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09 Equality Joey Fletcher

1. Closely study any characters in the cartoon. Based on your knowledge of local and world events, who can be identified? The cartoon is just a football game with two teams and referees. One team has a lot more ower than the other, but the bigger team also has to get ast the referees calls. !. "dentify any objects or symbols in the cartoon. This cartoon has the #$ecutive brach and there owers on one side of the line and the %egislative brach and their ower on the other. The referees are the &udicial branch and their ower of using the '.(. constitution to inter ret the ) lays) made. *.+ead the ca tion or any te$t in the cartoon. ,hat does it e$ ress? The ca tion is the #$ectutive branch wondering how they are gonna sto the legislative brach from using all of there owers. Then with the referees in the back they get to use the ower of &udical review as recived from -arbury v. -adison to sto the %egilative team from being to strong. .. (tate the message or main ideas resented in the cartoon.

The main idea is that all the branches have ower. The legislative brach before -arbury v. -adison was way to big and over owerd. Then after the case, the &udical brach gets the ower to reveiw the constitution and declare laws by the legislative branch unconstitutional through judical review. "t then hel s balance the laying field for all of the * braches of government. /. "dentify any words or hrases that a ear most im ortant. 0ll the words on the back of the jerseys are im ortant. They are all owers that the branches of government. "t seems that the %egislative has way more ower, but then you have the &udicial referee holding the '.(. constitution sign which means they use the consittution to decide if the %egislative brach is correct in using their owers. 1. ,hen was this cartoon ublished? "f this 2oltiical cartoon was ublished around the date of the case it would be in the 13445s. 6. ,hat art of the cartoon shows the era of this cartoon? ,ould this cartoon be different if it were ublished today? 7ow so? The %egislavite brach having that much ower shows the era of the cartoon. "f it were today then would would robably see some 20C5s and interest grou s in the stands. 8ou would see less laying time and more recess because today the amount of activvity from congress has gone down significantly. 3. (ummari9e or ara hrase the cartoon5s message or main idea. The main oint of this cartoon is to show the owers of the braches and how they are linked to each other. The %egislative might have a lot of ower, but they are still being watched over by the &udicical Branch using the '.(. constitution and &udical +eview. The %eigslative and #$ecutive branches are always going against each other and it is u to the &udicial brach a lot of the time to make the final call.