Step1: Creation of Striped METALUN Create a command file for metalun Sun1# vi meta_stripe form meta from dev 0004, config = striped, stripe_size = 1920; add dev 0005:0006 to meta 0004; wq! Run the configuration file. , Sun1# symconfigure – sid 277 – v –f meta_stripe commit – nop Update the symapi_db.bin Sun1# symcfg discover List the meta devices Sun1# symdev list –meta Imp Notes: Meta devices are identified by its Meta head, in our example the Meta head is 0004 for striped metalun. And the device that should be mapped is 0004




Map the meta lun a. Verify the available ports Sun1# symcfg – sid 277 list – connections b. Now check the available addresses Sun1# symcfg – sid 277 list – available – addresses – dir 1c – p 0 c. The available addresses will be shown as follows: For example Devices Status LUN Available 0011 Imp Notes: From the above example we decipher 0004 as an available address for mapping d. Create a command file Sun1# vi map_dev Map dev 0004 to dir 1c:0, LUN = 0011; wq! e. Run the configuration Sun1# symconfigure – sid 277 –v –f map_dev commit –nop

f. Update the symapi_db.bin
Sun1# symcfg discover

g. Configure the controller i. Check the controller Sun1# cfgadm –al ii. In our example controller is c3 Configure the controller Sun1# cfgadm –c configure c3

h. Update symapi_db.bin
Sun1# symcfg discover Imp Notes: Metalun has been mapped and it is identified by its head 0004 now assign metalun to the host and mount it. Step2: Mask the metalun Assign meta-device to the host Sun1# symmask –sid 277 add dev 0004 –awn sun1/port0 –p 0 –dir 1c Sun1# symmask –sid 277 add dev 0004 –awn sun1/port0 –p 0 –dir 2c Sun1# symmask –sid 277 add dev 0004 –awn sun1/port0 –p 0 –dir 15c Sun1# symmask –sid 277 add dev 0004 –awn sun1/port0 –p 0 –dir 16c 1. Refresh database Sun1# symmask refresh

2. Update the symapi_db.bin
Sun1# symcfg discover 3. Verify metalun in the VCM database Sun1# symmaskdb list database 4. Configure the controller Sun1# vxdmpadm list ctlr Check the status of the controller if disabled enable it. Sun1# vxdmpadm enable ctlr c3 5. Find the device and label it a. Format b. Label c. Quit d. Imp Notes: Identify the device and enter the device no. and label it. 6. Scan for the disk Sun1# vxdisk scandisks 7. List the disks Sun1# vxdisk list 8. Initialize the disk, in our example the enclosure name given to our device is emc_01. Sun1# vxdisk setup –i emc_01

9. Now create Volume Manager Disk (vmdisk) by creating disk group. Sun1# vxdg init sun1dg disk1 = emc_01 10. Create a volume on meta devices Sun1# vxassist –g sun1dg make vol01 100m 11. List the disk groups Sun1# vxdisk –o alldgs list 12. List the volume Sun1# vxprint –h 13. Create file system on the volume Sun1# newfs /dev/vx/rdsk/sun1dg/vol01 14. Create a mount point Sun1# mkdir /meta_stripe 15. Mount the volume Sun1# mount /dev/vx/dsk/sun1dg/vol01 /meta_stripe Sun1# cd /meta_stripe 16.Add the data Sun1# cp –r /etc/r* . 17.Verify the data Sun1# ls

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