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How Governor Culver’s cuts will affect East Sac School
It’s not new news that Governor Culver has handed out a 10% across the board (ATB) cut at every level throughout the state. Superintendant Barb Kruthoff held a discussion about the effect the ATB cuts would have on the districts at the October 19, 2009 joint school board meeting. She sent a major talking points summary of the school’s position to the school board members the night the ATB cut was announce. The following is a copy of that email:
cuts without having to make hard decisions about what employees will be cut next, or worse which programs to cut. If there is a further downturn in the next fiscal year, the first employees to go will be the at-will employees… bus drivers, teacher associates, secretaries, custodians, etc... Unless the schools do what WLVA Board President Chuck Brotherton has been advocating for the last couple of years… raise taxes. According to the Superintendant, the school staff is stretched as thin as they can go. If any more staff are compromised, it will begin affecting the functionality of programs and classes. they are supporting now will be happy to support it further in these times …I will work towards that end, that we ask our people for more money.” Shirley Phillips, turning to Barb Kruthoff said, “And as you said before, we have enough money to get through this year, we’re just going to have to tighten our belt for next year …maybe we could ask the staff if they could help us on cost cutting measures or something that might help us even if it’s hundreds of dollars.” Ms. Kruthoff gestured to a dog-eared folder in SAC front of her and responded “I think in this folder I Total Weighted Enrollment-522.8 have those because we did that last year.” FY 2010 State Aid-$2,133,495 Sac School Board Director, Brent Wilhelm (Beginning undesignated reserve balance On the afternoon of October 19, 2009, Barb asked, “Isn’t the newsletter one of [those ideas]?” $478,987) Kruthoff, Chuck Brotherton, and Sac School Board “Yep,” replied Ms. Kruthoff, “the newsletter Across the board cut-$214,767 President Shirley Phillips met for their regular actually came from …a staff member.” meeting to go over that evening’s agenda. DurWLVA ing that meeting they explored the decisions that Sac School board Vice President Dave Sands Total Weighted Enrollment-605.1 they will have to make in the next month. They said, “The comment that I would make to this is FY 2010 State Aid-$2,199,690 discussed the steps, (raising taxes) the boards would sort of …back door. I really think that the legis(Beginning undesignated reserve balance be willing to take in order to maintain the level of lators this year, and there are many things that I $443,659) education that East Sac County is able to provide. question now looking back, they thought that was Across the board cut -$248,585 a priority and now we’re taking it out on the kids. Besides money saving programs like the innovaIt’s sort of sad that they have the priorities in the Recommendation for both Sac & WLVA: tive calendar, and saving money by discontinuing wrong spot in my mind.” the hard copy of the newsletter, Superintendant Shirley Phillips responded saying, “the gover1. We made major reductions last year and have Kruthoff has also asked all staff to use as little nor announced that he wanted to have everybody only the staff we need to run the programs we have. paper as possible, shutting down equipment when use all their reserves, I don’t know what he thought 2. We should not panic as each district has the not in use, making the bus routes as efficient as pos- those schools were supposed to do that didn’t have reserves to handle the cuts. sible, and getting prices from 3 or 4 different places a reserve, so.” 3. BUT....when we prepare the new budget in before buying technology. Chuck Brotherton chuckled and said, “I could March both districts should consider Cash Reserve talk about the governor but I won’t.” Levies. This means moving more responsibility The newsletter was a particularly expensive item from state aid to local taxes. costing $22,000 per year. It is now a digital only Ending the discussion on a cautionary note, publication with a “subscription” price attached to Chuck Brotherton said, “We can find our way (to this email, I added the beginning undesignated delivery of the physical product to district memthrough it, but …we’ve been dealt a serious blow reserve balance line which contains the dollar bers. here and …we’re just going to have to be a little amount of the initial fund balance from which more vigilant about how we do things, as if we the cuts will come to give you, the reader, some When asked for comments, several members of the already haven’t been that way” perspective. I used “()” to designate the lines that boards responded. I added) QUESTIONS: The conversation began with Ms. Kruthoff refJohn Kraft, the business manager for the school 1. Because the Superintendant is an at-will erencing a Des Moines Register article from the said, “The across the board cuts were for cash employee, will the three members of the Anti-East previous day that ran a series of charts detailing only, not spending authority, which is a big deal Sac County board follow through on their elector’s the beginning undesignated reserve fund balances because it’s also more saying, “we expect you to wishes and angle for a way to fire Superintendant or each school in the state and how much money shift the burden to the local level from the state… Barb Kruthoff in the coming year? would be cut from each of those. The exercise if they were really saying spend less money, then allowed her to contrast our two districts with other they would have taken away the spending authority 2. What programs or classes do the school boards districts in the conference like Prairie Valley, a dis- also.” value the most? The least? trict that has received a $300,000 cut in funding… significant because unlike Sac and WLVA, they had Chuck Brotherton said, “I think we have 3. How concerned with saving money are a negative fund balance to begin with. two responsibilities; one is to be good stewards of President Phillips and Vice President Sands if they the public’s money, the other one is to educate the demonstrate a willingness to spend extra taxpayer Because of the deep and controversial cuts the children and if that means that we have to ask the money holding duplicate meetings in separate districts made last year, the school will be able to people for more money to support education, we’ll places at separate times? weather the Governor’s ATB cut without further have to do that. We’re not asking our people for too loss of personnel and programs this year, but it much money at this point in my estimation I think 4. How high will taxes need to be raised in order will not be able to withstand another round of that most anyone who is proud of the school that to make up for the ATB cut?
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Alcohol alleged to have been a factor in area accident
All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. This is a copy of a press release from the Sac County Sheriff’s office. SAC COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE The Sac County Sheriff’s Office investigated a two-vehicle accident that occurred Saturday morning October 17, 2009 at 5:50AM. The accident occurred at the intersection of Hwy 196 and Hwy 175 East of Lake View, Iowa. According to the report, 65-year old Norman Schettler of Carroll, Iowa was traveling north on Hwy 71/ 175 and approaching the intersection of Hwy 196, when 18-year old Kelsey Lee Brewer of Harlan pulled in to the path of Schettler. Brewer was traveling south on 196 and was going to continue south when both vehicle hit head on. Schettler was driving a 1998 Plymouth Voyager van and Brewer was driving a 2001 Chevy Malibu. Both vehicles received an estimated $7,000.00 in damage. Patricia Frank age 18 of Carroll was a back seat passenger in the Brewer car and Kelsey Brewer were transported to Loring Hospital in Sac City by the Sac County Ambulance with non-life threatening injuries. Norman Schettler declined medical treatment. Kelsey Brewer was charged with failure to yield and minor in possession of alcohol. 18-year old Patricia Frank or Carroll, 18-year old Garrison Crocker of Carroll and 19-year old Mark Balukoff of Carroll were all charged with minor in possession of alcohol. An unidentified male is alleged to have fled the scene before authorities arrived on the scene. Alcohol was a factor in this accident.

East Sac County superintendant proposes over $16,000 in savings next year
The innovative calendar is a tool that the Department of Education allows school districts to use to save a little money. The two main requirements for an innovative calendar are that they save the district a substantial amount of money, and that they not subtract from the number of hours that students receive instruction. The innovative calendar approved by the Sac and WLVA school boards at the October 19, 2009 joint school board meeting squishes 6 half-day in-services into three, thus saving the Sac School district an estimated $7,200 to $7,650 and the WLVA district $8,800 to $9,350 for a total savings to the schools of between $16,000 and $17,000. These amounts are three days worth of salary that the districts will not be paying non-teachers, (bus drivers, associates, etc.) plus the money spent on fuel for those buses and so forth during the three full in-service days. The following is a copy of the innovative calendar that Superintendant Barb Kruthoff was directed by the two boards to submit. Just because our school boards approved the innovative calendar there is no guarantee that the Department of Education will approve it. Last year the boards submitted a calendar that saved the two districts over $15,000 and the Department of Education rejected it. October 26, 2009 Issue 70 Page 02


Monday, October 26, 2009, 6:30 o’clock p.m., Council Chambers, Sac City Municipal Utility Building. I. Roll Call/Call to Order.


Consent of Agenda. A. Approval of Agenda. B. Approval of Minutes of October 12, 2009 Council Meeting. C. Receipts and Disbursements.


Public Hearing. A. Public Hearing to Hear Comments and Concerns on the Proposed Adoption of the Revised Sac City Zoning Map. 1. Introduction and 1st Reading of Ordinance No. 2009-214 entitled, “An Ordinance Establishing a Zoning Map for the Incorporated City of Sac City, Sac County, Iowa”.


Projects. A. Lighted Windcone and PAPI System at Airport. 1. Consideration of Draw Down #7 of FAA Funds in the Amount of $11,553.00. 2. Consideration of Kimrey Electric’s Bill in the Amount of $12,160.95. 3. Consideration of Approving City’s Portion in the Amount of 303.97. B. Sac City Housing Rehabilitation Program. 1. Consideration of Draw Down #3 of CDBG Funds in the Amount of $53,449.00. 2. Consideration of Region XII Council of Governments’ Bill in the Amount of $53,449.00.

ating a 2003 Chevy Impala and was traveling west on Hwy 20 when he crossed the center line and struck Scott Edward Trembly age 20 of Ames, Iowa. Trembly was driving a 2000 Volkswagen Passat. Both Kenny and Trembly were transported by Sac County Ambulance to Buena Vista Regional Medical Center in Storm Lake with non-life threatening injuries. Trembly was then transferred to a Sioux City hospital. Both vehicles were a total loss. According to Sheriff McClure, it is believed that Tyler Kenny was detracted and was texting on his cell phone at the time of the accident. There was a 7-month old Golden Labrador Retriever in the Trembly car that was injured in the crash. The dog was taken to an area vet and had to be put to sleep due to the injuries received. A Schaller fireman was bitten by the dog at the accident scene as he tried to remove the dog from the wreckage. The fireman was treated by Sac County Ambulance personnel at the scene.

Once again, Band Director Brian Mahler appeared before the School Boards to ask for new band uniforms. The first time he asked for the money last school year, the boards were discussing staff cutbacks. Also on the agenda for the same night as Mr. Mahler’s second try the board was discussing the very serious implications that Governor Culver’s 10% across the board cuts would have. With a “hands thrown in the air” gesture indicating that he knew what he was up against, he characterized his timing as “really terrible”. (Trying to keep the tone light while passing handouts.) When the two schools started sharing, Mr. Mahler and Andy Meredith discussed possible ways to uniform the band. Their first strategy was to not tax the school any more than they have to because they knew they were going to have to buy all new sports uniforms, so they got by for a couple of years with what they had. Now, the time is “fast approaching” when they cannot get by with the existing uniforms. According to Mr. Mahler, some of the uniforms are not in very good shape, and for the first time, East Sac County didn’t receive the maximum amount of points possible for appearance at Carroll Band Day. This in spite of making sure that every single band member had matching socks and shoes and had every single piece of the uniform in place. According to Mr. Mahler, this is the first time that he has had that experience.

ESC School Boards approve

V. VI.

Citizens Opportunity to Address the Council on Items Not on the Agenda. Miscellaneous. A. Consideration of Approving Mitch McKeever’s Accessory Use Request on Nonadjacent Property B. Consideration of Reappointing Marilyn Wilhelm to the Fine Arts Council for a 4-Year Term Effective January 2, 2010. C. Consideration of Appointing Norman Lewman to Fill the Unexpired Term of Ron Nelson to the Fine Arts Council. D. Consideration of Appointing Norman Lewman to the Fine Arts Council for a 4-Year Term Effective January 2, 2010. E. Discussion on Establishing a City Public Health Officer. F. Discussion of William Nolan Properties. G. Committee and Department Head Reports.


Council Forum.

Injury Accident & Reckless Driving Arrest


Adjournment. Motion: ____________ Second: _________________ Time: ______________

Mr. Mahler believes that the band may be looking at a significant jump in numbers next year with the possibility of surge of as Tyler Kenny was charged with operation left of center. many as 36 more students participating in The Schaller Fire and Am- band. The best case scenario would be that there will be 80 students going out for high bulance as well as the Sac school band next year, but realistically Mr. City Ambulance responded Mahler thinks it will be in the 60 student to the scene. range.

During all of this, 32-year old Thomas Edward Rush Chris of Sioux City was arrested by the Sheriff’s Office after Rush almost ran over the Sac County Sheriff as All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.The disposition of all cases are subhe was directing traffic. Rush sped through the acciject to change without notice.This is a Sac County dent scene at speeds estimated to be over 65 MPH as Sheriff’s office press release Hwy 20 was closed down to less than one full lane. Rush then attempted to go around another Deputy SAC COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Sheriff as he was trying to stop Rush. The car Rush was driving spun out of control almost striking a The Sac County Sheriff’s Office investigated semi that was stopped in traffic. Rush was taken in a two-vehicle head on collision Monday afto custody and charged with Attempting to Elude a ternoon at 3:43PM. The accident occurred ¼ serious misdemeanor, failure to comply with a lawful mile east of Dean Ave on Hwy 20 or about 2 order of a peace officer, 3-counts of failing to yield miles south of Schaller, Iowa. to an emergency vehicle, 3-counts of reckless driving, and 1-count of failure to maintain control. Rush Tyler Lee Kenny age 16 of Schaller was operwas booked in the Sac County Jail.
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Batz Resigns from the

spending for 70 new band uniforms
Mr. Mahler’s recommendation to the boards was to purchase 80 uniforms, this to insure that there would be enough uniforms at the right size for everyone. After some discussion where the board asked about what could be done with the old uniforms (used by the middle school), what a plume is (feather on top of the hat), could the money come from PPEL* (no), they got down to price. Each school district would be responsible for coming up with $6,700ish in order to provide the band with 70 uniforms. There was some niggling over the $10 garment bags, but that was cleared up when the wisdom of spending so little to keep the uniforms looking good was agreed upon. Near the end of the conversation, President of the WLVA board, Chuck Brotherton made the first statement of support saying, “Well there’s always going to be some reason why we shouldn’t spend the money, I don’t care when it is. We’ve provided our …kids with decent uniforms, we’ve done that with our athletic teams and …I really can’t think of justification for not doing that with the band.” Other than to say that she was in favor of making the band members buy their own garment bags, Sac School Board President Shirley Phillips had nothing else to say when School Board Director Brent Wilhelm made the motion to give the band department $7,000 for the purchase of new uniforms and called for a vote, which passed unanimously. The WLVA board passed a measure awarding the same amount. With this spending OK’d it is now up to the boosters to come up with the remaining 50% of the money, which they have already apparently agreed to do. If all goes well, the uniforms should make their public debut on March 1st at the Parade of Bands performance in Lake View. *PPEL funds are used to buy equipment and the Department of Education doesn’t consider band uniforms equipment.

ESC October 19, 2009 Appointments, Resignations, and New Contracts
The Sac School Board decided to wait until they could find out if the Sac Community Center could change the time and date they meet to decide whom to appoint as the schools representative on that board. The Sac School Board voted to continue to use the services of Ahlers and Cooney as the district’s sole provider of legal representation. This move means that there will be no accidental doubling up of legal fees should both district be involved in the same dispute. Kelly Bender, an associate for the WLVA district resigned, saying that she found 12 month work at $3.00 per hour more elsewhere. John Smith was hired as a Varsity Wrestling Coach for $2,827 on a WLVA contract.

Sac Community Rec Center

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Kimberly Bird, age 48, of Odebolt, Iowa, died at her home on Sunday, October 18, 2009. Born May 22, 1961, in Carroll, Iowa, Kimberly Rae (Hike) Bird was the daughter of Raymond and Patricia (Olerich) Hike. She received her education in Pocahontas and Carroll, graduating from Carroll High School in 1979. Following graduation, Kim joined the Army Reserves where she served for six years. On January 19, 1985, she was united in marriage to Robert Bird in Sac City, Iowa. The couple lived in several Iowa towns, including Sac City, Lake View, and Odebolt. They were blessed with five sons, Adrian, Robert, Martin, Jonathon, and Aaron. Kim worked as a jailer in Sac City for several years. In her spare time, she enjoyed collecting unicorns, reading, playing Pogo on the computer, fishing, and playing cards. She appreciated time spent with family and friends and shared a special relationship with her maternal grandmother, Daisy Hyland. Survivors include her husband, Robert; four sons, Robert Bird, Jr. of Odebolt, Martin (Jill) Bird of Harcourt, Jonathon Bird of Carroll, and Aaron Bird of Odebolt; and one grandson, Ethan Adrian Bird of Harcourt. She Kimberly Bird May 22, 1961 - October 18, 2009 is also survived by her mother, Patricia Stout of Ralston; two brothers, Kevin (Mary) Hike of Lake City, and Kenneth (Karen) Hike of Des Moines; two sisters, Kathryn (Craig) Edwards of Carroll, and Karla (Scott) FisOdebolt, Iowa cher of Jane, MO; four step-sisters, Janet Stout of Ozark, MO, Karen (Richard) Petersen of Ida Grove, Linda (Tim) Fagen of Lanesboro, and Shirley (Bruce) Trulsen of Carroll; as well as many nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. She was preceded in death by a son, Sgt. Adrian Hike; her father, Raymond Hike; a sister, Karen Kay Hike; her step-father, Ferman Stout; maternal grandparents, Lloyd and Daisy Hyland; and paternal grandparents, Kenneth and Frieda Hike.

Merle Marion Schoenthal, age 91, of the Schaller and Lake View areas, passed away on October 14, 2009 at the Methodist Manor Retirement Community in Storm Lake, Iowa. Merle Marion Schoenthal was born May 29, 1918 to Emil Schoenthal and Bessie Bunker Schoenthal. He was baptized in the Christian church in Sac City, Iowa and graduated in 1940 from Sac City High School. He married Ruth Peters on March 20, 1952 at Ruth’s family farm near Ulmer where they farmed for 30 years. They had two children Nadine and Merle LeRoy. Ruth passed away on April 7, 1982. Merle married Florence Edgington-King July 10, 1983. Merle was a link trainer in World War II, stationed in Alamgardo, New Mexico. He was a witness to the first atomic bomb testing. He ran the movie projector in the Casino Theater in Sac City when he was in high school. He also had Merle’s Electric and Sound System in the 1930’s. He was a volunteer fireman in the Sac City Fire Department. In 1948, Merle had a partnership with Les Zeman which was called L&M Electronics in Sac City. He was President of Ulmer Telephone Company. He farmed by Ulmer in the 1950’s until 1982. He worked as security cop and parked cars at Lakewood Ballroom in Lake View from 1970’s to 1985. He was Sunday School Teacher, Trustee, Elder and Sunday School Superintendant at the Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Carnarvon. Merle M. Schoenthal May 29, 1918 - October 14, 2009 Schaller, Iowa Then he moved to Schaller and was the town handyman. He was in the Schaller Jolley Time Popcorn commercial in the 1990’s. Merle is survived by his wife, Florence of Storm Lake; his children, Nadine (Eugene) Meeks of Ft. Washakie, WY and Merle LeRoy (Kathy Jergens) Schoenthal of Lake View, Iowa; his step-Son, Bob (Sharon) King of Des Moines, Iowa; his brother, Irvin (Dorothy) Schoenthal of Davenport, Iowa; his three grandchildren: Jedadiah (Cody) Meeks of Riverton, WY, Erica (Jhonnathan Cuartas) Meeks of Casper, WY, and Shiloh (Juan) Stevens-Plascencia of Ft. Washakie, WY; his two step-grandchildren, Timothy (Joan) King of Chicago, IL, and Pattie (Darryl) Dalen of Andover, MN; six great-grand children: Leona Meeks-Lindgren of Big Piney, WY; Nathen Meeks of Riverton, WY; Taj Tillman and Nuvia Cuartas of Casper, WY; Joaquin and Anexi StevensPlascencia of Ft.Washakie, WY; and five step-grandchildren: Nick; Stephanie and Kyle Dalen of Andover, MN; Hannah and Heather King of Chicago, IL; and many nieces and nephews. Merle was preceded in death by his parents, Bessie and Emil Schoenthal; one brother, Donald Schoenthal; one sister, Verna Alice Schoenthal (infant); and his first wife, Ruth Peters Schoenthal.

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Harlan M. Flink passed away unexpectedly at Loring Hospital on Monday, October 19, 2009, in the presence of his wife of 64 years, Wilma. Harlan was born August 22, 1917, in Waltham, Minnesota. At the age of three, his family moved to Lake View, where he lived for the remainder of his life. Harlan and Wilma were married on September 9, 1945. They had two children: John, who lives in Helena, Montana; and Marilyn, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Harlan served in World War II from 1941 to 1945, seeing action in North Africa and Italy as a medical technician near the front lines. Following his service, he returned to Lake View to work in the Post Office. From 1955 to 1979, he delivered mail in the rural areas surrounding Lake View, driving more than 100 miles a day sometimes through some of the worst weather Iowa had to offer, to make sure the mail was delivered. He retired in 1979 to enjoy travel with Wilma and many visits to his children and grandchildren. Harlan’s life was grounded in an unwavering faith in God. He expressed that faith daily and as a devout and dedicated member of Wheatland Presbyterian Church near Breda. He served the church as an elder, its treasurer, and with countless other contributions. From 1953 to 1967, he served as the lay pastor at the Arcadia Presbyterian Church. Wilma joined him as organist and Sunday School teacher. Harlan Flink He is survived by his wife Wilma; his son John (Kathy) Bramer; his daughter Marilyn (Brent) Hylton; and August 22, 1917 - October 19, 2009 grandsons: Christopher (Andrea) and Joshua Hylton. Harlan was preceded in death by his father John; his Lake View, IA mother Minnie; his brother Norman, and sister Wandella. Harlan’s life was a model for all, and his sense of humor, humility, generosity and conscientiousness will be deeply missed. On December 18, 1951, Jerome enlisted in the United States Air Force, serving in the 93rd Operations Squadron as a combination Telephone and Telegram man. Upon completion of his duty, December 1, 1955, he earned the National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal. On June 9, 1978, Jerome was united in marriage to Marjorie (Lange) Haines in Newell, Iowa. He worked for Contel Telephone Company in Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota and Missouri as a lineman for 20 years and supervisor for 20 years. Following his retirement from the phone company, Jerome did carpenter work. His hobbies included golfing and gardening; often sharing his garden with the neighbors. He was a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, and friend. He cherished his family, especially his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Survivors include his wife Marjorie; daughter, Dr. Danette Jackson of Winterset, IA; step-daughter Lee Ann (Phil) Davis of Moravia, IA; sons Michael (Michele) Young of Savannah, GA, Curtis (Margo) Young of Stewartville, MN; step-sons: Donald Haines of Bussey, IA, and Ronald (Deb) Haines of Pella, IA; 15 grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren. Other survivors include his two sisters: Helen Wall and Viola (Carroll) Wilson both of Donnellson, IA; three brothers: Robert (Pat) Young of Donnellson, IA; Linus (Jeanette) Young of Churchville, MD, and Fred (Judy) Young of Donnellson, IA; many nieces, nephews, cousins; and other Jerome A. Young March 17, 1931 - October 18, 2009 extended family members. Lake View, Iowa Jerome was preceded in death by his parents, Jake Young and Mamie Wolfe; stepfather Edward Wolfe; great-granddaughter Dani Nicole Haines; great-grandson Donald Haines, II; and step daughter-in-law Sandra Haines. Patricia L. Schwaller, age 59, of Wall Lake, Iowa, passed away on Saturday, October 17, 2009, at St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll, Iowa. Pat was born on August 26, 1950, in Carroll, Iowa, the daughter of Francis H. and Rosella M. (Mendenhall) Schwaller. She grew up on a farm outside of Lake View and attended Lake View-Auburn schools, graduating with the class of 1968. She continued her education, graduating from Patricia Stevens College in Omaha, Nebraska. Pat was baptized and confirmed at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wall Lake. She has been a member of Peace Lutheran Church for many years where she attended Ladies Aid and the Quilting Club. She lived and worked in the Wall Lake area her entire life and most recently resided at Carroll Health Center. Pat enjoyed reading, quilting, and playing solitaire. She cherished spending time with her family. Her grandsons were her pride and joy. Patricia Schwaller August 26, 1950 - October 17, 2009 Wall Lake, Iowa. Survivors include her mother, Rosella Schwaller of Sac City; daughter Melissa (Sean Brady) Schwaller and their sons Iain and Liam Brady of Pearland, Texas; two sisters: Paula (David) MacKenzie of Westford, MA, and Rosemary (Larry) Polk of Lake View; three brothers: Ronald Schwaller of Denison, Kenneth Schwaller of Sac City, and Scott (Kathy) Schwaller of Lakeside; several aunts and uncles; many nieces and nephews; and extended family members. Pat was preceded in death by her father, Francis Schwaller October 26, 2009 Issue 70 Page 06

City Council exercises caution while dealing with hard sell land “offer”
On October 12, 2009 Shirley Phillips made the claim to the assembled Sac City Council that she received a phone call from one Bill Nolan, from California. Bill Nolan had originally purchased the property where Bauer Built is now located. That initial purchase included the property across Audubon Street to the South. He also purchased the property that was referred to at the meeting as “The Old Pizza Hut”. In recent weeks, this “Old Pizza Hut” property has also been referred to as the “The Old Schultz’s Standard” by the Sac County Supervisors while discussing the action being taken on that property as a result of its formerly high levels of benzene concentrations. According to Ms. Phillips, Mr. Nolan said “Shirley, I’m getting older, my children are all located someplace out west, I have no idea why I have property in Sac City, and I would be willing to give up the property to the City of Sac City if you thought you could do something with it.” $500.00. The old Pizza hut would take roughly $1000. Both of the properties were sold at a tax sale about 15 months ago. Mr. Ledford said that he contacted the “entities” that now own the properties, (he did not say who they are,) and confirmed that one of the owners would be willing to release it. Mr. Ledford pointed out that there would be an issue in regards to how the process would work. According to Mr. Ledford, for the City to claim the property, the city would want clear title to the property, so the back taxes would have to be resolved prior to the transfer of that land to the city. Mr. Ledford asked the council if they wanted him to move forward on claiming those properties and, (presumably,) paying those back taxes. have to ask Sac Development if they would be willing to accept it, and then …we could call him back and talk to him about that.” Mayor Powell said, “I think that would be something to check into.” Mr. Frederick said, “I don’t like the idea of the city getting involved in real estate, personally. I hope he gets this done, somehow.” Ms. Phillips pulled up the Noble manufacturing argument again saying, “You always hate to… muddy the waters when you have opportunity to do it because we’d have been sitting here with that Nobles Manufacturing empty yet today if we hadn’t moved on that, so. There are some opportunities.” At this point, probably out of either kindness or more likely in the spirit of wanting to move on, nobody pointed out to Ms. Phillips that the geniuses behind “moving” on Nobles brought… you know, that camper making place that ended up being so good for Sac City.. Mr. Frederick said, “We’ll check with Collin [McCullough, the City Attorney] and see if we have to do it this way. That we can quickly give it to somebody, that we can give it back to the development company and let them handle all the real estate transactions … ‘Cause if we get into it then we have to do bidding…” Mr. Ledford answered saying, “If he’s offering to sell it to us-“ Ms. Phillips and Mr. Frederick both jumped in correcting Mr. Ledford saying that Mr. Nolan was offering to give the properties to the city, to which Mr. Ledford answered, “Well, it’s kind of hard to call it a gift where we’re going to have to pay off the back taxes in some manner to obtain the property …there is… some fee associated with this, but I kind of get what you’re saying, Jim, there’s a little bit of question about what our process in all this will be.” Continuing, Mr. Ledford said, “The bigger concern I have, and what would be, probably the significant stumbling block here, would be Mr. Nolan understanding what process would need to be gone through to clear the title first before any type of transfer could occur, whether it’s us or SDC. No one’s going to want to take ownership of the property until the title of transfer is cleared on the back taxes.”

It was reported in the Sac Sun on October 20, 2009 that Sac County Supervisor Rick Hecht said that the county would be “willing to discuss those back taxes to help get the property back on the tax rolls.” ….Maybe she wasn’t quoting exactly. The Sac Sun also reported that Adam Ledford was She went on to say that there has been some interest asked to continue to research this issue. What was not reported was the following conversation: shown in one of the properties, though she did not say which of the properties and she did not say for what purpose. This was marginally expanded upon Councilman Bill Brenny said, “Certainly, if there’s a private party interested in purchasing, I think, later in the meeting. that would certainly worth… know about. I think it would be better to have private ownership as opMs. Phillips then suggested that the property posed to the city.” located in the residential area in the vicinity of Bauer Built would be a good place to park semis. Shirley spoke to Mr. Brenny saying that at one time Chief of Police John Thomsen who was present at the property was for sale for $20,000. Said Shirley, that Council meeting said that the Sac City Police Department gets “a lot’ of calls from that neighbor- “I’m not sure that either of the privately interested individuals are willing to pay that amount of money hood about trucks running. Shirley asked “Oh, for that piece.” idling up there behind Bauer Built?” Then, seemingly both trying to move forward and backtracking At this point in the conversation I thought to myat the same time said, “Well, you see? They park up in that area anyway, which they’re going to have self, as I’m sure did many of the people listening, if Mr. Nolan has two potentially interested buyers, to quit that anyway, soon... “ at ANY price higher than “free”, why would he be willing to give the property to the city? According to Ms. Phillips, Mr. Nolan isn’t taking care of the properties, so it isn’t doing “us” any Mayor Barb Powell asked Ms. Phillips, “How good, saying, “We can’t turn anything over and have it become part of the tax rolls until we get con- certain are you that [somebody is] really interested in buying it?” trol of the property.” She went on to compare Mr. Nolan’s properties to Nobles manufacturing plant saying “unless we have control of it, there’s no way Shirley said, “Adam’s had some interest- “ to resell it to anybody and have anything built and Mr. Ledford cut her off saying, “I’ve received… I put on the tax rolls.” had heard of two different parties, and I had confirmed with both parties that they were interested in Ms. Phillips concluded the (sort of) official part the property if it …is available for sale.” of the presentation by saying “I hate to turn down somebody-“then she cut herself off and changed Councilman Jim Frederick asked, “Can’t we get course, saying that it is a matter of back-taxes and him talked into giving it to the (Sac) Development that City Administrator Adam Ledford has the Corporation? “ figures on the back taxes. Then she sat down. According to City Administrator Adam Ledford, to pay the back taxes on the property on Audubon Street across from Bauer Built, it will take roughly
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At this point, Shirley Phillips, interrupted the flow of the conversation and contributed nothing saying that some of the other communities in the county have been able to take possession of these types of properties in order to clean them up and put them Ms. Phillips paused and stammered a little saying, back on the tax rolls. She seemed to be trying to “the… Sac Development, I don’t know. He offered either downplay or ignore the fact that the Sac City to give it to the city; I wasn’t going to push him at Council was attempting to have a conversation that point, so. I guess I can call him.” At this point whereby they explore ways of making this happen she recovered her cool a bit and said, “First you without having to burden Sac City taxpayers with
October 26, 2009 Issue 70

yet more property that is owned by the government. prospective business owner to get the city to not only acquire the land, but to get the city taxpayers When Ms. Phillips was done with the what seemed to pay the back taxes to boot. to be an attempted sidetrack of the conversation, Mayor Powell got things back on track, turned to For the record, I recently heard tell of a small filter Mr. Ledford and asked if either of the people inmaking company that has decided to build on only terested in buying the properties were interested in half the land at the industrial park. With the city on locating a business on those properties that would the verge putting in a very expensive sewer system, return actual tax money to the city. Mr. Ledford (100K+!!), at the industrial park to accommodate said that he only asked if the parties had an interest them, wouldn’t it make more sense to encourage in the properties, suggesting that he did not ask this “going business” to build on the land that PSF them if they intended to start businesses. now isn’t going to build on? Aren’t we already set up to give away land to businesses out there? Ms. Phillips then said, “…One particular party had told me that they wanted to obtain it to make kind 5. One thing I learned very early on in this life of a green space, some really nice space downtown, is that when someone approaches you with a hard it would be attractive. Another person indicated sell, the way Shirley Phillips has approached the that they would like to put up a building and have a Sac City taxpayers in this instance, it’s best to take going business there, so.” a step back and spend a little time gathering your thoughts. Find out why they are so fired up and in a Mr. Brenny asked Ms. Phillips if the issue of the hurry to get the deal done. submerged gas tank on the old Pizza Hut property had been resolved. Shirley Phillips nodded, saying, Thank you city council, (the 60% of you that “That’s gone.” bothered to show up that night,) for taking that step back. We the public expect, in the very least, According to Mr. Ledford, he has left a couple of to hear you tell us how much in new taxes and messages with Mr. Nolan, but has not received a revenue this new business is estimated to bring into return call. Shirley Phillips said, “He might not call the community that it wouldn’t otherwise be able you back because he doesn’t know who you are.” to get… if you intend to spend our money buying it She then laughed and said, “But he might call me.” for them, that is. Mr. Ledford was directed to research the issue further and the council moved on to other business with a sort of consensus by the three that bothered to show up that they would like to see something positive happen with those properties and with at least two of the members being in favor of letting the Sac Development Corporation handle the real estate.

Sac County Supervisors, Sheriff react to complaint about the Communication Tower
Sac County Sheriff Ken McClure appeared before the sac County Supervisors on October 29th to discuss a complaint that had come in regarding the lights on top of the communication tower… they are out. According to the Sheriff, changing the bulbs is just a matter of climbing up the ladder and doing it, but there is a liability issue, which means that the typical contractor will charge in the neighborhood of $2,000. In the past, L&M electronics changed the bulbs, but when approached this time, indicated to the Sheriff that they would no longer be doing that.

While researching solutions to getting the bulbs changed, Sheriff McClure ran across another potential problem. The red and white paint on the tower has lost over 50% of its luster, which could cost as CPC achieves nearly perfect much as $25,000 to repaint if somebody complains about that to the Federal Communications Commisscore sion about that as well.
According to Sac County Supervisor Rick Hecht, the Iowa Department of Human Services reviewed the (Sac) County Point Coordinator’s office and awarded them a three year accreditation. They achieved a total score of 97%. The Supervisors did not go into the details of the review.

Sheriff McClure did not, however, show up without a possible money saving answer to the problems. His preliminary research indicates that if the tower were lowered from its current height of 200 feet, Some thoughts I’m left with: to about 180 feet, it will be 10 feet lower than the height at which the FCC requires the lights and the 1. Isn’t it interesting that Shirley Phillips seems to Also at the October 20, 2009 Sac County Superpaint. The two possible problems that could stand be discouraging the guy who the city council hired visors meeting… in the way of this solution would be if 180 feet was to run Sac City from contacting the guy who wants Drainage claims were approved without discussion. then not high enough to get the signal out to the to unload the property? landfill where the repeater sits, and if Verizon, who 2. Isn’t it exciting that yet another business would The Supervisors began the investigation into a has an antennae affixed to the tower, needs all 200 claim by New Opportunities that the Supervisors like to build in Sac City? That’s two in one year! feet. failed to fund an appropriation from fiscal year
3. I find it disturbing that the readers of the Sac Sun are left with the impression that the city council is standing in the way of progress if they don’t themselves (meaning on the taxpayers dime,) take possession of the properties in question. If there is truly a business out there that is in such a huge hurry to do business in that area of town, then the matter of paying $500 plus a few transfer fees to get possession of a half a block long lot, can’t be that much of an issue.

2007. At issue is the fact that New Opportunities and New View were connected at around that time, and the Supervisors aren’t sure if the money wasn’t perhaps given, but under a different name to reflect the entity as it existed at the time. This issue will be revisited at a future meeting.

Sheriff McClure was assured by an apparent expert in radio communications, John Zeman that the signal would reach. The sheriff admitted that he had not yet contacted Verizon. Without knowing what Verizon’s height requirements are, and bearing in mind that Verizon doesn’t pay any kind of fee to the county for the use of its tower, the Sac County Supervisors directed Sheriff McClure to go ahead and find out what it would take to lower the tower. If they find out that Verizon needs the extra 20 feet, then they will perhaps talk to them about sharing the burden of the cost of the lights and painting.
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(from the minutes) Ivan Droesler, Drainage Engineer with Kuehl and Payer, presented the Engineer’s report for repair and cleanout on DD 73 Main Open Ditch. The report included a recom4. If Shirley Phillips actually has a business on the mendation to dissolve DD 21 and include the land hook, and is the only actual person in contact with within that district in with DD 73. The estimated the owner of the land, then I would think that it’s alcost of the project is $233,806.20. most her responsibility as the director of the SETD The date for the public hearing has been set for to get the buyer hooked up with the owner, ASAP. Tuesday, December 1, 2009, at 1:30 PM in the conference room of the Sac County Law EnforceOf course I have to admit that the devilish side of ment Center. me admires this attempt on the part of this supposed

October 26, 2009 Issue 70

Page 09

October 26, 2009 Issue 70

October 26, 2009 Issue 70

Page 10

10/15/09-10/21/09 SMALL CLAIMS
SCSC013999 Defendant: Misty Dawn Sprague, Sac City IA Plaintiff: Capital One Bank, ADDRESS NOT AVAILABLE Judgment for Plaintiff: $1,307.12 + $107.10 costs SCSC014004 Defendant: Kristi Lynn Sharkey, Schaller IA Plaintiff: Johnston Automotive & Ind., Storm Lake IA Judgment for Plaintiff: $203.47 + $124.70 costs CASES FILED SCSC014021 Defendant: Nelson, Inc., Sac City IA Defendant: Nelson, Mellanie Sue, Sac City IA Defendant: Nelson, Royce, Sac Ciyt IA Plaintiff: Star Energy, Manson IA. Date filed: October 16, 2009 SCSC014022 Defendant: Michelle Green, Lake View IA Plaintiff: Midland Funding, LLC, ADDRESS NOT AVAILABLE Date filed: October 16, 2009 SCSC014023 Defendant: Heather Housemen, Sac City IA Plaintiff: Carroll Dental Clinic, Carroll IA Plaintiff: Lynn Curry and Carroll Dental Clinic, ADDRESS NOT AVAILABLE Plaintiff: Lynn D. Curry, Carroll IA Date filed: October 21, 2009 SCSC014024 Defendant: Michael J. Stehr, Lake View IA Plaintiff: Christopher Bogue and Carroll Dental Clinic, ADDRESS NOT AVAILABLE Plaintiff: Christopher Bogue, Carroll IA Plaintiff: Carroll Dental Clinic, Carroll IA Date filed: October 21, 2009 SCSC014025 Defendant: Reginald Mitchell, Nemaha IA Plaintiff: Midland Funding, LLC, ADDRESS NOT AVAILABLE Date filed: October 21, 2009

Minutes of the October 20, 2009 Sac County Supervisors Meeting
The Sac County Board of Supervisors met in regular session with all members present, Rick Hecht, Chairman, presiding. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as submitted. It was moved by Stock and seconded by Bensley to approve the agenda as posted. Ayes all, motion carried. Sheriff Ken McClure advised the Board of needed repairs to the communications tower located near the courthouse. Several lights on the tower are burned out and the paint is faded below FAA regulations. It was suggested that if the top 20 foot section of the tower was removed it would not need the lights or the required red and white paint. The Board directed the sheriff to investigate the cost of removing the section and to look into the cost of replacing bulbs and painting. It was moved by Bensley and seconded by Stock to approve the claims as listed on the claims register in the Auditor’s office. Ayes all, motion carried.

October Sac Community Center Bills

It was moved by Stock and seconded by Bensley to approve the drainage claims as submitted. Ayes all, motion carried. There was some discussion about a request from New Opportunities, Inc to fund an appropriation from FY 07, which had not been allocated. No action was taken pending further review. Ivan Droesler, Drainage Engineer with Kuehl and Payer, presented the Engineer’s report for repair and cleanout on DD 73 Main Open Ditch. The report included a recommendation to disolve DD 21 and include the land within that district in with DD 73. The estimated cost of the project is $233,806.20. It was moved by Stock and seconded by Bensley to accept the Engineer’s report and set a date for the public hearing for Tuesday, December 1, 2009, at 1:30 PM in the conference room of the Sac County Law Enforcement Center. Ayes all, motion carried. The County Engineer updated the Board on activities of the county road crews and the status of current maintenance and construction projects. With there being no further business, on motion, the meeting was adjourned.

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October 26, 2009 Issue 70

October high School Principals Report
Sac Community Rec Center Changes name, hires new Director
Meeting times and possible agenda items for the November ESC School Boards
WLVA will meet at 5:30PM on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at the High School in Lake View. 1. Early retirement policy Sac will meet at 6:00PM on November 16 at the Elementary School. 1. Early retirement policy
October 26, 2009 Issue 70

1. Building Leadership Team Discussions The members of the Building Leadership Team are: Pam Rust (Co-Chair), Michelle Witte (Co-Chair), Mary Fuhs, Jen Wollesen, Larry TeIIinghuisen, Eric McCollough, and Kevin Litterer

We have organized the student BLT team. Each advisor group will have one representative. The students will be meeting over the noon hour every other Wednesday. The meetings will be divided up into two groups: Freshman/Sophomore and Juniors/Seniors Topics that will be discussed: a. Climate/Culture b. Student Recognition c. Student issues 2. Current Discipline Data (August-October) 12th Grade: 27 Referrals (16 Levell Referrals and 11 Level 2 Referrals) 11th Grade: 13 Referrals (9 Levell Referrals, 3 level 2 referrals, and 1 Level 3 referral) 10th Grade: 18 referrals (11 Level 1 Referrals and 7 Level 2 Referrals) 9th Grade: 14 Referrals (10 Levell Referrals and 4 Level 2 Referrals) 3. Basic Reading Inventory (BRI): The data has been compiled. I will pass that information out to you at the board meeting. The BLT will be going over the data at the October 21st meeting. The staff will be presented the information at the next faculty meeting. 4. Advisor(Advisee Update: The current topic iscompassion/harassment/ bullying. The students watched a movie that related to the topic of bullying/harassment. This week the students roleplayed the various harassment/bullying situations that arise in the building.The discussion that ensued was focused on how to deal with a bully. The next meeting will have the students making posters, a video, or a story about bullying/harassment.

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Football - Week 9
CLASS 2A District 1 Central Lyon/George-Little Rock 24, Spirit Lake 22 Sheldon 14, Sibley-Ocheyedan 13 Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 32, Sioux Center 7 Western Christian, Hull 41, Unity Christian, Orange City 15 District 2 Pocahontas Area/Pomeroy-Palmer 38, Buffalo Ridge 7 Eagle Grove 45, Cherokee 18 East Sac County 16, Humboldt 14 Okoboji, Milford 18, Clarion-Goldfield 6 District 3 South Hardin, Eldora 32, Central Springs, Manly 6 South Hamilton, Jewell 24, Dike-New Hartford 6 Osage 28, Gilbert 7 Hudson 7, Roland-Story, Story City 6 District 4 Cascade, Western Dubuque 32, Monticello 29 Sumner-Fredericksburg 41, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo 0 North Fayette, West Union 62, Jesup 0 Beckman, Dyersville 34, MFL MarMac 3 District 5 Regina, Iowa City 13, Center Point-Urbana 10 Tipton 38, Camanche 9 Solon 70, West Liberty 6 North Cedar, Stanwood 28, Wilton 21 (OT) District 6 Columbus Community, Columbus Junction 14, Central Lee, Donnellson 12 Sigourney/Keota 41, Davis County, Bloomfield 12 Mediapolis 40, Louisa-Muscatine 12 Mid-Prairie, Wellman 47, West Burlington/Notre Dame 7 District 7 PCM, Monroe 19, Albia 13 Bondurant-Farrar 20, East Marshall, Le Grand 8 Collins-Maxwell-Baxter 13, North Polk, Alleman 7 West Marshall, State Center 62, Colfax-Mingo 16 District 8 IKM/Manning 64, Shenandoah 0 Missouri Valley 20, Maple Valley/Anthon-Oto 6 Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 27, OA-BCIG 21 Clarinda 29, Red Oak 0

East Sac County (3-6) will play

Page 13

October 26, 2009 Issue 70

Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley (9-0) at Rock Valley on October 28, 2009

October 26, 2009 Issue 70

Page 14

FAILURE TO HAVE VALID LICENSE/ PERMIT WHILE OP Jason Matthew Kirke, State Center IA Amanda Nicole Shea, Sac City IA 6-10 OVER IN A 55 MPH ZONE Margaux Jourdain Haines, Ankeny IA Sharon Ann Blanchard, Swisher IA Paul Ryan Werkmeister, Lake View IA Lou Ann Mowrey, Carroll IA Debra Ann Galvin, Ft. Dodge IA John C Thomure, Fox Point WI Robert Donald Haupts, Manson IA John Edward Keenan, Storm Lake IA Landa Lynn See, Schleswig IA Danielle Lynn Madsen, Schaller IA Gary E. Darlington, Bennington NE Dean Joseph Wallace, Carroll IA David Michael Collison, Iowa Falls IA Bryan R. Case, Lake City IA Jack Lee Conway, Marion IA Cecil Frederick, Stockbridge GA Raul J. Ochoa, North Platte NE Russell G. Wiederholt, Bellevue NE Wayne Herman Donaldson, Sac City IA Tyler Ray Reed, Mapleton IA Herbert John Turin, Odebolt IA Jason Matthew Kirke, State Center IA Laura M. Branstetter, Avoca IA Bruce Stephen Raymie, Sac City IA Brian David Souder, Rockwell City IA Paul Raymand Krause, Linn Grove IA Jeffrey Dean Brotherson, Wall Lake IA FAIL TO MAINTAIN SAFETY BELTS Rebecca Sue Schade, Sac City IA Richard Lee Neumann, Sac City IA Tyler James Richey, Marlow OK Shane David Erickson, Emmetsburg IA Margaret Ann Teague, Wall Lake IA Virgil Dean Johnson, Sac City IA Robert Lee Lewis, Sac City IA David Lee Swenson, Lake View IA David Martin Bihrer, Sac City IA Jessica Lin Hungate, Lake City IA Andrew Randall Schulte, Lake View IA
OPERATION W/O REGISTRATION Rebecca Sue Schade, Sac City IA FAILURE TO SECURE CHILD Jason Lee Adams, Waterloo IA Lacey Jane Cullum, Patton IA

All People in this list have been found or have pled guilty to these charges on or between the dates of October 15, 2009 and October 21, 2009

DARK WINDOW/WINDSHIELD Buster J. Wirtjers, Sac City IA 11-15 OVER IN A 55 MPH ZONE Lori Ann Yusten, Mesa AZ Nicole Ellen Hatch, Sac City IA Jorge Martinezvillegas IV, Socorro TX

WINDSHIELD AND WINDOW REQUIREMENTS PASSING CONTRARY TO HIGHWAY Jason Lee Adams, Waterloo IA SIGN/MARKING Christine M. Amert, Sioux Falls SD OPEN CONTAINER - DRIVER Kendrick Myrl Wise, Lytton IA FAIL TO OBEY STOP OR YIELD SIGN Tyler James Richey, Marlow OK Darlis Ann Nielsen, Akron IA 20+ OVER IN A 55 MPH ZONE Patrick M. Lynch, Newell IA Bernard J. Nirchi, Orland Park IL Whitney C. Gill, South Sioux City IA FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH SAFETY REG.RULES Leonard Linfred Eickholt, Cushing IA Kalvin Arthur Martens, Moville IA William J. Jaeger, Campbellsport WI Derik James Lampe, Merrill IA Duane Paul Paskewitz, Redwood Falls MN (2 counts) Delbert Walter Graber, Lake View IA Dustin Joseph Bernacki, Swisher IA Gary Ervin Wroe, Evansdale IA

OPERATING NONREGISTERED VEHICLE Amanda Nicole Shea, Sac City IA 16-20 OVER IN A 55 MPH ZONE Daniel Roy Kennedy, Des Moines IA FAIL TO USE REQUIRED TOWING EQUIPMENT Timothy Albert Wilcox, Ida Grove IA MAX. GROSS WEIGHT VIOLATION Delbert Walter Graber, Lake View IA Bruce Warren Fitzwater, Villisca IA FAIL TO MAINTAIN CONTROL Agustin Zavala Pizano, Eagle Lake TX GROSS WEIGHT IN EXCESS OF REGGROSS WEIGHT Agustin Zavala Pizano, Eagle Lake TX

MAX. HOURS OF SERVICE VIOLATION 6-10 OVER IN A 25 MPH ZONE Randall Thomas Beard, Tecumseh MO Justin Louis Kuehl, Mapleton IA Steven Patrick Feuring, Mason City IA Duane Paul Paskewitz, Redwood Falls MN FAIL TO HAVE A VALID DL (1-7) MOTORCYCLE AND MOTORIZED Emily Jo Nichols, Sac City IA BIKE VIOLATION 1-5 OVER IN A 25 MPH ZONE Bryson Martin Kramer, Wall Lake IA Rosa Quinones, Fonda IA WINDSHIELD AND WINDOW OB6-10 OVER IN A 35 MPH ZONE STRUCTED VISION Derek John Thevenot, Schaller IA Alexis Ann Hanna, Sioux City IA

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Every Thursday Night 5 to 9

Dollar draws

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