Memorial Park. 845- Football, Philipstown Pop War- Rev. War Trail walks. Shuttle Children’s games, dunk tank, age and Putnam County resi- nam County Department of
621-0600 for info and res. ner fundraiser, 12 noon, $29p/p, runs from south end of Metro- live entertainment and gaming dency (Driver’s License). Health Flu Vaccine Hotline
arrive early for tailgating, Phil- Sun. Sept. 13 - Strut Your Mutt Sun. Sept. 20 - Concert: Jason North CS parking lot. 845-446- wheels. 265-3718 *Please note that this vac- at 845-278-6130 for further
ipstown Hawks take the field fundraiser for Putnam Humane Cutmore, piano, playing Al- 8676, www.constitutionisland. cine covers seasonal flu only u p d a t e s o r v i s i t w w w. p u t-
post-game. footballhawks@ Soc. 11am-4pm, Veterans Me- beniz, de Severac and Schubert. org and NOT the H1N1 (swine) morial Park, Carmel, register 4pm, free. Chapel of Our Lady flu virus. Please call the Put- Pneumonia vaccine will
at Restoration, 45 Market St., CS,
park at Metro-North station. nam County Health Depart- also be available free to
ment’s Flu Vaccine Hotline those residents over 65
at 845-278-6130 for updates years of age. For residents
including future clinics and under 65 years, a doctor’s
H1N1 vaccine availability. prescription is required and
For children 6 months a $45 fee will be charged.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Page 5

Oldest House in Garrison

Opens for Two Weekends Words and Music: Two
Enjoy a rare guided tour Valley Ramble in September. Afternoons at the Chapel
of the Mandeville House, Nearly 300 events will take
the oldest house in Garri- place from Saratoga County
son. Built in 1737 by Jacob
Mandeville, a young man of
and the Capital Region to
New York City on the week-
Charismatic Pianist Jason
Dutch origin, the house was
a strategic point during the
ends of September 12/13 and
September 19/20.
Cutmore Performs Schubert
JULIA L. BUTTERFIELD DESMOND-FISH GARRISON ART PHILIPSTOWN DEPOT American Revolution, and The Ramble is sponsored Young pianist Jason Cut-
MEMORIAL LIBRARY LIBRARY CENTER THEATRE was headquarters for General annually by the Hudson Riv- more, described as “charis-
Rtes. 301 & 9D Route 9D & 403, Garrison Garrison’s Landing Depot Square, Israel Putnam. Many Revo- er Valley National Heritage m a t i c , ” w i t h “ b r i l l i a n t f i-
845-265-3040 845-424-3020 845-424-3960 Garrison’s Landing lutionary War heroes were Area, Hudson River Valley nesse,” will perform in The Chapel of Our Lady Restora-
quartered at the house-the Greenway and the New York
Mon & Wed: 10am-8pm Closed Sat/Sun/Mon Sept 845-424-3900 tion on Sunday, September
Gallery Hours: Tue/Sun most notable being General State Department of Environ-
T, T, F and Sat: 10am-5pm 6/7/8 for Labor Day Fri/Sun Sept. 11-13 - Aery 20. Free to the public, the
12-5pm George Washington. Be sure mental Conservation's Hud-
Sun. 12-3pm Hours: M/ W/F: 10am-5pm Theatre Co. One Acts, Fri. concert begins at 4pm.
Fri. Sept. 11 - Sun. Sept. to see the old road traveled son River Estuary Program,
ONGOING PROGRAMS Tue & Thu 2-9pm; & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 4pm In addition to Franz
2 7 - Wo r k b y S u s a n E n g - by General Washington and in conjunction with National
Tuesdays, Bouncing Babies, Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 1-5 Fri. Sept. 25 - Depot Docs Schubert, he will perform
lish, Jerry Gretzinger, Tom other revolutionary war he- Estuaries Day.
infants thru age 2; 9:30am Fri/Sat Sept 18/19 - Philip- Sons of Cuba, 7:30pm selections from Spanish com-
Holmes, and Jaanika Peerna. roes in front of the house. The Mandeville House is
Thursdays, Bouncing Babies, stown Garden Club Flower Sun. Sept. 27: Depot Dances, poser Isaac Albeniz (1860–
Artists’ reception on 9/11 The Mandeville House is located on Lower Station
infants thru age 2; 1:30pm S h o w, o p e n t o p u b l i c f o r dance sampler by emerging 1909), best known for piano
from 6-8pm. opening its doors for the Road (across from Route
Fri. Sept. 11 - CPR for moms, viewing 2-5 on Fri, 10:30- and established New York works based on folk music,
next two weekends, from 403), Garrison. For more
and caregivers, 10am, $35, 5 on Sat. choreographers, 8pm and from French composer more formed the New York
12 until 4pm, as part of the information, call 424-3636.
registration required. PARAMOUNT CENTER Oct 23 - Nov 15 - Musical, Deodat de Severac (1872- Piano-Organ Duo, dedicated
1008 Brown Street, Tenth Annual Hudson River
Mon. Sept. 14 - Writing Club PUTNAM COUNTY Secret Garden, Fridays and 1921), who was an assistant to exploring and performing
for Tweens and Teens, grades Peekskill Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays
6 thru 12, 3pm, 8 weeks.
& FOUNDRY SCHOOL 914-739-2333
at 2pm. Four Prominent Local Artists to Albeniz. De Severac was
also noted for vocal and choral
the repertoire for this unique
instrumental combination.
Writing Club for Kids, grades
3 thru 5, 4pm, 8 weeks. Reg.
63 Chestnut St., FILM: In The Loop, Sept.
11 , 1 2 a t 8 p m , S e p t . 1 3 a t
Fri. Nov. 11 - Depot Docs,
7:30pm Show Their Work at GAC music, for settings of verse
in Provençal and Catalan
Upcoming concerts will take
them to venues in Canada and
reqd. Cold Spring and poems by Verlaine and
845-265-4010 3pm, Sept. 17 at 8pm the United States.
M o n . S e p t . 1 4 & We d . Baudelaire in French, and his After graduating from Wed. Sept. 16 - Los Lobos, BOSCOBEL
Sept. 16 - Defensive Driv- Route 9D, Garrison motet, Tantum Ergo, has long Oberlin Conservatory of Mu-
M u s e u m h o u r s : We d - S u n , 8pm
ing Course, 6-9pm, $40 845-265-3638 been part of church music. sic and SUNY Purchase Col-
11am-5pm FILM: Food, Inc. , Sept. 18,
Tue. Sept. 15 - American Girl Mr. Cutmore has performed lege Conservatory of Music,
Office hours: Tues/Fri 10-5 19 at 8pm, Sept. 20 at 3pm,
D o l l Wo r k s h o p , “ K i r s t e n , Opendaily except Tues., in recital and in concert Mr. Cutmore made his recital
Sat. Sept. 12 - Lecture on Sept. 24 at 8pm
1854,” 3:30pm 9:30am-5pm, throughout North America, debut in 2005. He is a native
Sat. Sept. 19 - CPR for teens, Wa t e r Q u a l i t y i n t h e 1 9 t h last tour 4pm
Century Hudson Valley, 5pm Europe, and India. Upcom- of Edmonton, Canada.
10am, $35 VAN BRUNT GALLERY $16/adults, $12/seniors, ing engagements take him to
Sat. Sept. 26 - Benefit Gala, 137 Main St.. Beacon The chapel is located at 45
$7/children, 6-14, Chicago’s Cultural Center,
6pm, Bird & Bottle Inn 845-838-2995 under 6/free Market Street, Cold Spring.
A small component of The Gretzinger Map University of Calgary’s Ce-
PUTNAM VALLEY Grounds only $12 Free parking is available on
LIBRARY CONSTITUTION Thu/Mon 11am-6pm (through 9/7) On Friday September 11, scale fictitious map of an- lebrity Series and Ontario’s weekends at the adjacent
30 Oscawana Lake Rd., ISLAND Exhibit: Peter Bynum, Sept. Sat. Sept. 12 - Big Band from 6-8pm, Garrison Art other world that has been Colours of Music Festival. Metro North Train Station.
845-528-3242 West Point, NY 5-24, reception Sept. 12 Concert and Sunset Picnic, C e n t e r w i ll h o s t a n o p e n- painted and collaged over His debut solo CD of The music series is made 845-446-8676 6-8pm ing reception for the artists the past 46 years by art- Manuel de Falla’s music was possible, in part, with public
Hours: Sun. 1-5; Mon. 10-6; featured in the upcoming ist and clothing designer released by Centaur Records funds from New York State
CHAPEL OF OUR LADY Sun. Sept. 13 - Dutchess
Tue/Wed 10-8; Thu/Fri 11-5; P ublic to urs throu gh S e p - exhibition that runs from Jerry Gretzinger . In Au - in 2008. He has collaborated Council on the Arts Decen-
RESTORATION County Day. Free admission
Sat - 10-5 tember, Wed & Thu at 1 and September 11 through Sep- gust, 1963, Gretzinger began on recording the music of tralization Program, admin-
45 Market St., for all county residents
Book Club begins again in 2pm, leaving fm South Dock Cold Spring tember 27. drawing a map on an 8 ½” G e o rg e C r u m b f o r B r i d g e istered in Putnam County
Sun. Sept. 20 - Horse &
Sept. on 3rd Tues of each at West Pt. Res. req’d. 845-265-5537 Plastic Waves is a collab- x 11” piece of paper. Since Records. by Putnam Arts Council. In-
Carriage Day, 12-4pm
month. Sept. book is Moby Sat. Sept. 26 - Family Day, orative exhibit in the Gil- then he has been expanding Wi t h c o n c e r t o r g a n i s t dividual contributions are
Dick; Oct. book is Ahab’s 10am-3pm, exhibits, demos, Sun. Sept. 13 - Sunset Read- STONECROP GARDENS lette Gallery. Artists Susan the map one sheet of paper D a n i e l S u l l i v a n , M r. C u t- welcome.
Wife. boat rides, trail walks, house ing Series: Valerie Martin, 81 Stonecrop Lane English and Jaanika Peerna at a time. The installation
tours; depart fm CS Metro-
North parking lot
novelist, 4pm, free
Sun. Sept. 20 - Concert:
Cold Spring
join forces to create an in-
stallation. English presents
on the walls and crawling
up onto the ceiling at the
Acclaimed Novelist Valerie
Jason Cutmore, piano, play-
ing Albeniz, de Severac and
Mon–Fri, plus 1st &
drawings and her poured Art Center will be the first Martin Reads from her Work
477 Main Street,Beacon 3rd Sat., 10am – 5pm; shapes and Peerna an instal- time that even Gretzinger
845-831-4988 RUSSEL WRIGHT Schubert. 4pm, free. lation of mylar strips, with has seen a large portion of On September 13, the Sun- sions of Edward Day, which
DESIGN CENTER also open Fri. until set Reading Series will pres- “explores the complex and
Thursdays, 7-9pm - Medi- Sun. Oct 4 - Sunset Reading dusk through Oct 2; $5/ slowly pulsing lights that the map assembled. There
Route 9D, Garrison Series: Edwin Torres, poet ent one of America’s best fascinating lives of a group of
tation Classes, drop in, no 845-424-3812 members - no charge create a wavelike shadow are towns, public works,
pre-reg req’d, $8 class Sun. Oct. 11 - Concert: Ca- across the work. roads, and rivers, a census of n o v e l i s t s , Va l e r i e M a r t i n . young actors in their search Sat. Sept. 19 - Tea in the Martin, who lives in Dutchess for emotional truth in art.”
Fri. Sept. 12 - Goldee Tours on selected weekdays; mille King, soprano, Regan Garden - self guided tours, Susan English is an ab- populations and resources,
Greene, 8pm Smith and Carol Leone, pia- stract painter who lives and and even football scores all County, is the author of three Set in the theater world of
every weekend at 11am and exhibits, refreshments, collections of short fiction 1970s New York City, this new
1:30pm, res. a must. Grounds no. 4pm, free. Haydn, Men- 10am-5pm, $5, members free works in the Hudson Valley. compiled in a public record.
PUTNAM ARTS delssohn and Rachmaninoff She received an MFA from Gretzinger will explain the and eight novels including novel, like many of her pre-
COUNCIL open for hiking all year. Sun. Sept. 20 - Garden Con- Trespass, Italian Fever, Mary vious works, shows Martin’s
Sat. Sept. 12 - Manitoga Sun. Nov. 8 - Concert: Al- servancy Open Day, 10am- Hunter College. She has complexities of his creation
Tilly Foster Farm exander Fiterstein, clarinet, Reilly— the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. immense talent for bringing
100 Route 312 Modern, part of the inau- 5pm, $5; free for members worked as a teaching artist at the opening on Sept. 11.
Rolf Schulte, violin, Aaron at DIA Beacon, an exhibition The show will also include Hyde story told from the view- a specific, historical period
Brewster g u r a l N e w Yo r k H e r i t a g e & GC ticket holders point of a housemaid, which to vibrant life. The New York
845-278-0230 Weekend, 2-5pm Wunsch, piano.4pm, free. A curator, and was a founding an entertaining video inter- selection of classical music. member of Collaborative view with the artist made by was filmed with Julia Roberts Times book reviewer called it
Sun. Sept. 13 - Orange and John Malkovich—and the “one of the best novels I’ve
Art Classes for All Ages County Day: discount tour US MILITARY Concepts in Beacon. Greg Whitmore.
begin Sept. 22 – ongoing Jaanika Peerna works Also, four new human- 2003 Orange Prize-winning ever read about the actor’s
rates for residents; reg. req’d. TILLY FOSTER FARM ACADEMY BAND
throughout Fall West Point at the crossroads of digital scale, stone and steel works Property. She is also the au- psyche.”
Sun. Sept. 9 - Indie film COUNTY PLAYERS, 845-938-2617 and traditional media, of- by Tom Holmes will be fea- thor of the nonfiction work Valerie Martin will read at
100 Route 312, Brewster
series: Constitution Island INC. ten dealing with the themes tured on The Sidewalk Gal- Salvation: Scenes From the 4pm at Chapel of Our Lady
documentary w/ speaker 2681 West Main Street o f w a t e r, s i m p l i c i t y, a n d lery through Nov. 8. Holmes Life of St. Francis. Restoration, 45 Market St.
Richard de Koster, 12noon at Wappingers Falls s i l e n c e . S h e h a s a n M FA is an artist, sculptor and Martin will be reading from Cold Spring. A free wine and
Sat/Sun Sept. 12/13 - An-
t h e L o d g e a t Ti l l y F o s t e r 845-298-1491 in Intermedia Design from musician living and work- her new novel, The Confes- cheese reception will follow. tique Farm Equipment ex- HUDSON VALLEY
Farm. Res. suggested. hibit, 11am - 4pm SHAKESPEARE SUNY New Paltz. She has ing in the NEPA and Hudson
Sept. 11/26 - The Importance FESTIVAL
Sat/Sun Sept. 18/19 - Brew- worked as teaching artist at Valleys. His work integrates
of Being Earnest, Fridays
and Saturdays at 8, Matinee ster Flower Garden Show,
PAC Building 8
Performances at Boscobel
DIA Beacon and the Visual
Thinking Strategies project
and combines stone, metal,
wood, light, ice, and water.
Constitution Island Film
on Sun. 20th only, at 2pm. Box Ofc: 845-265-9575 of the Soros Foundation. For more information on Screened by Arts Council
KENT PUBLIC Closed for the season In the Balter Gallery the exhibitions, classes, and
LIBRARY Putnam Arts Council is 20, at noon, coordinates with
Art Center proudly presents events at Garrison Art Center
17 Sybil’s Crossing pleased to announce their the dates logged for Henry
the world premiere of The visit www.garrisonartcenter.
Kent Lakes
(845) 225-8585
Butterfield Doll Workshops Gretzinger Map— a large- org or call 424-3960.
September film, Constitution
Island: American Landmark,
Hudson sailing up that area
of the river (Sept. 15, 1609),
Mon, Wed 10-8
Mix History and Needlecraft screened in honor of the Hud-
son Quadricentennial. This
and will be offered at the
Arts Council’s headquarters
Tue, Thu, Fri 10-5 brief documentary, written at Tilly Foster Farm, Build-
The Butterfield Library and culture from that par-
Sat, 10-3 and presented by Richard de ing #8.
will be offering the American ticular time. Each workshop
Closed most major holidays Koster, executive director of Reservations are request-
Girl Doll Workshop once a features a popular needle-
the Constitution Island As- ed as seating is limited and
month throughout the fall craft from the time period.
sociation, includes wonderful admission and parking are
season beginning on Tues- Upcoming dates and work-
material about Constitution free. For directions or more
day, September 15, at 3:30. shops include: October 13,
Island and its history, and has information on the Indepen-
The featured “girl” will be “ A d d y, 1 8 6 4 ; ” N o v e m b e r
recently been the recipient dent Film Series and all Arts
“Kirsten, 1854.” 17, “Rebecca, 1914;” and
of a GHHN Award toward Council programs, classes,
Instructor Beverly Barker December 15, “Ana, a Rus-
Excellence. The screening, special events, and services,
uses the popular dolls and sian immigrant, 1914.”
scheduled for Sunday, Sept. visit
books to teach children in Registration is recom-
grades 1 and up about the mended for this program.
various periods of American Please visit www.butterfield-
history with a discussion of or call 265-3040
the styles of dress, customs, ext. 4 for more information.
Page 6 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Putnam County News

and Recorder Eight Years Later: Have We Forgotten?
This Friday–September 11—marks issue, but it is a local issue because can choose a candidate for Sheriff
the eighth anniversary since the mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters and Putnam Valley Democrats and
United States was attacked by ter- from many local communities in New Republicans can select their parties’
rorists wielding airplanes as their York died on 9/11. nominees for town council.
weapons. In the days and weeks after There is a tangible way to show C o l l e c t i v e l y, w e s h o u l d m a k e i t
the assault, most American renewed our appreciation for our freedom clear that we are proud of this na-
their patriotism and their desire to this September: by exercising our tion. Hoist up an American flag. Take
cooperate with each other to ensure democratic duty to educate ourselves some time on September 11 to reflect
our freedom and prosperity. about the candidates running for on what makes America great. Then
We must remember that America is office in Putnam County, and then, follow through with action: Make a
a country worth defending, because having studied the situation, by vot - commitment to get involved in your
Covering of her principles that have made her ing. On Tuesday, September 15, those local democracy by attending town,
Philipstown and Putnam Valley a beacon of liberty for the world. eligible should vote in the primary village, and school board meetings,
in New York’s Hudson Highlands Many see 9/11 as only a national elections. Republicans in Philipstown voting, and running for office.

founded in 1866
as the Cold Spring Recorder
Letters to the Editor US Mail: PO Box 185, Cold Spring, NY 10516
a publication of
Zoning Input Welcomed Board formally endorsed the Hans Moeller on this hugely important issue. cation of member items, and We are all Americans and
the Putnam County project and offered Town re- N orth H ighlands It’s great to have a grown-up also guarantee the equitable should not be divided for we
News & Recorder, LLC, To the Editor: sources to assist with the in- at the helm. I believe John Hall distribution of these funds to have the same goals to have
a subsidiary of the The readers of your Au- stallation; wants to help solve our biggest all members of the Assem- excellent quality and afford-
Hudson Valley Freedom Press, LLC gust 26th article headlined 5) the Village Historical Cell Tower Defeated problems and I’m proud he’s bly and Senate, regardless of able health care for all and an
“Angst Spurs Action” may Review Board will review the our Congressman. party affiliation. Similarly, option to use any insurance
not be aware that the proposed project and see one of the light To the Editor: Judy Allen incumbent legislators often use plans they wish but regulated
new zoning law complete with fixtures at its next meeting on Two weeks after the pub- P utnam V alley member items to give them an against preexisting conditions,
“Character may almost be called the most maps is and has been available September 9th; and, lication of the July 29 news advantage in elections. Right fraud and greed.
effective means of persuasion.” on the Town’s website for all 6) the ERCO bollards are article “Cell Tower on Historic before an election a legislator We are all one and we must
—Aristotle to see ( designed to operate in tem- Hudson Horizon,” I received Rolling in the Right can announce all of their leg- care about one another.
links/proposed-local-laws). porary flood conditions and a note from Carol Ash, Com- Direction islative items and use public Lillian Rosengarten
The Zoning Advisory Com- are constructed with materials missioner of the Office of tax dollars to influence their C old S pring
designed to deter vandalism. Parks, Recreation and Historic To the Editor: own election results. I have
The Putnam County News mittee (whose members in-
clude David Brower, Jordan I would offer that light pol- Properties, stating that there I have had the opportuni- introduced legislation that
& R e c o r d e r is published weekly Dale, Irvine Flinn, Barbara lution is not just an “environ- are no longer current plans ty to attend three town hall would prohibit representatives Smith Serves the People
on Wednesdays (except for certain Scuccimara, and Glenn Wat- mentalists’ issue.” Shielded, to erect the proposed Bear meetings on health reform from publishing or distributing
holiday conflicts) son) worked on the draft law energy-efficient lighting tech- Mountain tower. and was equally impressed these discretionary funds up To the Editor:
over a period of more than nology is now the industry That ill-conceived tower pro- and mortified. Assemblyman to 60 days before an election If you’re not angry, maybe
two years, during which all standard for new construc- posal was defeated by a coor- Greg Ball hosted two of these (A.6856). you haven’t been paying at-
86 Main Street, of our meetings and delibera- tion—just look at the new dinated letter writing campaign meetings, one in Fishkill and If you agree that the member tention. Oh, I don’t mean that
Cold Spring, NY 10516 tions were open to the public. North Highlands Fire Depart- of local citizens and environ- one in Somers, and did a ter- item process in New York State as a criticism really—we are
Periodicals postage paid at Nothing was done in secret. ment, EnergyStar lighting at mental organizations. I would rific job. Collectively ideas for has to be improved, I would all barraged by so much in-
In July of last year, our task the Glassbury Court develop- like to especially acknowledge and against the health bill H.R. encourage you to contact your formation that it’s a survival
Cold Spring, New York
complete, the draft was pre- ment, and the recessed canopy Andy Chmar, Hudson High- 3200 were heard and respected state elected officials to convey skill to tune most of it out.
sented to the Town Board at a lighting at the new Appalachian lands Land Trust Executive by the attendees. Assemblyman your concerns and express But I’ve noticed, among the
USPS 605-240 Market at Rt. 9/403. Director, for his advocacy Ball challenged us when he your support for some of my garbage that I had been tuning
publicly attended Town Hall
workshop. Further publicly Lighting improvement is on this issue, to the Putnam asked us to propose some of proposals. out this year, a disconcerting
Send address changes to
The Putnam County News & Recorder, attended workshops were held as much a quality of life and County News and Recorder our own ideas of reform. This Sandy Galef spike in fear-mongering and
P.O. Box 185, Cold Spring, NY 10516 last fall and winter, which in- energy issue, as an environ- for their detailed coverage, was a valuable opportunity Member of Assembly other “attacks” on the people
cluded members of the Zoning mental issue. But, if the Vil- reported by Annie Chesnut, to listen to ideas such as tort 90 th D istrict of our community. Some of
Board of Appeals and the Plan- lage leadership and residents and to everyone in Garrison reform, interstate competition it comes in the guise of pa- ning Board. The interest and ultimately decide the existing and Cold Spring who weighed among insurance companies, triotism, denouncing “those participation of town residents lighting is preferred, then I’m in on the federal review man- and tougher regulations that Let’s Not Be Divided illegals,” “those socialists,” at future public hearings will sure the contributors listed dated for the proposed tower. would not require a massive or “homosexuals” as threats
be welcome. We all want the above will offer their funds for However, the state parks still government overhaul of the To the Editor: to our American way of life,
final product to be a zoning community-supported projects maintain a policy of putting health system. In Somers As- I am completely taken by as if we weren’t a republic
Telephone (845) 265-2468 law that implements the Com- elsewhere in the Hudson River up cell towers on parklands semblyman Ball even provided surprise that so many of our made up of diverse peoples
Fax (845) 265-2144 prehensive Plan and serves the Valley. I believe that would (Policy Statement No. 36). a panel of experts in the health fellow citizens are so emotion- from diverse homelands and
needs of Philipstown as well be an opportunity lost for the The Appalachian Trail/Hessian and accounting field to answer ally against a plan for health walks of life.
as it possibly can. Village and for Philipstown. Lake location was spared to- any relevant questions. Overall care reform that guarantees But I’m not writing about
Elizabeth Ailes, Publisher David Brower, et al. Andy Chmar day, but what about tomorrow?
As long as the policy stands,
these meetings were profes-
sional and well run with the
care for everyone, no matter
how rich or poor. Have we
some liberal justice issue to-
day. I’m writing about our
Executive Director
Hudson Highlands there could be a cell tower Assemblyman giving us over forgotten the moral issue that own Sheriff Donald B. Smith
Margaret O’Sullivan Light Pollution Land Trust in Fahnestock State Park or four hours of his time. we are our brother’s keepers, (even if he is a Republican).
Vice President, Advertising some other pristine land you The negative experience that that no one should be denied Don Smith seems to me to be
To the Editor: hike and enjoy nearby. I had was when I attended a medical care and families the kind of man we all hold up
In the August 26th issue of Fly the Flag I urge anyone concerned with last minute public meeting should be protected against as an archetypal Good Guy and
Joseph P. Lindsley Jr. the PCN&R, there was a front this issue to keep tabs on the hosted by Congressman John financial ruin based on health Community Servant. He’s not
Editor-in-Chief page article on the proposed To the Editor: State Parks and make sure you Hall and moderated by the care needs? only served in the military, but
Wouldn’t it be spectacular know what they are up to. But NAACP. He took questions We are the only nation that al- he was a Brigadier General. He
Production Manager lighting improvement project
for the Cold Spring waterfront. to wake up Monday morning for someone’s mentioning a from constituents, but I can’t lows insurance corporations to went to West Point, served in
Here’s the latest information: and see an American flag fly- tiny legal notice in our paper, say the answers had any value. manage our health care needs. Vietnam, and remains on the
Alison Rooney This project grew out of ing in front of every house in the Bear Mountain cell tower He often would change the In my view, it is the corporate board of the New York Military
Copy Editor a 2007 meeting with then- America for the whole week? would have been a done deal. topic and since no follow-up greed of insurance companies Academy. He’s involved in
Mayor Anthony Phillips, who That would lead us to believe If you have any questions questions were allowed it was that decides who lives and dies Boy Scouts—I’ve seen him at
sought assistance in improv- that just maybe, not everyone about this issue, please email hard to keep the Congressman and when someone should get Eagle Scout Ceremonies, Me-
Annie Chesnut ing lighting in the Village. At forgot what They did to us eight on track. In the end he gave medical treatment. morial Day services, and other
Associate Editor this meeting, Mayor Phillips years ago. September 11, 2001: Deborah Kopald us 45 minutes of his time and I understand there is always events. Unlike some elected
asked Tim Culbert, a Philip- Never forget, never forgive! F ort M ontgomery had to hide behind the NAACP. a fear of change. I am also officials, Sheriff Smith often
stown resident, licensed ar- Bill Burns Congressman Hall will have aware that there is little trust shows up in person, and not
Matt Mellon chitect, and lighting expert, G arrison a hard time being reelected in a government that has al- to do political posturing, but
Graphics and Layout who has volunteered his own Master of Calm in 2010 with a high quality lowed corruption and lies to because he is a gentleman.
time and expertise, to pro- candidate like Assemblyman take away people’s homes, He is and/or has been on the
pose alternatives that would Remember 9/11 To the Editor: Ball running against him. their savings, and their hopes board of many community
save the Village on energy As soon as they started shout- James Carrera for a better life. They have organizations. Surely I’m not
Caroline Balducci and maintenance expenditures To the Editor: ing at John Hall’s health care W appingers F alls watched as the rich have ex- the only person who has seen
Business Manager for waterfront dock lights, Eight years ago this Friday, forum at Fox Lane on Sept. 2, ploited the poor and middle his name on all sorts of rosters
and improve both the lighting I was the victim and witness my stomach went into a knot. class for their own agenda over the years?! He’s a child
and visual experience of visi- to the single, most devastat- I had never attended any event Transparency Needed with little regard for the well of this area—there’s a building
Submissions tors to the waterfront, without ing criminal act in the his- that was so loud and passion- being of all Americans. It is my named after his father right in sacrificing safety and security. tory of our nation. Nineteen ately polarized. To the Editor: feeling that the truly justified town. He’s a good man doing a
Subsequent presentations and foreigners arose that day and The shouts continued all The impasse in the State anger is being misdirected for good job and we are fortunate
Subscription Rates a lighting demonstration of
the ERCO bollards took place
participated in the murders of
2,974 residents of our country.
night but Congressman Hall
was a master of calm and con-
Senate earlier this summer
demonstrated that equity in
they are supporting the very
insurance corporations that
to have him.
So have you noticed all sorts
$25/year in Putnam County in early 2008, all extensively Those 2,974 people awoke that trol. He answered the real the allocation of state rev- have gouged the pocketbooks of aggressive fear-mongering
$30/year out of County covered by the PCN&R. As morning, and went to work for questions that were asked and enues is imperative. In par- of too many Americans. from people who seem to think
Subscribe at did his predecessor, Mayor their families. These families moved on from the heated ac- ticular, we must pay close I am angry and mystified that Putnam County (“Where
Seth Gallagher fully supports still suffer, and yet endure (as cusatory statements that didn’t attention to the distribution how my fellow Americans the Country Begins”) needs
Rate Schedule for Display the new lighting. Here is the Faulkner might say, prevail). merit a response. He addressed of taxpayer resources such as can let themselves be so ma- a ham-handed approach to
Advertising latest update:
1) The $54,900 needed to
This Friday, if you can, take two
minutes out of your morning
the issues, and hopefully at
future events he will expand
member items and ensure that
all New Yorkers benefit from
nipulated to defend the very
corporations that have through
police management? Are we
criminals, or maybe poor help-
email inquiries to acquire the 30 ERCO bollards to recognize this victimization upon his explanations of both this public money regardless lack of regulation destroyed less bumpkins cowering in our
has been fully raised at no and sacrifice. Then,.... turn,... the bill before the House, H.R. of who their representatives our health care system. How shanties for fear of this wave
Legal Advertising expense to the Village or its and hug your family. 3200, and his own position in are or their legislators’ party is it that they do not recognize of crime and criminal incom-
First Insertion: 38.5 cents/line taxpayers, with foundations Kevin M. Harrison support of it. affiliation. that closing down the public petence? Or maybe we’re just
(Hudson River Foundation, C old S pring I never completely relaxed— For many years I have been option is completely against incompetent ourselves, and
Additional insertions: 29.5 cents/line I couldn’t—but I did feel that concerned with the way mem-
Hudson River Valley Green- their best interests? need the strong hand of city-
Tabular: 45 cents/line way), corporations (Entergy, our Congressman conducted ber items, or pork-barrel spend- I urge all Americans to reex- trained police action?
M&T), non-profits (HHLT, A Leader by Example himself with dignity, intel- ing, is dealt with in New York. amine the facts and myths and I think not! Putnam County
Classified Advertising Cold Spring Lions, OSI), and ligence, and compassion for There is no transparency or to take responsibility based on is diverse and interconnected.
$1.25 per line, paid in advance private donors all contributing To the Editor: the thousands of citizens he oversight in a system that deals their knowledge not through We value individual skills and
$1.50 per line, if billed to a project they agree will John Van Tassel was born has the honor to represent. with approximately $200 mil- the manipulation of the cor- individual freedoms, and we
achieve the Village’s goals; in November, 1965. His fa- The people who were lion tax dollars a year. Member porate powers that prey on have many responsible citi-
Minimum charge—$6.25 for five lines ther, George Van Tassel, was whipped up to a froth by the items are given out to programs ignorance and fear. I urge all zens among us. Please come
2) the project has been unani-
mously endorsed by Village a founding charter member of spewing hatred of rabid right- and organizations with little Americans to think about the out and support our sheriff,
© 2009 The Putnam County Boards over 2+ years, includ- the Philipstown North High- wing radio and TV monsters to government oversight. They myths that fly around very suc- Donald Smith, on September
News & Recorder, LLC ing most recently on August lands Fire District in 1969; serve the insurance industry, are doled out solely at a leg- cessfully as a result of brilliant 15 for the primary if you are
25th; and retired after more than 25 kept attacking, though they did islator’s discretion, and are marketing by insurance giants a Republican, and November
All rights reserved. No material may be 3) the Village Board agrees years of active service. lose a bit of their initial steam not distributed equally to all who fear government regula- 3 for the general election. We
that, like other community John Van Tassel joined the as the evening wore on. Still districts in the state. tion and diminished earnings. don’t need no stinkin’ fear-
reproduced without
projects completed in the past, North Highlands Fire Depart- that’s what they had come for I have proposed several And yes, those congress people mongers!
written permission. ment in 1982 at age 17. He — to act like kindergartners, pieces of legislation to re- who are funded by big pharma Elizabeth Apgar Triano
the necessary Village resources
and volunteers (including local showed promise; and has con- shouting loud and out of turn. form the member item system and insurance corporation lob- P atterson
Deadline for Copy & Advertising electrical contractor Andrew tinued a proud family tradition So I hope they’re happy now. and to infuse some equity and bies, are a morally repugnant
Monday at 12 noon Pidala, who has volunteered of community service. I admire Congressman Hall oversight into the process. My group who care only about
(unless early deadline his services) can be marshaled John Van Tassel is eminently for his willingness to welcome bills, A.1271 and A.1272, call their election results, fat pock-
for installation of the bollards; qualified to serve on the Phil- all his constituents, especially for a bi-partisan task force to etbooks, and less about their
is announced for holidays) 4) the Philipstown Town ipstown Town Board! the ones who disagree with him establish standards for allo- constituents.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Page 7

Candidate Platform Perspectives

E sther
M c H enry
Let’s Honor Small Business Operators
Labor Day, that weekend up with the payroll and taxes than buying buses. factors contributing to Putnam the businesses on Route 9 to usually don’t receive govern-
Putnam Valley Town set aside for barbeques, trips, when there is no money in the The small print shop in Put- County leading the entire state go out of business, leaving mental subsidies; they use
Board and a couple of extra days off, bank. They overpay for insur- nam County which employs in declining sales tax revenue. lovely green pastures with their cunning in the market-
has come and gone and I am ance to protect themselves less than 10 people who drive Philipstown government horses, cows, and goats. place to be competitive.
I am Esther McHenry, a here to report that business from losing their investment their cars to work instead wants all of Philipstown to Where will we buy stuff? They pay higher percentages
candidate for Putnam Valley in the village was brisk. to tort lawyers. They assist of taking the MTA probably remain “green” so we will How will the county make up of taxes because they do not
Town board. The true purpose of Labor their employees to pay health cannot. never see those ugly gravel the loss in sales tax revenue? have high priced accountants
A few years ago I retired insurance for those employees Mr. Obama proposes to im- mines and cement factories. Will our property tax base to figure out how to skirt the
from a corporate job as a who want it, and if the gov- pose a “cap and trade” on the They hire an over-paid con- go through the roof because tax laws.
supervisor in insurance li- TOM ernment demands of them to energy used by everyone in sultant with a “green” agenda we have fewer and fewer So I raise a glass to the true
ability claims. Since I like to
keep busy, I became involved ROLSTON raise the minimum wage they
meagerly comply, wondering
America. Restaurants are one
small business which uses a
to write the re-zoning of the
entire Route 9 corridor to be
businesses in Philipstown
to provide the tax ratable?
workers in the labor move-
ment. Men and women with
a waste of time and energy,
with town activities such as so fortunately my objectivity where the money will come lot of energy for refrigeration, “rural pristine” or whatever Will YOU be able to afford n o un i o n s t o p r o t e c t t h e i r
Putnam Valley Arts, Sunset will be channeled into posi- Day is to honor the workers from. heating, and cooling. Can to live in this “rural pristine” butts, they keep their noses
Series, and the food pantry tive solutions. of America and I would like Small Business Operators a small restaurant afford to environment? Shop Putnam, to the grindstone and out of
benefit. I’ve served on the I’d like to to bring down to honor one special group of of America are under-repre- change all of the refrigeration Without the Mr. Shea. other people’s business, and
town ethics board, and I also
became a spokesman for my
taxes are partnering with these laborers: the group that sented in Congress and over- in its restaurant in order to Small Business Speaking of gravel mines, they just keep plodding along,
neighboring towns for bulk proliferates in Putnam County. represented at IRS audits. comply with governmental the “green” folks fight pav- with little incentive to build
neighbors in defending our purchasing and shared ser- The group which is respon- When the MTA budget gap demands—probably not. Will Operators of ing our dirt roads with gusto. on what they have and no
deeded beach rights being vices. We can encourage sen- sible for employing a majority looms and it would be un- they be forced to pay the America, this Unpaved roads require gravel stimulus money to hire more
denied after 40 years for being
too small. I filed an article
sible economic development of the rest of America. That heard of to charge more than extraordinarily high taxes country is so they don’t wash out like of America. Those laborers of
in commercially zoned areas group is the Small Business $2.25 for a subway ride that imposed by the government Old Albany Post Road washed whom I speak would be the
78 to resolve that issue on to offset taxes, while keeping Operators of America. should cost $5, does Governor in order to stay in business— Russia. out this year. Gravel requires Small Business Operators of
behalf of our community. our country charm. Oregon The US government defines Paterson tax the riders? No probably they will. gravel mines. Get my point? America.
I have become a candidate corners can be beautified a small business as one with he taxes the employers—the Mr. Bondi is faced with a the fancy term was that the The small business entre- Curiously, I wonder when
for Putnam Valley’s town without destroying parking less than 250 employees. That Small Business Operators. Putnam County tax deficit. He euphoric consultant dreamed preneurs of America usually President Obama, Governor
board, because I care deeply for our valued businesses. sounds like a big business to Ta x i n g t h e r i d e r s w o u l d fails to raise property taxes up. get screwed to the wall by Paterson, County Executive
about my town and want to do The area should be planned as me. My definition would be cause insurrection by the significantly for many years If this re-zoning goes government. They have lit- Bondi, and candidate for su-
more to preserve it’s charm an attractive country village more like the businesses we public. The Small Business and then when the rubber band through, the Small Business tle if no representation; yet pervisor Shea will someday
and make it affordable. As that would attract more busi- have here with less than 50 Operators just pay the bill. is about to break, does he raise Operators of Route 9 will be statistics show that they are realize, like each of us now
a retiree, I appreciate the nesses to Oregon Corners and employees. IBM and Pepsi Cola can property taxes to meet the hemmed into a corner. Their America’s largest employer realizes, that without the
daily financial struggles of improve our tax base. A few These sometimes mom-and- well afford to pay this tax deficit? No, he forces a sales business will not be able to of our workers. Small Business Operators
my neighbors. As a taxpayer simple improvements could pop operations are responsible and write it off to cost to do tax hike on the county, stick- be expanded, sold, traded, These entrepreneurs do not of America, this country is
I know that we can make make a difference, and the for opening up their busi - business. After all, many of ing it to the Small Business or bartered without a “battle vote as a block because their Russia.
changes to keep expenses cost may come from grants. nesses in the morning and their employees take public Operators. Shop Putnam, Bob. royale” in the zoning and plan- bus ines s es are s o div ers e. Mr. Rolston, a Cold Spring
down while preserving our Some of our lakes are in closing them down at night. transportation to get to work Perhaps Mr. Bondi’s higher ning courts. In other words They get no “bailout” loans; resident, is proprietor of Cold
rural charm. My involve- danger and sensible steps to They somehow always come and paying the tax is cheaper sales taxes were one of the this “green” consultant wants they go out of business. They Spring Depot restaurant.
ment in town activities has rescue these assets include
motivated me to do more for outlawing phosphate fertil-
Putnam Valley, and I know I izers and ensuring s e p t i c Disagree? The PCN&R encourages robust but civil dialogue. Submit letters to the editor and op-ed suggestions to
can make a contribution as a systems are cleaned every

9/10 Mentality Squanders Our Future

town board member. My life three years in the those lake
experience working with at- areas. Drinking water must
torneys in liability insurance be made safe, and if an area
defense, as well as managing is in need of septic repairs a
employees in an office, has way must be found to make We will soon observe the men from terrorist-sponsoring authorized by Congress in the hands of someone who of September 11 is this: all of Mr. Gadiel is president and a
given me a wealth of expe- that happen, without a major 8th anniversary of the mass nations, men who perfectly 2005. Bush, in combination should never have been in them could have been avoided co-founder of 9/11 Families for
rience that I can use for the taxpayer burden. murders of 3,000 people in fit the profile of a Muslim with Congressional Democrats our country in the first place. had politicians stood up to a Secure America. His 23-year-
benefit of the town. As a I care deeply about this the September 11 terrorist at- terrorist) were able to obtain and some Republicans, even These tragic deaths are no the ACLU, La Raza, and the old son, James, an assistant
retired person I have more wonderful town and it’s tacks. As the event recedes the tools of mass murder and increased the number of na- less the result of the pre-9/11 Chamber of Commerce. None trader for Cantor Fitzgerald,
time to devote to issues and people. I know that I can then live in the U.S. for up tions whose citizens can come mentality than were the 9/11 of these thousands would be worked on the 103rd floor
communication. be an objective voice of our to two years while they made to the USA without having to attacks themselves. And what dead had elected officials re- of the World Trade Center,
I feel strongly that a town townspeople, using my life PETER their preparations, thanks to apply for a visa. these murders and thousands of fused to allow our country to be North Tower, and died in the
board member is the voice and Certainly, the 9/10 mind-
will of the people. Getting
experience and devoting time
to get out to listen.
GADIEL the 9/10 mentality.
The 9/10 mentality caused set is a learning disability
others around the country share
in common with the murders
overwhelmed by a tidal wave
of uncontrolled immigration.
September 11 attacks.
out to talk to my neighbors Together with the Repub- President Bill Clinton to ig- that afflicts both parties. But
and citizens is essential to lican team of Jackie Annabi further into the past we hear nore the recommendations of it’s not a disability that arises
find our priorities. Continu- and Bob Tendy, we will work more and more about the “9/10 a commission headed by his naturally in these politicians.
ing personal interaction with to make Putnam Valley the mind-set” versus the “9/11 own vice president, which, It is planted in them by the
residents will tell me our town you love and can still mind-set.” The former is the in 1996, recommended that wealthy and powerful forces
most pressing issues. Nega- afford. way we looked at the world airport security be drastically that profit from open borders
tive attitudes and feuds are the day before the attacks: improved. But Clinton did and uncontrolled immigration,
smug, ignorant of the evil not take action, because the both legal and illegal.
forces at loose in the world, airline industry, unwilling to The 9/10 mentality results
and heedless of our vulner- bear the greater costs, gave from a unique alliance based
ability to them. The latter, the handsomely to his 1996 re- on the financial greed of those
9/11 mind-set, means facing election campaign. on the political right and the
the reality of an era when we The 9/10 mentality caused radical ideology and greed
are no longer the safe, secure, Clinton Attorney General Janet for power of those on the left.
and geographically-isolated Reno and her subordinate Jamie The ACLU, U.S. Chamber
fortress that this country had Gorelick to prevent counter- of Commerce, Communist
been for more than 200 years. terrorist agents in the FBI parties, American Bankers
The 9/10 mind-set allowed from communicating with the Association, People for the
us to squander the strength FBI’s criminal investigators. American Way, homebuilders,
and security that was created They also prevented the CIA’s George Soros, Ford Founda-
for us by our predecessors. anti-terrorist agents from com- tion, agribusiness, La Raza,
Geographic isolation pro- municating with the FBI. American Bar Association,
vided less and less protec- The 9/10 mentality allowed NAACP, American Immigra-
tion with the development tens of millions of people from tion Lawyers Association,
of military weapons such as all parts of the Earth, including United Church of Christ, the
supersonic jets and missiles. nations actively hostile to our travel industry, and the AFL-
But it wasn’t the armed forces country and way of life, freely CIO all lobby for open borders.
of our enemies that led us to to cross our borders either Consequently, despite much
September 11; it was the fail- illegally with no screening window dressing, and despite
ure to care about who we were at all, or legally with equal the erosion of the rights of
allowing into our country, the failure to screen. American citizens, we are very
failure to control our borders. Certainly, this negligent at- much in a pre-9/11 situation.
The September 11 mass titude, this head-in-the-sand Putnam County and our
murders resulted from the re- mentality is not limited to neighboring communities
fusal of government officials Democrats. Republicans such nearby sadly prove this. On
to enforce the immigration as George W. Bush and Sena- September 11, 2001, eight Put-
laws already in existence, the tors John McCain and Richard nam County residents paid the
primary purpose of which are Lugar have been just as eager price of our government’s fail-
supposed to be the protection to expose us to some of the ure to protect its citizenry with
of our country and its people. world’s worst human beings their lives. Let us never forget
The Independent 9/11 Com- as anyone in the other party. the sacrifice made by Thomas
mission, in very great detail, During his eight years in of- Kuveikis, Robert Minara, Dan-
revealed how it was that three fice President George W. Bush iel Harlin, Christopher Black-
officials of the U.S. State De- was at least as negligent as his well, George Cain, Stephen
partment, ignoring federal law predecessor, and perhaps even Driscoll, David Fodor, and
and the regulations of their more so because he refused George Paris. Let us also never
department, allowed 19 men to learn the lessons of 9/11. forget that in 2005, Elizabeth
to come to the United States. He refused to stop illegal im- Butler was savagely murdered
The Commission described migration, refused to expand by a multiply-convicted illegal
how these 19 were then able the Border Patrol, ICE, and alien and, more recently, the
to hide in plain sight thanks prison facilities for illegals deaths of Mrs. Donohue and
to the presence of millions to anywhere near the strength her daughter in Brewster at
of illegal aliens. It detailed
how they were able to obtain
the authentic U.S. driver’s
licenses, that enabled them to
then obtain all the goods and
services they needed in order
to plan, rehearse, finance, and
then carry out their attacks.
How they were able to rent
motel rooms and apartments;
obtain credit cards and open
bank accounts; transfer funds;
rent cars; buy flying lessons;
and on the morning of 9/11 use
their authentic, U.S.-issued
identity documents to board
the planes they turned into
These killers (all readily
identifiable as young, single
Page 8 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GUFS (Cont’d from front pg.) HALDANE (Cont’d from front pg.) MTA
and 2.5 percent. Over the life “The best thing is that it is last contract. *Teachers will for the past three contracts. terparts in late June. With no (Cont’d from front pg.)
done today—and with no dis- pay a larger share of the cost of “We went into the negotiations lawyers present, both sides ernment alone. What about
of the contract, the GTA agrees
ruptions” said board president health coverage; 11.25 percent wanting a contract. There’s agreed they were close to an institutions like hospitals and
to increase their contribution
Dave Merandy, who, with VP of premium costs in year one, no question that this was a agreement. An unofficial, ver- schools? Let’s not forget small
for health insurance from 9
Mike Junjulas, represented the compared to 8 percent in the year…reflective of the eco- bal agreement was reached at businessman trying to make a
percent to 11.25 percent, rep-
Haldane in contract negotia- old contract. In year two they nomic times,” Patinella com- a marathon meeting July 17, living at a restaurant on Main
resenting a 25 percent increase
tions. Highlights of the new will pay 12.5 percent, a 3.5 mented. “A large number of although not without drama. Street in Cold Spring or a deli
in overall contributions. The
agreement include: *Salaries percent increase over the pre- faculty live in the community. Merandy said that for a while it in Carmel.”
district also achieved a measure
will increase by an average of vious agreement. *The district We know things are difficult.” looked like negotiations might Tamagna described the tax
of protection from steadily ris-
3 percent in each of the con- will no longer pay 100 percent Patinella added, “No one wants have reached an impasse. “We as “unconscionable. I hope
ing retiree health care costs by
tract’s two years, compared to of the cost of health coverage to break the step cycle,” refer- were only about $40,000 apart,” that every one of the 12 coun-
securing a change from a flat
an average 6.1 percent increase for retirees. For teachers hired ring to the increases moved he said, with the difference not ties in the MTA region follows
dollar amount to a percentage-
in the previous contract. *The after July, 2009, the district from July to February as part in favor of the district. In the our lead.”
based contribution for future
total cost of year one of the will pay 75 to 90 percent of of the agreement. “We were end, the HFA agreed to revi- The original resolution to
retirees. The new professional
new agreement is $7,333,079, the cost of premiums, based on willing to be flexible. It’s a sions in “shared savings” and participate in what Legislator
development program calls for
an increase of $168,037, or length of service. *The district two-year contract. Hopefully the deal was done. Mary Ellen Odell of Carmel
establishment of a committee
2.35 percent, over the previ- will pay out less in “shared things will be brighter then. I Junjulas was happy that the described as “an act of civil
of teachers and administrators
ous year. It includes all wages savings,” the amount paid to have to pay taxes, too.” step increase was delayed until disobedience” passed by a vote
to develop workshop and semi- G a r r i s o n t e a c h e r s , a d m i n i s t r a t o r s , a n d s c h o o l b o a rd
and benefits for teachers and teachers who opt out of Hal- Merandy said he felt that February since it would result in of 8 to 1, with Tony Fusco of
nar opportunities for teachers, members are all smiles after the contract agreement.
teachers’ assistants. *The total dane’s health coverage to be both the HFA and the CSEA, savings to the district, although Mahopac Falls dissenting.
enabling them to continuously
rollment concluded Ms. Co- at other times to encourage cost of year two of the contract in another program. “took the economic situation the exact amount had not yet Fusco agreed with his col-
improve educational offerings.
lucci’s report. While overall community engagement. Jim is $7,653,412—a 4.3 percent The district had already set- into consideration. If they had been calculated. If Junjulas had leagues last week in support
Indulging in somewhat of an
attendance is down slightly, Cannon added that board goals increase over year one. *Step tled with the Civil Service Em- gone all the way to the mat, had his way, the savings would of the new initiative, making it
understatement, and continuing
high school enrollment has should be thought about on a Increases, normally paid to ployees Association (CSEA), they may have gotten more.” have been considerably greater. unanimous. Under the state’s
the board’s disinclination to
increased by eleven students. district-wide basis, including teachers in July in addition represents support staff. That Merandy and Junjulas both “I wanted to freeze the steps plan 34 cents of every $100
include Garrison parents in the
This is in excess of the allow- high school students, and not to salary increases, will not contract called for a 2.75 per- lauded Business Manager Anne for two years,” he commented. earned by residents of the
process, Superintendent Gloria
ance typically made during solely based upon the school be awarded until February in cent increasing to base salaries Dinio for her work during the But Junjulas’s greatest sat- counties surrounding NYC
Colucci said that “Achieving
budget discussions and repre- building. both years of the contract, re- in year one and a 2.85 percent negotiations. “With her there… isfaction came from the sav- will be paid to the MTA.
this agreement took longer than
sents an increased direct cost The board also approved a sulting in substantial savings increase to base salaries in it was great” Merandy said. ings the district will realize Senator Vinnie Leibell said
either side wanted.” Colucci
to the district. Board Presi- revised tax warrant, consistent to the district. *Stipends paid year two, along with a freeze Both Dinio and Superintendent by reducing its portion of the he understood the lawmakers’
continued, saying, “The pro-
dent Prentice described it as with recently revised tax levy. to teachers for extracurricular in step increases. Villanti took a voluntary wage premiums paid for retirees’ frustrations. Assemblyman
cess was further complicated
“about a $100,000 increase.” A second reading of the board activities such as coaching will HFA president Mark Patinella freeze for the coming year. health care coverage. “With Greg Ball, meanwhile, has
by a mediation effort that fell
Contributing to the increase is member insurance policy was increase by 2 percent compared teaches HS biology and was The district’s team met in- what is happening in health demanded the a fiscal over-
short of expectations and by
migration of families from New also made. This policy would to a 3.6 percent increase in the the teachers’ chief negotiator formally with their HFA coun- care that is huge!” sight board to increase MTA
the dramatic downturn in the
York City, and the economy allow board members to partici- accountability and efficiency.
With the weight of contract in general, which is forcing pate in the district’s employee
negotiations off their shoul- many students from private insurance policy but board
ders, the board looked to a fresh schools. Trustee James Cannon members would be responsible
start. Superintendent Colucci’s remarked that the district will for payment of all premiums.
report described this year’s have to take these factors into Bus routes, which have not
theme as “Picturing America.” consideration for “at least the changed, were approved, as was
A continuation of the Hud- next two years.” the 2008-09 Putnam-Northern
son River Quadricentennial Describing board goals for Westchester BOCES contract
celebration, local history of the upcoming year, Board for $363,000. This does not
the Hudson Valley will be in- Vice President Eric Jacoby represent a delayed approval,
corporated at all levels of the expressed his desire to seek out but meets a BOCES require-
curriculum. To support this and “new alternatives to creating ment for identification of ac-
board goals.” Jacoby said he tual costs.
other aspects of the education
“does not want to be locked Parent and meeting-regular
program at the school, Colucci
into past goals.” Seeking to Gordon Stewart expressed the
described over $148,000 in
identify specific actions with feelings of many when he de-
grants that have been applied
specific goals, Jacoby asked, scribed his expectations of “lots
for. While grant approvals are
“What is a stellar educational of community enthusiasm and
staggered throughout the year,
environment and how do we contributions” toward working
she expects to know the full
achieve it?” He described a on the “goals and aspirations
status by the end of this fall.
process that will occur not only of the school district.”
A discussion of school en-
during board meetings but also
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Page 9
Page 10 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER ElEction SpEcial Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 15 Primary — GOP Candidates for County Sheriff

The PCN&R invited candidates participating in the September 15 primary elections to provide personal information and respond to a series of questions.
There was a 100-word limit on responses to our questions and no word limit on personal profile data.

Donald B. Smith (Incumbent) Andrew DeStefano

AGE: 61
FAMILY INFO: Married to Jane Powell Smith for more than 37 years; Father of two children: AGE: 45
Christopher and Cherilynne; Grandfather of five beautiful grandchildren FAMILY INFO: Wife of 12 wonderful years Julisa, 7-year-old daughter Patricia
PARTY AFFILIATION: lifelong Republican endorsed by the Republican, Conservative, PARTY AFFILIATION: lifelong Republican
and Independence parties EDUCATION: Manhattan College, Class of 1989, B.S. Economics/Finance; Lehman College,
EDUCATION: 1969 - B.S., United States Military Academy at West Point; 1974 – Master of M.A. History (expected September 2009)
Science Degree in Systems Management, University of Southern California; 1979 -Graduate CAREER: Career law enforcement officer and commander.
of the U.S. Army and Command General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS; 1986- Graduate
of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and Fellow at the National Defense University
at Fort McNair, Washington, DC.
CAREER: Served as a career military officer in the United States Army, culminating as the
Assistant Division Commander at the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, TX; Achieved rank
of Brigadier General; Major staff assignments - Chief of Armor Branch and Chief of Combat To what extent are you op- force? ognition out of 41,000 cops. my long-term associations
Arms Division at the Army’s Personnel Command in Alexandria, VA. Served as the Deputy timistic about the future of In law enforcement, expe- Putnam County deserves to with many fine organizations
Director of Personnel Support Policy and Services in the Office of Secretary of Defense Putnam County and to what rience is a must. There is no have that type of key experi- which can be found on my
from 1991–93; Overseas tours-combat tour of Vietnam and a six-year tour in the 8th Infantry extent are you pessimistic? substitute and no equivalent. ence in the top law enforce- resume.
Division (Mechanized) during the Cold War in the Federal Republic of Germany; Awards Putnam County has tre- A Sheriff simply cannot super- ment position. In addition, law
and decorations - Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of mendous potential. The real vise deputies if he hasn’t done enforcement is my career, not KEY PRINCIPLES: Com-
Merit with two oak leaf clusters, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal with two oak leaf strength in Putnam is with the the job. I am the only Republi- a stepping stone to County Ex- plete transparency and hon-
clusters, and Army Commendation Medal with oak leaf cluster; Deputy County Executive of residents and everyday folks can candidate in this race with ecutive or District Attorney. esty, which means no smoke
Putnam County from 1999-01; Elected Sheriff of Putnam County in 2001 and 2005. Serving who want to see our quality law enforcement experience, and mirrors. My police re-
as Sheriff of Putnam County from 2002 through the present. of life improve. I am deeply and that’s a fact. I am also How have you served the sume has been public since
concerned about the stagnant the overwhelming choice of public in the past? my opening announcement.
To what extent are you op- a uniform police force, an population of 5,000. Crime Security Council Founda- and reactive law enforcement rank and file law enforcement. I am a retired Captain from The way a candidate runs a
timistic about the future of investigative unit, an iden- has been reduced in Put- tion, the Westchester/Putnam philosophy which has really th e N ew Yo rk C ity P o lice campaign is the same way
Putnam County and to what tification and forensics unit, nam County by nearly 19%, Council for Boy Scouts of left this county far behind Why should you be re- Department. In addition, I he will be the Sheriff. Offer
extent are you pessimistic? an operations and communi- an overall decrease in the America, the AMBER Alert where we should be. Putnam elected Sheriff? am also a proud U.S. Army solutions, not excuses. I’m the
I am highly optimistic about cations unit, a civil unit, a crime rate of 21.5% from Partnership, New York Mili- County is one of only two I clearly have the right ex- veteran. I am the only male only candidate offering actual
the future of Putnam. The narcotics enforcement unit, 2002 through 2008. We have tary Academy, and as an of- counties in the entire State of perience for this job and I will Girl Scout leader in Putnam s o l u t i o n s . L o y a l t y. To t h e
past eleven years it has been a youth services unit, and a cracked down on drunken ficer in the New York State New York that has a non-cop be able to put together crime County, and I coach girls’ soc- Sheriff’s Department and to
my honor and privilege to jail which includes medical driving, almost tripling the Sheriffs’ Association. as Sheriff. That fact says it all. strategies and traffic accident cer and Little League baseball the public. Take responsibility
serve our citizens. I have and mental health services. number of DWI arrests. s t ra t e g i e s t h a t t h e C o u n t y in Patterson. I volunteer my for shortcomings. Prepare for
worked closely with all of It is important for the Sheriff In conclusion, we have KEY PRINCIPLES: W h a t i s t h e m o s t i m p o r- doesn’t presently have. In time and money as a foster the future. Act like a police
o u r re s id e nt s w i t h special to be highly educated, well changed the culture of the My principles are based on tant quality a Sheriff must 1997 I was recognized as the owner at the Putnam Human commander, not a politician.
emphasis on our most vulner- trained and have knowledge S h e r i ff ’ s O ff i c e t o o n e o f the West Point motto: Duty, possess to manage a police NYPD Cop of the Year, a rec- Society. I am very proud of
able populations— our youth, in all aspects of law enforce- serving the people with dig- Honor, and Country. In liv-
our seniors and people with ment and, most important of nity and respect and being ing up to those principles, I
disabilities. I believe that
Putnam County is not only a
all, have a strong foundation
of character, integrity, values
accountable to our citizens.. to serve my God, my country,
my family, and my commu- Jim Borkowski
special place because of our and empathy. How have you served the nity. I believe in “servant
beautiful countryside, our public in the past? leadership.” The principles
environment, and our geog- Why should you be re- I have used my West Point we have developed for the AGE: 47
raphy but most important of elected Sheriff? education to provide a lifetime Sheriff’s Office and Correc- FAMILY INFO: Married (Linda) for 21 years; two children (Lauren, age 19 and Matthew,
all, are the citizens of Putnam Before I became Sheriff in of service to the nation and to tional Facility are: age 15)
County. As long as people 2002, there was a great deal of my country. In the military, • Do the right thing in en- PARTY AFFILIATION (as reflected on ballot lines): Republican
continue to participate in our tension between law enforce- I served in combat in Vietnam forcing the laws to keep Put- EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts degree, SUNY Albany, 1984; Juris Doctorate, Boston
government, I have no cause ment and our emergency ser- and served for six years in the nam safe University, 1987
for pessimism as I believe vice partners. Putnam County Federal Republic of Germany • Do the right thing for the CAREER: Assistant District Attorney; Attorney; Criminal Court Judge, Town of Southeast
that in a democracy good now has a new 911 Call Center during the Cold War. citizens of Putnam County (1998-2009).
ultimately triumphs over evil. and an Emergency Response I have always been involved • Do the right thing for the
Team consisting of specially in giving back to my com- men and women of the Putnam
W h a t is t h e m o s t i m p o r- trained deputies and police munity by serving in numer- County Sheriff’s Office and
tant quality a Sheriff must officers who can respond to ous service and philanthropic Correctional Facility. To w h a t e x t e n t a r e y o u knows the law, because you know what it takes to build law school was as an Assis-
possess to manage a police any crisis. causes to include: Carmel • Mission accomplishment optimistic about the fu- must know the law to enforce a criminal case, and make an tant District Attorney. I also
force? Putnam County has the low- Rotary Club, the American • Training ture of Putnam County the law. The Sheriff must be arrest stick. Being Sheriff is served as a Special Prosecu-
T h e S h e r i ff o f P u t n a m est crime rate of any county Heart Association, the March • Equipping and to what extent are you willing to roll up his or her more than street cop work. tor in Putnam County. These
County leads a very complex i n N e w Yo r k s e c o n d o n l y of Dimes, the Mental Health • Families pessimistic?: sleeves and work to get the Today, an effective Sheriff experiences fueled my desire
organization which includes to Hamilton County with a Association, the American • Morale and Esprit de Corps Putnam County has many job done; to improve mo- needs more skills. That’s to later serve as a criminal
d e d i c a t e d c o m m u n i t y s e r- rale and keep the people of why the police overwhelm- court judge for 10 years here
vants, volunteers, and just Putnam safe and secure. Un- ingly support me. I have been in Putnam, where I worked
regular folks who work hard, fortunately, these past eight endorsed by more than 58 law closely with Putnam County
pay their taxes, and want to years have shown us what enforcement organizations, law enforcement.
raise their families in a safe detached leadership can do including the New York State
community. As a father, a to a department and how it Troopers PBA. Every law en- KEY PRINCIPLES:
husband, a former judge with can affect public safety. I will forcement organization within I n d e p e n d e n c e , i n t e g r i t y,
overwhelming law enforce- not be a detached, absentee 40 miles which has given an and hard work. I am a fiercely
ment support, I can provide Sheriff. I will be an engaged, endorsement has endorsed me. independent person who will
the leadership to make Putnam full-time Sheriff and a strong I was the first elected official not be swayed by politics or
County more safe and more leader. After two terms of in Putnam County to call for any other special interest.
secure. the incumbent Sheriff, it is partnering with the Federal Serving as a judge for the
I am not pessimistic. I time for a change. government to deport criminal past ten years provided me the
believe so strongly that we illegal aliens, and I have a opportunity to demonstrate
need a change of leadership Why should you be elected plan to greatly reduce drunk my integrity; founded on a
at the Sheriff’s Office that I Sheriff? driving in Putnam County. deep respect for the law. That
stepped down as judge so that As a prosecutor, assistant means I will always keep an
I could run for Sheriff. I am district attorney, and criminal How have you served the open mind, constantly seeking
concerned that Putnam County court judge for the past 17 public in the past? the advice of others, before
is at a tipping point with crimi- years I have the experience, My entire career has been reaching a conclusion. As
nal illegal aliens, especially integrity and leadership skills focused on public service and a lawyer and judge, I worked
in Brewster and Mahopac. necessary to be Sheriff. I have law enforcement. Even before two jobs, and typically work
360 degree experience in law graduating law school, my 60-70 hours per week. I take
What is the most enforcement; from arrest to first two legal jobs in college minimal vacation time. I
important quality a Sheriff putting criminals in jail. I were internships at the Albany believe my principles will
must possess to manage a earned a Juris Doctorate in law County Probation Depart- provide the people of Putnam
police force? at Boston University, study- ment, and at the Richmond with an ethical, thoughtful and
L e a d e r s h i p . T h e S h e r i ff ing criminal law, criminal County District Attorney’s strong leader as their sheriff.
must be a strong leader who procedure, and trial work. I Office. My first job after

The primary election will be held on

Kevin McConville, of Cold Spring, is the presump-
tive Democratic candidate for Putnam County Sher- Tuesday, September 15.
iff. Before the general election on November 3, the
PCN&R will print profiles of all the remaining can-
didates vying for office.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 ElEction SpEcial T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Page 11
The PCN&R invited candidates participating in the September 15 primary elections to provide personal information and respond to a series of questions. In Putnam Valley, Republicans and Democrats should vote for two candidates
in their respective primaries. Christopher Lieberman and Samuel E. Davis, candidates in the Democratic primary, could not be reached after repeated attempts and so their profiles do not appear.

2009 Primary Elections — Republican Candidates for Putnam Valley Town Board Democratic Candidate for
Esther McHenry Jacqueline Annabi Patty Villanova Putnam Valley Town Board
AGE: 59
AGE: 68 AGE: 39
FAMILY: My son Scott has a FAMILY: a lifelong Putnam
resident. I am married for 13
FAMILY: Married to Louis; 3
children and 4 grandchildren. Wendy Whetsel
bookstore in Peekskill. I live PARTY: Republican AGE: 65
with my terrier in a cottage in years and we have 4 children
E D U C AT I O N / C A R E E R : FAMILY: Married to Bill,
Putnam Valley. 11, 9, and twin 7-year-olds.
I went to Catholic schools son Jofre, Daughter-in-law
PARTY: Republican PARTY: Republican
from kindergarten through Stacy, Grandson, Jofre Jr.
E D U C AT I O N : B S i n A r t E D U C AT I O N : G r a d u a t e d
high school. I took certificate PARTY: Democrat
teacher education from Pratt from Western Connecticut
courses in paralegal studies EDUCATION: MAT Man-
Institute Brooklyn State University with a ma- for the government and have
and worked as a legal assistant h a t t a n v i l l e C o l l e g e , B FA
CAREER: I taught art in the jor in political science and a and to what extent are you guaranteed salaries, pensions,
in litigation support. I am a Syracuse University
NY public schools for a cou- minor in business management. pessimistic? I am very opti- and benefits; and those in the
fabric artist and for the past CAREER: Commercial Art-
ple of years, then worked as neighbors and as a taxpayer I CAREER: After running a mistic about Putnam Valley. private sector who have none of
five years I’ve owned a busi- ist, President of Chelsea Di-
an insurance liability claims will not tolerate waste. very successful family owned There is no better place to these things and who pay some
ness in Peekskill called Side rect Marketing, Inc. To what extent are you
adjuster & supervisor until To what extent are you opti- business I married and had raise a family. Every town has of the highest taxes in the US
Effects/NY. What is the most important optimistic about the future
retirement a few years ago. mistic about Putnam Valley, four children. I now work at issues. But we have what the to support those benefits most
What is the most important issue facing Putnam Valley of Putnam Valley, and to
This business experience en- and to what extent are you The Law Firm of William G. other towns’ lack. We have of us can only dream of. I hope
issue facing Putnam Valley and how will you address it? what extent are you pes-
ables me to easily understand pessimistic? Describe each. Sayegh, P.C., in Carmel as an citizens that care about the the residents realize how little
and how will you address it? I t i s d i ff i c u l t t o d e f i n e simistic? Describe each.
legal issues, and to achieve an I am very optimistic for Administrative Assistant. issues and really want to do control they actually have over
Taxation without represen- one most important issue. I am optimistic about the
efficient organization. the future of Putnam Valley. What is the most important something about it instead of even local government and
tation. There is no one on the The lake communities are f u t u r e o f P u t n a m Va l l e y
What is the most important Most of the citizens of this issue facing Putnam Valley sit back and complain. I am become willing to take back
Town Board who represents the concerned with the health because of its rural beauty
issue facing Putnam Valley community are sensible and and how will you address it? not pessimistic about our town that control by electing people
people and who is willing to of their lakes, and what and proximity to multiple
and how will you address it? willing to work together. The The main issues that have because our town is very proac- who will work for them.
stand up to the special interest measures our town board resources. Our diverse
Taxes are the number one danger lies in getting bogged affected us all are our taxes tive; we look for the cause of How have you served the town?
groups that are causing taxes to will need to take to maintain group of people talented,
concern of the PV people I down in non-productive quar- and our lakes. As a tax payer the problems and find a way to I have served as an unpaid
skyrocket. The size and scope of or restore their health. I’m hard working, and highly
meet, and how to keep our rels between factions. This is common sense tells us the only solve them, not just band aid volunteer and activist. I was
town government keeps grow- working on implementing an educated—regularly partici-
taxes under control without a wonderful town of friendly way to lower our tax base is by them. I am proud to live here a founding member of SWAT
ing and outpacing our ability ordinance prohibiting the use pate in community affairs and
compromising the rural qual- people. opening up our town to small and I’ll work hard to keep it (Sewage Waste Action Team), a
to pay for it. I would address of phosphates in fertilizers bring creative solutions to
ity of Putnam Valley. School How have you served the town? business that fit into our com- a great town. group of residents who fought
this issue by scrutinizing every near water bodies. Septic community problems, and I
taxes are the biggest concern. I have been active in Putnam munity. Our lakes are affected How have you served the town? against the Westchester Sludge
expenditure, looking at every remediation is another key believe that the years ahead
We need some commercial Valley Arts, served on the town by the chemicals in our lawns Our family has run a very Plant that was supposed to be
contract to determine where to keeping waters clean. we will remain a vibrant
taxables to offset school taxes. ethics committee, volunteered and overflow of septic. As successful business in Putnam built on Route 301. I worked
we can cut the budget. If I’m Protecting rural roads from and diverse community. As
We can do better in maintaining for the food pantry benefit and Councilwoman I would look County. Since living in Putnam against construction of a
elected, there will be nothing becoming major highways is our small businesses and
clean lakes, and drinking water sunset series. I have fought for into finding a way to lower our Valley I have been involved new town hall, out of control
“sacred” when it comes to taxes. vital to maintaining the rural residents struggle with di-
by researching practical solu- my neighbors with an article tax base as well as including in many local charities such school spending and a police
How will you be a steward of and historic character of our minished incomes and job
tions while keeping healthy 78 to keep our improvement county and local agencies in as The Southern District of department we couldn’t af-
the taxpayer dollar? town. I am working with the i n s e c u r i t y, r e t h i n k i n g o u r
standards. Non-phosphate district pool open when the insuring our homeowners have the MS Society, which helps ford. I helped establish the
I would provide disclosure County Legislators to insure approach to solving problems
lawn chemicals should be county wanted to close it due their septic systems maintained coordinate our local MS Walks, Lake Oscawana improvement
and economic impact for all that our County Roads will is mandatory, and will take
mandated, and there must be to its small size. I believe in and that only non-phosphate and Community Cares, which district to preserve the lake
projects coming before the be protected. time, and can be done.
a way to ensure that all septic action. fertilizer is used. helps parents with debilitating and protect property values. I
Board. The Fire Department How will you be a steward KEY PRINCIPLES:
systems are functional. KEY PRINCIPLES: How will you be a steward diseases like cancer or MS was active in Concerned Tax-
is proposing to build a multi- of the taxpayer dollar? I am a strong advocate
How will you be a steward I believe in open accessible of the taxpayer dollar? with their daily chores. I am payers of Putnam Valley and
million dollar firehouse, claim- I am a fiscal conservative, for the environment, for the
of the taxpayer dollar? government, where a town By working with those also very involved with my BEST - Better Education &
ing they will be able to get over working to cut costs wherever health of our water supply,
The majority of taxpayers board member is truly the accountable for every dol- children’s sports programs, I Supportable Taxes.
4 million dollars in grants. For possible while our economy and for keeping Putnam Val-
recognize the need for sen- voice and will of the people lar spent. It seems to us tax have taught CCD at Elizabeth KEY PRINCIPLES:
months I’ve asked the current is struggling. The backs of ley affordable for ALL. I am
sible economic development she serves. I believe that all payers that those surrounding Ann Seton Church and I am I hold these truths to be self
town board to put this up for the taxpayers are too bur- an avid supporter of identify-
in Putnam Valley to offset citizens’ concerns should be the budget feel the numbers also a proud member of the evident, that all men are created
a referendum, only to be told dened already. Holding the ing opportunities for viable,
taxes, while keeping our coun- heard, and long-term solu- are only on paper and not real Putnam Valley Republican equal, that they are endowed by
there’s not enough information. line during this recession is affordable, renewable energy
try charm. Small businesses tions planned through civilized money being spent. That’s Committee. their Creator with certain inalien-
Meanwhile, we have detailed important. Finding new ways that will increase the town
should be encouraged in com- discussion. My life experi- when common sense comes KEY PRINCIPLES: able Rights, that among these are
plans and some approvals have to generate income such as coffers. I love the historic
mercially zoned areas. I intend ence has given me a wealth into play. As a town board Honesty. Integrity. Common Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of
already been given. I would energy production will pro- and rural character of our
to partner with neighboring of insight to get to the heart member I would look into the sense. It’s important to stand Happiness. That to secure these
make sure all the costs are vide the town needed income. town and work hard to make
towns in purchasing goods and of a problem. As a retiree I budgets and see where we can up for what is right and listen rights, Governments are insti-
fully revealed and then let the As oil pricing continues to sure that it stays protected.
services, eliminating duplica- have time to devote to town save, including using services to all sides then make an intel- tuted among men, deriving their
people vote in a referendum. increase I will again try to I work hard to find common
tion within areas and depart- issues, and my experience in our County offers us to work ligent decision based on facts just powers from the consent of
To what extent are you opti- i n s t i t u t e a t o w n o i l c o -o p ground when opinions dif-
ments to bring down expenses. business has readied me to along with our town. A wise not opinion. I will be honest to the governed. That whenever any
mistic about Putnam Valley, to hold down oil costs for fer, finding solutions that
As a retiree I appreciate the find practical solutions. man once said “a penny saved the tax payers, I will have the form of Government becomes
and to what extent are you our residents pending town benefit all.
daily financial struggles of my is a penny earned.” integrity to say yes or no and destructive of these ends, it is
pessimistic? board support.
To what extent are you opti- mean it. I have the common the right of the People to alter
I am guardedly optimistic.
mistic about Putnam Valley, sense to know when to do so. or to abolish it, and to institute
The state is turning into a two
class society: those who work a new Government.
Page 12 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McGUIRE’S (Cont’d from front pg.) President and Secretary Clinton Attend HV Shakespeare
cost about $1200 to install
t h e n ew G u i n n e s s s y s te m.
As the weeks went by, word
spread, and the twenty -dollar
contributions started to add
up. The money was raised,
the equipment installed and
the first keg was delivered
about three weeks ago.
Last Saturday, McGuire’s
said a most fitting “thank you”
to those who had contributed
to the fund by throwing a par-
ty, free of charge, and in true
Irish tradition—pints of the
celebrated stout, a menu that
included bangers and mash,
corned beef and cabbage, and
of course—Guinness stew.
William Marsh
The juke box belted out a
steady stream of Irish tunes. The star power was even greater in the audience than on the stage on Saturday night, as President Bill Clinton and
Conversation was loud and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended a performance of the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s Pericles at
boisterous. Mandy McGuire, Boscobel. HVSF Artistic Director Terry O’Brien, pictured at left, along with the cast, welcomed the Clintons to the
adeptly, single-handedly, ran M i c h a e l T u rto n actors’ tent at the conclusion of the show.
the bar for the capacity crowd. Shaun McGuire is pictured here pouring the first “official” pint of Guinness stout at
The mood was rollicking.
“It’s like St. Patrick’s Day
McGuire’s on Main at the weekend party held to thank customers who helped make
installation of the special lines and taps possible.
H i s t o r i c D u t c h S a i l i n g Antique Farm Equipment
in August!” commented Chris
Filangeri, who had driven in be one of the best deals of all tilt the glass at a forty-five “friendly neighborhood pub” Vessels To Visit Cold Spring Impresses at Tilly Foster
from Patterson, NY, to take time. He signed a lease for -degree angle and pull the mold to a tee. You’re apt Tractors, turn-of-the-century the ground in search of water.
part. Guinness fans who had the use of an empty brewery tap” he explained. “When to find a mix of locals and farm implements, antique water The Putnam County Antique
not contributed to the fund at St. James Gate in Dublin, it’s about three-quarters full, out -of -towners, quaffing pumps—characterizing this Machinery Association (PCA-
were also on hand—although Ireland. He paid a whopping you stop and let it settle for a drink and enjoying what display as “old equipment” MA) shares its appreciation
they paid a fee for the party. one hundred pounds up-front, about eighty seconds. Then is billed as, “inexpensive, hardly paints the correct pic- and understanding of historical
Handing out free pints about $147 US, plus $66 US you push the tap forward to good quality comfort food.” ture. Imagine a 25 foot tall farming and other equipment at
and giving away prizes to in annual rent for four acres finish. That adds more air It’s hard to argue with that 1890s water well rig. Then its show this weekend, now in
a packed house, Shaun Mc- o f p r o p e r t y, w a t e r r i g h t s , and increases the cascade description. The burger is a picture the muscle needed to its second year at Tilly Foster
Guire couldn’t have been and an entire brewing facil- (of bubbles.)” full meal and comes in at just drive this mechanical equip- Farm. The event is free and open
happier—or more grateful ity. Quite a bit of money in Guinness is known for its under eight dollars. “If any- ment hundreds of feet into to the public from 11am–4pm.
—to the many customers who that era perhaps, but for one smooth, thick head, which in one can find a better burger
thing - the lease was for nine an official Guinness glass, for that price they should
had contributed to the rather
creative fund. “This is great. thousand years. McGuire says should go from grab it—but ours is the best
The celebration of the 400th
Rozemyn Afman
The fleet will remain in New
Where Does the Time Go?
It’s a real testament to the Guinness began brewing the top of the iconic harp deal around,” McGuire said.
his own ale and porter and graphic right to the rim. Un- Chile-cheese-fries, chicken anniversary of Henry Hud- York for three weeks, taking
r e l ationsh i p w e h a v e with son’s legendary voyage from part in sailing races on the
our customers,” he said. apparently he was onto some- like other draft beers which wings, nachos, quesadil-
thing. Today, the company use carbon dioxide for car- las, a range of sandwiches, Amsterdam to New York and city’s waterways and offer-
Guinness, with its slightly the establishment of the New ing educational information
bitter taste is not everyone’s that Guinness founded stands bonation, Guinness employs soups, and salads round out
as the world’s largest pro- a mix of seventy-five per- a menu that satisfies without Netherland colony continues to visitors.
cup of tea. It is so dark in with the arrival on these shores On September 14, the fleet
color that it is often described ducer of beer, pouring out cent nitrogen and twenty five breaking the bank. A recent
1.2 million barrels a year to percent carbon dioxide. The five-star rating on of a fleet of 20 historic boats will commence sailing up-
as black, although connois- which left the Dutch port of stream to visit several historic
seurs are quick to state that customers in more than one nitrogen produces finer, more verifies that customers find
hundred countries. According numerous bubbles, which help McGuire’s food pretty com- Harlingen to cross the Atlantic ports. It is anticipated that the
it is actually a deep ruby red aboard a Dutch freighter. Early fleet will depart Peekskill on
when held up to the light. to the Guinness website, ten give the brew its distinctive forting.
million glasses of its famous head. September 29 will mark 250 on September 1, the fleet sailed Wednesday, September 16, at
Guinness is often taken to be into New York harbor to honor 8:30am, arriving at Constitu-
a heavy, calorie-laden brew, stout are poured every day. According to McGuire, years of Guinness production.
Guinness is a brew that Guinness is served at “cellar If you’re thinking of heading Captain Hudson. tion Island at approximately
but McGuire pointed out that The historical vessels—low- 10am. After overnighting, they
a pint has about 170 calories prompts a lot of good-natured temperature” in Europe, or down to McGuire’s to try a
debate—especially over the about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. pint of Ireland’s best known slung skutsjes, fishing boats, are scheduled to depart from C at h e r i n e G a r n s e y
compared to some 190 calo- barges—are direct descendents Cold Spring on Thursday, the
ries for a similar amount of proper pouring method. Mc- In the US, the recommended stout you may not want to Most folks are just a little wistful on Labor Day weekend,
Guire says that cust o m e r s temperature is 43.8 degrees waste any time. The Guin- of the sailing ships that plied 17th, at around 7am, heading wondering why the summer of ’09 was so fleeting…(l-r)
Budweiser. Dutch coastlines in the 17th for Kingston. For updates on
McGuire was right when he have offered seven or eight and he says that their walk-in ness lease at St. James Gate Marshall Mermell, Debbie Darman, Maureen McGrath
different theories as to the cooler has been running at a expires in the year 10,759. century, immortalized by the the times of arrival and de- and Kendall Ingenito, all affiliated with the Chamber of
said that Guinness is about country’s painters, and are parture, visit and
tradition. In 1759 Arthur proper pour. He feels he is steady 44 degrees. Commerce, said goodbye to summer at their usual spot:
playing it by the book. “You McGuire’s on Main fits the closely related to the first ships click on the “language” tab table-side at the last Sunset Series concert of the summer
Guinness made what has to built in New York. to access the site in English. on a beautiful late Sunday afternoon.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Page 13

Budney is Lion of The Year; New Officers are Installed Garden Club’s Show Summons Eat, Drink, Be Merry – and
Up the Scottish Highlands Help United Way Help Others
The Philipstown Garden are given GCA awards and Celebrating 30 years of help- Terrace Club, Dish, and Fil-
Club is offering up a special the overall show itself is ing residents change their lives ia’s, and many more superior
treat to the community. The judged for staging, content for the better here in Putnam, dining establishments.
club is staging a small flower and artistic talent. United Way is holding an an- Samplings of fine wines
show in the program room All of the classes reflect niversary event to showcase will be provided by Sterling
of the Desmond Fish Library Scottish themes; “Briga- signature dishes from 14 of Cellars of Mahopac. Crafted
on September 18 and 19, doon,” “My Love is Like a Putnam’s finest restaurants, beers will be offered for tasting
Friday and Saturday. This Red Red Rose” and “Auld along with more than 30 fine by Manhattan Beer Distribu-
is an event held only every Lang Syne,” are only three wines and micro-brewed beers. tors and Gasko-Meyer. Johnny
three to four years. The show of the many entry classes. To be held at The Garri- Gelato of Kent will refresh
President Tim Greco Presents Pictured at the gathering are, from left: Bruce Campbell, Richard Ferguson,Chuck Hustis, President
Tim Greco, Beth Greco, Donna Tiffany, David Lilburne, District Governor Cary Smollen, Fred is aptly called “Highland If you decide to visit the son on September 21, from your taste buds with unique
Betty Budney with her award
Clarke, Al Sirak, Suzanne Wills, and Frank Milkovitch. Fling,” which incorporates show, it is open to the pub- 6–9pm, this three-hour epi- gelato flavors.
The Cold Spring Lions sponsoring many community the Scottish Highlands into lic from 2pm until 4pm on curean event will also feature Tickets are $60 at the door,
Betty! o ff i c e r s i s P r e s i d e n t : Ti m
Club, 70 years young, has events, and engaging in many the Hudson Highlands. Small F r i d a y, S e p t e m b e r 1 8 a n d Grammy Award-winning pia- $50 in advance. Reservations
An installation ceremony Greco; 1st Vice President:
been consistently working other activities. may connote simple but there 10:30am to 4pm on Saturday, nist Art Labriola, performing highly recommended. To buy
was held at the Plumbush Chuck Hustis; 2nd Vice Pres-
towards the improvement of is nothing simple about the September 19. Even if you jazz interpretations from the tickets, register online at
The Cold Spring Lions I n n f o r i n c o m i n g o ff i c e r s i d e n t : A l S i r a k ; 3 r d Vi c e
the Philipstown community. flower arrangements, the are headed elsewhere stop Great American Songbook or call 621-2203.
Club recently presented the of the Club. The ceremony President: John Merante;
Annually, the Lions make it horticultural exhibits, and in for 10 minutes, there is with Stew Cutler and Al Hem- United Way of Putnam has
Lion of the Year award to was administered by Lions Secretary: Chuck Hustis/Da-
happen by financially assist- the photographic display, all no charge, there is nothing berger. invested nearly $3 million
Betty Budney for her out- International District 20-R1 vid Lilburne; Treasurer: Beth
ing local organizations, col- of which are “tied together” to buy, and you’re certain Under one roof at The Gar- in more than 50 health and
standing service to the club. Governor, Cary Smollen, Greco; Lion Tamer: Suzanne
lecting eye glasses, provid- with Scottish tartan ribbons. to ooh and aah and become rison, guests can experience human-service programs
Betty is the chair of the Lions Ti m G r e c o o f G a r r i s o n Wi l l i s ; Ta i l Tw i s t e r : F r e d
ing eye exams for the needy, It is a juried show, which inspired. culinary delights created by throughout the county dur-
Club Children’s Christmas was re-elected as the club Clarke; Membership Chair-
making Christmas baskets means judges from the Gar- The Desmond-Fish Library talented chefs from Bird & ing its 30 years as an affili-
Wish List and Food Basket president for 2009-2010. persons: Bruce Campbell
and delivering toys and food den Club of America, of is located in Garrison on the Bottle Inn, Cathryn’s Tus- ated partner of United Way
annual project. Along with Greco has been an active and Frank Milkovich; Leo
during the holiday season, which the PGC is a member, corner of Route 9D and Route can Grill, Riverview, Tavern of Westchester, resulting in
her many community projects member of the Cold Spring Club Chairpersons: Donna
providing scholarships for come from far and wide to 403. For more information at Highlands, Fresh Compa- lasting and positive change for
Betty works tirelessly for Lions Club since 2006. Tiffany and Rich Ferguson.
Philipstown graduates plus judge the entries. Members call 424-3020. ny, Hanlon’s Neighborhood those who live and work here.
the community. Well done The 2009-2010 slate of
Steakhouse, Cutillo’s, The

Documentary Honors Putnam Firefighters TRASH (Cont’d from front pg.) CRIME (Cont’d from front pg.)
Recently The Fire Within, ered, as well as a fascinating a one-person band, with a center of our village.” Conklin both indicated that Smith says that these num- aliens.” Borkowski has said crime was really down almost
a feature length documen- portrait of the fellowship phe- 3-chip mini DV digital cam- The mayor called garbage assisting Cold Spring with bers should be read in the in debates that he is afraid to 20 percent, as the Sheriff says,
tary exploring the culture nomenon in the fire service in er a, w ir eles s micr o p ho n es removal a “critical compo- financial aid for garbage pick- context of Putnam’s position let his own wife or daughter people would be coming from
of members of the Fire De- the form of the ‘Mutual Aid’ and tungsten lighting kits, nent to maintaining a robust up was “not fair to the rest in the region. Fully 79 percent be alone in the village of all over the world to see how
partment in Putnam Valley they practice between neigh- and editing in Adobe Pre- weekend-oriented economy,” of the county.” of the crime reported in the Brewster, “The big issue is if he did it. They’re not.”
and surrounding towns began boring municipalities. Also miere Pro. and asked the county to assist Conklin, who operates State of New York outside of people feel safer,” Borkowski Smith attributes the criti-
airing on local Public Ac- covered are fire department The Fire Within is currently the village in subsidizing the Thunder Ridge in Patterson, New York City occurs in 17 said in an interview with the cism of his terms as Sheriff
cess Channels in Putnam. It events, demonstrations, and airing on Comcast Channel trash abatement. said her business must pay “high impact” counties. Four PCN&R; “overwhelmingly to the demands of campaign-
is a 74-minute documentary parades, including a major 8, the Putnam Valley chan- While Legislators Dan Bir- for trash removal: “That’s of those counties—Westches- they do not. That’s directly ing for a job. During his two
directed by Maryann Arrien one shot in Ossining. nels, and also soon in some mingham, Tony Fusco, Dini part of a business expense. I ter, Dutchess, Rockland, and attributable to the fact Don terms in office, he says, the
of Brain Trust Productions, For those who have never neighboring counties in the LoBue, Mary Ellen Odell, and don’t ask to be subsidized.” Orange—surround Putnam. Smith is an absentee leader.” overall number of crimes has
gleaned from 17+ hours of had an inside look at what fire hopes of inspiring future Sam Oliverio joined Tamagna Othmer agreed. He told “These statistics are slip- DeStefano says that the been reduced 18.9 percent,
interview footage with 12 department volunteers actu- firefighters and volunteers in voting for the measure, the legislature that he is a pery things,” Republican can- perceived uptick in crime even as the population of
members of the Putnam Valley ally do, including the physical to consider joining their lo- Legislators Mary Conklin, member of the Garrison Yacht didate Jim Borkowski said. r e v e a l s t h a t t h e S h e r i ff i s Putnam County increased.
Fire Department, describing and emotional difficulties, it cal departments. It’s also Richard Othmer, and Chair- Club: “People from all points “Don Smith hides behind his “following policing models The crime rate has dropped
what got them involved, their is a revealing testimony of available for viewing or man Tony Hay cast dissent- north, south, eas,t and wes,t statistics. But he is never seen that are outdated.” The former 21.5 percent. “The question is
local history, how they train, how this fellowship-based f r e e d o w n l o a d f r o m w w w. ing votes. who visited the riverfront on Main Street in Brewster, NYPD Captain says that “you which county is the safest in
and how they interact with the dedication between volun - b r a i n t r u s t p ro d u c t i o n s . c o m Hay told his colleagues for the holiday weekend left he is never seen in downtown can fight crime by tracking the Hudson Valley, and we’re
fire companies of neighbor- teers of different towns helps or and an audience of some 75 tons of trash in our dumpster. Mahopac, where he ignores crime stats. Police depart- still number one,” said Smith.
ing towns. It includes train- to serve the public good. specialprograms.htm and on attending the meeting at the The club’s membership paid the issue of criminal illegal ments watch each other. If
ing sessions in a 130+degree The director/camerawom- DVD from the Mid-Hudson historic Putnam Courthouse for the trash pick-up. This is
room, and a real fire call at an, also the community media Library System. Those need- in Carmel that he had “noth- business!”
a burning automotive shop
in Putnam Valley.
The film explores what
coordinator for the Town of
Putnam Valley’s Community
Te l e v i s i o n , a d d e d f o o t a g e
ing a copy for airing on a
public, educational or gov-
ernment access station should
ing against” Cold Spring: “To
single out one village poses a
concern since others will now
But Legislator Birmingham
noted that the county partners
with other municipalities on
Advertise in the PCN&R.
qualities are sought in po-
tential volunteers. Issues of
physical fitness, ‘fire tax’
from town archives to show
how department members
drop whatever they are doing
contact filmmaker Arrien at
845-528-7420 or arrien@op-
be holding out their hands,
as well, and in this difficult
economy the money is not
a variety of initiatives, and
Legislator Oliverio called
Cold Spring a “great cash
It works!
implications, and general fire to respond to a call. Arrien there.” cow for every resident of
safety for children are cov- essentially shot the film as Legislators Othmer and Putnam County because sales
tax generated there is second
to none.”
Tamagna promised to “hand
deliver” the check to the
mayor once it is issued by
the county’s Department of
Page 14 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Children’s Programs Begin J o h n S w a r t z w e l d e r Wi n s The Hoot is a-Hollerin’ Again Defending Champs Battle
Again at Desmond-Fish National Essay Competition at Little Stony Point it Out by Hitting the Books
The Desmond-Fish Library children. This fall’s crafts Last spring, students at On Sunday, September 13, pool of talented musicians in This Saturday, almost 200 Austin, Weronika Bajsicka,
will have children’s pro- will include making corn the Garrison School had the the Little Stony Point Citizens’ the area. young people from twenty-one and James Perkins. They are
grams with crafts, music, husk people, pine cone bird opportunity to participate Association is once again host- The festival runs from noon public libraries will duke it out coached by Butterfield staff
and Legos this fall beginning feeders, autumn leaf prints, in an essay writing con- ing its end of the season music until 6pm, and admission is in the l Mid-Hudson Library members Luanne Morse and
September 9. caramel apples, and alphabet test sponsored by I Won’t festival, now known simply as free for the whole family. System Battle of the Books. Maureen McGrath.
The Preschool Story Hour bingo. Cheat, a national organiza- “the Hoot.” The Hoot on the Refreshments will be avail- Once again, a team of readers Last spring participating li-
is held each Wednesday at The Children’s Room at tion dedicated to promoting Hudson started 15 years ago able or bring a picnic. Lawn from the Butterfield Library in braries recruited 5th-8th grad-
1:30pm beginning September the Library is set up with honesty. Founded by Dale with some acoustic guitars, chairs and umbrellas are rec- Cold Spring will be entering the ers to read 10 titles chosen by
9 and continuing throughout entertainment for all ages M u r p h y, a t w o - t i m e M L B banjos, and mandolins on the ommended items to bring along fray, attempting to defend the the librarian coaches.
the year except on school There is a puppet theater, MVP who played for the beach at Little Stony Point, for those making a day of it title they have twice earned, in To prepare for the regional
holidays. The story hour a large collection of Legos, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia just north of the Village of and the beach and hiking trails 2008 and 2007. ” This year’s battle, teams gathered over the
is for children from 3 to 5 Brio trains, an assortment Phillies, and Colorado Rock- Cold Spring on Route 9D. A are often mixed in for a full team members are returnees summer to master the details
years old. of puzzles, and a computer ies, this character education potluck with a few local musi- day’s fun. Kid-centric acts Kieran Austin, Claire Carroll, of each story and engage in
T h e P a r e n t - c h i l d Wo r k - with educational children’s program encourages kids cians involved in the citizens’ kick things off at noon. For Sonya Kuzminski, and Alec local battles with neighboring
of all ages to not cheat in Won’t Cheat Organization. association has morphed over more information or to become Lane and newcomers Lucy libraries.
shop is held each Monday games. There is also a com- He shared, “It was late at
and Wednesday from 10:30 puter with internet access athletics, in school, or in the years to become a must- involved, contact Volunteers@
until 11:45am and resumes for parents to use while life. It encourages kids to night when my mom got the
message that I was one of the
see afternoon featuring a wide RE-ZONING (Cont’d from front pg.)
Sept. 14, continuing until their children are playing remain true to their character representation of the immense Shea said he was pleased document will be.”
in an effort to “change the second place winners. I was
Nov. 11. The workshop is for or choosing books. overwhelmed but thrilled at with the increased interest in Glenn Watson, a member
children from 6 months to
3 years old and consists of
Children do not need to
register for these programs.
culture of cheating.”
Students across the coun- such an accomplishment. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint the proposed zoning changes
and that he hopes the property
of the Zoning Advisory Com-
mittee of Philipstown, said on
try in grades 4 through 12 I hope that my essay can In September and October your household. Each member
free play followed by circle To contact the library about inspire others to not cheat owners’ involvement will not Tuesday that he expects there
time, songs, and a story. On these or other programs, call answered the question, Jackie Grant, Executive Direc- will calculate his carbon foot- be limited to just the re-zoning will be changes to the zon-
“What would you say to or use steroids.” tor of the Hudson Highlands print at the first meeting and
Wednesdays, Karin Pollock 424-3020. The Library is The school community is issue. He said he hoped that ing proposal. “It was crafted
of Music Together comes to open Monday, Wednesday, your favorite athlete if he Nature Museum, in partnership in the following three evening the concerned citizens would by a half a dozen people,” he
or she was caught using extremely proud of John and with the Hudson Highlands sessions will discuss aspects of
the workshop at 11am. and Friday from 10 to 5pm, this achievement. Here is an appoint a liaison to the town. said, so that when the public
The Craft Hour is held Tuesday and Thursday from s t e r o i d s ? ” I Wo n ’ t C h e a t Land Trust, will be facilitating household systems and lifestyle “I applaud the town for having becomes more involved, there
received nearly 3,000 en- excerpt from John’s essay: a 4-session workshop where practices where small changes
every Tuesday at 4pm, begin- 2 to 9pm, Saturday from 10 “Steroids are short term these workshops,” said Andy will certainly be changes.
ning Sept. 15 and continuing to 4pm, and Sunday from 1 tries. Garrison School 7th participants will learn how to can make a big difference. The Chmar, executive director of The board also authorized
grader, John Swartzwelder, material. It won’t make you significantly reduce house- meetings will begin on Thurs-
until Nov. 10. The craft hour to 5pm. better inside. You shouldn’t the Hudson Highlands Land Mazzuca to sign an agreement
is designed for school age was chosen as one of the 29 hold energy consumption. The day, September 17, at 7pm at the Trust in an interview Tues- accepting the Open Space In-
second place winners. do anything to hurt yourself workshop will follow the Low Hudson Highlands Land Trust,
or your body. It would be best day afternoon. The land trust stitute’s gift of the Philipse
Carbon Diet by David Gershon, 1180 Route 9D, Garrison. The
Send Legal Notices to John received a $50 gift
certificate for ZAPP In- if you walk away knowing
you gave it your best shot.”
a workbook that outlines how to sessions are free. Register by
helped the town prepare maps
as part of the drafting of the
Brook Gorge to the town. The
gorge area borders Philipstown visible Shields from the I reduce the “carbon footprint” of calling 845-534-5506 x 204. comprehensive plan. “The more
input there is, the better the
Park. OSI will put a conserva-
tion easement on the property.

ADVERTISEMENT during normal business Pursuant to the provisions T h e To w n B o a r d w i l l Notice of Formation of Notice of Qualification of The resolution, a summary COUNTY OF PUTNAM
FOR BIDS hours at the office of the of section 4-118 of the state conduct a Special Meeting K & G Realty Partners, SPI Litigation Direct, LLC. of which is published NOTICE FOR BIDS
Sealed bids will be Planning Board Clerk, Town of New York Election Law, on September 15, 2009 L L C . A r t s . o f O rg . f i l e d Authority filed with NY herewith, has been adopted NOTICE IS HEREBY
a c c e p t e d b y t h e Vi l l a g e of Putnam Valley Town Hall. official notice of the Primary a t 9 : 3 0 a . m . a t t h e To w n with NY Dept. of State on Dept. of State on 7/27/09. on the 1st day of September, GIVEN, that sealed bids will
of Cold Spring up until 1. Feldman, Martin-Lee Election publication by Hall, 238 Main Street, Cold 6/29/09. Office location: Office location: Putnam 2009, and the validity of be received by the Director
2:00 P.M. on the 2nd day Avenue (TM: 62.18-1-49) Putnam County Board of Spring, New York to discuss P u t n a m C o u n t y. S e c . o f County. Principal business the obligations authorized of Purchasing of Putnam
of October, 2009 for labor WT5-05 Elections is hereby given: t h e To w n P a r k a t Q u a r r y State designated as agent address: 2960 Professional by such resolution may be County for the following
and materials required for The applicant wishes to Pond. of LLC upon whom process Dr., Springfield, IL 62703. hereafter contested only commodities and/or
the "Energy Conservation construct a shed, deck and Primary Election, Tuesday, against it may be served and LLC formed in DE on if such obligations were service: RFB #42-09 DREW
Project" proposed for walkway on a 0.19 acre September 15, 2009 shall mail process to: #201 11/6/01. NY Sec. of State authorized for an object LAKE ("KENT") SENIOR
Village Hall, 85 Main Street, p a r c e l o n L e e Av e n u e . Polls are open from 6:00 T h e B a r n e s O ff i c e B l d g . , designated as agent of LLC or purpose for which the CENTER SITEWORK
Cold Spring, New York and The parcel has frontage A.M. to 9:00 P.M. S t o n e l e i g h Av e . , C a r m e l , upon whom process against COUNTY OF PUTNAM, AND SEPTIC SYSTEM
for the Cold Spring Fire on Lake Oscawana and the All polling places in LEGAL NOTICE NY 10512. Purpose: any it may be served and shall New York, is not authorized Detailed specifications
House, 154 Main Street, Town Wetland Inspector has Putnam County are open Notice is hereby given lawful purpose. mail process to: c/o CT to expend money or if the may be secured at the
Cold Spring, New York. referred the wetland permit for voting. that a public hearing will C o r p o r a t i o n S y s t e m , 111 provisions of law which o ff i c e o f t h e D i r e c t o r o f
The labor and materials application to the Planning be held by the Zoning Board 8 t h Av e . , N Y, N Y 1 0 0 11 , should have been complied Purchasing, County of
required for the Energy Board. Democratic Party of Appeals of the Village of LEGAL NOTICE registered agent upon whom with as of the date of P u t n a m O ff i c e F a c i l i t i e s ,
Conservation Project REVIEW Town of Kent Nelsonville at the Village Village of Cold Spring process may be served. publication of this Notice 110 Old Route 6, Building
include: installation or 2. Kisslinger Robert- West Justice office, 260 Main Street, on: Zoning Board of Appeals DE address of LLC: 1209 were not substantially No. 3, Carmel, New York
replacement of insulation Shore Drive (TM: 62.6-1-3, (Vote for two) Thursday, September 14, Village Offices, 85 Main O r a n g e S t . , Wi l m i n g t o n , complied with, and an 10512 between the hours of
in p ortio ns o f the ceiling 4&5/File: 2008-0026) 2009, at 8pm to hear the Street D E 1 9 8 0 1 . A r t s . o f O rg . action, suit or proceeding 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.,
or roof of both buildings, The applicant is proposing Highway Superintendent appeal of Frank Ricevuto, Jr. Cold Spring, NY filed with DE Sec. of State, contesting such validity is Monday through Friday. You
insulation of the boiler hot the construction of a (Vote for one) from the denial of a request NOTICE 401 Federal St., Dover, DE commenced within twenty may also visit our web site at
water piping, insulation of single-family residence on for a building permit, to The Board will hold a 19901. Purpose: all lawful days after the publication www,
the west wall of the North approximately 1.5 acres of Town of Putnam Valley construct two carports on his public hearing on Thursday, purposes. of this Notice, or such Sealed bids must be filed in
West room (i.e., the meeting land located at the terminus Councilman property, known as tax map September 17, 2009 at 7:00 obligations were authorized the above office on or before
room) at the Firehouse, of West Shore Drive in the (Vote for two) #38.17-2-42, located at 262 PM for the purpose of hearing in violation of the provisions 1:00 P.M., WEDNESDAY,
replacement of all existing R-3 Zoning District. The Main Street, Nelsonville, public comment on the of the constitution. September 30, 2009.
f l u o r e s c e n t T- 1 2 l a m p s Planning Board will review New York in an VB District. LEGAL NOTICE M. CHRIS MARRONE dated: Carmel, New York.
Denial is based on failure application of Constantine
and magnetic ballasts with the mitigation plans. Republican Party Serroukas, 21 Maryland Notice is hereby given that Clerk to the County September 2, 2009
T- 8 l a m p s a n d e l e c t r o n i c 3. HYH Subdivision Sheriff to comply with Section 188- Av e . , P o u g h k e e p s i e , N Y a license, number 2154386 Legislature Sgd/Alessandro Mazzotta,
ballasts, replacement of all – B r o o k s i d e Av e n u e a n d (Vote for one) 29D, Schedule B of the to construct a one story for summer restaurant wine BOND RESOLUTION Director, Putnam County
incandescent lamps with Pudding Street (TM: 41.- Nelsonville Code, failure addition to the FoodTown and beer has been applied for OF THE COUNTY OF Purchasing Department
compact fluorescent lamps, 2-13 & 41.15-1-3/File: Town of Carmel to meet setbacks. shopping center building at by the undersigned* to sell PUTNAM, NEW YORK,
and installation of motion 41./206/1040&1041) Councilman All interested persons will 49 Chestnut Street (in the beer and/or wine at retail ADOPTED SEPTEMBER
detecting light switches at An application has been (Vote for two) be heard at the above time B-2 Designated Shopping in a restaurant under the 1. 2009, AUTHORIZING
the Cold Spring Fire House. filed for a proposed 15- and place. Center zoning district) to Alcoholic Beverage Control THE CONSTRUCTION
lot subdivision with a William Rice law at 2741 Route 9, Cold LEGAL NOTICE
A written statement of the Town of Kent house the relocated Cold OF A REPLACEMENT Request for Proposals for
work involved in the Energy proposed private road on Justice Chairman Spring Post Office. The S p r i n g N e w Yo r k 1 0 5 1 6 , FIRE TRAINING
Conservation Project and approximately 236.51 (Vote for two) Nelsonville Zoning Board Putnam County. RoundUp BUILDING IN AND FOR Planning Services
of Appeals proposal will require the The Village of Cold Spring
of bid requirements is on acres of land located in following Area variances Te x a s B B Q Tu m b l e We e d S A I D C O U N T Y AT A
file with Village Clerk. All the R-3 Zoning District. Councilman Saloon, Corp. MAXIMUM ESTIMATED is requesting proposals from
f r o m t h e Vi l l a g e C o d e : qualified consultants to
bidders must schedule and The Planning Board will (Vote for two) side, rear yard variances L i n d a P Va u g h a n , COST OF $450,000; AND
attend a mandatory pre- continue its review of the President AUTHORIZING THE assist in the development
from Section 134-10 (D), of a Local Waterfront Plan
proposal "walk through Subdivision, Major Grading Town of Putnam Valley lot coverage variance from ISSUANCE OF $450,000
meeting" to be held at the Permit and Wetlands Permit. Councilman LEGAL NOTICE BONDS OF SAID COUNTY a n d S t r a t e g y. A d e t a i l e d
134-10 (E), corner lot sight LEGAL NOTICE description of the consultant
Village Hall and the Cold The Planning Board will (Vote for two) NOTICE OF FORMATION distance variance from 134- T O PAY T H E C O S T
Spring Fire House prior to consider an outline for the Request for Proposals for THEREOF. deliverables is available
OF LIMITED LIABILITY 17 (B). This application is from the Village Clerk at
submitting bids. preparation of a Part 3 EAF. Town of Southeast C O M PA N Y. N A M E : paired with a Use variance Engineering Services Class of objects or
Copies of the written DISCUSSION Councilman The Village of Cold Spring purposes: Construction Village Hall, 85 Main Street,
M O N A C O R E A LT Y application to construct a Cold Spring, NY.
statement of the Energy 4. Fiorentino, Annette (Vote for two) M A N A G E M E N T, L L C . 27 space parking lot at the is seeking proposals from of a replacement Fire
Conservation Project (TM: 41.-2-14/ File: engineering firms to perform Training Building on site The Village is accepting
A r t i c l e s o f O rg a n i z a t i o n corner of Marion Ave. and sealed proposals until 3:00
and bid requirements are 41./104/861 were filed with the Secretary Benedict Road (in the R-1 services associated with of existing facility in Kent,
available from the Village The applicant is proposing Independence Party Dam Safety Compliance New York. PM October 15, 2009.
o f S t a t e o f N e w Yo r k zone) to serve as required The Village reserves the
Clerk on request. Bidders a 7-lot subdivision on Opportunity to Ballot (SSNY) on 07/27/09. Office parking for the Shopping and Capital Planning for Period of probable
should contact the Village ±57.4 acres of land located Legislator District #4 Drinking Water Reservoir usefulness: Fifteen (15) right to right to reject any
location: Putnam County. Center. or all proposals.
Clerk to schedule a date and o n Wi c c o p e e R o a d i n t h e (Vote for one) SSNY has been designated Facilities. Three Dams make years
time for their mandatory CD Zoning District. The Patterson Districts up the Reservoir system for Amount of obligations to BY ORDER OF THE
as agent of the LLC upon VILLAGE BOARD OF
pre-proposal walk through applicant has requested 1,2,4,5,7 & 8 whom process against it the Village water system. be issued: $450,000 Bonds
meeting. Addenda, if any, an informal discussion to Southeast 11 & 13 LEGAL NOTICE Tw o D a m s a r e c l a s s i f i e d SEQRA Status: Type COLD SPRING,
may be served. SSNY shall MARY SAARI, VILLAGE
will be issued only to those introduce the project to the mail a copy of process to the Village of Cold Spring as Class “C.” A detailed II Action
persons whose names and Board. Town of Carmel Zoning Board of Appeals description of the services A complete copy of the CLERK
LLC, c/o George Monaco, Dated: September 4, 2009
addresses are on record as APPROVAL OF MINUTES Opportunity to Ballot 276 Buckshollow Road, Village Offices, required is available from bond resolution summarized
having requested written 5. Approve Minutes of Supervisor Mahopac, New York 10541. 85 Main Street t h e Vi l l a g e C l e r k a t t h e above shall be available for
statement of the Energy August 24, 2009 (Vote for one) Purpose: For any lawful Cold Spring, NY Village Hall, 85 Main Street, public Inspection during
Conservation Project. purpose. NOTICE Cold Spring, NY. normal business hours at the
Bids will be publicly LEGAL NOTICE Opportunity to Ballot The Board will hold a The Village is accepting office of the Clerk to the WORKSHOP AGENDA
opened and read at 2:00 P.M. Notice of Councilman public hearing on Thursday, sealed proposals until 3:00 Legislature, at the County Representatives from
on the 2nd day of October, Public Hearing (Vote for two) September 17, 2009 at 7:00 PM October 16, 2009. Office Building, 40 Gleneida the Putnam County Board
2009 at the offices of the PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, PM for the purpose of hearing T h e Vi l l a g e w i l l h o l d a n Avenue, Carmel, New York. of Elections will be
Vi l l a g e o f C o l d S p r i n g , t h e P u t n a m Va l l e y To w n Town of Kent LEGAL NOTICE public comment on the informational meeting on Dated: September 2, 2009 available at Village Hall,
Village Hall, 85 Main Street, Board will conduct a public Opportunity to Ballot NOTICE OF FORMATION application of Constantine September 24th at 10:00AM 85 Main Street on Tuesday,
Cold Spring, New York. h e a r i n g o n We d n e s d a y, Supervisor OF LIMITED LIABILITY Serroukas, 21 Maryland at the Foundry Brook Water September 22, 2009 at 7:00
BY ORDER OF September 9, 2009 @ (Vote for one) COMPANY. NAME: KNH Ave., Poughkeepsie, NY to Treatment Plant. The pm to demonstrate the use
VILLAGE BOARD 6:00 p.m to hear public CONSTRUCTION LLC. construct a 27 space parking informational meeting is not of optical scanning voting
comments, on a proposed A r t i c l e s o f O rg a n i z a t i o n lot at the corner of Marion mandatory but it is strongly LEGAL NOTICE
VILLAGE OF Opportunity to Ballot machines.
COLD SPRING local law to regulate and Town Clerk were filed with the Secretary Av e . a n d B e n e d i c t R o a d encouraged. COUNTY OF PUTNAM Dated: September 4, 2009
MARY SAARI, control the emissions from (Vote for one) of State of New York (in the R-1 Single Family The Village reserves the NOTICE FOR BID Mary Saari, Village Clerk
VILLAGE CLERK outdoor wood boilers in the SSNY) on 07/16/09. The Residential zoning district). right to right to reject any NOTICE IS HEREBY
Dated: September 3, 2009 Town of Putnam Valley. Justice latest date of dissolution is The proposal will require a or all proposals. GIVEN, that sealed bids will
HEARING TO BE HELD, (Vote for two) 12/31/2060. Office Use variance from Section BY ORDER OF THE be received by the Director
at the Putnam Valley Town location: Putnam County. 134-7A of the Village Code. VILLAGE BOARD OF of Purchasing of Putnam LEGAL NOTICE
Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake Opportunity to Ballot SSNY has been designated This application is paired COLD SPRING, County for the following
LEGAL NOTICE as agent of the LLC upon commodities and/or service: (PUBLIC NOTICE)
Road, Putnam Valley, New Councilman with an Area variance MARY SAARI, (Please Take Notice)
Town of Putnam Valley York. (Vote for two) whom process against it may application to construct a VILLAGE CLERK RFB#43-09 B R E A D
Planning Board be served. SSNY shall mail AND BAKED GOODS That in accordance
Eileen Royael one story addition to the Dated: September 4, 2009 with Sec. 6-108 of the
NOTICE 9/2009 Town Clerk Opportunity to Ballot a copy of process to FoodTown shopping center Detailed specifications
September 1, 2009 the LLC, 105 Palmer Trail, may be secured at the election laws of the State
Receiver of Taxes at 49 Chestnut Street (in of New York, the Town of
Please be advised that the LEGAL NOTICE (Vote for one) Carmel, New York 10512. the B-2 zone) to house the o ff i c e o f t h e D i r e c t o r o f
next meeting of the Planning Purpose: For any lawful Purchasing, County of Philipstown Conservative
Town of Putnam Valley relocated Cold Spring Post LEGAL NOTICE Committee will hold a caucus
Board will be held at Town NOTICE WT 9/2009 Opportunity to Ballot purpose. Office. P u t n a m O ff i c e F a c i l i t i e s ,
Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake Notice of Qualification 110 Old Route 6, Building on Wednesday, September
Road on Monday, September Notice is hereby given that Highway Superintendent 16, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. for
the Town of Putnam Valley (Vote for one) of SAHN EAGLE LLC. No. 3, Carmel, New York
14, 2009, for the purpose of Authority filed with 10512 between the hours of the purpose of nominating
considering the following has received a wetlands candidates for the following
application from the Town of Patterson Secretary of State of NY 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.,
applications: LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE: (SSNY) on 8/13/09. Office Monday through Friday. You town offices:
Communications: 5:30pm following applicant: Opportunity to Ballot SUPERVISOR (1)
WT 20/09 Chris Beliveau Councilman Workshop Agenda Vi l l a g e o f C o l d S p r i n g location: Putnam County. may also visit our web site at
Regular Meeting Start T h e Vi l l a g e o f C o l d Planning Board will be LLC formed in Delaware COUNCILMAN (2)
Time: 6:00pm 11 Ly o n C o u r t (Vote for two) ASSESSOR (1)
TM: 41.6-2-64 S p r i n g B o a r d o f Tr u s t e e s meeting at the Village Hall, (DE) on 5/26/09. SSNY Sealed bids must be filed in
AGENDA will hold public discussion 85 Main Street, Cold Spring designated as agent of LLC the above office on or before (Please take further
PUBLIC HEARING Opportunity to Ballot Notice)
Receiver of Taxes on the Special Board for on Tuesday, September 29 upon whom process against it 1:00 P.M., WEDNESDAY,
The following public PUBLIC NOTICE: at 7:30 pm to discuss and may be served. SSNY shall SEPTEMBER 23, 2009. The Conservative caucus
(Vote for one) the Comprehensive Plan/ will be held at VFW Hall,
hearing have been scheduled Vi l l a g e o f C o l d S p r i n g LWRP report regarding the submit an opinion for the mail process to: The LLC, dated: Carmel, New York
for September 14, 2009 at Planning Board will be development of the former Cold Spring Zoning Board 3 1 P r i v a t e Wa y, G a r r i s o n August 31, 2009 K e m b l e Av e n u e , C o l d
6:00PM (or as soon thereafter meeting at the Village Hall, Town of Southeast Spring, New York 10516,
Opportunity to Ballot Marathon parcel and Foundry of Appeals concerning the NY 10524. Address to be Sgd/Alessandro Mazzotta,
as agenda conditions permit) 85 Main Street, Cold Spring Ridge parcel. Copies of the variances requested by the maintained in DE: 160 Purchasing Director All registered Conservatives
at the Putnam Valley Town on Tuesday, September 22 Councilman in the Town of Philipstown
(Vote for two) report are available at the owner of the Foodtown G r e e n t r e e D r. , S t e . 1 0 1 , Putnam County
Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake at 7:30 pm to discuss the Village Clerk’s Office, 85 Plaza, which are necessary Dover DE 19904. Arts. of Purchasing Department are invited to attend.
Road, Putnam Valley, New development of a Planning Main Street, Cold Spring, to proceed with an expansion Org. filed with DE Secy. of James Maxwell,
York, 10579. All interested Board application that would Working Families Party Chairman
Town of Kent NY. of the building footprint and State, 401 Federal St., Ste. 4,
parties are invited to attend assist community members Dated: September 4, 2009 the creation of an additional Dover DE 19901. Purpose: Putnam County
and will be heard. A copy in navigating the planning Justice Conservative Committee
(Vote for two) Mary Saari, Village Clerk parking lot on Marion Ave. Any lawful activities.
of the application materials process.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 T HE P UTNAM C OUNTY N EWS A ND R ECORDER Page 15

Putnam Valley Football Tigers Field Hockey Faces

Plans to Improve Some Challenges
by Mike Horton RETURNING STARTERS- by Mike Horton new challenges. “These girls
Gerry Zimbaldi (12, OL/DL, are young, but we have an op-
After a losing season in captain, All-League), Mike Putnam Valley’s field hockey portunity to grow,” she said.
’08, the Tigers are excited Nolan (12, QB/S, captain), team has been one of the big- RETURNING STARTERS-
about the upcoming season. Travis Gembecki (12, C/LB), gest bright spots in the school’s Hannah Tavella (12, M, cap-
They‘re returning some key Chris Castro (12, OL/DL), brief history. Since snatching tain, All-League), Amanda
players they missed due to Ryan Fitzgerald (12, WR/S), the school’s first state title in DeChent (12,Off, All-League)
injury last year and are enter- Kevin Christopher (11, WR/ any sport in 2005 under coach RETURNING PLAYERS-
ing a new league. LB), Jim Ready (12, OL/DL), Tracy Parchen, the Tigers have Demetria Andritsopoulos (12,
maintained their aggressive Off), Ashley Browne (12, Off),

Blue Devils Prepare to Face Chester

The football program is rela- John Warden (11, RB/LB),
tively young, and since its Brian Minnerly (11, WR/DB). play. Tianna Daley (12, G), Alissa-
start in 2001 PV has managed N OTA BLE R ETU RN IN G Toniann Cortina stepped in beth Minnich (11, Off), Vic-
to appear in two bowl games PLAYERS-Jason Kolb (11, as head coach in 2007, and the toria Stanishia (11, D), Dana
A young Haldane team looks to build on last year’s 5-4 season and grab a league champion-
ship in Class B two seasons
OL/DL), Anthony Tyndal (12,
QB/DB), Jetmir Berisha (12,
Tigers reclaimed their title as
section champs in Class B last
Tatnell (10, M)
by B.J. O’Brien sophomores on the team en- doing. This season he plans other players will have to ago. This year the Tigers hope OL/DL), Gerardo Alvarez (12, season. Despite their loss in Abe (9, Off), Lauren Landi
sures that many of the younger to feature more of an attack- shoulder more responsibility for a return to that success, as OL/DL) the regionals, it was a stellar (10, M), Erin McCrudden (9,
With Haldane football be- players will have the oppor- ing style. This is because the against a team that has been they drop to Class C. N O TA B L E N E W P L AY- season for the Tigers. M), Maria Rao (11, Off), Alissa
ginning its season against tunity to accumulate a lot of Blue Devils lack size up front highly successful in the past. ERS- AJ Martinez (10, RB/S), This year they have some Schut (11, Off), Melissa Wag-
Chester this Friday, fall will playing time. Some of them on defense. Because of this, "Those guys have to step Here’s a look at this year’s Marcus Givan (12, WR/DB), challenges as they are dropping ner (9, Def), Kristen Weeks
have officially started in the are already starters. they will rely more on speed. up now," he said. Tigers squad: Will Mauro (10, OL/DL), to Class C and replacing some (11, Def), Erica Wharton (11,
Hudson Valley. “They're getting tested right Some of the team's key new- In order to be successful Connor Gembecki (10, QB/ key players. Cortina knows Def), Diane Rush (10, Def)
The Blue Devils' season away,” said Coach Percac- comers are offensive linemen against Chester, Coach Per- TEAM- Putnam Valley Tigers DB), Steve Pino (12, WR/DB) the team has holes to fill, but LEAGUE - The league consists
opens with a road game against ciolo, who has coached the Christian Callaghan, James cacciolo believes that his team football LEAGUE-The new League she is confident that they can of Pleasantville, Briarcliff,
Chester High School at 7pm team for four years and also Moss, and Matt Hughes. must move the ball on offense COACH- Frank Heitman, fifth C-D North consists of Lincoln stay strong. Edgemont, JFK, Walter Panas,
on Friday night. works as a heavy equipment The Blue Devils' key re- in order to eat up time. This season Hall, Haldane, Hastings, Cro- Croton, and Hen Hud. Cortina
The team looks to build on mechanic in New York City. turning players are O'Dell, will keep Chester's explosive LAST YEAR’S RECORD/ ton, and Putnam Valley. Here’s a look at this year’s said “We expect to do well in
last season’s 5-4 record. Head On the offensive side of the quarterback Frank Fusco, offense off the field. FINISH- 3-5, missed the OUTLOOK-Heitman is ex- Tigers team: Class C. We have pretty high
C o a c h To n y P e r c a c c i o l o ’ s ball, the Blue Devils run the wide receiver/safety Elias "They have a veteran team playoffs cited about the change in class. expectations, and we would
roster consists of 24 players. Delaware Wing-T. This type Lopez, tight end Rich Fergu- and they are pretty quick," WHAT’S EXCITING ABOUT “After dropping in class, I TEAM- Putnam Valley Tigers like to make the finals.”
There are six seniors, three of offense features the run. son, runningback/linebacker said Coach Percacciolo. THIS TEAM? - “Very athletic” think we could compete for field hockey OUTLOOK - Cortina is look-
juniors, 14 sophomores, and That's where Derek O'Dell, Rafael Famighetti, and line- After opening against were the first two words to the section,” he said. Heit- COACH-Toniann Cortina, ing to be strong this year,
one freshman. the team's top player, comes men Cameron Zampino and Chester, the Blue Devils face come out of Heitman’s mouth man added that he feels like third season despite inexperience. “If we
Despite having a smaller in. The senior running back John McGuire. Putnam Valley at home on when asked this question. He his team has the talent. “If we LAST YEAR’S RECORD/ do it, that would be great, but
roster, Coach Percacciolo be- rushed for about 1,400 yards In addition to O'Dell, Sept. 17. That is followed by went on to say, “we should can focus and be intense, we FINISH- 19-3, Section 1 Class it’s going to be because we
lieves that his team can do last season and serves as one Zampino and Famighetti also another home game against get better every week as we could do some things.” B champs, lost in regionals to worked hard for it.”
well if it stays healthy and of the Blue Devils' captains. serve as captains. Lincoln Hall on Sept. 26. Hal- play games and start to come The Tigers open their sea- Garden City The Tigers open their season
plays to the best of its ability. The defense runs a 50 Read. Discussing this week's dane then travels to Tuckahoe together.” Heitman expressed son on Friday September 11 W H AT ’ S EXCITING at home against Pawling on
"I think we can take some Coach Percacciolo pointed out game against Chester, Coach on Oct. 3. They return home confidence in his team, but at home against new league ABOUT THIS TEAM? - Cor- Thursday at 4:15pm.
teams into the fourth quarter," that last season their defense Percacciolo said that O'Dell to play Croton-Harmon on added that they have yet to opponent Lincoln Hall at 7pm. tina is excited about how this
he said. was based on reacting to what will miss the game due to an Oct. 10 and then go to Hast- show what kind of team they’ll year’s group will respond to
The high percentage of the other team’s offense was ankle injury. That means that ings on Oct. 17. really be come game time.

Philipstown Pop Warner Ready for Fall Season School, Rec League, and
Lyons Named to NE-10 Conference Honor Roll Travel Team Coaches:
After a month of nightly August
Cold Spring’s Megan ing 2.86 per game and had practices, Philipstown’s The PCN&R is
Ly o n s , a s o p h o m o r e a t a game-high 13 in the win two youth football teams expanding its sports
Southern Connecticut State over Dominican. are ready to start playing coverage.
U n i v e r s i t y, w a s n a m e d t o The Owls returned to action their fall games. The Mighty
the weekly honor roll of the on Wednesday, September 2 Mite (pictured at left) and Please send game
Northeast-10 Conference for as they traveled to Vermont Tiney Mite teams have begun wrap-ups and photos
her play with the Southern for the team’s first North- scrimmaging this week and to
Connecticut Owls, as the east-10 Conference match are excited for their first Put “sports” in the
Owls opened their season against Saint Michael’s. games. The Mighty Mites start
with a 3-0 winning stretch. Lyons played for the Hal-
subject line.
on Sunday, September 13 at
After the team’s first three d a n e Vo l l e y b a l l t e a m t h a t Mayor’s Park at 2pm. Check
matches, Lyons leads all Owls w o n t h e N e w Yo r k S t a t e out
If you are interested in
with 20 kills. She is averag- Championship. for the two teams’ schedules.
working as a stringer
for the Sports section,
please email
Sharon DiPalo

Page 16 THE PUTNAM COUNTY NEWS AND RECORDER Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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weekend hours. Cold Spring
office for computer work, etc.
Will trade services, such as
References, insured. PC #260. ley. They maintain list of lost OFFICE SPACE AVAIL
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ing, Unilock. Brickwork, all airports & NYC. Profes- (rain date 9/13) Little League fect for consultants or writers. spoons, milk pitchers, tray, etc., 2 offices, $450 and $600/mo.
stucco, repairs. PC Lic #373, sional courteous drivers. 1-866- HOUSECLEANING AVAIL Field at North Highlands Fire 845-424-6017 John Funck 43 COMMERCIAL SPACE vintage Tiffany Crystal
cell 914-527-1287 or H 845- 304-LIMO (5466) Reliable, experienced, afford- Dept. Fishkill Rd. Cold Spring. avail at 3021 Rte 9, Cold Spring. Rent one or both. Furniture if Candelholders, ca 1850. cop-
Cutler Lane, Garrison needed. Full kitchen, medita-
424-3795 able. Call Mary 914-954-1382 Clothes, toys, books, furniture Warehouse 1,600 sq. ft. with per Bedwarmer (England) Call
and more. office 300 sq ft. $2,000 a month. tive walk to pond. Bedroom 917-488-5232
METICULOUS HOUSE AIDEN IS A YELLOW LAB for rent also on per night basis
BEST DEAL IN TOWN - Get Cleaning. Affordable rates, re- FINE ART PRINTMAKERS Great for any type of contrac-
Mix, male, approx 9 mos old as tor. Utilities not incld. Pls call if needed. Call 845-661-0350
a Classified Ad in the Putnam liable, excellent refs. Insured. Hi res scans of originals YARD SALEAPALOOZA of 8/28/09. Neutered, Rabies
County News for as little as Call 845-590-7146 up to 6 X 8ft. Color and B&W Cold Spring. A multi-family 845-265-3434
vaccinated. He's friendly with
$6.25. Our classifieds get re- Archival inks, papers, and tag sale that you won't want to the female Annabelle, who is
sults! 265-2468. canvas. Any length X 64"W. miss! 333-337 Main Street, OFFICE SPACE 11' x 13'
HOMETOWN HANDYMAN also at our shelter. Plays well convenient location, close to
painting, dry wall, all your State of the art digital Cold Spring, NY Sat Sept 19th with her so he likely would be
TREE SERVICE: Pruning, since 1997. 845-809-5174 10-5pm. all, Garrison. $525.00 incl all
maintenance, repair & improve- friendly to other dogs. Likely
cabling, removal, stump grind- utilities except phone. call 914-
ment needs. No job too small. to submit to another "in charge"
ing, shearing. Consultation. 720-4835 ask for Ann
Courteous dependable, afford- MULTI FAMILY YARD dog easily enough. Aiden's
Certified Arborist. Fully in- able service. Refs available. PC HOME IMPROVEMENTS Sale. Sat Sept 12 9-4pm. 265 adoption fee is $120. Putnam
sured. Call Henry L. Kingsley, lic #2807-A. Call George 845- Kitchens, bathrooms, play- Main St. Cold Spring. Inclds COLD SPRING 2BDRM APT
Humane Socity, Old Rte 6, 1 bath, EIK, lvng rm, lrg yard,
265-3721. PC#1566. 265-4710 rooms & tile work. Licensed & furniture, tools, household Carmel 845-225-7777 Mon-
insured. Call 845-849-2299 for items. 4 blks to train. W/D , pkng &
Fri: 10-6pm Sat-Sun 10-4pm. water incld. $1350/mo. Newly
MASSAGE: LOCAL LOCKSMITH free estimates by Nick
Mastrantuono. painted. One mo sec, 845-661-
Feel Good Again! Services. Licensed Bonded In- LOCAL HORSE BOARDING 6632
Georgia Christy,
Licensed Massage Therapist.
sured 24 Hr. emergency ser-
vice. Security since 1970 - MUSIC LESSONS MISC Available. Only 2 stalls left in
our newly built, semi-private GARRISON 3BDRM 2BATH
424-4224. locks, safes, camera systems saxophone/flute/clarinet facility with arena. Call for
Jazz Improv - all instruments BIJOU GALLERIES LTD house renovated 1860 farm
and more. Call 845-528-5021. quotes. Lessons & leasing also house, beamed ceilings, with Rob Scheps. CS Village Celebrating 14 years in busi- available. Ask for Amber 845-
YOUR DISPLAY ADS can skylites, sub zero. Unique in-
go on the PCN&R web site for fun, patient, creative. Call 503- ness at 50 Main Street 206-1906
381-5983, cell. Cold Spring Daily 11-5 holding in Fahnestock State
an additional $10. Call Marga- NAIRN CONTRACTING CO., Park amid 3500 acres of forest,
ret @ 265-2468 for more info. LLC. Remodeling - Building - HELP WANTED lakes, water falls, meadows.
Renovations - References - In- CHEFALOCONSTRUCTION.COM Garrison school, lawn care,
SWEDISH MASSAGE: sured - PC#441 Est 1987 845- 28 years of remodeling, reno- SHEAFORSUPERVISOR.COM lake & beach permits incld.
Back pain, neck pain, stress? 265-7810 vation, new construction and $2400/mo 845-265-2519
Sleep better, heal better, restoration in the Philipstown THE PUTNAM COUNTY
think better, feel better. Dan MELLON ELECTRIC area. Call Jim at 914-456- Historical Society seeks vol- COLD SPRING/BEACON 9D
Anderson LMT 527-7533 Residential - Commercial. New 4131 or 845-896-7472 for free
estimates or consultation.
WANTED unteer docents. Young adults
will gain museum work experi-
Mins, DIA, I84, RR, 70 NYC,
homes & additions. Service Hudson Views, Boats, 3bdrm,
upgrades & generators. No job PC#2360-A ence. Older adults will learn den, 2 bth, $1600 914-584-
by Toland Construction. Reno- too small. PC#4409 845-446- Antique and Estate buyers local history and share passion 7137 or 914-960-0069
vation, restoration, remodeling 2579 Bob CLEANING SERVICE commission sales, auctions with community. Museum
and new construction. All size Experienced, dependable, and held monthly, 432 Main St. open Wed-Sun, 11-5. Please GARRISON PROFESSIONAL
jobs. PC#1244 and insured. PC COMPUTER HELP NOW! detail oriented. Satisfaction Beacon 845-838-3049, Neil call 845-265-4010 Commercial office rental at The
845-265-2253 Windows slow? computer guaranteed. Refs avail 845-337- Vaughn. For info visit www. Stone House. Excellent loca-
crash? We can help! virus re- 1403 DO YOU LOVE SPORTS??? tion. Rte 9 at Putnam/
HONOR THY PLUMBER moval, performance tuning, Need work? The PCN&R is Westchester border. $475/mo.
Villanova Plumbing & Heat- upgrades, Wi-Fi, backups, lost TUTOR expanding its sports coverage Includes heat, electric, park-
ing. Masters of the fine art of pictures, lost music, iPod/ All ages. Seventeen years and seeks freelance reporters ing. Refs, Sec. Indian Brook
teaching all subjects, including Properties 845-788-4191
plumbing and heating for over
25 years. Repairs, new instal-
iPhone/Blackberry sync. Call
us for all your computer needs, Spanish, Writing, Math, SAT REAL ESTATE to start immediately. Contact
Joe Lindsley at
lations including radiant & HW we service individuals and busi- plus College Essay prep. or 845-265-2468 2 BDRM APT COLD SPRING
nesses. MS Cert. MAC to. In Weekly Art + Spanish Classes REAL ESTATE NEEDS walk to everything, walk in
heat. No job too small. Call Limited Editions Realty 21
845-528-3158 anytime. biz for 20+ years . 1(845) 284- Frank Ortega 845-265-4236 closets, hrdwd flrs, off st. pkng,
2390 Main Street, Cold Spring. Call heat. Laundry on premises.
STORE OPENING: COM- 845-265-3111 or go to $1300/mo. 845-265-3030
Tree takedowns, pruning, KIMMEL BUILDERS ALL PUTER store now open in
phases of construction. Large Philipstown Square (old Perks PATTERSON FLEA MARKET COLD SPRING VILLAGE
landclearing, cabling, chipping, COLD SPRING VILLAGE Rte 22, Patterson, NY. Every
and small projects. many satis- Plaza) providing all types of 1 br Apt - 4 minute walk to
firewood. Landscape design, Home: 3BR, 1+1/2 BTH, FPL, Sunday, 8-4. Dealer space
fied customers. view our PC support & repairs. SPE- train. All utilities and off street
planting, plant health care, Hd Wd Flrs, Garden, Off St. available $35. New and Old
website, CIAL: disinfect, speed-up, up- parking included. No pets, no
stump grinding, mulch. Con- pkng, + detached 2 story ga- items. 845-265-4414 or
845-656-4956 lic PC941 date & clean-up $100. 845-809- smoking. $975/mo 845-380-
sultations available. Joshua R. rage w/500 Sq Ft. office/artist
5411 1108
Maddocks, certified arborist studio. Great location, walk to
cert. # NY 5332A. Fully In- ADULT CAREGIVER 3166 Route 9, Cold Spring (1.5
miles North of Rte 301) train and shopping. $385,000. GARRISON 1 BDRM APT
sured. Reg. No. PC2213-A available. Exp, drive to all by appt only 845-265-2944
Please Call: 845-265- Heat/hot water cen air, fur-
appts. Dispense meds. Com- nished or unfurnished, pkng.
3434 panion. Call Ray 845-265-3769 HANDYMAN. HIGH QUAL-
ITY work, reasonable rates, Call 845-424-6149 $850/mo
Cleaning Service. Specializing Repair/Instruction/Upgrade Old Albany Post Rd, Garrison.
on all shapes and sizes, store, needed? We can help, reason- Avail 11/1. perfect writer's re-
office, & home. Free Estimates, able rates 845-265-3089 DOWNEY OIL 90 YEARS treat. Fully furnished. All utili-
fully insured."Got Windows"? of Warm Service. Visit our ties included. $1650 + dep 845-
Year round service. Call 845- Web Site. 612-9481
431-6967. 856-365-3663

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