Cheese Fondue for Two $16
walnut raisin bread, soft pretzels, asian pear, brandied cherry gelée

Milk Chocolate Crunch Cake $11
brûléed bananas, passion fruit gelato, bourbon caramel

Goat’s Cheese Custard $11
lake anna honey, crispy quinoa, pineapple three-way

Black & Tan Donuts $10
pale ale beignets, stout-chocolate filling

Soufflé of the Moment $11
ice cream, fruit compote

Mexican Chocolate Tart $11
cajeta, house-made fluff, cacao nib chantilly

‘Milk’ & Cookies $14
warm cookies with a cacao egg cream

Drunken Drumstick $10
vanilla ice cream, sugar cone, chocolate shell, peanuts

rix Fixe !""
amuse bouche, today’s special, and petites fours chef’s choice of wine, cocktail of beer

T#REE #$RSEM%& !'(
!ap "ocktails#

Sa)erac old overholt rye, absinthe, peychaud’s bitters, orange pee gomme El Dorado
pisco, ye ow chartreuse, pineapp e, emon, peychaud’s bitters

&e*roni %+aro
st$ georges rye gin, montenegro campari, orange pee

B,R-ES.,E C$C/T%0-S !''

Ri1erstone Slushies wine with apero , seasona !ruit " nectar, sha#ed ri#erstone ice Dou2le Do3n rose bitters, b$grade map e syrup, ruby red grape!ruit Cake Shake cake " ice cream, dark rum, #e #et !u ernum, cocoa ee4 Sho3 cucumber, dar%ee ing b ack tea, ginger beer 0rish Good25e
%rish whiskey, absinthe, rich espresso, raw sugar, cream



genever, pimms,

with star anise

assin* Stran*er
pisco, yellow chartreuse, pineapple gomme, lemon, burlesque bitters

The Dude


rum, cognac, egg cream, mo e cacao bitters E+4t5 ro+ise apricot i&ueur, stone !ruit nectar, mint, ginger Dirt5 Shirle5 ginger a e, brandied cherries, cotton candy


gin, burlesque bitters,

R%C6 B,BB-ES $'
Cherr5 Bo+2
bourbon, cherry heering liqueur, lemon, prossecco, angostura


Street Corner Girl
rum, kalani coconut liqueur, pineapple nectar, grenadine &ime, champagne

Gi4s5 E5es
vodka, cr'me de violet, cherry liquor, lemon, lavender bitters, c hampagne

The Mada+e rye, peach i&ueur " nectar, ginger, emon and prosecco

S %R/-0&G ()*+
(rosecco 7 8ardetto9 0tal5 !: ***On Draft )lanc *e )lanc + &ouis (aul, &oire ,rance -. "hampagne )rut /ose + 0arquis *e &a !our, ,rance -. "ava )rut /iserva + 1uve 2 "amps, 3pain -45 "ava )rut /ose + 1uve 2 "amps, 3pain -46

,rut Champagne - .anson , ack .abe , Champagne /rance $110 bott e

;#0TE ;0&E
0aculan (ino 7 !oi + (inot 8rigio )lend, %taly -9:-5. "lean 3late /iesling + *ry /iesling, 8ermany -.:-;5

/ose + 1ean-&uc "olombo, ,rance -<:-;= "hardonnay + )enziger, "arneros "> -4?:-6?

1runer 2e t iner - .ois, 3ustria $104$45

RED ;0&E
(inot @oir, 8ravelly ,ord, "> -9:-5.

Cotes Du 6hone - Chateau de Mont!aucon, /rance $54$70
"abernet ,ranc + 3teele, "> -4?:-6? 8renache:0ouvedre + !he , )omb, "> -4?:-6? 0albec )lend + >malaya, "entral >rgentina -44:-66

cheese board, house-made semolina crackers, marinated figs -46 chorizo stuffed dates, chive cream -< tasso-cheddar straws -9 flavors of popcorn -=

peroni, -= - bells two hearted -. - wild wolf blond hunny -9 - stiegl grapefruit radler


amstel light -= - duclaw sweet baby jesus peanut-chocolate -9 - lindemans casis -45 delerium tremens -45 - weihenstephaner dunkel 4=$< oz -4? - bison chocolate stout -. - eggenberg hopfenkonig pi

sner $6

avery ellie’s brown -A + jack’s cider -A - anderson valley -A - dales -A - pbr


S$D% !<
0ain /oot 4??B 3ugar "ane 3oda8

me9ican co a $ me9ican diet co a $ root beer - saspari a $ emon4 ime tonic $ spicy ginger beer $ ginger a e

#$,SE=M%DE DR0&/S $:

emonade $ housemaid cranberry $ !resh grape!ruit %uice $ !resh o% ginger$peach beer

espresso -5 - americano -5$A + cappuccino -;$A + latte -6