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My book review is about “EAT THAT FROG “ written by Brain Tracy

Brain tracy is a professional speaker ,trainer and consultant and is the chairman of brain tracy international and consulting compny based in Solana beach ,California.he is also a self made millionaire.Brain learned lessons the hard way .he left the school without graduating and worked as labourer, sales man he also had become the cheif operating officer of $265 million development company .Brain has shared his ideas with more than 4 million people in forty five countries since he began speaking professionally .he also served as a consultant and trainer for more than 1000 corporations.

 Summary of the book
This book speaks about 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. This book has about 21 chapters who to do more work in less says that you can achieve any thing through repetition and also tella that if you start with your most important thing or task before any thing else ,your success is assured. The summary of 21 chapters are below 1. 2. THE TABLE: It tells us that we have to decide what you want .clarity is required what exactly you want to do. write down your goals and objectives before you begin PLAN EVERY DAY IN ADVANCE: This tells us that you have to put on paper while planning .it also tells us that every minute you spend in planning can save you five or ten minutes in execution APPLY THE 80/20 RULE TO EVERY THING :It says that twenty percent of your activites will count for 80 percent of we have to concentrate more efforts on the top 20 percent .so the work can be done smoothly CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES: This tells about the most important task and priorities that can have the most serious consequences ,positive or negative on your life of work PRACTICE CREATIVE PROCRASTINATION: It tells that people cannot do everything so that they must learn deliberately to put of the tasks of low value so that you can have enough time to do things which are of more important USE THE A B C D E METHOD CONTINUALLY : This tells that before you do any work first work on the list of tasks .take time and organize them by value priority .so that you can work on your most important activites. FOCOUS ON KEY RESULTS: We have to identify and determine the results that will be useful to do your job well work on them all day long . THE LAW OF THREE: I n this it deals with that you should find out three things which you do in your work that account for 90 percent contribution and focus on them before doing any thing .in retun it helps in having more time for your family and personal life. PREPARE THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU BEGIN :This tells that before starting anything the required things should be in hand before you start .assemble all the things so that you can start the work and keep going .


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The book taught me a lesson that while doing any work we have to start of with most difficult task or the task with high priority and also have to concentrate working on key skills and tasks. MOTIVATE YOUR SELF INTO ACTION : WE have to motivate yourself always you have to find the good in the situation and focus on the solution rather than problem and always we should be optimistic and constructive. That is keeping the work pressure on our self 15. LEVERAGE YOUR SPECIAL TALENTS: It tells that we have to determine what are we good at or could be very good and work hard on those areas well 13.this book shows you the way to make more things in less time . UPGRADE YOUR KEY SKILLS: It says that if you are more knowledgeable and skilled at your key tasks . SINGLE HANDLE EVERY TASK: In this chapter he told us that we have to set clear priorities .the faster you start and sooner you get them done.and have to start working on your important task and continuously work on the job until the work is completed 100 percent . GET OUT OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL TIME SINKS: It says we can use the technology for better communication . 12.these factors would be the real key to high performance and maximum personal productivity . DEVELOP A SENSE OF URGENCY :YOU should have to develop the habits of moving fast on your important tasks 21. 20. The author says that we have to work on these principles every day until they become second nature to you . IDENTIFY YOUR KEY CONSTRAINTS: In these we have to determine internal and external things which allows us to set speed which we can achieve our goals 14.but you should not become a slave to the technology . PUT THE PRESSURE ON YOUR SELF: IN THIS we have to imagine our self that we have to take a leave for a month and work yourself that you have to complete all the important tasks before you leave. 17. get lots of rest so you can perfom at your best 16. MY VIEW POINTS ABOUT THE BOOK THIS BOOK “ EAT THAT FROG “ IN MY OPINON is a good book were i have learned many different things which helped me to find out various ways of who to do things in a less time. 11. MAXMIZE YOUR PERSONAL POWER: IN this it tells us to identify the best time in which you can mentally and physically have the highest energy in the day and so that we can schedule your important works at that time. CREATE LARGE CHUNKS OF TIME: THIS Tells that we should have large block of times where you can concentrate more on your most important tasks.10. SLICE AND DICE THE TASKS: This chapter tells that if we have any large or complex tasks break them into small bite sized pieces and do one small part to start the work 19. TAKE IT ONE OIL BAREEL AT A TIME: This chapter tells that we can complete the biggest and most important or complicated job if we can complete one step at a time.learn it occasionally 18.