On Gorjance, in a hidden valley below, stood a magnificent beech, and a powerful oak in the middle and above them stood a high and thin birch. The biggest wonder in the valley was the bird Zlatoper, that made a nest on the high birch. The bird was called Zlatoper because he had a golden feather in the right-wing. This feather was hiding a strange power. Whoever had written with it three requests, they would come true. Many heroes tried to climb on the birch to take out this valuable bird's feather. But nobody managed to climb to the nest. In the valley, there lived a man who knew many secrets, so people went to him and asked him how they could come up with the golden feather. He told them, that they could reach the bird's nest with a scythe and three saints. People did not understand those words and thought that he was making a fool of them. It was also heard by Podgorec Mihec who immediately guessed what to do. When he saw the odd tree and a white mist over it, he started mowing and mowing, by day and by night until all the hay in the valley and above the valley was mowed. He leaned the hay against the tree that ranged across the beech and the oak up to the birch. He climbed the birch seven times but he always slipped. He always fell on a soft hay and so he was never hurt. Then Mihec knelt and he said a prayer for the saints to protect Gorjanci. After the prayer he began to climb for the eighth times and finally he climbed to the desired Zlatoper's nest. The bird was waiting for him and Mihec could take out the feather. Mihec was happy, took the feather and went home. From his own happiness he did not know what to do and so, without thinking, he wrote to the emperor, who was the most powerful in the world,to give him his daughter to become his wife. She was ugly, mischievous and poor. She squandered one of the two Mihec's farms, which he inherited from his father. Then he picked up the golden feather and wrote another request to the emperor. He asked the emperor to give his daughter an imperial dowry to be able to live luxuriously. The emperor heard his request and sent his daughter's dowry. She paid all debts, but did not want to give Mihec anything. She shouted and mocked him. Again he picked up the golden feather in his hand and wrote his third request for the emperor. He asked him to take his daughter back. The emperor granted his request. From now on, Mihec was led by common sense and he found another woman who was beautiful, pleased, good. They lived peacefully and happily ever after. Soon he moved into the White Carniola took golden feather with him, and looked after it at his full strength. He showed and then gave it to his son and told him to be smarter than he was, because the golden feather could bring him happiness or disaster. He listened father's advice and gained a great wealthgenerated. Even his children and grandchildren were honest and clever.

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