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Grounded in Faith
Ministering to the Differently-abled

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Rev. How long oh Lord! A prophet named Habakkuk felt that way. There is work to be done. To have a proper understanding of what it means to be grounded in faith will determine the strength.Grounded in Faith Reverend Luke Shaw in his presidential address at the 164 th General Assembly of the Jamaica Baptist Union lamented the reality we face as a people.“How long oh Lord!” JBU Presidential Address . LORD. he declared. fear. The pastor assured that we can live in Jamaica. Habakkuk cries out to God in concern and worry for the world. The church must take the lead. 1. but you do not listen? Or cry out to you. We must not let God use Babylon to lead us to do what God desires us to do. quality and effectiveness of how we stand in living by faith as God’s people in God’s world. How long. must I call for help. As a Church we should never surrender the power and authority we have in Jesus Christ when Babylon threatens us. Why does the bloodshed continue in Syria and other Middle Eastern and African countries? How long will the murder. abuse and dehumanization of our children and elderly continue unabated in Jamaica land we love. Faith is the key. Luke Shaw stated that the cry of Habakkuk could be our cry today. The outgoing president questions if God is really concerned about what is happening in our personal. We cannot sit at ease while the crisis continues. As with Habakkuk we must wait patiently. “Violence!” but you do not save? God seemed indifferent and impotent in the face of all that was happening to God’s own people. Faith in God calls for a holistic surrender of self in trust and faithfulness to God. an experience of stress. The pastor expressed that the prophet of God living in God’s world was experiencing a crisis of faith as we may very well be experiencing today. We will be held accountable. though we may be punished by the Babylonians of today. . discontent and apathy. hopelessness. The Church must be the prophetic voice even if we are ridiculed. helplessness. national and global experiences.

young and old alike. and urge that our efforts move also beyond the precincts of our churches into every section of our island to break down every barrier created by political persuasion. the leadership of this nation calls on all Jamaicans to come together and make a concerted effort to take back our island from the grip of crime and negativity. heartless vengeance and evil have so taken control of a few of our people that they murder and abuse their fellowmen and women without a second thought. as well as fathers and mothers from all across this land. what we must do for our land to be healed. We know that religious groups are calling for a national day of prayer and fasting. and energize a national movement for the restoration of love and reconciliation. To these criminals. prosperity and safety and for the future of our children. . No place is held sacred as they commit these dastardly acts even on church premises. It is clear that hatred. We commend them. Most of us are still reeling from the shock of the heinous crimes committed against our people. resources which could have been invested in social development. The Most Honourable Prime Minister And The Leader Of The Opposition (Abridged) A CALL TO ALL JAMAICANS FOR REFLECTION AND RECONCILIATION Fellow Jamaicans.Joint Statement Issued By The Governor-General. We simply cannot continue like this! Today. Consider during this Lenten period. and economic standing. so our people could become more productive. May God grant us the wisdom beyond ourselves to accomplish this mission! 2. Many church leaders and other groups have been petitioning the leadership of our nation to proclaim a solemn assembly to pray for our nation. We stand united in the struggle for Jamaica’s peace. even their own life lacks value and meaning. pregnant women. Our homeland is passing through a moral crisis such as we have never seen before. As Jamaicans we must reflect on how far we have fallen from our values and traditions. Too much of our scarce resources go into crime-fighting. babies and young children.

“Look to me with all your heart. “Why are we not seeing people living better?” Rev. Turn to God and all these things will be added. March 5. and when they disappear we lose self. Those who turn to me will never be turned back. Receive the message that comes with openness. she added. The price we pay so we might achieve demonstrate things that are turn to self. . She expressed that some people feel we do not need prayer and fasting. but more action. Marvia Lawes declared that this is not a time to quit. . she declared. We must be submissive and be willing to surrender. Where? The scripture says.Sophia Williams 3. to satisfy our desires. They may ask. If we are not living well in divine things we are not living well. Andrew Baptist Association Retreat and Healing Service. a God that says it is never too late. 2014 believers gathered at the Boulevard Baptist Church for the Annual Kingston and St. Everything about living well is pointing to God. But this is not what the world tells us. the righteousness we need to live. speaker for the event acknowledged that Lent is the most sobering observance on the Christian calendar.“LIVING FAITHFULLY. fasting and having the right disposition. LIVING WELL: Uncompromising Faith in Challenging Times” KSABA Retreat and Healing Service On Ash Wednesday. It is not time bound. Reverend Marvia Lawes. Not to give up on what it means to be a child of God. We offer wellness to material things or some mark of life achievement. prayer. Living well means to be grounded in Almighty God.” These are the days when you demonstrate who you are from the inside out. She affirmed that the things of the world will not last. It is a time for repentance.

SUNDAY SCHOOL Collecting certificates from Sunday School Superintendent. l-r are Rodjae Phillips. Looking on are Asst. Sch. Twenty five students sat the exam. another four obtained credit and fifteen got a passing grade.High Attendance Sunday Twenty three students were awarded certificates after their success in the Sunday School Examinations held in October 2013. . four received honours. Superintendent Mevonie Bramwell and Rev. Melissa Thompson and Alexander Haye L-R: Anthony Rattray. Sun. Devon Dick L-R: Malik Thompson. Akeem Williams and Linford Smith. Milton Thompson. Khamal Johnson and Kelsey-Ann Beckford receiving the highest score of 91 4.

except with his own consent (or. Under the Charter of Rights Religious Expressions. The old fundamental rights and freedoms were repealed and swept away as it was believed that these rights were hemmed in by too many exceptions and a new Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms was brought into being. No person attending any place of education. By virtue of this provision the Charter of Rights and Fundamental Rights and Freedoms 2011 is a tool and not a threat to evangelism. the consent of his parent or guardian) shall be required to receive religious instruction. Taylor. practice and observance. The Charter of Rights guarantees the right of faith based institutions to teach religious doctrine in their schools notwithstanding that they may be receiving government funding from the national budget. the Church has occupied a pre-eminent position of influence in helping to shape law. policy and values. including the freedom to change his religion and the right. which relates to a religion or religious body or denomination other than his own. or to take part in or attend any religious ceremony or observance. to manifest and propagate his religion in worship. . either alone or in community with others and both in public and in private. This provision ensures that there can be no religious persecution for the practice of any creed. The Charter in conclusion is not a threat to the Church’s work of evangelism. 2011. if he is a minor. teaching. This principle recognizes the right of religious institutions to be autonomous and independent of any kind of state control. including Satanism.THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS: TOOL OR THREAT TO EVANGELISM ~ Jeremy C. every person shall have the right to freedom of religion. 5. Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (AG) The Parliament of Jamaica enacted an amendment to the Jamaican Constitution on April 7. For centuries. The constitution of a religious body or denomination shall not be altered except with the consent of the governing authority of that body or denomination.


Wilmer Jackson. L-R: KLAS ESPN team celebrates their 15th anniversary with us. Devon Dick. ‘Boulevaad a guh haad’ with her husband on drum during Kings Manor dedication. Beryl Gibbs makes her presentation and Guest preacher Rev. All smiles as Tanya Clarke presents cultural item. Foundation member Dorleen Williams and young Akeem Williams unveiling new Church sign.45th Anniversary Celebrations Highlights of Boulevard Baptist Church Unveiled plaque bearing names of the 32 foundation members. Kings Manor first owner cutting ribbon. Guest speaker Earl Jarrett. L-R: Act of dedication of the new Church sign by Rev. 6. .

Ministering to the Differently-abled The main thing to remember is that people with disabilities want to be treated like everybody else and have a right to be. Discuss for example issues related to work. ensure that provisions are made to accommodate all types of disabilities. “hunchback”. sports and even the weather. BE NATURAL – Do not worry about using words related to the disability. BE UNDERSTANDING – People with disabilities have the same obligations you have. SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THE DISABLED PERSON – Direct conversation to the person with disability – not his or her companion if there is one.though their obligations may be harder to meet. Don’t limit discussions to their disability. FOSTER INTEGRATION/INCLUSION – When planning activities. Information sourced from the Handbook for Integration. BE SENSITIVE – Do not use terms of derision like “cripple”. Inclusion and Integration within the Church Community – The Jamaica Baptist Union Christian Education Department Ministry to persons with disabilities in collaboration with the Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN) (Programme of the World Council of Churches). braille or audio for the blind. “foolfool” and “madman”. 7. BE CONSIDERATE – People with disabilities lead full lives. MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT – Everyone deserves the courtesy of being looked in the eye. ramps and accessible bathrooms for wheelchair users. example. For example. sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired. BE RESPECTFUL – Treat people with disabilities with respect and dignity. do not be embarrassed to say “see you later” to a blind person. BE PATIENT – Do not hurry people with disabilities – try to match their pace. .

. even though it may be postponed. regarding the stages of our life span (growth. The science which deals with the aging process is gerontology. Before puberty the thymus gland has degenerated. Phi Omega. USA. Emma McCalla. and the medical care associated with the process. We may not all age at the same rate but the aging process is impossible to escape. This process really starts before we were born. as adults we will change and certain changes will appear evident in our bodies. as they are not perceptible. BSc.) The aging process does not proceed at a uniform rate. As we age the various functions and physiological reactions of our body gradually slow down. The chronological age is measured in years. Gerontology and Community Health. Retired Principal 8. There is also another related science. and before fifty. The anatomical age is the condition of our various body organs. Sociology. This science tries to find the reason we age and the details of aging. tonsils are old. These changes are not apparent until perhaps fifty years of age. We all have a life span that varies with each individual: some individuals at sixty are considered old. and is so measured. maturity. To be continued. Some changes may be forestalled by frequent medical check-ups to make these years comfortable and satisfying.The Aging Process… As we grow older. and the psychological age is expressed by our emotional and mental phases. biological or otherwise. National Honour Society Pi Gamma. etc. Member. while others at sixty are still thought of as young. geriatrics that deals with the disease characteristics of aging.

each life is significant. but seldom. Life’s worth is not based on possessions and profession. Repentance is necessary for Salvation and we must make a personal decision to renounce sin. grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ that we are saved. life should be living in faith by God. Devon Dick delivered some essential points about faith and Salvation in a sermon titled. God created us in His own image so that we can have a right relationship with Him. Devon Dick provided the following for our justification by Salvation and saving faith. Rev.Salvation Feature “Too often we find something to boast about. God’s plan is for us to have fellowship with Him. We accept God’s offer of Salvation. It is justification by Christ alone. Saving faith is the wholehearted reliance to God and to God’s will. We do things that are not right because our minds and actions are controlled by sin. Becoming right with God starts with faith in God. accomplishments and achievements. “Saving Faith”. When we are not in Christ we are prone to do anything. the gift of Salvation” Reverend Dr. our awards. . 9. Saving faith is the role faith plays in the beginning of our Christian life.

Here are some environmental management guidelines which we should consider even with our own individual construction and related activities to prevent pollution and ecological degradation. 10. especially in recent times that have in some ways impacted our environment in a negative way. permits and contractual agreements. and environmental policies. Monitor operations. Protect the environment and preventing pollution by controlling the environmental impacts to acceptable levels. to ensure that environmental performance complies with the required guidelines. Handle and store all dangerous goods and chemicals in an environmentally responsible manner. regulations. Adapted from Bouygues (Construction) Travaux Publics Jamaican Branch health. Monitor environmental management performance during the constructions works. We may be more familiar with housing developments where citizens are dislocated by major flooding or other disasters after the development is completed. rules and regulations. . Comply with the applicable environmental laws. safety. Respond to any environmental complaints according to the prescribed procedures. including those of sub-contractors.GREEN ATTITUDES: Environmental guidelines during construction We are all aware of major developments.

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Consequently in four weeks he did eight funerals.three more times. And had an a axe and two 38’s!” the government will rest on His shoulders. “Stop! Acts 2:38!” (Repent and be baptized. “Let him use it one more time. She caught the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables and yelled. So he used the sermon from the Sunday before .but they really couldn’t remember. “She said she For child will be born to us. He did not have time to write his regular Sunday Sermons.” “Scripture?” replied the burglar. Prince of Peace . As the officer cuffed the man to take him in. . several of the Great Old Saints waited for their new pastor to die.REPEATING SERMONS A brand new pastor came out to his first church. in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven.” STOP. The Council couldn’t remember. Mighty God.Isaiah 9:6 11. And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor. Eternal Father. THIEF! An elderly woman had just returned to her home from an evening of church services when she was startled by an intruder. he asked the burglar.) The burglar stopped in his tracks. The Bishop said. The Council went to the Bishop complaining that this new pastor had used the same sermon four times in a row. The Bishop asked what the sermon was about. “Why did you just stand there? All the old lady did was yell a scripture to you. a son will be given to us. As usually seems to be the case. they scratched their heads and hemmed and hawed . The woman calmly called the police and explained what she had done.

Concluding. Abraham seemed to have given up more for less in leaving the security of his own land. Abraham responded to God’s call in faith and obedience. We can learn some lesson from his life as we go forward in faith. • Righteousness is costly because our relationship with God will demand more than what self thinks it should offer to God or to neighbour. family. • Righteousness will always be costly as faith will always be tested when the foundations of righteousness are shaken. Rev. informed.Forward in Faith Costly Righteousness ~ Sophia Williams Out-going president of the Jamaica Baptist Union. challenged and renewed. • Righteousness is costly because it makes us vulnerable and even put our lives at risk in a world determined to push God to the periphery. Rev. Rev. Shaw presented Abraham as an outstanding example of faith and righteousness. Luke Shaw. not knowing where he was going. growing in faith. • Righteousness comes at a price. noted that for the week of the General Assembly of the Union they were nourished. Abraham’s faith and righteousness shows us that real faith trusts God when everything seems to go against what we believe about God. . It is costly in that it means we have to surrender self to God. Referencing Hebrews 11:8-12. gifted by faith and now at the closing moment of the assembly meetings we were preparing to go in faith and to live by faith. He charged the congregation to go ‘forward in faith’ with the awareness that it demands costly righteousness. Luke Shaw commanded God’s righteous people to GO! Costly as it may be. guided by faith. They talked about grounded in faith. possessions and blindly going to an unknown destination. Reverend Luke Shaw delivered the following points on costly righteousness and living righteously: • To live righteously is to promote the peace and well being of humanity and all creation. go and tell! Go and live that the world may know God is alive in Jamaica! God is alive and active in our world! 12.

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