ASP.NET AJAX Performance Improvement Asp.

net & IIS Tricks:- Using GZip Compression Build a Combobox in ASP.Net Common Language Runtime Beginner Series Part 1:-CLR Basics Creating a Custom .NET Web Control With Events Creating Thumbnail Images on the fly with ASP.Net Cross-Site Scripting in ASP.NET Exploring Session in ASP.Net Form-based Programming in ASP.NET Generics-Delegates-Enumerators Giving a .NET Assembly a Strong Name Creating a Gravatar ASP.NET Control Handle Browser Close Event on the Server-Side 1294_CodeSnip_Handle_Browser_Close_Event_on_the_ServerSide.all How to implement impersonation in an ASP.NET application An In-Depth Look at HTTP Redirection Performance Optimization of ASP.NET Applications on Client-side ASP.NET Session State and Modes Set the Culture and UI Culture for ASP.NET Web Page Globalization Single sign-on with Forms Authentication Ref :- Best Practices for Speeding Up your Web Site ASP.NET AJAX support in custom controls Adding multiple client-side event handlers to ASP.NET controls AJAX TabContainer with Data from Database Building applications for Windows Azure Caching Data During the Lifespan of a Request A CAPTCHA Server Control for ASP.NET Building ASP.NET bot protection (CAPTCHA-like) adssantibot.aspx Using ASP.Net To Convert WMV To FLV Using FFMPEG Dynamically Loading an assembly at Runtime and calling its methods DynamicAssemblyMethod10132008214835PM/DynamicAssemblyMethod.aspx Export to Excell with Special Case 197_Extensive%20Study%20of%20GridView%20Export%20to%20Excel.aspx Exploring the Global.asax file in ASP.NET ASP.Net DataTable Compute Column Sum using C# Creating an ASP.NET GridView Custom Field of type DropDownList Export GridView from aspx page to Pdf using iTextSharp in CustomValidator - Validate with WebServices Handling AJAX Errors HandlingAJAXErrors10172008204811PM/HandlingAJAXErrors.aspx Implementing Cascading DropDownList in ASP.NET GridView 4-Tier Architecture in ASP.NET with C# Easy incremental status updates for long requests Implementing autocomplete textbox in gridview using Ajax autocomplete extender How to implement numeric paging in DataList? ModalPopup as an AJAX Progress Indicator

A new way to DataBind() Developing Multicolumn-DropDown/DropDownList with ASP.NET, the GridView and the AJAX Control Toolkit Tracking User Activity Automatically Translate your .NET resource files with Google Translate How to open popup windows in IE/Firefox and return values using ASP.NET and Javascript ShowArticle.aspx?ID=99&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 3 Different Ways to Display Progress in an ASP.NET AJAX Application ASP.NET AJAX CollapsiblePanelExtender Part 1: Communication from User control to Page in ASP.NET Creating a GridView with Resizable Column Headers CRUD operations using the List View Web Server Control A Dynamic Menu For Your Dynamic Data Using ASP.NET and jQuery to Highlight a Row in GridView without a PostBack Manually sorting and paging Gridview without using datasource control

GridView Paging using ASP.NET AJAX Slider Extender Some Tips and Tricks while Using ASP.NET GridView Paging Search within records in GridView with searchbox in footer and highlight results using AJAX and C# ASP.NET Making GridView Rows or Individual Cells Clickable ASP.NET TreeView and SiteMap : 5 Common Tips Constructing Web Interfaces on the Fly Data Source Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 Implementing a Fixed GridView Header in ASP.NET Freezing ASP.NET GridView Header With JavaScript and CSS Real World GridView: Excel-like Frozen Headers for ASP.NET 2.0 GridView Examples for ASP.NET 2.0 GridView Sorting/Paging w/o a DataSourceControl DataSource How to update a database from a DataSet object by using Visual Basic .NET How To: Use Forms Authentication with Active Directory in Multiple Domains in ASP.NET 2.0

How to build Multi-Language Web Sites with ASP.NET 2.0 and VB.NET 2005 aspnetlocalization02072006035253AM/ aspnetlocalization.aspx?ArticleID=541a527c-15ba-46e6-bedd-b6427d3dd4ac Retrieving the Just-Inserted ID of an IDENTITY Column Using a SqlDataSource Control RSS Feed using ASP.NET 2.0 A Simple DataGrid Row Tooltip For Beginners Tooltip.aspx?fid=102999&df=90&mpp=25&noise=3&sort=Position&view=Quick&fr=26&select=1407335 Uploading Files in ASP.NET 2.0 URL Rewriting in ASP.NET Using the ASP.NET 2.0 Wizard Control Sending Email in ASP.NET 2.0: HTML-Formatted Emails, Attachments, and Gracefully Handling SMTP Exceptions Error Logging using ASP.NET 2.0 ShowArticle.aspx?ID=94&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 Creating Custom GridView Control Highlight text in GridView using javascript How to make image thumbnail using ASP.NET(C#) ImageThumbnail11062008011338AM/ImageThumbnail.aspx How to prevent user going back to restricted area after logging out!DD18008EB0809405!144.entry

Installing MS chart adding into vs 2008 toolbox and using MS chart with sample code Loading Images Asynchronously Inside an ASP.NET GridView Looking back at the Year 2008 and the Year Ahead ASP.Net 2.0 - Master Pages: Tips, Tricks, and Traps Mystries of when does Session_End event fires in Asp.Net Mystries_of_when_does_Session_End_event_fires_in_AspNet.aspx State Management ASP .NET -Populating dropdown based on the selection of first drop down in DetailsView using FindControl and ItemTemplate Pouplating Multiple DetailsView based on single GridView using DataKeyNames in ASP.NET Read gmail Email Read Excel using ADO.Net Retain position of a DragPanel Extender after postback using ASP.NET AJAX Save Changes on Close of Browser or when existing the page Search Engine Optimization - Moving View State to the bottom of the page PermaLink,guid,7924eaf8-b406-43af-9444-b816f6dfa246.aspx ASP.NET Security – Securing Access to Files using the ASP.NET IHttpHandler Select, Add, Update, and Delete Data in a ASP.NET GridView Control GridViewExample11232008075052AM/GridViewExample.aspx Set Focus to an ASP.NET Control Storing and Retrieving Connection Strings in ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 ASP.NET AJAX TabContainer TWOSELECT USER CONTROL, MOVING ITEMS BETWEEN LISTBOX CONTROLS PART 1 Use image for error display in ASP.Net validators errorimageforvalidator05212008080352AM/errorimageforvalidator.aspx User validation across pages using session after login in ASP.NET using C sharp ASP.NET HTTP Modules: ASP.NET Social Networks - Making Friends - Part 1 177_ASPNET_Social_Networks—Making_Friends_(Part_1).aspx ASP.NET Social Networks - Making Friends - Part 2 178_ASPNET_Social_Networks—Making_Friends_(Part_2).aspx Create an ASP.NET Dynamic Data Website Using ADO.NET Entity Framework Display Master-Detail Data with the ModalPopup Extender and GridView EntityDataSource Control in ASP.NET 3.5 EntityDataSource08112008131006PM/EntityDataSource.aspx Fight 404 errors with ASP.NET Routing ASP.NET File Upload with *Real-Time* Progress Bar Using FlexiGrid in your ASP.NET application ASP.NET Security Server Control Basics ServerControlBasics04232008031958AM/ServerControlBasics.aspx SQL Cache Dependency with SQL Server, LINQ and ASP.NET 3.5 Visual Studio 2008 Tips & Tricks for Developers: Using ASP.NET 3.5 History Control with ASP.NET 2.0 Enabling browser back button for GridView Paging and Sorting in Ajax 1.1 and 3.5 (using Visual Studio 2005/ Visual studio 2008) -- ASP.NET 3.5 Using HoverMenuExtender with ASP.NET ListView to Update, Delete and Insert Records Using SiteMap and MasterPages to set META Tags in ASP.NET and C# Using JavaScript Effectively in ASP.NET 2.0 – Part 1 Introducing the ASP.NET Silverlight Controls

Managing Entity Framework ObjectContext lifespan and scope in n-layered ASP.NET applications Create Dynamic GridView Control in C#/ASP.Net 168_Create_Dynamic_GridView_Control_in_C_ASPNet.aspx Creating RadioButton Validation Using Custom Validator 502_Creating_RadioButton_Validation_Using_Custom_Validator.aspx Extending the ASP.NET Panel Control to Produce Rounded Corners PartA.aspx Using Session State in a Web Service Microsoft Project Code Named “Velocity”: a Practical Overview Performance Killer: Disk I/O How To Read A PayPal Notification Email Retrieve data from a web page Securing ASP.NET Applications Grouping in Silverlight 3 DataGrid Calling Silverlight Methods using JavaScript ASP.NET Popup Windows With Return Value

Extending the GridView to Behave Like an Excel SpreadSheet (An Excel Like GridView) Introduction to Dynamic Data Web Application Model: Part II DynamicWebappln201152009071350AM/DynamicWebappln2.aspx Creating Crystal Report in ASP.NET How to Create a Syndication Feed for your Website header Calling JavaScript from ASP.NET Master Page and Content Pages - Part I Calling JavaScript from ASP.NET Master Page and Content Pages - Part II How to Export a Crystal Report to a PDF file Programmatically in ASP.NET? ExportCRtoPDF10062006161918PM/ExportCRtoPDF.aspx Printing PDF from .NET Displaying , Exporting and Printing Crystal Reports in ASP.NET Hierarchical GridView With Clickable Rows. Hierarchical_GridView_With_Clickable_Rows.aspx Custom Error Pages In ASP.NET Creating a RequiredTextBox Web Server Control in ASP.NET 529_Creating_a_RequiredTextBox_Web_Server_Control_in_ASP_NET.aspx Uploading Files and Validating Them Using the ASP.NET FileUpload and CustomValidator Controls Errors And Exceptions In ASP.NET Best ASP.NET FAQ for Interviews Session Timeouts Causes and Remedies SessionTimeout02192009052301AM/SessionTimeout.aspx Creating a Tabbed Wizard Interface in ASP.NET using jQuery Tabs Automatically Printing Crystal Reports in ASP.NET Report Design Tips and Tricks Debugging AJAX using Microsoft AJAX Library, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox 214_Debugging_AJAX_using_Microsoft_AJAX_Library_Internet_Explorer_and_Mozilla_Firefox.aspx Creating 3DBarChart Using ASP.NET 2.0 Sorting Custom Paged Results Ajax Update Panel Condition P_System_Web_UI_UpdatePanel_UpdateMode.aspx Live Data Binding using ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 4 AJAX 3.5 Automatically Printing Crystal Reports in ASP.NET

SumColumn: Custom DataGrid Column that automatically shows Sum/Count/ Average in DataGrid Footer SumColumn02192006041425AM/SumColumn.aspx Nine Options for Managing Persistent User State in Your ASP.NET Application Picasa Style Photo Album Using ListView Control in ASP.Net 3.5 232_Picasa_Style_Photo_Album_Using_ListView_Control_in_ASPNet_35.aspx Accessing Invisible Columns of GridView Control 87_Accessing_Invisible_Columns_of_GridView_Control.aspx Using Lightbox in an ASP.NET Application (C#) LightboxCS.aspx Handling Empty Data in an ASP.NET Repeater control Bulk Insert into SQL Server using SqlBulkCopy IP Address Location In ASP.NET May 30th Links: ASP.NET, AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio Read Data From an Excel File (.xls) in ASP.NET Using DataKeyNames in the ASP.NET GridView control How to Bridge the Client-Server Gap using AJAX and jQuery-Part 1 How to migrate Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project to Visual Studio 2008 sending sms through Website using ASP.NET DropDownList with Custom Paging 1 ASP.NET GridView with Custom Paging UI 15 Books You Must Have If You Are Doing ASP.NET Web Development Understanding ASP.NET View State Master-Detail with the GridView, DetailsView and ModalPopup Controls ASP.NET Formview & GridView Coltrol. Insert, Update, Paging And Delete Custom GridView Paging with ObjectDataSource Control with ASP.Net 2.0 180_Custom_GridView_Paging_with_ObjectDataSource_Control_with_ASPNet_20.aspx ObjectDataSource Source Object Example Using Parameters with the ObjectDataSource Control GridView with custom Digg-like paging File Upload in UpdatePanel, ASP.NET AJAX Logging ASP.NET Application Shutdown Events

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit ModalPopupExtender Control in Action CodeDigest.Com - Articles, FAQs, Codesnippets - July,2009 Cleaner, Faster Ajax in ASP.NET Creating a Tabbed Wizard Interface in ASP.NET using jQuery Tabs ShowArticle.aspx?ID=316&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 Many Ways to Communicate With Your Database Using jQuery AJAX and ASP.NET Reading a csv file Fixed header and footer Calling Java Code from ASP.NET Web Applications asp200901wc_l.asp jQuery Ajax uploader plugin (with progress bar!)

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