Forgiveness - A Transcendent Key To Personal Security

- John D'Silva, www.effective-s!

The goal of this discussion is personal security. It is reasonable to suppose that as more people attain personal security, the country as a whole would become more peaceful and secure. So, what exactly is personal security? Personal security has been defined as the uninterrupted enjoyment by a person of his or her life, body, health and reputation. This means protection from injury to either body or psyche. This can only be guaranteed if the person is shielded from attacks from without and within. e!"e all heard such popular sayings as #$ne with %od is a majority&, #If %od be for us, who can be against us?& These are simple ways of dri"ing home to us that the ultimate personal security attainable is what mystic students refer to as cosmic or di"ine protection. 'ext, what is forgi"eness and how does it relate to personal security? (orgi"eness is the action or process of forgi"ing or being forgi"en. To forgi"e is to stop feeling anger or resentment toward someone who has done something wrong) to stop blaming someone for an offense or mistake) to grant pardon) to stop re*uiring payment of what is owed. The object of our forgi"eness may be another person or group of persons + but it may well be our own self. ,es, we may ha"e done something that we feel is too far below our personal standards and thereafter continue to blame, lambast and punish oursel"es. e ha"e agreed that the ultimate personal security attainable is cosmic protection. -owe"er, such cosmic protection can ne"er be attained except through excellent cosmic attunement. .escribing the perfect security enjoyed by the person attuned to the cosmic, the ancient /hinese book #The Tao Te /hing& says0 “Those who are filled with life Need not fear tigers and rhinos in the wilds, Nor wear armour and shields in battle; The rhinoceros finds no place in them for its horn, The tiger no place for its claw, The soldier no place for a weapon, For death finds no place in them.” Therefore, anything that interferes with our cosmic attunement constitutes a threat to our personal security) whereas, whate"er enhances our cosmic attunement fortifies our personal security. Power of forgiveness This is what makes forgi"eness a potent mystical key because through eliminating anger and resentment, it promotes cosmic attunement. $n the other hand, an unforgi"ing spirit exposes us to untold dangers through destroying the harmony within and around us.

1s lo"e and forgi"eness permeate your aura. . personal security is not only a matter of protection from external aggression. we shall consider some of the signs by which to recogni5e true forgi"eness. If you say you ha"e forgi"en someone who offended you but keep reporting the matter to e"erybody 7 then you really ha"e not forgi"en yet. 9. the more you approach the di"ine state. The restoration of harmonious relations between the two parties. but he that hopeth helpeth himself&. If you continue to wallow in guilt feelings after confessing to the %od of your heart. resentment and depression. 2esearch in the field of mind+body medicine shows that more than 34 percent of the people who die of cancer. $top tr"ing to ma%e the offender feel guilt" or afraid. These include0 6. you are protected from negati"e influences and your life cannot be snuffed out.(urthermore. you ha"e not forgi"en yourself. then you ha"e not really forgi"en the person. -ow? It is said that #To err is human) to forgi"e di"ine&. Thus forgi"eness promotes health thereby securing our "ery greatest asset. If you still wish for someone who offended you to feel guilty or frightened each time they see you. you earn the respect and companionship of the highest spiritual beings. This brings peace of mind and freedom from the nameless enemy called fear. These beings. These are the "ery emotions that forgi"eness eliminates. or in"isible masters cannot be sought out) it is they who seek out the student. Thus. Signs of forgiveness -a"ing discussed the protecti"e effects of forgi"eness. by banishing fear and misfortune forgi"eness enhances our personal security. 8. heart disease and high blood pressure had long+standing unresol"ed emotional issues of anger. forgi"eness attracts protective influences. In the case of self+forgi"eness there is a restoration of harmony between the inner and outer sel"es 7 no more self+hate. The more forgi"ing you are. If we offend someone and he tells us that he has forgi"en us but thereafter he ne"er plays with us or smiles at us as he used to do before the incident 7 would we belie"e that he has really forgi"en us? 'o. In their company. 'ow. (orgi"eness gi"es new hope and a chance to start afresh. $top reporting the matter to others. In the case of self+forgi"eness you refrain from dwelling on the matter. The sacred book “Unto Thee I rant the !conom" of #ife” says0 #(rom fear proceedeth misfortune.

:. To be able to pray for the wellbeing of those who ha"e offended us is a "ery definite sign that we ha"e forgi"en them.on!t be annoyed + be amused<& Taking a humorous "iew of an otherwise exasperating situation often defuses tensions and may pro"ide the added benefit of gi"ing us an insight as to how to best respond. li"e at peace with e"eryone. @leanor 2oose"elt. really. e can do this by being more mindful of our words and actions 7 choosing to desist from speaking or acting in ways that would demean oursel"es or hurt others. if you succeed in finding amusement in a situation you!ll be more willing to forgi"e all parties in"ol"ed. was *uoted as saying0 #'o one can make you feel inferior without your consent& we can also say #'o one can make you feel offended without your consent& It boils down to the same formula. . Take a humorous view: This helps to guard against taking oursel"es too seriously so as not to open oursel"es to many real and imagined hurts. 'nd all the men and women merel" pla"ers) The" have their e*its and their entrances. . the following "iewpoints aim at transmuting feelings of hurt into forgi"eness. hile all the forgoing strategies ha"e been aimed at a"oiding situations that would task our power of forgi"eness.. $et the offender free. &ou pra" for the offender. if at all such is still necessary. #If it is possible. If you still see the offender as indebted to you or as morally inferior. 'nd one man in his time pla"s man" parts+” 'eedless to say.& + 2omans 6806A. 2emembering this "erse from Shakespeare=s #1s .ou >ike It& may assist us to see the funny picture0 “'ll the world(s a stage. #. Strategies for cultivating Forgiveness Make it unnecessary: The foremost strategy for a"oiding the stress of ha"ing to forgi"e is to make oursel"es inaccessible to hurt. e could simply refuse to be offended. St Paul expressed a similar idea when he said. Choose to maintain your peace: hile we may be unable to determine what other people do. as far as it depends on you. then you ha"e not forgi"en yet because to forgi"e entails cancelling any indebtedness and guilt and starting afresh. ?ust as former 1merican (irst >ady. 1 fa"orite teacher often said to me. we can decide how we would react.

e"ery they make you toil 7 well they may ha"e made your tougher thereby) did they expose you to ridicule 7 well. 1nd when those that we ha"e forgi"en thank us. so too would you be forgi"en and your negati"e karma neutrali5ed. Think of other aspects of the offender!s personality that may moderate your "iew of him or her. we can deliberately do our part to encourage a culture of forgi"eness in our en"ironment.Out of evil comes good: Painful though it may be.” 1gain the holy book “Unto Thee I rant the !conom" of #ife” says0 #The root of re"enge is in the weakness of the Soul) the most abject and timorous are the most addicted to itD but the noble mind disdaineth to say.& Such a culture of forgi"eness would benefit e"eryone e"entually and promote not only personal but national peace and security. >ife has a way of balancing misfortunes with benefits. It can be "ery difficult to forgi"e if we are fixated on only the undesirable aspect of the offender!s personality. Do the noble thing: 1 Cenyan pro"erb says. forgi"e them.rG. In the words of the late ci"il rights leader the 2e". #If a donkey kicks you and you kick the donkey back are you not both donkeys?& 2ather. “(ather. for they know not what they do. -owe"er. we just tell them to pass it on 7 #%o and do likewise. you can choose to see the good that has come out of what was directed at you with e"il intent. F. Bartin >uther Cing ?r0 . #@"ery ad"ersity. /al"ary is often the way to glory. . whate"er power the aspirant attains he must first be tested for.our readiness must be e"ident before the Baster appears. Don’t demonize the offender: 'o human being is all bad or all good. and e"ery heartache. Take it as redemptive: $n the mystical path. These considerations may cool your feelings of hurt or anger and help you forgi"e. This redemption *ualifies you for breakthroughs in all areas of your life and is one way to access the pri"ileges of di"ine grace. If the biblical ?oseph was not been sold into sla"ery in @gypt maybe he would ne"er ha"e become Prime Binister< 1ccording to 'apoleon -ill. as you choose to forgi"e. maybe they!"e succeeded in strengthening your character. carries with it the seed of an e*ui"alent or greater benefit&. we can take a cue from the Baster ?esus and say. Baybe the person who offended us is also a de"oted parent or is "ery caring towards elderly people or is "ery 5ealous in ser"ing the $rder or is a generous and charitable gi"er. EIt hurts me<E romote a culture of forgiveness: Cnowing that we reap what we sow. so too would be your ability to attract them. If your willingness to forgi"e and bestow blessings is limited. .

I have lived these last few "ears with the conviction that unearned suffering is redemptive+” Thank you. I have attempted to see m" personal ordeals as an opportunit" to transform m"self and heal the people involved in the tragic situation. 'ow imagine the two balls of white light expanding and slowly merging into one infinite uni"ersal light.our Spirit of @xcellence. If onl" to save m"self from bitterness.” Sit for a few minutes in silence. 846: . 0erfect love and harmon" reigns.. PS0 1 Spiritual @xercise (or forgi"eness0 Suppose you wish to restore harmonious relations and a spirit of mutual forgi"eness between yourself and another.=Sil"a=s effecti"e+spirituality. Hisuali5e yourself as a ball of white light. . (ebruary 68." personal trials have taught me the value of unmerited suffering. proceed as follows. 1s this merging takes place. I decided to follow the latter course. There is no such thing as other.“.ecogni-ing the necessit" for suffering I have tried to ma%e of it a virtue. .. Intelligence directs the uni"erse. hat is the ultimate approach to excellence? $f what rele"ance is spirituality in your *uest for fulfillment and bliss? ?ohn . Hisuali5e the other person as a similar ball of white light.ou may. ?ohn is happily de"oted to helping . not chance. 's m" sufferings mounted I soon reali-ed that there were two wa"s that I could respond to m" situation) either to react with bitterness or see% to transform the suffering into a creative offers insights that would surprise and refresh you. 1. @nd the exercise with sacred gesture.ou unleash . in an attitude of sincerity and prayerful re"erence. repeat this affirmation six times0 “In /osmic /onsciousness all is one...