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Email: Mobile: ! "#$%$ & ! '!#!$$( Lan) line: (!!#% '*

+b,ec-i.e: • I desire to utilize my Electronics and Telecommunication degree with a leading company which aims to achieve targets successfully, provides me a good exposure to the present work culture and offers me a challenging opportunity, where I can use and upgrade my knowledge thereby developing the Organization and myself as a whole. . SUMMAR/ +F E01ERIE2CE .!" #ears of Experience in $% &lanning and Optimization in Telecom Industry E34erience co.ering: • • • • $% 'esigning $% Optimization $% 'rive test analysis $% (urvey

1R+FESSI+2AL E01ERIE2CE &resent Experience) (eptember " # 5 2o.ember " $ Employer) 1ri-6.i Informa-ion Solu-ions Limi-e) $ole) $% Engineer &ro*ect +ame) , &ro*ect ,/(012ndhra &radesh3 $ole) $% Engineer 1&lanning, 2nalysing, Optimization3 %rom-To) Oct-45 to 2pr- 4 2n end to end pro*ect with a total number of !444 sites in 2ndhra &radesh .6herein my *ob was planning the neighboring sites, drive test analysis and maintaining 7&I with the help of different tools. &ro*ect +ame) $eliance 8'02 and E9'O for 2lcatel :ucent 0anagerial (ervices12:0(3 $ole) $% Engineer 1$% 'rive :og &ost &rocessing3 %rom-To) 0ay- 4 to (ept- 4

height. This survey decides the place for new cell site.ills: • 'ata warehousing concepts .4 to +ov.&. tilt A Orientation of /(0 antenna 9alidation was done with the help of tools like $: Tool for checking :O(. 2.<4 sites.s <or.4 2 > / pro*ect with a total of !<4 sites for survey. 2.9isakhapatnam affiliated to Board of Intermediate. Coseph /irlDs .< &ro*ect +ame) 2I$8E: >/ $ole) $% Engineer 19alidation3 %rom-To) Oct. Tamil +adu pre and post drive 8'02 and E9'O for =44 sites. Sof-<are Tools : +4era-ing S:s-ems: • 2ll windows operation systems Languages: • 8. as RF Engineer are : • To plan drive for the new radio network sites. 7arnataka pre and post drives 8'02 and E9'O for =? sites by working on post processing tool 28TI@ spotlight .& . • To analyze drive plots and log files of different sites and check interference. E7UCATI+2 A27 8UALIFICATI+2S B-Tech with %irst 8lass 'ivision in Electronics and 8ommunication Engineering from /ayatri 9idya &arishad 8ollege Of Engineering 2ffiliated to Cawaharlal +ehru Technological .This pro*ect was done in various states.& 1!44<-!4453 Intermediate with %irst 8lass 'ivision (ri 8haitanya .C29218O$E3 1rimar: S. 1!44>-!44<3 0atriculation with %irst 8lass 'ivision from (t. 'elhi pre and post drive 8'02 and E9'O for .niversity. • 0onitor 7&I daily to avoid degradation in performance of network • To provide technical support to the customer interfaces within the company. 2.affiliated to Board Of I8(E 1!44>3 S9ILLS M: Main Tas.igh (chool 9isakhapatnam . 2ndhra &radesh pre and post drive 8'02 and E9'O for >44 sites.

< • &lanning tool like +2(TE$. • Optimization Tools like /E+E@ • +aster.4.5?? 0arital (tatus ) (ingle &assport 'etails ) &assport +umber) .?. /lobal 0apper S-reng-6s = E34er-ise: • /ood understanding of $% concepts and systems..T . • 8ustomer oriented • /ood communication skills. 02& I+%O .<.> 'ate Of Issue) EF4=F!4 4 'ate Of Expiry) >F4=F!4!4 9isa 9alid . • 2daptability to change.8'02.0I&T..?. 2ssistant . 1ERS+2AL 7ETAILS %atherDs +ame ) 0ohammed #usuf 0otherDs +ame) 0uneerunnisa Begum 'ate Of Birth ) !E-4 . • /ood knowledge about /(0 .ages: • 0( office !44>-!44. .p to) <F4<F!4 7ECLARATI+2 I hereby declare that above stated details are true to the best of my knowledge 1lace: 7ubai >SUMA FAR?A2A@ .??<?. • /ood negotiation skills.<> • 'rive test 2nalysing Tools like /enex &robe .1ac.<!. RF Tools: • 2ctix &ost &rocessing (&OT:I/. • 9erbal and written fluency in English. • I am a team player.