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Beth Stewart 12/6/03 EDTEP 551: Lesson Plan

“The Subject ! t" o# Sc ence an$ the Eu%en cs &o!e'ent(

10th %ra$e b olo%"

She a$$e$ so'e $ata #ro' the 0'er can 3ancer Soc et" to show the relat !e occurrences o# s) n cancer n 8h tes an$ 0#r can 0'er cans..The sta## ha$ 'a$e a stron% co'' t'ent to re$uc n% rac s' an$ +ro'ot n% e5ual t" n the school.4 #t". obser!e$1 see'e$ to be 'ost teachers6 cho ce1 +robabl" because t s the eas +ercent o# the stu$ents were on #ree or re$uce$ lunch.n '" o+ n on1 th s h %h school ha$ an e'+ower n% school culture an$ soc al structureSt ll1 one can eas l" # n$ 'o'ents n the school en! ron'ent an$ $ur n% nstruct on where '+le'ent n% 'ult cultural e$ucat on techn 5ues coul$ be h %hl" e##ect !e.&an" o# the stu$ents were ho'eless or l ! n% w th #r en$s1 an$ so'e ha$ ch l$ren o# the r own at ho'e.9 cel"1 she Stewart 2 EDTEP 551 .&atters o# rac s' an$ +reju$ ce were $ealt w th ser ousl" an$ an" acts o# act !e rac s' were cons $ere$ %roun$s #or e*+uls on..0n$ wh le h %h rac al $ !ers t" at a school s b" no 'eans a %uarantee that 'ult cultural e$ucat onal +ract ces w ll be n use1 #ortunatel" 'an" were at th s +art cular h %h school.4or e*a'+le1 'an" o# the sc ence teachers ha$ +osters on the walls +ortra" n% the !ar ous sc ent # c ach e!e'ents o# +eo+le o# color an$ wo'en.The rac al 'a)e. was +lace$ at a h %hl" $ !erse h %h school n west Seattle.Stu$ents ca'e to school each $a" w th #ar 'ore e*+er ence an$ 'atur t" about the real t es o# l #e than 'ost stu$ents n a 'ore a##luent ne %hborhoo$ ' %ht.n the sc ence classroo's t s o#ten n t all" $ ## cult to see where one ' %ht use 'ult cultural e$ucat on3ontent nte%rat on1 #ro' what .7ne teacher was teach n% about the sun6s e##ect on s) n cancer.n$ an1 26/ 0s an1 12/ 0#r can 0'er can1 23/ Lat no1 an$ 30/ 3aucas an.Part 1: Lesson Plan Rationale Dur n% '" two wee) obser!at onal e*+er ence .u+ o# the school was a++ro* 'atel" 3/ 0'er can .Throu%hout the school one coul$ # n$ +ro%ra's $es %ne$ to hel+ secon$ lan%ua%e learners who were stru%%l n% n the r classes an$ +ro%ra's $es %ne$ to +ro'ote nterrac al act ! t es.

Th s ! tal co'+onent was rele!ance.0ccor$ n% to '" notes1 bo"s6 answers were ac)nowle$%e$ 66/ 'ore o#ten than % rls6 answers..Each stu$ent was to # n$ an art cle about sc ence n the news+a+er or onl ne an$ to wr te a su''ar" about what the" ha$ learne$ #ro' the art cle.The ne*t $a" o# lessons was lac) n% n e5u t" +e$a%o%". hear$ co''ents l )e1 “Sc ence s so bor n%1( an$ “8hen a' .+o nte$ out that wh le the stat st cs were nterest n% to loo) at1 the" were lea! n% out a lar%e +art o# the :n te$ State6s +o+ulat on1 such as 0s ans1 Lat nos1 9at !e 0'er cans1 etc.7b! ousl"1 th s was not a rele!ant to+ c #or 'ost o# the class.To the'1 sc ence $ $ not # t nto the real worl$ an$ unless the" were +lann n% on %o n% nto a sc ence # el$ as a career1 the" were s '+l" +resent to %et the r cre$ tThe $ea #or '" lesson +lan ca'e #ro' the wee)l" ho'ewor) ass %n'ents % !en to the 10th %ra$e b olo%" stu$ents. not ce$ were not n re#erence to where to a$$ 'ore content nte%rat on.4or e*a'+le1 n a lesson about an 'al cells1 the teacher be%an w th a #un act ! t" analo%ous to the T=. e!er %o n% to use th s n '" l #e<( Stu$ents were lac) n% a connect on to the 'ater al.4 nall"1 stu$ents were see n% sc ence as co'+letel" se+arate #ro' the r other classes.0$$ t onall"1 'an" 5u et stu$ents $ $ not +art c +ate at “Sur! !or-( The onl" +roble' was when she as)e$ her stu$ents how 'an" o# the' were #a' l ar w th the tele! s on show an$ onl" two +eo+le ra se$ the r han$s.&uch o# what the teachers were tal) n% about $ $ not relate to the l !es o# the stu$ents.8hen stu$ents woul$ as) the teacher # the r art cles were a++ro+r ate1 the teacher woul$ as) whether sc ent # c !ocabular" was use$1 # s+ec # c %enes were 'ent one$1 # t was base$ on wor) $one b" real sc ent sts1 etc.The teacher lecture$ #ro' the #ront o# the roo'1 re5uest n% that stu$ents call out answers #ro' the r to 'e the 'ult cultural teachable 'o'ents . was not c n% a ! tal co'+onent ' ss n% #ro' 'uch o# the sc ence curr culu'.The teacher see'e$ to th n) that these were all cr ter a #or 'a) n% the art cle Stewart 3 EDTEP 551 .So o#ten .

u+ at the wh 's o# those n +ower1 but . ha!e $ec $e$ to $es %n a lesson +lan to show stu$ents that sc ence can be '+ro+erl" use$ to #alsel" su++ort soc al njust ces an$ that as )nowle$%eable c t ?ens the" shoul$ )ee+ th s n ' n$ as the" $o the r ho'ewor) ass %n'ents an$ e!aluate soc al ssues- Stewart A EDTEP 551 .>eal sc ent sts were n!ol!e$1 su++ose$ %enes were #oun$ an$ the 'o!e'ent was # lle$ w th sc ent # c !ocabular". hear$ th s . woul$ want the' to )ee+ these ssues n ' n$ as the" rea$ sc ence art cles n the news an$ n the r te*tboo)s.That s wh" .But stu$ents to$a" nee$ to real ?e that sc ence s not co'+letel" object ! now1 'ost sc ent sts lau%h that an"one coul$ ha!e been so ' slea$.3erta n stu$ es %et #un$e$ an$ others $o not.8ho bene# ts #ro' th s< 3erta n + eces o# e! $ence are use$ o!er others.!al $ an$ worth" o# learn n%1 essent all" true.n that s tuat on sc ence was use$ as e! $ence to +ro!e so'eth n% that wasn6t true.8hen . certa nl" woul$n6t want '" stu$ents to th n) that sc ence was co'+letel" 'a$e. ''e$ atel" thou%ht o# the eu%en cs 'o!e'ent aroun$ the turn o# the centur"..8ho $ec $es wh ch e! $ence to re+ort an$ #or whose bene# t< @rante$1 as a teacher w th th s sa'e ho'ewor) ass %n'ent1 .

Part 2: Lesson Plan “Science and the Eugenics Movement” Objectives: 1.Stu$ents w ll e!aluate sc ent # c e! $ence w th a cr t cal lensime Re!uired: B 5.>e+orte$ that certa n +eo+les Dthe #eeble.Fa!e stu$ents bra nstor' about tra ts that are nher te$ an$ tra ts that are en! ron'entall" ac5u re$.El t sts #elt threatene$c.Sa*on race was su+er or an$ wante$ to +re!ent t #ro' $" n% out .'' %rants #ro' southern D'ostl" .The" w ll ha!e stu$ e$ how %enes are nher te$1 how %enes lea$ to +h"s cal an$ beha! oral character st cs an$ w ll ha!e e*a' ne$ the nature !s.&a)e a chart w th these 3 cate%or es on the boar$ an$ # ll n the r res+onses as % !en2.Fa!e stu$ents brea) nto %rou+s o# 3 or A Dthe" w ll )ee+ these %rou+s throu%hout the act ! t"E.Peo+le o# color an$ '' %rants were re+ro$uc n% at a h %her rate .DB5 ' nutesE A.Base$ on rac s'G 'an" wh te +eo+le bel e!e$ the 0n%lo.nurture $ebate n re%ar$s to hu'an beha! orProcedure: 1.Stu$ents w ll un$erstan$ the soc al reason n% beh n$ the eu%en cs 'o!e'ent2.@ !e a br e# account o# the eu%en cs 'o!e'ent.' n$e$1 cr ' nals1 $ sable$1 'entall" ll1 n#er or t"+es1 $e%enerates1 Stewart 5 EDTEP 551 .tal anE an$ eastern D'ostl" Iew shE Euro+e were enter n% the :-S.0s) the' to s+en$ B5 ' nutes $ scuss n% wh" the" th n) so'e tra ts are %enet c an$ so'e are not an$ an" e! $ence the" ha!e #ro' the r +ersonal e*+er ences to su++ort the r cla 's3..0lso1 ha!e the' %enerate a l st o# tra ts the" are unsure o#.C $a"s Materials "eeded: han$outs w th 3arr e Buc)6s stor" Dsee belowE1 access to l brar" an$ co'+uter lab1 art su++l es #or 'a) n% +resentat on +rojects #ac$ground: Th s lesson w ll #ollow a un t on %enet cs so that stu$ents w ll ha!e %enet c )nowle$%e to be able to un$erstan$ the “sc ence( o# the eu%en cs 'o!e'ent.Be%an a#ter the c ! l warG re'nants re'a ne$ unt l c ! l r %hts 'o!e'ent n the 1H606s an$ e!en nto to$a"b.8or) n% class +eo+le were or%an ? n% the'sel!es an$ +rotest n% the labor con$ t ons o# the t 'e.Stu$ents w ll be able to reco%n ?e the subject ! t" o# sc ence3.n h %h nu'bers .DBe sure to # el$ an" 5uest ons #ro' stu$ents as the" ar seE a.D scuss the %rou+s6 conclus ons as an ent re class.0n e##ort to use sc ence to su++ort a soc al a%en$a.

.n other wor$s1 how an$ wh" s the sc ence n!ol!e$ n the 'o!e'ent b ase$1 ' sre+resente$1 an$ naccurate< 8ho $oes th s “sc ence( bene# t< 8hat sc ence woul$ bene# t 3arr e< e.n t "ou shoul$ a$$ress the sc ent # c1 +ol t cal1 an$ soc al as+ects o# her case..ou can +resent "our # n$ n%s an$ cla 's n whate!er #ash on "ou choose.0s) stu$ents to wr te the r # rst '+ress ons about rea$ n% the stor" n the r noteboo)s.E93E n!ol!e$ n 3arr e6s case.0s a %rou+ "ou are to co'e u+ w th a $e#ense #or 3arr e.E*+la n the +roject to be acco'+l she$ o!er the ne*t #ew $a"sa.0LL &E&BE>S 74 TFE @>7:P &:ST P0>T.So'e $eas ' %ht be: +oster1 $ra'a1 $ebate1 short stor"1 essa"1 art st c re+resentat on1 son%1 etc.t has e*tens !e n#or'at on about the 'o!e'ent an$ se!eral essa"s an$ $ocu'ents "ou 'a" want to use-E c..P0TEKKK 2.Then the" w ll ha!e B2 $a"s to create the r +resentat on1 #ollowe$ b" 1.+las'( D%enesE that nee$e$ to be re'o!e$ #ro' the %ene +ool$.>e'e'berJ "ou 'ust nclu$e a case a%a nst the S3.Dsee attache$ +a%eE @ !e the' t 'e to rea$ t.2 $a"s o# +resent n%.Stu$ents w ll s+en$ the ne*t cou+le o# $a"s research n% e! $ence as a %rou+.DB10 ' nutesE 6.8e w ll be s+en$ n% the ne*t cou+le o# $a"s n the l brar" an$ co'+uter lab %ather n% e! $ence #or "our cases0 hel+#ul webs te: htt+://www-eu%en csarch !e-or%/eu%en cs/ D.Then as) the' to wr te how the" ' %ht ha!e #elt rea$ n% th s stor" # the" ha$ been a +oor '' %rant at th s t 'e n h stor".0$$ t onall"1 we w ll $ scuss re'nants o# eu%en cs that are st ll e! $ent n our soc et" Dsuch as #un$ n% %o n% to stu$" $ seases +r 'ar l" a##ect n% 8h te +eo+leE- Stewart 6 EDTEP 551 .se*uall" +ro' scuous1 etc-E ha$ ba$ “%er'.Le$ to 'an" laws such as nterrac al 'arr a%e laws1 ster l ?at on laws1 an$ '' %rat on laws5.Preten$ that 3arr e Buc) has co'e to "ou an$ as)e$ "ou to re+resent her n her tr al.The last $a" w ll #ollow w th a $ scuss on o# how an$ wh" sc ence s not object !e an$ nstea$1 l )e all subjects n school1 s a +ro$uct o# culture.:se e! $ence to $ scre$ t the cla 's o# the eu%en c stsb.Please be sure to run "our +resentat on $ea b" 'e be#ore "ou start$.Pass out to the class the stor" o# 3arr e Buc).3.

3arr e ha$ a ch l$1 but was not 'arr e$.soc al wh tes o# the South-L 0lthou%h Farr" Lau%hl n ne!er 'et 3arr e1 he sent a wr tten $e+os t on echo n% Pr $$"6s conclus ons about 3arr e6s L#eeble' n$.That "ear = r% n a +asse$ a Eu%en cal Ster l ?at on 0ct base$ on Lau%hl n6s &o$el Law.ol$ % rl #ro' 3harlottes! lle1 = r% n a1 was + c)e$ as the # rst +erson to be ster l ?e$.Fer 'other E''a was alrea$" a res $ent at an as"lu'1 the = r% n a 3olon" #or the E+ le+t c an$ the 4eeble' n$e$.n 1H361 Lau%hl n was awar$e$ an honorar" $e%ree #ro' the :n !ers t" o# Fe $elber% as a tr bute #or h s wor) n Lthe sc ence o# rac al cleans n%-L The Buc) !.= r% n a6s law asserte$ that Lhere$ t" +la"s an '+ortant +art n the trans' ss on o# nsan t"1 $ oc"1 'bec l t"1 e+ le+s" an$ cr 'eJL .3arr e6s lle% t 'ate ch l$ was not the result o# +ro' scu t"G she ha$ been ra+e$ b" a relat !e o# her #oster +arents.e$nessL an$ L'oral $el n5uenc"-L Soc olo% st 0rthur Estabroo)1 o# the Eu%en cs >ecor$ 7## ce1 tra!ele$ to = r% n a to test #" a%a nst 3arr e.F s o+ n on re+eate$ the L#actsL n 3arr e6s case1 conclu$ n% that a L$e# c entL 'other1 $au%hter1 an$ %ran$$au%hter just # e$ the nee$ #or ster l ?at on.Iust ce 7l !er 8en$ell Fol'es Ir-1 h 'sel# a stu$ent o# eu%en cs1 wrote the #or'al o+ n on #or the 3ourt n the case o# Buc) !.0lbert Pr $$" test # e$ that E''a Buc) ha$ La recor$ o# ''oral t"1 +rost tut on1 untruth#ulness an$ s"+h l s-L F s o+ n on o# the Buc) #a' l" 'ore %enerall" was: LThese +eo+le belon% to the sh #tless1 %norant1 an$ worthless class o# ant .t s better #or all the worl$1 # nstea$ o# wa t n% to e*ecute $e%enerate o##s+r n% #or cr 'e or to let the' star!e #or the r 'bec l t"1 soc et" can +re!ent those who are 'an #estl" un# t #ro' cont nu n% the r ) n$JThree %enerat ons o# 'bec les are enou%h>ecent scholarsh + has shown that 3arr e Buc)6s ster l ?at on was base$ on a #alse L$ a%nos sL an$ her $e#ense law"er cons+ re$ w th the law"er #or the = r% n a 3olon" to %uarantee that the ster l ?at on law woul$ be u+hel$ n! n% strate%" to rel e!e the ta* bur$en n a state where +ubl c #ac l t es #or the L nsaneL an$ L#eeble' n$e$L ha$ e*+er ence$ ra+ $ %rowth.Bell D1H22E.Carrie’s Story B" 1H2A1 a++ro* 'atel" 31000 +eo+le ha$ been n!oluntar l" ster l ?e$ n 0'er caG the !ast 'ajor t" D21500E n 3al #orn a.School recor$s also +ro!e that = ! an was not L#eeble' n$e$-L Fer 1st %ra$e re+ort car$ showe$ that = ! an was a sol $ LBL stu$ent1 rece !e$ an L0L n $e+ort'ent1 an$ ha$ been on the honor roll9e!ertheless1 Buc) !.Fe an$ a >e$ 3ross nurse e*a' ne$ 3arr e6s bab" = ! an an$ conclu$e$ that she was Lbelow a!era%eL an$ Lnot 5u te nor'al-L >el" n% on these co''ents1 the ju$%e conclu$e$ that 3arr e shoul$ be ster l ?e$ to +re!ent the b rth o# other L$e#ect !eL ch l$renThe $ec s on was a++eale$ to :n te$ States Su+re'e 3ourt.Lau%hl n +rou$l" +ubl she$ a translat on o# the @er'an Law #or the Pre!ent on o# De#ect !e Pro%en" n The Eu%en cal 9ews.t #ocuse$ on L$e#ect !e +ersonsL whose re+ro$uct on re+resente$ La 'enace to soc et"-L 3arr e Buc)1 a se!enteen.The law was also wr tten to +rotect +h"s c ans who +er#or'e$ ster l ? n% o+erat ons #ro' 'al+ract ce lawsu ts..The $ec s on nclu$es the now n#a'ous wor$s: .."ear.Bell +rece$ent allow n% ster l ?at on o# the so.To those who bel e!e$ that such tra ts were %enet call" trans' tte$1 3arr e # t the law6s $escr +t on as a L+robable +otent al +arent o# soc all" na$e5uate o##s+r n%-L 0 le%al challen%e was arran%e$ on 3arr e6s behal# to test the const tut onal !al $ t" o# the law0t her tr al1 se!eral w tnesses o##ere$ e! $ence o# 3arr e6s nher te$ L$e#ectsL an$ those o# her 'other E''a3olon" Su+er nten$ent Dr.Bell su++l e$ a +rece$ent #or the e!entual ster l ?at on o# a++ro* 'atel" C1300 = r% n ansBorrow n% #ro' Lau%hl n6s &o$el Law1 the @er'an 9a? %o!ern'ent a$o+te$ a law n 1H33 that +ro! $e$ the le%al bas s #or ster l ? n% 'ore than 3501000 +eo+le.calle$ L#eeble' n$e$L has ne!er been o!errule$- Stewart 2 EDTEP 551 .t was a$o+te$ as +art o# a cost.7## c als at the = r% n a 3olon" sa $ that 3arr e an$ her 'other share$ the here$ tar" tra ts o# L#eeble' n$e$nessL an$ se*uall" +ro' scu t".

Th r$1 th s lesson #ul# lls se!eral o# the 8ash n%ton state sc ence stan$ar$s #or Hth an$ 10th %ra$ers1...4 rst1 .$ent #" an$ e!aluate #actors that l ' t the e*tent o# a sc ent # c n!est %at on DE0L> 3-1-2E3.0nal"?e an$ e*+la n wh" cur os t"1 honest"1 o+enness1 an$ s)e+t c s' are nte%ral to sc ent # c n5u r" DE0L> 3-1-1E2. st ll ha!e 5uest ons an$ concerns re%ar$ n% the lesson.Lo% st call"1 '" # rst concern s that not all stu$ents w ll +art c +ate.0nal"?e an$ e!aluate the 5ual t" an$ stan$ar$s o# n!est %at !e $es %ns1 +rocesses1 an$ +roce$ures DE0L> 3-1-AETh s lesson #ul# lls these stan$ar$s us n% 'ult cultural e$ucat on throu%h content nte%rat on Dshows the h stor" o# the +l %ht o# subor$ nate %rou+sE1 )nowle$%e construct on +rocess D+o nts out how b ases n sc ence a##ect the e! $ence re+orte$ an$ there#ore conclus ons $rawnE1 +reju$ ce re$uct on Dshows the lac) o# %enet c e! $ence to re+ort n#er or t" n subor$ nate %rou+sE1 an$ e5u t" +e$a%o%" Das)s stu$ents to $raw on the r +ersonal e*+er ences an$ encoura%es collaborat !e learn n% w th 'ult +le 'o$es o# +resentat on +oss bleE.E!en thou%h . #eel that t a$$resses a soc al njust ce that s st ll +er!a$ n% our soc et" althou%h n less ob! ous #or's than n the earl" to ' $ 1H006s.Secon$1 t a$$resses how sc ence can be s)ewe$ an$ stat st cs ' sre+resente$ n or$er to su++ort an$ su++ose$l" just #" a soc al a%en$a.4 nall"1 th s lesson s about eu%en cs1 a 'ajor +art o# sc ent # c h stor" that s rarel" tau%ht.Part %: Re&lections . th n) t tr es to acco'+l sh 'an" th n%s.3o'+are1 contrast1 an$ cr t 5ue $ !er%ent results #ro' sc ent # c n!est %at ons base$ on sc ent # c ar%u'ents an$ e*+lanat ons DE0L> 3-1-3EA.t s an ssue where sc ence an$ soc et" are ! s bl" l n)e$ an$ shows stu$ents that sc ence s #ar #ro' be n% se+arate #ro' the real worl$7# course1 . want stu$ents to learn to be s)e+t cal about sc ent # c results an$ to loo) at who the results are bene# t n%. a' e*c te$ about th s lesson +lan as . ha!e the' wor) n% n %rou+s1 Stewart C EDTEP 551 ..

.6' not sure how to )ee+ the stu$ents #ro' only + t" n% the ! ct 's&ost '+ortantl"1 . want the' to reco%n ?e the njust ce an$ not just sa"1 “7h well.. worr" that1 so'ewhat l )e the eu%en c sts1 stu$ents w ll tr" to cate%or ?e e!er" tra t as e ther co'+letel" %enet c or co'+letel" $e# ne$ b" the en! ron'ent. woul$ as) the stu$ents to th n) bac) to th s lesson an$ resultant $ scuss on an$ to collect an$ anal"?e news+a+er an$ onl ne art cles n l %ht o# what the" ha$ learne$- Stewart H EDTEP 551 . $on6t want the' to %et the $ea that hu'ans are all the sa'e or that we shoul$ not reco%n ?e $ ##erences. want to 'a)e sure the" real ?e there are %enet c $ ##erences between the races but the #act that these $ ##erences are labele$ n#er or or su+er or s soc all" constructe$. also $o not want the stu$ents to s '+l" + t" those who su##ere$ un$er eu%en cs. su++ose th s woul$ beco'e e! $ent throu%h the course o# $es %n n% the +resentat ons an$ .0$$ t onall"1 .The 'ost '+ortant +art s to constantl" re#lect an$ re! se as necessar"7n a broa$er scale1 .6' ea%er to tr" th s act ! t".. woul$ $eal w th the ssues as the" arose..6' sure there are 'an" %l tches n the #low o# the lesson or other 5uest ons that . also ha!e uncerta nt es that stu$ents w ll un$erstan$ the $e+th o# n#or'at on the" shoul$ +ro! $e n the r +resentat ons.E!entuall" . #eel sorr" #or those +eo+le1 but t6s o!er now thou%h-( ..That was a reall" ba$ th n% to $o... 'a)e sure one or two +art cular stu$ents n each %rou+ $on6t ta)e o!er< . tr" the w ll . woul$ l )e to co'b ne th s act ! t" w th ho'ewor) ass %n'ents l )e the ones $escr be$ n +art 1. coul$ as) to narrow or broa$en the stu$ents6 th n) n%.These w ll onl" be e! $ent as .

Pa"ne Publ sher: ahaK Process .econo' cs n the classroo' htt+://www-tolerance-or%/teach/res+on$/teens/$ alo%ues-js+ 9at onal Law 3enter on Fo'elessness an$ Po!ert" D9L3FPE: the or%an ?at on that 'on tors an$ en#orces the laws that +rotect the e$ucat onal r %hts o# ho'eless "outh htt+://www-nlch+-or%/40ME$ucat on/ 9at onal 3oal t on #or the Fo'eless Da Br t sh or%an ?at onE: +ro! $es a$! ce on how to $eal w th 'an" o# the ssues #ace$ b" +oor or ho'eless ch l$ren htt+://www-nch-or%-u) 0 chec)l st #or nclus !e curr culu': th s webs te s #ro' a school n 0ustral a but coul$ be a$a+te$ #or an" school htt+://www-#l n$ers-e$u-au/teach/teach/ nclus !e/chec)l st-ht' 9at onal 3enter #or E$ucat onal Stat st cs: shows stat st cs #ro' nat onal stan$ar$ ?e$ testsG shows +ro%ress o# stu$ents #ro' low soc o.econo' c classesG %oo$ e! $ence #or wh" th s shoul$ be an ssue n schools htt+://nces-e$-%o! • • • 0rt cles/Boo)s: • T tle: Teach n% the Poor an$ 3h l$ren o# 3olor 0uthor: Tho'as I.Brown Publ sher: Brown N 0ssocsG DIanuar" 21 1HHHE • T tle: 4ra'ewor) #or :n$erstan$ n% Po!ert" 0uthor: >ub" O.Part ': Resources 8eb >esources: • • & * .oun% 3h l$ren #ro' Po!ert" Fo'es 0uthor: 3arol"n 8e ner Publ sher: E3L Publ cat onsG DIune 111 2001E Stewart 10 EDTEP 551 .nc-G >e! se$ e$ t on D2001E • Pre+ar n% #or Success : &eet n% the Lan%ua%e an$ Learn n% 9ee$s o# .t :+ Pro%ra': #ac l tat n% $ alo%ue about soc o.

low b rth we %ht1 lac) o# 'e$ cal care1 etc-E:se e*a'+les n "our classroo' that are rele!ant to 'ore than the ' $$le..class stu$entsFa!e +eo+le #ro' the wor) n% class tal) to "our class about how the" use sc ence n the r $a l" l !es De*.7bser!e how +eo+le are occu+" n% the r t 'e3on!erse w th the +eo+le>ea$ boo)s wr tten b" +eo+le #ro' the +oor an$ wor) n% class.+h"s cs o# construct on wor)1 etc-E- Stewart 11 EDTEP 551 .8hat are so'e o# the r e*+er ences< L.nco'e 9e %hborhoo$ 0uthor: Ia" &acLeo$ Publ sher: 8est! ew PressG >e+r nt e$ t on D0u%ust 1HH5E • Su%%est ons #or teachers: • • • • • • • S+en$ so'e t 'e n a +oor ne %hborhoo$.Learn #ro' the'@o to the webs tes l ste$ abo!e or rea$ the boo)s.Learn #ro' the'Teach about the sc ent # c an$ soc al '+l cat ons o# 'e$ cal ssues a'on% the +oor an$ wor) n% class De*.• T tle: Teach n% an$ learn n% 'athe'at cs n +oor co''un t es: a re+ort to the Boar$ o# D rectors o# the 9at onal 3ounc l o# Teachers o# &athe'at cs :>L: htt+://www-nct'-or%/about/co'' ttees/rac/t#+c/ Publ sher: 9at onal 3ounc l o# Teachers o# &athe'at cs D93T&E1 1HHH T tle: 0 n6t 9o &a) n6 .t: 0s+ rat ons an$ 0tta n'ent n a Low.STE9 to "our stu$ents.3are about the' an$ the r l !es.

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