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The strength of the Word .... Daily work of i !ro"ing the soul .... #.

You should draw the strength you are la$king from My Word. %onsider that # s!eak to you &yself after all' and that this is truly an a$t of gra$e whi$h $an ne"er (e ineffe$ti"e. %onsider that # &yself illu inate you with &y lo"e and that you' therefore' should feel it as a flow of strength whi$h is a truly great (lessing for your soul. And you will feel physically strengthened, too, if you sincerely unite yourselves with Me .... )nd new (lessings will flow to you ti e and again (e$ause # see your weakness' your s!iritual and earthly failure during ti es of !sy$hologi$al hardshi! .... But you need not fear failure if only you always keep to My Word: ‘ ome unto Me, all ye that la!our and are heavily laden .... " will give you rest ....# *ou will always find the hel! you re+uire with &e. You only need to turn to &e with $o !lete trust and time and again hear or read the Words through whi$h # always address &y $hildren as a Father. $hrough these Words you will receive strength and your des!erate situation will always resol"e itself' you will (e a(le to wait with !erfe$t $ertainty until your hel! arri"es. &y Word $ontains the strength whi$h will su(se+uently flow into you if you

allow &e to s!eak to you' howe"er' you ust also (e $on"in$ed of the fa$t that you are (eing addressed (y &e. *ou should not read the letter of the Word (ut (e wholeheartedly in"ol"ed in it and listen to &e' and you will feel the effe$t of &y Word within and on yoursel"es' as is to (e e,!e$ted' (e$ause e"erything $o ing forth fro &e is strength and ust also ha"e the effe$t of strength. #f' howe"er' you still (elie"e yoursel"es to re ain unaffe$ted then it is only due to the fa$t that you did not esta(lish your (ond with &e $losely enough' and then you should only re e (er that &y lo"e is intended for you and you will feel this lo"e in &y Word and your soul will (e strengthened ....

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The strength of the Word .... Daily work of i !ro"ing the soul .... ##.

-"ery day offers you the o!!ortunity to ature !sy$hologi$ally' for you $an ake $onta$t with &e e"ery day through lo"ing a$tions and heartfelt !rayer' and e"ery ti e you $onta$t &e it ena(les &y strength to flow o"er to you' whi$h will always affe$t your soul (enefi$ially .... )nd if you only make it possi!le once a day to receive a flow of strength then you $an also assuredly e,!e$t your aturity to in$rease and your soul will ha"e won' the day will not have !een lived in vain .... )nd you always ha"e the o!!ortunity' (oth for lo"ing a$ti"ity as

well as for a heartfelt dialogue with &e' and therefore your !ro$ess of aturing need not $o e to a standstill' you $an $onfidently and $heerfully $ontinue on your !ath through life' for gaining a !lus for your soul eans a great deal in "iew of the near end' whi$h !re$isely re+uires the in$reased work of i !ro"ing the soul. And although you won#t physically perceive it' it $on$erns !redo inantly your soul' and this need not (e left e !ty. handed' e"en if you did not greatly (enefit in an earthly way fro the day. /owe"er' you will also re$ei"e earthly strength if you earnestly a!!eal for it to your Father in hea"en' for /e is aware of all your !ro(le s and will gladly resol"e the too .... )fter all' you are &y $hildren' # take $are of all your worries and diffi$ulties' (ut # also e,!e$t your will to (e ai ed at attaining full s!iritual aturity .... -"ery !rayer leads to s!iritual (lessings' for yoursel"es as well as for the lo"ed.ones you !ray for. Therefore you will also at all ti es (e a(le to $arry out your !sy$hologi$al task' 0ust as you will always !e a!le to pray, (y erely uniting yoursel"es $losely with &e and mentally stammering words .... # hear and understand the and # gladly grant re+uests whi$h a $hild sends to &e with $onfiden$e in &y hel!. )nd thus no day need (e lost for you' sin$e you $an always (enefit s!iritually' !ro"iding' of $ourse' that you are of good will and want to (elong to &e' (e$ause # ) addressing &y $hildren with these words who ha"e already esta(lished the relationshi! of a $hild with its Father and are no longer a!art fro &e. The others' howe"er' $an let any a day !ass (y without seriously $onsidering their soul' and they are in great s!iritual distress. *ou ay also !ray on their (ehalf and it will (e a (lessing for the as well as for you' for all !eo!le shall find their !ath to &e' (e$ause (eatitude $an only (e found in and with &e' !ecause unification with Me is the first and final goal which all of

you should reach. )lways re e (er that # lo"e you' that you are &y $hildren and # only long to (e in $onstant $onta$t with you whi$h' howe"er' ust (e esta(lished (y yoursel"es. )nd if you $onfer your lo"e to &e you $onfer your will to &e too' and then your thoughts will always (e dire$ted towards &e' and you will assuredly hel! your soul attain aturity' you will not li"e on earth in "ain' (e$ause then e"ery day will (ring you $loser to &e until you are united with &e fore"er ....

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1u(lished (y friends of new re"elations of God 2 #nfor ation' download of all translated re"elations' the e.(ooklets at3 htt!344www.(ertha.dudde.info4english4inde,.ht l 5 htt!344en.(ertha.dudde.org4

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