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Call for Papers

The Association of Indian Economic and Financial Studies (AIEFS) is sponsoring sessions at ASSA 2015, Boston, MA, January 3 -5, 2015.
In general, both theoretical and empirical papers on economic growth and development, trade and finance, economic policy and political economy will be considered. Quality papers on other topics will also be given consideration. Preferences will be given to papers written in the context of the Indian economy. Completed paper/or detailed abstract of the paper should be submitted to Chandana Chakraborty, Executive Director and Program Chair, AIEFS by April 30, 2014. Program committee will be responsible for selecting papers for presentation. Authors are encouraged to make electronic submissions at

All submissions must be accompanied by annual AIEFS membership dues for 2014 and completed membership form. Those who are either life members or have already paid dues for 2014 are not required to pay dues with their submission. Annual membership fee is $40 and students are charged concessional rate of $20. AIEFS membership form can be downloaded from the website: Membership dues can be paid electronically from the website. Payments by checks payable to AIEFS would also be accepted For those submitting abstract only, it should consist of at least 500 words. Abstract should include research objective, review of literature, methodology and sources of data for empirical papers. Note: File name of paper/abstract should include last name of the author and not just AIEFS2015. Example: AIEFS2015ASen, where A is for Amit. It is intended that a selection of papers will be put forward for a journal special issue on a connected theme.

Following additional Information should be attached with the paper/or abstract on a separate sheet:
1. Title of the paper:

2. JEL classification of the paper: 3. Name(s) of the author(s): 4. Affiliation of the author(s): 5. Mailing address: 6. E-mail address(s): 7. Telephone number(s) (r): (w): Fax number:

8. Additional/optional willingness to discuss other papers and chair sessions (with areas of interest and specialization)

Deadline: April 30, 2014

If the electronic option is not chosen, the required information and checks can be mailed to: Professor Chandana Chakraborty Executive Director and Program Chair Department of Econ. & Finance Montclair State University Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 E-mail: Phone :( 973) 655-4125

Note: If you wish to serve on AIEFS executive committee, please let the Executive Director know as soon as possible. Go to to know more about the organization.