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Selection Guide
Stirred Liquid Baths

Isotech laboratory baths use sophisticated designs to avoid poor temperature distribution from simple square tanks. As well as PID control we use power feedback to stabilise against supply voltage variation and advanced digital filtering ensures high integrity of measurement correcting for drift and rejecting noise. “Immerse the thermometer from 15 to 20cm between -50°C and 50°C and from 20 to 27cm at 200°C and above” (BIPM. Three: Cost of Ownership 4 Stirred liquid baths most commonly use suitable oils to higher temperatures and alcohol or specialist fluids for low temperatures. 5 Liquid height typically 3mm above top surface 1 Separate callibration volume 2 3 http://www. relying on the “Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics”.co. Two: Homogeneity With comparison calibration a thermometer with known characteristics is compared to the thermometer we want to calibrate. This is of course true for all stirred liquid calibration baths and the cost of both the initial and on-going requirement needs to be considered when selecting a bath.p. 1990). Ensure you select a bath that can offer suitable immersion for low uncertainty calibration of platinum resistance thermometers Isotech laboratory baths offer immersion from 300mm with adequate depth to avoid significant stem conduction / immersion error. The geometry and flow ensure the best uniformity and lowest calibration Advanced parallel tube design . Advanced parallel tube designs allow the heating and cooling to take place in a chamber separate from the calibration volume. the “Supplementary Information for the ITS-90” published by BIPM advises that for metal sheath thermometers. These fluids can be costly and will require replacing from time to time. If the temperature in the bath is not homogenous (uniform) there will be differences in temperature between the thermometers. In addition to the best design to ensure the best homogeneity we use sophisticated temperature control techniques.How to Select a Stirred Liquid Bath Use this guide to avoid make costly mistakes when selecting stirred liquid baths One: Depth Depth matters.

Isotech baths are purpose designed for thermometer calibration with cylindrical calibration volumes of good depth. our full schedule is on the website.3442 °C .40 °C to + 50 °C 50 °C to 156 °C 156 °C to 300 °C 300 °C to 420 °C 420 °C to 660 °C 7.40 °C . TW 13 4UN.8344 °C 0.5985 °C 231.0 mK 5. Isotech can provide further advice issued by and training. 21 .24 mK 0. We have over 30 year’s experience and operate a United Kingdom Accreditation Service UKAS (ISO 17025) Laboratory.01 °C 29.070 mK 0. This method S gives c he dul e of Ac c r e di ta ti on the smallest uncertainties.7646 °C 156.47 High Street.0 mK 0. Accredited to Issue No: 046 Issue date: 17 September 2012 ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Calibration performed at main address only Measured Quantity Instrument or Gauge TEMPERATURE (cont’d) Platinum resistance thermometers Calibration by comparisons Range Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) Expressed as an Expanded Uncertainty (k = 2) Remarks .38.195.928 °C 5. Compared to other large rectangular designs Isotech baths require less fluid for the same depth and can offer significant initial and on-going cost savings.798 °C .50 mK 0. £££££££££ £££££££££ £££££££££ £ Recommendations Use a true thermometry bridge to compare the thermometer under test to the standard thermometer.80 °C to .0 mK 4.189.0 mK 1. Mi ddl esex. UK Using our baths 4 to 0175our CMC using stirred liquid baths is from Isothermal Technology Ltd 7mK.15 mK 1.0 mK . Felt ham.0 mK 6.5 mK 20 mK 35 mK Uncertainty in the determination of W(t90) used to calculate ITS-90 coefficients Note: TP = Triple Point FP = Freezing Point MP = Melting Point BP = Boiling Point Calibration at fixed points Extract from UKAS Schedule See Note 1 BP Nitrogen TP Argon TP Mercury TP Water (See Note 3) MP Gallium FP Indium FP Tin .

uk Telephone: +44 (0)1704 543830 Fax: +44 (0)1704 544799 Email: Isothermal Technology Limited Pine Grove.Isotech Laboratory Bath Selection Guide Parallel Tube Liquid Bath .isotech.Model 785 n Best performance n -80°C to 300° Web: www. Merseyside PR9 9AG England Edition 1: 2013 üThe Source for Calibration Professionals .Model 915 n Best performance n -65°C to 300°C n Removable Chiller Probe 25 Years of proven use Parallel Tube Liquid Bath . 796 n Good Value n -80°C to 300°C n 470mm Immersion Competitively Priced Laboratory Bath with extended immersion Stirred Liquid Bath .co.Model 798 n -80°C to 300°C n Good Value n 300mm Immersion Competitively Priced Laboratory Bath with standard immersion For more information and full specifications: www. n Integral Cooling n 485mm Immersion Updated 915 – recommended for new installations Stirred Liquid Bath .