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FIRST PERSON: ‘Married With Kids, Then At 29 I Realised I Was A Lesbian

The A-List Actress Coming Clean On What She Really Eats

20th January 2014

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‘I’m Happy Being Single... Don’t Feel Sorry For Me’

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Why She's Fashion's Most Influential 12 Year Old

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Monochrome gets an SS14 5 . Miss Selfridge J Crew at Net-a-porter. too. and will refresh your wardrobe for a bargainous £98 Get lt Or Regret lt Asos’s Zig-Zag Bag The chunky zip and woven design combine to create one very expensive-looking piece of arm candy. £39. thanks to a neon-trimmed collar – just the ticket for adding a little oomph to your work wardrobe. See. J Crew at £165 £28 Asos Miss Selfridge’s Spring Must-Haves £79 £45 The new season is well and truly in full swing at Miss Selfridge thanks to a drop of mood-lifting brights and killer prints touching down this week.50 J Crew’s Honeybee Jewels L ABE LUST L I’m smitten with J Crew’s new £44. too.Givenchy Le Prismissime in Euphoric Pink WorldMags. It comes in monochrome and red. The black background on this jacquard dress (far left) makes pink florals perfect for right now. your style doesn’t have to be stuck in a rut just because the weather is! COMPILED BY: GEMMA GOW WorldMags. especially the striking ‘Honeybee’ jewel collection. Dress. A mix of pastel and dark tones mean the gold-plated bracelet and necklace will prettify everything from winter knits to summer frocks. and I love how this coral-toned coat will brighten up your coldweather basics. and work for day and night.

these are our favourite Kate moments… he puts the super in supermodel and has never looked more amazing. but Kate glistening in gold McQueen was our ultimate Olympic moment. but we think we’ve managed to whittle down the memorable snaps that ooze Mossy magic.Fashion Moment WorldMags. Kate! 0 4 y p p a H ! y s s o M n e e Qu Yes. we know it was all about the sports. As Kate Moss celebrates this Here’s to 40 (yes. wading through Kate’s extensive – and pretty impressive – fashion history was no mean feat. To . Who could forget the see-through Liza Bruce slip she wore back in 1994. WorldMags. really) very fabulous and fashionable years for La Moss. what better way to toast her milestone than with an extravaganza of her most iconic looks? Trust us. which single-handedly kick-started the grunge trend? Or the glitzy gold gown we couldn’t take our eyes off during the Olympics? Here’s to plenty more stylepacked years to come. Love.

Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie both copied it last year. PA PHOTOS. She oozed glamrock cool in a starry Chanel jumpsuit and matching Bowie-esque eye make-up for her 34th birthday WORDS: GEMMA GOW PHOTOS: REX FEATURES. 18 years earlier she had a trial run as a tartan-clad bride for the Vivienne Westwood AW93 0Kate! Remember that red dress Mossy modelled in the Topshop window in May 2007? We’ve never seen such a shop floor stampede! Sorry Naomi. it was all eyes on Kate in this iconic Liza Bruce fleshflasher.COM . XPPOSUREPHOTOS. Our fashion prayers were answered when Kate copied this much-coveted vintage frock in one of her Topshop collections.COM. WorldMags.WorldMags. Mossy! y a d h t r i th B Kate’s wedding dress came courtesy of John Galliano and the ’20s style couldn’t be more her. Thanks. CATWALKING.

And the secret is all about pairing it with grown-up staples like tailored Thought Of That! Glossing Up A Mickey Top Cartoon sweats aren’t just for kids. Teamed with WORDS: GEMMA GOW PHOTOS: GORAN CREDIT CIZMESIJA/STREET STYLE SECONDS. and a killer bag to create a cool contrast. you know. court shoes. REX FEATURES An evening bag adds extra glam . polished pieces. fashion should be fun. pencil skirts. we’ve never seen Mickey Mouse look so chic! hese street stylistas have taken the Disney fave from novelty to fashion knockout. Finish with blow-dried locks or a string of pearls. right? T WorldMags. Well.Wish We’d WorldMags.

net .WorldMags. . And it looks like her next suitor might not be far off 10 Kylie ‘I’m Happy Being Single… Don’t Feel Sorry For Me’ Unlucky in love? No! Miss Minogue is one fiercely independent lady who’s on a mission to have fun.

” And the idea of “fun” is what this 45-year-old. and if anything she’s just excited about who she could meet and what experiences she’s going to be able to add to her already incredible list. and been through enough heartache and suffering to know that you can’t look back. “I really like to work hard – I enjoy it. But the fun part is all to come. “Initially it was a baptism of fire. this new chapter is all about looking on the bright side. Yes. as a person – and I also adapt my musical style to the changing times.” she says in that soft Australian accent we know so well. really COVER STORY s the coaches lined up on stage to launch the latest series of The Voice in London’s swanky new BBC building. A WorldMags. “Kylie’s not the kind of person to dwell on the past. Moreover. shoulder robing her diamanté-encrusted black velvet jacket and smiling sweetly up at Sir Tom Jones – Miss Kylie Minogue. newly single lady is all about right now. you’ve always got to look forward – that’s what she’s doing right now.” a close friend tells Look. It doesn’t bother her. “She’s battled breast cancer. she’s single again. “I love new challenges. I’ve never got bogged down. The tiny 5ft pop princess. Positively beaming on that oversized red chair (which she needs a little step to climb up to). there was one star who all eyes were focused ¼ 11 . That’s how I’ve managed to stay contemporary without betraying my roots as ‘pop Kylie’. I move with the times. ignore the talk of lonely Kylie pining for her ex and were instead captivated by the woman who never ceases to amaze us. as she discusses joining the panel. “It’s very different to be in that chair and not on stage. Watching her on our TV screens during the first episode of The Voice. I change as an artist. the message was as clear as day – Kylie is back with a vengeance.” she’s said in the past. and it’s intense. within seconds we forget the tales of tragic romance.” While she’s open to meeting a Mr Right – after being “heartbroken” when her five-year relationship with Spanish model Andrés Velencoso came to an end three months ago – for the singer.WorldMags.

net . James was spotted holding hands with model Sophie Dahl and kissing socialite Beverley Bloom look tiny and fragile. She must be sick of the ‘poor Kylie. New single Into The Blue. With the might of Jay Z’s label Roc Nation behind her.” her friend said. came with the release of a stunning set of shots from her latest music video.” Kylie said of Andrés just over a year ago. “The music business has changed and it’s harder than ever to stay relevant as you get older. “Kylie is an amazing woman. She might The Cheat Kylie and model James Gooding dated for three years until 2001. she will “probably be up on stage. “A lot of people were expecting her to hide away after the split from Andrés. “She doesn’t have a problem with being single. She absolutely doesn’t need people feeling sorry for her. In addition to this. dolled up in sequins. she and Andrés.” Confirmation.” said an industry insider. we’re told this is the year that she goes full throttle again. slowly – some would say inevitably – drifted apart. You need a lot of luck to find people with whom you want to spend the rest of your life” So as ‘pop Kylie’ prepares to relaunch her music career. every new year – every day – is a blessing. 35. While dating the popstar. which gets its first radio play later this month. especially now he’s been out with his new girlfriend [24-year-old Ursula Corbero].” a long-standing friend explains to Look. Dressed in fishnet stockings and a glittering diamanté blazer – and showing off a body that still makes our jaws drop – Kylie ensured everyone noticed the princess of pop is back. The pair called it quits in October after five years together The Frenchman French actor Olivier Martinez (who’s now married to Halle Berry) and Kylie were together for four years until 2007. few would underestimate the potential for it to be a huge success. if it were needed. Kylie herself said in the past that the desire to perform runs in her blood. contrary to popular belief.” While Kylie was hatching her musical comeback The Spaniard “He’s The One. “I appreciate my 12 WorldMags. As she is fond of telling friends. on my 70th birthday”. having taken a step back over the past couple of years. so she’s making changes. has set the music industry buzzing with talk of it becoming her biggest hit since Can’t Get You Out Of My Head topped the charts in 2001. but actually this is one tough woman. Her crown isn’t slipping yet. her 12th studio album is due out later this year. “It’s not that she didn’t want to stay with him – it’s just that when Kylie is in work mode it really isn’t compatible with a conventional relationship. Kylie knows that. He was her rock during her battle with cancer “Love is not simple. but they were over when she finally grew tired of his wandering eye. After everything she’s been through. but nothing will stand in the way of her career. but they don’t know Kylie. a phenomenon of her own making. she never has much luck with men’ attitude.WorldMags. Kylie has also made it known that she’s the kind of woman who likes her independence.

we’re told. but that’s not the kind of guy he is now.COM.” the insider adds.” she says cheekily. Their song. unlucky-in-love Kylie of old? Not quite.” Kylie once revealed. ” Sounds pretty great to us! Dannii and Adrian have been dating for three months W The Rockers First Love A biopic featurin g Kylie’s relationship with Hutchence is ab Michael out to be released in Au stralia Kylie started dating INXS frontman Michael Hutchence in 1989 and allegedly joined the mile-high club with him. “She wants to have it all and believes she can. “Love in relationships is not so simple. I think love is a lottery. it’s not something her fans are going to stop giving. REX FEATURES.” an insider told Look. INFPHOTO.” Certainly. It’s working for me this year and I hope I’m giving a voice to the females who look up to people like me in the business. so creative. Within weeks of parting with Terry. Kris Smith. she’d signed to Jay Z. WorldMags. It was 18 months on from her split with Brit model and father of her three-year-old son Ethan. “I was more than happy with that. Industry gossip suggested there had been a falling out because of her burning ambition. most generousspirited person. male attention is not something she’s going to be short of. Dannii and Adrian were spotted hand in hand for the first time. Leo Ihenacho. Where The Wild Roses Grow. She briefly dated Lenny Kravitz (top right) in 1991 After meeting on the set of Neighbours. and it was good to see her looking doe-eyed again (especially since Kris seemed to move on so quickly). Suggestions that she’s some kind of spinster aunt pining for the life she never had are wide of the mark. “They bombard her with messages every day begging for new material and another tour. Success on her level comes at a price and it’s a price she’s willing to pay. LANDMARK WORDS: LYDIA SOUTHERN.” In fact.WorldMags. Adrian’s different to Kris. ” We’re told Dannii.” So are we witnessing a return to the workaholic. reached No 11 in the UK charts in October 1995 own space and the world I create for myself. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ Kylie.” the insider adds. reports linked Kylie and the Australian musician Nick Cave after they recorded a duet together. “He was a bit of a party boy and had a reputation as a ladies’ man. enjoying a day on the beach in Sydney with friends and Ethan. her manager of 25 years and an industry veteran who turned her from a soap actress into a global popstar. we couldn’t have been happier for the former X Factor judge.” But while love may be on the back burner for now. she isn’t worried about his past. She also parted from another rock in Terry Blamey. RICHARD PRICE PHOTOS:” she once said. Google it now The Aussie Although they always denied dating one another. So as Kylie was busy on The Voice. is smitten after three months of dating and despite friends’ concerns. “I think [the panel] works really well with one girl and three guys. Adrian Newman. If you’ve never seen the video for Especially For You. Some people manage to find their COVER STORY Kris Who? Dannii Finds Love With Hot Rocker As the singer goes public with her new man. Others don’t. and the chemistry is unbelievable. “Anyone who knows Kylie will tell you she’s the kindest.i. back in October. “You need a lot of luck to find people with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. her relationship with Andrés is not the only casualty of Kylie’s revival. PRESS ASSOCIATION. Kylie and Jason Donovan fell for each other and dated for five years. considering the palpable frisson as the blushing star flirted up a storm with the dedicated ‘Charlene fan’ and former The Streets singer. He loves playing the family man with Dannii – they have tons of fun and he’s brilliant with Ethan. “Millions of people buy her records and come to see her shows. Sir Tom Jones and Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson sat beside her might have something to do with it. GETTY IMAGES. “Dannii’s got things she regrets too. friends say he could be a keeper hen we first saw Dannii Minogue getting all cosy with her new rock star man. She simply won’t waste time doing anything she doesn’t want to do. And having Will. “Adrian has made Dannii realise she can love again. “Kylie is at a stage in her life where second best won’t do. Insiders say Dannii has fallen for the Swiss multi-platinum songwriter and frontman of the band Lovebugs. who has a huge amount of love to give but is cautious of it at the same time.COM .” the friend adds. 42. is “happier than ever”.

Say hello to the ‘pyjono’. Oh. The only place we won’t be rocking this perfect PJ mash-up is to bed! M The Pyjono! Your Cover-Up Style Hero with cute pyjama deets are set to be your 2014 fashion favourite. oriental-style kimonos. seeing you well into next season with their PJ-style detailing – think WORDS: KATIE YIANNAKIS PHOTOS: TOMMY TON/TRUNK ARCHIVE . Choose traditional.What’s WorldMags. These beauties are a must in your spring wardrobe. the love child of last season’s slouchy silk pyjama tops and pretty. pretty much everything for an instant daytime style update. too… Wrap a black sash around your pyjono for a high-end look Ella Eyre 100% silk Topshop Boutique £130 Warehouse £20 Topshop £55 River Island £25 Topshop £68 Marks & Spencer £69 14 WorldMags. skorts – there’s a new fashion hybrid in town and it’s here to stay. or work classic black with. floral-printed silk jackets teamed with sharp tailoring for a chic evening vibe. pockets and buttons – on tailored kimonoesque New Kimono-style jackets ove over. well. and the name’s pretty fun to say. .

it’s all eyes on daughter Sasha’s wardrobe right now! .What’s New CREDIT Forget Michelle Obama’s J Crew obsession – after sparking a string of high-street THE SASHA OBAMA EFFECT WhyShe’s Fashion’s Most Influential 12YearOld 16 WorldMags.

£120 Asos. The next Sasha must-have to cause a shopping stir came in the form of Asos’s silver cut-out ‘Southwark’ shoes (right). playful style. GETTY IMAGES. Sasha fans went bananas and sent stock levels to zero in seconds. the Oxfordstyle shoes were so popular. crashing the website. £40 Restocked Urban Outfitters. S WorldMags. That is until Sasha. What sets her apart is her youthful. One thing’s for sure. the only Obama style we’ve been concerned with is Michelle’s J Crew and Jason Wu-packed wardrobe. Asos’s womenswear design director Jacqui Markham tells us: “Sasha is on track to becoming as influential in the fashion stakes as her mother. £42 Sold out What sets Sasha apart is her playful Those pandas are stylish and Asos dress. £75 Sold out Asos. as Asos are calling it. 12. There was also a surge in demand for Dr Martens. Asos have brought them back for this season. It sold out immediately. Her influence is huge Her outfit choices are versatile favourites and her fashion influence is huge – the unicorn sweatshirt had to be restocked due to customer demand. stepped out from her mum’s shadow and firmly into the fashion limelight. In fact. which were like gold dust after she sported them to pick up the White House Christmas tree. we’ll be ready to snap up whatever she steps out in next… WORDS: GEMMA GOW PHOTOS: ASSOCIATED PRESS. 17 . REX FEATURES Dr Martens. After kicking off these highstreet frenzies. £25 Sold out WorldMags. The ‘Sasha Effect’. When she wore an Urban Outfitters panda-printed knit. We’ve heard on the grapevine that Sasha’s giving mum Michelle style advice now. began when the littlest Obama wore the online fashion giant’s £25 unicorn jumper. You know how Duchess Kate showcases a Reiss dress or Zara blazer and it flies off the rails? Yep. as she’d teamed her jumper with the cult lace-up boots. PHOTOSHOT. she’s definitely got the credentials to dish out wardrobe tips. Barack’s youngest daughter has the same selling power and is officially your surprise 2014 style icon.” While the online superstore may be her favourite – her other wardrobe staples include their printed frocks and a cool white biker – it’s not Sasha’s only high-street hotspot.o far. No wonder US website The Huffington Post described Sasha as having some “serious shoe game”. Want. .net WorldMags.

to create your bespoke design. these babies often top the £1. Sandra Bullock. MATRIX Get It On The High Street Only By Grace Jewelry at Etsy. and the dainty designs are fast gaining a cult following from stars such as Naomi Watts. It’s lucky then that the duo’s creations have sparked a huge locket comeback. WorldMags. and was every A-lister’s Christmas must-have.WorldMags. Millie Mackintosh Instagrammed the one she wanted to find under the tree. Johnny Depp. then fill it with a medley of charms. A definite investment piece. erm. The concept is simple – you choose a circle or heart glass case (starting at £350).net What’s New Naomi Watts Sandra Bullock One of the Loquet London buildyour-own designs Alexa Chung Loquet creators Laura Bailey (left) and Sheherazade Goldsmith (right) with fashion designer Alice Temperley Choose your own charms to go inside the locket The Big A-List Locket Comeback Alexa Sandra Bullock and Naomi Watts – the list of new jewellery label Loquet London’s A-list fans is endless.COM. which is chock-full of Loquet homages right 19 . Start dropping hints for Valentine’s Day £1.000 mark – we’re talking future heirloom territory here.56 £26 L oquet London is the new jewellery label by model Laura Bailey and socialite Sheherazade Goldsmith. such as birthstones or peace signs. It’s time to get back on the locket bandwagon… Julie The Fish at Etsy. especially on WORDS: GEMMA GOW PHOTOS: X17 AGENCY. XPOSUREPHOTOS. Alexa Chung got one for her 30th. Poppy Delevingne and. ladies.

F Eating Disorder Above: Ke$ha on stage in Atlantic City last May – she emerged a little leaner in Las Vegas (left). adding: “I’ll be […] seeking treatment for my eating disorder […] to learn to love myself again. just four months later. She said: “She was throwing up… I told her it was dangerous. allegations that Nicole Richie had relapsed into anorexia also emerged. Nicole Scherzinger and Lily Allen have all gone public with their own issues with eating disorders. Ke$ha’s story is all too familiar for a lot of women in the spotlight.” 26-year-old Ke$ha confessed in a statement. Look investigates if the pressure on female stars has gone too far or us. Timberline Knolls was where Demi Lovato was treated for WORDS: LYDIA SOUTHERN. self-harming and a drug addiction in 2010. the opportunity to do anything – the list goes on. the wardrobes. Her mother Pebe Sebert revealed the singer is suffering with bulimia. instead of celebrating her No 1 hit Timber with friend and rapper Pitbull.COM. Those sculpted bodies. “I’m a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself. REX FEATURES.WorldMags. it’s hard to imagine that life as an A-lister is anything but perfect.” They were brave words from a singer whose weight has yo-yo’d dramatically over the past three years. exactly as I am. but I’ve found it hard to practise. But the stark reality of ‘Hollywood perfection’ hit home last week when pop singer Ke$ha checked into rehab for an eating disorder. and over the course of the last few years Lady Gaga. Meanwhile. and is now in rehab 20 TheSecretPain Of Ke$ha And Nicole’sBody ImageBattle As Ke$ha checks into rehab for an eating disorder and Nicole Richie’s weight seems to have dropped. WIREIMAGE.” She’s now reportedly having treatment at Timberline Knolls rehab centre in Illinois. SANJEETA BAINS PHOTOS: INFPHOTO. PHOTOSHOT .COM. anorexia.

explains that even if you’re already slim. they’re considering staging an intervention to encourage her to seek help. then starving themselves to death to ‘get the look’. but the negative media attention made me question myself. she denied any problem: “I am not anorexic.” she says. Nutritionist Lowri Turner tells us: “Ke$ha and Nicole are prime examples of how the insane pressure on all women. I am not bulimic. “It can be hard to promote this message when girls are bombarded with images of skinny celebrities and models lauded for being beautiful and fashionable. The reports also claim her family are so worried. who treats patients with eating Anorexia Allegations Far left: Looking healthy in Miami in March 2012.” Dr Kinmond continues. But there is a whole world of healthy variety in between.” We couldn’t agree more. 27. a victim of online bullying about her size. especially well-known ones. the problem can sometimes be that they can’t gain weight rather than that they’re desperate to lose it. New US reports claim the 5ft 1in star is “down to a startling 88lb [6st 2lb]”. WorldMags.” Former TOWIE star. Nicole worried onlookers in November when she looked extremely slender in a white Emilio Pucci cut-out dress at the American Music Awards.” Lowri adds: “No one should be in any doubt that being very skinny or very overweight are unhealthy options. on the other hand. It’s been alleged she is surviving on a diet of “sunflower seeds. she’s now strong enough to shut them out. I do not have an eating disorder. has “relapsed into anorexia”. Lauren Goodger. Thankfully. “Weight criticism has been democratised by Twitter and Facebook. agrees. “Anyone can tweet or post something about how ‘fat’ I am. but Nicole was dramatically slimmer at the American Music Awards in November What’s New News of Ke$ha seeking help coincided with reports alleging that mum-of-two Nicole Richie.” The fashion designer went on to gain a healthy amount of 21 . and we should admire and celebrate those different body shapes. “For people who have naturally tiny frames. “Anorexia. but fresh reports say her weight has plummeted again over the past six months. to be slim can take a heavy toll. juices and chewing gum”. You don’t have to be a star to have others express an opinion on your body. celery. weight can still be an issue. “I’m a size 12 and was always happy with my body. When images of a painfully thin Nicole running on the beach emerged in 2006. “likely to be living off about 600 to maybe 800 calories a day”. Ordinary teenage girls and boys open themselves up to this sort of bullying on the web every day. 32. is a serious mental illness which is very dangerous and kills. And it’s not just the A-listers who are victims. and the effect is worse for young stars whose fame revolves around social media.WorldMags. The voices eventually drown out your own and I think that’s what’s happened to Ke$ha. We hope Ke$ha and Nicole make peace with their bodies soon.” Dr Kathryn Kinmond. Body dysmorphia works both ways.

Now. That family sure has some amazing genes t’s three years since she was a bridesmaid at her famous sister’s wedding and was touted as a ‘Mossy in the making’. Now it seems Lottie is delighted to finally start her career. 16-year-old Lottie Moss has finally sealed a deal with Kate’s model agency. the latest signing at Storm Models and a super in the making. Storm’s head of press. we’d say you’re going to go far. 16.What’s New WorldMags. after witnessing Kate’s unstoppable rise since being discovered at JFK airport aged 14. “Lottie has turned WORDS: GEMMA GOW PHOTOS: CARTER BOWMAN. Lottie. unveiling her model card on her Twitter account. second wife of Kate’s dad Peter – weren’t keen on thrusting her into the oss! Kate’s Sister Launches Her Modelling Career Say hello to Lottie Moss – Kate’s half-sister. The pouty teen posted it with a caption: “Wot u sayin. “Lottie is in full-time education and will be concentrating on her exams for now. We feel a joint campaign coming on! Meet Lottie M I Lottie Moss We’re pleased to welcome Lottie to our New Faces division 22 Kate Moss Lila Moss WorldMags. it’s no surprise speculation about Lottie following in Kate’s footsteps was rife postwedding. PA PHOTOS . so we’re pleased to welcome her to our New Faces division. Storm.” With those looks. but at the tender age of 13 her parents – mum Inger.’ says Paula Karaiskos.” Well.

net .WorldMags.

we’re coveting JW Anderson’s menswear designs as much as his main line. catwalks The Pretty Peplums JW Anderson loves a gender-bending detail. now he’s gone peplumcrazy. anyone? ASTRID ANDERSEN JW ANDERSON One-Shoulder Tops We all have one of these lurking in our wardrobes – we’re not sure about the boys’ Lycra leotard update though! Anyone else feel the urge to tricep dip? 24 WorldMags. Last season he was all about frilly . So glad we didn’t throw ours out! Platform Brogues & Floral Suits We’ve got to admit.WorldMags. Those boys are pulling off florals and platforms as well as Karlie Kloss and co! His ’n’ hers wedding guest MEN’S FASHION WEEK JW ANDERSON Pink tie-dye.

net 25 WORDS: GEMMA GOW PHOTOS: I-IMAGES. Double Tie-Dye Our long-time festival go-to could be the new thing in men’s smart-casual – loving the pink. PICTURE LIBRARY. Thanks. BURBERRY BURBERRY . alright – this street-meetschic blend takes the term ‘sports luxe’ to the next level. PHOTOSHOT. Top marks for reinventing the suit.WorldMags. REUTERS. GETTY IMAGES. MAN BURBERRY BURBERRY Split Hemlines Split-front skirts were a huge hit at Topshop and River Island. We’ll stick to metallic heels. and now MAN have taken inspiration. Boys: accessorise with chunky boots. Silky Scarves Did Burberry make our street-style crush Miroslava Duma their muse? We’ll all be tying our scarf around our shoulders What’s New peplums and pretty lace have just stormed the catwalks – the menswear that is! We need to start a wardrobe timeshare with our dad/boyfriend/brother… ASTRID ANDERSEN LOU DALTON Trends They Stole From Us! Pastel Lace They’ve hijacked our coloured lace look. PACIFIC COAST NEWS. Burbs! WorldMags.

net . Chaz… Kiss-Cam Cara Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez As if she doesn’t have loads of men falling at her feet already. Clearly the queen of pop has a type. 55. at a New York Knicks game. 25 – Madge has allegedly moved on to another dancer toyboy. posing for selfies. We’ve Got The Pics To Prove It! Love Lives Try to stay awake. “Harry? Who’s Harry?” 26 WorldMags. Timor.WorldMags. 26. as well as showing off his ripped abs. cuddling and smoking e-cigarettes If They’re Doing It. the pair were getting very touchy-feely. where they snogged for the kiss cam. was spotted hitting the slopes with Madge. The 21-year-old model got all tongue-y with Michelle. Throughout the game. So are they officially wifey and wifey? Watch this space… Madge’s New Toyboy Madonna & Timor Steffens Within a month of dumping one younger lover – in the form of Brahim Zaibat. Cara’s been getting cosy with the bisexual The Fast And The Furious actress. and her family on a ski holiday in Switzerland. even off camera. 13. 35. He also recently Instagrammed pics of himself hanging out with Madonna’s son Rocco.

adding: “Kelly is looking forward to a new year full of fresh beginnings. 26. with a bloody nose.WorldMags. The pair met at Kate Moss’s wedding in 2011. but that’s reportedly what Emma is Baby Time Jessica EnnisHill & Andy Hill Gold medallist Olympian Jess will be practising her nappy changing skills as she and her husband Andy are expecting their first child. said: “We are completely overwhelmed with excitement and a degree of anxiety that I am sure all first-time parents will relate to. SANJEETA BAINS PHOTOS: GETTY IMAGES. At least they can share their hairdresser Moving On Emma Watson & Will Adamowicz The spell has been broken for Emma. also 29.COM. Last year Emma. has split from fiancé 27 . INFPHOTO. 23.COM. Her boyfriend and co-star Evan proposed over Christmas and she’s been spotted wearing a sparkler on that finger. 27. WENN. Clearly she’s still got a trick or two up her sleeve! WORDS: GEORGIA MORGAN. The pair were photographed on their way back to Charlize’s house after coffees and then emerged for a cinema date to see The Wolf Of Wall Street. Kelly. 53. The 23-year-old has split up with her boyfriend of two years.COM. ” But why no monogrammed earrings. We bet they sat on the back row. Jess. 29. ” It’s safe to say Jess and Andy are pretty happy right now Engaged! Does somebody need to do the happy dance? Emma Roberts & Evan Peters We’re not sure marrying someone you allegedly assaulted is a good idea. SPLASHNEWS. But fear not. was arrested after a fight that left Evan. Madge? We hope Kelly’s “fresh beginnings” include another hot rocker WorldMags. Matthew (inset) Split Kelly Osbourne & Matthew Mosshart Just when we thought a bling wedding was on the cards. 21. guys. 38. Will. REX FEATURES Emma and Will are over – but she’s got a new man. have a lot more than Oscars in common as they’ve now been spotted getting close in LA. Charlize & Sean Get Serious Charlize Theron & Sean Penn After spending the New Year together in Hawaii. she’s already been seen in the arms of a strapping new man – Oxford Uni rugby player Matthew Janney. 22. and Sean. clearly Charlize. A spokesperson confirmed the split. Best wishes.

net WorldMags.

net .

is just as ready for snow as she is a stroll down the high-street catwalk. One of the hottest autumn trends – the longline waistcoat – can still take the brrr-factor down a notch by layering a chic roll neck underneath. 30 WorldMags. double-strap courts and on-trend pinstripe trousers. We love how she’s finished her look with sleek. FYI) to coated flannelette finishes. 23. Her stunning faux-fur number is from on-the-pulse fashion site Choies. Longline Cool Lumberjack Takeover From handyman lumberjack accessories (that’s anything shearling-lined or checked. Andreea Panciuc of Dreamingof chanel. Pull on a smart coat and you’re good to go. the winter woodland trend is guaranteed to make chilly temperatures feel cosy and look cool. . Gorgeous. just like personal shopper Hannah As the temperature Iris Gravemaker. discovers an evening look that hits a glam high note but doesn’t leave her bare-limbed or battling with side-wind skirt dramas! The 26-year-old Londoner teams her jacquard trousers with a jewelled knit and a snug beanie. make like these fashionistas and take your cold-weather wardrobe to a chic new level Beat The Cold: A Street-Style Masterclass Going-Out Glam Thanks to the stellar styling at J Crew this season. a blogger and stylist. from Brighton. Double Up We love it when a micro trend simply means pulling together a few existing items from our wardrobes in a new way. WorldMags. WORDS: DEBI SIMPSON PHOTOS: ADENORAH. Romanian blogger Laura Charaba. of I’mWearing WorldMags. a fashion blogger and digital marketeer from Manchester.CO. such as the colour or print.COM.COM. We predict big things for this easy-peasy wardrobe reboot. 26. think again. PORTABLEPACKAGE. finds stylish warmth by layering a white shirt under a Gap sweater and boxy WeNeed You! Browse hundreds more looks and upload your own at Look. 23. while her cat-eye shades. it’s time to test its full potential! Charlotte Lewis. The slim silhouette provides scope to pile on the warm layers. chooses to keep the chill at bay by doubling up her scarves. shows us a ladylike look is just as achievable in gloomy months as it in 31 . Full Circle If you thought winter dressing was mainly bulky and boyish. LIVINGINASHOE. AnneLaure. AFASHIONFIX.COM. top-handle bag and dripping necklace ensure a prim turn-out. a fashion blogger from France. She tucks her jumper into a full skirt.UK Tailored Layering We’ve championed the tailored trend all season and now it’s properly cold. FASHIONZENBLOG. Be sure to pick a common factor.

net Feature  Husband  2.WorldMags. Look talks to some of the ladies who have experienced this life-changing moment PICTURE POSED BY MODELS 32 WorldMags.4 Children  Same-Sex Relationship The Rise Of The Later-On Lesbian As more and more ‘straight’ women suddenly realise they’re gay in their twenties and .

” she recalls. Get married. there’s no disputing the fact that society still suggests we follow a certain life plan. “These days.” explains gender expert Dr Katherine Browne.WorldMags. Meet a man. That’s until I met a friend of a friend who was a lesbian. “There has been a shift in how lesbians are perceived and I think people are becoming more open to the idea of sexual fluidity. Actress Maria Bello. “By the time you’re in your thirties. you’ve experienced so much that.” she says. 38. because looking back on my twenties. too. women’s coordinator for the Lesbian & Gay Foundation. L “What’s attractive to you at 25is not always goingto be attractiveat35” You aren’t necessarily born gay and then destined to remain gay ¼ 33 . fashion maven Jenna Lyons. Have kids. relationship experts around the UK have noted that a growing number of ‘straight’ women – who have been in long. Add to that the fact that there isn’t as much pressure to settle down and start a family. and factor in recent gay marriage laws. you’re going to evolve along the way. Before WorldMags.” It’s something that actress Vicki McKellar. and something clicked.term committed heterosexual relationships – are waiting until their late twenties and thirties to explore their sexuality. but I didn’t want to have a relationship with one. 42. 47. and often opt to ‘come out’ as gay. There are a lot of things that can affect you over the course of your eave school. or vice versa.” Sian Lambert. “What’s attractive to you at 25 is not always going to be attractive to you at 35. 46. I wasn’t repulsed by women. either. your sexuality isn’t something you only experiment with at university. But as increasing numbers of us dare to mix things up a bit. and it’s no wonder women are becoming increasingly comfortable with experimentation. and SATC star Cynthia Nixon. “I dated guy after guy after guy until I was 29. It doesn’t matter how progressive your parents or liberal your lifestyle. too. “It’s funny. can relate to. I was so certain I’d marry a man. And it isn’t just us ‘civilian’ types. of course. Find a job. It makes sense if that applies to your sexuality. agrees. have all left their male partners for women.

I was so nervous and wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for. then I’m OK. and so-called ‘camp masculinity’ is celebrated. MARIA BELLO Coyote Ugly actress Maria. I know exactly what I want from life I knew it. “My friends were all very supportive when I revealed I was dating women.” she says. But when we split up. I was delighted and although that relationship didn’t work out. 46.” A-List Later-On Lesbians CYNTHIA NIXON SATC star (and mum of two) Cynthia.” Vicki reveals. “But the internet provides some very supportive communities. 42. ” WorldMags. I’d tell anyone who feels the way I did to listen to your gut – as hard as it is. But on the other hand. caused gossip when she left her husband of nine years. CONTOUR ‘I I realised I had feelings for a woman. but said she had feelings for me.” It isn’t just family members who’ve struggled to come to terms with it. After a year of dating. “It’s actually worse when I’m holding hands with a woman who looks a bit boyish – I think society is a lot more accepting if both of you look feminine.” explains Sian. “We’ve had gay men in the media for decades. I knew then that my marriage was over. “Things might be getting better. “I dated her for six months – it was amazing. My dad was an ex-policeman. We still all go on family holidays together and – as far as I’m aware – they’re happy with it.” Working out where to meet women can be tricky. We both felt like we’d found our soulmates. “But I wouldn’t change a thing. We got on really well because we shared all the same life values – I imagined our future together all the time. I faltered a little and ended up in a terrible relationship with a man. then married Christine Marinoni in 2012. It was only three years later. there shouldn’t be anything holding you back. and the LGF [Lesbian & Gay Foundation] holds events where you can meet people in a laid-back environment. But I started to feel a bit trapped and was diagnosed with post-natal depression.WorldMags.” Vicki is currently single and happier than ever. but we had a real connection. I’m now with someone else and we’ve been dating for two years. but after a few coffees we clicked. so they do understand what’s happened. too. GETTY IMAGES. while my mum didn’t speak to me for a week. ‘lesbian masculinity’ is seen as shameful. split from ex-fiancé Bryn Mooser and is now raising her son Jackson. I was volunteering once a week with her and never told her about my feelings. and it was amazing. All that’s left is finding the right woman to share it with. it confirmed to me that I was gay. you have to acknowledge your feelings. tells us how she found the strength to come out after being married for seven years 34 “I summoned up the courage to tell my friend… She felt the same’ to talk to her. Jenna has a son. 47 . “We have a lot of calls from women who feel intimidated going to gay bars and lesbian clubs. If you think you might want to pursue a relationship with a woman. We met through friends and I was instantly really attracted to him. I’d always wanted a family and after three years of marriage I gave birth to a son. But it all felt so right that I couldn’t ignore it. As long as they feel safe and secure. Vicki hasn’t looked back since. not really. that WORDS: CORINNE REDFERN. It isn’t fair. Well. with girlfriend Clare Munn. 38. I feel grateful every day that I did. Beckett. Looking back. I left him and I’ve identified as a lesbian ever since.” Although that relationship didn’t work out. in 2011 for jewellery designer Courtney . Suddenly I was on a level playing field – nobody was trying to play it cool. In the beginning we were just friends. and Courtney has two children. but women who come out later in life still have a lot to deal with. left her partner of 15 years. We used to sit and laugh for hours – it was so easy Kelly. “I’ve had all kinds of things yelled at me – groups of children have even chased me down the street. But I really had to psyche myself up to tell my parents. I was on a level playing field” JENNA LYONS J Crew’s creative director Jenna. I think I’d realised this wasn’t the life I wanted after all. she was my girlfriend. It was only then that I realised how much I needed to be with another woman.” she says. In fact. JULIA BROOKS PHOTOS: REX FEATURES. 12. “I dated her for six months. it isn’t quite as simple as changing your relationship status on Facebook and waiting for the congrats to roll in. Danny Mozes. “None of my ex-boyfriends have ever contacted me about it either. when I’d given birth to my second son. My eldest son is nearly 13 now and my youngest is nine. he proposed while we were walking around Ely Cathedral near where we lived in Cambridge – I was excited and said yes! I didn’t have any reservations about spending my life with one man.” explains Vicki. I was 29 at the time and have never questioned my sexuality since. seven.” Of course.” Dr Browne isn’t surprised. and once I told my husband I was leaving (I didn’t say why). he just raised his eyebrows and accepted it. Vincent Mazeau. She was also ‘straight’. ‘Married With Kids… Then I Realised I Was A Lesbian’ was 22 when I got married. “People ask me if I regret waiting so long before experimenting with my sexuality. I summoned up the courage to tell my friend how I felt. and for some reason I was convinced he’d have a problem with it. .net WorldMags.

hasn’t done her any harm. changes of musical direction and scrapped songs (10 albums’ worth. just hours after walking for Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week. She must have thought I was an alien.’” Fast forward to 2014. Sky – alongside her boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith. This is a woman who knows her mind and isn’t afraid to show it. who she was arrested with last year last September. her record label sent her for media training. in the basement with no windows. don’t talk about drugs … basically. a family friendship with Michael Jackson and that drug arrest SKY FERREIRA B Sky and boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith. as well as a whole load of other things they might have disapproved of down at the bottom of the Capitol building. it’s hard to know which parts she didn’t find funny. the story of her arrest broke. “They said: ‘Don’t talk about religion. “It was not funny… OK. but people only thought that because I wouldn’t just agree with everything they said – like 50-year-old men telling me how to be a woman! Seriously. just look pretty and smile. which involved kissing Lara Stone. Instead. snapped by legendary photographer Mario Sorrenti last year. singer – Sky Ferreira seemed to have it all.WorldMags. though. which we’re keen to get to the bottom of. primarily. which has been more than five years in the making. But just as things looked to be on the right track.” she recalls. helping her gain high-profile modelling gigs for Calvin Klein’s CK1 ‘My Drug Arrest Made Me Realise Who My True Friends W ere’ ‘It’ girl. But now she’s fighting back… ack when Sky Ferreira was 15. I used to get nagged about combing my hair. “I’m not saying the arrest was funny. sex and drugs. to discuss her debut album Night Time. and an ad for Adidas. But there are other topics – her abusive childhood. If the arrest wasn’t humiliating enough.” And then came those mugshots: “They handed me this orange suit and some Crocs and I’m like: ‘Nooooo! Not Crocs! This must be my real punishment!’” She 36 WorldMags. and it’s safe to say that some of the media training didn’t quite stick. They’d tell me I needed more make-up and that I had circles around my eyes. Over the course of 75 entertaining minutes in a Manhattan restaurant. both with her modelling and ¼ . 28. “I have this reputation from ‘insiders’ for being difficult. newly signed and attempting to make it as a popstar. the 21-year-old singer and model – who’s been the face of a Forever 21 collection and has had Hollywood sniffing around her – talks about religion. The pair were eventually released on bail. it’s catapulted Sky onto everyone’s ‘It’ list. from the band DIIV – was charged for ecstasy and heroin possession. which involves so many amusing anecdotes.” Her iconic look. Mr Judge?” She then proceeds to tell her version of the event. mugshots of Sky went viral. she reckons). Last September. There was the prison guard who had to accompany her to the loo: “I had a kidney infection and I was p*ssing bright orange from my medication. thanks to disagreements with the label. and when we first broach the subject she appears to laugh it off. My Time. The attention culminated when she became the face of denim line Vigoss. don’t talk about sex.” she says. model. with or without make-up. “It was at the bottom of the Capitol building [in Washington]. Sky is here. until things started to unravel last September.

netSky Ferreira Interview I have this reputation for being .WorldMags. but only because I wouldn’t agree with everything people say WorldMags.

” She got the courage to tell the police about the abuse.” “My hair’s naturally dark red – I’ve been black but now I’m back to blonde. the running themes of insecurity are. “You need to be both if you want to be successful and stand out. she averts her gaze and goes back to awkwardly stirring her drink. Her mum found out through CNN. I like to go to thrift stores and flea markets. GETTY IMAGES SKY’S STYLE IN HER OWN WORDS . There are plenty of songs on her new album that sound as if they’re referring Michael Jackson was kind of my mentor. so he influenced me. but says they were useless.” Given the available evidence. messed-up kid who has spent half a decade procrastinating over a solitary record and is perilously close to losing contact with the rails.” For her cover album WORDS: TIM JONZE BOX WORDS: GEORGIA MORGAN PHOTOS: CAMERA PRESS/PHILIPPE BIANCOTTO. and then it happened again when I was older – that’s when I decided to move to New York. though. But she insists they were her way of taking control. she says: “Everything just kinda stopped.” she says. They said being quiet made me a target for it. I am the world’s first heroin addict who’s never taken heroin.” Sky was raised primarily by her grandmother (“My parents were around. but more as a friend than Michael Jackson the popstar to her arrest. features the chorus: “How could you know what it feels like to fight the hounds of hell?” But the album was actually written before it happened. But sometimes something will remind me of him and I feel better. “They blamed it on me for being quiet. It’s all about the blondes for me.” She says this with a look of steely determination in her eyes. Which was a bad idea because they were telling me I had to stop crying otherwise they’d put me in a mental institute. it was the first death I’d ever experienced. “which is saying a lot because we’re not exactly best friends”. Sky says. skirts and black boots.WorldMags.” “Givenchy’s probably my favourite. “They were posting my mugshot on Facebook and making fun of me as if I wasn’t going to see.” When she heard the news of Jackson’s death. So does Sky have a heroin problem? “I’ve never done hard drugs. My Time is released in the UK on 28 January on Universal.” “A lot of my stuff is vintage. but more as a friend than as Michael Jackson the popstar. I can do whatever the f**k I want with it. independent-minded young woman who won’t let record labels – nor her troubled upbringing – dictate what she wants to be. One is the vulnerable.” The arrest was bad. yet fragile. as if to prove her continues to joke: “Personally I prefer the blue mugshots they took when we were first arrested. “I really like Debbie Harry. I love her style. “The orange one is after I’ve been crying for.” she says. The other is a tough. but they weren’t ready for kids”) and developed an independent streak. “It’s my body. we ask: “Are you OK?” after spending an hour with Sky because she seems tough. Sky was photographed topless in the shower by controversial photographer Gaspar Noé and proudly Instagrammed the shots to fans. arguably the album’s standout track.” “I’ve got more sophisticated and taken more risks as I’ve got older.” 38 WorldMags. Then.” she says. I Blame Myself.” she laughs. Q Night Time. too. Rather.” “I do have very specific things I like – shorts. Even her grandmother’s job as a hairdresser was far from conventional – her employer was Michael Jackson. “She went everywhere with him. That’s what makes her so compelling. Referencing one of the songs on the album called Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay). [Riccardo Tisci] makes T-shirts with crazy prints. “He was kind of my mentor. 12 hours.” says Sky. “I didn’t understand it when I was younger. Her dad. meanwhile. flew out to New York. “I think I’m both. It was the reaction of some of her friends that hurt her the most.” she says. because Sky hadn’t worked out how to tell her. like. REX FEATURES. a consequence of her enduring sexual abuse as a child and not dealing with it until it came to writing the album. OPTIC PHOTOS. it’s possible to depict two completely different versions of Sky Ferreira. “I think I literally just snapped and hit rock bottom. so I was always around him and his kids. but the reaction to it was worse. .

If you’re struggling. keep up to date with all the latest developments in your industry. If you know your stuff. read our expert tips instead… WORDS: JULIA BROOKS. “But try not to worry about redundancies or other scenarios not in your control. or you’re Judi down about starting James the new year on your own. That’s if you don’t get snapped up by another company along the way. pick a realistic goal that will bring the most benefit. “If you’re seeing somebody. don’t make any relationship-related resolutions. you’re not beyond help. and set yourself a savings goal.” says behavioural expert Judi James. holidays and Christmas . the Thomas novelty of returning to work has definitely worn off. “Carry on dating without making any big decisions.” says Look’s fitness expert Keris Marsden. it’ll only make things worse. that back-to-work gloom is all too familiar. January has the power to make you feel rubbish. add a new one each month. too. “You can’t make love happen. now is not the time to start overanalysing. of course!” Flabby Tum Troubles Sure. especially in the third week.” explains financial expert and CEO of My Family Club. Gemma you’re not alone. Gemma Johnson. and you’re starting to think about the rest of the year. ” Love Life Low Points Whether you’ve been driven up the wall by your other half over Christmas. “January is tough for everyone. then in February you could head to Zumba as well. But don’t hide under the duvet. “Make sure you include one-off expenses such as car tax. And Johnson thankfully.COM BLUEMONDAY. it’s easy to make big promises. LOLA SOLE PHOTOS: BETH STUDENBERG/ Feature ‘Blue Monday’ Proof Your Life 20 January has been coined Blue Monday because it’s the day we’re most likely to end relationships. “But as tempting as it is to bury your head in the sand. eating half a turkey and five jars of cranberry sauce seemed like a good idea Keris at the time. So if you cut down on alcohol in January.” And if you’re single. Instead. “But we’re creatures of habit and if we overwhelm ourselves with too many changes. but you can boost your confidence levels by going out and meeting new people.” Financial Freak Outs If you’re binning your bank statements and hiding from your credit card bills this month.WorldMags. we’ll crash and give up.” explains life coach and career expert Natalie Thomas.ORG How To Back-ToWork Woes It doesn’t matter if you love your job or hate it. ” She advises making a budget for the whole year ahead. Natalie “By 20 January. when pay day still seems so far away. but with Marsden the leftovers long gone. it’s Blue Monday when we’re most likely to feel the pressure to get back in shape. look at photos of you both having a laugh together. Instead. If you can sustain that throughout January. then you’re much more likely to be seen as invaluable to your boss. run out of money and have a good sob. either. “This will help you to see the big picture.” she says. “After New Year. ” 40 WorldMags.

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H&M Shirt. Aldo WorldMags. Cheap Monday Shoes. £60.99. Asos Trousers.The Shirt Pale denim . £60. American Apparel Shirt with leather WorldMags. £70. £38. £19.

£12. Mink Pink The Skater Dress WorldMags. Borovick Fabrics Ear cuff. £25. Primark Dress. Topshop Denim (worn as headscarf). Topman Jumper. £50.SET DESIGNER: KAT BOND HAIR: JO PALMER USING KIEHL’S MAKE-UP: SALLY MONTY USING NARS AND LA ROCHE-POSAY THERMAL SPRING WATER MODEL: KLARA K AT FM STYLIST’S ASSISTANT: KATIE COOK . £5. £15 a metre.

com Jovonnista £199 £23 £40 Asos Boohoo. OSnap Them Up: At Asos – these trews look as expensive as silk and they’re machine washable! Try Jovonnista. laid-back Metallic s Cigarette The Trouser Takeover! New Give your tights a break and try these new-season trouser hotties – from Metallic Cigarettes You won’t find a better feel-good buy out there than these covetable . Tres Chic Sartorial at Farfetch. too.WorldMags. spring’s latest addition of super wide-legged trousers will get you feeling new-season fresh in no time. High shine. It’s the new tuxe luxe! OSpotted At: Antonio Berardi and Blugirl – it was like a catwalk rainbow of £122 58 WorldMags. almost pearlised ankleskimming length finishes are now key. or tone them down with a jersey tee. These aren’t flares or palazzos – they’re more like smart suit bottoms with a slight billow to them. Extreme Wide Leg With a cool. ORock Them: Embrace the statement by teaming with a matching jewel-toned £20 Twin Set at Farfetch.

99 Mango Autograph at Marks & Spencer £35. OHot Foot It To: Marks & Spencer’s Autograph for these set-to-fly beauties. O Wear It With: Shell tops and cocoon coats will create a structured contrast. ORunway CV: We spotted these at Missoni. while loose blouses add to the relaxed loungewear vibe. or head to Zara for a more affordable fix.WorldMags. OShop It: Mango. they’ll get just as much use as your jeans. £44. there’s something for everyone OOn The Catwalk: Seen at have everything from floaty to tailored styles on offer.99 Mango £199 Extreme Wide Leg Leather se Goes Loo Shapes To Know This Spring shapely culottes to sweetie-wrapper chic. cooler model this spring. OTry Yours: With boots and a knit or a tee and Converse. By night they look awesome with sequin tops and heels.1 Phillip Lim. River Island and Boohoo. Leather Goes Loose Skinny rock-inspired leather trousers make way for a looser. Daks and Sportmax.99 Zara £ More over the page ¼ 59 . Chanel and Emilio Pucci. hot sweats!). So much comfier than tight-fitting styles (bye-bye.

Remember how the crossover ‘skort’ shot to fashion fame last year? Well. Rag & Bone. Topshop £55 Societe Anonyme at Farfetch. here’s its offspring. OStyle It Up: Balance sharp.WorldMags. OWho’s Doing It? Topshop’s satin finish adds an evening feel. the good old-fashioned culotte shorts are back with a bang! Scrap any thoughts of naff school uniforms – these are the height of chic. Bell Culottes Hold on to your hats. O Designers: AF Vandevorst. ODesigner Credentials: Hermès. these wrap-front styles are the new offbeat trouser pick. graphic fold details with feminine finishes like a voluminous sleeved blouse or rock up harem fits with little leather jackets. with street stylers clamouring for high-street Wrap Front Inspired by traditional Eastern attire. Proenza Schouler and Marks & Spencer £133 £35 Team with your Breton top for a fresh take on the nautical trend Wrap Front Bell Culottes WorldMags. OWork It With: A chunky belt that will claim back shape and add definition to these sculptural designs. OOn The High Street: Pick from smarter tailored silhouettes at Asos and Bershka or bright and bold versions from . while M&S’s crisp neutrals will see you right through to the summer £107 £28 Asos Sportmax at Matchesfashion.

We’re talking tailored. REX FEATURES £35 £50 £50 Tapered. knee-skimming hems slim legs Jazzy Joggers l Tailored Peda rs e Push WorldMags. the shape and add glamour. from gymwear.Jazzy Joggers OClocked At: We saw these at House Of Holland. heels are a must. OFinish Them Off: With a buttoned-up shirt for an androgynous Tailored Pedal Pushers The pedal pusher is well and truly back for 2014. give them a chance! OAs Seen At: DSquared2. Ri-Ri’s been championing this one for a while and they’ve finally hit the OJust Add: The catwalk rules say matchy-matchy top halves but if you fashion big time (that girl’s always fancy something glossier.50 Simply Be £25 Topshop Jaded London Jaded London WORDS: LUCY WOOD PHOTOS: TRUNK ARCHIVE. our jogs come in eye-catching prints and with cuffed hems to streamline new street-cool go-to. WorldMags. Isabel Marant and Alexander McQueen. try a slinky cami. these styled-up OFind Them: At Jaded London. one step ahead!). otherwise it’s Topshop and Warehouse. Gucci and DKNY. cotton styles. OBag Yours: At M&S and Simply Be for classic styles with lasting power. Go on. Marks & Spencer £ . A world away Whatever happens.

Yep. Amazing.50 Jaeger £125 62 WorldMags. Take inspiration from these lovely ladies who’ve made their print mash-ups look even cooler by matching them in similar colours and tones to create a pulledtogether Cool No-Cost Styling Tricks They couldn’t have come at a better time – meet the splurge-free styling tricks that’ll give your wardrobe a dose of new-season chic.Spring-Over Your Winter Clothes Give your look even more fashion cred by shoulder-robing your coat WorldMags. they’re way more impactful than styled apart. French Connection £69 Marks & Spencer £ . You’re welcome… Feeling brave? Add another ‘It’ print into the mix like this stylista Boxy jackets are great for smaller frames and will create a nippedin waist Work A Spot & Stripe Mash-Up Two ‘It’ prints collide to create the best clash since black and white. we’re talking about spots and stripes – worn together.

of course! Pastels don’t have to be wishy washy – contrast them with some deeper hues WorldMags. However. rose. lemon and mint will all work seamlessly when worn together thanks to their similar tone. but separates in bluebell. They’re at opposite ends of the Pantone palette. bloggers and street stylers alike are getting in on the sugary action early.50 Dorothy Perkins £59 Break up your perfect pastels with a contrasting satchel… In a sugary Do A Pastel Pile-Up Always a spring style mainstay. it comes as no surprise that pastels are back in a big way for SS14. The only rule? More is definitely more… Marks & Spencer £29.WorldMags. dusting off their pastel favourites and rocking them from head to More over the page ¼ 63 .

Look for bright colours and punchy motifs that’ll amp up the overall clash. VANESSA JACKMAN. WorldMags. and a slouchy sweater. Last season’s logo jumpers will look great respun like this Enter the animal kingdom in fun faux furs if you don’t want to wear head-totoe print WORDS: MAXINE EGGENBERGER PHOTOS: REX FEATURES. FILM MAGIC. turn the glam factor on its head and rock it with a pair of worn-in jeans. Grab your animal-print staples – a subtle snakeskin works best – and directly contrast it with a technicoloured furry jumper or coat. Heels will highlight the high/low mix. HALLIEDAILY.COM Clash Your Animal Prints & Textures When wearing an oversized . a satin frock coat or a wool one. Whether it’s a silky trench. choose skinny jeans for a flattering contrast 64 This can look seriously chic.Give An Evening Coat A Downtime Spin Make your pretty occasion coats work twice as hard. despite sounding like a fashion faux pas.COM. River Island £35 Whistles £125 WorldMags.

we can’t wait to wear ours! Available in store and online now at debenhams. this gorgeous berry-toned frock is a hot addition to Julien Macdonald’s Diamond line at Yay! It’s The & Julien Macdonald Dress We’ve collaborated with celebrity-favourite Julien Macdonald to design this floor-sweeper – and it’s in Debenhams now! e’re so excited – the amazing new Look dress has landed on the high street! As revealed by Editor Ali Hall. With an A-list-worthy jewelled waistband and sexy thigh split. it’s just the ticket for your nights out. And at a purse-pleasing £ W £ ONLY 65 .

it’s surprisingly easy to wear.99 Rose & Tomato Pink is the hottest hue of the season. Emerald is often the go-to shade of green. although it’ll look just as cool paired with camel and black. but it looks its best in lighter shades. who went all out with this power pairing on the catwalk. 66 WorldMags. Break it up with a hit of print to offset the nostalgic . Orange & Purple Moss Green & Grey OK. Opt for minimal pieces in these colours for the sleek factor – if you mix in a busy pattern and texture. but the retro tones of purple and orange are back thanks to Narciso Rodriguez.95 Marks & Spencer £5 JONATHAN SAUNDERS Dorothy Perkins £35 EMPORIO ARMANI South at Littlewoods £14 G Steer clear United Colors Of Benetton £35 G Deeper orange and purples suit blondes best. Brunette? Go for vibrant shades Asos £35 of black – balance out the pretty colours with fresh white separates River Island £45 Pretty Polly £5 G Mix your checked separates with a subtle animal print for an eclectic twist Topshop £42 Dune £85 Zara £49. too. Matched with dove grey.High-Street Catwalk WorldMags. meet the totally lust-worthy Warehouse £95 River Island £22 Miss Selfridge £27 Dorothy Perkins £38 Gap £69. then directly contrasted with a punchy red pop. so we’re shaking things up with a mossy colour instead. it’ll look messy. so they might scream the ’ Colour Combos Forget black and white.

then come warmer days. Get the look now with a leather pencil skirt and a knitted jumper.To Brighten Up Winter new shade pairings that are taking over our wardrobes Matalan £10 Zara £ £6 G If you’re New Look £2. The rich shades of claret and navy go seamlessly together and the darker tones make them ideal for the office. Sky Blue & Lemon This is set to be one of the hottest colour pairings of SS14. Teal & Tan If electric blue just isn’t your thing. change it up with pale blue jeans and a zingy lemon Oasis £38 Miss Patina £49 Topshop £120 Zara £15.99 L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic £65 Uniqlo £19. JAZZI AT PREMIER FASHION INTERN: KATHY DAVIDSON going-out top work double time by layering it over a rollneck top G Offset a glam coverup with a buttoned-up shirt and a cute flippy skirt ACHTLAND River Island £30 NARCISO RODRIGUEZ .90 WorldMags. WorldMags. opt for grey knitted tights to tie in with the soft hues Zara £49. so you’ll get full wear out of those splurges. switch up the trend in favour of teal instead. but try giving this colour a grown-up style hit with earthy tan to earn maximum style points.99 G Make a Jonathan Aston at Mytights. It’s typically paired with rich chocolate browns.95 bored of black 67 STYLED BY: MAXINE EGGENBERGER PHOTOS: JULIEN BATON HAIR: JAY ZHANG AT ERA MANAGEMENT USING AVEDA MAKE-UP: FREYA DANSON HATCHER AT S MANAGEMENT USING BOBBI BROWN MODELS: KATY AT MODELS 1.99 Next £30 Claret & Navy Opt for styles with a subtle pattern or texture clash to give this duo a stylish lease of life.99 Oasis £45 New Look £12.99 Accessorize £42 Forever 21 £21.

net .WorldMags.

It gives my hair gravitydefying hold (without any stiffness) and it contains acacia honey to protect my hair from the elements. £32. I’ve been using new Phyto Phytolaque Design Pinky Punch Sarah Gabbatiss 69 .uk/fnb-brow. Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer. scan the code and learn how to get perfect eyebrows. Look. but they’re also packed with vitamin E oil.* Get lt Or Regret lt! Andrea Garland Squirrel Lip Balm £15 ’s Editore Choic £ Garland re d An a 15 ANN YEE Andrea Garland Birds & Flowers Lip Balm £15 Pocket Vintage Lip Balms Sorry. has a soothing thick texture. £ Holds-All Hair Hero This winter I’m leaving behind loose waves and wispy chignons for pokerstraight partings and super-structured updos.50. And in my fight against the frizz.COM *AVAILABLE FROM 1 FEBRUARY 2014 FY…Eye! Alongside the hundreds of wrinkle-busting eye creams out there. and contains gold and peach pearly extracts to instantly neutralise stubborn eye Go Dotty! Jennie Stamp WorldMags. so your lips will feel and look 100% soft and smooth. but are these not the cutest lip treats ever? Not only do they look classy and chic. I’ve come across a new treatment that’s specifically formulated to brighten under-eye circles (finally!). sweet almond oil and red raspberry oil.BeautyFlash Acting Beauty Ed Sam’s news on all things gorgeous It’s my new nine-hour sleep cheat! Download a QR Geometric Glitter Emma Giggs Watch Look’s Must-See Friday Night Beauty Video On Your Mobile! PHOTOS: GORUNWAY. Show Us Your Nails Look at these wintry mani wonders! Upload your snaps at Look.

net . Pouts at the p e h t d n i f c It’s time to colour for every oc k c i t s Lip n ideal a k ic p d n a skintone ady… r u o y r fo e ie r erfect lippasion.U O Y T E H R G A I R E H T G N I R A E W WorldMags.

Pale Skin Expect the metallic flecks and
subtle colour pops to instantly brighten grey washed-out winter cheeks, pronto!
1 MAC Lipglass in Overspiced, £14 2 Nars Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls, £17.50 3 Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Pink Gold, £19 4 Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Mistress, £14.50 5 Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick in Carina Coral, £8 6 Paul & Joe Lipstick in Peony, £14 7 Topshop Lip Cream in Double Take, £7

Every woman needs a reliable daytime lipstick in their life. It should be a subtle enhancement of your natural lip shade that needs minimal touch-ups

Golden Metallic

Peach Pop

Hot Pink Stain

1 2 3

4 5



Medium Skin Mix up your normal nude with
a chocolatey, rosy or chalky-finish gloss. The warmer undertones in your skin can cope with the quirky twist.
8 Estée Lauder Pure Color Sensuous Rouge in Orchid Surrender, £21 9 NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Bonfire, £7 10 Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Soft Plum, £6.49 11 MAC Lipstick in Morning Rose, £15 12 Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Feel The Love, £16 13 YSL Gloss Volupte Lip Gloss in 08, £21 14 Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper, £17.50 15 Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Nude Pink, £4.99 16 Nars The Multiple Multi-Purpose Stick in Undress Me, £30

Minimalist Bronze

Rose Bud

Chalky Lilac

11 8 9 10

12 14 15 13


Dark Skin Add neon over your brights, go paler
with your light colours and warmer with dark lippies, then watch how your skin seriously wakes up.
17 Stargazer Eyeshadow in Dawn, £4 18 Stila Crush Lip Cheek Stain Cherry in Mango, £16 19 Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in Petal Pink, £18 20 Trish McEvoy Cream Lip Colour in Barely Peach, £22 21 Models Own Cream Eyeshadow in Gold Pearl, £5 22 MAC Huggable Lip Colour in Rich Marrón, £17.50 23 Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Nude Beige, £19 24 Barbara Daly Lip Melt in Pink Fudge, £17

Tangerine Cream

Concealed Nude

Petal Mauve



22 20 19






Pale Skin Make porcelain skin pop for the evening with true
blue reds, chocolate browns and petal pinks.
1 Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencil in Ring Of Fire, £14 2 Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Vixen, £4.99 3 No 7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Statement, £9 4 Illamasqua Lipstick in Howl, £16.50 5 Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Rose Pearl, £7.99 6 Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Burnt Caramel, £7.99 7 Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss in Rose Dynamic, £7.99 8 Kiko Smart Lipstick in Crimson Red, £3.90 9 Shiseido Luminizing Lip Gloss in Maraschino, £20

7 6 8 9
Blotted Fuchsia

5 4 3

Chocolate Shimmer

10 2 11
Shocking Neon Pillarbox Red




Candy Coated

26 25

A serious look-at-me pout is always in order when night falls. Amp up the pigment factor and slick on as many layers as you can. Mega lips are taking over the beauty scene.
Orange Lacquer




Cherry Pop


Warming Rouge

16 23
Blackberry Gloss


22 21 19 18

Medium Skin
Punchy, glossy, wow-worthy lips are here! Your skin can take on the neons of the beauty world, so get ready to flaunt that pout.
10 Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in In Love With Ginger, £4.49 11 Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in 500, £25 12 Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in Melon, £18 13 Lancôme Le Rouge Absolue Moisturising Lipstick in 006, £22 14 Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Coral, £24.50 15 Models Own Lipgloss Wand in Red Hot, £5 16 Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in Fig, £18 17 Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Twinkling Ruby, £20 18 NYX Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe in Razzle Dazzle, £6

Dark Skin Wear these nighttime shades with
a soft smoky eye or nothing at all. Pick from a gloss, lippie or powder blush over lip balm to nail the texture.
19 Lola Lip Gloss in Pink, £10 20 Topshop Lip Bullet in Bewitched, £8 21 Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon in Diva, £6 22 Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Big Bang, £6.49 23 Bourjois Colour Boost Lipstick in Red Sunrise, £7.99 24 Too Faced Colour Bomb in Eastwood Red, £19 25 Pop Plump Pout in Fuchsia Freesia, £10.50 26 Lord & Berry Vogue Matte Lipstick in ’60s Pink, £12 27 L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush in Sandalwood Rose, £7.69

Everyone needs a wild card in their beauty drawer – the wacky but on-trend colour that you’ll occasionally wear when you’re feeling a little daring. Take your pick…

Dark Skin Glittering gold, glossy grey and yellow
tangerines might not seem like your go-to shades, but trust us – your skintone can carry them off, no problem.



Golden Girl

3 6 4 5


Citrus Punch

Dove Grey

Medium Skin
Highlighted lips will make them look plumper, glossy reds make eyes look whiter and frosting your neons will make you look more tanned. What’s not to love? Twilight Nude Glossy Crimson Pastel Pout

1 Barry M Lipstick in Peach, £4.49 2 Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Sizzle, £7.99 3 Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square, £17.50 4 D&G Classic Cream Lipstick Sicilian Jewels Collection in Topazio, £27 5 Philosophy Flavoured Lip Shine in Cinnamon Buns, £10 6 Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga, £18.50 7 YSL Gloss Volupte Lip Gloss in 24, £21

Killer Violet

Pale Skin This is your chance to go
a shade braver and play with texture. Make oranges matte, colourclash a red upper lip with a pink bottom one and try violet, the colour of the season. Your fair skin will thank you for it.


Calypso Orange




Two-Tone Pink




1 1


14 Illamasqua Lipstick in Underworld, £16.50 15 Collection Little Mix Lipstick in Jesy, £2.49 16 MAC lipstick in Candy Yum Yum, £15

8 RMK Gloss Lips in EX06, £12 9 Sensai by Kanebo Rouge Vibrant Cream Colour Lipstick in VC01, £25 10 Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick in Soleil, £7.99 11 Aerin Lip Gloss in Pink Rose, £22 12 No7 High Shine Lipgloss in Lust, £8.50 13 Rodial Glamstick in Bang, £25


sorted! Your Beauty Bootcamp ‘It’ Kit All you need to look fabulous all January long… Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub RRP £2. For healthy-looking hair. RRP £2.49.99 Pantene Pro-V Youth Protect 7 Shampoo and Conditioner RRP £2. RRP £3.49 Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation RRP £9. demi-matte finish. then smooth on Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation. followed by Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub.29.49 each. Every morning.Promotion WorldMags. RRP £2.29 Aussie Miracle Recharge Lightweight Conditioning Spray RRP £4. RRP £9.99. RRP £10. First. RRP £4.99 – this will give you a smooth. But don’t worry.49 each WorldMags. use Pantene Pro-V Youth Protect 7 Shampoo and Conditioner.99 Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Lotion RRP £10.49 Olay Essentials Wet Cleansing Wipes RRP £3. for a hit of hydration. Radiant skin and hair. then spritz on Aussie Miracle Recharge Lightweight Conditioning Recharge Your Beauty Routine Dull skin? Lacklustre locks? Get back to gorgeous with these winter wonder buys T oo much partying can play havoc with your skin and FINAL PRICING IS AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE RETAILER . apply Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Lotion.49. remove make-up with Olay Essentials Wet Cleansing Wipes. we’ve found some great products to make you look fabulous again.

net . Make the time to give your skin and hair a treat this winter Does your hair need to go on a diet? Read all this and more in the January ‘Big Beauty Detox’ issue of Beauty for all the latest expert beauty news and trends. out now! Register for free at Beautyrecommended.

net .WorldMags.

which work to protect and repair damaged winter skin. Genius! Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment ####$ Look’s Sam: This has all the benefits of a rich. email Sam your name. glowing skin. age. so I didn’t have to hang around before getting dressed. flaky patches of skin straight away. lightweight serums have all the benefits of a lotion but also tone. I even added a couple of drops to my bath water for a relaxing soak that left my body feeling really smooth. De Mamiel Treatment Clinic 4 Botaniques 3Laser Revitalize Marine Body Serum ####$ Look’s Sam: The price tag on this lightweight cream is a bit steep. including strong moisturisers like argan oil. Lucy: The mega-moisturising serum banished any dry. Restoration Body Serum ###$$ Look’s Sam: A little goes a long way with this serum – I only needed a 50 pence-sized blob to cover both my legs. Lucy: This brightened my skin and was also deeply hydrating. Plus. too.  Supercharge Your Skin G Always exfoliate before applying a body serum to remove any dead skin. making it easier for the serum to sink in. It sinks in fast. too.tor acWorldMags. nourishing body oil. so it’s worth the investment. sticky 77 . GETTY IMAGES Skinfirm Body Moisture Serum ##### Look’s Sam: This smells like it’s come straight from a spa – I love the refreshing orange flower and ginseng extracts. too – it looks so cool in my bathroom. That way. We need readers to help us! If you want to be in Look. Lucy: My skin instantly felt much softer after using this. where you’re from. Lucy: It’s non-greasy and smells amazing. Fantastic chemist-style bottle. but it’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins. £23 £22 £49 £46 Recommends Look’s Acting Beauty Editor Sam Freedman Reader LucyRoss Winter Skin-Saving Body Serums Forget heavy creams – these hi-tech. It contains sea buckthorn and baobab. without the estF T 1 2 3 4 The Join Our Panel! Every week. Look tests must-haves so you can buy the best – it’s like beauty bootcamp. brighten and smooth skin. so I didn’t have to wait around for it to dry. I used it as an ultranourishing hand treatment. 1Aésop 2BeautyLab COMPILED BY: VICTORIA JOWETT PHOTOS: PIXELEYES. WorldMags. leaving my body supple and toned after a few weeks. it doesn’t leave any heavy residue. but this serum didn’t tackle my stubborn dry skin quite as well as the others. G Apply your product straight after showering as the hot water will have opened your pores. your beauty dilemma and a recent snapshot to testfactor@ ipcmedia. organic aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. G Massage the serum into your body in an upward circular motion to boost blood circulation for healthier. The non-greasy formula completely absorbed into my skin and left my legs feeling silky. the formula can penetrate more deeply.

net WorldMags.

in Silken Taupe where you use £4. We tapped her up for all her insider know-how… How do you keep your skin looking amazing for catwalk shows? I always take my make-up off before bed and I stick to a strict cleansing. showing off all her new hair looks Mavala Mini Colour in Osaka INTERVIEW: CHARLOTTE JOLLY PHOTOS: GETTY IMAGES £ Feature Tali Lennox: ‘My Supermodel Beauty Secrets!’ Catwalk queen Tali. so £5. I’ve been growing it out ever since. it’s Red invisible.61 I walk and cycle a lot. £15 79 . but it works! I also learnt how to master beachy waves from Paul Gooch. Have you ever had any hair disasters? When I first started The model with her modelling I was superstar mum Annie. It was not good.61] is great for freshening up a blow-dry. lends her locks to the glam new Umberto Giannini campaign. CHI When I do cook. Tali’s an Instagram queen. blend and highlight. but now I prefer to keep them short with a sheen. It’s a lesson learnt – you have to keep a sense of yourself. I know it’s a cliché. It’s the best all-round product. but I notice a difference when I glug loads of water. Which hero products do you rely on? Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle [£5. but my skin is quite sensitive so I try not to exfoliate too often. Mavala Mini Colour in Osaka Umberto [£4. because it loses nutrients if it’s cooked. but I also I use it in food. too. Break it up with images you’re inspired Do you have any selfie tips? For Instagram. and on my face and body. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant [£40. You can’t beat it. 21. What beauty tips have you gleaned from being on photoshoots? Mostly I’ve picked up skin-perfecting tips.75 WorldMags.Beauty WorldMags. If you could only have five beauty products. Giannini Glam How do you stay in runway shape? Hair Backcomb I don’t really work out – I’m trying In A Bottle to get into it. like Maybelline Eyestudio Mono Eye Shadow in Silken Taupe [£4. And coconut oil is amazing – I work it into the ends of my hair. persuaded to cut Beauty’s in her genes! my hair into a blunt. I go to Mono Eye Shadow Bootcamp Pilates. so your feed isn’t just filled with pictures of yourself.09 resistance machines – it’s tough but you really see results. what would they be? Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant [£25] is a life saver to touch up dry patches. I’d choose a cheery bright red lipstick – MAC do the best shades.30] is light and really brightens up your skin. like how to create a base. toning and moisturising regime. I’m tempted by cleansing brushes. When I’m in Maybelline Eyestudio London. I also love organic brands like Dr Hauschka and Jurlique. and it’s natural. so it’s perfect for darker hair. Lego man cut.75] has a pretty pearl finish. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks in Powder Pink [£19] gives a flush of colour and a brown/taupe eyeshadow. Umberto Giannini’s art director – the secret is straighteners! Take 2in sections and curl outwards. like twisting a doorknob. Umberto MAC Lipstick in Giannini Glam Hair Dry Shampoo. I get a facial once in a while and.95 chilli and coriander.50] gives seamless coverage and. What’s in your fridge? I try to eat lots of raw food. I live in New York. Coconut I add in lots of Oil natural flavour with £9.09] defines my eyes. Make sure you balance it out.61] keeps my hair looking fresh and unlike most dry shampoos. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer [£18. I now use the Brightening Lipgloss [£18] on my cheekbones and eyelids – it sounds unorthodox. What’s your hero nail shade? I used to have talon-like nails and experiment with nail art. to fake a healthy glow. and I like Russian Red [£15]. I’d say keep it natural and always add in a bit of character. Russian [£5.


It’s knowledge. The Body Book Best Body SNACK SMART WORDS: JULIA BROOKS.” she explains. it counts your steps and tracks your sleep. MOVE. You never have to be hungry anymore. prompting you toward survival. Fit 3Get Online Valor Fitness (from £115 for four weeks. Cameron advises you become more familiar with what comes out. vibrating every time you slouch. 1 Slouch-Free Slimming! Good posture can make you look 7lb lighter. SaVse (£2. too.” she says. “It’s a key indicator of your overall health… and can indicate if you have a serious illness. so the clever clogs at Apple have developed the Lumo Back (£ – a tiny device that monitors your posture. too. That’s why it’s so important to listen to your hunger and to honour it by choosing the best possible source of energy you can find. One of Pixie Lott’s fave drinks Can’t afford a personal trainer? Check out Valor Fitness’s online training WorldMags. or simply a run-of-the-mill stomach bug. HARPER COLLINS) Eating the right foods isn’t as easy as it sounds. UNDERSTAND AND LOVE YOUR AMAZING BODY BY CAMERON DIAZ WITH SANDRA BARK (£16. er. from all major supermarkets) smoothies’ ingredients are cold-pasteurised. kiwi. It’s a signal from the deepest part of you. It also focuses on teaching you how to be healthy in the long term. lemon and banana all in one Cam:‘What I Eat To Look This Good’ The star.99.49. which will whip you into shape with the help of personalised nutritional and fitness plans and a team of coaches at your disposal. ” Yep. Instead. CORINNE REDFERN PHOTOS: WIREIMAGE. ” Phew! 3 New Health Tips For A New You Your 2Drink Greens Cramming up to eight vegetables into one bag-sized bottle. Hollywood’s own Gillian McKeith! LISTEN TO YOUR HUNGER Follow Cameron’s tips and tricks for a Hollywoodworthy body Cameron hasn’t kept her toned tummy and tiny frame from starving 81 . Valorfitness. Just take 10 seconds to look and make a mental note of the size. I make sure I have a lunch that includes vegetables. toilet habits help her stay in shape in her new guide. grains and chicken or fish. shape. “Hunger isn’t your enemy. ” KNOW YOUR ‘MOVEMENTS’ So even if you know when to eat and what to put into your body. pear. I’m already snacking to keep my energy up. “After breakfast. Amazon. 41. “Your body operates like an elegant machine – it needs fuel to keep is an all-online fitness training company.COM THE BODY BOOK: FEED. she’s trained her body to know when to eat – when she’s hungry. reveals how her diet and. spinach. Think broccoli. Plus. meaning there’s no need for preservatives. kale. shade and smell before sending it away forever. I don’t need as many carbs for energy at night [so] I’ll focus on [eating] vegetables and a smaller portion of protein for dinner. “Poop is not ‘ewww’ . I have a snack in the afternoon… maybe a piece of chicken or some rice and lentils.

Out 24 January Chris Pine Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Who’d want to follow in the steps of Harrison Ford? Chris #television “One is. Sky Atlantic The show got very dark last series but we can report the third one is LOL funny. 9pm. It’s definitely must-see TV! Now that’s how to work top-totoe leather The Musketeers From left: Jemima Kirke. FILM MAGIC Hollywood Hunks Kick-Start Your Year! . WIREIMAGE. #movies Forget dieting. Juliette Lewis and The Cumberbatch all appear in this story about a dysfunctional family of women – you just know it’ll be a goodie. WORDS: LYDIA SOUTHERN. right? Out 17 January 82 WorldMags. He plays a stockbroker who gets rich quick by defrauding investors – nice guy.Trending Now # WorldMags.COM. what one calls. Jessa reappears and Hannah gets her big writing break. BBC1 Prepare to get the warm fuzzies when Jenny and the rest of the midwives return. watch out for Marnie popping up in a music video. CORINNE REDFERN PHOTOS: REX FEATURES. Not only have the close-knit group moved from Nonnatus House. Carey Mulligan is the object of both of their affections – hello. as this is the fifth Jack Ryan film. We’ll be keeping an eye out for Skins’ Freddie. too. He’s a CIA analyst whose marriage (to Keira Knightley) is on the rocks. Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet – our favourite funny Girls Sunday 19 January. Out 24 January Leonardo DiCaprio The Wolf Of Wall Street Desperate for a Leo fix? You’ll be pleased to hear his new leading man is just as seductive as Gatsby. apparently. 8pm. saving and not drinking – head to the flicks to ogle this lot instead Justin Timberlake Inside Llewyn Davis It must be tough for JT to play second fiddle but he lets co-star Oscar Isaac take the lead as a struggling folk singer. but there’s a new addition to welcome into the fold. Shoshanna now has a surprising new attitude to men after splitting with boyfriend Ray. love triangle! Out 24 January Benedict Cumberbatch August: Osage County Meryl Streep. Luke Pasqualino (sword and all) as D’Artagnan. VICTORIA JOY. delighted to meet you” Call The Midwife Sunday 19 January. Ewan McGregor. Julia Roberts. Girls Monday 20 January. Lena Dunham. BBC1 Who knew 17th century Paris was home to such badass hotties? The tale of a group of soldiers working to protect their king has been given a sexy update. 10pm.

Reasonable notice of these changes will be given where possible. WorldMags. call our hotline* on Or Text.£1 Top. go ’90s with gold cuffs and huge hoop earrings. For example. *Lines are open from 14 January 2014 until midnight on 28 January For more fantastic competitions. house number and postcode to 87088 (UK). As for the accessories. Texts cost £1.02 per minute. Any remaining balance will be applied to future purchases. Cost from other networks may be higher. 0905 230 3202 BT calls cost £1. too. Primark have got SS14 go to Look.£6 Bag. For normal IPC competition rules.50 per text plus usual operator costs. .co. Visit Primark. see page 89. With tropical prints.£8 Skirt.000 To Spend At Primark Ten lucky readers will get a whole new wardrobe £12 £12 Win Up To £3 IN W 10 x £200 Primark vouchers o celebrate the arrival of Primark’s spring collection. as well as vintage looks in candy colours. You can thank us later! For your chance to win. Calls last approx 2 mins. You’ll find preppy. Primark reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Earrings. text: LOOKC A CHLOE JONES 14 NN1 1LL. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: There will be 10 winners. This card may not be exchanged for cash or vouchers. Please ensure that you provide your full name and address details as incomplete entries may be charged but not entered. athletic pieces that recreate the catwalks’ love of all things £2. Activated cards are redeemable in full or part payment for merchandise (excluding vending machine sales) at participating Primark branches. SP: Spoke Ltd 0870 880 4869.£1. ranging from polka dots to palm trees. just tell us: Which of these is not a shade of pink? (a) Salmon (b) Rose (c) Chartreuse To enter. we’ve teamed up with the high-street fashion giant to offer 10 lucky readers £200 each to spend in store. Entrants must be over 18..50 all Primark T Prints are huge. LOOKC followed by a space. Primark will not be responsible for lost. if you don’t want to please end your text with NO INFO. stolen or damaged to find your local store now. Gift cards purchased in the UK may only be redeemed at Primark branches in the UK. The card balance will expire two years after the last card your answer and then your full name. you may in future get sms marketing messages from IPC and Look magazine. who’ll each win a £200 gift card to spend in store at Primark. sugar-sweet palettes and futuristic finishes. where they reasonably consider it necessary to do so. Full skirts and smart tailoring make for pieces that’ll flatter every figure.Competition WorldMags. When you enter by text.

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OUT: A smiling Scorpio doesn’t have your best interests at heart. pronto. OUT: A rumour is totally false. When you text a psychic. calls made outside of these hours will be charged. All calls are recorded. OUT: You’re not sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. You’ve also got on top of those money problems. call 0906 344 0573** £1. It’s now time to have fun – a trip away. at the moment you feel a burning desire to spend time on your own. you like . Cost from other networks may be higher. a girls’ night in… If you’re loved-up. Helpline: UK 0845 270 8302 (9am-5pm. OUT: Now is not the time to start showing off. Service provider: Spoke Ltd. Start today. Text readings cost £3 plus std rate msg. Don’t be pressured – if you succumb you’ll wish you hadn’t. You’ve been working hard and are finally where you want to be. Call for more*: 09058 171281 ROI readers call: 156 078 7827 24 August – 23 September What’s In Store For Your Love Life? Contact our team of experts using a credit/debit card. 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net To Advertise Call 020 3148 2826 @IPCfashionads .net Book Body Get Fit & Fab for Feb! Clothes Ops!Studs £45 stimulating your Black Single Detachable Shoe Straps £7. SEMTEX contains NO sugar so there’s NO energy crash! Join the 1000’s of dream body transformations and buy online: WorldMags.99 elilamayaa.The Accessories WorldMags. breaking down body fat and supporting Deep red Suede panel structured tote £30 Jodie Marsh SEMTEX is the worlds most talked about fat burner that suppresses appetite while providing energy to enhance performance.JstJodie.

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Martina Crocombe. The winners will be chosen from all correct entries received by the closing date. Winners are responsible for expenses and arrangements not specifically included in the prizes. Please write ‘No other companies’ if you prefer not to receive such offers. including any necessary travel Phyto available at Banana Republic Ojon Gap Urban Outfitters www. The promoters reserve the right to amend or alter the terms of competitions. photographs and illustrations. We may pass on your details to carefully selected organisations so that they can contact you by telephone or post with regard to promoting and researching their products and services. Competitions may be modified or withdrawn at any Robyn Laser Treatment Clinic www. Angela P WWW. IPC would like to contact you by post or phone to promote our products and services and ask your opinion on our magazines.dune. © IPC Media. Prizes are subject to availability and the suppliers’ terms and conditions. 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which I was lucky enough to do at Diane Von Furstenberg in New COMPILED BY: DEBI SIMPSON PHOTO: SYLVESTER WANG GIf you’re looking to get into PR.My Style WorldMags. Cornelia Webb Watch. timeless wardrobe staples. Maria Nilsdotter Tweet me. Michael Kors Ring. make sure you know what’s going on in the industry. Top. We work with lots of high-profile clients. I then branched into PR and joined Varg in 2012. The Scandinavians are effortlessly cool. Social media is a fantastic tool to keep up with insider news. GA great staple can anchor your entire wardrobe. trousers and shoes. GMy big beauty tip is Björk & Berries Body Oil – it’s the best I’ve ever used and it smells amazing! Twice a year. they don’t do throw-away fashion and have a no-fuss approach to design which results in great. . I travel to Stockholm for Fashion Week. . I also get to attend events such as the British Fashion Awards. which instantly smartens up a chunky knit for work. @vargltd WorldMags. Varg represents Scandinavian and Danish brands… Senior account manager at Varg PR Rachel Cornick Rachel’s Top Tips …including Swedish Hasbeens and 2nd Day. This February’s LFW will have a Scandinavian showcase called Re-Present – Varg is involved and it’s really exciting! .net File I studied fashion design at uni… …and during my course I had an industry placement. all Day Birger et Mikkelsen Necklace and bracelets. Mine is currently a white shirt. Nicole Scherzinger is a big 2nd Day fan and we have regular visits from Swedish duo Icona Pop and actress Alicia Vikander (who really are ones to watch!).

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