A last wake-up-call My Darling. It is truly time to build your arc. I will provide the materials.

All you have to do is obey just like Noah did. I gave already many warnings to this world but they won’t listen. I am pleading and begging since ages: Why do you want to die? Choose this day life above death. But all they do is laugh. They mock in their hearts against the truth. They ignore warning after warning and weigh themselves in safety. Was it not like this in Noah’s days? The only difference is, that the arc is now build on a spiritual level, not physically, not seen with the natural eyes. When the floods come and the storms will rage, you have to be able to retreat in your arc, where it will be save. I will keep you there and all the people you will take along inside. Everybody else will drown by their own choice. Of course I feel very sad about it and my will would be, that everybody would be saved. That really would mean the greatest happiness to me. But unfortunately it won’t be like that. In every house there are vessels for honour and dishonour and everyone chooses his own fate. In the end this will be clear to every single one of you. Everyone will know it was their own choice, not by any force. They chose to follow the deceiver, the liar, in fact the father of all lies and deceptions, downward into their own misery. They follow the distractions, they swallowed those shining, golden pills of lies just because they looked good. They loved more those distractions than the loving truth that would truly set them free from the inside. Mankind can walk up and down the earth looking for freedom and independence in wealth, power, their own desires, but true freedom can only be found in deliverance from the chains of sins. Those are heavy chains that hang around their necks, ready to pull them down to the bottomless pit where there will be no end to the horrible nothingness. It is truly the last wake up call. Be rather like the wise virgins that have their lamps filled with enough oil of the truth. I am standing there, pleading and begging, I am wooing, I am flirting with their spirit, calling them to come and be totally loved and cared for by me, to come be nourished and fed, to be clothed and warmed, to be cherished by me above everything else. If they would just realize what great love I have for them. My dear creation. From the very beginning, when their soul was created I looked at them and loved them. But they have to lay aside their pride, they have to come naked, without any pretence of some kind of greatness they think they have, they have to pull down those heavy, dusty coverups. The total, horrible, naked truth is already before my eyes. There is not One that is clean before my eyes. But this is not what they are judged by. They are judged by remaining there. By not wanting to be delivered out of that mess. They have to realize, they cannot make it without my help. I am their only chance to smash those chains away from their necks, cause through my death as an innocent I won back the Kingdom that was always rightfully the Father’s. It was stolen away by false, deceptive, rebellious Powers. Since the Kingdom is rightfully ours again, we can choose to forgive or not. And the Father and I choose to Forgive. Forgiveness and love are now the greatest laws of the Kingdom for those who receive it. But their own choice is to receive it graciously or to die a horrible death in their own sins. All those pretences they think they have will not be able to stand against the fires that are coming upon this world. Only the humble acceptance of forgiveness, the beautiful, clean and wonderful gift of Love from us, will lead them through those wild fires without burns and blemishes. They will come out on the other side whole and without the smell of smoke, even though the devil tried to tell them that they would loose everything through it. That’s another lie to keep them from passing though the door of perfect humility. He is standing in front of that door like a big monster, but in the end he is only a small, fake lie, for as soon as you uncover, I cover with perfect white linen, truly washed and cleansed in my righteousness and I will hold your sins not against you. I remove sin and unrighteousness right away, as far as the east is from the west and will never speak about it anymore. This is a last warning. Be wise and be wise. Become a part of my wonderful, heavenly Kingdom of life and love by receiving my perfect forgiveness for everything unclean you ever did and thought of and I will stay by your side forever and ever and ever, because I truly love you. Jesus

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