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Article appeared Friday, April 4th, 2014 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The Revelation (322

yo!s!" #ah$!$!l %sla#, &h'

(hen #others #a)e sacri"ices "or their children, do they co#plain* The #other+s $ehavior de#onstrates sincerity and sel"lessness, As another e-a#ple, when e#ployees go o!t o" the way "or their $osses, do they co#plain* %n the latter case, however, so#e e#ployees #ay $e loo)ing "or "avors "ro# the e#ployer or $oss, Regardless, in $oth the cases, we sense a degree o" sincerity and sel"lessness . in neither case does one hear o" co#plaints, e.g. % stayed !p against #y will to n!rse #y sic) child/ or % hate doing things "or #y $oss,* %" not, why not* 0o#paratively, do people consider it $otherso#e or !n"ashiona$le to do things "or the 0reator* (hat are the )inds o" things we can do "or the 0reator* %t co!ld $e any intelligent tho!ght that ta)es into acco!nt the 0reator+s point1o"1view or any sel"less activity that is targeted to please the 0reator, For e-a#ple, consider the "ollowing, * collecting data and wor)ing o!t why 2e has created !s * !sing o!r intelligence to wor) o!t the things that 2e has done "or !s, individ!ally and collectively 3 disc!ssing what 2e has done "or !s and 2is (onders with o!r relatives and "riends 3 sacri"icing so#e ti#e "ro# o!r daily ro!tine (d!ring the day and4or d!ring the night to adore 2i# and than) 2i# "or the things 2e has done "or !s individ!ally and collectively 3 saying so#ething li)e, 5y 6ord and 0reator, 789 have done so #!ch "or #e, than) 789 "or giving #e li"e and the opport!nities to e-perience li"e . it is a great privilege and honor to )now 789/ or * 5y 6ord and 0herisher, % love 789, 789 cherish #e, s!stain #e and loo) a"ter every detail o" #y li"e . than) 789/ or * All this co!ld not have happened witho!t 789, 789 are indeed 5ost 5erci"!l and :reat/ The 0reator has not le"t !s to o!r own devices, 2e has sent !s Revelation to learn "ro#, Revelation is a #essage "ro# the 0reator to 2is 0reation . h!#an $eings that 2e has #ade intelligent and given the a$ility to analy;e and ponder over written words, Revelation is there"ore $oth a #ercy and a warning to those who read and re"lect on it, For e-a#ple, let !s loo) at so#e <erses "ro# 0hapter 1= o" the >!r+an, the #ost recent and last Revelation, And it is 2e (ho "ashioned yo! and $ro!ght yo! o!t "ro# the wo#$s o" yo!r #others when yo! )new nothing? and 2e gave yo! hearing, sight, intelligence and a""ections@ that perchance you may be grateful to Him. A1=,BCD Eo a"ter receiving hearing, sight, intelligence and "eelings have we considered the point1o"1view o" the 0reator* 2aving given these "ac!lties, essentially, 2e wants to $e )nown to 2is 0reation thro!gh what 2e has done "or the#, 8ne way to ac)nowledge the 0reator is to $e grate"!l to 2i#, The ne-t <erse gives an e-a#ple o" how we can !se o!r intelligence to "ind 2i#, 'o they not loo) at the $irds held poised in the #idst o" (the air and the s)y* Nothing $!t Allah holds the# !p, Verily in this are Signs for those who believe. A1=,BFD (hen we loo) at the $irds "lying in the s)y, what G!estions can we co#e !p with !sing o!r intelligence* For e-a#ple, at $irth, $irds stand on their two "eet, 2ow do they learn to !se their wings and "ly* (hen "lying, o"ten $irds close their wings and speed thro!gh a g!sh o" air . how do they )now how to #ane!ver thro!gh the di""erent parts o" the at#osphere* (here did the concept o" HwingsI to "ly thro!gh the at#osphere co#e a$o!t* The answers are HEignsI o" the

0reator, i.e. these are Signs for those who use their intelligence to find Him. The ne-t <erse gives an idea o" individ!al conveniences that 2e has created, %t is Allah who #ade yo!r ha$itations ho#es o" rest and G!iet "or yo!? and #ade "or yo! o!t o" the s)ins o" ani#als (tents "or dwellings which yo! "ind so light (and handy when yo! travel and when yo! stop (in yo!r travels ? and o!t o" their wool and their so"t "i$ers ($etween wool and hair and their hair rich st!"" and articles o" convenience (to serve yo! "or a ti#e, A1=,C0D 2e has #ade the syste# o" rela-ation when we ret!rn to o!r ho#es at the end o" a wor) day or when we ret!rn "ro# a Jo!rney, '!ring travel, 2e has created the syste# o" HtentsI and the syste# o" e-pensive clothing as well as clothing "or war#th and protection, 2ow did h!#an $eings H)nowI how to #a)e hides and learn a$o!t their vario!s !ses* %n addition, %t is Allah who #ade o!t o" the things 2e created so#e things to give yo! shade? o" the hills 2e #ade so#e "or yo!r shelter? 2e #ade yo! gar#ents to protect yo! "ro# scorching heat and coats o" ar#or to protect yo! "ro# yo!r (#!t!al violence, Thus does He complete His favors on you that you may submit to Him A1=,C1D 2aving done so #!ch "or h!#an $eings, sho!ld we ignore thin)ing a$o!t what 2e has done "or !s and $e !ngrate"!l* 8r sho!ld we o$ey the co##and#ents that 2e has :iven as these are "or o!r $ene"it* As the >!r+an is a Boo) o" :!idance as well as a tro!$le shooting #an!al, in 0hapter F o" the >!r+an, to help !s learn 2e gives e-a#ples o" !ngrate"!l $ehavior that was de#onstrated $y those who pro"essed to $e "ollowers o" &rophet 5!ha##ad (p$!h ,

9.49 Among them is (many) a man who says: "Grant me exemption and draw me not into trial." Ha e they not !allen into trial already" And indeed hell s#rro#nds the #n$elie ers (on all sides).
2aving created !s, do we not owe o!r lives to 2i#* &eople who say they $elieve, yet do not want to $e tro!$led $y things that need to $e done "or the 0reator have certain characteristics, These characteristics prove that they are indeed dis$elievers, The 0reator is ed!cating the &rophet regarding s!ch characteristics,

9.%& '! good $e!alls yo#( it grie es them) $#t i! a mis!ort#ne $e!alls yo# they say( *e too+ indeed o#r pre,a#tions $e!orehand( and they t#rn away re-oi,ing.
Not only did they not participate in activities to help the &rophet who was si#ply carrying o!t d!ties entr!sted $y the 0reator, they #ade e-c!ses, and were happy when the &rophet appeared to $e in tro!$le, Allah in"or#s !s that those who $elieve in 2i# do not #a)e e-c!ses and tr!st 2i# to protect the#, Eo, $elievers are enco!raged to give !p their "ears and do what needs to $e done while co#pletely tr!sting the 0reator,

9.%. /ay: "0othing will happen to #s ex,ept what Allah has 1e,reed !or #s: He is o#r 2rote,tor": and on Allah let the believers put their trust.