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Chapter Practice Problems TCTD
Single Option Correct: (. Calc!late ∆H *., 5or the reaction: * >i(s ? *H*O (l → *;? (a@ ? *%H) (a@ ? H*(g 1i4en that the stan#ar# enthalpies o5 5ormation o5 >i?(a@ , OH)(a@ , H*O (l are )*7,.', )**,.. an# )*,'., kA mol)( respecti4el8 (all at *., k . (A );;+.*kA (B ;;+.*kA (C )7.+.*kA (6 none Calc!late the enthalp8 o5 4aporiBation o5 /O* at )*'oC, it the same at its <.p. (i.e. : (%oC <e '.'% cal mol)(. 1i4en that the molar heat capacit8 Cp(l C *%.& cal mol)( an# Cp(g C..+ cal mol)( (A &((..' cal mol)( (B '7,%.' cal mol)( )( (C '.'% cal mol (6 none



A sample o5 an i#eal gas with initial press!re $ an# 4ol!me 9 is taken thro!gh an isothermal process #!ring which entrop8 change is 5o!n# to <e ∆/. The !ni4ersal gas constant is ". Then, the work #one <8 the gas is gi4en <8 (A
$9∆ / n"

(B n"∆/ (6
$∆ / n"T

(C $9 ;.

A thermo#8namic s8stem is taken 5rom state A to B along ACB an# is <ro!ght <ack to A along B6A as shown in the $ : 9 #iagram. The net work #one #!ring the complete c8cle is gi4en <8 the area (A $(ACB$*$( (B ACBB(A(A (C ACB6A (6 A6BB(A(A


B C A 6

$( O




A ertion Rea on !"pe: (A (B (C (6 '. /tatement D is tr!e, statement DD is tr!eE statement DD is a correct e0planation 5or statement D. /tatement D is tr!e, statement DD is tr!eE statement DD is #O! a correct e0planation 5or statement D. /tatement D is tr!e, statement DD is 5alse /tatement D is 5alse, statement DD is tr!e. /tatement D : The enthalp8 o5 ne!traliBation o5 strong aci# an# strong <ase is alwa8s constant, which has 4al!e )(+.7 kcal mol)(. /tatement DD : Aci# <ase ne!traliBation alwa8s in4ol4e a common reaction : H?(a@ ? OH) (a@ → H*O (l /tatement D: The enthalp8 o5 ne!tralisation o5 (e@. o5 HF an# ( e@. 2aOH is (; kcal mol)(, which is higher than HCl an# 2aOH. /tatement DD: The enthalp8 o5 h8#ration o5 F) is higher than that o5 its heat enthalp8 o5 #issociation.


Ranchi (Lalpur) :7th Floor, Hari Om Towers, (Opp. Women’s College, Arts Block , Circ!lar "oa#, "anchi, $h : %&'() *'&+(,7-,,-,.-.%. Ranchi (SOP, Doranda): /amri##hi Comple0, 1ro!n# Floor, 2ear /t. 3a4ier’s /chool, /o!th O55ice $ara 6oran#a, "anchi. Corp. off. : FIITJEE Ho!se *.)A, 7al! /arai, /ar4apri8a 9ihar, 2ew 6elhi : (&. $h : ;&(%&%%%-(%-(+-(', Toll Free 2o. (,%%((;*;*. Fa0 : %(()*&'(+.;*, We<

Women’s College.% %. 7al! /arai.. $h : . Doranda): /amri##hi Comple0. $h : %&'() *'&+(. (. We<:www. e@!ations an# #ata o5 col!mn)D with the in5erence in col!mn)DD Colu)n * + Colu)n * ++ (A ($ Work #one C )' litre atm.7-. $ ( mole o5 an i#eal gas is allowe# to e0pan# isothermall8 at *' oC 5rom a press!re o5 ( atm to a press!re o5 %. 2ear /t. T( T* .*.' $ (in atm C *% . C Ranchi (Lalpur) :7th Floor.CH Su%&ecti'e t"pe: 7. : FIITJEE Ho!se *.%. Hatch the 5ollowing: Hatch the graph.'+.& 7cal. Heat s!pplie# to a cannot engine is .*. 3a4ier’s /chool. Toll Free 2o. $* (6 An i#eal gas e0pan#s 5rom .. Arts Block ..% %.-. 2ew 6elhi : (&.' atm heats !p ( mole o5 water at *. ..&(%&%%%-(%-(+-('..)A. Fa0 : %(()*&'(+. off. "anchi.%%((. Hari Om Towers..+%+ n"T log A B (I "epresentation o5 iso<aric process. l to &l (/ Dsothermal change against a constant e0ternal press!re o5 *. (sp.% 9 (in l (B (.' $ (in atm *% . 2ote : Here ∆/ C . heat o5 water C .% 9 (in l (" A#ia<atic change. /ar4apri8a 9ihar. $( . (Opp. Ranchi (SOP.+7. A B (. /o!th O55ice $ara 6oran#a.&% =o!les o5 heat 5rom a <o#8 @ re4 ( T* − T( ) A at +%%oC to a <o#8 B at 77oC. Calc!late the change in thermo#8namic @!antities when.5iit=ee. (atching t"pe: (%. How m!ch !se5!l work can <e #one <8 the engine which work <etween %oC an# (%%oCG Calc!late the entrop8 change accompan8ing the trans5er o5 (%. 1ro!n# Floor. Circ!lar "oa#..*. Corp.( atm. "anchi.(A the gas e0pan#s re4ersi<l8 F (B when the gas e0pan#s in 4ac!! .* Ag)(k)( (C W C )*.

7al! /arai. /o!th O55ice $ara 6oran#a. : FIITJEE Ho!se *.. We<:www.*. 1ro!n# Floor. 3a4ier’s /chool.)A. Women’s College. (C ((.& .-.*. $h : %&'() *'&+(. Fa0 : %(()*&'(+..-. Ranchi (Lalpur) :7th Floor. Circ!lar " . Arts Block . Doranda): /amri##hi Comple0.*.* ' (% (A (A)I. Corp.%%((. . Toll Free 2o. 2ew 6elhi : (&.R ( & (A (B * 7 (B ('7.&(%&%%%-(%-(+-('. /ar4apri8a 9ihar. (. $h : .CH A#S-.. Ranchi (SOP.7-. off. "anchi. % + ./ (B)I (C)/ (6)" . 2ear /t. Hari Om Towers.%. "anchi.5iit=ee.. (A ((*(. (Opp.