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Master of Music (Performance Teaching) MUSI90153 Professional Practice 2 PLACEMENT EVALUATION REPORT!

( Student Name Gary Watling Mentor Paul Carey Organisation Rosehill secondary college

Dates of Practicum 22/3/2013 – 3/6/2013

Dates of Absences

Guidelines for completing this report form This evaluation should be completed by the mentor/supervisor and returned to the Academic Liaison Officer on or before the due date. The criteria in this report are taken from the National Standards for Teachers issued by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. During completion of the report, the mentor should assess the student’s level of competency as that of a beginning teacher, in achieving the specified standards. Please indicate next to each standard, the student’s competency level using the ratings scale provided. This report will be moderated in conjunction with the Interim and Observation reports to gain the final practicum grade. Once completed this report should be signed and emailed or posted to: Tracy Galloway, Academic Liaison Officer, Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne,




Building 141. Royal Parade.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities !!"#$%&'(%)*+. indicate the level of competency achieved by the student during the placement.(3(45/0"/2-*. Ratings Scale: 6 – Exceptional level of competency 5 – Very High level of competency 4 – High level of competency Standard 1: Know students and how they learn Level 5 1. Vic 3010 tracy.##-*./0(%)/12-1. Fax: 8344 5346 Please mark the appropriate rank next to each of the*)2( ( ((( ( . Using the ratings scale below. Parkville.2 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research into how students learn and the implications for teaching 3 – Consistent level of competency 2 – Satisfactory level of competency 1 – Low level of competency Level 6 1.galloway@unimelb.(6.

(3(45/0"/2-*.##-*.(6.3 Use curriculum. assessment and reporting knowledge to design learning sequences and learning knowledge Standard 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning Level 5 3.Standard 2: Know the content and how to teach it Level 5 2.2 Plan lesson sequences using knowledge of student learning. Standard 4:Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments Level 5 4.7*)2( ( ( ./0(%)/12-1.1 Set learning goals which provide achievable challenges to students of varying abilities and characteristics Level 5 3. content and effective teaching strategies.2 Demonstrate the capacity to organise classroom/group activities and provide clear directions !!"#$%&'(%)*+.

diagnostic. administrative.(3(45/0"/2-*.7*)2( ( ((( ( . formative and summative approaches to assess student learning Standard 6: Engage in professional learning Level 5 6. organisational policies and processes required for teachers according to school stage.2 Understand the relevant legislative. !!"#$%&'(%)*+.Level 4 4.1 Demonstrate an understanding of assessment strategies including informal and formal. parents/carers and the community Level 4 7.(6. provide feedback and report on student learning Level 5 5.3 Demonstrate knowledge of practical approaches to managing challenging behaviour Standard 5: Assess.3 Seek and apply constructive feedback from supervisors and teachers to improve teaching practices Standard 7: Engage professionally with colleagues./0(%)/12-1.##-*.

Comment on areas for further development: Further development of coping with multiple skill levels simultaneously.(6. Gary had good lesson plans that were achievable and worked for many students.7*)2( ( ( . Gary is acutely aware of the difficulties and limitations of younger guitar students.Comment on student’s key strengths throughout the placement: Gary maintained a positive attitude through the placement at times through challenging conditions. Gary established a good rapport with the students and this enabled him to produce positive outcomes./0(%)/12-1.##-*. !!"#$%&'(%)*+. More planning for larger ensemble situations.(3(45/0"/2-*. and he showed great empathy towards these students whilst providing clear and achievable short term goals. Gary established a good knowledge of students’ strengths and weaknesses and was able to consolidate in these areas.

Mentor Signature: __Paul Carey_________________________________ Date: 12/6/2013___________ *This report will contribute to the overall professional placement grade./0(%)/12-1.7*)2( ( ((( ( .##-*.(6.(3(45/0"/2-*. !!"#$%&'(%)*+.