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10 things a visiting South African can do in Perth and Fremantle on a shoestring budget

Take the Fast Ferry to Rottnest Island for less than $ 0 return ! Tuesdays from Fremantle only

Added bonus – the Tuesday Telethon Deal donates $1 to a local charity – perfect for offpeak visitors. With free buses running regularly on the island, all you really need to budget for on the island is lunch – or take a pre-packed picnic. Don't forget your s i!!ing"snorkelling togs and a ca!era to shoot #uokkas. http$""!.au"Deals"telethon-tuesday" &uokka

'ottnest (oastline

"unch at #ings Park ! meat$ies and tea for about $10 at the kiosk

)arvel at the !agnificence of the trees and stunning, co!fortable, rela%ing la ns an ice-crea! cone or a cooldrink. http$"" .bgpa."kings-park"visit"food-beverage"kings-park-kiosk


*ookaburra at *ings +ark

%&$loring the t'o (ities on their free (AT buses

,ave a fortune and your hot,

eary feet. ,topping at e%tre!ely convenient locations for

both sight-seeing and shopping. -%cellent for getting an overall idea of the area and feel of the different parts of the cities. http$"" .transperth.".singTransperth"/ighfre#uencybusservices.asp%

)isit the Shi$'reck *alleries for a $+ donation

0isten to locals pronounce Dutch na!es hilariously1 0earn 2us history you taught at school. )arvel at the ealth and po er that

ere never

as the 34( 5Dutch -ast 6ndia

(o!pany7 and feast your greedy little eyes on a true treasure hoard. 2lso learn a!a8ing facts about !arine archaeology and the preservation of artefacts. http$""!useu!."!useu!s"ship recks

)isit the Aviation ,eritage -useum for free ! -elville. Perth

2 (atalina and a 0ancaster are display highlights. 9ind out the difference bet een our beloved /arvards and the 2ussie Wirra ays. T o huge air-conditioned hangars and a fe outdoor displays to e%plore. :o coffeeshop available, ;ust si!ple refresh!ents. -asy alking distance fro! <ullcreek Train ,tation. http$"" .pleasetake!!"australia"perth"aviation-heritage-!useu!-ofestern-australia-=>?==@A

0ancaster in the :orth Wing

/uying a SmartRider or 0ayrider to ride the buses and trains at discount $rices

includes ferry fro! <arrack ,treet Betty to ,outh +erth for a short trip across the , an 'iver http$"" .transperth."Ticketsand9ares"Tickettypes.asp%

Transperth 9erry arriving at ,outh +erth fro! <arrack ,treet Betty

,anging out at the beach

, i!!ing, snorkelling, fishing, people http$""

atching – there's one for you.

.!" a"north-fre!antle"rous-head-rdCsessionD)T-D

)isiting the -aritime -useum and ,-S 1vens 2submarine3 for under $+04

2 co!prehensive !useu! on t o floors

ith its o n cafe. The tour of the

deco!!issioned /), 4vens is a definite highlight though not for the claustrophobic. http$""!useu!."!useu!s"!ariti!e


of 9re!antle /arbour fro! the top of /), 4vens

Fishing for rays. sharks and flounders at Rous ,ead. 5orth Fremantle

'e!e!ber the old days of fishing fro! )aydon WharfE Take your o n rod or ;ust 'ottnest. http$"" .fisheries."+ages"/o!e.asp%


the locals do their thing as the ships co!e in and speed launches head off for a day at

'ous /ead 0ighthouse at da n

S$otting dol$hins on 'alks along the S'an and (anning Rivers

,ee if you can do better than !e and spot a pod in the! http$"" http$"" aters.

hole dolphin instead of ;ust a fin. There's a

.!.au" a-ne s"report-says-FA-dolphins-live-in-s!"pro;ects"dolphin- atch"dolphin-locations


by 0eenna :aidoo 52pril ?>1@7

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