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All JOY products and services are sold subject to Joy’s standard terms and conditions of sale, including its limited warranty. These will be furnished upon request. The company reserves the right to alter or improve the design or construction of its machinery as described herein and to furnish it, when so altered, without reference to the illustration or descriptions in this bulletin. Bulletin No. HS06-1M-0205-R1 ©2004 Joy Mining Machinery

Haulage Systems

Joy is a leader in the development
of innovative mining technology and equipment designed to enable our customers to consistently produce at the lowest cost per ton over the life cycle of the equipment.

Complete Haulage Systems
Joy offers a complete range of haulage products to suit the needs of various mining operations worldwide. Joy is globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of haulage systems. Joy provides its customers with a single, accountable source for shuttle cars and flexible conveyor trains.

Joy’s new OPTIDRIVE is now available on JOY haulage products. The variable frequency AC drive system optimizes machine controls, motors and mechanics on all JOY haulage systems.

modern, high production mining system and provides the integrated approach necessary for the productivity gains required for success in underground mining. Historically, each part of a mining system has been designed and manufactured by different suppliers. Working independently, these companies improved the availability of individual elements to the mid-to-upper 90% level. Manufacturers optimized the performance of their products with limited


oy manufactures all the elements of a

A Joy Global Inc. Company


concern of the effect that these isolated improvements might have on the

Realize lowest cost per ton in haulage system applications.

total system. The approach led to mismatched systems that did not always provide the industry with the best solutions. Several benefits to mining companies are provided with the design and supply of all the major elements of the system under single engineering and manufacturing control. Producers that choose JOY Integrated Mining Systems obtain all of these benefits leading to the lowest cost per ton in mining system applications. Joy is globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of haulage systems providing customers with a single accountable source for shuttle cars and flexible conveyor trains (FCT). The role of haulage equipment is to efficiently remove the cut material from the working face in such a manner so as to enhance the performance of the continuous miner and maximize the productivity of the overall section. Joy fully understands this role and proactively works with the mining industry to provide comprehensive “system” solutions to suit individual application needs.

Shuttle Cars
ince the introduction of our first shuttle car in 1938, JOY shuttle cars continue to be the main stay of the industry for batch haulage vehicles. Their unsurpassed reliability, low operating cost and sustained high levels of productivity are unmatched. Through the extensive use of sophisticated computer-aided design systems, shuttle cars continue to develop, evolve and improve. • New suspension and radio remote control systems have been specifically developed to meet the changing industry needs. • Individual key components, such as axles and spooling devices, are being systematically improved internally in ways that can not be replicated by secondary rebuilders. • The 21SC and 10SC wheel units have been improved to increase strength and load bearing capability. Individual components including gears, shafts and planet carriers have been optimized using the latest available technology in engineering design tools.

Key Standard & Optional Features
JOY shuttle cars are equipped with many standard features such as wet brakes, long life 4.1 inch (104mm) pitch conveyor chain, cam spooling devices, metallic face seals in the wheel units, grease take-up, recessed and flanged sheave wheels, fiberglass ventilated cable reel flanges, abrasion resistant conveyor deckplate, vacuum contactors, bolted sideboards, modulating valve brake control, a cast pivot axle and segmented hoses. JOY shuttle cars can further be equipped with optional features such as service jacks, foam filled tires, electrical power take-off, hourmeter, various sideboard arrangements, built up loading end and wheel covers. A four wheel independent suspension system having eight elastomeric struts is available on select shuttle car models. Radio remote control for extended cutting depths is also available.

Joy’s new OPTIDRIVE - an AC Variable Frequency Drive system - integrates electrical, software,

electronic and mechanical systems, providing every JOY shuttle car a wealth of valuable features: • More Production The vehicle tram speed is now at the statutory limit of 6 mph (2.7 m/sec) which means more trips per shift. The drive also significantly increases the tractive effort available, which improves the ability to climb gradients and drive through bad bottoms. • Regenerative Braking Continuous regenerative braking allows the mechanical brakes to run cooler and provides the ability for the car to hold speed when descending gradients. • Less Maintenance and Inventory AC traction motors mean less motor maintenance because there are no brushes to inspect and replace. The new OPTIDRIVE will require less control maintenance because no soft-start units are necessary. Common OPTIDRIVE components among JOY shuttle cars, miners, shearers and flexible conveyor trains allow less inventory required to support your fleet. • Better Maneuverability and Control The active left-right load sharing results in better turning and more clearance between the car and ribs while turning. The infinitely variable tram pedal provides better operator control and less operator fatigue.

Flexible Conveyor Train The next improvement in continuous haulage
he JOY Flexible Conveyor Train (FCT) enhances the capability of the continuous miner by becoming an integral part of a matched system. In order to get the most from today's high production continuous miners, a continuous haulage system must be just that... truly continuous. The 4FCT model simultaneously conveys material and trams to follow the continuous miner's every move, while providing a continuous flow of material to the panel belt. While decreasing the downtime associated with maintenance and repairs, the 4FCT offers a one-person operation, radio remote control, and a variety of features and options to maximize the productivity of the mine.


The 4FCT design has proven to have high reliability. The redesigned traction and belt systems have minimized parts usage and maintenance. New improved machine diagnostics and maintenance features have been combined to augment the ease of operation.

The 4FCT conveys and trams simultaneously utilizing OPTIDRIVE technology to provide real value in belt and traction system operation. The redesigned lumpbreaker front end provides improved availability and maneuverability, and manages surges to enhance flow and belt loading characteristics. The latest belt drive design improves the belt startup, decreasing the stresses in the belt. The new traction system design is completely modular having a significant reduction in parts and drives. The JNA system allows the traction and belt speeds to be changed easily to match the continuous miner and the mining cycle.

Haulage Capacity
The 42" (1.07 m) wide belt provides flow rates up to 27 tons/minute (24.5 tonnes/minute) in coal and 40 tons/minute (36.3 tonnes/min) in salt, trona, gypsum and potash. Loading interfaces from the receiving hopper to the 4FCT and then to the panel belt have been designed to minimize carry back while closely matching material velocities.

A Joy Global Inc. Company



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