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Conference of Indonesian Students Association in South Korea (CISAK) is an annual conference of Indonesian Student Assosiation in South Korea, which is Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia di Korea Selatan (PERPIKA). This year, the 6th CISAK will be held on the 6th - 7th of July 2013 in Daejeon. With the theme of “Empowering National Pride through Knowledge Collaboration”, this conference is open for every Indonesian students, academics or professionals, who lives and works in Indonesia and abroad.



technology has

become an integral

part in the national development. The Amendment of 1945 Constitution Article 31 Paragraph 5 states that “The government fosters science and technology with honor to the values of religion and national unity for the civilization progress and human welfare.” The capability of a nation to master and develop the science and technology is a benchmark for the successful national development, especially those related with national security, people welfare, and cultural development. The four noble values – accountable, visionary, innovative, and excellence – are the basics for national development of science and technology. Education plays an important role in promoting the science and technology along with the cultivation and empowerment of the nation. Scholars are required to participate in preserving and promoting the national science and technology. With a lot of potencies and chances in their possession, scholars become an important key for the science and technology transfer process. Such kind of process is manifested through the researches performed by the scholars. Indonesian scholars perform various researches of various disciplines. Collaborations between those disciplines are needed in the effort to promote the national science and technology. On the other hand, collaborations among scholars studying the same discipline are also needed, in order to obtain the maximum output of each discipline. Thus it is important to map the various researches done by Indonesian scholars, followed by the idea and knowledge sharing between them, either intern or between every discipline.


Conference of Indonesian Students Association in South Korea is an annual agenda of Indonesian Students Association in South Korea (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia di Korea Selatan – PERPIKA). This year, the 6th CISAK will be held on 6th -7th of July, 2013 in Daejeon. With the theme “Empowering National Pride through Knowledge Collaboration”, the conference is opened for all Indonesian scholars, academics and professionals, residing and working both in Indonesia and abroad. Through CISAK 2013, we hope to be able to map the various research topics on which Indonesian scholars are working. We also hope for the knowledge sharing and idea exchange to occur between then. Furthermore, we expect the participants will be able to build a strong bond, creating opportunities that will allow the exchange and development of the brilliant ideas, for the realization of a better future for our beloved country, Indonesia.



Chairul Tanjung*
He is one of the most successful businessmen in Indonesia which is recorded as the 18th richest person in Indonesia; he is also the Chairman and the Founder of CT Corp.

B.J. Habibie*
He was once a politician in Indonesia, and also the former Indonesian president (1998-1999).

Djoko Santoso*
He is an Acting Rector of the University of Indonesia since August 14, 2012.

We are expecting 200 Indonesian and international scholar participants among the world.

CISAK 2013 will be a two-day event which is planned to be held on: Day, Date : Saturday-Sunday, July 6-7 2013 Venue

In confirmation


1st Day : Saturday, 6th July 2013
12.30 – 13.00 13.10 – 14.00 14.10 – 15.30 15.40 – 17.00 Participants registration Visiting the Research Center in Daejeon Visiting the National Science Museum of Daejeon Visiting the Ppuri Park

2nd Day : Sunday, 7 July 2013

10.00 – 12.30 Main semniar Keynote Speaker:  Chairul Tanjung (President Trans Corp)  BJ Habibie (Indonesia former President)  Djoko Santoso (Rector of University of Indonesia)

Closing 17.00 – 18.00 Gala Dinner


1. Electronics, Communication and, Information This category include all hnology, and aslo software and data engineering.

2. Energy This catefory include all the ideas of multidisciplinary, like energy analization, energy modeling an

3. Social Science This category include all the ideas which is relatied to social science like community study, politics, economy, and also education and culture. 4. Pharmacy and Health This categoh is related to health, like biotechnology medicine, and also the development of the public health support system.

5. Scientific-based and applied science, and technological innovation This categchemistry, and engineering.

6. Food and Agriculture This category include aln of the food process technology.



Advisor Permata Nur Miftahur Rizki (Ajou University, Suwon) Yonny Septian Ismantoko (Inje University, Gimhae) Chair

Team I : Patronage, Secretarial, and Treasurer
Chief Patronage : Nabila Khrisna (KAIST, Daejeon)

Secretarial Chair Member


: Dini Adni Navastara (Pusan National University, Busan)

Team II : Event and Call for Paper
Chair Event Chair Member


Call for Paper : Anggita Hapsari (KAIST, Daejeon) Chair Member

Team III : Logistic, Media and Promotion
Chair Logistic Chair Member Busan) : Frida Ferdani Putri Burhan (Korea University, Seoul)

: Rully Hidayatullah (KAIST, Daejeon) : Fatia Uftiani Putri (Pukyong National University, Refky Nur Prasetyo (KAIST, Daejeon)

Media & Promotion Chair : Dicky Hidayat (Seoul National Univ. of Sci. and Tech., Seoul) Member : Aditya Banuaji (Seoul National Univ. of Sci. and Tech., Seoul) Albert Antonio (Kyungsung University, Busan) S


The committee would like to invite you to participate in CISAK 2013 through sponsorships, which types and amount are listed below, along with the privileges that you will get as our sponsor.

 

75% Sponsorship

 Short company advertisement in each session break  Company profile display at gala dinner, Sunday July 7th 2013 

    

Company display booth during D-day (2 x 1 m2) Short company announcement in each session break Company profile display at gala dinner, Sunday July 7th 2013


25% Sponsorship
   Company profile display at gala dinner, Sunday July 7th 2013 Company logo on proceeding booklet (5%)



50% Sponsorship

Media partner will help to promote and advertise CISAK

Caterer Partner Caterer Partner will be responsible for the entire gala dinner fee which will be held on Saturday, 7th July 2013. Sponsor logo will be shown in the event website (10%) and proceeding booklet (5%). Sponsor’s company profile will also be shown in the gala dinner as a credit for the sponsors.

Private Donation
We also wholeheartedly accept donations in any amount. The donatio n

We believe that this is a good opportunity to make your institution better known among inteould there be any interest, please kindly contact us at the attached contact details at the end of the proposal or fill the following form.


This proposal was made in order to inform other communities and introduce our event, as well as seeking sponsorship and support from different parties. We hope and believe that this event would be useful and beneficial for all its partakers. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Person

Official E-mail Official Website


The 6th Conference of Indonesian Students Association in Korea

CISAK 2013

Chair of CISAK 2013

Secretary of CISAK 2013

Vina Sari Josephine

Aulia Meggy Larasati

President of PERPIKA 2013/ 2014

Permata Nur Miftahur Rizki


I, Name Position Address Phone / Cell phone Email Address on the behalf of Company Address Phone : : : : :

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hereby agree to affiliate in the form of Gold / Silver / Bronze / Caterer or Media partner *) sponsorship or private donation with the amount of ……………………………………

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Kookmin Bank

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