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Vaughan Arthur Langman Degrees and Universities Attended: B.Sc. 1969.

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, M.Sc. 1971. University of Pacific, Stockton, California Ph.D. 1978. Zoophysiology,University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska Thesis title: Thermoregulation and behavior of giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) Postdoctoral Experience: 1978-81 Harvard University Research Fellow, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Research on exercise physiology and functional anatomy at the Concord Field Station with Professor C. R. Taylor. Languages: Fluent speaking and reading Swahili, Kenya East Africa. Fluent speaking Fanagallo, South Africa. Employed for the capture and care of wild animals: 1973 Henderson and Marsh Safaris, Rhodesia. 1974 Game Breeders, Republic of South Africa. 1975-77 Zoological Collectors, Tony Parkinson and John Seago, Kenya. 1982-83 Kenya Wildlife Trustees. 1983-84 Burston and Marstellar, New York. 1999-04 Consultant African Fund for Endangered Wildlife for the capture and translocation of giraffe in Kenya, East Africa Patents: 1995 Patent No. 5,435,299: Respiratory insulator for the prevention of hypothermia in the extreme cold. Book Chapters: V. A. Langman. 1998 The Respiratory System. in Biology, by Randy Moore. WCB/McGraw-Hill, New York. Selected Publications Langman, V.A. 1973. Immobilization and capture of giraffe. S. Afr. J. Sci. 69:200-203. Langman, V.A. 1973. Radio-tracking giraffe for ecological studies. J. South Afr. Wildl. Mgmt. Assoc. 3(2):75-78. Langman, V.A. 1977. Cow-calf relationships in giraffe. Zeitschr. Teirpsychol. 43:264-286. Alexander, R., McN., V.A. Langman, and A.S. Jaynes. 1977. Fast locomotion of some African ungulates. J. Zool., Lond., 183:291-300. Langman, V.A. 1978. Giraffe pica, behavior and pathology indicators of nutritional stress. J. Wildl. Mgmt. 42(1):141-147. Langman, V.A., G.M.O. Maloiy, K. Schmidt-Nielsen, and R.S.Schroter. 1978. Respiratory water and heat loss in camels subjected to dehydration. J. Physiol. Lond. 278:34P.

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