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1. Memory size is critical

Fast clock rate for single-threaded loads Dual QuadCore or HexCore for
MultiThreaded operations
o o o o o Attribute Calculations Reservoir Simulations Seismic rendering and bulk-data I/O Facies and petrophysical modeling Geometrical modeling and Volumetrics

Physical memory should hold active project data Z200 and EliteBook have 2-channel memory
o o 4GB minimum 8, 16, or 32 GB possible

2. Fill all memory channels for peak bandwidth

MultiTasking Workflows

Z400/Z600/Z800 have 3-channel memory
o o o 12G minimum recommended 24, 48, 72 or 96 GB may be needed 192 GB maximum in Z800

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Large CPU Cache Recommended BIOS settings for Petrel (on a following page)
©2010 rev. 12.07.2010

One disk for OS. then cache drive should be  >= 2 drives. High-bandwidth connection to project file server(s)   2 Team multiple network controllers if pulling/pushing data from/to multiple servers simultaneously Optionally use faster network interface card if network infrastructure and file servers support this ©2010 rev.07. SATA 7. consider turning off Write-cache buffer flushing  File system size recommended : as much as needed to hold active project data 3. and applications 2. page file. IF using local read-mostly Project Cache(s). 12. SATA 10K. SAS 15K. RAID-0 stripe o Fastest to slowest: SSD.2010 .TIPS FOR PERFORMANCE SCHLUMBERGER PETREL 2010–201 1 DISK DRIVES & FILE IO 1.2K  On this drive : disable Indexing.

Certified OpenGL graphics card driver 4. 3 ©2010 rev.07. Windows7 64-bit 2.2010 . High performance power plan 3. Graphics Memory for Volume Visualization 5. NVIDIA Quadro FX preferred 2.hp. Multi-Display support Consider disabling Windows Search service Consider disabling Superfetch service (Vista & Win7) HP Performance Advisor can be used to analyze your system configuration and is available for download at http://www. High-end Graphics Shaders/Processing for smooth interactivity with large geometric models involving advanced visualization techniques 6. NVIDIA Quadro *000 for Petrel 201 1 3. To minimize unnecessary disk IO   PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS 1.TIPS FOR PERFORMANCE SCHLUMBERGER PETREL 2010-201 1 OPERATING SYSTEM 1. 4 ©2010 rev.PETREL RECOMMENDED BIOS SETTINGS Power --> OS Power Management --> Runtime Power Management • Default is Enable Default is Extended Default is Enable Default is Disable Default is Disable Default is All Cores Default is Disable Recommendation: Enable Power --> OS Power Management --> Idle Power Savings • Recommendation: Extended Power --> Hardware Power Management --> Intel Turbo Boost Technology • Recommendation: Enable Power --> Hardware Power Management --> Enhanced Intel Turbo Boost Tech • Recommendation: Enable Advanced --> Processors --> Hyperthreading • Recommendation for Disable Advanced --> Processors --> Active Cores • Recommendation: All Cores Advanced --> Chipset ---> Memory Node Interleave • Recommendation: Disable NOTE – HP Performance Advisor can be used to easily check and change BIOS settings.hp.07. HP Performance Advisor is free and available for download at http://www.2010 .