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TIME: 2 Hrs. F.M: 90

I. Fill in the blanks. [15] 1. In the internet, the main computers connected to each other through satellites or ground cables are called ________________. 2. The path, which the message sent by you to another computer on the internet takes, is decided by devices called ___________. 3. Information on the internet is available in the form of __________ made by people. 4. _________ are harmful program. 5. ________ program can detect and get rid of viruses. 6. ________ graphics maintain an image as a collection of points, lines and arcs. 7. The total number of _____ on the screen determines how sharp the graphic is. 8. _________ is the combination of video, audio and animation. 9. Changing the shape of an object is known as _________. 10. If a system has the capability of organising, processing and retrieving data, it can be called a _______ management system. 11. In a database table, a column containing certain information is called a __________. 12. A database contains ten fields. The manager needs information on only three fields. To give this information a ____________ needs to be prepared. 13. GUI stands for ____________. 14. Name$ is a type of ___________. 15. The information given under ____________ in a report appears at the top of each page in a report. II. State true or false. [10] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. A message sent from one computer to another mostly takes the least congested route. An email sent from one computer to another reaches almost instantly. You are free to use all information available on the Net in any way you want to. The number of pixels on a computer screen decides its resolution. Multimedia computers do not require large amount of memory. Digital video camera can be used to transform picture to digital form. It is easier to extract information from data that has been processed than from raw data. Data can be entered in a database table in the design mode. Sorting can only be done on one field at a time. A program is a set of instruction given to the computer. [10]

III. Name the command to do the following: 1. Take a value from the user. 2. Do logical calculation.

3. Clear the screen. 4. Print a word on the monitor. 5. Add two numbers and save it in a variable.

IV. Answer the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


What are routers? How do they help messages on the internet to reach their destination quickly? In which two ways can a web page be designed by you? Why it is wrong to copy other peoples work on the internet and pass it off as your own? Why is updating of database so important? What do you mean by a database? Give examples of two databases used in everyday life. Define multimedia. What determines the sharpness of a computer graphic?

V. Write programs in QBASIC for the following. 1. Write a program to enter your favourite colour and food and then print it. [5] 2. Write a program to enter three numbers and find its product. [5] 3. Write a program to enter marks in three subjects and calculate its percentage, now check if percentage is greater than or equal to 40 then print Pass or else print Fail. [10]