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1. Which of the following will improve the mutual coupling between primary and secondary circuits: A.

Transformer oil of high breakdown voltage B. High reluctance magnetic core C. Winding material of high resistivity D. Low reluctance magnetic core D 2. The magnetic properties of silicon steel crystal are best along the: A. Cube diagonals B. Cube edges C. Surface diagnals D. None of the above B 3. Transformer core is mad of: A. Silicon sheet steel B. Chromel steel C. Low carbon steel D. High content silicon steel A 4. Which of the following statements associated with the Buchholz relay is not true: A. It is a voltage sensitive device B. It is used only on oil cooled transformers C. It is not provided on transformers of the rating below 500kVA D. Its operating time is of the order of 0.1 seconds A 5. With stepping in construction of the transformer core: A. Core losses are reduced B. Copper losses are saved C. Mechanical strength of the core is improved D. Both (A) and (B) D 6. A distribution transformer is required to supply: A. Variable load between no load to full load B. Constant part full load throughout the day C. Constant full load through out the day D. Variable load between no load to full load at a fixed power factor A 7. In a Delta -Delta connection, if one of the transformer winding is open, the capacity will reduce to: A. 66.67% B. 57.74% C. 50%

D. 33.33% B 8. A 3-phase transformer over a bank of 3-single phase transformers of equal rating, has the advantage of: A. Low cost B. Less weight C. Occupation of less space D. All the above D 9. In which of the transformer, the tertiary winding is used: A. Star-delta B. Delta-delta C. Star-star D. Delta-star C 10. The magnetizing current in a transformer is rich in: A. 3rd harmonic B. 5th harmonic C. 7th harmonic D. 11th harmonic A 11. Scott connections are used for: A. Single phase to three phase transformation B. Three phase to single phase transformation C. Three phase to two phase transformation D. Any of the above C 12. For successful parallel operation of two single phase transformers, the most essential condition is that their: A. Percentage impedances are equal B. Polarities are properly connected C. Turn-ratios are exactly equal D. kVA ratings are equal B 13. Maximum transient currents flow through the transformer winding when when it is switched on with its secondary winding ___ circuited and when the input voltage wave passing through the __ value A. Open, zero B. Short, zero C. Open, maximum D. Short, maximum A

14. Tappings of a transformer are provided: A. At the phase end of the LV side B. At the phase end of the HV side C. At the neutral end of the HV side D. At the middle of the HV side D 15. The excessive temperature rise in the Transformer causes maximum damage to: A. Winding insulation B. Core laminations C. Copper wining D. Dielectric strength of the oil A 16. Which of the following 3-phase connection of a transformer causes interference with the neighboring communication lines: A. Delta-star B. Star-delta C. Star-star D. Delta-star C 17. Power transformers are provided with additional cooling arrangement in order to: A. Increase the power rating B. Increase insulation life C. Lower operating temperature D. All the above D 18. A Distribution transformer is selected on the basis of: A. Voltage regulation B. Efficiency C. All day efficiency D. All the above C 19. The winding used in 3-phase shell type transformer is __ type: A. Circular B. Cylindrical C. Sandwitch D. Rectangular C 20. Five limb core construction is preferred over three limb construction as in this type of construction: A. Hysteresis loss is reduced

B. Eddy current loss is reduced C. Magnetic reluctance of the three phases can be balanced D. Copper losses can be reduced C 21. The most common method of cooling employed in power transformer is: A. Oil natural B. Natural cooling C. Air cooling D. Air-blast cooling A 22. In large power transformer, best utilization of available core space can be made by employing __ cross section A. Rectangular B. Square C. Stepped D. None of the above C 23. The distribution transformer is designed with minimum possible core losses. This is because: A. The primary of the distribution transformer is energized for all 24 hours B. Iron losses will cause undue heating C. Iron losses may cause damage to the insulation D. All the above A 24. Which of the following transformer connection will give highest secondary voltage: A. Delta primary, delta secondary B. Delta primary, star secondary C. Star primary, delta secondary D. Star primary, star secondary B 25. The chemical used in the breather is: A. Sodium chloride B. Silica sand C. Silica gel D. Copper silicate gel C 26. Major insulation in a transformer is the insulation between the: A. LV wining and core B. LV winding and HV winding C. Turns of the windings D. Both (A) and (B) D

27. Low voltage winding is placed next to the core in the case of concentric windings as __ is reduced: A. Hysteresis loss B. Leakage fluxes C. Eddy current loss D. Insulation requirement D 28. The transformer oil should have: A. High volatility B. High viscosity C. High dielectric strength D. All the above C 29. The Transformer core laminations are insulated from each other by: A. Paper B. Thin varnish coating C. Mica strip D. All the above can be used for insulation B 30. For minimum weight of the transformer, the iron weight should be __ the weight of the copper: A. More than B. Equal to C. Less than D. None of the above B 31. The rating of the Transformer __ when the supply frequency is increased: A. Remains unchanged B. Increases C. Decreases D. None of the above B 32. Distortion of the whole core and subsequent damage to the coil insulation due to intense eddy currents may be caused due to the failure of: A. Insulation of the winding B. Insulation between the laminations C. Insulation between the core and damping bolts D. Both (A) and (B) D 33. Booster transformer should never: A. Have fuse in the HV winding

B. Be left open circuited C. Be left closed circuited D. None of the above C 34. In a transformer, with closed magnetic coupling between primary and secondary __ will improve: A. Efficiency B. All day efficiency C. Regulation D. None of the above C 35. Zero sequence currents can flow from a line into a transformer bank if the windings are: A. Grounded star/delta B. Delta/star C. Star/Star grounded D. Delta/Delta C 36. An auto transformer is preferred over an ordinary two winding transformer due to: A. Safety of operation B. Availability of taps on secondary C. Copper savings D. All the above C 37. The harmonic currents in a power transformer does not cause increase in: A. Secondary voltage B. Core loss C. Copper loss D. Magnetic interference with protective relays A 38. In conversion of 3-phase to 2-phase supply with T connection, the transformation ratio of the teaser will be__ times to that of main transformer: A. 1.732 B. 1.15 C. 0.866 D. Unity C 39. Two transformers of identical voltages but different capacities are operated in parallel, for satisfactory load sharing: A. Impedances should be equal

B. Per unit impedance must be equal C. per unit impedance and X/R ratio must be equal D. Impedance and X/R ratio must be equal C 40. A shell type transformer is commonly used as it has: A. Two magnetic paths B. Reduced magnetic flux leakage C. Reduced copper loss D. Both (A) and (B) D 41. The color of fresh dielectric oil used in the transformer is: A. Dark brown B. Pale yellow C. Pale pink D. White grey B 42. The thickness of transformer core laminations is: A. 3mm to 5mm B. 0.35mm to 0.5mm C. 30mm to 50 mm D. 0.035mm to 0.05mm B 43. For transformers employing CRGO, the area of the yoke is taken __ of the core: A. 80 to 85% B. 115 to 125% C. Equal to D. Half of b B 44. The core used in high frequency transformer is __ core: A. Aluminium B. Ferrite C. Carbon D. Iron B 45. In order to reduce the hysteresis loss: A. Core may be laminated B. Silica steel may be used as the core C. Core may be constructed with magnetic materials such as ALNICO D. Core may be impregnated with varnish D