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COMM 171-821 Research Essay Argue for or against the traditional notion of the "dowry".

"Till Fraud Do Us Part" by Cameron Ainsworth-Vincze (p. 694) Name: Gauravkumar Patel 300765205

There are many anti-social rules and regulations in today's society, dowry is one of them. Dowry is given as a gift to girl when she will marry. Gift can be as money, property, jewelries etc. Parents of girl are always trying to give more and more stuffs so their girl would be safe and boy's parents always try to demand more and more from girl's parents. It is a anti-social thing. In the past times, it was seems to be help for newly married couple to establish their life but gradually it makes marriage life corrupted. It is spreading in some society like a diseases. Firstly, it is acceptable that newly couple need support to establish their life greatly and to satisfy their needs but it cannot be a valid argue to demand for dowry from girl's parents except in conditions where boy is not capable to do so. Things by girl's parents are their best wishes and there should be no any kind of torture or any unethical demands to girl's parents. It can be easily seen many examples of murder and suicide because of mental and physical harassment due to dowry. For example, if girl's did not got any kind of property, money and other things then boy's family members continuously makes pressure on her to get things from her parents but she cannot do it. Record shows that an average one death per hour due to dowry problems. Therefore many girls take decision of suicide because they cannot see any other option. In many cases, it was found that many victims loss their mental sickness and they have psychological problem. So it is shame for us that in today's world still these kind of activities are exist.(Rao)

Secondly, there would be creations of some anti social thing because there would be no way for some father to fulfills dowry needs. Those who cannot fulfill demands of boy's family are in a very mental and social pressure. There is constant saying from boy's family that if they could not be able to arrange dowry then them son will not marry her. So, due to social pressure parents take loans from somehow and may be they doing unfair things which are antisocial. Because of dowry system there would be encouragement to child marriage. For instance, if we do child marriage then naturally, we just need to give small amount of it but if girl marry at an old age then she is more educated.(Kumari) So, due to maintain equal status of bride-groom there is need to give dowry. Sometimes because of daughter love to his father, he is always trying to find best life partner for his daughter so her whole life would be happy so, he sell his property like land, vehicle and become economic liable for life. Lastly, there would be girl discrimination because of dowry system. It produces terror in families regarding economic problems. In a country where dowry system exist, most middle class family are hesitating to send their girls for further study.(Suraj) They are saving money by avoiding education so that money would be helpful in her marriage. Only boys are preferred to get higher education. They will limit their shelves to cooking and house activities only. Society will not get talent from them. There would be hidden feelings of discrimination grows in girls and it may be create unfair situation. Now, every family tries to avoid girls. For this, they will identify sex during pregnancy and do abortion. If this situation continues then sex ratio would be affected so there will be chance of rape other anti social things. Finally, dowry is a social threat to society which should be prevented. It creates various anti social things in society like discrimination, economic liability of family, violation in sex ratio. There should be strong protest requires against dowry. In a basic level, there is need creating awareness in families to stop dowry. Everybody should take pledge that they will never take or give it. Government, social organization and youth can play vital role to stop it. In the end, I would like to end by saying that it must be eliminate otherwise our whole social structure would be demolish.

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