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Bribery is widely and shamelessly rampant in our country.

Television channels are owned by rich individuals and require support of government advertisements to fund them. There seems no period vacant from the evil in the history of the country. In the present era, the evil of bribery is more evidently present in the developing countries like Pakistan. However, bribery has appeared not from any void, but it takes its roots from the society concerned. Bribery is the result of redtapeism, meager salaries, lustful activities, materialistic inclinations, ever growing desires and finally lack contentment and lack of deep sense of religious injunctions. Bribery in Pakistan is widely spread especially in government and other lower level of police forces. Under the present circumstances the interest of both the bribe giver and bribe taker are the same. The Transparency International picked up 11 institutions and services, from health to education to tax authorities, for this year’s global barometer which is based on a worldwide public opinion survey on corruption. The second largest recipients of bribery in Pakistan are civil servants, followed by political parties, parliament/legislature, business and private sector, NGOs , judiciary , media, education system, military and religious bodies. Bribery and corruption can have detrimental effect on Pakistan’s economy. According to the world bank 0.5% of the GDP is lost through the corruption each year. The Anti-Corruption Establishment has registered 114 cases against government employees on the charge of receiving bribe during the last five months. The deputy-director labour (medical), Dr Iftikhar Sehar, was caught red-handed while allegedly taking bribe from the staff of a leading beverage factory for issuance of clearance certificate. Many people in Pakistan believe that much of the development and a significant portion of the operations’ allocations are lost due to bribery and other related illegal and unethical activities. The extreme poverty and lack of infrastructure and basic services in the rural areas of Sindh and Baluchistan are in part fuelled by bribery, influence peddling, extortion, and abuse of power. In police sector there is no FIR which is written without reference or without the bribe. In Pakistan no one is admitted on merit especially if we talk about jobs. No one can get a handsome job on his own abilities. The one who don’t have the potential to anything are selected for the job without merit on the basis of bribe and after they get selected they do corruption in the company’s department for whole of their life.