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Revit Lookup (Formerly known as RvtMgdDbg)

Jim Awe Autodesk, In ! "#$%%$&""#

Revit Lookup is a program designed wit' several goals( %) &) ,) 0) )o provide a ompre'ensive test o* t'e Managed A+I o* Revit )o provide sample ode and utility lasses *or ,rd +arty developers )o provide -s a**olding. *or /ui k tests o* issues w'en t'ey arise )o aid my own learning e1perien e on t'e Revit A+I

2urrently, t'e *ollowing ommands e1ist (all a essed *rom t'e -31ternal )ools. menu)(

Hello World )'e lassi bare4bones test! Just brings up an Alert bo1 to s'ow t'at t'e onne tion to t'e e1ternal module is working!

Snoop DB

)'is ommand allows you to browse all o* t'e 3lements wit'in t'e urrent do ument and view t'eir e1posed properties! )'ere 'as to be ode written to e1tra t all t'e individual properties o* an ob5e t! As a result, w'en new lasses or met'ods are added to t'e system, t'ey will not be visible until ode is e1pli itly written to display t'em! 6e ause, t'e properties o* an ob5e t are obtained in a top4down manner, all ob5e t types will at least be able to display ommon base lass properties, even w'en newly added! 7'en an item in t'e data list appears in bold type*a e, it means t'at t'ere is -Drill down. in*ormation! 2li k on t'at row and a nested Form (Dialog 6o1) will bring up more detailed in*ormation about t'at data item! For instan e, li king on any item t'at lists a +arameter8et will bring up a nested Form displaying t'e ontents o* t'e set! NOTE: when Drilling down, the Forms will stack on top of each other. Yo co ld keep drilling down a long wa! if !o aren"t pa!ing attention. #t is p to !o to make s re !o don"t get lost in all of the stacked p Forms. )'e DrillDown in*ormation on a 2lass 8eparator (t'e lig't blue lines), will allow you to view in*ormation about t'e given lass!

Also, in t'e le*t4'and pane, you an rig't4 li k on a parti ular ob5e t and get additional in*ormation!

2'oosing -6rowse 9sing Re*le tion:. will bring up a ;eneri +roperty;rid Form t'at uses !<3) Re*le tion to browse all t'e properties! =ere, t'ere is no ode written spe i*i ally in Revit Lookup to retrieve, *ormat, and display t'e properties!

NOTE: $eca se we ha%e no control o%er how items are displa!ed, read&onl! %al es appear in 're!, and edita(le %al es appear in $old. This form is not set p to correctl! handle edits, so making changes is completel! at !o r own risk. >ou an ontinue to browse generi ally using Re*le tion i* you rig't4 li k on one o* t'e items in t'e +roperty;rid! >ou get options to see eit'er t'e 2lass in*o or t'e ?b5e t in*o! Snoop Current Selection 8ame as t'e above ommand, e1 ept t'at it starts you o** 8nooping only t'e elements t'at were part o* t'e urrent sele tion set! Snoop Application 8ame as above, e1 ept t'at you start out at t'e Autodesk!Revit!Appli ation ob5e t w'i ' is originally passed to t'e ommand!

Test Framework )'is ommand pa kages a set o* individual tests into a single lo ation! As new tests are written, t'ey are plugged into t'is same Form wit'out t'e need to de*ine new e1ternal ommands and 'ook t'em up to t'e system! )'e bla k -2L8. nodes o* t'e tree represent w'i ' 2lass t'e tests on ern! )'e grey 'e k mark nodes represent an individual test! )o run a test, simply 'oose a 'e k mark node and press ?@! As o* now, t'ere are only a *ew tests, but more will be added over time!

Set Up )'e Revit A+I now o**ers t'e ability to register A+I appli ations via an !addin mani*est *ile! Mani*est *iles will be read automati ally by Revit w'en t'ey are pla es in one o* two lo ations on a userAs system( B In a non4user spe i*i lo ation in Cappli ation dataC o For 7indows D+ 4 2(EDo uments and 8ettingsEAll 9sersEAppli ation DataEAutodeskERevitEAddinsE&"%&E o For Fista$7indows G 4 2(E+rogramDataEAutodeskERevitEAddinsE&"%&E B In a user spe i*i lo ation in Cappli ation dataC o For 7indows D+ 4 2(EDo uments and 8ettingsEHuserIEAppli ation DataEAutodeskERevitEAddinsE&"%&E

o For Fista$7indows G 4 2(E9sersEHuserIEAppDataERoamingEAutodeskERevitEAddinsE&"%&E All *iles named !addin in t'ese lo ations will be read and pro essed by Revit during startup! )'e ontent o* RevitLookup!addin( <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16" standalone="no"?> <RevitAddIns> <AddIn !"e="A""lication"> <#ame>Revit$oo%u"<&#ame> <Assem'l!>Revit$oo%u".dll<&Assem'l!> <(lientId>6066()*6-+0,---1dd-A.A6-),/61(1,6.**<&(lientId> <*ull(lass#ame>Revit$oo%u".A""<&*ull(lass#ame> <&AddIn> <&RevitAddIns> Known Issues As o* t'is date, t'ere are a *ew known issues( %) Random e1 eptions w'en browsing Forms! )'ere is a strange work4around in some o* t'e Form onstru tors t'at seems to get around a lot o* t'e e1 eptions, but t'ere is still t'e o asional problem! 9sually, t'ey give t'e e1 eption message -?ver*low or under*low operation.! )'e e1 eptions are aug't and you will be returned to t'e editor window and an ontinue! &) )'e 8noop DML Form seems to be espe ially *laky! )'is was ported dire tly over *rom t'e Auto2AD version o* MgdDbg, so IJm not sure w'at t'e deal is yet be ause it seems mu ' more stable over t'ere! ,) )rying to get t'e Analyti al model o* walls i* t'ey arenJt a load4bearing wall auses an Assert! 8imply li k on -Ignore All. and it wonJt bot'er you anymore! 0) )rying to get t'e Room or analyti al model o* a FamilyInstan e asserts t'at t'e )opologyId is in orre t! 8imply li k on -Ignore All. and it wonJt bot'er you anymore!