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Curriculum Day

Tuesday 22nd April

Term 2 Commences
Wednesday 23rd April

Anzac Day Public Holiday

Friday 25th April

We would like to wish all our WRC families a Happy Easter!

4TH APRIL 2014




t was all smiles at the Pacic Smiles Animal Nursery where past staff Barry & Cheryl Perkin and Sue Jenkins worked with WRC students over the 4 day event. The volunteer students very ably cared for the many and varied animals on display and assisted the public in having a hands-on animal experience. They were superbly lead and organized by Zoe Harvey, VCE Ag/Hort Studies student. The Team worked very well together with the old hands showing the rst-timers the ropes. It was great to see our Japanese Rotary exchange, Maria Yonemura getting fully involved with pockets full of guinea pigs and checking out the Australia animal display.
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A Proud History, a Bright Future

FARM WORLD '14 cont.

Students cared for guinea pigs, chickens, kittens, ducks, calves, goats, rare breed pigs with piglets, alpacas and some very cute but rascally kelpie puppies. Cows were milked and then cream was produced using a hand-operated separator which was fascinating to adults and youngsters alike. Cream did not originally arrive in plastic containers! On the opening day of Farm World all Yr 10, 11 & 12 Agriculture students had the opportunity to spend the entire day on the FarmWorld site investigating the latest in Agricultural Technology and Innovation. We were exposed to a new type of robotic dairy from GEA Technologies Australia that uses 3D imaging, a wireless remote water level sensing device that can check water levels from over a kilometre away back to a sensor in your shed, wireless remote electric fence monitoring that alerts the farmer via SMS if there is a break in the ow of current through the electric fence system and then directs you to the fault location! To name a few... This will lead to much follow-up work back in the classroom as well as the offer of many generous guest speakers keen to assist students in their agricultural futures. Yr 12 Ag/Hort studies students received a generous donation of a 3 teat, compartmentalised calf-feeder which will greatly assist in the rearing of our 3 new Jersey heifer calves destined for China as milking cows. This was after the students approached the Daviesway-Dasco site to enquire about Queen of Calves Probiotic calf supplements. We are extremely grateful for their support. Students came away enthusiastic, but somewhat fatigued, from big day out, laden with showbags, hats and balloons.

Principal's Report
Worlds Greatest Shave
Congratulations to WRC Student Union and Mr Braddick for raising over $1000 for the Leukaemia Foundation as part of the Worlds Greatest Shave fund raiser which included a free dress day and BBQ. A highlight was Charlotte Clark who had her beautiful, long hair shaved to raise awareness and money for this great causewell done Charlotte, you are very brave.

Parents and Friends

I attended the recent Parents and Friends Wine and Cheese Night where a number of new members were in attendance and joined the committee. It was a great evening and a good chance for parents to get an insight into this at the school and our plans for the future. It was equally good from my point of view to get feedback on things that are working well at school and areas where we need to make improvements. This two way dialogue between parents and the school is extremely important to the continued improvement of our school. If you are interested in joining Parents and Friends please let me know ( and I will have someone from the committee contact you.

Speed Careers
Yesterday we had more than 20 employers from the local community who participated in our Beacon Speed Careers event. Like speed dating, this event entails small groups of students spending 5 minutes listening to the career journey of a range of employers and then the ability to ask questions. From the employers we had; dental technicians, paramedics, vets, police, nurses, massage therapists, accountants, psychologists and many more. The idea behind this event is to give students an understanding of the huge range of occupations that exist in the community and how they might go about entering into this career if that is where their passion lies. Thank you to all the employers who attended, to Sarah Taylor and the Beacon School Ambassadors for their organisation on the day and nally to the Year 10 students who were highly engaged on the day.

GPA Morning Tea

Yesterday, over 200 students participated in a morning tea for Silver and Bronze GPA All-star winners. The Bronze GPA Allstar is awarded to a student who achieves 10 scores of 40+ in their time at the College. This award entitles them to a morning tea twice per year, a badge and a certicate. The Silver GPA All-star Award is for students who achieve 20 or more 40+ scores. This award entitles these students to a badge, a certicate, a polo shirt and a lunch once per semester. On behalf of the staff of the school I would like to congratulate all GPA Bronze and Silver All-stars and encourage all students to strive to join this great honour.

Rob Juratowitch Principal


Assistant Principal's Report

Progress Reports
The second Progress Report for this term will be sent out this week. The Progress Reports indicate that we have 59% of our students in the school achieving at GPA All-Star level. At Year 12 we have 77% of students achieving 40+, Year 11 55%, Year 10 53%, Year 9 41%, Year 8 68% and Year 7 68%. These results are a very pleasing indicating that most students are motivated and working hard. The progress reports also indicate students who may be struggling or not performing at the expected level. The Year Level Team Leaders and the Home Group teachers will be speaking to each of these students and implementing some support mechanisms to get students back on track. We encourage all parents and students to use the reports as a way of initiating discussion with each other about progress at school. Parents are welcome to contact the school if they have any concerns about student progress.

Balancing Screen Time

Having a great time online is ne until it becomes a great deal of time. Theres nothing wrong with digging the digital world. Chatting, messaging, gaming, streaming videos and generally just cruising the web are all pretty awesome as long as youve got it under control. But what if it starts spiralling out of control? Keeping a healthy balance between online and ofine is the way to go. Has your use become overuse? Here are a few clues to look out for: Youve stopped spending time with friends and family (like youre more interested in Facebook than face to face?). Youre spending more and more time on the computer. You cant focus on schoolwork and its starting to show. Youre becoming obsessed about certain games or websites. You feel anxious, angry or moody when youre not on the net. Youre tired a lot of the time or not feeling the best. Some ways to nd the right balance: Switch off and go ofine. Make a call and have a real live chat over the phone, or arrange to meet up with your friends and hang out in person. Cut down on online stuff. Limit the amount of time you spend on social networking sites, online gaming and how often you check your emails or messages. Make a move on the activities or sports youve let slip. Get back into things you enjoy like swimming, riding a bike, dancing, and even shopping the old fashioned retail way! Keep your focus on the here and now. See your time spent away from the screen as a great way to stay on top of connecting to real people in the real world.

Study tips from high level students:

They nd quiet places away from distractions TV, socialising, crowded - Where do you study? They dont have music They follow a study timetable to ensure they focus on all areas of their study They dont procrastinate they have a purpose and goal every time they sit down They are organised Positive outlook they want to learn and embed material.

Not Negotiables Uniform and Presentation

Year Level Teams are currently targeting students out of uniform. Parents can help us by ensuring that students own the correct uniform, that they wear it to school and that they have a note if they need to be out of uniform for any reason. Thank you in advance to all students and parents for your support to ensure all students are wearing full school uniform.

End of Term
To all families, have a great holiday break. It is probably the last time you will get away before the cold weather kicks in so make sure you make the most of the last of the warm weather. I look forward to seeing all students and staff back on deck for work on Wednesday 23rd April.

Les Ponton Assistant Principal


Assistant Principal's Report

Schools Connect Australia
On the 11th March, Warragul Regional College's Principal Team met for the rst time with our partners from KPMG as part of the Schools Connect Australia- Business Class program. Four representatives from KPMG visited the college along with the Education Manager from Schools Connect as part of the 'getting to know you' phase of a new partnership where that will continue for a minimum of three years with a focus on building robust, sustainable philanthropic partnerships between schools and businesses. Schools Connect is an independent, non-prot organisation that was established in 2010 and began operating in 2011 with startup support from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD). The goal of the program is for every school student, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to receive support from business to help build their aspirations and achievements in order to succeed at school and in the workforce. At our initial meeting, the structure and responsibilities of the Business Class program were outlined by the education Manager of Schools Connect, after which Warragul Regional College's Principal Team gave an overview of our school and community, including subjects such as: staff/student numbers, student achievement, the post-school destination of students and the broader strategic direction for learning and teaching. Following on from this initial meeting, Rob Juratowitch and I, went to visit the Melbourne ofce of KPMG where we shared our schools 'Needs Analysis' which highlighted the strengths, issues and concerns we might have as a school. In return, we heard and discussed with the KPMG representatives how similar issues are faced in their industry and the approaches that have been used to address these issues and share any organisational resources that may be of mutual assistance. The Schools Connect website contains further information about the program and the burgeoning relationship between KPMG and Warragul Regional College and can be found at: http://

Online Privacy- Protecting the information you provide to your school.

I am sure many of our parents extended members of our schools community are increasingly aware, protecting the personal information you divulge online is of great importance. In the media of late, there have been a number of stories relating to the misappropriation of personal data and records. These reports have even included stories from states other than Victoria, where data has been accessed from schools. As a school that is progressively collecting and sharing information for the purpose of improving student leaning, Warragul College is increasingly aware of our responsibility to parents and students to protect any personal information disclosed to us. Given the recent media attention data protection has received, it is timely that we share with you some of the steps Warragul Regional College is taking to ensure your data is protected. As readers are no doubt aware, Warragul Regional College's main system for communication is the Compass School Manager software platform. Compass is a web-based platform, which means the data is not stored at the school but rather is stored offsite with Compass. This has the added benet of ensuring the system will continue to work even in the rare circumstances when the school system itself is not functioning. Compass comply with a standard known as SSL which, for the uninitiated, basically means that all trafc owing from the school and about students is fully encrypted. This standard is also designed so that information cannot be stolen 'from the air' as data travels from one location to another along the network. Secondly, all data produced by the school is stored in Victoria and, therefore, is covered by Australian privacy law. Many readers may not be aware that many of the web services you use on a day-to-day basis actually store some of your data in a number of other countries. In some cases, this may make some of the information you have provided vulnerable to attack or misuse. This is particularly the case if where data is stored in countries with 'weaker' privacy laws. The systems used by Warragul Regional College comply with the privacy requirements as outlined by DEECD and under Australian Law. Further information about the privacy policy of Compass is accessible on the bottom of every compass page. Their policies are reviewed by corporate law rm DCS lawyers who are ensuring any updates and changes comply with new legislation and DEECD policy.

Left to Right: Cheralyn Price (KPMG) Alan Tyers, Iain Luck, Rob Juratowitch, Cameron Nicholls (WRC) Justin Ward, Srinand Yalamanchili, Angus Reynolds (KPMG)

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Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program has various aims: to build relationships between Year 7 students. to provide Year 7 students with valuable contacts with other older students in the school. to provide Year 10s with leadership experience. to foster a sense of fun and cooperation between students and staff. The program has been running at Warragul Regional College since the 1980s, making it one of the longest running and most adaptable programs in the schools history. Peer Support sessions are run weekly, with a variety of games and activities planned by the Year 10 leaders. Activities are often cooperative in nature, but are sometimes competitive in a fun sort of a way. The activities are intended to be fun and to break down the barriers people tend to put up; to allow Year 7s to mix with a wider circle of peers and to create more networks in their everyday environment. We often see impressive growth in the leaders over the duration of their course, as they grapple with the various challenges associated with researching activities, sourcing materials and handling students. The program goes for 14 sessions stretched over the rst semester.

VCAL Personal Development

On the 25th March, Mr. Deens VCAL Personal Development class took the opportunity to put a smile on many young faces at the Warragul and District Special School. Giving back to local school communities and building community partners in the local area is a great component of Personal Development.

5 5

Community, Achievement, Respect, Effort

Preparing Learners st for the 21 Century

You are invited to the Warragul Regional College


for families of current Year 5 & 6 students

Tuesday 29 April 2014

beginning in the Drama Room at 7:00pm
Personal tours will be held every Wednesday (3:45 - 4:30pm) of Term 2 by appointment only. Contact Elisa Fitzsimmons in the Year 7 Ofce 5623 9900 for appointments or enquiries.

55 Burke Street Warragul 3820 | Ph: (03) 5623 9900 | Fax: (03) 5623 4473

The eTeam Induction Day was held on March 21st as a way to introduce the new Year 7 and 8 eTeam members to their leadership role. The program was varied, and feedback from the students suggests they enjoyed the experience. After introductions explaining why each member wanted to be on the eTeam, we used a digital application called Padlet which allows students to post a microblog (a post less than 140 characters like Twitter). As one student commented, it was amazing to see how many posts could be made in 2 minutes. Students posted what they wanted to learn by being in the eTeam, and also what they thought they could contribute. We explored with the students the dual role that the eTeam performs: increasing students' own skills and knowledge about using technology, and supporting their class mates and teachers to use technology effectively in the classroom. Its important to learn and follow your interests, but also just as important to share your knowledge by teaching and helping others. The students seemed to take this on board really well. We then opened a class web space on Edmodo, an educational social network site where students can post documents, links to websites, and other les such as videos. They can also comment on other students' posts, so it increases the communication between students using an online tool. As the eTeam members are from all the different home groups, the Edmodo space is a way of keeping them connected. Students then identied the top issues or problems they have noticed in the classroom that prevent learning from occurring. From this information, we created a survey which gave us some data about what we need to address to help create even better learning environments for technology to be used effectively. The rest of the day was spent working with the students on how to use a screen casting software called Debut Video, and constructing scripts for their own how to videos, most of which address the problems identied earlier. We were impressed with the level of thought that students put into their scripts and their practice video. We formed eTeam club which will meet at lunchtime every Wednesday in D1 where students can complete their videos with support, as well as learn new skills that they specically want to know more about. We also formed an eTeam roster where students volunteer in the I.T. Ofce at lunchtime. This has been a goal of the College for some time now, and it is great to nally have it up and running. We have an outstanding group of committed and talented students and the teacher team of Mr. Nicholls (Assistant Principal) and Grant Harris (I.T. Manager) and I were very impressed. We look forward to working with the eTeam this year.

Compass Information Night

Have you logged on to Compass this year? If not, you might like to attend one of our hands on Compass sessions to help you get started. The parents who attended the information evening were given time on the computers in the lab, with support from teachers, eTeam students and our I.T Manager, Grant Harris, who was available to provide passwords for those who needed it. Compass is used daily by teachers and students for tracking attendance, timetables, room changes, lesson plans, and for chronicle items about academic achievement, behaviour and wellbeing. Increasingly Compass is being used as a learning tool as much as an administrative tool, and the parents who attended gave good feedback on what they had learnt. One parent emailed the next day to say "Dear Ms Coleman Thank you for an informative Compass information night. I found it very helpful. I appreciated being able to actually use a computer. The other thing is, that I had already had a ddle at home and thought I knew enough to keep my head above water, but I was taught on the night that there was so much more information available than what I realised and that what my son had told me. Thanks so much for your time. I was glad I made the effort to come." Next term we plan to set up sessions on Thursday mornings during extended home group so that parents who drop their kids off can get support to log in and navigate the system. We will also run sessions on Wednesdays after school. If you would like to book in for one of these sessions please ring the school and leave your name with the ofce. The next two sessions will be:

Wednesday 30th April 3.20 pm Thursday 1st May 9.05am

These small groups will be supportive dont worry about your level of computer knowledge as we will cater for everyone. If you have booked in please Cong ra tula tions meet at the ofce and to Rachel Lyon and Ella sign in as a visitor.

Naomi Coleman

Not only did the girls top the local results but they have been name d as AUSTRALIAN FE MALE AGE CHAMPIONS. This is a truly outstan ding achievement for the two girls who compete d against over 10 00 stu dents from all over the country. The College community is proud of your effor ts and a special award presentation is being organised.

Bridge who topped War ragul Regional College in th e recent Compu ta tional Thin king Challeng e with a fant as tic re sult of 91% .

Recognising Australia's Past

Senior Humanities
The senior Humanities program has had an exciting beginning to 2014. On Thursday the 27th March the Year 10 Heroes and Villains class visited the Vietnam Veterans Museum at Newhaven, Phillip Island. Understanding Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War forms the focus of the next area of study in Heroes and Villains and the excursion provided an exciting introduction for students. The Vietnam War was Australia's longest running war and a catalyst for signicant social changes in Australia. Students were keen to learn about National Service and the birthday ballot, the Tunnel Rats, weaponry and artillery. The excursion also provided students with a remarkable opportunity to interact and discuss the war with Veterans. This personal insight into the Vietnam War can often be difcult for Veterans to discuss and WRC students were lucky to discuss the lasting impacts of the war with two gentlemen. The Year 10 Guns and Germs class has also been investigating Australia's past through our involvement in the two World Wars. Australias war in the Pacic will be the next topic of study for students in Guns and Germs. To begin this topic of study, students have recently been treated to the arrival of a resource box from the Australian War Memorial that contains replica items used by Australian soldiers during our war in the Pacic. Students have enjoyed studying the pieces and speculating what they may or may not have been used for, as well as dressing up in the attire of soldiers at the time. The Vietnam Veterans Museum and the History boxes provided by the War Memorial both provide opportunities for students to experience Australias history in more detail.

WRC students selected for Victorian Energy Education Training (VEET) Program
Three WRC students have been selected to participate in the VEET Program, a pathways-focused program that provides participants with an insight into potential career opportunities in the energy industry. Michael Lynn, Bailey Christopher and Cody Kruijer-Hall who are currently under VET Electrotechnology studies will join 15 students from other schools across the Baw Baw and Latrobe regions in the program organised by the Baw Baw LLEN and SP AusNET. Bailey Christopher Cody Kruijer-Hall Michael Lynn During the program, the students will complete their Construction Induction Card training, visit the electrical training sites at Chadstone and SP AusNET Rowville and participate in a three-day work placement with SP AusNET. Well done to our three students.

Year 8 News Sweeney Todd

On Friday 28th March, all Year 8 students were treated to a gourmet BBQ, homegroup vs homegroup Fit-ball Skirmish and a Cyber Safety session. The Year 8 Team wanted to thank the students for their exemplary behaviour in Term 1, as well as ensure that they were all cyber safe. Students have been observed demonstrating the four College values of Community, Achievement, Respect and Effort in the yard, the corridor and in classes. Some examples we witnessed were: students helping each other in class or at lunchtime with their work, students speaking out against bullying and other inappropriate behaviours and students challenging themselves through class work. The Year 8 Volleyball team was also highlighted as displaying a positive attitude and supporting each other during the inter-school sports round robin. Homegroup vs homegroup Fit-ball Skirmish started off slow. The competition required students to work together to throw dodge balls at the t ball to roll it over the line a modern spin on the classic game of tug of war. The competitors for the rst semi-nal berth were 8_2, 8_3 and 8_5. Initially it took over 5 minutes for the 8_2 to defeat 8_5. They made some quick changes and defeated 8_3 within 3 minutes. 8_3 took no longer than 1 minute 30 to defeat 8_5, by this time, 8_3 and 8_2 were thinking strategically and prepared for the nal showdown. 8_3 were the semi-nalists with a record breaking time of 1.02. The second semi-nal as a showdown between 8_1 and 8_4. Amidst cries of cheating, (some teachers felt the urge to compete), 8_4 were victorious with a time of 1 minute 20 seconds. The nal showdown will take place in Term 2. Students were also warned about being cyber safe whilst online, at school and at home. Kevin McLaren, Youth Resource Ofcer, Victoria Police, delivered an entertaining presentation aimed at alerting students to some of the dangers of using social media. The students had many questions for Kevin and will no doubt share their thoughts and ideas at home with parents. A big suggestion from Kevin was to be visible to parents or family members whilst online and to remember what goes online cannot be undone or deleted. The Year 8 team would like to thank all students were a great start to the year and look forward to sending home more postcards in Term 2!

School Production
Production rehearsals are in full swing and students are rehearsing well for what will be a spectacular school production of Sweeney Todd. The Principal cast includes Nick Clark, Evangeline Clough Good, Jasmine Meade, Josie Inches, Kaley Ward, Sam Coulter, Ben House, Amie Wadsworth and Charlotte Clark. The full cast includes 45 students from years 7 -12. Music ensemble members for the show include Becky Fullard, Mitchell Wolswinkel, Aaron Keeble, Tasha Brace, Jamie Jose, Connor Begg, Jayden Hedrick, Ryan Hefford, Kiera Collins and Lila Van Bruegel.

Sweeney Todd will show at the Warragul Arts Centre on the 18th and 19th of July. Tickets will be available at the ofce soon.




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C ommunity A chievement R espect E ffort

Quote of the week

Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. John Wooden


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DiarY Dates
Tue 22 Apr Curriculum Day









Technology gives students an opportunity for students to develop their ne motor skills by producing the production of projects using a range of materials. Students also use the design process and problem solving skills whilst making their products. This allows them to create and produce something they are proud to take home and show off to their family and others. Year 7 students create a project from Wood, Metal and Plastic. Each student researches, designs and produces a wooden box to contain items at home or school. They also transfer those skills to make wind chime to hang at home. Year 8 students create projects from Wood and Glass, Suncatchers. The students also use the design skills developed in year 7 to produce a wood and sea grass chair and Suncatchers to hang in the windows at home. Year 9 students have a choice of producing something from Wood, Metal (Welding), Glass and HPV. Year 10 students also have a choice of subject in Wood, Welding and Automotive. VCE students select their own project from Wood and Metal. Most select to make a furniture item.

23 Apr

Term 2 Commences Chaplaincy Meeting @ 5:30pm

24 Apr

Gippsland Golf

25 Apr

Anzac Day Public Holiday

28 Apr

Gippsland Tennis

29 Apr

2015 Year 7 Information Night State Swimming eLearning Committee @ 3:30 - 4:30pm Gippsland Softball/Baseball

30 Apr

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