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BATUK BHAIRAV BHAGYAODAYAE SADHNA Performing Day : Any Sunday Time : Night

Requirements : cloth or mat, Black Sesam seeds (Black Til Rice, !ncense, "ermillon, #ooden ta$le, Some fruits, %il lam&, Blue hakik Rosary, Batuk Bhario 'antra( !t is $elei)ed that in *ailyug the Sadhanas of +ord Bhairo is among the most easy to accom&lish and succeed in sadhana( +ord Bhairo &rotects his de)otees from the most gra)e dangers( According to ancient )edic $ooks and )edas, Batuk Bhairo originated $y +ord shi)a only to kill the demon Aa&ad and he came to $e kno,n as Aa&udaarak Bheira) i(e( Bheira) ,ho got rid of demon Aa&a( -rom that time Aa&ad came to $e a synonym of &ro$lems and Bheira) is the deity ,ho &rotects his de)otees from all &ro$lems in life( Though Batuk Bheira) Sadhana the follo,ing gains in life( .( All &ro$lems, o$stacles and dangers are remo)ed form one/s life( 0( %ne $ecomes mentally &eaceful, and quarrels and tension in family life come to an end( 1( %ne is &rotected e)en from future &ro$lems if one regularly tries this Sadhana at least once e)ery year( 2( !n order to make the state authorities fa)oura$le and to ,in court cases there is no $etter Sadhana( 3( %ne/ s life and &ro&erty are &rotectedd from all dangers( Sadhana Procedure 4 Batuk Bhario Pu5a ritual shall $e &erformed on any Sunday night( 4 %ne should take a $ath and ,ear clean clothes( 4 6o)er a ,ooden seat ,ith cloth ( 4 Take a steel &late and mound $lack sesam seeds on it and &lace the yantra on the mound ( 4 %ffer )ermilion, sesam seeds , flo,er &etals on the yantra( 4 +ite the lam& and incense 4 Take ,ater in the right &alm and &ledge 4 ! (s&eak your name am doing this Sadhana for the remo)al of these &ro$lems in my life (s&ecify

:.ear the rosary in your neck( Soon fa)oura$le . Tam *ostu$haa Bharann Bhooshit Di)ya Deham8( Then take soem rice grains in your night hand and s&eak out your &ro$lems clearly( Ne9t mo)e the rice grains around your head and thro.the &ro$lems and may +ord Bhairo remo)es all &ro$lems( 4 +et the .: days( After .ing ( Bhakatyaa Namaami Batukam Tarunnam Trinetram.ould manifest( >>> . *aam Pradaam "ar *a&aal Trishool Dandaan( Bhaktaarti Naash *aranne Dadhatam * <antra( 8%m =reem Batukaay <am Bhagyodayam *uru *uru Batukaay =reem %m Namah Shi)ayae8 Do this regularly for . rounds of follo. to the floor( 4 %ffer &rayers to +ord 7an&ati $y chanting 8 %m 7am 7an&ataye Namah 8 ele)en times( Pray to your 7uru or +ord Shi)a (thinking of him as your 7uru for Success in the Sadhana and chant the follo.ater flo.: days &ut the 'antra in your &u5a ghar and .:.ith a $lue hakik rosary chant . them in all directions( Then .