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I. Purpose and Application • To establish the methodology for identifying the aspects of AU activities, and their impact to the environment, in order to determine those environmental aspects, which have or can have significant impacts on the environment. • This procedure covers the activities of the University, including instruction and teaching activities, research activities, and administrative and business activities. Definitions • Activity – a process, operation, maintenance activity or other. • Environmental Aspects – are defined as those elements of the activities that can interact with the environment. • Environmental Impact – any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from the activity. • Environmental or Other Req. – Mark as Yes if the activity is regulated by an environmental requirement, university standard, or policy. • Severity of Potential Impact – ranking of how severe the potential impact of a defined aspect might be. “High” might be something that’s an immediate danger to human health or the environment. “Medium” is the minimum rating for a compliance related aspect/impact. “Low” might be for something voluntary or something that has little to no impact on human health or the environment. • Likelihood of Potential Impact – ranking of how likely it is that this aspect and impact would occur (i.e. What are the odds that it will happen?) • Opportunity to Control – ranking of the ability to control or influence the outcome of an aspect • Frequency of Activity – ranking of how often the activity occurs, on average Roles and Responsibility The responsibilities associated with the identification of environmental aspects are listed in the table below. The table below was extracted from the Structure and Responsibility Matrix.
Title Environmental Aspects Areas Establish & maintain procedures to identify environmental aspects. Complete aspects & impacts survey for each process & sub-process. Determine aspects & impacts by process &/or sub-process. Determine significance. Keep information up to date. Responsibility EMS Coordinator



AU Departments

AU Departments / EMS Coordinator EMS Task Force AU Departments / EMS Coordinator

2. Identify the environmental aspects as the source or cause of each impact to the environment. and the concerns of interested parties. Procedure for aspect/impact evaluation 1. Identify legal requirements using Identification & Access to Legal & Other Requirements. Consider the potential and actual impacts to the environment from each process and sub-process. Identify the potential for emergency situations. When determining significance. 4.IV. Identify the processes associated with the activities of the University. 7. . also consider the ease of changing the environmental impacts. 3. the affect the impact may have on AU's public image. 6. Consider the environmental aspects associated with legal requirements as Significant Environmental Aspects. 5.