Craig Lewis
2010 is here. Throughout the Internet and other forms of media, G. Craig Lewis is prominently showing his views. He calls himself a crusader against immorality with his blog (which he doesn't allow for comments on. I've witnessed his presentations on the Internet that are highly emotional and controversial. I don't agree with Lewis’ policy of not allowing people to respond in his blog since free speech is a paramount idea to embrace) and a pod cast. His allows comments to be placed in his pod cast though. I first heard of him from 2007 and people then warned me of his false doctrines from the jump. Today, new information make manifest of Lewis' errors regardless of how right he is on some issues. His Ex Ministries is based in Texas where G. Craig Lewis is from. Lewis sells his many videos on moral and musical topics. He is right on numerous subjects. These issues that he's correct on are that nihilistic music is wrong plus it promotes wickedness, Secret Societies exist in the world presently, abortion is wrong, some churches have gone apostate (or they have compromised in terms of dealing with biblical doctrines), STDs and AIDS are serious issues in our communities that should be addressed, etc. Some of these religious leaders compromising with the elite include Rick Warren, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and many others. Rick Warren is not only an Ecumenical leader, but a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He in July 4th, 2009 went into a meeting of 8,000 Muslims at the ISNA’s 46th annual convention in Washington, D.C. The ISNA stands for the Islamic Society of North America. Some accused the ISNA of being involved with promoting Wahhabi Islam. They were named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case in 2007. Hamza Yusuf [Hanson], publicly declared his own extremism at an ISNA convention. In 1991, he reportedly delivered a speech titled “Jihad is the Only Way” to the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), which is an arm of the radical organization Jamaat-i-Islami in

Pakistan. Warren has intentionally ignored the obvious. In 2006, Rick Warren went to Syria and met with Bashar Assad commending him for his pleasant treatment of Christians. That’s a lie since Christians are treated as 2nd class citizens in Syria. Warren supports Islam so much that he signed a document with 100 “Evangelical leaders” asking forgiveness from Muslims for the evil deeds done against them by “Christians.” I wouldn’t sign a thing since Christians have nothing to do with harming Muslims. Real Christians would never harm Muslims in an immoral way, only Papists or fake Christians (or those of other faiths) would enact that wickedness. Rick Warren told the ISNA

that: “You know as an evangelical pastor, my deepest faith is in Jesus

Christ,”“…But you also need to know that I am committed not just to what I call the good news, but I am committed to the common good.” Notice that Warren didn’t talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ explicitly in that
meeting as we are required to show as Christian. Rick Warren talked about loving your neighbor as yourself, which is true. He wants Christians and Muslims to unite for the common good, yet the NT forbids religious fellowship with unbelievers. Rick Warren is apart of the larger Emergent movement that deals with Ecumenicalism and with the Roman Catholic Church as well.

Ecumenicalism is even more real or apparent today. The Anglican Church have made steps to unite with the Roman Catholic Church spiritually and politically. Pope Benedict XVI admitted that the ultimate goal of Romanism is rule over the Protestants and Baptists in his version of "unity," which is a fake, unscriptural unity. He told the Vatican’s Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (formerly called the Office of the Inquisition) that the objective is to bring about the: “full and visible communion” of all Christians (“Pope Defends Invitation to Anglicans,” AP via Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jan. 15, 2010). This "full and visible communion" is of course the Pope as the head of the Papacy. Some people are

surprised by this, but this isn't unusual. Rome has never claimed to back down from its supposed claim of superiority and supremacy over people. The Second Vatican Council stated that, “…the sole Church of Christ ... subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him…” (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, chap. 1, 8, p. 329), and, “…it is through Christ’s Catholic Church alone ... that the fullness of the means of salvation can be obtained” (Decree on Ecumenism, chap. 1, 3, p. 415), and, “…the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ ... has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered…” (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, chap. 3, 22, p. 344). That’s silly by the Vatican since no where in the Scriptures outline the Pope being called Holy Father, the concept of a Pope, a wafer in communion, Mary being classified as an Ever virgin or the Queen of Heaven, Rosary, Purgatory, the Scapular, Ave Maria, Penance, the last rites, celibacy that’s mandatory onto all clergy, Papal infallibility, veneration of images & statues, and the list goes on an on. Let’s keep it real for a minute and realize that Romanism embraces a whole list of heresies. The Ecumenicals need to realize that the Roman Catholic Church don't want to have dialogue with you. They want to rule over you to control you religiously under their authority. The Masonic Southern Baptist church is trying to use the heresy of the Emergent approach (or use the Koran not the Bible) in order to convert Muslims. This is called the "camel method" (which sounds very racist against people who are Muslim or people of Arabic descent). Southern Baptist missionary Kevin Greeson likes this methods of de-emphasizing the church. Greeson claims that many thousands of Muslims are converting on the Arab Peninsula and in Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. It's useless to convert Muslims when you don't use the Bible when the Bible outlines proper way of evangelism instead of the emergent method. This method advocated by the Southern Baptist Church doesn't teach people and avoids church when the Bible calls believers to teach people about spiritual matters. The Bible even calls the church the pillar and ground of truth without de-emphasizing it. Rick Warren's PEACE Plan uses the phrase of "person of peace" (which Warren says that it could be a Muslim or a Christian) that Greeson uses. Warren's ecumenicalism isn't scriptural since we are commanded to preach the gospel, and the gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ “according to the Scriptures…” (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). The apostles didn’t try to sneak the gospel up on people by giving them the false impression that their false religions teach the truth. The apostles were up front with their beliefs and risk their lives to spread the Gospel without shame or intimidation. The Scripture is the quick and powerful Word of God that “works” regardless of whether someone accepts its authority. You don't do that by promoted half-hearted unchurched men of peace

tactics. The Southern Baptist Church leadership have strayed from the real path of non-compromise for a while now.

G. Craig Lewis is right to point that that KRS-One has taken the extreme position of wanting to make a religion out of Hip-Hop in his new book. KRS-One has bashed Christianity and other monotheist religions like Judaism and Islam as their time being up in his own words: "I’m suggesting that in 100 years, this book will be a new religion on the earth... I think I have the authority to approach God directly, I don’t have to go through any religion [or] train of thought. I can approach God directly myself and so I wrote a book called The Gospel of Hip Hop to free from all this nonsense garbage right now. I respect the Christianity, the Islam, the Judaism but their time is up. ...In a hundred years, everything that I’m saying to you will be common knowledge and people will be like, 'Why did he have to explain this? Wasn’t it obvious?'" (KRS-One’s interview with Allhiphop)

No, Christianity was here before KRS-One was born and it will continue when he's dead. I believe in worshipping God alone not making Hip Hop a religion at all. G. Craig Lewis has taken a stand against Hip Hop music including Holy Hip Hop. I call him the Alex Jones of so-called heresy exposers since like Alex Jones he's right on some points (which is utilized as an excuse to promote their own falsehoods). G. Craig Lewis is correct to expose apostates and deceptions like the agenda of Steve Harvey. Harvey claims that he’s a Christians, but constantly uses profanity on his radio shows, committed adultery (and tries to justify it), and mocks Christians as being borderline Christians (which is wrong of course). So, I’m not fooled by him. Steve Harvey claimed that he became a Christian by using his Third Eye. That is why in the near future, I will write about Steve Harvey in more detail. He wrote a book called “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment,” which fraudulent on its face. A man should think and act like a man not a lady. A woman should act and think like a woman. Lewis’ errors exist on many facets. G. Craig Lewis's DVDs rarely show the entirety of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It primarily presents his reasons why he is against Hip Hop culture. Churches pay him to speak at various congregations, which is not bad in it of itself. His 2 major mistakes are that he is a hardcore Pentecostal and sometimes he plays fast and loose with the facts among his myriad of presentations. For example, Lewis believes that the phrase Hip Hop means "booty shaking" when it doesn't. Hip Hop was created in the 1970's in New York City. DJ Kool Herc is largely credited as the “father of hip-hop” during the early 1970’s. Jamaican influences came and help create Hip Hop as well as experts would tell you. C. Craig Lewis falsely claimed that KRS-One

was a founder of Hip Hop when he wasn’t. Lewis claimed that he experienced a vision wherefore he thought that God appeared to him (in the form of a Light) in his bedroom one night to inspire him to warn people against the evils of Hip Hop. That's strange. Lewis believes in New Testament Apostles being active today when the apostles died by ca. 100 A.D. He pronounces people as a homosexual sometimes without objective or conclusive evidence on many occasions. G Craig Lewis dismisses anyone rejecting Pentecostalism (which embraces demonology, spiritual experiences, and emotionalism). One of the fathers of the Pentecostal Movement was a known Ku Klux Klan man. That would be the Rev. Charles Parham. Parham has a sloppy understanding of Dispensatationism. Lewis claims that a pierced ear is related to demon worship or demonic spirits when a pierced ear have many meanings. In the G Craig’s video, “Behind Hip Hop” he plays a clip from Underground DJ Danger Mouse's Gray Album, where DJ Danger Mouse mixed a acapella version of Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles' The White Album. If you play the track Interlude normally it makes no sense; however, when played backwards G. Craig Lewis accused the song of including the lyrics of: "666..., Murder, Murder, Jesus." The track was made to be played backwards, and DJ Danger Mouse simply samples Jay-Z's voice and edits it to make him say what he wants. This was an edited work. So, The Jay-z snippet played backwards has already been completely debunked as being a DJ remix by DJ Danger Mouse with words jumbled and reassembled taken from the original song "Lucifer" from the 2004 Black Album. The album from DJ Danger Mouse is not made or endorsed by Jay-Z, yet Lewis does not make this clear. I don't even agree with Jay Z's agenda though (of Jay saying that he's Jay Hova, of believing in karma, of denying the existence of Hell, and using anti-religious lyrics. Jay Z aligns with the globalist United Nations) and I know this information. G. Craig Lewis bashes Africa constantly by saying "can't nobody conjure up Satan like them Africans." That's a disgrace since the paganism in some parts of Africa is obviously wrong. Yet, that doesn't mean that no God-fearers live in Africa. Many God fearing, born again human beings do reside in Africa from thousands of years ago into today in 2010. I will never say ignorant nonsense about our African brothers and sisters at all. G. Craig Lewis falsely called Jill Scott a 5 Percenter when she is not.

It’s easy to prove that Freemasonry is influence by the occult, Gnosticism, the Kabbalah, and the Mysteries. They have infiltrated apostate religions plus apostate churches as well like the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC. G. Craig Lewis is correct to expose these things. He is incorrect to use inconclusive accusations about people.

Here's another story about his errors. Pastor Hatchett was an ex-GLO member

and an ex-Freemason. Now, he is preaching the Gospel and have inspired people leave occult inspired GLOs and the order of Freemasonry. The reasons are that GLOs or Greek Lettered Organizations typically have swearing of oaths, some haze, and many of them praise false gods (like Minerva, etc.) as role models or inspiration figures. Many ex-GLO members would admit to this. An idol or a false god ought to be never be permitted as a role model. The prophets, real religious champions, and of course God Himself should be our role models. According to Hatchett, Omegas teach the Universal Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God, which is a Masonic doctrine. Freemasons admits that fraternities and sororities are cousins to the GLOs. Michael Hoggard have created some videos about secret orders. His research found that Freemasons pervert the things of God and manipulate it into a Mystery Religion-orientated focus. Freemasonry promotes secrecy when God says shout the truth from the roof tops. The kundalini according to Hoggard is the heretical view as found in Hinduism (& New Age cirlces) that there is a spiritual serpent in our spine. Therefore, if man is using rituals, people can use energy to go up the spine to awaken someone's "Third eye." The serpent is coiled. The serpent is definitely related to that old Serpent of Satan. Therefore, God's plan in simple and it doesn't involve the kundalini. That plan from real spirituality is about openness, rejecting the occult, and embracing of Truth. While, occultism is complex, prevents the common man from knowing the truth (since the occult means secret. Secrecy is forbidden by the book Matthew), and it's filled with compromise. The Masonic Lodge outlines the Masonic secret of Freemasonry according to Mike Hoggard. Freemasons show some of their secrets out in the open because most people don't understand what these secrets are all about. Mike said that one of those secrets is found in the New Atlantis book created by Sir Francis Bacon. In Masonic myth, Hiram Abiff was a constructor of Solomon's Temple. He died since he refusef to give out the Masonic word to some criminals. In the Bible, Hiram was criticized as a corrupt King of Tyre. Albert Pike wrote in his Morals and Dogma book that: "The Grand Arcanum...that secret whose revelation would overturn Earth and Heaven..." Pike continues in the Morals and Dogma book that: "...It is for each individual Mason to discover the secret of Masonry, by reflection upon its symbols and a wise consideration and analysis of what is said and done in the work. Masonry does not inculcate her truths. She states them, once and briefly; or hints them, perhaps darkly, or interposes a cloud, between them and eyes that would be dazzled by them. Seek and ye shall find, knowledge and the truth." According to Mike Hoggard, Pike associates this Great Secret with the discovery of the Alchemists Philosopher's Stone. One secret of Freemason is the manipulation of concepts from the Bible and the Mysteries into apart of their rituals (as a means to get converts to join their group). Another secret is the embrace of the concept of the Father (or false god) merging with the Mother (or the false goddess in occult tradition) to created the Child (or the Perfected Man. Bible Believing Christian classify this man as the Antichrist since he follow an unbiblical pattern and he is awaited leader/Teacher of the New Age Movement). Many co-Masons like Robert Heronimus believe that spiritual

energies are found in Sirius and other star patterns (That influenced the construction of Washington, D.C.). So, the unbiblical view of spiritualism is a key function of these Secret Societies and New Agers.

According to Albert Pike, 3 is a number means Earth and 4 means the Heavens. Pike writes in his Morals and Dogma book that: "...Seven is the sacred number in all theogonies and all symbols, because it is composed of 3 and 4. It represents the magical power in its full force. It is the Spirit assisted by all the Elementary Powers, the Soul served by Nature, the Holy Empire spoken of in the clavicules of Solomon, symbolized by a warrior, crowned, bearing a triangle...and standing on a cube, to which are harnessed two Sphinxes, one white and the other black, pulling contrary ways, and turning the head to look backward..." Freemasonry tried to merge religion as this quote (from Freemason J.D. Buck) shows: "It has been found that every act in the drama of the life of Jesus, and every quality assigned to Christ, is to be found in the life of Krishna" -J.D. Buck. Mystic Masonry, pp. 119,138 *Freemasons have always wanted world wide influence to control society. The official organ of the Scottish Rite The New Age in Sept. 1921 put out an article "Freemasonry as a World Power". In this article they state by the pen of a 32° Mason, "Freemasonry may be a 'World Power,' but all the power in the world is of little use to the man who will not use it. The mightiest of levers may be in the strongest of hands; but if it lie there to no conscious purpose, nothing is ever moved." After calling on its Masonic readership to use the power of Freemasonry, they conclude, "Then 'Freemasonry as a

World Power' will stand revealed as unconquered and unconquerable." (New Age Magazine, official organ of the Supreme Council of 33° A & A Scottish Rite, Sept. 1921, Washington, D.C.,p.389. See photocopy of this page in the scouting report, chapter 1.1.). Fritz Springmeier in his "Be Wise as Serpents" exposes more witchcraft ties to Freemasonry:

"...Masonic references to witchcraft abound. In Pike's Morals and Dogma page 733 he refers to the Kabalah (which he calls philosophy but could best be called magic). In the next two paragraphs he talks glowingly of "the powers of the human will." That is what witchcraft is all about. 33° Mason C. W. Leadbeater in his book The Hidden Life in Freemasonry refers to the Senior Deacon in Masonic rituals as taking on the role of Lucifer. "The S.D. is the Lucifer, who bears the light to his fellow-men." (p. 125 plus others). And his pages 311-12 refer to gigantic "Angels" taking over 33° Masons. These are just off hand samples of many similar Masonic references. If one really understands the occult/Luciferian/witchcraft nature of Freemasonry (since Masonry say so mote it be, have a sharp object hitting a person's chest in a ritual, have death oaths, praise the Kabbalah, accept the concept of Generation, and accepts Universalism just like Witchcraft), then it becomes clear why the power of the Lodge promotes the revival of the Mystery Religions. In contrast with Christ, the Masonic Lodge tries to keep its power to an exclusive clique. According to ex-High Satanic Priestess Brown, "Demons have no loyalties. They will always go to the stronger person. Satan's entire kingdom runs on the principle of competition; just the opposite of God's kingdom where everyone serves each other."—He Came To Set The Captives Free, p.48...."

Freemasons, the OTO, and other occult Secret Societies love the Kabbala. The Kabbala is Jewish mysticism with 10 sepitoroh called the Tree of Life. Kabbalists want to go into the 10 paths and 22 pathways can go into transformation into a higher being. Freemasonry believes that going into degrees of their Lodge can make you turn into a higher being. Even Mormonism teaches that man can be transformed into being a god. Freemasonry claims to have the Light, but only the Lord Jesus Christ has the true Light of the World. The Vatican/Jesuit connection to world events are readily being known. There is the Breakspaer Family, which isn't talked about much unlike the Rothschilds (who are found to have been members of the Queen's Knighthoods apparently). Pope Hadrian IV's read name was Nicholas Breakspear. Adrian IV is the only Englishman who has occupied the papal chair. Mark Breakspear recently worked on the Da Vinci Code movie. The Breakspear family is an old occult family spanning over 500 years. They are one of the most unknown elite bloodlines in the world. The Breakspears infiltrated the British

society. Also, even William Shakespeare is related to the Breakspears. There is the Breakspear Medical Group Ltd. existing now with a caduceus and a globe as its logo. There is another Masonic/Vatican connection found by Troy and others. The headquarters of the Jesuits and the Scottish Rite Supreme Council 33° of the Gran Loggia d’Italia (or the GLDI) are in the same place. That place is at the Piazza del Gesu. The GLDI is recognized by the Scottish Rite’s US Southern Jurisdiction (”Mother of the World”) Supreme Council 33° in Washington, DC. The Grande Oriente Italiano obedience (founded 1975, not to be confused with the Grande Oriente d’Italia) is also to be found at Piazza del Gesù. If these Masonic groups had no links with the Jesuits, why would they're headquarters be located in the same place? The truth is that the Jesuits had connections with Freemasonry for centuries. Even their leaders worked together in wars and other endeavors like Jesuit Edmund Walsh and high level Freemason Douglas MacArthur. An Italian Paulist priest Rosario Francesco Esposito even recently joined the Masonic Lodge in the Piazza del Gesu (in Rome). This was reported by the CWN (or the Catholic World News) in February 19, 2007. Therefore, let's expose all evil groups. Let's not cover up Freemasonry or especially the Jesuits (as many in the "alternative media" are trying to do).

Many Pentecostal people readily expose GLOs, yet some of their doctrines have errors in them. Some of them believe that the same miracles and authority of the apostles in the first century exist presently. The reality is that these things don't exist today since the apostles have long been deceased. Many Pentecostals aren't monolithic since some love Jesus Christ and reject the Laughing Revival Movement like Dr. Joseph Chambers of Charlotte, North Carolina. Many originators of the Pentecostal movement like John Alexander Dowie believed that faith healing is promised in the atonement (without medical treatment in some cases). Ecumenical Kathryn Kuhlman taught that healing was promised by the atonement of Jesus Christ. That's false since atonement doesn't promise faith healing at all. Though the Bible does teach us to pray for the sick, there is NO GUARANTEE that everyone will be healed. These heretics that teach that Jesus died on the cross to guarantee us physical healing are wrong. Sickness and death are the results of sin. We cannot escape sickness and death. Though God does sometimes heal the sick in answer to prayer, it is inevitable that sickness and death will eventually come knocking at our door to stay. As for speaking in tongues, the Bible does not teach tongues is the evidence for salvation, but one of the many evidences of someone possessing the Holy Spirit. Kurt Koch was a renowned evangelical researcher into the occult. In his book Occult ABC he describes his research into Kathryn Kuhlman's healing ministry. He found no clear healing by Kuhlman's organization. Kuhlman committed adultery with the married evangelist Burroughs Waltrip. This is extremely wrong of course. Dowie was

accused of sexual irregularities and was declared bankrupt. Pentecostal originator William Branham was another heretic. He denied the Trinity (saying that it was of the devil) and taught the false view that Satan said sex with Eve to form Cain. He viewed that the Mark of the Beast was denominationalism and denied the eternality of hell. William was a false prophet by saying that the end of the world would occur by 1977. He did a healing ministry as well claiming to resurrect a dead fish. There are other examples of some Pentecostal ministers making false claims and false prophecies. Today, people in this movement like G. Craig Lewis, who is a Pentecostal person himself, are mixing truth (exposing GLOs, evils in popular culture, evils in Secret Societies, exposing abortion) with error (sometimes using rumor in criticizing people, believing that you must speak in tongues as a sign of you being saved, etc.). The United Pentecostal Churches believe that you must have water baptism is necessary for salvation in order to get one's sins forgiven, and that one must speak in tongues in order to be saved (which they claim is evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit). The Scriptures in the Bible don’t teach this bondage. It teaches that man is saved by God’s grace. The Christian researcher Ed Tarkowski found the similarity between some actions by some Pentecostals (like Rodney Howard-Browne) and the Hindu Kundalini serpent actions by gurus. Both Hindu gurus and Pentecostals use the slain in the spirit, uncontrollable laughter, physical jerks, animal sounds, new revelations, repetitive singing and chanting, anti-intellectualism, having trances, claiming to possess mind reading, etc. None of these actions are found in the Bible at all among Believers in the 21st century to do.

Lewis is known to saying derogatory names for people, which the Bible says we should use no filthy communication out of our mouths: “…But now ye also put

off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth…” (Colossians 3:8). Pastor Hatchett simply asked G. Craig Lewis to
give more concrete evidence about TD Jakes being involved in a certain sexual orientation (which was said by "Apostle" Youngblood). Lewis and his crew didn't provide extra evidence (yet, G. Craig Lewis & his allies responded in saying derogatory language against homosexuals plus others). Also, they used ad hominem attacks against Hatchet. Craig stated that GMA (Gospel Music Association) stands for “Gay Men With AIDS”" in a December broadcast of his EXCast. That isn't true. You can disagree with homosexuality as Christians and this is apart of the First Amendment, but it's evil to use derogatory language (like Craig using the “F” in describing people who are gay) in harming a person personally regardless of what sexual orientation they are. We’re human beings here and all humans ought to be treated with respect and given basic human rights (like religious liberty, the right of free speech, the right to be secured in their persons without restrictions, the right to petition the government, the freedom to be protected by the Bill of Rights & Constitution, etc.) regardless of their background. The Bible does call homosexuality a sin though, so I want to make that clear. There’s no question about it. Inflammatory language (as G. Craig Lewis loves to do by saying the obscene, stereotypical words of "You have a Flaming homosexual leading the praise team, flinging AIDS on everybody, and can’t nobody say nothing....” The truth is that AIDS is not a disease that only homosexuals have or receive. AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that can affect anyone under certain circumstances. G. Craig Lewis made that false statement that: "...40% of the African Americans in a high school were HIV positive..." That obviously isn't true) is never a key way in getting your point across in a real way. Name calling is really a sin and it's despicable in my eyes.

Therefore, Hatchett rightfully rejected that claim about TD Jakes (but realized about Jakes' biblical errors). Even people who emailed G. Craig Lewis in desiring a cordial debate or dialogue are told to "get a life." Regardless of what Lewis says, miracles exist all of the time in the world, but we aren't saved by them. We 're saved by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ with his grace. It’s fine to expose apostates, but this isn’t our total job. Our real job is to save souls and build people up. It would be better to inspire sinners to wake up, not just expose sinners’ frails. The good news is that people like G. Craig Lewis can wake up and correct his errors.

Many folks are talking about the preacher James Manning from Atlah Ministries. James Manning is a very controversial man. His Atlah Ministries is based in Harlem, New York. Is he real or fake? I really took the time to think about this question. Here's my take on him. Manning is similar to Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity’s role is to mislead well meaning conservatives to ignore real issues going on in the world as well to embrace the unconstitutional neo-conservative agenda (that includes evil racial & religious profiling of Muslims without due process, wars of aggression, the scapegoating and stereotyping of the poor, policies that attack our fundamental civil liberties, and invasive DNA unzipping highly dangerous X-Ray scanners in airports nationwide), which furthers the Left/Right Paradigm. Both are Ecumenical and both criticize Barack Obama on many legitimate points like his radical abortion agenda, the radicalism of Obama's Czars, and his other policies. Yet, Manning like Hannity won't cross that line and expose the bigger picture. The bigger picture is Barack Obama is a puppet of the establishment (i.e. He was funded by Wall Street corporations during his Presidential campaign, he supports both banker takeover bailouts, and he has many Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, & lobbyists in his own cabinet) in order to con people to accept imperialism in a slick fashion. It's giving the new world

order or imperialism a slick "face lift" (or “left wing cover”) when the policies of the war on terror, rendition, the Patriot Act, no fly lists given unto innocent citizens even, and other evil policies will continue forward just like in the previous administration. Also, Manning used silly, racially charged rhetoric against his own people to stir up support among the neo cons, but a lot of his statements are false. Numerous neo-cons love it when black people or minority citizens in general are demeaned and stereotyped in a sick way. It is immoral to demonize your fellow man in other to make yourself look “good” when no human is truly perfectly good in God’s eyes: “…As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one…” (Romans 3:10-13). Regardless of what Manning says, Barack Obama isn't a pimp and Obama didn't support a commercial with a woman (named Amber Lee Ettinger) loving Obama in a lustful manner. Barack Obama's mother wasn't white trash despite Manning calling her that. I wonder if Manning would be happy if someone disrespected his mother in an evil way by calling her trash? Of course, he will not. Only a coward would disrespect a man's mother (and Manning claims to be a preacher) as an excuse to disagree with the man. If you want to disagree with a man, then do that. You don’t have to slander a man’s mother in the process. Manning's legitimate criticism about Barack Obama are overshadowed by his unfair ad-hominem attacks against Obama & others. Also, James Manning omits how many in the black community have made great contributions in their area (that is why he constantly uses negative connotations toward black Americans, because he wants to omit the strong, Godfearing heritage of tons of black people throughout history). There was the African American Bishop Daniel Payne of the AME Church. He went into Charleston, SC in April 1865 with nine missionaries. By the end of Reconstruction, AME congregations existed from Florida to Texas. Their missioners and preachers had brought more than 250,000 new adherents into the church. While it had a northern base, the church was heavily influenced by this growth in the South and incorporation of many members who had different practices and traditions. During the Civil Rights Movement, famous pastors include Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph David Abernathy, Bernard Lee, Fred Shuttlesworth, Wyatt Tee Walker, and C. T. Vivian.

Barack Obama is a puppet enacting a myriad of policies that I don’t subscribe to, but it’s bigger than Barack Obama. It’s time to expose the real players in the new world order not just one man. Although, Barack Obama’s errors ought to be exposed. Alex Jones had so-called “Pastor” Dr. Manning on his show. Alex Jones (who is pro-JBS, which is a group that’s Vatican-infiltrated) is something else. Manning is ironic to believe in some Papal doctrines. Dr. Manning has have quite a following on You tube. Manning is someone who needs to be prayed for to wake up.

“Pastor” James Manning also supports Bill Clinton when he was a pro-new world order puppet himself (James certainly didn't know that Bill Clinton supported NAFTA, was complicit in the Waco genocide, demonized real Patriots after the OKC bombing, lied under oath, was complicit in China gate, he passed the anti-civil liberty anti-Crime Bill & the Anti-Terrorism Bill, and Clinton vetoed the partial birth abortion ban. These wicked policies harmed America). Now, James Manning supports the unbiblical concept of purgatory. Purgatory is not in a word of the Scriptures, but it's found in various pagan religions. God's word is clear that humans after death face the Judgment of God not purgatory: "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." -Hebrews 9:27. "Corinthians 6:11 proclaims that: “…And such were some of you: but ye are WASHED, but ye are SANCTIFIED, but ye are JUSTIFIED in the name of the Lord Jesus..." Conclusively, the Holy Scriptures outline that: “…"We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord." -2 Corinthians 5. So, James Manning is support the paganism of purgatory. Also, James Manning is known to have Catholic clothing and Catholic symbolism. He agrees with the pagan holiday of Christmas (which relates to the

Mass of Rome on December 25 every year). James Manning attended Union Theological and was taught by Cornell West and James Forbes among others. He holds both in esteem (according to Tom Freiss). James Forbes succeeded a Bonesman named Rev. William Sloane Coffin Jr. Collin was a liberal activist who opposed the Vietnam War, opposed the Iraq war, wanted nuclear disarmament, and recently died in 2006. Sloane Coffine was of course a CIA agent. He worked as a case officer in 1950 (his brother-in-law Frank Lindsay had been head of the OSS's Office of Policy Coordination which was one of the predecessors of the CIA.

The image above is real. Homeland Security and FEMA are trying to brainwash pastors to support the government unconditionally during times of an emergency (even if a government policy could be immoral like gun grabbing, forcing people into camps, and violating people’s individual liberties). The left establishment (not real liberals) is at it again trying to demonize people with whom they disagree with. The deal is that Chris Matthews (a Democrat operative and former Carter speechwriter), and SPLC fear mongering director Mark Potok ganged up on Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers the other day on MSNBC. Matthews is a liar and tried to compare Rhodes as gun nut and a "right wing extremist." He called Oath Keepers as a vigilante group. He tried to connect the organization to the birthers and the shooting in the Holocaust museum in D.C. by an old, deranged white supremacist. Matthew's tactic of demonize a guest in an attempt to discredit a person is old. Matthews was a former police officer, so he knows about the tactics of a bullying cop interrogator. He slandered Rhodes and the Oath Keepers as stockpiling weapons

to be used in attacking the federal government in a plot. Rhodes emphatically stated that the Oath Keepers are not organizing people to engage in armed rebellion against the government. Oath Keepers are asking police officers and military personnel to disobey orders that violate the Constitution. Matthews deny that FEMA had camps or foreign troops are in American soil. In July, the FEMA website admitted the presence of foreign troops inside the country when it posted a factsheet about National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09). The NLE 09 exercise focused “on terrorism prevention and protection, as opposed to incident response and recovery” and included the participation of troops from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Even Mexican troops were used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina giving aid to victims. In January of 2009, HR 645 was introduced in the House. The bill would authorize the Department of Homeland Security to set up a network camp facilities located on military bases to be used to intern U.S. citizens in the event of a national emergency. “Beginning in 1999, the government has entered into a series of single-bid contracts with Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) to build detention camps at undisclosed locations within the United States. The government has also contracted with several companies to build thousands of railcars, some reportedly equipped with shackles, ostensibly to transport detainees,” write Dan Hamburg, a former Democratic Party Congressman and Green Party Gubernatorial candidate from California, and Lewis Seiler for The San Francisco Chronicle. Operation Endgame is a real government plan where KBR camps are used to removal "aliens" and "potential terrorists." More recently, the Military Commissions Act was passed by Congress. It permits the government to imprison indefinitely individuals the president deems “enemy combatants.” It also denies non-military tribunal judicial review of detainment. Readiness Exercise 1984 is even an emergency program where people are detained.

The DHS, and the SPLC sent millions of dollars to create Fusion Centers (to spy on people. One Fusion center created the Missouri report that slander third party candidates as equated to pro-terrorist people). The SPLC also train people on hate crimes as well. Potok from the SPLC tries to equate any exposure of these facts as "conspiracy theories" and equivalent to the view of white supremacist racists. That's a lie. Matthews didn't allow Stewart Thodes time to speak. MSNBC is owned by corporate war mongering machine GE. MSNBC promotes propaganda like FOX in the left side of the left/right paradigm. Matthews is an operative that slanders anyone who disagrees with the policies of a corrupt government. Frank Schaeffer is a person who wants legalized abortion like a proabortion extremist (while wanting to get rid of Roe and supporting Barack Obama which is an oxymoron) that he is. Schaeffer then urges the FBI to investigate evangelical groups and their leaders and to infiltrate certain pro-life groups like Operation Rescue. This is

certainly against the freedom of speech (and the Fourth Amendment) if the FBI does these actions. Historically, thugs from the Pentagon, the FBI and the CIA monitored peaceful anti-war groups, etc. for decades. See, this is what extremists like Schaeffer really want (he stopped short of wanting Evangelical Christians and conservatives to be shipped off to concentration camps. He's a hypocrite by claiming to disagree with hate, yet he's showing real hate toward conservative Christians that disagree with him). The extremists want to persecute Christians to be intimidated and afraid to speak our minds. Sorry, I will speak my mind strongly and without fear. Bible prophecy outlines persecution of the saints. Revelation 6:9-12 speaks of Christians martyred during the Tribulation Period, after the Tribulation has begun. The federal government have documents now claiming that certain people (who believe in end time prophecies, are pro-2nd Amendment, are pro-life, are against the new world order, etc. via the Mediggo Report) are extremists and terrorists. I don't agree with that slander at all. Christians are not domestic terrorists, but some people in the government are real domestic terrorists though. Regardless of Schaeffer's lies, the pro-life movement peacefully protest in thousands of cities and locations in America. Every day throughout the country, hundreds of pro-life activists pray, picket and demonstrate in front of abortion mills. Frank Schaeffer insults the memory of the thousands of pro-lifers who are here and passed on fighting for the truth. He should apologize (to his parents' memories as well) to those who have without concern for self given up their time, talent and treasure to support pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and pro-life groups that have educated young people about the respect one should have for the lives for all people.

I’ve thought I never seen the day when cops start walking in the streets on America everyday with highly powerful militarized weapons.

Even people like Laurence Vance (who is right on many issues) need to realize that many Christians know the truth and the majority of real Christians don't follow militarism at all. I don't agree with Vance's stereotyping of conservative Christians. Honestly, tons of conservative Christians opposed the Iraq War from the beginning and are independently minded. Vance needs to realize that reality completely. I will never align with Homeland Security at all and neither should pastors. Homeland Security is one of the leading advocates of the continuity of government (or the institution of a shadow government) and the militarization of our country. James Manning is a controlled opposition to have constant agitation, but never proposes real solutions or expose the bigger picture in our world. Real solutions are promoting a liberty based culture in our society, end the war on terror, end the Federal Reserve (to allow Congress control our money supply as written in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution), learn real history without bigoted stereotypes about people, and go out and help people of all backgrounds. In other words, we should help improve our world. All of these years living in the world certainly give me insight in the uniqueness of people, being glad to be alive, and appreciation of all human beings. I’ve got to be better morally than I am now in fulfilling the destiny in my life. We shouldn’t fear anything, but God alone.

By Timothy

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