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Press release March 2014 Product Launch Analytics Innovation of the Week: A new bastin sauce with a built!

in a""licator brush
Meat# chicken and fish taste better when "re"ared with $arinades or barbecue sauces# but a""lyin these "roducts with a s"oon or a brush can be a $essy# &nter new 'oles (rill )astin *auce# the world+s first inconvenient "rocess%

bastin sauce with its own built!in washable brush% ,ew in Australia# this "roduct is the -ata$onitor 'onsu$er Product Launch Analytics innovation of the week% Nobody knows the exact number, but a percentage of consumers that would like to use marinades or barbecue sauces for grillling skip using either because these flavor boosters can be messy to apply. That shouldnt be a problem with new Coles Grill asting !auce. "ach sauce in this line is e#uipped with its own built$in washable brush to make barbecuing easier and more convenient than ever. The asting !auce line includes four flavors% &alapeno 'ot, (editerranean Tang, !moky Texan, and ushmans rew. The &alapeno 'ot flavor is said to be a deep red, opa#ue sauce with minced chili and seeds with a very spicy and slightly sour taste. The line is said to be inspired by tastes from around the world. Tom )ierhile, *nnovation *nsights +irector for +atamonitor Consumer says that ,this packaging innovation looks like it was inspired by packaging commonly used in the shoe polish category where polishes are often packaged with built$in brushes to make application simple and clean. -nd since the sauce comes with its own brush, it is more likely to be used, and may increase the household use$up rate for a product that often goes weeks or months between uses.. 'e adds that ,the barbecue sauce category is one of the more cluttered categories in grocery, so a sauce product with a built$in brush is virtually guaranteed to stand out on store shelves and attract attention.. &,-*

,otes for editors /or more information about Coles Grill asting !auce, contact% (anufacturer% Coles !upermarkets -ustralia 0ty. 1td. (anufacturers -ddress% 233 Toorak 4oad, 'awthorn "ast, )*C 5675, -ustralia (anufacturers 8ebsite% 0ackage Type and 0rice% 793ml plastic bottle : ;.<< -=+ 0roduct 1aunch -nalytics from +atamonitor Consumer > is the most comprehensive and detailed source of information for newly launched consumer packaged goods from around the world. +atamonitor Consumer is part of *nforma plc. Tom )ierhile, *nnovation *nsights +irector for +atamonitor Consumer, is available for comment. To arrange an interview with Tom )ierhile, please contact @irstin !tocker in +atamonitor Consumers press office at A;; >3? 6;25 279BB; or e$mail @irstin at /or more information on 0roduct 1aunch -nalytics, please contact Client !ervices at or A;; 73 D996 <736. A)./0 -A0AM.,I0.1 0art of *nforma plc., the +atamonitor Group > is a world$leading provider of premium global business information, delivering independent data, analysis and opinion across the -utomotive, Consumer (arkets, "nergy E =tilities, /inancial !ervices, 0harmaceutical E 'ealthcare, and 4etail industries. Combining our industry knowledge and experience, we assist more than B,333 of the worlds leading companies in making better strategic and operational decisions.