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LG Honored with EPA's Highest ENERGY ST AR ® Distinction, 2014 ENERGY STAR P rtne r o!

the Ye r" S#st ined E$ce%%ence Aw rd

DES&R'PT'(N)*ASH'NGT(N, A+ri% ,, 2014 -,.L /edi - – LG E%ectronics, g% o0 % techno%og1 %e der in cons#2er e%ectronics nd ho2e ++%i nces, h s 0een recogni3ed 01 the 45S5 En6iron2ent % Protection Agenc1 7EPA8 with 2014 E NERGY STAR P rtner o! the Ye r"S#st ined E$ce%%ence Aw rd, the highest distinction 0estowed #+on ENERGY STAR + rtners5 LG %so is 0eing honored with the in #g#r % 2014 ENERGY STAR P rtner o! the Ye r"&%i2 te &o22#ni c tions Aw rd5

According to the EPA, LG is 0eing recogni3ed s ENERGY STAR P rtner o! the Ye r !or its contin#ed %e dershi+ in +rotecting the en6iron2ent 01 2 n#! ct#ring nd +ro2oting +rod#cts with s#+erior energ1 e!!icienc1 s we%% s ed #c ting cons#2ers on the i2+ort nt, +ositi6e e!!ects th t energ1"e!!icient 0 eh 6iors c n h 6e on the en6iron2ent5

9or e$ 2+%e, in the + st 1e r A2eric n cons#2ers +#rch sed 2ore th n 15: 2i%%ion LG +rod#cts w rded the ;ENERGY STAR /ost E!!icient 201,< disti nction, which he%+s cons#2ers e si%1 identi!1 the 2ost e!!icient +rod#cts 2o ng those th t h 6e e rned the ENERGY STAR % 0e%5 LG incre sed the n#20er o! /ost E!!icient 2ode%s 6 i% 0%e 01 == +ercent in 201, !ro2 2012 nd incr e sed its +ercent ge o! tot % s %es do%% rs th t were ENERGY STAR ># %i!ied 01 2ore th n 1, +ercent !ro2 20125

LG %so e$+ nded its +rogr 2s designed to ch nge cons#2er 0eh 6iors5 'n 20 1,, the co2+ n1 gener ted 2ore th n 2 0i%%ion cons#2er i2+ressions 01 ste++

ing #+ its n tionwide +#0%ic ed#c tion nd co22#nit1 o#tre ch c 2+ ign5 ?e1 to this e!!ort w s LG@s ind#str1"%e ding s#++ort o! ;Te 2 ENERGY STA R,< 2#%ti"1e r initi ti6e !ro2 EPA@s ENERGY STAR +rogr 2 th t in6o%6e s Aids in he%+ing their ! 2i%ies s 6e energ1 nd 2one1 t ho2e, whi%e te ching the2 how energ1 e!!icienc1 is good !or the en6iron2ent5 The co2+ n1 worAe d with EPA nd PT( Tod 1 to w rd tot % o! =0 +ri3es 7+ri2 ri%1 LG ENE RGY STAR certi!ied +rod#cts8 to ! 2i%ies who + rtici+ ted in the c 2+ ign5

;As %ong"ti2e ENERGY STAR + rtner, LG is e$tre2e%1 +ro#d to 0e recog ni3ed 01 the EPA !or o#r ongoing %e dershi+ nd %ong"ter2 co22it2ent to en erg1 e!!icienc1 thro#gh 0oth the ENERGY STAR S#st ined E$ce%%ence nd &%i 2 te &o22#nic tions w rds,< s id *i%%i 2 &ho, +resident nd &E( o! LG E% ectronics 4SA5 ;LG worAs to red#ce greenho#se g s e2issions nd he%+ !igh t c%i2 te ch nge 01 0ringing energ1"e!!icient +rod#cts to the 2 rAet s >#ic A%1 s +ossi0%e nd 01 te ching cons#2ers si2+%e ctions the1 c n t Ae to +r otect the en6iron2ent5< Across the 4nited St tes, to+ co2+ nies nd org ni 3 tions re %e ding the w 1 tow rd 2ore energ1"e!!icient !#t#re thro#gh their + rtici+ tion in ENERGY STAR5 Thro#gh 201,, with he%+ !ro2 ENERGY S TAR, A2eric n ! 2i%ies nd 0#sinesses h 6e s 6ed B2CD 0i%%ion on #ti%it1 0i%%s nd +re6ented 2ore th n 251 0i%%ion 2etric tons o! greenho#se g s e2issions5

;LG h s e rned EPA@s highest ENERGY STAR w rd – the 2014 P rtner o ! the Ye r" S#st ined E$ce%%ence Aw rd – 0ec #se o! its #nw 6ering co22it 2ent to he%+ing cons#2ers 0eco2e incre sing%1 2ore energ1 e!!icient,< s id EPA De+#t1 Ad2inistr tor .o0 Perci se+e5 ;.1 #sing inno6 ti6e 2 rAeting nd co22#nic tions, LG is he%+ing to r ise the +#0%ic@s w reness o! c%i2 te ch nge5 An in!or2ed +#0%ic c n 2 Ae s2 rter choices 0o#t the +#rch ses th e1 2 Ae nd the i2+ ct th t the1 h 6e on the en6iron2ent nd o#r ch nging c%i2 te5< The 2014 P rtner o! the Ye r"S#st ined E$ce%%ence Aw rds re gi 6en to org ni3 tions to recogni3e their contri0#tions to red#cing greenho#se g s e2issions thro#gh s#+erior energ1 e!!icienc15 These winners h 6e red#ce d greenho#se g s e2issions 01 setting nd chie6ing ggressi6e go %s nd 01 e2+%o1ing inno6 ti6e energ1 e!!icienc1 ++ro ches5 These w rds recogni3e o ngoing %e dershi+ cross the ENERGY STAR +rogr 2, inc%#ding energ1"e!!icie nt +rod#cts, ser6ices, new ho2es, nd 0#i%dings in the co22erci %, ind#stri %, nd +#0%ic sectors5

LG nd other 2014 w rd winners re se%ected !ro2 the 1:,000 org ni3 tion s th t + rtici+ te in the ENERGY STAR +rogr 25 'n ddition to its S#st ined E$ce%%ence recognition in 2014, LG is one o! on%1 10 ENERGY STAR P rtners to recei6e the &%i2 te &o22#nic tions Aw rd, new w rd !or 2014 th t h onors o#tst nding e!!orts to r ise its c#sto2ers@ w reness 0o#t c%i2 te ch nge5

LG E%ectronics@ cco2+%ish2ents wi%% 0e recogni3ed n * shington, D5&5 on A+ri% 2C5



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EEE A0o#t LG E%ectronics 4SA LG E%ectronics 4SA, 'nc5, 0 sed in Eng%e wood &%i!!s, N5F5, is the North A2eric n s#0sidi r1 o! LG E%ectronics, 'nc5, B=2 0i%%ion g%o0 % !orce nd techno%og1 %e der in cons#2er e%ectronics, ho2e ++%i nces nd 2o0i%e co22#nic tions5 LG E%ectronics, +ro#d 2014 ENERGY S TAR P rtner o! the Ye r, se%%s r nge o! st1%ish nd inno6 ti6e ho2e entert in2ent +rod#cts, 2o0i%e +hones, ho2e ++%i nces, co22erci % dis+% 1s, ir co nditioning s1ste2s nd so% r energ1 so%#tions in the 4nited St tes, %% #nder L G@s ;Li!e@s Good< 2 rAeting the2e5 9or 2ore news nd in!or2 tion on L G E%ectronics, +%e se 6isit www5LG5co25

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