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Generally Brahminical people say that Indian history is SANATHAN (beginning is out of reach to

history). But that is nonsense. Indian history begins with Indus valley civilization.

1: Indus Valley Civilization:

It flourished between 2800BC to 2000BC. It was built by the Mulnivasi people of this country.
It was an urban civilization (Harappa, Mohenjadaro, Lothal, etc. were the towns built by them)
These towns had Underground drainages, Swimming pools, Market yards, Well-designed streets, Multi-
storeyed houses, trade used to be there in this civilization. These people are comparatively dark in
complexion. Indus valley people are basically agriculturists and Peace loving people. They lived in
Permanent settlements, and followed Maternal System (mother based).
They followed Gana System, which had later developed India into 16 Mahajanapadas.
These people were Literates (Language not decoded yet), and worshiped Mother Goddess.
Bull is their chief animal.

2: Aryan invasion:

Aryan Invasions took place between 2000BC to 1000BC. They came in batch after batch from the
regions of Central Asia (Present Iran), through the north west corner of India. Aryans are basically
Pastoral Nomadics with Barbaric, Cunning and Cruel Mind. These people are fair in complexion They
followed Paternal System and Worshipped Indra, Agni etc. They spoke Sanskrit language. They
brought Horse with them, which was not known to Indians till then. Aryans daily life include Yagnas,
Sacrifices, Alcoholism, Sexual immorality.

3:Enslavement of Mulnivasis(aboriginal Indus people) in the Varna System:

Battles between Mulnivasis(Indus people) and Aryan invaders started. Nagas only could resist them
successfully who established Maghadha kingdom (Under Sisu Naga in 642 BC). With Horse and
Sharp weapons as advantages, the cunning Aryans started defeating the Mulnivasis. Aryans gave
insulting names like Dasa, Dasyu, Rakshasa, Asura, Pisacha, chandala, etc. to the defeated
Indus people(mulnivasis). Aryans slowly got grip over the northern parts of India.

While invasion was in progress, Aryans divided themselves into three Varnas namely Brahmins,
Kshatriyas & Vyshyas, so as to facilitate a better division of power.

They declared that Brahmins came from the mouth of Brahma,

Kshatriyas came from the shoulders of Brahma,
Vyshyas came from the thighs/stomach of Brahma.

By this theory, Brahmins reserved all religious rights, Kshatriyas reserved the rights to rule, and
Vyshyas reserved the rights over economy.

They developed the Concept of Dwijatva after Upanayana, and Brahmins started claiming more
rights, by declaring themselves as next to Brahma, the creater. Brahmins reserved all the religious

Battles between Brahmins and Kshatriyas over religious rights started.

Battles between Vasishta V/s VishwaMitra, Parashuram’s extermination of Kshatriyas 21 times
are the examples of such battles.

Brahmins won over the Kshatriyas and placed them in the newly invented 4th Varna called Shudra.
So now the number of varnas became four, namely Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vyshya and Shudra.
This is called CHATURVARNA system.
Brahmins boycotted Kshatriyas Religiously and denied Upanayana to them.
They pushed the previously defeated Indus valley people( Mulnivasis) also into the fourth Shudra
Varna and made them as slaves. So by now the Shudra varna contains of native defeated people as
well as the defeated kshatriyas.

The Brahmins wrote RegVeda around 1500 BC. Slokas of RgVeda are nothing but the Prayers by
Aryans to Indra to help them defeat the Mulnivasis.

Purusha Sukhta, the 10th chapter of RgVeda described the origin of Varna system. (As a creation of
Purusha Sukta gave religious sanctity to Varna System
According to RgVeda, Shudras must do slavery to the other three varnas
Brahmins by declaring Vedas as unquestionable, made Mulnivasis as slaves and exploited them

4: Revolution by Buddha:

Buddha was a Sakyan mulnivasi who are now recognized as OBCs by the Mandal Commission.
He was the first Social Revolutionary in the world.
He questioned the Sanctity of Varna system, which is enslaving the Shudras.
He opposed Vedas for propounding and supporting the Varna System.
He rejected the theories of God, Soul and Rebirth and Karma etc., which were designed to make
us(mulnivasis) slaves.
He opposed Yagnas & Sacrifices, which forms the daily life of the Aryans.
He established Bikkhu Sanghas to awaken the society.
He was the first man to use the word ‘Bahujan’ to indicate Shudras who are Majority people.
By his famous “Four great truths”, he identified Brahmanical social order of Varna System as the
root cause of all evils.
Three Saranas proclaimed by him were aimed at keeping the “knowledge” as the foundation of the
With the Buddha’s revolution, Shudras started getting awakened and educated. They got united again,
and started protesting the varna system. Gradually with the help of Buddha’s teachings, they became
very powerfull and as a result, Chandra Gupta Maurya who belongs to the Naga clan (Nagas are
Mulnivasi) could use this opportunity and established Mauryan Dynasty in the year 325 BC.

• Under Chandra Gupta Maurya,

 Yagnas were banned
 Animal Sacrifices were banned
 Varna System was banned
 Brahmins lost all the relevance and were forced to join Chandra Gupta Mourya’s
military for livelihood .
 Asoka became king in 269 BC and declared Buddhism as state religion
 He spreaded education among the Shudras
 Propagated Buddhism to the nook and corner of the country and even outside
 Punished Upper Varnas for following Varna System
 Erected rock edicts all over the country explaining the importance of moral values
 Brahminism suffered a heavy loss under Asoka’s rule.

As a result of Buddha, Chandra Gupta mourya, and Ashoka, shudras are elevated, and they became
well educated.
In due course, Brihadrath (shudra, great grand son of ashoka) became king in the year 185 BC. But
by that time Pushya Mitra Shrunga ( sung), a Brahmin could become the army Chief of Mauryans.

Counter Revolution by Pushya Mitra Shrunga

Pushya Mitra Shrunga, being a Brahmin, and army chief, planned a coup to dethrone the Shudra
Gradually he succeeded in empowering all the Brahmin solders in Mouryan empire.

• He beheaded(cut head off) and killed the king Brihadrath in the court hall and announced
himself as the king of entire India .
• He murdered 70,000 Buddhist Monks in a single day. Also he destroyed many Buddhist
Viharas. By this he terrorized the mulnivasis.
• Re-introduced the Varna System and made Shudras again as slaves.
• Announced gold coins to who ever kills a Buddhist monk and brings his head.
• Under his rule, cunning Brahmins joined Buddhism and started diluting it.
• Pushya Mitra decided to divide the vast population of Shudras for fear of another revolt like
• He converted Varna into Caste System by restricting people to their professions.
• To defend his act of kinghood, which is contrary to his Varna dharma, Manu’s code was
introduced. (according to varna system a Brahmin should not handle weapons. But Pushya
mitra being a Brahmin, is doing that.)
• So in Manu Smrithi he made them write that a Brahmin also could take to weapons in the
unavoidable circumstances.

5: Manu’s Code and Caste System:

• Manu’s Code said Shudras don’t have the right to Education, Weapon and Wealth.
• It also said all women are Shudras. (note: when Aryans invaded India, it is believed that
only Aryan men came on horses, but not the Aryan women. So the Aryan men took native
women to keep their race flourish. There fore, they said all women are shudras. So Aryans
believe that the child of an Aryan man and a native women is impure. So to purify them,
they do a ceremony called UPANAYANA which is considered to be the second birth of an
• Manu Smrithi is full of Prohibitions and extreme Punishments to Shudras.
• Shudras lead a horrible life under caste system.

Shudra Buddhists could not bear the torture, and out of fear got scattered and became broken men.
This happened in three main ways.

1. A Large section of these broken men, out of fear got surrendered to Brahmins.
2. Some had fled to the interior areas like Hills and Forests so as to protect their Identity.
3. The Arya Brahmins defeated the remaining Shudras.

• The surrendered broken men were assigned Shudra identity and various professions like
barbers, weavers, washer men, cattle rearers, etc etc . Also called as dastakars. These
Dastakars are now constitutionally called as Other Backward Classes (OBCs).
• The broken men, who fled to the jungles, were called as Adivasis and constitutionally as
Scheduled Tribes (STs)

• The defeated broken men were thrown away to the outskirt of villages. Due to lack of food,
they started eating dead animal flesh. For eating such dead cattle, these were dubbed as
Untouchables and now constitutionally as Scheduled Castes (SCs)

• So, the present SC, ST & OBCs are the Mulnivasis of this nation and belong to ONE
• Now Genetic (DNA) evidence supports this fact.

6: Religious Converted Mulnivasis:

• During the 600-year rule of Mughal Muslims from 1150 AD to 1750 AD, some Sufi
saints also have come to India to propagate Islam religion. At that time, most of the
Dasthakars (OBCs) who were inside the shudra circle and still without basic rights, have
got the opportunity to get released from the slavery of Arya Brahmins. They got
converted to Islam.

• During the 200-year rule of Britishers from (1750 – 1950), Christianity was
propagated in India, which they brought along with them. Most of the Untouchables in
south India and Adivasis of North India have got converted to Christianity.

• Around 1530 AD, Guru Nanak found Sikh religion with the slogan of One Caste, One
Religion, One Identity and One Culture. Sikhism was found to counter the Caste System
and Brahmanism. Taking this opportunity, most of the native people in and around
Punjab got converted to Sikhism.

• Also after 1956, following the footsteps of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar, many SC, ST and
OBCs got converted to Buddhism. Same is the situation in Jainism.