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Chapter Practice Problems (E A S)
Single Option : 1. Arrange the following in increasing order of basic strength of the following compounds when dissolved in HBF4.
CH3 CH3 CH3 CH3 CH3 H3C CH3 (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) CH3 CH3


(a) II I! (c) III !


!I !I

(b) !I " III " I! " ! " II " I (b) I !I ! III II I!

Comprehension: #he molecular formula of compounds A$ B$ % & ' is % (H)*. B$ %$ ' are position isomers. B$ % & ' shows acidic nature and changes red litmus to blue and also gives violet colouration with Fe%l + solution. ,A- contains an activating group whereas B$ % & ' contains two activating groups. ,%- on o.idation with /0%r0*( gives a compound ,1- in which intra molecular h2drogen bonding is observed. ,A- cannot be o.idi3ed with /4n*4. 0.
+ 6 A6 + %l 0 Fe%l   → 5$

5 is
OCH 3 Cl






Cl Cl


HNO 3 (dil)
OCH 3 NO 2

H2SO 4 250C

Y (major) ,

Y is



NO 2

Ranchi (Lalpur) :7th Floor, Hari Om Towers, (Opp. Women’s College, Arts Block , Circ!lar "oa#, "anchi, $h : %&'() *'&+(,7-,,-,.-.%. Ranchi (SOP, Doranda): /amri##hi Comple0, 1ro!n# Floor, 2ear /t. 3a4ier’s /chool, /o!th O55ice $ara 6oran#a, "anchi. $h: %&'()&'7('7& Corp. off. : FIITJEE Ho!se *.)A, 7al! /arai, /ar4apri8a 9ihar, 2ew 6elhi : (&. $h : ;&(%&%%%-(%-(+-(', Toll Free 2o. (,%%((;*;*. Fa0 : %(()*&'(+.;*, We<

2ear /t. Doranda): /amri##hi Comple0. %&'( is OCH 3 CH 2 OH (a) (b) OH CH3 OH (c) (d) CH3 More than One Option Correct: 7.2gen. =. 7al! /arai. (b) #he rate of attac: of carbene increases with the increase in the electron densit2 in the ring. Ranchi (SOP.. (c) #he reaction in this case is initiated b2 . base reaction. (d) none. Toll Free 2o. Hari Om Towers. $h: %&'()&'7('7& Corp. : FIITJEE Ho!se *. b' 8hich of the following statements are correct9 (a) #he attac: of carbene ta:es place at the %. 1ro!n# Floor. $h : .CH OH O 2N OCH 3 2 (c) CH3 (d) NO 2 4. (.5iit=ee.7-. Fa0 : %(()*&'(+. off.-.)A. (b) #he structure A contains an activating group due to ?@ effect (c) #he two %H+ groups in B leave the plane with respect to the ben3ene ring due to which onl2 slight increase in electron densit2 in the ring is observed. ' ' !O" # NaOH CaO $ OH . We<:www. $h : %&'() *'&+(. )) )O ) + CHCl 3 + (a-) alc)) *OH ('.*.c'ss) +.planations <ustifies the above statement9 (a) #he structure B contains a deactivating group due to >I effect in the ring. Arts Block . 3a4ier’s /chool.-.&(%&%%%-(%-(+-('. H3C N + N CH3 CH3 NCl/ Co01l's 2i%& N(CH3)2 H3C b0% (o% 2i%& (A) (B) 8hich of the following e. "anchi. (Opp. Women’s College.. /ar4apri8a 9ihar.atom ad<acent to o..%%((.*. 2ew 6elhi : (&.*. (d) All Ranchi (Lalpur) :7th Floor. + ma.%. /o!th O55ice $ara 6oran#a. "anchi. Circ!lar "oa#.

com .*.planation for statement I. A2nthesis > SO 3H (i) (iii) H2 N H 2N CH3 COOH Cl H2 N (ii) (i4) Br H2 N NO2 Br Ranchi (Lalpur) :7th Floor. /o!th O55ice $ara 6oran#a.CH 3 Assertion Reason Type: (a) Atatement I is true$ statement II is trueB statement II is a correct e.. Doranda): /amri##hi Comple0. (. Sub ecti!e type: D. 2ew 6elhi : (&. Circ!lar "oa#.&(%&%%%-(%-(+-('. $h: %&'()&'7('7& Corp. We<:www.-. Women’s College. 3a4ier’s /chool. Atatement > I CH3 CH3 $ the reagent used should be /4n*4 in basic medium. "anchi. (Opp.-. Hari Om Towers. : FIITJEE Ho!se *. off.%%((. 7al! /arai. Atatement IC + (i) H Br (ii) Br 2$3'Br3 H 2C OH Atatement IIC (i) H + Br (ii) Br2$3'Br3 H 2C OH ).5iit=ee. $h : %&'() *'&+(. Toll Free 2o.%H+ groups into >%**H group. Arts Block . $h : .*. Fa0 : %(()*&'(+.%. (.7-. "anchi. (c) Atatement I is true$ statement II is false (d) Atatement I is false$ statement II is true. 1ro!n# Floor.idi3ing agent li:e /4n* 4 if used directl2 converts both . Atatement > II C Atrong o.. /ar4apri8a 9ihar.*.planation for statement I. (b) Atatement I is true$ statement II is trueB statement II is NOT a correct e.)A. 2ear /t. Ranchi (SOP..

(. /o!th O55ice $ara 6oran#a. Women’s College.CH " 1E. Arts Block . "anchi. (Opp.. $%( C& $C& $+& $& $& Ranchi (Lalpur) :7th Floor. Five the structure of the ma<or products of the following reactions > OH CH2 CH (i) CH2 CH3 H5 O (ii) CH2 C O Br2 $ 3'Br3 (iii) NH O C O C Br2$3'Br 3 (i4) C Br2$3'Br3 Ans#er 1 2 3 " $%& $%& $C& $+& $%( C& ' ) * . 2ew 6elhi : (&.&(%&%%%-(%-(+-('.-.%%((. /ar4apri8a 9ihar.%. 1. Hari Om Towers.7-. Doranda): /amri##hi Comple0. off. $h : .com . : FIITJEE Ho!se *.*. 3a4ier’s /chool. $h : %&'() *'&+(.*. 7al! /arai. $h: %&'()&'7('7& Corp. Circ!lar "oa#. "anchi..)A. 1ro!n# Floor.*. We<:www. Toll Free 2o.5iit=ee. Fa0 : %(()*&'(+.-.. 2ear /t. Ranchi (SOP.