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Epilepsy Warning : Please Read Before Using Any Computer Or Allowing Your Children To Use It. A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns and backgrounds on a television screen or while playing computer games may induce epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce undetected epileptic symptons even in persons who have no previous history of seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to playing.If you experience any of the following symptons while playing a computer game- dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, disorientation, loss of awareness, any involuntary movement or convulsions - IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE AND CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE RESUMING PLAY.

This manual and the game are copyrighted. The owner of this product is entitled to use this product for his or her own personal use only. No one may transfer, give, license or sell any part of the manual, or the game. Any person or persons reproducing any part of the program, in any media, for any reason, shall be guilty of copyright violation, and subject to civil liability at the discretion of the copyright holder. All Rights Reserved.

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GP CHAMPIONSHIP 2 is the most realistic and up to date 3D racing game yet, the ultimate experience for motorsport fans. Your ultimate aim, at the end of the series of GP races is to win the drivers championship and become the world champion. World championship, single race and trainer modes are included, with an easy mode for novices.The car simulation model has been developed in association with an experienced Grand Prix driver to ensure accuracy. Stunning 3D graphics, superb sound, realistic pitstops, workshop facilities, crashes with cumalative damage controls and totals make this game a new benchmark for Grand Prix racing games.

Insert the CD-ROM into your drive. The installation program should run automatically within a few seconds. If not double click on your CD-ROM icon or open your CD-ROM (in youre My Computer folder) and double click on the setup.exe program. Click on the Install option to install the game, or the DirectX option to install DirectX. When installation is complete the Install option will change to Start. You can click on this to run the game. You will need to have Direct X Version8.0 or higher installed. Also ensure that you have the latest drivers for your video card. If you have access to the Internet then go to the website of your card's manufacturer. If you do not have the latest drivers you will typically get a black screen in-game with only the panel displayed or the game may start and then quit out straight away. If this happens you need new drivers.

First go to the MAIN MENU and choose CONTROLLER. You can now make a selection between joystick, mouse, keyboard or steering wheel. To customise the set up, click on the control you want to change and select the new device. The default keys for the KEYBOARD are as follows : Steer <> - Accelerate A - Brake Z - Change Up P - Change Down L

After your controller selection has been made, go to the Menu and select START RACE. You will then start a single race at the back of the grid. To gain a better position on the grid it is advisable to practice with START PRACTICE SESSION first, then select the START QUALIFYING option to try and get a good lap time. The faster your lap time the better your place on the starting grid.

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There are four different game options to select from in the GAME SETUP menu: CHAMPIONSHIP, WEEKEND, PRACTICE and TRAINER modes.

In the CHAMPIONSHIP MODE the player has to race each of the tracks in turn. A multi-player option is also available in championship mode. Before starting the qualification, you can go to the workshop and experiment with your car. There are options available so you can practice on each track before you start the qualification. Before each race starts, to determine your place on the starting grid, each player has 6 qualifying laps. The player has a limited time during each qualification, he is racing against the clock, the fastest driver during qualification gets Pole Position. All computer drivers will also race during qualification to set their grid places. Also during qualifying a player can go into the workshop to tune his car. If a driver does not try to qualify he will be automatically placed last on the grid. If a driver decides to quit qualifying early, an accelerated time display shows the other drivers times. At the end of each qualifying session the final grid postions are shown. The number of laps of the actual race can be selected from 3 laps upto the full race duration. The artificial intelligence of the computer cars will take into account the length of the race. Points are awarded to the player based on the actual finishing position : 1ST - 12 4TH - 4 2ND - 8 5TH - 2 3RD - 6 6TH - 1

The points are used in the Drivers Championship, and they are totalled up after each race. The champion is the driver with the most points at the end of the 8 races. If there is a tie at the end of the 8 races the World Champion will be the driver who has won the most races. At the end of each race the driver is shown the actual race results and his present place in the championship.

This option is identical to the championship mode, except you can only race on one track that you have chosen. A multiplayer option is also available for WEEKEND mode, however no points are scored. At the end of the race, you can race the same race again, or choose a different track or game mode.


These options allows you to get to know all the different tracks without competing against other cars. On each track there is a up to 100 laps available for practicing. During the practicing you can get used to the track, it is also possible to tune the setup of your car to suit each track individually. Practicing is started from the last corner before the START-FINISH straight. The split times displayed on the screen show your times compared to your best and last lap that you have driven. In TRAINER mode a computer car drives round the track in front of you, showing you the correct racing line and the speeds to go. If you spin off, the trainer will wait for you up ahead.

As it is very important to get a good grid position, qualification is the most important aspect of each race. If you have a good qualifying time, you will have a much higher grid position when you start the race, which will give you a much better chance of actually winning the race. You need to tune your car right to get the best performance during qualifying. Typically you will reduce fuel to a minimum, select soft tyres, reduce downforce on the wings, and maybe even move the brakes balance back. If you
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manage to set a good time early on in the qualifying session, the other drivers will try hard to beat you. Tactics play an important part, so save your best laps till late in the session. You start from the pitlane and have a total of 6 laps to get the best time during the qualification session. You will go from the pits around the complete track, the timer will start when you cross the start/finish line. When you have completed all available qualifying laps, or when you are happy with your time return to the pits.You may enter the pits when ever you want, it is advisable to enter the pits if you have made a good time. Wait in the pits and watch the other cars (use F11/F12), you can then go out again if they do manage to beat your time. If you quit before the end of the session, the computer controlled cars will still continue, and maybe beat your time. If you decide not to qualify you will start on the last position on the starting grid. During qualification at the bottom of the screen the split times display your lap time and the lap time of the car in pole position.

The computer controlled cars will run their own strategy and will come in and out of the pits during the race. It is very important before the race begins that you decide your tactics and especially your fuel/pitstop strategy. If it is a short race (upto 5 laps), make sure you do not have to much fuel. On a longer race you need to decide how often you want to stop, select the tyres and fuel to match your decision. The position you start on the grid is dependant on your qualifying times. Make sure that you wait for the lights to turn green or you will receive a jump start penalty. As soon as the lights go green press your change up control/key button. Watch out for the yellow warning flags, this indicates that there is an incident ahead. You can enter the pits any time you want during the race to change tyres, refuel or repair damage. During the duration of the race, you will be shown times of the car in front or behind you. After the race you will be shown the actual race results, which will tell you each cars race time and the position the car finished. The race time that is shown is the leaders race time from the start of the race to the end of the race. It also shows the gap (time in seconds) of all the cars that finished after the leader. When a car is lapped the race time shows the number of laps he is behind the leading cars.

A 5 second penalty is awarded against a driver when he starts before the lights are green. The driver must proceed to the pits, and wait for 5 seconds before he is allowed to leave. The driver is automatically disqualified if he does not come into the pits for the penalty. You will also get a penalty if you speed in the pitlane. Note that you must have penalties switched on in the Realism menu for this to take effect.

The following online help is available using your keyboard : ON SCREEN HELP F1

The ON SCREEN HELP tells the driver if he is going too slow (or fast), and also indicates which way the next corner is by displaying a right or left arrow. RACING LINE F2

The RACING LINE is displayed as a dark line on the surface, the best racing line can sometimes depend on the driver, the car and of course the track. A racing car must take a bend or a series of bends at maximum possible speed and reduce the shape of the corner to its minimum possible angle. A driver must try to use all the available space on the track, even the kerbs and the run off area on the edge of the tarmac. AUTOBRAKING F4
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The AUTOBRAKING function automatically applies the brakes before the corners. To get the best lap times make sure this function is turned off. The best G P drivers try to keep their foot down as long as possible on the accelerator, when they get to a corner, they will wait for the last moment before braking. The driver will then brake as hard as possible over the shortest distance.


The main screen display is a in-cockpit view of the track ahead. The following information is displayed on the screen: LEFT POSITION LAP NUMBER LAP TIME BEST LAP TIME POSITION/NUMBER OF CARS (eg 1ST OF 10) CURRENT/TOTAL (eg 1/3) MINUTES:SECONDS.THOUSANDTHS (eg 1:05.922) MINUTES:SECONDS.THOUSANDTHS (eg 1:02.345) DIGITS (eg 95 MPH) ANALOGUE DIGIT (eg 1)


During the qualifying session the position displayed in the players current grid position is the actual position achieved given his best lap time versus the other drivers best lap times. During the actual race the lap number displayed is the position the driver is in at that moment.The lap number display shows the number of qualifying laps remaining and the drivers current lap. During the duration of the race every time the player crosses the start/finish line he is updated with the time difference between himself and the car in front. This also occurs at intermediate places around the track. At the bottom of the screen the time difference is updated and displayed when the car behind the player crosses the start/finish line. Negative times means the car is in front, positive times means the car is behind.

All menus are controllable with the mouse. This is the list of options that are available in the main menu: GAME SETUP WORKSHOP REALISM CONTROLLER DISPLAY EDIT NAMES Select race type, split screen mode and track Change the setup of your car Select various game options such as difficulty setting and race length Select the controller you want to use in the game Change your display settings, eg screen resolution Edit the names of the teams and drivers (including your own)

You can choose which car you race as by clicking on the picture of the car in the top left.


Race on any of the tracks with this mode. Choose the track you wish to race on by clicking on the Track buttons at the bottom right. Click on one of the following buttons on the left: START PRACTICE SESSION With this option you can experiment with different setups on your car trying to find the best possible setup to race with. You have upto 100 laps to get used to the different features of the track.

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START QUALIFYING With this option you can try to get the best starting position on the starting grid. You start in the pitlane and have a maximum of 6 laps. The faster your lap time, the better your place on the starting grid. If you decide not to qualify, you will start in the last position on the starting grid. VIEW GRID POSITIONS Displays the starting order of the cars on the starting grid (only available once you have qualified). START RACE The race is started on the starting grid, your position on the grid depends on your qualifying time, the race will start as soon as the lights turn green. When the race is finished the results and points that are awarded are displayed on the screen. When the race is finished you can either select the main menu or choose to race again on the same track.

If you decide on the championship option, you will race on all the tracks. For each individual race championship points are awarded if you manage to finish in the top six. The points that are awarded are accumalated over the season and go towards the GP championship. The results (the points and total race time) are displayed after each championship race. The buttons are the same in CHAMPIONSHIP mode as in WEEKEND mode, except you cant choose a track. You can quit the Championship at any time by clicking on Abandon Championship.


DIFFICULTY OPPONENTS LAPS ENGINE OVERHEAT It FUEL CONSUMPTION TYRE WEAR choose at the SPINS SPINS OFF ROAD PENALTIES doing DAMAGE Choose the skill of your opponents Choose the number of your opponents Set the number of laps the race will take With this set to on, your engine can overheat if you continously over rev If you have this on you will have to make sure you have enough fuel at the start of the race, or be prepared to make pit stops. For maximum realism turn this on. You will have to make sure you tyres that will last the whole race or be prepared to change them pit stops. Turn this off to make the car easier to drive With this off you will not spin on the grass. When this is on you will get a penalty for speeding in the pit lane or a jump start Your car will get damaged if you crash when this is on. You will have to go to the pits to fix it.

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In this menu you can select the controller device that you wish to use in the game. There is a choice between KEYBOARD, MOUSE, JOYSTICK OR STEERING WHEEL, and you can select almost any combination of devices. Click on Default Controller to choose the device you wish to choose. You can customise the setup by clicking on the control you want to change and then move the controller you want to use. For example if you want to use the fire button on the joystick to change gear, click on Gear Up and then operate the fire button. The default keys for the KEYBOARD are as follows : Steer <> - Accelerate A - Brake Z - Change Up P - Change Down L

By using the ESCape key at any moment during the game, the player can access the REPLAY mode via the PAUSE menu. The word REPLAY will appear in the bottom left hand corner and the last few minutes of the actual game will be replayed. Press SPACE to quit the replay.

If for any reason you need to make a pitstop because your car is damaged, or you are low on fuel, or have worn tyres just drive into the pitlane and stop in the marked pit position. Once stopped, put the car in neutral and the pit crew will do automatically what ever work is necessary (this may take several seconds). At the bottom of the screen a timer is displayed showing the actual time and the amount of fuel that is being tanked (in terms of laps). Once all the necessary work has been completed you can finish your pitstop by pressing the gear up button/key. Make sure that you do not engage gear until enough fuel is in your tank. You can choose the tyre type you start the race with in the workshop. To get a different tyre in the pitstop scroll through the options using the PITSTOP key before you stop. You can check which key is allocated to the PITSTOP control by looking in the CONTROL SETUP menu. If you have incurred a penalty you must stop in the pits in the normal way and wait for the 5 second timer to count down to zero.

In the workshop you can change the setup of the car, this option is available in all game options. The settings are as follows:

Select auto or manual gear changes, the default mode is automatic. DIFFERENTIAL & GEARS Adjust the overall ratio of the gear box with the DIFFERENTIAL setting and the individual ratios with GEAR 1-6. Higher ratios give better top speeds but slower acceleration and vice versa. You must set the gear ratios of your gear box to suit each circuit. This is usually done by setting the 6th gear for the fastest possible speed along the longest straight, then setting the lowest gear for the slowest corner, the rest of the gears are set in between these two.

Racing cars have a low sense of gravity, centred just behind the driver. When you brake hard at high speeds, the weight shifts onto the front of the car. You need to make sure the brakes are properly balanced to cope with the shifting of this weight when braking to slow down. You need to change the
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braking balance of your car by changing the way the front and rear brakes are apllied. When going into a turn an experienced driver brakes as hard as he can without skidding, at the exact point he has to turn in for it he will make sure the car has reached the target speed. This means that the driver will have maximum grip, stability and most important maximum cornering speed without the need to brake while turning. Otherwise the car will lose stability, sometimes the rear wheels lock, and as the back of the car starts to come round the car will oversteer. The driver then has to be very quick, stop braking , steer into the skid, and try to regain control before the car skids off the track. Sometimes it is possible to lock up 1,2 or 4 wheels if you brake to hard in a given situation.You must adjust your brakes to get maximum stopping power with maximum stability to avoid this problem. To counter this a pressure relief valve is included to balance the front and rear braking effort. It is always better to have more brake bias at the front than at the rear. As you become better and better, and your experience grows you can brake later and later for the corners, or even brake while cornering, powersliding out through the bend. Watchout for your tyre wear!!!!

The amount of fuel needed for a race depends on a number of factors including the drivers style or the length of the track. You should put in as little fuel as possible to complete a race, and the bare minimum when you are trying to qualify. For a typical track, approximately 25 litres of fuel is good for 5 laps.

The STEERING LOCK controls the maximum lock that the front wheels can be turned, this affects the overall sensivity of your steering control. Tight circuit need higher locks, at a high setting your car will be highly responsive to your steering control. At a low setting the car will be less sensitive to your steering control.The lock is displayed in degrees.

The choice of tyres is influenced by the track and pitstop strategy. For a fast circuit the driver will select a hard tyre compound, whereas on a track with lots of twists a softer compound will be chosen, usually medium or even a soft tyre. At pitstops the player can change tyres, the default setting is the MEDIUM tyre. There are 3 different tyre types available : SOFT, MEDIUM, HARD. SOFT MEDUIM HARD These tyres will give you the maximum grip but have the shortest life span. They are often used for qualification or for a late pitstop near the end of the race. These tyres give you a good compromise between grip and lifespan. These tyres give maximum life but minimum grip.

The wings are very important on a racing car as they actually push the car down on the track. This achieves more grip and less roll giving better control in the corners, but less speed on the straights because of more drag. The balance of the fornt and rear wings also help to determine how the car corners, in terms of oversteer and understeer. If you have too much front wing compared to rear wing the car will oversteer, whereas too much rear wing compared to front wing will make the car understeer. A good balance is needed for each individual track, the car must have enough grip on the corners, without slowing the engine too much. It is advisable to use the standard default wing settings in the beginning, the handling characteristics are fairly neutral. When you have more experience you can experiment by adjusting the wing settings
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in the workshop. For a speedy circuit reduce the wings, for a difficult circuit with lots of twists increase the wings for better handling.

All the other computer controlled cars follow the racing line around the track at varying speeds. They exhibit intelligent behaviour in the way they challenge one another. They also chase other cars, try to slipstream, break off a challenge if it goes wrong, and make mistakes if its too late. The computer controlled cars can make intelligent decisions regarding different tyres and pitstops according to the weather conditions and the length of the race (15 laps).


The most common cause of spinning off the track is taking a bend too fast, you will find this will happen quite often at first. When a player makes a mistake and crashes, he is bounced off the armco and is returned to the track. The crash is incremented on each impact in proportion to the severity of the actual impact. A cumulative damage total is maintained, once the limit is passed, damage will be caused to the cars nose cone and/or rear wing. Damage to the wheels, will cause the wheels to fall off. This damage is shown graphically on the car model and also has an adverse effect on the cars handling. Pitstop work will be required to correct the damage.

To have a two player game on one machine, select PLAYERS 2 on the GAME SETUP menu. You will need to set up different controllers for each player. To do this go to the CONTROLLER menu and click the PLAYER 1 check box. You can now set up Player 1s controller. Now click on the PLAYER 2 check box and setup Player 2s controller. If a control is being used by both players you will be warned of this. Typically you will have Player 1 on joystick and Player 2 on keys. To set each car up, go to the WORKSHOP screen and click on the PLAYER 1 or PLAYER 2 check box before changing the settings. When you run the race Player 1 is shown in the top half of the screen and Player 2 is shown in the bottom half. All the in-game keys work as normal except that Player 1 has to hold down left shift and Player 2 right shift at the same time as pressing the desired key. For example if Player 1 wants to change his panel display he will hold down the left shift key and press F8.

Use these options to optimise the way the game is displayed on your computer. These are mainly of use if you have an older lower spec machine and you want to improve the frame rate by turning off features. Normally you would leave these options as the preset defaults. SCREEN RESOLUTION COLOURS HARDWARE ACCELERATION Use a lower setting on a slower machine. Normally high-colour. On some older cards you can select a lower colour. Normally on. On some cards on older machines this can be turned off.
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o o


Gives the shiny effect on the cars. Turn off to speed up the game. Blurs the textures to give a smoother appearance. be turned off to speed up the game. Again

o o o

Dithers the textures. Again turn off to speed up the game. The lower the faster, the higher the better looking. Again the lower the setting the faster the game will run

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If you are experiencing any difficulties with GPC2 then check the common problems listed below. If these dont help have a look in the README file which will contain any last minute information. Dont forget you

must have the latest version of DirectX and the latest version of your video card drivers this may still be the case even if you have recently purchased your PC or video card. THE GAME WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT DIRECTX AND THE LATEST DRIVERS.
Problem When I run the game all I get is a blank screen or I get a corrupted screen. Fix The game will only run if you have Version 8.x of DirectX and the latest drivers for your video card. Check the website of your graphics card manufacturer. This may be the case even if you have only just bought your PC or video card. Fix Try all the different settings on the DISPLAY menu for SCREEN RESOLUTION (e.g. try 320x200) and COLOURS (e.g. try HiColour). It is possible that your video card doesnt support all of the display modes listed.

Problem The front end of the game works fine, but the game itself crashes.

Problem I complete a race but the position I get in the race is not shown on the results screen and I don't score any points. Problem The car slows down coming into corners even though I am pushing forward on the throttle.

Fix You are probably doing a jump start. If you do not clear the penalty you will not get a result. Have a look at the Jump Start section earlier in the manual.

Fix You have Braking Assist turned on. Press F4 to turn it off.

Problem I can not change any of the realism options in the menu system.

Fix Are you in ACE DIFFICULTY mode or in the middle of a Championship? If so you can not change any settings. Change to a different difficulty level or Abandon the Championship.

Problem I can not choose a different track in the Game Setup menu.

Fix You are in Championship mode which always starts with the same track and goes through the tracks in order. Race Weekend mode will allow you to try a different track.

Problem When I crash the car it no longer steers straight.

Fix You have Damage turned on in the REALISM menu.

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Problem When racing I can not keep up with the other cars. Problem On the WORKSHOP screen I can not change the tyre types. Problem When I am racing the cars performance falls off and starts skidding more easily in the corners. Problem I only have a one button joystick, how can I control the gears manually?

Fix Change the DIFFICULTY level setting in the REALISM menu. ROOKIE is the easiest setting. Fix You do not have the TYRE WEAR option on in the REALISM menu. If you have TYRE WEAR off you will get the hardest tyres by default. Fix The tyres are wearing out. Either choose a harder compound tyre in the WORKSHOP or turn off the TYRE WEAR option in the REALISM menu.

Fix On the CONTROLLER screen in the front end set the Gear Up and Gear Down control to the same button. You will now get upshifts when you click with the joystick forward and downshifts when it is back.

Problem In Split Screen mode the ingame function keys dont work (e.g. Brake Assist on/off),

Fix In Split Screen mode hold down the left or right hand shift key when pressing a function key. Player 1 uses the left shift, Player 2 the right.

Problem I can not access the in-game Workshop.

Fix In Practice mode you can access the Workshop at any time, in Qualifying mode you can only go to the workshop if you are stationary in the pit lane with the car in Neutral. To access the Workshop bring up the PAUSE menu (press space bar) and click on the WORKSHOP menu (or press the W keyboard shortcut). You can not access the Workshop during a race.

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