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Alejandro English Teacher

Rephrasing practice
1. She started drinking too much alcohol two years ago. She has 2. I dont have a computer so I cant type the essay on English grammar. If 3. Despite having been vaccinated she caught the flu. Although she 4. We will arrest them for illegal entry in the country, the policeman said. The policeman said 5. The teacher glued the pieces of the broken toy. The pieces 6. It is possible that I finish work earlier than usual today. I 7. This is the place. We last had coffee together here. This is 8. I love German. Unfortunately, I cant speak it fluently. I wish 9. As he hadnt behaved himself, his parents got angry with him. His parents 10. Everybody must read the instructions first. The instructions 11. He made an effort to speak in English. He tried 12. I spent my holidays in France. (Question) 13. This is the man. His job is very dangerous. This is 14. The engineer has repaired my television. Ive 15. She gave up going to French lessons. She stopped 1

Alejandro English Teacher

16. I regretted having hit the dog on the head. I wish 17. Im not as good at English as you are. You 18. The policeman knew where the thief was hidden. (Question) 19. If your friend doesnt come before ten, he will miss the train. Unless 20. The children stayed at home because it was raining. As 21. What time do the banks close today? Tim asked me. Tim asked me 22. Sharon hasnt eaten junk food since last May. Sharon stopped 23. My kitchen is being redecorated at the moment. I am 24. I am not sure that she is his girlfriend. She 25. Alberts drawing isnt as good as Gerards. Gerards drawing 26. Why dont we play computer games? said Michael. Michael suggested 27. She said: Are you coming to the party on Friday? She asked him 28. They came to live in New York two years ago. They have 29. Smoking is forbidden in hospitals. You 30. Although the weather was horrible, we went skiing. In spite of 31. I would like to have more free time these days. I wish 2

Alejandro English Teacher

32. I met that famous writer a year ago. Its been a year 33. Wendy didnt study for her test. Therefore, she failed. If 34. Dont speak so loud, please, she said to the students. She 35. We wont buy that house because we dont have enough money. As 36. That mans brother is my new English teacher. That is the man 37. Steve advised me to tell Paul about it. Steve suggested 38. I didnt make a note of it in my diary, so I forgot about it. If 39. She lost the race in spite of running well. Although 40. It is possible that her boyfriend is coming to the wedding. Her boyfriend 41. Beth hasnt smoked since last December. Beth stopped 42. My new neighbours have got a baby. Her name is Wendy. My 43. Although Orson was over seventy, he continued to cycle to work every day. Despite 44. I havent read a play by George Bernard Shaw for eight years. It is 45. Perhaps it would be better to go out in the afternoon, Sharons mother said. Sharons mother recommended 46. The fireman managed to rescue the child from the burning house. The fireman was 47. The police dont oblige the suspects to say anything. The suspects 3

Alejandro English Teacher

48. My grandfather is eighty-two years old. (Question) 49. She hasnt enjoyed herself so much for years. It is years 50. I am going to the theatre tomorrow, and Im really looking forward to it. Im really looking 51. Shes getting someone to mend the windows. Shes having 52. I thought it would be better than that. Its not 53. Mary said to us Dont be late. She told 54. She made a lot of mistakes because she didnt study hard for the exam. If she 55. Her jokes are not as good as his. His jokes 56. It is possible that well be together soon. We 57. People speak English all over the world. English 58. I am sorry I didnt tell him everything. I wish 59. Fiona is smiling in the picture. She is my boss. Fiona 60. Despite the fact that it was very hot, she was wearing her winter clothes. Although 61. I was not invited and I am sorry about that. I would like to 62. I am having my house painted now. My house 63. Im sorry I havent got a car. I wish 4

Alejandro English Teacher

64. The teacher said to me Wait for me outside. The teacher told me 65. She needed a job, so she sent off an application form. She sent off an application form 66. It takes me two hours to get there. (Question) 67. The last time she wrote a poem was two years ago. She 68. You must not smoke in here. Smoking 69. If the tickets dont arrive, we wont be able to go. Unless 70.Where are my keys? I wondered. I wonder 71. The mechanic is going to repair her car next week. She 72. What a pity I didnt have time to see you last week. I wish 73. This story will shock you. You 74. Will you post this letter for me, please? Do you mind 75. If you dont review your notes tonight, you wont do well tomorrow. Unless 76. How much money have you put into the account? they asked. They asked me 77. Im sorry I cant speak French perfectly. I wish 78. The next plane leaves at 9.45 PM. (Question) 79.You should post these letters. My mum said to me. My mum told 5

Alejandro English Teacher

80. Although she was ill, she visited other countries. Despite 81. I have never seen anything so beautiful, he said. He said 82. Mary was sorry she ate so many cakes. Mary wished 83. I have failed all my exams at the university because I didnt study enough. If 84. I forgot to phone Lisa on her birthday. I didnt remember 85. Sheila is 1.55 m tall. Her brother is 1.70 m tall. Sheila 86. Although it was cold, we went to the countryside. In spite of 87. The hairdresser cut my hair yesterday morning. I 88. This is the man. His dog bit my brother in the park. This is the man 89. I didnt go to the gym yesterday because my foot hurt. If 90. The teacher said: You have to hand your papers in at the end of this class. The teacher 91. If your boyfriend doesnt arrive before eight, we will have to leave. Unless 92. The children couldnt go out to the playground because it was raining. As 93. The last time we saw that movie was six months ago. We have 94. Smoking is forbidden in most restaurants. You 95. The shop assistant didnt give us the ticket. We 6

Alejandro English Teacher

96. Al swims faster than Peter. Peter 97. I saw Frank two months ago. I havent 98. He forgot to phone his wife yesterday. He didnt remember 99. They are servicing my new car next week. I 100. If we dont meet this month, it will be too late. Unless 101. The trainer said: Molly, come back to the team! The trainer told her 102. Ben drives 200 miles every day. (Question) 103. Where did the robbery take place? he asked. He asked 104. Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928. Penicillin 105. You cant have a bicycle. You are 106. I dont know her address, so I cant write to her. If I 107. A new magazine is on the hall table. There is 108. John lives next door. (Question) 109. Where are your brothers, Sheila? he asked her. I asked Sheila 110. Perhaps they only open the museum in the morning. They 111. The meat was better than the fish. The fish 7

Alejandro English Teacher

112. You can make green paint by mixing blue and yellow. Green paint 113. I have been playing the piano for twenty years. I started 114. I have English classes three times a week. (Question) 115. Sharon is going to marry a man. He is Erics brother. The man 116. Why dont we have dinner out tonight? said Martin. Martin suggested 117. I didnt open the door because I didnt know it was you. If I 118. If you want my advice, go to the dentist! You 119. I forgot to post the letter. I didnt remember 120. They say this tree is over 400 years old. This tree 121. The man said to us: Keep off the grass! The man 122. They didnt tell me the secret. I 123. Im sure they are at home. The lights are on. They 124. I didnt invite Beth. I had forgotten her telephone number. If I 125. Shakespeare was a famous writer. He wrote beautiful sonnets. Shakespeare, 126. Someone knocked at the door. The dog woke up. The dog 127. It is such a pity you cant come along! I wish 8

Alejandro English Teacher

128. Bananas are more expensive than apples. Apples 129. In spite of her beauty, she doesnt have a boyfriend. Although 130. I last had flu five years ago. I havent 131. Im sure shes telling lies. She 132. The teenager in red has broken the window. The window 133. In my opinion, taking some exercise would be good for you. You 134. The teacher didnt tell us the answer. We 135. I last visited London fifteen years ago. I havent 136. She asked me: What time does your party start? She asked 137. Will you close the door when you leave, please? Do you mind 138. We bought our tickets on the Web because it was much cheaper. Since 139. How much is this T-shirt? she asked. She asked 140. If you want my advice, dont eat so many cakes! You 141. Im sorry I didnt work hard enough last year. I wish 142.A lthough he was exhausted, he managed to finish reading the novel. Despite 143. Gerard plays tennis twice a week. (Question) 9

Alejandro English Teacher

144. That womans husband is my boss. That is the woman 145. They have found the stolen money. The stolen money 146. She divorced him because he was so terrible to her. If he 147. I have read this book, she said. She said 148. I am sure she knows you are here. She 149. I felt really tired so I stayed at home. I stayed 150. People consider that he is an expert on cricket. He 151. Please dont shoot. He begged us 152. Learning English is not easy. It is 153. We didnt visit the museum because we hadnt time. If we 154. Im sorry we accepted the invitation. I wish 155. Although she was poor, she was happy. In spite of 156. They didnt pay for the ring. This is the ring 157. Although the weather was awful, they had a great time. In spite of 158. They have given us a Roald Dahl novel. We 159. She hasnt phone her mother for two months. Its 10

Alejandro English Teacher

160. They dont allow smoking in this room. You 161. Im sorry I didnt go shopping with you. I wish 162. London will fascinate you. You 163. I saw a man later. He was the president of the European Community. The man 164. Germany is richer than India. India 165. I dont know, he told them. He told them 166. She cant come to the party because she is so busy. If she 167. Maybe your friend will call you on your birthday. Your friend 168. Where is the nearest cinema, please? Could you tell me 169. I havent seen your wife for a long time. Its 170. He didnt revise for the test so he failed. If he 171. The ophthalmologist tests her eyes every year. She 172. The Da Vinci Code is a best-seller. It was written by Dan Brown. The Da Vinci Code 173. Mary goes swimming twice a week. (Question) 174. I am sorry I didnt remember your birthday. I wish 175. He told us: Dont make so much noise! He 11

Alejandro English Teacher

176. As it was Friday, the children stayed up late. The children 177. I have never read such an interesting book. This is the 178. If you dont hurry up, you wont get tickets for the concert. Unless 179. I have to wear a uniform whenever I work in front of the customers. (Question) 180. The film is not as good as the novel. The novel 181. The hairdresser cut my hair last week. I 182. Lets go to the cinema on Tuesday, said Mary. Mary suggested 183. What a pity the weather was so bad last weekend. I wish 184. I havent seen a good film for ages. Its 185. John bought a new Rolls Royce. (Question) 186. I visited a village yesterday but I did not like it. I 187. He knows how to play golf. He 188. It is ages since I last visited Russia. I 189. You wont understand the problem if you dont listen carefully. Unless 190. Someone will cut your hair tomorrow. You 191. He visits his parents every Sunday. (Question) 12

Alejandro English Teacher

192. Can I go to the disco? Tim asked his mother. Tim asked his mother 193. Despite the fact that the questions were difficult, she got a high mark in her exam. Although 194. It is not necessary for you to make your bed. You 195. They will tell us the news tomorrow night. We 196. I dont earn much money. Its a pity I cant buy a new car. If 197. No other fictional secret agent is as famous as James Bond. James Bond 198. I've never felt such an intense pain. It's 199. Please explain this letter to me. Please tell me 200. Perhaps he's still at home. He 201. Although he left the hotel disguised as a middle-aged lady, everybody recognized him. In spite of 202. Hazel's new American car is so wide that it won't go into her garage easily. Hazel's new American car is too 203. It isn't necessary for us to deliver the order until next month. We 204. He felt seasick because he hadnt taken his pills. If 205. Despite having vaccinated he caught the flu. Although 206. In spite of putting put two lumps of sugar in my coffee, it was still bitter. Although 207. Unlikely as it may seem, Im telling you the truth. Although 13

Alejandro English Teacher

208. 'Can you guess who has just left?' he asked us. He asked us if 209. Madrid isnt as big as New York. New York 210. A man is a miserable little pile of secrets. (Question) 211. She had the biggest collection of foreign coins in the school. Nobody in the school 212. This is the coldest winter we remember. We dont 213. It was impossible for me to contact him on the phone yesterday. I 214. Come home with me, Stewart said. Stewart told 215. What a pity you cant see the newborn baby! I wish 216. Even though she has an exercise bicycle at home, she is quite overweight. In spite 217. They used chemicals so as to kill the insects in the trees. They used chemicals in 218. It would be wise for us to take raincoats. We'd 219. Dont touch the match or youll burn your finger. If 220. Their house is so far away that we can't walk there. It's such 221. Two new suits are being made for him. He is 222. Richard is so tall that he can change light bulbs in some rooms without having to stand on a chair. Richard is tall 223. He met his wife when he was in the Middle East. I have never seen her. I have never met his wife, 14

Alejandro English Teacher

224. The architect worked on the plans for six months. The architect spent 225. A window had been smashed and everything that was in the car had been stolen. Someone 226. Have you seen a red wallet on the pavement?, she asked me. She asked 227. You wont be employed by this company unless your performance is good. If your 228. The authorities are going to isolate the factory because of the atomic leak. The factory 229. You can hear a baby crying and youre trying to study. I wish 230. I haven't seen so much rain for a long time. It's 231. Why dont you stop smoking here? I wish 232. I hate people throwing rubbish in the grass. I wish 233. It's your duty to go. You 234. They were the most colourful socks I had ever won. I had 235. She had never visited a bigger castle. It was 236. It might be necessary for us to buy new tyres for the car. We 237. The Prime Minister is going to visit the hospital tomorrow. The hospital 238. It isn't necessary for me to go on working. I have already reached the retiring age. I 239. Was there an outbreak of cholera last year?, the doctor asked. The doctor asked 15

Alejandro English Teacher

240. It's your duty to look after the children. You 241. He had a good voice. He became a popular singer. He became 242. I don't like this food as much as you do. You 243. Ill go home unless I have to iron more shirts. If 244. You are looking for a job so far without success. Nobody will give you a job. I wish 245. The new air-conditioning was installed last week. They 246. The woman was arrested. She stole my wallet. The woman 247. The sofa was so comfortable she ordered it for her mother. It was 248. Madrid will fascinate you. You 249. How lucky you are! Your holidays are longer than mine! How lucky you are! My holidays 250. Someone has stolen the boss's car. The boss has 251. I would have liked to go with you, but I was too busy. If 252. Did you spend New Years Eve with your parents?,I asked him. I asked 253. Nick will post the documents tomorrow. The documents 254. I broke my arm last week. I wont be able to compete against you. If 255. The police saw him with the suspect after the robbery. (Question) 16

Alejandro English Teacher

256. Everybody else could ride a horse but you. The only 257. Are those funny hats worn by all their policemen? Do 258. It's not necessary for you to go. You 259. Was it necessary for you to wait a long time for the bus? Did 260. What particularly impressed me was his accent-free pronunciation. I 261. Brian has been wearing the same clothes for years. You think he needs some new clothes. I wish 262 Please, open your mouth wide, the dentist said. The dentist asked 263. I didnt notice the man was in danger so I didnt help him. If 264. He isn't nearly as intelligent as his younger brother. His younger brother 265. Would you like to have a whisky with me? Henry asked me. Henry invited 266. Is it really necessary for me to arrive so early? Do I 267. The score was so disappointing that some supporters couldnt help crying. Some supporters were 268. The kids were running in the corridor. (Question) 269. The biggest city in Brazil is Sao Paulo. Its population is over five million. Sao Paulo, 270. If I were you I would marry that girl. You 271. It's against the rules to smoke in bed. You 17

Alejandro English Teacher

272. He knows how to do a cartwheel. He 273. You didnt earn as much as you had been told. You earned 274. It's already possible for us to communicate with each other over vast distances. We 275. Your friend drives very fast. You dont like this. I wish you 276. A waiter spilled soup over Lydia's new dress last night. Lydia 277. I met a lady named Lydia in the circus. She had so many tattoos on her body. Lydia, 278. We worked on the garden the whole weekend. We spent 279. It is thought that he is hiding in a foreign country. He 280. Please, hang your trousers up in your wardrobe, I said to my son. I asked 281. She wont ever marry unless she finds the right man. If 282. It's possible that there will be a new ice-age. There 283. Have you all understood all that? Has 284. Someone will have to pick up this broken glass to save the children. This broken glass 285. Sound doesnt travel as fast as light in the air. Light 286. It's not advisable for you to go out in the rain. You 287. You are allowed to go there only if you are a Muslim. They 18

Alejandro English Teacher

288. Is it essential for you to finish tonight? Do 289. My sister-in-law knew how to ride a bicycle when she was four. My sister-in-law 290. It's possible that we shall have to emigrate to other planets. We 291. She didnt have any soft drinks at home so she didnt offer one to me. If 292. I have never seen a volcanic eruption, you said. You said 293. Ill move the piano to the other room, I said. I offered 294. Do I have permission to open a window? May 295. It's probably too late to avoid a catastrophe. It 296. I dont have a word processor so I cant write your report with it. If 297. Will it be necessary for us to report the incident to the police? Shall we 298. It wasn't necessary for him to hit the boy. He 299. As we live on the first floor, we need some bars for the windows. As we live on the first floor, we should have 300. I suppose you didn't enjoy that party very much, did you? You can't 301. We havent elected a new government for four years. Its 301. I ought to hire someone to put a light outside the front door. I ought to have 302. The clown is rehearsing his gags for tonights performance, the circus manager said. The circus manager said 19

Alejandro English Teacher

303. She was working for a company. It was the biggest in the country. The company 304. Are French children obliged to go to school on Saturdays? Do 305. The Bront sisters were all novelists. Charlotte was the most famous. The Bront sisters 306. It's obligatory for you to salute an officer. You 307. She would avoid being late by taking the motorway. If she 308. Is it obligatory for us to vote? Do we 309. Joe didn't sweep the floor as thoroughly as Mary wanted him to. Joe swept 310. Its a pity you suddenly fell ill; then you would have come to America with us. If 311. It's possible to see palm trees in Scotland. Palm trees 312. This is the coldest winter we remember. We dont 313. He sang beautifully. Half the audience cried. He sang so 314. This is the best way to clean your rifle. You 315. Some hooligans smashed the shop window last night. The shop window 316. Some camels are carrying a group of tourist through the desert. A group of 317. Many people believe that UFOs exist, never mind what the authorities say. UFOs 318. Its possible that I will finish work earlier than usual today. I 20

Alejandro English Teacher

319. It's not necessary for you to wait here. Please come inside. You 320. I think I should switch on my hazard warning lights, he said. He said 321. Jack always leaves the door open. This annoys you. I wish you 322. Dont call my home in case my wife picks up the phone, he said to her. He told 323. It's high time for us to go home. We 324. It used to be necessary for us to sleep under mosquito nets. We 325. But for his parents efforts, he wouldnt have studied Chemistry. If 326. They like lentils better than chickpeas. They dont like 327. It's a good thing I had my check-book on me. We would have been in trouble otherwise. If 328. This is the worst film I've ever seen. I've 329. I wont dance with you if you step on my feet. If 330. They had plenty of time. It wasn't necessary for them to hurry. They had plenty of time. They didn't...need to hurry. 331. It's possible that Shakespeare wrote it. Shakespeare 332. If you bother me again, Ill start shouting, she said to them. She threatened 333. Was the medal given by the Queen herself? Did 334. She hasnt taken her car to the mechanic for two years. The last 21

Alejandro English Teacher

335. The girl was very pretty. He was looking at her. The girl 336. He made many hit records. He became very rich. He became 337. The radio said last night that a volcano is erupting on the island of Xand. A volcano 338. Youre waiting for John. Hes late and youre getting impatient. I wish 339. It's possible that the bus was full. The bus 340. Our postal service used to deliver parcels. Now we have to collect them. Parcels 341. Isn't it his duty to be on parade? Shouldn't 342. You bought a new one, which wasn't necessary. I could have lent you mine. You 343. A new stretch of motorway is going to be built between Graz and Lund. They 344. Be careful. There are lots of wasps here, he said. He warned 345 I'm sure someone stole his watch while he was asleep. Someone 346. In a few years time, it will be possible for a man to destroy the whole solar system. In a few years time, a man will 347. It would be a good idea if you went and asked her yourself. You'd 348. He has been drinking too much alcohol for two years. He started 349. If you had told me that you were in London, it would have been possible for me to put you up. If you had told me that you were in London, I 350. On the day she agreed to marry him, he was happier than he had ever been in his life. The day she agreed to marry him 22

Alejandro English Teacher

351. He had expensive tastes. He spent all his money. As he had 352. He gets up earlier than his wife. His wife doesnt 353. Will it be necessary for me to invite anyone? Will I 354. Her happiness compensates for all the difficult moments shes lived. Her happiness makes 355. Butterflies are one of the world's most beautiful insects. They can be found in most countries. Butterflies 356. It is going to be necessary for me to lose some weight if I want to wear these trousers comfortably. I'm going to 357. If only she had taken an umbrella with her. She 358. I hate people throwing rubbish on the grass. I wish 359. If only I had a good ear for music. I wish 360. Its half an hour now since they started shouting. They have 361. You didnt pay attention to me when I was a child, I said to my father. I accused my father 362. Ill help you to do your homework as soon as I can, he told his son. He promised 363. When she was a young girl she used to wear high-heeled shoes. When she was a young girl, she 364. Peters father is an expert surgeon. (Question) 365. The carpenter will repair the shutters of his bedroom tomorrow. He 366. She hasnt celebrated her birthday at home for three years. She last 23

Alejandro English Teacher

367. Its possible that he will study in a public school. He 368. He said he wouldnt resign provided a new solution was found. He said he would resign if 369. Perhaps theyve eaten all the almonds in the packet. They 370. Gabriel swims better than anybody in the team. Nobody 371. From my point of view, you have made a mistake. In 372. I've never heard a better voice. She has 373. The fur coat was so expensive that nobody could afford it. It was such 374. This is the village where we spend our holidays every summer. We spend 375. He received a lot of fan mail. He could not answer it all. He received so 376. Am I obliged to eat this food? Do I 377. The architect has made the plans for our house. We 378. It was very foolish of you to go out yesterday without a coat. No wonder you caught a cold. You 379. It's possible to feed everyone if we share the world's resources. Everyone 380. Yes, I didnt stop at the red light, she said. She admitted 381. I regret not going to the doctor before. My back would be all right now. I wish 382. It took the men a month to mend the road. Mending 24

Alejandro English Teacher

383. The sales are expected to be profitable this year. It 384. It takes me half an hour to bake a cake. (Question) 385. Maria lives next door. (Question) 386. You should have a look at your grammar book every day, he told me. He advised 387. One shouldn't forget to ask a mechanic to check the pressure of his tyres from time to time. One shouldn't forget to have...the pressure of his tyres checked from time to time. 388. I heard the nurse say to him, 'Do lie still. You'll pull your stitches open if you keep moving about like that.' The nurse told him 389. His car was big. He needed two parking spaces. His car was so 390. Weren't you informed that there is going to be a meeting? Did nobody 391. Elisa used to laugh more than her brother. Elisas brother 392. We havent elected a new government for four years. Its 393. The police have given everyone two weeks to surrender any guns which they may possess illegally. Everyone 394. I suppose his flight was delayed. His flight 395. I wont go to that hotel again, she said. She refused 396. He took the safe keys with him in case the security officer had gone home. He took the safe keys with him because 397. The blue dress isn't quite as pretty as the red one. The red 398. It's possible that they didn't realize that he was drowning. They 25

Alejandro English Teacher

399. I must either buy a new typewriter or take this one to repair. I must either buy a new typewriter or have 400. My brother was sorry he had been so rude to her. I wish 401. Take an umbrella with you. It may rain this afternoon. Take an umbrella in 402. Before being sold, our products are examined so as to check their quality. Before being sold, our products are examined in 403. It was such a dangerous job that he was paid an extra salary. The job was 404. OK, you have found the best solution, my boss told me. My boss agreed 405. We need to go into that matter very carefully. That matter 406. He speaks German better than he speaks French. He doesn't 407. My companion in my flight to Rome was so dull that I decided to listen to my walkman. I had such 408. How fast he ran! Nobody could overtake him. He ran so 409. Ann isnt here and you need to see her. I wish 410. If you read more English books, you will find speaking easier. The more 411. The judge said to the man, 'Did you ask for or receive permission to use a company car that night?' The judge asked the man if 412. It was impossible for us to get tickets for the concert. We 413. Im not lying on a beautiful sunny beach, and thats a pity. I wish 414. She is too proud to apologize for her behaviour. She isnt 26

Alejandro English Teacher

415. He was gluing the pieces of the broken toy. The pieces 416. The train leaves at 15:00. (Question) 417. I've brought you the photographs. I told you about them. Ive brought you 418. Whose is that car outside the gate? Who does 419. People say he's the fastest runner in the world. People say nobody can 420. Im certain Roger and Angela have been to England. They speak with a very good accent now. Roger and Angela 421. But for the doctors decision, she would have died. If it 422. Congratulations, the prize is yours!, he said. He congratulated 423. 'This room is too small,' he said. He complained 424. When was gunpowder invented? How long is 425. 'Let me help you with that suitcase,' Timothy said to the pretty girl at the station. Timothy offered 426. If it doesn't rain soon, a lot of our crops will be lost. Unless 427. Its cold and you hate cold weather. I wish 428. You only postponed our appointment because you had a headache. If 429. Why dont we go to an amusement arcade this afternoon? Shall we go to 430. My sister was very good at playing tennis when she was young. My sister could 27

Alejandro English Teacher

431. You cannot go into that restaurant without a jacket and tie. Unless 432. It was the longest sentence Id ever read. It was one page long. I had 433. Im sorry I didnt send you the letter, she said to me. She apologized 434. Im not going to tolerate such behaviour in my own house. Im not going to put 435. He cant come to the party because he is ill. If 436. Will they have to amputate his leg or will they save it? Will his leg 437. Go to your room now. You 438. Youve painted the gate red. Now you think that it doesnt look very nice. I wish 439. In my absence someone had broken the lock of my car and stolen the luggage on the back seat. In my absence the lock of my car 440. 'Let's all go to the cinema tomorrow,' said my mother. My mother suggested 441. I must add a clove of garlic to the stew. A clove of garlic 442. We could go to an Italian restaurant this evening. Why 443. I've never drunk such a strange cocktail before. It's 444. It was daring of her to live alone in the old mansion. She lived alone in the old mansion 445. They say the Princess is staying incognito at the Hilton. The Princess 446. Give me some food for the children, the woman begged us. The woman begged 28

Alejandro English Teacher

447. You live in a big city and you dont like it. I wish 448. The only person to be interested in our house didnt want to pay so much money for it. The only person who 449. Pauls brother won the first prize in the contest. Paul is the boy 450. This suitcase is too small for all my things. This suitcase is not 451. Leonard felt sick because he was eating polluted shellfish. If Leonard 452. The jury is to come to a decision before the end of the week. The jury 453. Im feeling better. It isnt necessary for you to stay with me all night long. Im feeling better. You 454. We pay someone to polish these floors at least once a month. We have 455. Ralph's passport was nowhere to be found. Nobody 456. The only thing I forgot to put in the picnic basket was the bottle-opener. I remembered 457. 'Please, don't drive so fast,' Kathleen begged his boyfriend. Kathleen begged his boyfriend 458. The balcony was so badly built that it was not safe for people to stand on. The balcony was too 459 She hasnt celebrated her birthday at home for three years. She last 460. Please, dont ask me about it, Paul said. Paul advised us 461. My friend gets bored, but not as soon as I do. I 462. You shouldnt have told anybody about it, my friend told me. My friend complained 29

Alejandro English Teacher

463. Charles Baker died yesterday. He was famous for his views on world disarmament. Charles Baker 464. They served us fairly quickly last time, but not as quickly as they served us this time. This time 465. Marilyn said, 'I'm terribly sorry I'm so late. Marilyn apologized 466. She visits some relatives at weekends. (Questions) 467. Thats the man. He attacked her yesterday. He is the man 468. My old coins are worth a lot of money. I found them in the attic. My old coins 469. Her mother was beautiful, but not to the degree that she is. She is 470. The shoemaker is mending my shoes. I 471. Yes, you can have a cheeseburger. (Question) 472. They won freedom in the country over a century ago. They have 473. I some places they still have donkeys so as to transport heavy things. In some places they still have donkeys in 474. I dont have enough money, so I cant buy a new bike. If 475. Dont forget to set the alarm clock, you told me. You reminded 476. The police discovered that she had killed her husband with cyanide. The police discovered that her husband 477. When did the earthquake take place? How long is 478. When you were younger, you didnt learn to play a musical instrument. Now you regret it. I wish 30

Alejandro English Teacher

479. You dont belong in this world! Simon said to Dracula. Simon told 480. My car is being repaired by my brother-in-law. Im 481. It's not as macabre as the previous film. It's less 482. 'Would you like to come in?' he said to us. He invited us 483. Shall we employ someone to cut down this tree? Shall we have 484. Are you really going to allow me to drive your lovely Rolls Royce? Am I 485. This hotel is so expensive that we can't stay at it for very long. This hotel is too 486. Tom became a vegetarian, which made him happier. Tom became a vegetarian 487. Although she was poor, she was happy. In spite 488. I ate a poisoned mushroom. Now Im constipated. If 489. The storks will prepare their nest here very soon. The storks nest 490. The last time I drank alcohol was a month ago. I havent 491. My family believes that this painting is worth a lot of money. This painting 492. May I leave now? Am I 493. Jennifer regretted her foolish behaviour. Jennifer wished 494. We took more clothes than we needed on holiday last summer. We needn't 31

Alejandro English Teacher

495. We didnt paint on the wall, the children said. The children denied 496. Youre walking in the country. You would like to take some photographs, but you didnt bring your camera. I wish 497. You are quite slim. Its not necessary for you to do so much exercise. You are quite slim. You 498. Its ages since he last played the viola. He hasnt 499. Your hair needs washing. You ought 500. I'm not nearly such a careful driver as he is. He drives 501. I want to fly to the moon, but I cant. I wish 502. Erica is so careful that she could not have done anything as bad as that. Erica is too 503. I told her she looked very smart, but to be honest I didnt think so. I told her she looked very smart, but to tell 504. The chair had to be thrown away because its springs had been broken. We 505. Please, stop smoking here. Its forbidden. You 506. It's compulsory to fasten your seatbelt when landing and taking off. You must 507. It's not necessary for you to attend the meeting. You dont need 508. They say Heidi was one of the most successful TV cartoons. Heidi 509. I'd like to be on a deserted island right now. I wish 510. Nobody has heard anything about the workers' strike. Nothing 32

Alejandro English Teacher

511. Perhaps he missed the last train. He might 512. If I were you, I wouldn't renew the wallpaper. You 513. I don't believe Helen broke those CDs; it's impossible. Helen cant 514. Despite working very hard on his project, he didn't get the grant. Although he 515. Perhaps we'll go to Disneyworld next summer. We might 516. People expect that train fares will rise again. Train fares 517. Why don't we go to a concert tonight? Mary said. Mary suggested 518. A computer technician is going to revise my system. My sistem 519. They were late because they missed the train. If 520. I regret I didn't tell John about the party. I wish 521. I forgot to turn off the TV. I didnt 522. It's forbidden to use electrical devices on a plane. You cant 523. He failed the driving test because he got terribly nervous. If 524. She told them to wait outside. She ordered 525. Can you pass me the salt, please? My sister said. My sister asked 526. Why dont we go on a boat trip around the island? he suggested, He suggested 33

Alejandro English Teacher

527. She didnt have the situation more seriously, so I broke up with her. If 528. They say that scientists have found a cure for Alzheimer. Scientists 529. I'm sure John is at work; he never leaves before six o'clock. John must 530. I think I left the book on the table, but I'm not very sure. I may 531. Nobody could solve the algorism. The algorism 532. Children under twelve are not allowed to sit at the front seat. Children under twelve cant 534. Thank you for coming, but it wasn't necessary, really. You neednt 535. Cristiano scored the first goal. The first goal 536. You'd better forget about buying that car. You shouldnt 537. Shall we buy him a present? Maria said. Maria suggested 538. I had to go to school although I wasn't feeling well. Despite 539. They say that the Asian pneumonia is not as dangerous as other infectious illnesses. Asian pneumonia 540. Perhaps my mother starts working again. My mother might 541. Dont speak so loudly! John shouted to me. John ordered 542. Nobody can open the door to the back garden. The door 543. It's forbidden to light a fire in the countryside. To light a fire in the countryside 34

Alejandro English Teacher

544. It's not necessary for you to attend the meeting. You dont need 545. It's compulsory to fasten your seatbelt when the plane is landing. You must 546. If I were you I wouldn't let him alone. Youd 547. Can you pass me my mobile phone, please? she said. She asked 548. I couldn't stop reading although it was very late. Despite 549. Perhaps I go to the wedding, but I'm not sure. I may 550. It wasn't necessary for him to empty all the drawers. He neednt 551. Nobody could discover the robber's hiding place. The robbers hiding place 552. I'm sure she didn't open the file. She cant 553. I'd like John to be here. I wish 554. Where have the people gone? he asked. He wondered 555. Running a big car like that cant be cheap. It must 556. People drive too fast. Thats why there have been so many accidents lately. If 557. I have the impression that you arent enjoying this very much. You seem 558. You were supposed to give the letter to Peter. You 559. It wasnt necessary for you to do all this work. You 35

Alejandro English Teacher

560. Although he vas ill, he went to Paris. In spite 561. Im sorry that I cant help you. I wish 563. I 564. It took 565. Someone must tell him the truth. Sally wrote her book in three months It was possible for me to do it instead.

The truth 566. Have you received your salary yet?

Has your salary 567. People think that train robber Dave Brigss has escaped.

Train robber Dave Briggs 568. If 569. Where do you keep your dog? she asked him People dont go to that restaurant because the prices are so high.

She asked 570. Its 571. The book was so good that everyone bought it. The last time I saw Dan was five years ago.

It was such 572. Is 573. Its 574. Yeah, I have made a mistake. Forgive me. He said. I havent read it for ages, but I loved it. Do they allow you to smoke in British cinemas?

He admitted 575. Excuse me, is somebody serving you, sir?

Excuse me, are 576. The police inspector said I had killed Mr Burns.

I had been accussed 36

Alejandro English Teacher

577. I wish 578.

What a pity we didnt see the match.

If I were you, Id try to get some sleep.

You should 579. What time is it? Fiona said.

Fiona asked 580. We 581. It was 582. The fire 583. Sudden fires often cause very serious damage. A dropped cigarette probably started the fire. The exam was so difficult that I couldnt finish it. The painters painted our house last month.

The damage 584. Its possible that one of the men died on the mountain.

One of the men 585. My wallet contained 100. It was found in the street by a schoolboy. He returned it.

My wallet, 586. The police were following the suspects.

The suspects 587. If 588. She said to the tourists: Please, dont take photographs in the museum. The driver failed his exam yesterday. He is very angry now.

She asked 589. Its almost certain that someone saw the thief leaving.

Someone 590. Neither 591. John is 592. Even though they disliked him, they agreed to help. Im not as good a football player as John. Alcohol is bad for you and so are cigarettes.

Despite 37

Alejandro English Teacher

593. If 594.

It rained very hard last night. The streets are wet now.

Doctors have treated many people for burns and shock

Many people 595. I havent been able to relax for a long time.

Its been 596. Someone ought to have done this job yesterday.

This job 597. Is he telling the truth? I asked myself.

I wondered 598. You ought to get your hair cut.

Your hair 599. Study harder, our teacher said to us.

Our teacher urged 600. I wish 601. Its essential that you make a decision quickly. Id like to have more time to study, but I havent.

Youd better 602. Charles 603. Ive 604. Are 605. Take the spare key, because I might be out when you get back. in case 606. People say that nuclear energy has caused lots of problems Can you take photographs in the museum? Nothing has ever embarrassed me this much before. They say Charles is a very rich man.

Nuclear energy is supposed 607. Hes 608. We 38

Hes not old enough to vote.

Well have the ability to these things in the future.

Alejandro English Teacher


Its surprising that her injuries werent far more serious.

Her injuries 610. They have found the stolen money in the park.

The stolen 611. Nothing 612. With the help of biotechnology, we can do many things. No decision has yet been made.

Biotechnology enables 613. We will 614. I suppose the explanation is that you were very busy. It will be necessary for us to use it more often.

You must 615. I think that no city is more beautiful than Paris.

I think Paris 616. Youve got a book. Its mine.

The book 617. I bought my car from a woman. She lives in a house. Yo can see the house over there.

The woman 618. We are 619. I will be 620. If I 621. I hope the next exercise wont be as difficult as this. I wont see you tomorrow because I havent enough time. They will give me a prize if I can learn this. Weve arranged for someone to fix the washing machine next week.

I hope the next exercise would 622. Unless 623. Dont forget that you have to do this homework. You wont concentrate without using them.

Please, dont 624. You have the impression that youve had a good time.

You seem to 39

Alejandro English Teacher

625. This car 626.

I own this car.

Someone almost certainly broke the windows on purpose.

The window must 627. If 628. Barbara wasnt wearing a safety-belt, despite regulations. I cant go on holiday because I cant afford it.

Barbara should 629. Ill have 630. Few languages are as difficult as Chinese and Japanese. An expert will do this job for me tomorrow.

Chinese and Japanese are 631. Im sorry Im late again, he said.

He apologized 632. I must 633. The car 634. Will you 635. Jean borrowed Shirleys camera. Tell me tomorrow that I have to pay them, please. He jumped into a car waiting in front of the store. I mustnt forget that I have to buy some cheese.

Shirleys 636. I went into a shop. It was in Oxford Street.

The shop 637. He may 638. He said to me: Lets have a Chinese meal Its possible that he went to London.

He suggested 639. People learn English easily.

It is said 640. The last time I heard from Mary was more than a year ago.

Its been 40

Alejandro English Teacher

641. Candy 642. I wish 643.

The designers have made a dress for Candys party.

Im upset because I have to do so much homework.

Ill kill you if you ever see my sister again; Julias brother told Ronald.

Julias brother threatened 644. I hope you wont forget to pay these bills.

I hope you will 645. We had lots of friends when we lived in the country.

We used 646. I got on a train. I wanted to go to a station. The train didnt stop there.

The train 647. How 648. Do you 649. Are you 650. That man caused the fire. He has red hair. Can you understand words more easily than gestures? You did another exercise like this. Do you remember? When was the last time you saw Mary?

The man 651. Im sorry I didnt reply to your last letter, he said.

He apologised 652. My car 653. I wish 654. Perhaps someone will find a cure for this disease one day. Dont complain all the time! I hate it! Someone is repairing my car at the moment.

Perhaps a cure 655. She said to him: If I were you, Id ring your lawyer.

She suggested 656. I 41

I take my car to Bowens Garage for servicing.

Alejandro English Teacher


Dont stop on the double yellow line! the policeman told us.

The policeman warned 658. I wish 659. Would 660. Riding 661. I hadnt realized the meal would be so expensive. Its more dangerous to ride a motorbike than to drive a car. Could you please open the window? Please, stop asking questions. Its so annoying.

The meal 662. This is 663. Let me give you the money, my mother said. Ive never eaten this food before.

My mother offered 664. Cars cause pollution but people still want them.

Although 665. If 666. Can you lend me some money? John asked mary. She cant come to the party because she is so busy.

John asked 667. He has 668. I wish 669. I wont lend you a penny, my father shouted. Id like to live in a big house, but I dont. He bought this car five years ago.

My father refused 670. I asked 671. Do you like animals? Gary asked Laura. Please, bring me another cup of coffee. I said to the waiter.

Gary asked 672. The film 42

I was bored by the film on television.

Alejandro English Teacher


Chris is very fluent Spanish speaker.

Chris speaks 674. Youre a liar! Anabel said to her husband.

Annabel accused 675. A dishwasher was on special offer that month. It was not needed by the Priors.

The dishwasher 676. You 677. I used to own a dog. People came to the door. The dog never barked at them. This story will shock you.

The dog 678. Theres no doubt that the prisoner who escaped had a key to the gates.

The prisoner 679. Youd 680. The prize money which was given to Sally enabled her to buy a new car. Its really important you dont arrive late.

The money Sally 681. Im not sure if she is lying or not.

I dont know 682. If 683. It 684. You are not allowed to park here. They crossed the Atlantic in three days. The only reason he crashed was because he was speeding.

You cant 685. I used 686. She is 687. The doctor said to me: If I were you, I wouldnt smoke. She isnt nearly old enough to play in the championship. I gave up smoking ten years ago.

The doctor advised 688. He 43

Im certain he stayed out late because he sounded very tired this morning.

Alejandro English Teacher


Dont you think you shoud buy a small car? Jack asked.

Jack said to me 690. Theres no doubt that the thief had a key.

The thief 691. Jane, its your fault that the letter has been lost. The boss told her.

The boss blamed 692. If 693. Would you like to have a drink with me tonight? I had a baby. Thats why I got a part-time job.

What about 694. Jim said he hadnt stolen the jewels.

Jim denied 695. Im 696. (made) 697. What are you going to do about it? He asked her. Sue gets someone in Paris to make her clothes. Someone is making new curtains for me.

He asked 698. Youd better take some cash as the banks may be closed.

(in case) 699. (such) 700. Why dont we play tennis? Mary said to me. Dont you think this is the most boring film you have ever seen?

Mary suggested 701. Its more than six months since I went to the dentist.

I havent 702. I 703. I 704. We went to a beach on the first day of our holiday. It was covered in seaweed. This smelled a lot. Im sure I was in the beach when the phone rang. While I was looking at him, he fired the gun.

The beach 44

Alejandro English Teacher

705. How 706. Do you 707. In spite 708. I wish 709. If 710. Are you 711. They 712. I used 713. If only 714.

When was the last time you had a check-up?

What did John think of the film? Do you think?

Although her leg hurt, Amanda finished the race.

I regret ever meeting you.

Your results never improve because you dont work hard.

Havent you fond a horse yet?

Smoking at our school is not allowed.

I lived in London once, but I dont anymore.

Its such a shame we cant be friends.

Neil wishes he hadnt sold his car.

Jim regrets 715. (traffic) 716. Can I bring a friend to the party? Jane wanted to know. There are a lot of cars on this road today.

Jane asked 717. Simon gave up cigarretes when he was thirty.

(stopped) 718. (pay) 719. There 720. Do you 45

The computer she bought was very cheap.

Few people speak Gaelic in Ireland.

In your opinion, are they suited to each other?

Alejandro English Teacher

721. Where 722.

Tell me where you found this box of old books.

Id rather go to the cinema than watch TV tonight.

(instead) 723. I didnt 724. Dont shoot! said the captain to his soldiers. I talked to neither of Harrys sisters.

The captain ordered 725. (give) 726. I miss 727. I lost my wallet last week. It was found by a workman. He was digging a hole in the street ouside our house. I wish I could work in the evening as I used to. My father says he wont lend me the money I need.

The wallet 728. The thief said: I didnt steal the car.

(stealing) 729. (for) 730. Is he telling the truth I asked myself. The child started walking three months ago.

I wondered 731. They managed to return to New York.

(succeeded) 732. (such) 733. If 734. Whose name should I write on the cheque? You tried to kill the driving examiner. Thats why the police arrested you. The book was so good that everyone bought it.

Who should 735. There 736. Its 46

The fridge is empty.

Lets have a break now.

Alejandro English Teacher

737. 738. 739. 740. 741. 742. 743. 744. 745. 746. 747. 748. 749. 750. 751. 752. 753. 754. 755. 756. 757. 47

I didn't go to Helen's party because she didn't invite me. We'll go to the beach unless it rains. Ann can't buy a new car because she hasn't got enough money. You can get access to the Intranet only by having a password. She feels lonely since she hasn't got any friends. Carlos Sainz didn't win the Monte Carlo Rally because his car broke down. Should you require more information, ask at the desk. Jim missed the plane because he arrived late at the airport. I don't have a modem, so I can't e-mail you. I didn't send them a postcard because I didn't know their new address. She isn't passing her exams because she isn't studying hard enough. I'd like to buy a bigger flat, but I haven't got enough money. I didn't get to the meeting on time because my car broke down. I never travel by plane because I get ear ache. I won't go to the party if you don't go with me. If I had been told about the situation, I would have dismissed them. The restaurant was full so we couldn't get a table. You can attend the meeting as long as you are a club member. I'm too busy to go to the pub. Ice melts down when you heat it. We didn't see The Two Towers because the cinema was closed.

Alejandro English Teacher

758. 759. 760. 761. 762. 763. 764. 765. 766. 767. 768. 769. 770. 771. 772. 773. 774. 775. 776. 777. 778. 48

She doesn't understand because you haven't explained the situation to her. You won't get a promotion if your work doesn't improve. I never eat octopus because I get sick. We didn't pick you up at the station because you didn't phone us. The government won't win the elections unless they create employment. I'll buy I new computer provided that I get a rise in salary. She wanted to buy that picture, but she didn't have enough money. Whenever I make a promise, I keep it. We haven't got any matches, so we can't light a fire. I didn't renew my subscription because I lost interest in the magazine's articles. He was too slow to win the race. I won't go to Rio unless I find a cheap flight. I never sunbathe because I get sunburnt easily. She will understand you provided that you don't speak too fast. He won't come for a drink because he's got work to do. She's too young to get a driving licence. They lost the match because of the heavy rain. Whenever Peter and I meet, we talk about the good old times. Should you see Paul, tell him about the meeting. Someone must tell him about the accident. They are going to rebuild the Town Hall.

Alejandro English Teacher

779. 780. 781. 782. 783. 784. 785. 786. 787. 788. 789. 790. 791. 792. 793. 794. 795. 796. 797. 798. 799. 49

People expect Bara will get to the final. People know that Real Madrid is the best football team. Nobody could find the lost climber. The police have arrested the thieves. Jane gave me a present for my birthday. They are building a new car park in the neighbourhood. I went to the hairdresser and he cut my hair. People thought that Jimmi Hendrix was a genius. People believe King Arthur lived in the 9th century. People expect that Rodrigo Rato will resign due to the BBVA scandal. A professional photographer will take all my wedding photographs. They told Peter not to play such loud music. Everybody should read this article carefully. Bob sold the house in the hill to Mr Brown. People believe that the Loch Ness Monster really existed. My car needs servicing. They sacked Mary last week. Someone stole Ann's purse in the underground. They filmed 55 Days in Peking in Spain. They asked John to resign. In the Middle Ages people believed that the Earth was flat.

Alejandro English Teacher

800. 801. 802. 803. 804. 805. 806. 807. 808. 809. 810. 811. 812. 813. 814. 815. 816. 817. 818. 819. 820. 50

Nobody understood his talk. Your house needs painting. Jane sent Peter a thank-you letter. People believe that Nostradamus' predictions will come true. They are going to revise the club's rules. Somebody must do it. I took my ring to the jeweller's and he mended it. People believe that the climate is changing. Nobody must open this door. People expect the new government will reduce taxes. They gave John another opportunity. Mary will send all the letters, as scheduled. Your car needs servicing. It's said that the new Harry Potter film will be released in June. They told John to stop messing around. Somebody should bring cold drinks to the party. They speak English in most hotels. People believe that the Forum will be a success. "I can't believe what you're saying," Paul told me. "Would you like a cup of tea? she said to the girls. "What time did you arrive in London?" he asked.

Alejandro English Teacher

821. 822. 823. 824. 825. 826. 827. 828. 829. 830. 831. 832. 833. 834. 835. 836. 837. 838. 839. 840. 841. 51

"I'm sorry to be late, but I missed the bus" she said. "Thank you for the postcard you sent me," she said to Jane. "What were you doing last night at 9.30?" he asked. "I'll show you when I finish," he said. "The film had already started when Peter arrived," she said. "I was having a shower when the phone rang," she said. "You must finish the report today," my boss told me. Then Pierce Brosnan says: "My name's Bond. James Bond." "Did they enjoy the party?" she asked. "Alright then, we'll meet after the lesson," she said. "No way! I won't tell them," he said. "Open your books and start reading, children," the teacher said. "Would you like to come to my party, John?" she said. "Let's go to the park!" she said. "You should be more careful in the future," he said. "Did you pass the exam?" I said to Joe. "I'm doing my homework," the boy said. "What were you doing when the lights went off? she asked me. "Do you mind closing the window, please? It's getting cold" she said to the man. "Did you enjoy the meal?" she said to me. "Would you like another biscuit, John?" he said.

Alejandro English Teacher

842. 843. 844. 845. 846. 847. 848. 849. 850. 851. 852. 853. 854. 855. 856. 857. 858. 859. 860. 861. 862. 52

"Remember to check the tyres before leaving," they said to us. "Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you" she said. "You'd better go to the doctor, Paul" she said. "How about rating a canoe?" he said. "They saw the vase was broken when they opened the parcel," I said. "You must be prepared for the worst," the doctor said. "Do you understand French?", she asked me. "We're meeting John next weekend," she said to me. "Can you pass me the bread, please?" she said to me. "Let's go for a swim!" he said. "You should tell the truth," they said to us. "Would you like to go to Parets?" she said. "Have you finished the homework, Paul?" she said. "No way! I won't phone Mary," he said. "The film had already started when they arrived," I said. I bought a house. It was advertised in the local paper. Mary works in our office. Her husband is a plastic surgeon. Venice is a wonderful place. We spent our last holiday there. He showed us how to create a computer-based game. It was very interesting. I've just finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It is an amazing book. That's the boy. I told you about him last night.

Alejandro English Teacher

863. 864. 865. 866. 867. 868. 869. 870. 871. 872. 873. 874. 875. 876. 877. 878. 879. 880. 881. 882. 883. 53

They've sold the house. I wanted to buy it. Helen has just arrived. She had a car accident. They've sold the grocery. I used to go shopping there. My sister has won a DVD player. Her children love watching films. There's the lady. Her dog was killed. I have a friend. He's a wonderful skater. The boy broke the window. He ran away. Scrabble is a very enjoyable game. I play Scrabble every weekend. Camilo Jos Cela died a few months ago. He wrote Viaje a La Alcarria. Vielha is a nice village in the Pyrenees. I usually spend my summer holidays there. He received the parcel. He was waiting for it. Robert Graves wrote I Claudius. He used to live in Majorca. We went to the National Gallery in London. It was fascinating. I remember those days. We were so happy then. She hasn't got anything to do. This makes her angry. Pete has become a singer. You met him last year. Terenci Moix didn't like publicity. His novels were best-sellers. The mountain is 3000 metres high. They climbed it. I was happy to see my friend. He has been living in London for three years. We have visited Tarragona. There are many Roman remains there. He has lost the ring. Everyone admired it.

Alejandro English Teacher

884. 885. 886. 887. 888. 889. 890. 891. 892. 893. 894. 895. 896. 897. 898. 899. 900. 901. 902. 903. 904. 54

She finally passed the driving test. It made her very happy Do you know the exact date? We are going to meet then. He's the man. They were talking about him. He broke a cup. It was made of Bohemian glass. Jane has been sacked. You met her last Sunday. Michael has been promoted. This made him very happy. The school bell went off unexpectedly. It was repaired last week. She doesn't know the man. We are talking about him. We went to a restaurant. They serve excellent fish there. Mary forgot to post the letters. She's my secretary. Elizabeth George is an excellent writer. Her novels are best-sellers. I forgot to print the article. I wrote it last night. I refused to say anything about it. It was quite sensible. I'm sure John locked the office before leaving. He always does. If I were you I would tell him the truth. It isn't necessary for her to phone me back. Ann finished the project on her own although it wasn't necessary to do so. It was a mistake to sell the house. I wish I hadn't. Perhaps we'll go swimming tomorrow. I think Mary is probably at home because the windows are open. Perhaps John knew about the trip, but I'm not sure.

Alejandro English Teacher

905. 906. 907. 908. 909. 910. 911. 912. 913. 914. 915. 916. 917. 918. 919. 920. 921. 922. 923. 924. 925. 55

I'm sure he didn't lock the door. He never does. Perhaps she was at work when the earthquake struck. Perhaps we'll rent our house in summer. It's absolutely necessary that we finish the article today. It wasn't necessary for him to behave like that. You cannot smoke in the underground; it's forbbiden. It's quite possible that they went away last weekend. I'm sure Ann didn't send that letter. It was a mistake not to accept his offer. I wish I had. It is essential that we talk before the meeting starts. I don't think Ann robbed the money. It's impossible. Why don't we go on a camping trip? Let's go to Diagonal Mar! Perhaps they told John about the party, but I'm not sure. It isn't necessary for us to book a table; I know one of the waiters. It's forbidden to drive without fastening your seatbelt. It's impossible that they knew about the trip; nobody told them. If I were you I'd do some more exercises. Perhaps I go on holiday to Menorca. It was a mistake to take the car. If only I hadn't! I'm sure something is happening tonight. Look at those preparations!

Alejandro English Teacher

926. 927. 928. 929. 930. 931. 932. 933. 934. 935. 936. 937. 938. 939. 940. 941. 942. 943. 944. 945. 946. 56

It's compulsory for all students to attend lessons. It's possible that they move to Australia. I'm sure Helen knows about the accident. She looks very unhappy. Perhaps he hired a car. You are not allowed to use the phone without permission. If I were you I wouldn't trust John. I'm sure she didn't take the key. Perhaps I start a new career. It was not necessary for you to tell Jan what really happened. I regret selling the house. It's compulsory for all visitors to show their ID card. Although she was an expert swimmer, she drowned. (OF) The school was closed down due to low inscription. (OF) Helen went to the market so that she could buy some vegetables. (ORDER) The match was cancelled because it was raining. (TO) Despite having a terrible headache, he went to the office. (HAD) He loves going to the theatre while his wife prefers to stay at home. I sat by the window in order to see the landscape. (THAT) As well as being en excellent painter, she writes poems and plays the piano. (MOREOVER) Although Ann isn't very attractive, she is very popular. (HOWEVER) Seeing that we'd run out of milk, we went to the supermarket. (BECAUSE)

Alejandro English Teacher

947. 948. 949. 950. 951. 952. 953. 954. 955. 956. 957. 958. 959. 960. 961. 962. 963. 964. 965. 966. 967. 57

Contrary to my neighbours, I don't like using the lift. (TO) As well as renewing the kitchen, she redecorated her bedroom. (TO) Although the city has a 50 kph limit, people are often fined for exceeding the speed limit. (SO) Many sportsmen are disqualified as a consequence of their illegal use of drugs. (CONSEQUENTLY) John won the race. Nevertheless, he didn't feel happy. (DESPITE) We need to increase sales. Therefore, we'll start a new advertising campaign. (SO) Although he was a millionaire, he behaved as an ordinary man. (YET) Since you are her elder brother, you must take care of her. (BECAUSE) She's an excellent secretary. However, she has never been promoted. (SPITE) She opened the car window so that she could get some fresh air. (IN ORDER TO) I opened the window due to the heat. (BECAUSE) We didn't go swimming because the water wasn't very clean. (SO) The government passed a new law in order to control terrorism. Despite having some problems, she finally passed the test. (HAD) I enjoy going to the beach. My husband does not. As a consequence of his father's illness, he couldn't go to work. (SINCE) Although he was an excellent student, he didn't get the grant. (HOWEVER) They lost the match due to the bad weather. (AS) Although she wasn't hungry, she ate a few biscuits. (OF) She missed the bus so she had to take a taxi. Although she was very intelligent, she pretended not to understand. (OF)

Alejandro English Teacher

968. 969. 970. 971. 972. 973. 974. 975. 976. 977. (must) 978. ccould) 979. (might) 980.

In addition to buying a new coat for his wife, he bought himself a cardigan. (BESIDES) Sheila went to the garage to have her car serviced. (SO) He broke his left hand as a result of a skiing accident. (DUE) I like Harry Potter's books. My brother does not. She didn't telephone John because she didn't have his number. (SO) Although he had excellent qualifications he didn't get the job. (YET) They got lost in London because they didn't have a street map. (AS) Although she was very tired, she kept on working. (DESPITE) She lost her purse, so she went to the police station. (BECAUSE) The plane probably crashed over the jungle.

There is no possibility that Mark was involved in the crime.

Maybe Janet invited him here tonight.

We expected him to pass his exams, but he didnt.

(should) 981. It was a bad idea that they asked him to do it.

(should) 982. It was wrong to stay out all night without phoning me.

(should) 983. (may) 984. (must) 985. (may) 58

She isnt in the office so perhaps she went home.

Im sure she was quite angry when she said it.

Perhaps she learnt English as a child.

Alejandro English Teacher

986. (might) 987.

Theres a possibility that Tom drank all the orange juice.

Betty is derived from the name Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is the name 988. India is 989. I liked Hemingways short stories best. Her parents were born in India.

Hemingway is the author 990. Her parents will never like me, no matter what I do.

Whatever 991. He talked about humanism during the first lecture.

I was at the first lecture, 992. 993. 994. 995. 996. 997. 998. 999. I have something to show you, I said to her. Nothing grows in my garden. It never gets any sun, she said. Im going away tomorrow, mother, he said. Ive been in London for a month but I havent had time to visit the Tower, said Rupert. The new underpass is being officialy opened on Monday, said the BBC announcer. It isnt so foggy today as it was yesterday, I remarked. We have a lift but very often it doesnt work, they said. From one of the windows of my flat I can see the Eiffel Tower, he said.

1000. Ive no idea what the time is but Ill dial 8081 and find out, said his daughter. 1001. Ill come with you as soon as I am ready, she replied. 1002. I have a German lesson this afternoon and I havent done my homework yet, said the small boy. 1003. If you let the iron get too hot you will scorch your clothes, I warned her. 1004. What country do you come from?, Bill asked me. 59

Alejandro English Teacher

1005. How long have you been here?, Ann said to him. 1006. Are you working as well as studying?, Peter asked Ann. 1007. Where were you last night, Mr Jones?, he said. 1008. What are you going to study?, Ann asked me. 1009. Have you enrolled for more than one class?, Peter asked her. 1010. Do you want to buy any second hand books?, Bill asked me. 1011. Have you seen the library, Paul?, said Ann. 1012. Do you play rugby?, Peter said to me. 1013. Did they understand what you said to them?, he asked me. 1014. Who owns this revolver?, said the detective. 1015. Who put salt in my coffee?, he asked. 1016. How can I tell Tom the bad news?, she said. 1017. You must try my home made pie, he asked. 1018. Can I go home now?, he asked. 1019. May I call you by your first name?, he said to her. 1020. You can come in, but you mustnt make any noise, she said to him. 1021. What time shall we arrive in London?, he asked. 1022. She must try harder if she wants to succeed, he said. 1023. My father will be angry with me if he finds out, she said. 1024. You ought not to drive so fast, he said to her. 1025. They dont have to come if they dont feel like it, he said. 60

Alejandro English Teacher

1026. You had better speak to the manager, she said to him. 1027. I may not be able to meet you at the airport, he said to her. 1028. Open the safe!, the robbers said to the bank clerk. 1029. Please, do what Im telling you, he begged me. 1030. Help your mum, Peter, Mr Pitt said. 1031. Dont make too much noise, children, he said. 1032. Do whatever you like, she said to us. 1033. Dont miss your train, she said to them. 1034. Read it before you sign it, he said to his client. 1035. Dont argue with me, the teacher said to the boy. 1036. Make a list of what you want, she told us. 1037. Please, please, put down that gun. Its loaded, she said to him. 1038. Trust me. Im an honest person, he said to his friend. 1039. The notice said, Leave this space clear. 1040. You should take more exercise, the doctor said to me. 1041. This film is boring, he said to his mother. 1042. Please, please let me go out to play, mum, she said. 1043. Shall I carry your shopping for you?, he said to her. 1044. Dont get dirty in the garden, she said to Jane. 1045. Im not going to tidy Helens bedroom, Tim said. 1046. When is your birthday?, I said to Tom. 61

Alejandro English Teacher

1047. I didnt eat the cake, he said to her. 1048. Lets go to Jamaica for our holiday, he said to her. 1049. Im sorry I didnt write to you, she said to him. 1050. Yes, this is a nice colour, the sales assistant said to her. 1051. He said, Dont walk on the ice, Bill. It isnt safe. 1052. If you dont pay the ransom, well kill the boy, said the kidnappers. 1053. I wont answer any questions, said the arrested man. 1054. Hurrah! Ive passed the first exam!, he said. 1055. All right, Ill wait a week, she said. 1056. Can I help you with these bags?, he said to me. 1057. Ill wait for you, I promise, he said to me. 1058. No, Anna. Im not letting you go out tonight, her mum said. 1059. Ill drop you from the team if you dont train harder, said the captain. 1060. Take my hand and come with me, he said to me. He told 1061. We cant buy it. Its very expensive. Since 1062. How long is it since you started living here? How long have 1063. Im sorry I spoke to you like that, he said to his mum. He apologized 1064. I told you about these girls. Theyre very nice. The girls 1065. I last saw her last year. I havent 62

Alejandro English Teacher

1066. Do you remember you must meet John next week?, she said to him She reminded 1067. You dont have to be afraid if you arent guilty. As long as 1068. You should travel to England to improve your English, he said to the student. He advised 1069. Peters fallen in love with an Italian girl, said she. She said 1070. Stop there and dont move!, the policeman said to him. The policeman told 1071. When I finish this job, Ill leave. I wont leave until 1072. He had little money, but he insisted on paying for the meal. Despite 1073. Could it be possible to use your phone?, he said to the old woman. He asked the old woman 1074. Its a small diamond. I cant even see it. It is such 1075. He ran to me because he wanted to tell me the news. He ran to me so that 1076. Mr Smith is in hospital. He runs our company. Mr Smith, 1077. The person I met was totally ignorant of the situation. I met a 1078. Take some more money. You will need it. Take some more money in case 1079. Did you pay the electricity bill?, he said to his wife. He asked 1080. She said to him, Ill phone you at seven oclock tomorrow. He told 1081. How can I lose weight?, Alan said to the doctor. Alan asked 63

Alejandro English Teacher

1082. I didnt hit him, Sarah said. Sarah denied 1083. Why dont you tell her the news?, he said to me. He suggested 1084. Dont go near the fire!, he told me. He warned 1085. No, I wont get out of bed, said she. She refused 1086. The bank contacted me. They informed me that I was overdrawn. The bank contacted me in order to 1087. Im writing about a film. It was made in 1958. The film that 1088. We go to a restaurant every Saturday. Its really cheap. The restaurant 1089. It was you who cheated in the exam!, Lisa said to her. Lisa accused 1090. It has been six years since I went back to England. I havent 1091. He started to live like a prisoner 12 years ago. He has 1092. Its said that the new PAEG test has a spoken part. The new 1093. I would like to know where Sean is. Can you 1094. I saw two men this morning. One of them smiled at me. One of 1095. Its possible that the bank was robbed by two or three men. Two or three men 1096. Who left those papers in the drawer? I would like 1097. They are still doing their homework. They havent 64

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1098. Im sorry. I didnt help you. I regret 1099. My advice was that Paul shouldnt do his homework so quickly. I advised 1100. You could start the presentation at 8. The presentation 1101. You can rarely see wolves in the reserve. Its unusual 1102. In Paris, they use machines for checking tickets. In Paris, machines 1103. People are losing thousand of euros with this crisis. Thousands 1104. The brick was so heavy that he couldnt lift it. The brick was too 1105. Nobody can run 100 m in five seconds. Its impossible 1106. He lived in a house which had twelve rooms. The house 1107. Why didnt you tell me you didnt feel very well? You should 1108. The treatment is too expensive for most patients. Most patients cant 1109. Its not necessary for you to go to hospital. You dont 1110. I helped her with her homework. She finished it in time. I helped her with her homework so that 1111. Getting up early is something usual for me. I am used 1112. They must find new drugs to replace those that are no longer effective. New 1113. The Guernica is a magnificent painting. What 65

Alejandro English Teacher

1114. Youre too young to see this film. Youre not 1115. John couldnt wait to meet Susan again after so many years. John was looking 1116. I finished reading the book yesterday. (Question) 1117. Theyll come back next month. (Question) 1118. She worked there for a few weeks. (Question) 1119. Peter opened the door when I arrived. (Question) 1120. I saw three hundred people at the concert. (Question) 1121. Were going to spend our holiday in Hawaii. (Question) 1122. They helped me because they are my friends. (Question) 1123. I come here everyday. (Question) 1124. This car is mine. (Question) 1125. No, I have never seen that movie. (Question) 1126. Tom spends his holidays in Bahamas. (Question) 1127. I phone my aunt in Scotland once a month. (Question) 1128. I spoke to John last night. (Question) 1129. Yes, you are the first to arrive. (Question) 66

Alejandro English Teacher

1130. Ill buy a book for my sisters birthday. (Question) 1131. Iron isn't as hard as a diamond. A diamond 1132. Scotland is bigger than Wales. Wales 1133. Men don't live as long as women. Women 1134. England is not as big as New Zealand. New Zealand 1135. She plays better than I do. I 1136. Telling lies is not as bad as stealing. Stealing 1137. There are fewer rainy days in Buenos Aires than in New York. There aren't 1138. Summer nights in Cairo are warmer than in London. In London 1139. Cairo is hotter than London in July. London isn't 1140. A broken leg is more serious than a sprained wrist. A sprained wrist 1141. No one can imagine a more frightening illness than that. That is 1142. 'Around Mexico' is the cheapest of all the holidays we offer. We offer 'Around Mexico' as 1143. Majorca is larger than Minorca and much larger than Cabrera. Minorca is 1144. Majorca is more interesting than Minorca. Minorca 1145. I have never eaten a better meal. That was 67

Alejandro English Teacher

1146. Roses are my favourite flowers. I like 1147. My son gets dirtier than all the other children. The other children 1148. He plays football better than anyone in our team. He is 1149. I like classical music better than pop. I don't 1150. New York is colder than London in the winter. London isn't 1151. Paris is expensive, but have you ever been to New York? New York is even 1152. David didn't enjoy the film as much as Anne. Anne 1153. You shouldn't drive so fast in this wet weather. You should 1154. TV programmes used to be more interesting. TV 1155. That is the most incredible story I have ever heard. I've never heard a 1156. Prices here are higher than I thought they would be. I didn't think 1157. We had planned the meeting to end earlier. The meeting ended 1158. The meal cost us far more than we thought it would. We didn't think 1159. He was the sweetest little dog I'd ever seen. I'd 1160. I hadn't expected this exercise to be so difficult. This exercise 1161. This exam was very difficult. Even more than the previous one. The previous exam 68

Alejandro English Teacher

1162. They are going to get an architect to design their new house. 1163. She wanted to get a dressmaker to alter her dress. 1164. We were thinking of getting the gardener to cut the grass. 1165. You really must get someone to test your eyes. 1166. I'd really like to get someone to repaint my car, but I can't afford it. 1167. I pay a window cleaner to clean my windows every month. 1168. I pay a garage to grease my car. 1169. The shoe-mender is repairing my shoes for me. 1170. I can't buy clothes to fit me so I employ a tailor to make them for me. 1171. I paid a watchmaker to clean my watch. 1172. I asked the fishmonger to open the oysters for me. 1173. I went to a jeweller and he pierced my ears for me. 1174. They employed builders to put a new roof on the house. 1175. The tap kept dripping so I sent for a plumber to see to it. 1176. He paid a lorry driver to tow the car to a garage. 1177. The bed was too soft. I slept in it. (2 sentences) 1178. I didn't get the job. I applied for it. 1179. The man has been married twice before. She is married to him. 1180. The party wasn't very enjoyable. We went to it. 1181. Who was that girl? You were with her last night. 1182. The flight was fully booked. We wanted to travel on it. 69

Alejandro English Teacher

1183. I enjoy my job because I like the people. I work with them. 1184. They were talking about things. I wasn't interested in them. 1185. The house is not in very good condition. I am living in it. 1186. She showed me a photograph of her son. He is a policeman. 1187. We decided not to swim in the sea. It looked rather dirty. 1188. The new stadium will be opened next month. It holds 90,000 people. 1189. That man over there is an artist. I don't remember his name. (use whose) 1190. The storm caused a lot of damage. Nobody had been expecting it. 1191. The postman was late this morning. He is always on time. 1192. We often go to visit our friends in Bristol. It is only 30 miles away. 1193. I went to see the doctor. He told me to rest for a few days. 1194. Thank you for your letter. I was very happy to get it. 1195. Next weekend I'm going to Glasgow. My sister lives there. 1196. This is a photograph of our friends. We went on holiday with them. 1197. The wedding took place last Friday. Only members of the family were invited to it. 1198. I've just bought some books about astronomy. I'm very interested in it. 1199. We visited the town. It lies at the source of the Danube. 1200. I know the girl. She is going to marry my cousin. 1201. He is a very funny person. I don't know anyone funnier. 1202. The old house on the hill has finally been sold. It was said to be haunted. 1203. This is the music. I've listened to it many times. 70

Alejandro English Teacher

1204. I met a friend last week. Her husband is an astronaut. 1205. Peter is going to marry a girl. Her sister is in my class. 1206. I will never forget the day. My eldest son was born that day. 1207. This is the school. I studied there as a child. 1208. I'd like you to meet Anna. You will be working with her in the future. 1209. Here is a photograph of the hotel. We stayed there for a long weekend. 1210. The man told me you were out. He answered the phone. The man 1211. The boys have now been released. They were arrested. The boys 1212. The police are still trying to identify the body. It was found last week. The police 1213. It seems that Earth is the only planet. It can support life. It seems that 1214. The pictures used to hang on that wall. Where are they? Where 1215. Most of the people couldn't come. I invited them to the party. Most 1216. The museum was shut. We wanted to visit it. The museum 1217. I like Ann's dress. She's wearing it now. I like 1218. Ms Fortune was a writer. Her body was found in the cellar. Ms Fortune, 1219. I met an old friend. He told me all about a book he'd just read. I met 1220. A car was stolen. It was found at the airport. The car 71

Alejandro English Teacher

1221. You recommended that book to me. It was very good. The book 1222. A simplified edition is easier to read than the original. It's shorter. A simplified edition 1223. I described a player to you yesterday. That's him. He 1224. Steffi was born in this house. This is 1225. This is Sarah's boyfriend. I'm still friends with him. This is 1226. I used to go to that restaurant every day. That's 1227. I met that woman yesterday. I didn't like her. I didn't like 1228. We had fish for dinner. It was really delicious. The fish 1229. I have been to many parties. The party last night was the best. Last night's