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Herbal Tonics for Toning Always follow your cleansing routine by toning your skin with a mild skin

freshener or with a medium strength skin tonic. Toning removes greasiness remaining from cleansing preparations, closes pores, refines the skin and if you intend to make-up, it leaves a smooth clean texture which will hold the foundation and powder for long. Basically skin tonics freshen the skin. The cheapest toner is simply to splash your face with cold water. Skin tonics are generally composed of infusions of herbs, flowers, vinegar, rosewater and witch-ha el. Stronger skin tonics or astringents dry the skin removing all traces of oil on the skin. They are suitable for greasy skins. A void using very strong astringents for any type of skin, as the harsh action of the alcohol toughens and coarsens the skin and prevents it from functioning normally. !ormally you should use your tonic or astringent with a piece of cotton wool, but if your skin is looking sluggish, pat it on with a brisk slapping movement. Toning stimulates the blood supply to the skin. "oisten folded cotton wool with your skin tonic and pat on the cheeks, the neck and chin. A void any areas with broken veins. Homemade Herbal Skin Tonics Recipes for Toning #ere are a few Skin tonics recipes which are easy and $uick to make. Try them and give your comments. Rose Water Skin Tonic %t is one of the oldest skin-fresheners discovered by an Arabian dermatologist in the tenth century. &ose water is available at a chemist, but it is very easy to make on your own too. "ix rose essence in water and shake thoroughly. Two tablespoons essence of roses is sufficient for ' ( liters purified water. Gypsy Rose Water Skin Tonic Take ) handfuls of dark, scented rose petals and put them into a *ar or a wide topped bottle. !ow put + liter of water and ),, gms. of sugar into the bottle or *ar. -eep this mixture for ) hours, shake again, then strain and store it in a cool place. Rose Water and Witch-Hazel Tonic This is the most famous home-made skin tonic of all. To make this lotion simply mix ./' cup rosewater and cup witch-ha el. %f you have a very greasy skin you can use e$ual proportions of rose water and witch-ha e+.

Basil is known for its 0soothing and toning0 properties. ) to . teaspoons dried basil leaves + 1. boiling water Steep basil leaves in water for +, to ), minutes. 1ool, then apply to face with a white cotton ball. -eep tonic refrigerated. &ecommended shelf life2 3, days. Flower and Herb Tonic

"ix ) tablespoons of dried herbs or flowers or . handfuls of fresh ones to a pint of water. 4our the boiling water over the herbs and cover the pan to prevent steam from being lost. 5et the herbs steep for a couple of hours. Strain and bottle. Marigold Skin Tonic "arigolds are known for their healing properties. 6se either fresh or dried flowers to make this skin tonic. "ix ) tablespoons of dried flower or . handfuls of fresh ones to a pint of water. !ow add ) tablespoons of witch-ha el. %t is good especially for a greasy and spotty skin. Hollyhock Skin Tonic 4ut . tablespoons of hollyhock leaves into half a pint of boiling water. 1over and simmer gently for five minutes. 5eave to stand for half an hour, then strain and it is ready for use. "any other flowers and leaves such as lilac, geranium, honey suckle, lime flowers, lavender anti dandelions can also be used in the same way to freshen and cure sallowness of the skin. l!eberry Tonic recipe . tablespoons steamed, crushed blueberries +/) cup sour cream or plain yogurt 4ur7e ingredients in a blender at low speed until well mixed and fluffy. Apply to face and neck. &inse off with tepid water after +8 to ), minutes. %f mask is too runny after blending, refrigerate for one hour. Soothes and nourishes skin. "ake this mask the day you plan to use it. "lder Flower Water 9ash about a handful of elder flowers and mix : tablespoons of boiling water into a large *ar. 5et them steep overnight, and strain it the next day. %n case you have dried flowers, use only ) tablespoons.
************************************************************ Simple Guide to Homemade Astringents Astringent lotion is used to tone the skin and is necessary to remove the last traces of grease and closed pores. Never choose a harsh astringent lotion. Astringent is applied to the oiliest places such as the sides of the nose, chin and forehead. When blemishes occur, it is good for yourself to cover them. This helps to close the pores and discourage the greasy excretions from building up too rapidly underneath your make up. Strong astringent lotions contain alcohol. Surgical spirit, too, is a good astringent but it smells too much. do not recommend the use of strong astringents as they over! dry the skin, leaving it tight and dehydrated. Al"ays use a milder tonic or astringent. #ere are a fe" home!made astringent preparations for you. Honey Water Astringent: $ix the follo"ing ingredients together in a glass %ar "ith an air!tight lid for a "eek, shaking it t"ice daily. & tablespoons honey & tablespoons coriander seed

& tablespoons nutmeg ' tablespoon cloves ( tablespoons grated lemon peel ) tablespoons alcohol ( tablespoons rose "ater ( tablespoons orange flo"er "ater ''& teaspoon ben*oin, and '+& teaspoon storax. Chamomile Astringent ngredients, '+& cup chopped fresh mint -or & tbsp dried. & tbsp dried chamomile flo"ers, crushed ( cups "ater nstructions, /ombine ingredients in a small saucepan. 0oil for '1 minutes, then remove from heat and allo" to steep for 2 minutes. Strain li3uid into a %ar, cover and refrigerate. Will keep & "eeks refrigerated. Apply "ith+ cotton balls to skin. 4specially good for very oily skin Oily s in !a"ial toner apple cider vinegar as a great ingredient for preparation of skin care recipes. t is ideal for oily skin as it removes the excess oil but doesn5t irritate the skin. t also cleanses the skin and increases the circulation. ' tsp /ider 6inegar 7 Tablespoos of "ater Stir "ell and apply all over face or in t!*one area "ith a cotton pad. have oily+combination skin and it does "ork. Tomato Toni" re"ipe Astringent for oily skin. ' ripe, red tomato '+( cup cornmeal 8eel and seed the tomato. $ash the pulp "ith the cornmeal. $assage skin thoroughly "ith the mixture. 9eave on for a fe" minutes. :inse "ith cool "ater. Egg#hite Toner /lean face thoroughly using any natural cleanser. Apply ra" egg"hites to the skin and leave on for at least '2 minutes. Wash off "ith tepid "ater. Tomato$Honey S in Toner ;or a clearer and more vibrant "ell!toned skin %ou #ill need: Tomato %uice #oney

Apple s in toner This toner is an excellent choice for oily skin. '+& cup of natural apple %uice & small cucumbers. Shake bottle "ell before using. Apply the mixture of tomato %uice and honey on the face and neck. apple cider vinegar "ill help restore your skin5s natural ph balance. :inse off Cu"um'er toner Ingredients • • • '+& cucumber cut into chunks '+& tomato cut into chunks '+( of 6odka &reparation • • • <se blender or foot processor to combine all of the ingredients until the mass is smooths and consistent =ab it on the face and neck using fingertips 9eave on for 2 minutes and rinse off "ith "arm "ater . and lavender soothes sensitive skin. and s"ab over face. Witch ha*el is a gentle astringent. Apply to face and leave on for &1 minutes. Ingredients • • • &+7 cup "itch ha*el '+7 cup apple vinegar severeal drops of lavender essential oil -or oil of your choice. and is a great substitute for rubbing alcohol. nstructions. Wash it after '2 minutes. and add to clean bottle. &reparation • • $ix. and then dampen a cotton ball or pad saturated "ith your toner.&ro"edure: $ix the tomato %uice "ith honey until it appears sticky. • Apple &ore Toner ngredients.

>ou could store it in a refrigerator in a plastic container "ith a lid. Lemony mint toner Ingredients • • • • ' peppermint tea bag '+( cup "itch ha*el ' tablespoon of fresh lemon %uice ' cup of boiling "ater &reparation • • • Steep tea in "ater for '1 minutes =iscard the bag and allo" the li3uid to cool do"n Add lemon %uice and "itch ha*el and store in a glass %ar in the refrigerator t is recommended you use it daily. Watermelon toner Ingredients • • & tablespoons of fresh "atermelon %uice ' tablespoon of 6odka . Simple green tea !a"ial toner Ingredients • • & teaspoons of po"dered green tea '+& of boiling "ater &reparation • • Steep green tea in boiling "ater for '1 minutes 9et it cool and apply it on the face "ith cotton balls -gau*e. =aily use of this facial toner is recommended. and use it the next day.• 8at dry The ingredients in this toner act as astringers that tone your skin and remove the dirt and impurities.

4lderflo"ers. orange flo"er "ater and rose"ater all classic toners for all skin types. Lemon Toner • • • '+& cup lemon %uice ' cup distilled "ater &+7 cup "itch ha*el /ombine all ingredients. Apply to face and throat as a day or night cream. Lemon a strong astringent. Add other ingredients to this %uice. ?eep it in a glass %ar and close tightly. 8our into a clean bottle or decorative cosmetics container. ******************************************************************* &rotein Toner 0eat together ' tblspn milk. &ine Toner • & cups fresh pine needles . and mix <se a cotton ball to dip it into the mix and apply on the face. t can be used up to '1 days after it "as made. $ake a strong infusion of any of the above. and keep refrigerated. being careful to keep a"ay from eyes. Wit"h Ha(el <se an extract of "itch ha*el as an astringent. Apply "ith a clean cotton ball.• & tablespoons of distilled "ater &reparation • • • Strain the mashed "atermelon pieces through a gau*e or paper to"el. dilute "ith "ater before using.acial toners are to be used 'e!ore hydrating facial masks. Shake "ell before using. Apply to face and neck. refrigerate and use "ithin 7 days. lavender. 9eave on as long as desired. a skin freshener and to soothe skin irritations. :inse off "ith "arm "ater follo"ed by a splash of cold. :inse off "ith "arm "ater This toner could be saved for later use. ' tsp honey and ' egg. 9ecithin Toner =issolve lecithing granules in %o%oba or almond oil. .

Store in a cool dark place. 0ring "ater to boil. • • • • • • • ' part roses ' part lavender ' part rosemary ' part sage ' part orange peel ' part lemon peel & parts mint Add & ounces of the above herbal formula to & ounces of apple cider vinegar. 8our into a clean bottle or decorative capped container. Strain and add ' '+& cups pure distilled rose"ater. 8ut in an airtight glass %ar. aftershave. let steep for about & "eeks. Allo" "ater to cool completely then strain and discard pine needles. )ueen o! Hungary Water This "ater can be used as an astringent.• • ' cup distilled "ater '+&!cup "itch ha*el 8lace pine needles in small saucepan "ith distilled "ater. Add "itch ha*el and stir "ell. airtight decanter and use daily. Apply to skin "ith a cotton ball. deodorant. hair and skin tonic and even inhaled as a headache remedy. *ose Water + Gly"erine Astringent • • • • '+& pint olive oil ' ounce rose "ater a fe" drops of glycerin ' ounce vodka Sage Astringent • • • • ( Tbsp dried sage ( Tbsp vodka '+( tsp borax 7 Tbsp "itch ha*el . 8our into a decorative.

'1 drops glycerin or honey

Steep the sage in vodka for & "eeks then strain. =issolve borax in "itch ha*el, stir in the saged vodka and glycerin. 8our into bottle "ith a tight cap. Shake before each use. Stra#'erry $ash stra"berries, use as an astringent and cleansing facemask. ,iolet Simmer violet flo"ers in a little milk to make a softening and mildly astringent face lotion. Lemony La-ender Toner • • • 7 drops lemon oil 7 drops lavender oil 7 teaspons of distilled "ater

<se a soft cotton ball to massage mixture into the skin after cleansing. ;ollo" "ith a moisturi*er if desired Stra#'erry Toner re"ipe @ily skin astringent. '+& cup mashed stra"berries '+& cup sour cream or plain yogurt 8urAe ingredients in a blender at lo" speed until sell mixed and fluffy. Apply to face and neckB rinse "ith tepid "ater after 71 minutes. f mask is too runny after blending, refrigerate for one hour. $ake mask the day you plan to use it.

Get Rid of lackheads# $ a Great Toner% To get rid of black heads - ;ust fill up your sink with #<T water and put your face over it and let it steam for about 8 minutes. % usually dip my face in it =my nose, cheeks, forehead, chin> after steaming it. ?ou can put chamomile tea in it and steam it too@ t
really gets rid of blackheadsC

great toner2+ glass of water =any degree.. hot.. warm.. cold>A+/) lemonA. slices cucumber ;ust fill the glass up of water, take a forth of the lemon and s$uee e it into the glass.. then slice the other forth of the lemon into )-' slices and place them in the glass. the put the . slices of cucumber in it and let it sit for .,-:, minutes.. 6se cottonballs and soak them in the li$uid and dab it all over your face@
put mine in the fridge for about a half an hour so its chilly and it feels sooo good.. and makes your skin look greatC Toner .rom a Bottle

This isn5t really homemade but found that "hen "hisked a cottonball "ith some Witch #a*el on it over my pimples it helped clear them up visibly in about three-7.days. This definitely "orks.

&pple Facial Toner recipe + tablespoon honey + peeled, cored apple 4uree honey with apple in a blender. Smooth over face. 5eave on for +8 minutes, then rinse off with cool water.
Stra#'erries and Cream Astringent re"ipe ;or oily or blemished skin. ' handful stra"berries ' heaping tablespoon heavy cream $ash stra"berries by hand or in a blender. Add heavy cream and mix "ell. Spread thickly on face and neck -a shaving brush is handy for this. and let your skin benefit for '1 minutes. Tissue off, then splash face and neck "ith cool "ater. Orange$,inegar Splash re"ipe Astringent ! restores acidity to face. ' orange peel '+& cup orange flo"er "ater & cups "hite vinegar $ix orange peel and vinegar and let it steep for ' "eek. :emove orange peel and add '+& cup orange flo"er "ater. Splash on face after "ashing "ith soap and "ater. Cu"um'er$Lemon Toni" re"ipe Soothing astringent for oily skin. This tightens pores, soothes sunburn, and can be used as a natural deodorant, also. ' cup "itch ha*el Duice of ' lemon 7 tablespoons coarsely chopped cucumber $ix in a clean glass bottle, then let set for & days. :emove cucumber. ?eep lotion in a cool place or the refrigerator to use as a splash. Lemon Astringent re"ipe ;or oily skin.

'+& cup "itch ha*el '+( cup lemon %uice $ix. Apply to face and neck "ith a clean cotton ball. *osemary Water Astringent: ngredients, & tablespoons rosemary peel and pith of a '+( orange peel and pith of a '+& lemon ( sprigs of mint '+( cup alcohol or "itch!ha*el -for mild astringent. '+& cup rose "ater $ix all the ingredients together in a large air!tight bottle and let it stand for () to E& hours, shaking fre3uently. Lemon Astringent: $ix the follo"ing ingredients together in a large bottle for &( hours, then strain and use for greasy skin. ( tablespoons lemon %uice or %uice of & large lemons '+& teaspoon peppermint extract ) tablespoons "itch!ha*el & tablespoons alcohol Camphor Astringent: $ix together in a large bottle '+& cup rose "ater, '+& cup "itch!ha*el, '-& cup distilled "ater, ' tablespoon camphor spirit and & drops blue coloring. To make the astringent stronger, add a pinch of alum. Strain and use to tighten and tone the skin. This recipe is especially good if you suffer from large pores and spots. t can also be used as an after!shave lotion by men.

Watermelon Toner ) Tablespoons fresh watermelon *uice + Tablespoon vodka ) Tablespoons witch ha el ) Tablespoons distilled water Strain the watermelon *uice to get rid of seeds and fruit pieces. 1ombine all ingredients in small bowl and stir well. 4our into clean containers with tight-fitting lids. To use2 pour a small amount on a clean cotton pad and apply to face. Store in fridge between uses to retain freshness. 9ill keep approximately one week. Toner for 'ormal Skin This is a refreshing toner for normal skin. 1hop up a small si ed fresh cucumber and li$uidi e it with half a cup of yogurt. Apply the mixture for 8-+, minutes, and wash it off. The remainder can be stored in the fridge for future use. Green Tea Skin Toner + teabag of green tea +/) cup boiling water

Green Tea S in Toner re"ipe '+& cup pure spring "ater or distilled "ater & teaspoons green tea leaves -or ' green tea bag. and the super high "ater content makes it an excellent skin refresher. or ' drops of tea tree essential oil. and let it cool. Tea tree oil is a great antiseptic for pimples. %f you wish to. 4our into an empty toner bottle or something similar with a small opening. Wit"h Ha(el and *ose#ater Toni" re"ipe & parts rose"ater ' part "itch ha*el $ix ingredients together. ad%ust these proportions to make a mixture best suited to your o"n skin. Freen tea tightens and calms skin. This is rich in sugar and vitamins A. =o not rinse. . while the oil helps to moisturi e the skin. /ombine the reserved %uice "ith remaining ingredients. =ab on face using a cotton ball. Strain the li3uid using a sieve. 0 and cup Watermelon has astringent properties. stir and pour into a glass bottle. This toner should be applied before a moisturi*er.Strain the green tea into a bottle. and discard the solids. 8our the boiling "ater over the leaves or bag and steep for & to 7 minutes. Watermelon Toner re"ipe ' cup "atermelon chunks & tablespoons "itch ha*el & tablespoons distilled "ater 8urAe "atermelon chunks in a food processor or blender. 8lace the tea leaves or tea bag in a glass or bo"l. 6se with cotton pads like you would regular toner.0ring "ater to a boil. t also contains a strong antioxidant that fights signs of aging.Apply to skin "ith cotton balls. minutes in the hot water. you could also add a . &emove the tea bag and let the water cool. Toner $ix turmeric %uice "ith milk and lemon %uice to use as a toner. 0ecause "itch ha*el is a drying agent. =elicately massage over the face and neck for half an hour and "ash "ith luke"arm "ater every night before going to bed.5et the tea bag steep for ) to .

it doesn5t "ork too "ell in this recipe. this "ill leave your skin very soft and silky. 4our into a clean bottle and label. Summer Salt Scrub :ecipe Summary: A refreshing salt scrub for summerC Ingredients: . <se a cotton ball to apply to face and neck as a toner. Strain mixture. Shake well to ensure the mix. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sugar S"ru' About once a "eek make a facial scrub from sugar and a fe" other simple items. Tone (p Tea + cup distilled water + heaping tablespoon dried green tea leaves + heaping tablespoon dried chamomile flowers + tablespoon rose hydrosol + tablespoon aloe vera gel . #onestly. Take e3ual parts of "hite cane sugar -do not use organic sucanat. teaspoon apple cider vinegar . $assage it onto your face+legs+etc. The scrub is good to use on arms+legs etc. aloe vera and vinegar =and lemon *uice. if using> and stir well. Steep for +8 minutes and strain out plant material. teaspoon lemon *uice =optional addition for oily skin> #eat distilled water until boiling. weeks. Add rose hydrosol.Wrin le *emo-er / S in Toner & tablespoons vodka ' tablespoon fennel seeds ' '+& teaspoons honey /ombine all ingredientsB stir "ell. and either vegetable glycerine or avocado oil and combine them together in a bo"l. Allo" to sit for 7 days. and don5t use it every day or your skin "ill get blotchy and red. for a minute or t"o. orange oil or lavender. Store in refrigerator for best results and use within . 9eave the mixture on for about four or five minutes before rinsing. &emove from heat and add green tea and chamomile. -=on5t scrub for too intensely. as "ell. f you "ant to. add a little something extra like aloe vera. $ix up the ingredients and scoop some of the scrub into your hand.

8o"dered colorant -opt. Instru"tions: -*note.@5s and let sit overnight "ith a paper to"el covering it to HfixH the scent. additional "ashing may not be necessary. also add in a teeny bit of cosmetic grade glitter. "ix in colorant C soapnut if using. & cups Sea Salt '+& cup /orn $eal '+& cup light oil ' TS8 Soapnut or li3uid soap -opt. "ith the soap already in it -you can omit if you like. use more or less to suit. especially for the summer mix. $ix in colorant G soapnut if using. Next. mix thoroughly each time an ingredient is added. . . Add E< or D<Fs and let sit overnight with a paper towel covering it to 0fix0 the scent. Dor summer % use yellow. N T49> avoid any cuts or abrasions as the salt "ould stingC ******************************************************************* Summer Salt S"ru' *e"ipe Summary: A refreshing salt scrub for summerC Ingredients: -* All ingredients are approximate. use more or less to suit. or other HsunshineyH colors. Actually. Dor drier skin . prefer light oils like grapeseed or almond. grapefruit. The consistancy should be like damp sand.-* All ingredients are approximate. % prefer light oils like grapeseed or almond. orange. To use. % also add in a teeny bit of cosmetic grade glitter.@ -for summer use citrus scents like lemon.or drier skin in the "inter use a heavier oil. but "ould avoid the face and other sensitive areas. coral.@:4 "ashing. pour and mix the oil and li$uid soap. Add 4@ or .or summer use yello". 4@ or . scoop out a couple of fingerfulls and rub along the body 04. Instru"tions: =Bnote2 mix thoroughly each time an ingredient is added> 4our C mix salt and corn meal in a large bowl. grapefruit. 4@ or .. especially for the summer mix. or other 0sunshiney0 colors. Scoop into a plastic container -glass is too risky as this should be in the sho"er. 8our G mix salt and corn meal in a large bo"l. 8o"dered colorant -opt.@ -for summer use citrus scents like lemon. coral. & cups Sea Salt '+& cup /orn $eal '+& cup light oil ' TS8 Soapnut or li3uid soap -opt. orange. pour and mix the oil and li3uid soap. =4. !ext.

Actually. Stir in the li3uid. but % would avoid the face and other sensitive the winter % use a heavier oil. 8lace the almonds and oatmeal into the second bo"l.optional . ****************************************************************** Almond$Oatmeal Body S"ru' *e"ipe Su'mitted By: 4lise of 9ake 4lsinore. &. $ix in the honey and essential oils. A cup of olive oil . /ut the aloe leaves in half length"ise and scoop out the clear gel into a bo"l. Scoop into a plastic container =glass is too risky as this should be in the shower>. with the soap already in it =you can omit if you like> additional washing may not be necessary. '. and a sterili*ed )!o*. scoop out a couple of fingerfulls and rub along the body BED<&E washing. Store in the refigerator. adding a little distilled "ater as needed to make a thick paste. GED%!%TE5? avoid any cuts or abrasions as the salt would sting@ ***************************************************************** Honey$Bee Body S"ru' 2 tablespoons ra" sugar & tablespoons honey ' teaspoon cream milk . +. $ix all the ingredients and en%oyC A perfect body scrub for all skin types. % love this@ Dor the whole body2 ' tbsp of $uick oats = semi-grounded> ) tbsp of plain/ natural yoghurt ' tbsp of full cream milk + tsp of honey = optional > Simply mix all of the above ingredients together in a bowl and bingo @ 4S2 ?ou can use this as a face scrub as well@ Good ody Scr!b . )atmeal# *ogh!rt $ Milk ody Scr!b . honey & drops geranium essential oil & drops palmarosa essential oil ' cup ground almonds ' cup colloidal oatmeal Instru"tions: >ou "ill need & ceramic or glass bo"ls. To use. %ar. ?ou can use this once or twice a week. 7. $akes enough for t"o applications. a stainless steel spoon. /A Ingredients: & to 7 aloe vera leaves & Tbs.* &(+R"* This is the easiest body scrub to make for everyone and for all skin types@ %t gently exfoliates your skin and the milk and yoghurt is perfect to moisturise and soften the skin. The consistancy should be like damp sand.

flakey skin into s!per smooth and silky soft skin using this scrub@ +/) Banana . mash to strawberries and add them. %t will gently exfoliate your skin and leave it soft and smooth. ylang-ylang essential oil. tbs. but feels soupy. =if necessary. *ogh!rt# )atmeal $ Milk Face $ ody Scr!b . Add the yogurt. cups sugar + teaspoon coconut butter : drops of orange essential oil. anana ody !ffer This recipe is good for all skin types and especially good for dry skin. % think the cinnamon keeps the sugar from becoming hard. anana $ Strawberry Scr!b Turn ashy. S!gar Scr!b + cup water ) +/) to .. A cup of regular white sugar .> ?ou may also combine all of the ingredients =except sugar> in a blender. <& . use lotion on you skin. mashed up + tablespoon plain natural yoghurt + teaspoon honey ) tablespoon oatmeal "ix all the ingredients above and en*oy@ . Stir well. Add the water and + cup of sugar.). leaving it soft. Sugar 'o Strawberry yogurt. "elt the coconut butter in a microwave and add it to the mixture. %t can be use as a body buffer as well as a face scrub. Add the sugar and mix well.asmine perfume oil =4erfume oil isnFt as expensive as essential oil. and . + or ) ripe bananas. and add oils. slowly add the rest of the sugar until the mixture looks pasty. Dor best results after washing with the sugar scrub. 6sing your *udgement. letting sugar dissolve. "ash the banana. then rinse. strawberries and 'o plain yogurt. A tablespoon of cinnamon "ix all ingredients well. ?ou can find these products at a health food store> Dind an air tight container. Apply after your shower. %t helps to moisturi e the skin. tablespoon plain yoghurt ) tablespoon oatmeal ) tablespoon full cream milk "ix all ingredients together and ready for use.

yoghurt or milk. >ou could use one "et ingredient or a combination such as banana and yoghurt.. %ust add & teaspoons of the mix to a bo"l and add enough of a "et ingredient to make a paste.lasts over &( hours. ground oatmeal +/' c. rub on your face and rinse off. Then apply baby oil gel. "-foliator Hround up chick peas make a great exfoliator. it really works and it is cheap. etc. rown S!gar &lmond Scr!b +/) c. $assage into a damp face "ith up"ard circular movements and rinse thoroughly "ith "arm "ater. Then % scrub it in my face. When you "ant to make a facial scrub. ?ou can use salt but % never tried it because itFs too sharp for the face. honey. . Homemade . Apply the scrub to a damp face and gently massage into the skin in up"ard circular motions. the not so fine one. mash them up. .. Thoroughly rinse off "ith "arm "ater and a cloth. excellent shower scrub for feet and legs. love to use baby oil G table sugar as a body exfoliant. $akes for sil y so!t s in. because cooking oil is a natural oil from like vegetable. &a# &a# 1agi" & teaspoons of mashed pa" pa" ' teaspoon of semolina /ombine into a paste. % use it all over my body too. fruit. $assage into a damp face "ith up"ard circular movements and rinse thoroughly "ith "arm "ater.Sugar Body E0!oliant "as reading your recipe for the sugar baby hands. % do it once a week. drop vitamin e oil 1ombine and store in airtight container. % use brown sugar. *i"e &udding ' teaspoon of rice flour & teaspoons of cream /ombine into a paste. E0!oliant Dor a smooth no blackhead or whitehead face.. cleanse "ith baby bath and pat dry. % mix it with any kind of cooking oil. Food examples of "et ingredients areB egg yolk. almond oil . ground almonds +/) c.ust drain them from the can.a"ial S"ru' *e"ipes Basi" .a"ial S"ru' 1i0 I cup finely ground oatmeal J cup rice flour ' tablespoon of po"dered cinnamon /ombine the ingredients in an airtight %ar. brown sugar +/) c.

'+& tsp /astor oil. you "ould think this "ould be very drying to your skin. &eppermint &atty S"ru': 2. Stir in the shampoo. and apricot oil together and mix "ell. castor oil. and soft. Honey 4n Oats S"ru' '+& cup uncooked oatmeal ' Tbsp honey ' Tbsp cider vinegar ' tsp ground almonds $oisten face "ith a "arm "ashcloth then apply mixture to face avoiding the sensitive area around the eyes. ' tsp 0aby Shampoo base. . ' Tb sp Almond po"der. <se once or t"ice a "eek. :inse off. then remove "ith a "arm.or Oily S in3 & cup rolled oats ' cup almonds .a"ial S"ru' 2Good !or 'la" heads3 ' part baking soda ' part "ater $ix together into a paste. Natural S"ru' .S#eet A-o"ado & teaspoons of finely ground oatmeal ' teaspoon of avocado ' teaspoon of honey /ombine into a paste. :inse off. :ub onto skin. & tsp $elt the bees"ax. :emove from heat. Apri"ot 'ody s"ru' ngredients Apricot oil. rinse "ith "arm "ater follo"ed by the p# balancer.or Oily S in ' part sea salt ' part lemon %uice $ix into a paste and gently scrub face for ' to & minutes. refreshed. Honey Almond S"ru' & Tbsp almonds & tsp milk '+& tsp flour '+& tsp honey Frind almonds in a blender. $assage into a damp face "ith up"ard circular movements and rinse thoroughly "ith "arm "ater. nterestingly. damp "ashcloth. 9et mixture dry. Fently scrub blackheads for & to 7 minutes. Add sea salt and almond po"der. flour and honey. Add milk. but 5ve found it actually leaves your skin feeling clean. <se once a "eek to remove dead skin cells. ' tsp 0ees"ax. '+& tsp Sea salt. mixing until a thick paste is formed.

:ub paste onto face in a gentle circular motion. Apply it "ith your hands "orking in a small circular motion from your feet up"ards. almonds and herbs to a very fine po"der in blender or "ith a mortar and pestle. Tips !or an en5oya'le 'ody s"ru' e0perien"e #old a small to"el as if drying off to rub the mixture into hard to reach areas like your back. small to"el or soft brush. and almonds in food processor. :inse "ith "arm "ater. Dust a firm even pressure is enough. Never rub too hard as you may damage your skin. '+( cup $ilk -buttermilk or goats mil. f you are using body scrubs "ith oil in them. they can be a bit messy so do them in the sho"er. *ose 'ody s"ru' ngredients Sea salt. :inse off in the bath and then have a sho"er to get rid of any residue. $assage onto skin then rinse "ell "ith "arm "ater. $ix ground herbs "ith clay. oats. sometimes take a long bath to soften my skin and then stand up and apply the scrub. To use. $ake a paste in a small container from one of the body scrub recipes belo". Add fragrance+essential oils drop by drop "hile processing. f you are not using a scrub "ith oil in it you can apply it "hile standing in the bath. 1ethod =o a dry brush first "ith small circular motions from the feet up"ards "ith a loofah. :inse off. mix ' heaped tsp of mixture "ith "ater to make a paste. 8lace some in the palm of your hand and moisten "ith a fe" drops of "arm "ater. :est for &1 minutes after your body scrub and drink lots of "ater. blend until mixture is a fine po"der. store in covered container. 8o"der. ' Tb sp :olled oat. Orange + Oats S"ru''ing Grains ' cup dried orange peel ' cup cooked oatmeal ' cup almonds 8lace peels. '+( cup /ornmeal.& tsp dried lavender & tsp dried peppermint & cup "hite cosmetic clay Frind oats. ' Tb sp 8ut all ingredients in food processor and process until fine. Body S"ru' *e"ipes Basi" S"ru' 1i0 '+& cup "heatgerm '+( cup fine oatmeal . Take care to avoid slipping. #ave a "arm sho"er to open your pores and soften your skin. ' Tb sp :ose petal po"der.

0lend them together and massage them t"ice a "eek . Cho"oholi" Hea-en ngredientsB & teaspoons drinking chocolate & tablespoons bro"n sugar '+& cup "armed runny honey &oppy Seed Body Glo# ' cup honey I cup poppy seeds sprinkling of dry herbs -"hatever you have mint. honey. fruit This scrub is gentle enough to use on your face as "ell as your body. ' tsp & tsp of papaya paste -ripe. milk. parsley. %ust ensure the grains are very fine. While sho"ering invigorate your skin "ith the paste. egg yolk. cream. 1editerranean 6elight ngredientsB & tablespoons sea salt & tablespoons olive oil 7 drops lemon essential oil -optional. >ogurt /leanserB bleachB for normal and oily skin E0!oliator !or mature s in Almonds ground -not too fine. <se the inside of the lemon rind to rub heels and elbo"s. rosemary. <se one or more of any of the follo"ing "et ingredientsB natural yoghurt. When you "ant to use homemade body scrubs %ust put & tablespoons in a bo"l and mix it "ith a "et ingredient to make a gritty paste.' tablespoon rice flour /ombine ingredients and store in an airtight %ar. & tsp of papaya -ra". Coo ies and Cream Body &olish ' cup oatmeal ' cup cream & drops vanilla Orange and &oppyseed ' cup poppy seeds ' cup s"eet almond oil 7 drops of orange essential oil Warm Asian S"ru' ( tablespoons of ginger po"der ( tablespoons of rice Small amount of "arm "ater to mix Natural Lemon S in E0!oliant re"ipe '+& to &+7 cup granulated sugar Duice of ' lemon $ix sugar and lemon %uice to form a paste. thyme.

?ouFll find that your heels flake and crack more in the winter. flakey skin. Ba ing Soda As A . This blend exfoliates and moisturi es at the same time. The baking soda smooths rough patches an scrubs a"ay dead skin. use to wash face C body. Dollow exfoliation with a rich moisturi er. and you have your own high-priced product for pennies on the dollar.Walnut S"ru' & tsp of "alnut po"der a little coarsely ground & tsp of coconut milk ' tsp of %o%oba oil This scrub is good for those "ith ageing skin and those "ith mature skin. This makes your skin really smooth. makes your skin look as smooth as peaches and cream@@ 2> "-foliate yo!r skin once or twice a week and your face as needed to remove dead. % massage it into my skin.a"ial S"ru' mix a combination of ' teaspoon baking soda to my daily cleanser as a facial exfoliator. and clean feeling@ ea!ty Tip + tablespoon of gram flour + tablespoon of corn flour "ix the both. &ub into your . "-foliate $ Skin . This one "orks greatC & body scr!b I cup red masoor dal I cup walnut powder I cup almond powder I cup of honey "ix all with re$uired $uantity of milk and scrub back well. Make!p Remo0er $ "-foliant 6sing a mixture of e$ual parts of vegetable shortening =1risco> and cornmeal as a makeup remover/exfoilant. Add a little essential oil. #ands and feet re$uire more fre$uent exfoliation in the winter. "akes your skin so smooth/ Skin Softner "ix half a cup salt and half a cup vegetable oil. ?ou can create your own concoction with salt or sugar and a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. leaves you feeling clean and glowing. and rinse with cool water to close my pores. ?ou donFt need to spend a kingFs ransom on special hand and feet exfoliants. Stir and rub into skin. This is an e-cellent scr!b and will remove your dead skin cells. have extremely sensitive skin and have al"ays had a hard time finding facial scrubs that aren5t so harsh. 6se vegetable loofah dipped in almond milk after the above pack is scrubbed for an extra shine. all over my face. The salt e-foliates the dead skin cells and the oil makes it soft. after that % add about a teaspoon of sugar to it.leanser Dirst as % normally would % pump some of my oil-free cleanser into my hand. and take to your bath.

% swear this is the best and cheapest make up remover@ . doesn5t "ork as "ell for this recipe. or anything healing that dissolves in "ater ' or t"o drops of essential oil if desired -9arry recommends combining orange and lavender. $ix all ingredients. vitamin / crystals. The use of vinegar "ith a variety of plants or essential oils for cosmetic purposes can be traced back to the :omans and "as fashionable during the nineteenth century as vinegar de toilette. 21 percent vegetable glycerin to moisten the sugar . %t will also make your skin feel silky soft.ust try it@ Lus"ious Body &olisher re"ipe & ' ' ' cups plain yogurt tablespoon "heat germ tablespoon honey tablespoon almond oil* * @mit almond oil if skin is acne!prone. enough ground hibiscus po"der for pink color -if desired. :inse "ith "arm "ater. Dor extra-deep conditioning.hands and feet in a gentle circular motion. 9ipe around your face and it will easily remove any make up. and rinse well. exfoliate right before bedtime.. . 9eave on for 7 to ( minutes before rinsing. and don gloves and socks while you sleep. 9ash off with a splash of cold water and remove all of the olive oil. =ampen skin in sho"er and massage mixture all over. S7GA* SC*7B ING*E6IENT 21 percent "hite cane sugar -note that organic sucanat. small amounts of aloe vera gel. :inse immediately "ith cold "ater to boost circulation. Scoop some of the scrub onto your hand and massage gently onto your skin for a minute -the scrub "ill actually tighten onto your skin like a mas3ue. "hile the best choice for food.ust get a cotton wool pad and a blob of olive oil. Make-(p Remo0er Jery easy moisturi er K make up remover@ . moisturi e.used avocado oil since "as out of vegetable glycerin !!as is my health food store!! and it proved to be a successful substitute. /ombine the ingredients in a bo"l.

Sho"er off. or yeast that trigger infection. natural bristle brush. try a dry skin face exfoliation. and then bottle. rub your skin "ith baking soda "hile in the sho"er. As for your feet. if you suffer "ith athlete5s foot. for a smooth. $easure and mix only dried plant material and then add the vinegar. 8repare the latter in a scre" top %ar and leave on a "indo" sill as instructed. vinegar regulates the p# of the skin. smooth it onto your face. and use in place of deodorant. aloe vera tsp. it "ill keep the unpleasant s"eat smell a"ay. Oat and Bro#n Sugar S"ru' The Ingredients & & & ' Tbsp. To use. add ' teaspoon of apple cider to a cup of bottled or spring "ater to "ash your face or pour 7!( tablespoons into a bath. dry. t can dissolve excessive fatty deposits at the surface of the skin and reduce scaly or peeling conditions. =ry any fresh plant material for t"o days before using. preventing the proliferation of bacteria. "ithout any irritation. viruses. sometimes completely getting rid of your condition. rose. CO. silky feeling. ! @nce a "eek. 6inegar is most effective "hen used "ith lavender. ground oats tsp. <sing "ide. strain. lemon %uice . or elder flo"er.6inegar has a tonic action that promotes blood circulation in the small capillaries that irrigate the skin. t is also antiseptic. >ou can also do this on your face to remove black heads. Apple ciders composed entirely of li3uids can be used at once. t is essential to use top!3uality "hite "ine or cider vinegar.EE BO6% SC*7B & cups of coarsely ground coffee '+& cup ra" sugar or sea salt &!7 T massage oil $ix all ingredients together. a "eek of vinegar foot bath "ill help a lot. Take a hot sho"er to moisten your skin and open your pores. pat skin dry. 9astly. This is perfect to do in the morning if you experience any puffiness. rub the coffee exfoliant onto your skin "ith strong. Aside from natural herbal applications. circular motions. All you need is a small. rosemary. ! A great treatment for dry skin is avocados.. mash it. $ix "ater and vinegar 21+21. bro"n sugar Tbsp. Avoiding areas of broken skin or irritated areas simply brush lightly in circular motions all over your face. even pressure. it "ill reduce it and your face "ill feel smooth and re%uvenated. ! 6inegar can "ork "onders for smelly feet and armpits. Those containing plant material must be left to macerate. and apply a thin layer of your favorite body lotion. and rinse off after &1 minutes.

t helps dry and itchy skin and is "idely used in cosmetics. @atmeal is benefitial to oily skin as it is extremely absorptive and picks up on excess oil. t opens up the clogged pores and cleanses them thoroughly so your skin can HbreatheH better. t has to be of sandy consistency. Fently massage onto damp skin. gel from plant helps prevent infection and speeds healing of burns. and rinse off "ith "arm "ater. use rolled oats and a clean coffee grinder or blender to grind the flakes to a fine po"der @atmeal is highly absorptive. hypoallergenic.. @ats have the best amino acid balance of all the cereal grains -amino acids "ork as "ater!binding agents in skin care products.The Instru"tions $ix all ingredients in a clean bo"l until you have a smooth paste. the best time is after you took a sho"er. t "ill help the skin cells slough off faster. it speeds its healing and reduces the possible irritation and pain. ' tablespoon of freshly s3uee*ed lemon %uice . 0efore you start preparing this scrub. @at grains and stra" appear in shampoos. :inse off "ith "arm "ater. Aloe vera gel is gentle on skin. @ats have also been clinically sho"n to help heal dry. >ou can triple the recipe for a fantastic smoothing body treatment. Bro#n sugar lemony 'ody s"ru' re"ipe '+ cup bro"n sugar '+& cup sea salt ' tablespoon of coconut oil -as "ith the previous scrub. itchy skin. dusting po"ders. grind the oatmeal using a coffee grinder or food processor. drink helps reduce si*e of kidney stones. and helps to soften skin. and cleansing bars and more.. n case you have sensitive skin. The next bro"n sugar scrub contains lemon "hich is a great natural disinfectant. using the oatmeal is highly recommended because it is soothing and there is no risk that it "ill irritate the skin. use olive oil. $ix until it resembles a paste t should be applied on moist skin. you could use olive oil. flaky and light other"ise it "ill scratch the skin. <se circular motion and massage gently using your fingertips. Bro#n sugar 'ody s"ru' & tablespoons bro"n sugar & tablespoons ground oats & tablespoons aloe vera gel ' tablespoon honey ' teaspoon freshly s3uee*ed lemon %uice ' teaspoon almond oil -in case you don5t have almond oil. moisturi*ers. $ix all the ingredients in a large bo"l. What do these ingredients doK @atmeal is hypoallergenic. Fround @ats. it is a great substitute.Aloe 6era ! The %uice of this plant helps reduce pain.

rub gently in a circular motion. or orange *uice. lime. they dissinfect the skin. t "ill help the skin cells slough off faster. the best time is after you took a sho"er. add an essential oil of your choice. 6ariations. Almond oil sugary s"ru' &+7 cup 0ro"n Sugar '+& /up S"eet Almond @il '1 =rops 6itamin 4 '1 =rops 4ssential oil+. this homemade body scrub will get them back in shape and give soothing relief2 "ix a half cup of Epsom salts. grapefruit. Honey 'ody s"ru' 7+( cup of honey ' cup of sugar -you could use bro"n sugar. #oney is excellent as it is a strong antibacterial agent. vanilla. smooth it out. then rinse off. and decrease the appearance of dilated pores.. Spa 1nde. add oil until you get the pasty consistency. ' cup of sea salt or ?osher salt ' tablespoon of %o%oba oil ' tablespoon of oil of your choice.ragrance @il 8reparation $ix oil. Homemade Body S"ru' %f your hands. orange. vitamin 4 and essential oil or fragrance oil in a bo"l. :inse off "ith "arm "ater. :inse off "ith "arm "ater.Glycerin and H)'"* S!gar Scr!b + cup fine loose salt or loose sugar . There are no specific amounts. <se circular motion and massage gently using your fingertips. one tablespoon olive or canola oil and a few drops of lemon. the best time is after you took a sho"er. Stra#'erries in 'ody s"ru' re"ipes >ou could al"ays mash a handfull of stra"berries.' tablepoon of honey. $ix all the ingredients in a large bo"l. Add sugar and mix "ell. $ix the dry ingredients first. Apply to the dry areas of your skin. feet and elbows are dry. Add oil and mix until you get a paste!like mixture t should be applied on moist skin. a bit of oatmeal. $ix until it resembles a paste t should be applied on moist skin. <se circular motion and massage gently using your fingertips.. =ivide into containers. a bit of honey and use it as a scrub. even better than regular sugar. t "ill help the skin cells slough off faster. Stra"berries act similar to honey.

and rub over your body to exfoliate peeling skin. Stir thoroughly before use. the honey acts as preservative. but water works> to make a paste. cup ground almonds • +/. teaspoons li$uid glycerin + teaspoon pure honey . and stir in enough of the li$uid ingredients =vary it by what you have on hand -yogurt and milk are best. "'+ )F S(MM"R &2M)'+ )+* S. . chopped exceedingly fine. Scoop up the paste with your hands or a washcloth. and apply a thin layer of your favorite body lotion. 6sing wide. and they will slough off dead skin cells even without the scrub. Scrub elbows. ?ogurt and milk are natural exfoliates known as alpha hydroxy acids. milk. -eep this 0scrub base0 in a glass *ar with a screw top in your refrigerator until ready to use. A-o"ado 'ody s"ru' Ingredients • ' ripe. cup oatmeal • +/) teaspoon of herbs =lavender. etc> =optional> • 4lain yogurt. or buttermilk. and in fact. T massage oil "ix all ingredients together. knees. &inse in warm water. even pressure. 6se small amounts when scrubbing the nose.. pat skin dry. Shower off.-8 drops of your favorite essential oil <ptional2 4inch of lavender blossoms =available in the bulk department of good health food stores>. or dried herbs of your choice. and apply your favorite lotion afterward. &inse thoroughly. Add more li$uid ingredients if you prefer a thinner end-product. "ix ingredients well and store in an airtight container. Take a hot shower to moisten your skin and open your pores. 9hen you want to use the scrub base. This keeps very well. being careful not to irritate or get it in the eyes. or chamomile. sufficient to make a paste • Essential <ils for scent =optional> 1ombine the dry ingredients in a blender or food processor until they are reduced to a coarse meal.R( ) cups of coarsely ground coffee +/) cup raw sugar or sea salt )-. scoop out +/' cup into a small bowl. hands. mashed avocado -peeled and pitted. chamomile. pat dry. rub the coffee exfoliant onto your skin with strong. • '+& cup of almonds • ' cup of dry oatmeal &reparation • /oarsely grind the almonds • 8ut on a muslin mitten and place it in the mix of almonds and oatmeal • Scoop up some avocado • :ub the body "ith this mixture • :inse off "ith "arm "ater and pat dry . circular motions.)FF"" )+* S. and feet.R( • )/.

&inse off and follow with Jinegar &inse. minutes. 5eave on skin for about +. "hile apricot oil goes behind it and heals and moisturi*es the skin. 0oil for about '1 to '2 minutes until mixture reaches &21 degrees . Sugaring *e"ipe re"ipe This is similar to $oom Sugar sold in health food stores.oot E0!oliant re"ipe ) ripe stra"berries 7 tablespoons kosher salt or coarse sea salt & tablespoons olive oil 9ightly mash stra"berries. rinse off "ith "arm "ater and pat dry &lmond-Honey Scr!b recipe ) tablespoons crushed almonds + tablespoon honey "ix. on a candy thermometer.The next scrub is based on sea salt and apricot oil. &ub in well. then rinse. -softball stage. :inse.hocolate Honey Scr!b# co!rtesy of . & cups granulated sugar '+( cup lemon %uice '+( cup "ater $ix ingredients together. 9hirl in mayonnaise. Stra#'erry . 8our into %ars. $oom Sugar does contain chamomile.hristopher Watt "akes ) treatments . &lmond-Mayonnaise Scr!b recipe Dor very dry skin. using circular motion the "hole time • When done. Jinegar-&inse your skin. Apri"ot salt 'ody s"ru' Ingredients • '+( cup of apricot kernel oil • & cups of sea salt &reparation and use • Take a sho"er before you start "ith this • /ombine the salt and the oil into a paste like mass • Scoop up the paste and apply it on your body. 5eave on face for 8 minutes. Salt exfoliates the skin and removes the dead skin cells. Sweethearts3 . :ub over feet to smooth rough calluses. =on5t overblend or mixture "ill be too runny. +/' cup almonds +/L teaspoon mayonnaise Hrind almonds in blender until they form a meal. &ub in Scrub gently and thoroughly. #o"ever. Add olive and salt.

%ar. Stir in chocolate and salt mixing completely. 6se the paste to rub arms and legs gently before bathing to soften the skin.ound in health food stores.* . Bro#n Sugar Body &olish re"ipe $akes ' -'& ounce. Apply scrub to skin and gently massage all over the body. "arm cloth. ) cups honey +/) cup grapeseed oil : tablespoons unsweetened chocolate. Bro#n Sugar Callus E0!oliator re"ipe ' cup bro"n sugar. knees and feet. ody and facial scr!b Add turmeric and a little milk to besan or chokar =wheat bran>. moistened "ith rose "ater '+& cup petroleum %elly :ub onto calluses on hands. %n rubber mixing bowl. &emove with warm damp towels or rinse in shower. vanilla bean ' '+7 cups lightly packed light bro"n sugar '+& cup oil* ' tablespoon vitamin 4 oil . grated ) cups kosher salt +irections. Wash off. #oney provides a moisturi ing effect as well as fights damaging free radicals. Turmeri" e0!oliator $ix half freshly grated young coconut "ith one!fourth teaspoon of turmeric po"der or grated turmeric root and gently rub the mixture all over your body. Beauty Benefits2 %ncreases circulation and helps rid body of toxins. ' -7!inch. combine honey and grapeseed oil. 9eave it on for five minutes before "iping it off "ith a "et. Bro#n Sugar .1ngredients.a"ial S"ru' re"ipe '+& cup granulated sugar '+& cup firmly packed dark bro"n sugar '+& cup s"eet almond oil* & teaspoons pure vanilla extract ' tablespoon ground oatmeal ' teaspoon nutmeg 9arge pinch calendula petals* $ix all together and put in %ar "ith tight lid. 1onsistency should be grainy and thick.

apply "ell!stirred scrub to moixtened skin and gently exfoliate "iths circular motions. :inse "ell "ith "ater and pat dry. suflo"er or safflo"er oil or a blend of the above.' '+&!cup.or smooth skin that glo"s. and the honey helps moisturi*e any skin type. The scrub can make the sho"er or tub slippery. Stir sugar. avocado. oils and spice mix together in mixing bo"l. re"ipe . massage scrub into skin "ith a complexion brush for 2 minutes. . $ask should be applied up to 7 times a "eek. :inse "ith "arm "ater and pat dry. 8lace vanilla bean in decorative '& ounce . Honey and Almond S"ru' re"ipe . The yogurt in this recipe is an exfoliating agent. *@ils include canola. apricot. $ix "ith cold cream. macadamia. light olive oil. Bro#n Sugar Body &olish: . rose hip. E0!oliating Sugar S"ru' 1as ' teaspoon granulated sugar ' tablespoon plain yogurt '+( teaspoon honey /ombine ingredients and apply to face for '1 minutes. Set aside. :inse "ith cool "ater. /aution. 8ack mixture into decorative container. '+& %ar cold cream 7 tablespoons slivered almonds ' teaspoon honey Add honey to cold cream. container "ith lid.or deeper cleansing. s"eet almond. if using. grapeseed. adding a seashell scooper to the top. This product is N@T for facial use.or all skin types. %o%oba. Attach a gift card "ith the follo"ing instructions. $assage into skin "ith fingertips.'+& teaspoon pumpkin pie spice mix Seashell scooper -optional. Honey$Wheat Germ S"ru' 1as8ue re"ipe To rid oily skin of blackheads. Whirl slivered almonds in a blender until they are as fine as freshly!ground pepper.

To use. place a bit of the grains in the palm of your hand and moisten "ith a fe" drops of "arm tap "ater. circles "ith the cloth. :inse off "ith tepid "ater and pat dry. Apply to face and rub gently over affected areas for 7 to ( minutes. you can gently rub the dried mixture off "ith a clean terry "ashcloth or to"el. using gentle circular motions. Apply to face and neck skin after cleansing and before toner is applied. Store po"der in an attractive container in the bathroom. Dollow with facial mask. >ou can finish your cleansing by rinsing your face "ith one of the facial rinsing lotions or smoothing on a facial cream. Apply the oatmeal mixture to your face. being careful to avoid the sensitive area around your eyes. "et a clean "ashcloth "ith very "arm "ater and lay it on your face for a minute @: first steam your face "ith an herbal vinegar. )ats $ &loe "-foliant + tablespoon finely ground oats + tablespoon finely ground almonds + tablespoon aloe vera gel 1ombine ingredients in a bowl and stir until well mixed. Oatmeal$Citrus S"ru''ing Grains re"ipe ' cup dried orange and lemon peel ' cup cooked oatmeal ' cup blanched almonds 8lace peels. &inse well with warm water and gently pat excess moisture from face. :inse "ith 71 to (1 splashes of very hot "ater. :ub the paste onto your face "ith a gentle circular and up"ard motion. pat dry. and almonds in a blender and "hirl until the mixture is a fine po"der. . leave mixture on face for '2 to &1 minutes. <se for a "eek or '1 days ! less if skin improves rapidly. 9ean over the sink and rub your face in brisk. After rubbing. 9et mixture dry on your skin completely. and apply a fresh facial cream. oats. To use. f your skin is young and firm. $ix thoroughly. :inse "ith "arm "ater.& tablespoons honey & tablespoons "heat germ -N@T toasted. #eat honey slightlyB add "heat germ. Oatmeal$Honey S"ru''ing Cream re"ipe '+& cup uncooked oatmeal ' tablespoon honey ' tablespoon cider vinegar ' teaspoon ground almonds /ombine all ingredients in a glass or enamel bo"l. but gentle.

stirring well after each one. ?ou can also use plain witch-ha el on a black eye to help heal the bruising. Her'al S"ru' . The buttermilk and the pomegranate together make a mild skin bleach. Apply 6inegar :inse. and are a popular addition to face cleansers and after shave lotions. Rose . Substitute a I cup of white vinegar for the alcohol if your skin is sensitive to it. :inse "ith hot "ater -'2 splashes "ill suffice. uncooked ' tablespoon salt '+( cup farina Frind oatmeal in a blender until soft but still flaky. then return to a milder cleanser.leansing Tonics Witch-hazel &stringent 9itch-ha el bark and leaves are naturally astringent. Apply cleanser to face and neck skin.a"ial Cleanser re"ipe ' cup oatmeal.ream . Apply the treatment with a cotton ball and leave it on for ). ?eep in a %ar by the sink.a"ial Cleanser re"ipe ' cup rolled oats '+( cup dried herbs /ombine in a blender.. "ake your own old-fashioned witch-ha el astringent by combining + cup of witch-ha el with ) tablespoon of alcohol. <se mint to refresh delicate skinB hollyhock petals or okra leaves provide emollient action for dry complexions. !ttermilk Freckle Wash %f you want a tonic that might lighten the appearance of your freckles. &inse well. 8ick up mixture "ith moist fingers. This recipe should be used within ) days and makes enough for two cleanings. and moisturi e. 0lend until coarsely ground. combine I cup of buttermilk with I teaspoon of pomegranate *uice. :ub face "ith the po"der. but rub all of your facial skin. minutes before rinsing and applying a moisturi er. .leanser + tablespoon sour cream + teaspoon rose hydrosol ) teaspoon extra virgin olive oil 1ombine all ingredients in the order shown. Apply with a cotton ball. so apply some moisturi ing oil on your skin if it is dry before use. Splash face "ith hot "ater to "et it thoroughly.S"ru' and Glo# . /ombine oatmeal "ith farina and salt. using gentle. Try using + teaspoon of grated horseradish instead of pomegranate *uice for a variation. <se for 2 to ) days. =@ N@T po"der it. upward sweeping motions. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "asy . 0e gentle. <se a handful of the scrub "ith "ater to gently clean your face.

add rosewater to the lemon *uice and apply with a cotton ball. lanolin and cocoa butter until it forms a smooth texture. to +8 minutes. Twice a week combine + teaspoon of nutmeg with + teaspoon of honey and apply to your face. Store any unused mixture in the refrigerator. Honey and '!tmeg Scar Remo0er Wash This treatment is meant to help fill in and heal the scar caused by skin eruptions. rub a half lemon directly on your face before bed. :emove the mixture from heat and add the rose "ater and honey. rose "ater '+& tsp. skin accidents and acne. which makes lemon useful when it comes to fighting blackheads in your cleansing routine. The vinegar smell will be gone from your face in +. 5eave it on for ). 4egetable )il Make-(p Remo0er <rdinary kitchen shortening can be used as make-up remover in a pinch.. 9ash and moisturi e as usual. Allo" to cool before apply the homemade mixture to your face. Almond$*ose#ater Night Cream !or 6ry S in I cup of almond oil J cup rose "ater & tbsp "hite "ax <sing a double boiler. and blend. combine + tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with + tablespoon of boiled water and apply with a cotton ball. and it restores the skinMs natural p# balance. almond oil & tbsp. Dor a more fragrant tonic. Oli-e Oil Night Cream !or Oily S in I cup J cup J cup 7 tbsp olive oil vinegar "ater "hite "ax $elt the "hite "ax and olive oil in a double boiler until smooth. hydrous lanolin & tbsp. honey <sing a double boiler. melt almond oil. and rinse with cool water. Go not rinse. cocoa butter & tsp.4inegar Skin &wakener Jinegar is helpful for removing soap and hard water residue from the skin. Dor an overnight treatment. . Store any unused mixture in the refrigerator. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Almond Oil Night Cream !or 6ry S in 7 tbsp. seconds to loosen the make-up. and may be soothing to dry skin. 5et it sit on your skin for about . 6se a cotton ball or cotton cloth and cover your face with shortening. To make a simple vinegar face refresher. 2emon lackhead Remo0al Tonic 1itrus is naturally exfoliating. Add the vinegar and "ater to the homemade mixture and let cool before applying to your face. Add the rose "ater and let cool before applying to your face. and wipe off. melt the "ax and almond oil %ust until smooth. minutes. :efrigerate any unused mixture. 9ash off the tonic in the morning.

0eat "ith rotary beater. egg "hite and olive oil and blend until smooth. 9eave on for &1 minutes. combine cucumber. t is best to thro" a"ay any unused night cream after (!L days. you can add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the" "ith skin freshener. safflo"er or sunflo"er. add vinegar and fragrance. :efrigerate any unused mixture. $elt over lo" heat. :emove "ith a dry cloth.Cu"um'er Night Cream !or Normal S in I cucumber chopped "ith skin ' egg "hite I cup olive oil n a blender. :emove to mixing bo"l and add ammonia. :efrigerate any unused mixture. Apply to face "ith up"ard and out"ard strokes all over face and throat. Co"oa Butter Hand Cream re"ipe & cups "arm "ater ' '+& cup glycerin '+& ounce spirits of ammonia '+& ounce cocoa butter '+& teaspoon boric acid ' cup stearic acid /ombine in a glass or enamel pan the cocoa butter.a"e Cream re"ipe & ' ' ' & fresh egg yolks cup vegetable oil -sesame. 0eat until thick. mixer or blender. :emove the mixture from the heat and add the rose "ater. circular motion until the cream has absorbed into skin. As mixture thickens. Stir until milky. . Never apply the creams to your upper eyelids since it can cause puffiness. glycerin and stearic acid. Some 7se!ul Tips: To apply the above homemade night creams. Fradually add more oil. tablespoon "heat germ oil tablespoon herb vinegar drops perfume or rose geranium oil 0eat egg yolks in cold bo"l. Apple Night Cream !or Sensiti-e S in & cups chopped apples & cups olive oil ' cup rose "ater 8lace the apples in a blender and blend until smooth. Next. use only a dab and apply using an up"ard. 9et cool before applying. Add boric . Apply the homemade mixture to the face and relax for about &1 minutes. add the apples to the olive oil and heat in a double boiler over a lo" flame. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1ayonnaise . :emove "ith damp cloth. f you "ould like your homemade night cream to have a "onderful scent. Add oil very slo"ly at first.

Age for & "eeks before using. Add to first mixture. Dinely grate the ginger *ust enough so that you have about an +/L teaspoon of ginger 0*uice. itFs a good idea to hang your head over the edge of the bed and massage the cream in while youFre partially upside down. Store in the refrigerator. &nti-&ging . "assage the solution into the skin around your eyes and mouth. using a circular and upward motion. 4our into a clean. Add borax mixture. $akes ' '+& 3uarts. tablespoons honey .ream recipe + ounce glycerin + ounce witch ha el +/) ounce rose water . 8erfume and color as desired. ?ou can add a few drops of orange or other essential oil for a nice twist. s$uee e the freshly grated ginger over a small bowl.R"M" Hinger invigorates. G1'G"R S51' . 4lace the ingredients =including the ginger> in a glass container and heat *ust until the cocoa butter is melted and the oils are blended. Stir to mix thoroughly. $ix "ith beater for '1 minutes at high speed. This motion will counteract the natural droop of gravity. Store the emulsion in a tightly sealed container at room temperature. and oil soothes. %t should last for at least + month. Apple$&ear Anti$Wrin le Cream .acid to "arm "ater. %f you have the time. $elt petroleum %elly and olive oil over lo" heat until li3uid.0 To obtain the *uice. )-inch piece of fresh ginger ) teaspoons light sesame oil ) teaspoons apricot kernel oil ) teaspoons vitamin E oil ( cup cocoa butter 4reheat oven on lowest setting. :emove from heat. tablespoons wheat germ oil 1ombine ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl and gently whisk until they are thoroughly combined. 0eat as the mixture cools to emulsify. dry container and store in a cool dry place. Try this double dose for dry skin. Oli-e Oil Cream re"ipe '+& teaspoon borax & teaspoons boiling "ater ( tablespoons petroleum %elly ( tablespoons olive oil =issolve borax in boiling "ater.

tablespoons of honey • .ocoa !tter . stirring them thoroughly2 ) tablespoons cocoa butter ) tablespoons emulsifying wax + tablespoon beeswax ' tablespoons sesame oil .ream.reams . ( days. .R"&M ) tsp.-' days. plain yogurt +/) tsp. honey and lemon *uice. 6se a container with a lid to store this product. Shelf life2 . tablespoons of wheat germ oil • + o witch ha el • +/) o of rose water 1ombine all ingredients and whisk slowly until they are all combined.. dab mixture on areas around the eyes and "herever "rinkles have" "ith a moisturi*er. 9et dry. Shelf life. <sing a cotton ball.Ingredients: ' tsp apple %uice ' tsp lemon %uice ' tsp lime %uice & T buttermilk ' T rosemary leaves 7 seedless grapes '+( pear & egg "hites &reparation 0lend all ingredients in a blender on medium speed for 71 seconds. honey +/) tsp. 41T&M1' " . units> 1ombine yogurt. #eat the following ingredients together over a water bath. then rinse "ith "arm "ater. lemon *uice . <se no more than 7 times a "eek. <pen the vitamin E capsules and fold contents into the mix. keep it at room temperature.. Hently massage into skinA 5eave on skin for +8 minutes. Anti aging gly"erin "ream • + o of glycerin • . capsules vitamin E =e$uivalent of . %t can be used for a month and is applied around lips and eyes. Homemade 'o!rishing . /over and refrigerate immediately.

tablespoons lanolin. heat the water over the same water bath so that the two bowls are at the same temperature. 4ut ) teaspoons beeswax and % teaspoon emulsifying wax into a bowl and melt over the water bath. mix . 9hen cool add a few drops of lavender oil. coarse and sensitive skin. . %t is really good for dry skin and neglected areas such as elbows. stirring all the time. add ) tablespoons rosewater =or ordinary soft water>. tablespoons almond oil. Both almond and avocado oils are fine and rich for the skin.reams &lmond )il Moist!rizing . Add a few drops of perfume while stirring.ream. then add the avocado and almond oils. beating continuously until it cools. stirring constantly. ' tablespoons elder flower blossoms and % tablespoon lanolin in a bowl over a water bath. This cream leaves the skin smooth without being greasy. To make a nourishing honey cream for sallow skin.ream. 9hen melted. feet and neck. tablespoons rose water "elt that waxes in an enamel pan over a water bath. strain. &emove from the heat and continue stirring till it is cool. and then add warm water slowly.omfrey . Honey . "ix together . %n a separate bowl. Slowly add ' tablespoons warm water to it.+ tablespoon almond oil 9hen the ingredients are completely melted. and . you may add a few drops of perfume. + tablespoon honey and + teaspoon lecithin in a bowl and melt over a water bath.ream. &emove from the heat and continue stirring. teaspoons beeswax . 9hile it cools. add in 8 teaspoons almond oil. Homemade Rich Herbal . Slowly add water to the melted waxes and oils.ream2 %ngredients2 . #oney is very useful for a dry. %n case waxes are not easily available mix ) tablespoons lanolin and L tablespoons almond oil =or sesame or safflower oil> and melt these together over a water bath. "lder Flower . &0ocado and &lmond . knees. 5et it simmer together for an hour. remove from the heat and stir until the cream is cool. teaspoons emulsifying wax ( cup almond oil ( cup avocado oil. !ow add the heated rosewater drop by drop. .ream. %f the cream has to be applied on oily skin.

or infusion "elt the oils and waxes together over a water bath. Store in a clean tightly!capped %ar. Store in airtight containers. %ar /lear 0asics vitamin 4 skin cream ' -'7 ounce. Steep for '1 minutes. 0lend in cologne and food coloring.Add herbal infusion by teaspoonful and stir until "ell blended. bottle baby lotion $ix by hand or "ith electric beater on medium speed until creamy. Hand Cream re"ipe ' -'L ounce. Gly"erin Hand Cream re"ipe ' -' pound.Strain through a fine sieve. Store up to 7 months. . melt it and add a teaspoon of any herb lotion or infusion of your choice.%ngredients2 + tablespoon lanolin ) tablespoons white emulsifying wax : tablespoons beeswax : tablespoons almond oil.$elt bees"ax and lanolin in a heatproof glass set in simmering "ater.ood coloring 0eat <nibase. :emove glass from "ater. herb lotion. Take a couple of teaspoons of this cream. 8our boiling "ater over herbs.Stir cream thoroughly and transfer it to clean containers "ith tight!fitting lids. Her'ed Honey S in Cream re"ipe & teaspoons dried mint & teaspoons dried sage & teaspoons dried rosemary '+& cup boiling "ater '+& ounce bees"ax & ounces lanolin '+& cup "heat germ oil ' teaspoon honey /ombine herbs in a clean bo"l.Add honey to tepid cream and carefully stir it in until blended. %ar <nibase 7 ounces glycerin ' '+( cups "ater /ologne . 9et cream cool completely. collecting li3uid in a clean bo"l. Stir in "heat germ oil. Allo" to coolB discard herbs. %ar petroleum %elly ' -'2 ounce. glycerin and "ater "ith an electric mixer. cool and store in a refrigerator.

Add propolis po"der to tepid cream and carefully stir it in until blended. :emove from heat. Lemon Balm S in Cream re"ipe This "ill tighten and smooth normal and combination skin. . 9et cream cool completely. :emove glass from "ater. simply reheat it and add more bees"ax. Add herbal infusion by teaspoonful and stir until "ell blended. 8our boiling "ater over lemon balm leaves in a clean bo"l. collecting li3uid in a clean bo"l. 0ees"ax is the thickener. you decide you "ould like it to be thicker. so the more you add. cut open a vitamin 4 capsule and add gel inside to the cream. Stir in "heat germ oil. f you find that the cream is too thick. Strain through a fine sieve. then "hip "ith a "hisk until cool. the thicker the cream. 7 tablespoons dried lemon balm leaves '+& cup boiling "ater '+& ounce bees"ax & ounces lanolin '+& cup "heat germ oil ' teaspoon propolis po"der -bee glue.?ields +. after the mixture has cooled. Steep for '1 minutes. Allo" to coolB discard lemon balm leaves. t is best to start "ith %ust a little. ounces. bees"ax and rose oil. *ose Cream re"ipe & ounces almond oil ( to ) drops rose oil '+& ounce bees"ax Slo"ly heat the almond oil. f. &eppermint$Wheat Germ Stimulating Cream re"ipe ' 7 ' ' ounce bees"ax or lanolin ounces "heat germ oil ounce peppermint tea. bre"ed strong drop peppermint oil 8lace over lo" heat until the bees"ax is melted. reheat and add more almond oil. $elt bees"ax and lanolin in a heatproof glass set in simmering "ater. f you "ould like to add vitamin 4 to the cream.

add the perfume. ?ields +. &emember. A cleansing cream or lotion is essential for this.Stir cream thoroughly and transfer it to clean containers "ith tight!fitting lids. and a few drops of perfume "ix the waxes and oils into an enamel bowl and melt slowly ill a pan of boiling water. 9hen the waxes have melted. but also to remove stale make-up. ounces. Rose Water . made this cleansing cream with the following ingredients2 + ( tablespoon beeswax or white paraffin wax + tablespoon emulsifying wax ' tablespoons mineral oil : tablespoons rose water ( teaspoon borax and a few drops of rose oil =perfume> "elt the waxes and oil together. %n a separate bowl heat the water and borax until the borax is completely dissolved. so that it could dissolve the make-up. 9hen the cream begins to cool. &emove both bowls from the heat and pour . and at the same time heat the water and borax and make sure that the borax is completely dissolved. #ere are a few cleansing creams which are very easy and $uick to make. stirring continuously. "ake-up has a waxy base which cannot be properly penetrated and cleansed simply by using soap and water.leansing . remove both bowls from the heat and mix in water. Beat until the mixture thickens and cools.ream %ngredients2 +/) tablespoon beeswax + tablespoon emulsifying wax ' tablespoons baby oil ) tablespoons coconut oil ) tablespoons water + teaspoon borax + tablespoon witch-ha el. but also eventually coarsen the skin. &n "asy to Make .ream Halen. Then remove with a tissue or damp cotton wool.leansing . stale make-up and the dayFs dirt and grime not only clog the pores of the skin causing blackheads. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Homemade .leansing . Then add witch-ha el. 1leanser should be applied with an upward movement and kept on the skin for about half a minute. but do not leave it on the heat too long otherwise it will evaporate. a Hreek physician of the )nd century.reams for yo! 1leansing creams are used not only to lift the dust. Store up to 7 months. 6se of baby oil =which is a mineral oil> does not penetrate the skin and spreads easily and li$uifies readily.

then add + cup of milk and + s$uirt of lemon *uice. M125 &TH (se this mi-ed concoction immediately after making it# for soft and silky skin/ + egg +/) cup light olive oil + tablespoon glycerin +/) cup dried milk powder + drop *asmine essential oil + drop rose essential oil : drops lavender essential oil ) cups distilled water Beat together egg. olive oil. %s great if you are tired and rundown@ Milk ath. Add to bath before shampooing. Refreshing $ Re0italizing ath To #ave a &efreshing and &evitali ing Bath2 Before bathing put ) tea bags of 4eppermint/mint Tea in a pitcher. Add the water a little at a time.if the water is too hot youFll make scrambled eggs>. Stir.. 1leopatra bathed in assesF milk and So also did 4oppaca. 9hile beating add essential oils. but you can emulate it by simply adding a handful of powdered milk to the bath water. %mmediately add to your warm drawn bath =be careful. . .water into the oil 1ontinue stirring until a white cream starts to form. 1arryon beating until the mixture thickens. and leaves you feeling s$ueaky clean. and very relaxed and soothed &R)M&T1. glycerin and milk powder with a whisk or hand held beater.. the wife of !ero. 1ontinue beating until a smooth paste forms. 4S. Homemade ath Recipes Soothing Milk Mint ath +/) cup baking soda + cup milk +/) cup epsom salt 4eppermint oil/extract to a nice lukewarm bath@ %t feels great. !ow-a-days it is unlikely that anyone could or would use milk for bathing. Add a few drops of rose oil when the mixture begins to cool. $ix li3uid "ith po"dered milk and add to running bath "ater.hamomile Milk ath A s in$so!tening treat !or dry9 #inter s in ( cups po"dered milk ' cup boiling "ater '+& cup dried chamomile or 2 chamomile tea bags Steep chamomile in "ater for &1 minutes Strain li3uid. continuing to beat.

tight and soft. ( ounces paraffin '+( cup baby oil n a small saucepan. heat the ingredients together until li3uid. %f you cannot get rain-water. These are very easy to prepare. 6se of rain-water is very beneficial. .Soft-Water ath.or hands. "psom Salt ath. 1oisturi(ing &ara!!in Bath re"ipe . "ix two cups of ordinary washing soda with two tablespoons of potassium carbonate and a few drops of an aromatic essential oil =lavender and pine>. rosemary. ath Salts. soften the bath water by simply adding a little sodium ses$ui carbonate. Wrap in plastic "rap. dry skin. yarrow. Add a spoonful of honey to your bath. hyssop. it will not only relieve tiredness and sleeplessness. %f you have an itchy. but will also leave the skin feeling smooth and satiny. 5avender. 4inegar ath. -eep this mixture in a large *ar and use about a tablespoon in each bath. Herb ath. mint. A few tablespoons of laundry starch and a teaspoon of glycerine added to bath water leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth. Two handfuls of Epsom salt added to a bucket of the bath water relieves tiredness. 6se one tablespoon of oatmeal in the bath. This is very effective. 9eave on '1 minutesB then peel off. Starchy ath. add a cup of vinegar to the bath water. /ool to comfortably "arm and HpaintH each hand or dip both hands at once into the mixture. Honey ath. <atmeal and bran contain oils and vegetable hormones which soothe and soften the skin. pennyroyal. balm or camomile are useful herbs. ran or )atmeal ath. which can be used in bath water either separately or in a mixture. borage.

&ging Skin Fighter recipe ) teaspoons plain yogurt +/) teaspoon honey +/) teaspoon lemon *uice . capsules vitamin E =e$uivalent of .,, units> 1ombine yogurt, honey and lemon *uice. 4rick open the vitamin E capsules and fold contents into the mix. 5eave on skin for +8 minutes.
.a"ial .i0$7p re"ipe '+& cup oatmeal po"der '+& cup bran '+( cup cornmeal ' teaspoon *inc oxide $ix all together into a paste "ith "ater. $assage on faceB rinse off.

&lmond ody )il recipe ) cups yellow flowers from the herb mullein ) cups almond oil "ix in a clean glass *ar. 5et sit for two weeks. Strain and apply the resulting oil to the skin. This makes skin smooth and supple. %t is also good for dry, flaky skin.
Co"oa Butter Suntan Oil re"ipe '+& cup light sesame oil & tablespoons coconut oil & tablespoons cocoa butter $ix together all ingredients in a clean micro"ave!safe container. #eat the mix gently, stirring together all the ingredients. 8lace the container in the micro"ave for ' minute on # F#, or heat it gently in a double boiler or "ater bath on the stove top. 9et the mixture cool completely. 8lace the suntan oil in clean %ar or container "ith tight!fitting lid. 1assage Oil re"ipe ' 3uart oil -from list. ( to ) drops essential oil -optional. ' ounce herbs -from list. /ombine ingredients and bring to a boil in a glass or enamel pan. Simmer &1 minutes, then cool. Strain through a double layer of cheesecloth. Add essential oil for scent, if desired. Store in a labeled, light!proof bottle. @ils, /orn, safflo"er, soy, olive, peanut, apricot kernel, almond, avocado or "alnut, or any combination

#erbs, for dry skin, Alfalfa, rose, chamomile for oily skin, 9emongrass, "itch ha*el, marigold for stimulation, 8eppermint, rosemary, thyme for relaxation, Sage, catnip, chamomile

&lmond- !tter Hand Softener recipe + tablespoon almond oil + cup butter "ix well. Before bed, massage mixture into hands, then cover with white cotton gloves. 9ear all night while sleeping.
A-o"ado$%ogurt Hand Treatment re"ipe ' mashed avocado Duice from '+& lemon '+& cup plain yogurt 8etroleum %elly $ix together the avocado, lemon %uice and yogurt. Slather over handsB leave on for '1 to '2 minutes, then rinse off. This "ill gently slough off dull skin and "ill gradually fade age spots, also. After rinsing, lavish on petroleum %elly or super!rich hand cream and then "ear "hite cotton gloves for one hour or overnight for maximum hydrating. N@T4, do not use this slougher more than t"ice a "eek as it can be irritating. Also, do not apply it to cuts or sores as it may sting. Bay *um Hand Lotion re"ipe 7 '+& cup distilled "ater* 7 ounces glycerin 7 ounces bay rum '+( ounce gum of tragacanth * or "ater boiled for '1 minutes. Soak the gum of tragacanth overnight in distilled "ater.Strain and beat "ith an egg beater. Add glycerin and bay rum and mix "ell "ith egg beater. 8our into sterili*ed bottles, then cork or cover "ith tight!fitting lid. O-ernight So!tening .ormula re"ipe ;or hands and feet. ' ounce ground almonds ' egg, beaten '+( ounce ground comfrey root ' tablespoon honey

$ix all ingredients together "ith your hands. At night, before bedtime, coat hands. 8ut on a pair of "hite cotton gloves. n the morning, remove gloves and rinse gloves and hands. Apply hand lotion or cream. :epeat the process every night for one "eek, then once a "eek for a month, then once a month. ;or feet, sock moccasins "ork "ell to contain the solution. Co"oa Butter Body Lotion re"ipe '+( cup grated cocoa butter ' tablespoon coconut oil 7 tablespoons sunflo"er oil '' tablespoons grated bees"ax /ombine all ingredients, then melt in a glass container in the micro"ave. Stir "ell, and continue stirring until the mixture cools. Allo" to cool completely, then stir a little more. Spoon into small %ars "ith lids. Lemon$Gly"erin Hand Lotion re"ipe ( tablespoons flaxseed ' 3uart "ater 7 ounces glycerin Duice of 7 lemons ' teaspoon carbolic acid Simmer flaxseed and "ater for 71 minutes. Strain. Add glycerin, lemon %uice, and carbolic acid. When the lotion is cool, store in clean attractive bottles. 1il and Honey Lotion re"ipe

nstant conditioner and refresher. '+( cup milk or cream '+( cup honey $ix milk -or cream. and honey in a small glass or enamel pan. Warm until the honey melts, then remove from heat. When it is cool enough to tolerate, apply to face and neck -or your entire body if you have time.. 9et it stand for '2 minutes, then rinse or sho"er off "ith "arm "ater. The mix can be made in larger 3uantities, and it "ill keep for a "eek if refrigerated. La-ender Lotion re"ipe ' ounce glycerin & teaspoons oil of lavender 8ut ingredients in a clean glass bottle and shake "ell. :efrigerate.

"armed tablespoons orange %uice drops essential oil* * orange flo"er. Store in a tightly!capped bottle or %ar. Feranium 0ody 9otion. 7+( cup unscented body lotion '2 drops geranium essential oil =ecorative scre"!top bottle $ix the body lotion and geranium oil together thoroughly and pour into a decorative bottle. Whirl all ingredients in blender until light and fluffy. melted tablespoons olive oil. put the mixture intp an airtight container or %ar until ready for use. but if the mixture separates. Orange Hand Lotion re"ipe ' ounce "armed olive oil ' ounce orange %uice '+& ounce melted cocoa butter & drops orange flo"er oil 8ut all ingredients into a blender and combine until light and fluffy. Orange Lotion re"ipe & ( ( & tablespoons cocoa butter. if possible. *ose Body Lotion re"ipe 7+( cup unscented body lotion '1 drops rose essential oil =ecorative scre"!top bottle $ix the body lotion and rose oil together thoroughly and pour into a decorative bottle. This does not need to be refrigerated. *ose$*osemary Lotion re"ipe .Lemon Hand Lotion re"ipe ' teaspoon lemon %uice & teaspoons glycerin <se ' teaspoon of lemon %uice for every & teaspoons of glycerin. beat again. When all ingredients are thoroughly blended together.

Whirl both ingredients in a blender. if desired. Eye &u!!iness Easer re"ipe & teaspoons grated ra" potato -no skin. ' teaspoon moisturi*er -"ithout urea. 1a e$7p *emo-er <sing baby oil to remove make!up is great but "ash your face "ell "ith soap and "ater after"ard or also your pores "ill get clogged. $ix "ell. A-o"ado Eye Cream re"ipe 2 drops almond oil 7 ripe avocado slices 0lend almond oil into avocado. then store at room temperature in a small. Body Glitter re"ipe 7 tablespoons unmedicated aloe vera gel '+& teaspoon very fine glitter. This removes all traces of mascara. damp cotton or gau*e for '1 to '2 minutes. >ields ' '+& ounces. =ab around eyes and leave on for 2 minutes. Add essential oil. Gentle Eye 1a eup *emo-er re"ipe ' tablespoon canola oil ' tablespoon castor oil ' tablespoon light olive oil $ix the ingredients together and pour into a clean container To use pour a small amount of oil onto a clean "hite cotton ball and gently "ipe over your upper and lo"er eyelashes and eyelids. . fragrance desired -optional. Stir to blend. Store in a clean. then apply around the eyes. /over "ith cool.' ounce rose petal tea or rose "ater ' ounce rosemary tea ' tablespoon egg "hite Whirl in the blender. %ar in the refrigerator. :inse. color desired ' drop essential oil. airtight %ar or container. Add glitter to aloe vera gel. tightly!capped.

Cu"um'er$*ose *e!resher re"ipe 7 ounces cucumber %uice 7 ounces distilled "itch ha*el ' '+& ounces rose "ater $ix together and place in a clean %ar.N@T4. and gently "ipe off "ith tissues. =@ N@T <S4 N4A: T#4 4>4S Bu''le Gum Hand Cleaner re"ipe The children "ill 9@64 to clean their hands "ith thisC '+& cup aloe vera gel '+( cup MMN rubbing alcohol '+& to 7+( teaspoon bubble gum fragrance oil $ix ingredients together. Store in an airtight %ar and keep in the refrigerator since coconut oil has a very lo" melting point. 0eat as the mixture cools to emulsify. /ube and blend "ith remaining ingredients. :emove from heat. Apply morning and evening. Egg Shampoo re"ipe ' egg ' teaspoon olive oil ' teaspoon lemon %uice . Wash the cucumber. olive or avocado oil. follo" "ith an astringent Cu"um'er Wrin le Cream re"ipe '+& cucumber ' egg "hite & tablespoons mayonnaise '+& cup oil* * <se "heat germ. Co"onut Cleansing Cream re"ipe 7 ' ' & tablespoons coconut oil tablespoon olive oil tablespoon glycerin teaspoons "ater $elt ingredients together over very lo" heat until li3uid. After use. but do not peel. 8our into a pump!style bottle or a s3uee*e bottle. :efrigerate. Test body glitter on inside of arm before applying to face. Some are sensitive to essential oils. After cleansing face. soak a clean cotton ball "ith the lotion and gently pat over skin.

=o one foot at a time. smooth mixture over your face and allo" to air dry. . E0!oliating . . Save any remaining shampoo in the refrigerator and use the next day. beginning at toes. '+( cup lemon %uice. Slide feet into mixture and rub. Large &ores *emedy re"ipe $ix table salt and buttermilk into a paste. After cleansing. Lemon *inse re"ipe This is the strongest acid rinse. and leave for '1 minutes. Slather on -especially on back and chest areas. "orking up to heel and ankle. rough feet. <se shampoo immediately. rinsing in a separate bo"l of "arm "ater.' tablespoon castile soap or mild unscented shampoo '+& cup "ater /ombine all ingredients in a blender and "hip until smooth.or dry.oot 1as re"ipe '+& cup oatmeal '+& cup cornmeal '+& cup coarse salt '+& cup unscented body lotion ( tablespoons aloe vera gel n a large bo"l. freshly!s3uee*ed ' '+& cups "ater /ombine lemon %uice and "ater. Work "ell into the area "here pores tend to be enlarged. Lemon Soa re"ipe .ull Body 1as8ue re"ipe ' handful finely crushed almonds 2 tablespoons uncooked oatmeal & teaspoons bro"n sugar & tablespoons honey '+( cup hot "ater $ix all ingredients to form a paste. $assage inB rinse off. $ix a fresh batch every five days. :emove "ith "arm "ater and repeat several times a "eek until the condition clears up. and follo" up "ith a hair rinse. t becomes stale after the fifth day and should be discarded. combine all ingredients.

.reshener re"ipe This restores the acid layer that helps protect against bacteria. *ose &etal Steam . then cool before using. Strain. Wipe the li3uid over face "ith a fresh cotton s3uare or sprit* it on your face "ith a pump!type plastic or glass container.reshener re"ipe ' tablespoon dried rosemary 7 cups distilled "ater 7 tablespoons chamomile flo"ers 0oil for '2 minutes. 9et it remain for 71 minutes. %ogurt . then remove from heat and toss in the rose petals. This is very refreshing if kept in the refrigerator bet"een uses. Store up to ' "eek in the refrigerator. '+( cup "hite vinegar or apple cider vinegar '+( cup "ater ' teaspoon rose geranium oil $ix all ingredients. Apply over face and throat "ith a clean cotton pad. Strain. Soak feet for '2 to &1 minutes. ?eep in a clean glass bottle "ith a tight!fitting lid.a"ial re"ipe ' pot fresh "ater ' handful rose petals 0oil the "ater. *ose Water re"ipe ' cup rose petals '+& cup rubbing alcohol ' '+& cups "ater Simmer rose petals in "ater for '1 minutes. Steep 2 minutes. 8reserve "ith alcohol or %ust refrigerate "ithout preserving. then pat dry.a"ial Cleanser ngredients.' bo"l "arm "ater Duice of ' lemon Add lemon %uice to "arm "ater in bo"l. then rinse "ith cool "ater and then pat dry. *osemary$Chamomile S in . 9ean over pot at least '1 inches from surface and drape to"el over head. /lose eyesB steam 2 minutes "ith breaks as needed. :inse "ith cool "ater. *ose Geranium S in . so rose oils diffuse into "ater.

8our into a %ar and place the %ar inside a double!boiler pot -do not use direct heat on the %ar. natural plain yogurt & tsp. This is especially soothing during the hot summer months. ' cup distilled "ater '+( cup aloe vera gel & tablespoons almond oil $ix "ellB store in tightly covered %ar in refrigerator.f it thickens too much. /ombine all ingredients in a large mixing bo"l and stir.or Normal to Oily S in & tbsp cornstarch & tbsp glycerin '+& cup distilled "ater $ix the ingredients together until smooth. instant mashed potatoes -or potato flour. =on5t handle the ingredients "ith your hands. lemon %uice '!'+& Tbs. finely peeled and sliced apple ' tsp. . "heat!germ oil ' o*. This is a cleanser. This product "ill keep from & to 7 days. 8our into an airtight container and refrigerate. 0ring the "ater in the outer pot to a boil and heat the mixture until it is clear and has thickened. Sea#eed Lotion re"ipe ' tablespoon po"dered rish moss -sea"eed. 2 drops lavender essential oil 8reparation..& o*.a"ial Cleanser . • • . add a bit more "ater. This is a good all!over facial cleanser and should keep for E to '1 days. "hich have oils that carry bacteria.. li3uid honey 7+( tsp. Never put any fruit on your face that you "ouldn5t put in your stomach. :emove from heat and let cool. $ake sure the apple is fresh. "hich means you should use it at the start of your regular skin!care regimen. Notes: • • 9avender has healing properties as "ell as a "onderful aroma. .

and let cool. S"eep over entire body. one area at a time. "ith long strokes. S in Booster re"ipe ( ( 2 ' tablespoons dried dandelions tablespoons chamomile tablespoons rosemary -'&!inch.irst stroke in an up!and!do"n direction. Steep '1 minutes. . Strain the mixture and store in a tightly capped bottle. then in a circular motion.or oily or scaly skin. s3uare muslin or cotton 8lace herbs in center of fabric. :emove scrubber and save the "ater as it contains herbal %uices. $akes ) ounces. :ub mixture over hands for at least one minute. Secure "ith rubber band or string to form a scrubber. stir in the sugar. S in Conditioner re"ipe . sliced ' cup "hite "ine ' tablespoon sugar 8lace lemon slices and "ine in a glass or enamel pot and bring to a boil over medium heat. 0unch edges of fabric together. Slide your hands into the gloves. <se as a skin refresher and after using a skin lightening mask. 8lace scrubber in a glass dish until it cools to room temperature. 8lace in a pot of boiling "ater.Sil y Hands re"ipe '+& cup coconut oil '+& cup granulated sugar Duice of ' lemon /otton gloves $ix all ingredients in a bo"l. :emove from heat. scrubbing as you "ould "hile "ashing up. . <se a paper to"el to brush any excess sugar from your skin. 9eave herbal residue on for &1 minutesB rinse "ith tepid "ater. :emove from stove. 0oil for one minute. and your hands ready to make their debutC S in Blea"hing Toni" re"ipe ' lemon. continually moistening scrubber in the herbal "ater. 0y morning the oil should be absorbed. and leave them on overnight.

8ut steaming pot on the table. $elt the "ax in a small bo"l in the top of a glass or enamel double boiler over medium heat. <se t"o times a "eek or more. unpeeled '+& ounce "hite paraffin & ounces s"eet almond oil /ut the cucumber into chunks and purAe it in the food processor or blender. . :elax for at least 2 minutes. Strain into bath "ater. To use. pieces. >ou can also use this mixture in a vapori*er "hile you sleep. Soak at least '1 minutes. As soon as the "ax is melted. Store in a pump!type dispenser or a s3uee*e!top plastic container Soothing Cu"um'er Cream re"ipe ' "hole cucumber. Add strained cucumber and blend thoroughly. cornmeal. 9et the mixture cool very slo"ly to prevent crystals from forming in the "ax. and slivers of used soap O enough to make ' cup dried out or ' cup soap flakes ' cup boiling "ater 8our boiling "ater over the soap and stir until soap is completely dissolved. 9et steep &1 minutes. /ool. Strain the pulp through a strainer lined "ith cheesecloth. slo"ly add the oil. stirring gently.ormula re"ipe ' ' ' ' ' tablespoon tablespoon tablespoon tablespoon tablespoon licorice fennel seeds mint leaves comfrey leaves parsley $ix and store in a clean. Stir mixture once or t"ice until cool. :emove the pot from the heat and cover "ith a clean to"el. then mix ' ounce of this mixture "ith ' 3uart boiling "ater. /over head and pot "ith a to"el. at least '1 inches from the "ater. So!t Soap re"ipe Several bits. bring ' 3uart "ater and '+& ounce herbs to boil.' ' ' ' ounce ounce ounce ounce lemongrass cornmeal "itch ha*el rose petals 0lend lemongrass. and put your face over the pot. S in$Steaming . tightly!capped %ar. "itch ha*el and rose petals.

store it in a tightly capped glass container in the refrigerator. Duice of ' lemon 2 -(11 < each. 8our into a storage container and s3uee*e contents of vitamin 4 capsules into it. Stra#'erry 6ra#ing 1as re"ipe '+& cup very ripe stra"berries '+( cup cornstarch $ix stra"berries and cornstarch together to make a paste and apply it to your face. . t "ill keep for t"o months. 9ie do"n. tea and lemon %uice in a blender. To use. and use the same as you "ould any cleansing grains. smooth a bit of cream every night around the tender skin of your face and neck. rinse off the conditioner "ith very hot "ater ! as hot as you can stand it ! to help dissolve excess oil.When the mixture is completely cool and smooth. ?eep refrigerated no longer than ' "eek. Tomato$Oatmeal Conditioner re"ipe . and after &1 minutes or so. S#eet Cleansing Grains re"ipe ' teaspoon granulated sugar A little soap lather $ix "ell. The mixture "ill be sloppy. vitamin 4 capsules $ix mayonnaise. Suntan Lotion re"ipe & ounces salt!free mayonnaise & ounces black tea -bre"ed very dark. then remove. 4ven better.or oily skin. 8urAe tomato in" "ith your favorite acid mantle. ' ripe tomato 7 or ( tablespoons oatmeal 8o"der oatmeal in blender. 9eave on for 71 minutes. then apply to face. . then rinse off "ith cool "ater. :emove. .a"ial Conditioner re"ipe . so "ear a plastic sho"er cap to protect hair. /ombine po"dered oatmeal and tomato. use right before shampooing your hair.or moderately oily skin. avoiding the delicate area around your eyes.inegar .

. >our skin should feel tingly "hile using this clarifier. 9et dry naturally.inegar *inse re"ipe '+( cup apple cider vinegar ' basin "arm "ater This restores the natural p# balance or acid mantle to your skin.' cup "ater ' tablespoon vinegar -any type. 9et dry "ithout using a to"el. Wit"h Ha(el S in Clari!ier re"ipe 7+( cup "itch ha*el '+( cup rubbing alcohol $ix the ingredients and store in a tightly capped.a"e Cleanser re"ipe ' teaspoon chamomile leaves ( cups boiling "ater $ix in a heatproof bo"l. ?eep in a cool place Chamomile Steaming . Cider Sta'ili(ing *inse re"ipe '+( cup cider vinegar '+( cup "ater . #old face '1 inches from "ater for ) minutesB follo" "ith a tightening mask. 8our vinegar into "arm "ater. moisten a clean cotton ball and clean your face "ith this solution after "ashing and before applying moisturi*er. Carolina Cleansing Cream re"ipe 7 tablespoons olive oil '+& cup lard Several drops peppermint extract '+& teaspoon tincture of ben*oin $ix "ell in a clean glass bottle. "ithout patting. Acne sufferers should try this also. Apply up to '+( teaspoon of mixture to face after each cleansing. sterili*ed glass bottle. To use. Apply to face "ith fingers. :emove "ith tissues. $ix "ater and vinegar in a bottle. but be sure to start "ith a perfectly clean face. Splash your face thoroughly.

9eave mask on for 71 minutes. Add vitamin / tablet to the boiling "ater. then strain and pour into a clean container. Shake "ell and refrigerate. cored and 3uartered & tablespoons honey '+& teaspoon sage =rop the apple into a blender and chop. tapping until the honey feels tacky. & apricots & tablespoons plain yogurt 8urAe in a blender.reshener re"ipe This is marvelous for those hot summer daysC refrigerator. Citrus S in . avoiding eye area. Apple 1as re"ipe like to use it ice cold from the . Apply to face. 8at the mixture onto the face "ith a light tapping motion. lime.or dry skin. and leave on for '1 to &1 minutes. lemon./ombine vinegar and "ater and gently "ipe your face "ith the mixture.or normal skin. ' vitamin / tablet ' cup boiling "ater /ut citrus peel into thin strips and set aside. Store in the refrigerator. orange ! "hatever. Apri"ot 1as . 9et the mixture cool. 9et this rinse dry on your skin. ' apple. then pour over citrus peels. then rinse. re"ipe . ' cup citrus peel -grapefruit. Add honey and sage and refrigerate for '1 minutes. t5s an instant cool!do"n. Citrus Cooler Lotion re"ipe ( tablespoons glycerin (1 drops oil of orange ( tablespoons lemon %uice /ombine ingredients in a clean glass bottle.

or dry skin.or dry skin. Apply mixture to face. A-o"ado 1oisture 1as . soak it in "ater for 7 hours. :inse "ith luke"arm "ater. Apply to clean skin. Apply to faceB leave on '2 to &1 minutes. 9eave on for 71 minutes. '+& ripe avocado ' teaspoon vegetable oil $ash avocado into a paste and add vegetable oil. A-o"ado 1as8ue re"ipe . Add egg "hite. then apply to skin. ' ripe avocado ( tablespoons plain yogurt 8urAe avocado and blend "ith yogurt. Apply the mask to your face by patting it gently and then continuing to pat until the mask feels extremely tacky to the touch. :inse "ith "arm "ater. A-o"ado 1as re"ipe re"ipe /onditions and prevents dryness. :elax and leave the mask on for &1 to 71 minutes and then rinse off "ith "arm "ater.or dry skin. ' apricot. dried or fresh & tablespoons honey f apricot is dried. $ash fruit and honey together. A-o"ado Honey 1as ' large. :inse off "ith hot "ater. 9eave on for &1 to 71 minutes. '+& ripe avocado ' egg "hite $ash avocado into a thick paste. ripe avocado ' tablespoon honey 8eel and slice avocado and purAe it in a blender "ith the honey.Apri"ot 1as8ue re"ipe . 9eave on for '1 to &1 minutes. re"ipe . :inse "ith luke"arm "ater.

:inse "ith tepid "ater. ' tablespoon "heat germ oil '+& mashed ripe avocado $ix and apply to skin. Beet 1oisturi(ing 1as ' ra" beet. :inse "ith tepid "ater. Spread on a little more. re"ipe re"ipe re"ipe . remove "ith "arm "ater. ' teaspoon "heat germ oil $ix all ingredients. '+& ripe banana ' tablespoon honey & tablespoons sour cream $ash the banana in a bo"l and add honey and sour cream. grated ' cup sour cream Cali!ornia A-o"ado Cleanser and 1as '+( ripe avocado '+& cup buttermilk ' beaten egg yolk 0lend avocado "ith egg yolk and buttermilk. A-o"ado$Banana 1as8ue re"ipe .or dry or sensitive skin. :inse "ith "arm "ater.or dry skin. 9eave on for another 2 minutes. Apply to face and throat and leave on for 2 minutes.A-o"ado 1oisturi(er re"ipe . Banana Cream 1as . '+( mashed ripe avocado '+& mashed ripe banana & tablespoons plain yogurt -not lo"!fat. Apply mixture to face and leave on '1 to '2 minutes. 0lend "ell Apply to skin and leave on for '1 minutes. After &1 minutes.or normal to dry skin.

. Cu"um'er 1as . and leave on for 2 minutes. 9eave on for &1 minutes. 9eave on for &1 minutesB rinse off. splash "ith cool "ater and pat dry.or oily skin. steam. Then apply a mask made by "hipping the eggs and brushing on face. 9eave on for '1 minutes.Clo-e$Honey S in Lightening 1as & ' ' ' tablespoons fuller5s earth tablespoon "itch ha*el teaspoon honey teaspoon ground cloves re"ipe $ix all the ingredients into a paste and apply to the skin in light. up"ard strokes. Apply the mixture to your face and leave on for '2 minutes.a"ial re"ipe . Cornmeal S in . :inse off. :inse "ith Skin 0leaching Tonic. Cu"um'er 1as8ue re"ipe ' cucumber. 6ry S in . Apply to face. then cool "ater. $assage "ith the dry cornmeal.or oily or combination skin. '+& cucumber ' egg "hite ' tablespoon lemon %uice ' teaspoon mint 8urAe ingredients in a blender and refrigerate for '1 minutes.a"e &a" re"ipe re"ipe ( teaspoons mayonnaise '+& teaspoon kelp po"der ' teaspoon fuller5s earth $ake into a paste. cubed 7 ounces milk 0lend together. :inse "ith hot. ' tablespoon dry cornmeal & eggs /leanse face. Apply.

then rinse "ell. :inse off "ith "arm "ater. Apply to clean face. steam. $assage "ith the dry oatmeal.6ry S in . 9ie do"n and leave on for &1 minutes. 9eave on for '1 to '2 minutesB rinse off thoroughly "ith tepid "ater. '+& papaya '+& teaspoon lemon or lime %uice ' teaspoon honey $ash the ingredients together. 9eave on for &1 minutesB rinse off. Then apply a mask made by mixing yogurt and bananaB spread evenly on face. :inse off. Egg$Honey 1oisturi(er re"ipe ' egg yolk & tablespoons honey $ix ingredients together until a light paste is formedB apply to face and neck. . En"hanted Garden 1as re"ipe The en*ymes in the papaya help soften skin by removing dead surface cells.ruit &un"h *e!resher re"ipe '+& cup lemon yogurt ' teaspoon lemon %uice ' teaspoon lime %uice ' teaspoon grapefruit %uice $ixB leave on face for '1 minutes. splash "ith cool "ater and pat dry. . leave on for '1 minutes. avoiding eye area and mouth.a"ial Glo# 1as8ue re"ipe ' egg yolk ' teaspoon "arm milk ' teaspoon honey $ix together. :inse "ith cold club soda. Apply to face and throat.a"ial re"ipe ' tablespoon dry oatmeal '+& mashed ripe banana & ounces plain yogurt /leanse face. .

Strain and pour into a tightly capped bottle. 0eat the egg "hite %ust until stiff. Shake occasionally to mix contents. :inse off "ith tepid "ater. then fold the peach purAe into the egg "hite. and lie do"n for &1 minutes. 9eave on damp skin for '2 minutesB rinse. 9et dry for '2 to &1 minutes. Smooth mask onto clean face. Add honey or egg yolk. Her'al .a"e Steam re"ipe =eep pore cleanser. Apply astringent and moisturi*er.a"ial re"ipe . Apply thickly to face and neck "ith fingertips. Her' Garden Splash re"ipe & cups "hite vinegar '+( cup honey ' teaspoon sage ' teaspoon thyme ' teaspoon savory ' teaspoon ground cloves ' teaspoon crushed bay leaves /ombine all ingredients and store in a sterili*ed glass %ar for ' "eek. then rinse off "ith luke"arm "ater. Grape . Hea-enly 1as re"ipe ' tablespoon yogurt ' egg yolk ' tablespoon honey $ix gently and let stand until paste reaches room temperature.or over!sunned faces. ' 3uart "ater ' handful any herbs* Duice and peel of '+& lemon . ' cup green grapes ' teaspoon honey or ' egg yolk /rush green grapes to a pulp.Georgia &ea"h 1as ' ripe peach ' egg "hite re"ipe $ash peach to a pulp or puree in blender.

:inse off "ith "arm "ater. ' large peach or nectarine. * <se any herbs you have available. Turn off the heat and take the pot to a table. pat dry. rinse "ith /@9= "ater to close the pores. rosemary. "hich "ill leave your skin feeling soft and silky. cara"ay. /over your hair "ith a sho"er cap or to"el and drape another to"el over your head and the pot. This delicious mask leaves the complexion feeling soft and supple. ' egg yolk & tablespoons honey '1 drops almond oil Whip until creamy. Honey and Egg 1as . cloves. and honey together. chamomile. Add %uice and peel of lemon and herbs. tone and moisturi*e. holding your face about '1 inches above the "ater. lavender or elder flo"ers. mar%oram. Add a little lecithin po"der or yogurt until you have a "orkable paste. basil. 8at evenly over your face and neck and around the eyes. Apply to face. After"ard. Slo"ly mix in egg yolk and honey. anise or fennel seeds. Store any extra in a "ide!mouth %ar for future use. ' ' ' ' tablespoon po"dered milk stiffly!beaten egg "hite egg yolk teaspoon honey re"ipe /ombine milk and egg "hite. parsley. mint. skinned 7 teaspoons honey 9ecithin po"der or & tablespoons yogurt $ash the peach -or nectarine. ?eep your eyes closed and let the steam do its magic cleansing for about '2 minutes. thyme.or dry skin. 9ie back and relax for about '1 minutes. Honey o! a &ea"h 1as re"ipe There is nothing more revitali*ing than a peach and honey mask. 9eave on for 2 minutesB rinse. .0ring "ater to a boil. Honey 1as re"ipe This is mildly antiseptic.

spread on the mixture. Wash your face. & egg yolks ' teaspoon olive oil ' teaspoon lemon %uice $ix ingredients together. adding little "ater if mixture is too thick to spread. leave it on for ten minutes. 9eave on for &1 minutes. Apply to clean skin. Apply to clean skin.Honey$Almond 1as ' & ' ( re"ipe tablespoon honey tablespoons finely crushed almonds teaspoon po"dered clay tablespoons uncooked oatmeal or cornstarch $ix together. circular motion as you rinse.or tired skin. Apply to face. Lemon 1as .a"ial 1as .or dry skin. then "ash it off. 1int Sou!!le 1as . Lemon . ' tablespoon ground or po"dered spearmint ' tablespoon oil ' tablespoon honey Whirl in the blender until fluffy. re"ipe re"ipe re"ipe re"ipe . up"ard strokes. Fently massage face. using an up"ard.or oily skin. ' tablespoon potter5s clay ' tablespoon lemon %uice $ix in the palm of your hand. Lemon S in Lightening &a" & tablespoons fuller5s earth ' teaspoon lemon %uice ' teaspoon buttermilk $ix all ingredients into a paste and apply to the skin in light. :inse "ith Skin 0leaching Tonic.

chopped ' teaspoon lemon %uice ' tablespoon instant oatmeal or old!fashioned rolled oats 0lend ingredients in a blender until %ust combined. Apply to skin. The pulp of a tomato aids the complexion. then scrub off "ith a clean "ashcloth dipped in "arm "ater. let cool and then peel the skin. re"ipe ' ripe tomato. /rush the tomatoes and remove the seeds. ' tablespoon tapioca & tablespoons honey '+& cup fresh orange %uice n a small saucepan over lo" heat. :inse "ith cool "ater. The /ommercial Appeal ! August &2. Spread the mixture over your face and neck and let dry for &1 minutes. "hile lemon %uice. contains vitamin / and can act as a bleaching agent. Add a bit more oatmeal to thicken the mask. mix tapioca and orange %uice. if necessary. Oily S in Treatment 1as re"ipe Source. .Oatmeal$Tomato 1as .a"ial re"ipe & tablespoons mashed ripe papaya ' teaspoon aloe vera gel $ix together the papaya and aloe vera gel to make a smooth paste. :emove from heat and cool. Orange :ui"e$Tapio"a 1as re"ipe Soothes skin and retards "rinkles. Apply to your clean face and neck and let sit for 2 minutes. :inse. Add the remaining ingredients. &apaya Anti$Wrin le . 9eave the mask on for '1 minutes. making sure the mixture is thick enough to stay on blemished areas. Apply to face for '1 minutes three times a "eek. stirring occasionally. "hich is used in cosmetic products. Stir in honey and let the HpuddingH simmer until thickened.or blemished skin. &11& & fresh tomatoes ' tablespoon peppermint leaves '+& tablespoon dried fresh yeast ' teaspoon lemon %uice 0oil the tomatoes in hot "ater.

&ea"hes and Cream 1as re"ipe . :inse "ith "arm "ater. :elax for 71 minutes. The natural fruit acid and en*ymes remove dead skin cells and skin "ill look and feel younger and smoother. ' large ripe peach & to 7 tablespoons cream 8eel and pit the peach.a"ial re"ipe '+( ripe papaya ( teaspoons green cosmetic clay ' '+& teaspoons aloe vera gel 8uree all ingredients. then rinse off "ith cool "ater. :inse "ith cool "ater. $ash peach. This mixture is a bit runny. . peeled and pitted ' egg "hite Whip peach and egg "hite together in a blender until smooth. let dry completely. Fently pat the mixture all over the face. Smooth it over the face and neckB leave on for &1 minutes. 9et cool until almost set Apply to face. &ea"h 1oisturi(er re"ipe This is a great moisturi*er for skin. then peel off.This formula an be drying if it is left on for longer then 2 minutes. ' tablespoon almond oil ' drop honey ' teaspoon peach %uice $ix all ingredients "ell. so you may "ant to lie back in your bath for '1 minutes or so. &apaya . try this mask. &eel$O!! 1as re"ipe ' packet unflavored gelatine '+& cup fruit %uice or herb nfusion #eat together gently to dissolve the gelatine. hands and nails. &ea"h Tightening 1as re"ipe ' ripe peach. Add cream until smooth.or that famous Hpeaches and creamH complexion.

removes dead skin cells.ormula re"ipe ' pint pure aloe gel ' ounce -tube. 9eave on for 2 to '1 minutes and then rinse "ith "arm "ater. re"ipe & tablespoons rubbing alcohol ' teaspoon peppermint extract & teaspoons fuller5s earth /ombine all ingredients. Smooth over damp skin after a sho"er or bath. Store in a container. &lum 1as re"ipe .e" drops vitamin 4 oil Whip ingredients together. oily skin. peeled and mashed '+7 cup milk 0eat the egg yolk until fluffy. Add milk and avocado. . This tropical mask gives complexions a healthy glo". So!tening 1as8ue 2emollient3 re"ipe ' egg yolk '+7 cup avocado. an en*yme found in fresh pineapple.or blemished. mixing thoroughly "ith the yolk. $ash plums "ith almond oil. &ina Colada 1as re"ipe '+( cup chopped fresh pineapple ' tablespoon coconut milk 8lace ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. 0romelian. 8at skin dry. Apply to face. avoiding eye area.or oily skin. 9eave on for '1 minutes.&eppermint 1ud 1as . :inse "ith hot "ater. *inc oxide paste & tablespoons sunflo"er oil . Apply to face and leave on for '2 to &1 minutes. Spread in a thin layer over skin. L plums ' teaspoon almond oil 0oil the plumsB cool. Super 6ry S in .

Add alcohol -optional. $ix in the flo"ers so that they are completely "et. rose petals '+& /. ground ' ounce almond meal 0lend oatmeal. Strain. Note. Add the oil. f you don5t "ish to use rubbing alcohol. %ogurt$Almond Slougher re"ipe . rubbing alcohol ' '+& /. :inse "ith cool "ater. 6ry S in Conditioner re"ipe ' ounce oatmeal ' ounce comfrey leaves. ?eeps in fridge for up to & "eeks "ith alcohol. .%ogurt 1ud &a" re"ipe 7 tablespoons fuller5s earth 7 tablespoons plain yogurt $ix to make a paste and pat onto the face "ith gentle. or. deep!red rose petals $easure the distilled "ater into a thoroughly!cleaned mixing bottle. Soak at least '1 minutes. you may substitute 6odka. Add the vodka.. then rinse off "ith "arm "ater.. Strain into bath "ater. almond meal and comfrey leaves and mix ' tablespoon of this to ' 3uart "arm "ater. See Note. 7 tablespoons pulveri*ed almonds -or almond meal. ' "eek "ithout. *OSE WATE* ' /. 9et dry on the skin for '2 to &1 minutes. :ose"ater "ithout a bit of alcohol "ill 3uickly develop a residue on its surface. '+& cup yogurt $ix together and massage into face. up"ard strokes. but acts as a preservative.or blemished skin. *ose Water re"ipe & cups distilled "ater '+( cup vodka '1 drops rose oil '+& cup fresh. "ater Simmer rose petals in "ater for '1 minutes.

t is very safe if a child s"allo"s it.9et the mixture stand in a covered bottle in a cool. :epeat again until entire scalp is treated. "hile it is still damp after shampooing. using %ust enough "arm "ater to thin the corn syrup. 8art hair do"n the middle. 8art hair an inch to one side of the other and repeat application. Anti$6andru!! Lotion L ounces "itch ha*el Duice of one lemon ) ounces distilled "ater $ix all ingredients together. The follo"ing ingredients are mixed to a paste and rubbed thoroughly. #ave child or adult gargle "ith the mixture. you can leave the petals in the mixture for a pretty visual effect. dark place for one "eek to allo" the scent to age. ground and sieved lemon peel & tablespoons ground almond a pinch of salt ( tablespoons "heat germ flour ' tablespoon ground thyme a pinch of ground allspice almond oil sufficient to make a paste a fe" drops of %asmine oil -to perfume. They cleanse and stimulate the skin leaving it soft and shiny. &etroleum :elly re"ipe ' ounce bees"ax '+& cup baby or mineral oil $elt the bees"ax in a micro"ave or a double boiler. Stir in the mineral oil. ground and sieved orange peel ' tablespoon dried. ' tablespoon dried. :emove the mixture from the heat and stir until cool. f you like. Amish Sore Throat *emedy 9ight corn syrup Small amount "arm "ater $ix the corn syrup and "arm "ater. front to back. Wet a cotton ball "ith the lotion and dab it on your scalp along the part. Spe"ial 1assage !or a Bride #ere is a special recipe for brides to be used daily at the time of bath for ten days before marriage. .

:inse "ith cold "ater. then mist in the air. 7 drops lavender 7 drops $andarin 8lace into an aromatherapy lamp or light bulb ring. $enstrual Syndrome and Tension. Air . then apply to face "ith a "hite cotton ball. 7 drops s"eet eucalyptus oil & drops orange oil & drops lemon oil 8lace into an aromatherapy lamp or light bulb ring. then mist in the air. /ool. then mist in the air. >ou can also blend "ith ) ounces of "ater in a spray bottle. Bla" head Wash 'L ounces po"dered oatmeal ) ounces po"dered almond meal ( ounces po"dered orrisroot ' ounce po"dered castile soap <se ' tablespoon of this mixture "ith a little hot "ater to make a paste.reshener and <plifter. >ou can also blend "ith ) ounces of "ater in a spray bottle. /alming. & drops frankincense & drops myrrh & drops cinnamon & drops pine. ( drops orange oil ( drops cinnamon oil 8lace into an aromatherapy lamp or light bulb ring. .Aromatherapy #oliday $ood. cedar or %uniper oil 8lace into an aromatherapy lamp or light bulb ring. Basil A"ne *emedy & to 7 teaspoons dried basil leaves ' cup boiling "ater Steep basil leaves in "ater for '1 to &1 minutes. >ou can also blend "ith ) ounces of "ater in a spray bottle. >ou can also blend "ith ) ounces of "ater in a spray bottle. then mist in the air. :ub gently into the affected area.

/lean the face and apply the paste. *OSE C*EA1 :ose 8etals 9ime "ater Fram 8o"der #erbal Turmeric 8o"der !2 ! 2 drops ! &spoons ! &pinch $ake a fine paste of the above ingredients "ith some "ater. Healing Hand Lotion ' part bay rum ' part li3uid camphor ' part glycerin $ix "ell and apply to hands. Store in a tightly!closed tin. "ide!mouth.Blemish *emedy ' part rose "ater ' part "itch ha*el $ix and chill mixture in the refrigerator. Store in a tightly covered. After &1 minutes "ash it off "ith milk and again clean the face "ith pure "ater. opa3ue %ar. When the process is repeated for '2 days. . Chapped Lip Balm '+( pound bees"ax Small 3uantity s"eet oil #eat these ingredients carefully and slo"ly until bees"ax has melted. The rose "ater softens the skin. Chapped . Avoid "etting lips as much as possible. :ose cream is also used for the clearing of black spots left after the pimples.a"e Lotion ( ' ' & ' ounces rose"ater '+& teaspoons glycerin '+& teaspoons sodium borate ounces geranium "ater ounce camphor "ater /ombine all ingredients. the face "ill become soft and smooth. Apply to blemishes "ith a clean cotton ball. The "itch ha*el soaks up oil to speed healing. Apply balm t"o or three times a day.

cocoa butter. Body S"ru': '+& cup fine sea salt '+7 cup body lotion @atmeal 0ath -found in most health food stores. & tablespoons almond meal ' tablespoon oatmeal & tablespoons cleanser ' mixing cup . While in your sho"er. /hilled. 8lace your face -skin should be free of all makeup and cream. mportant note. Save the tea solution. Hydrating . 8rotective 0arrier. Steaming. 7 chamomile tea bags ' tablespoon fennel seeds ' -'!3uart.a"ial *e"ipe :everse and control symptoms of old age before it5s too late. try an oatmeal bath. . >ou can concentrate on the problems areas. pot n pot. elbo"s. bre" tea bags and fennel seeds. massage the mixture all over your body. Then sho"er as usual "ith a cleansing type of body oil or cleansing gel. apply aloe vera gel all over your body. $ix body lotion and sea salt. $oisturi*er. :emove tea bags and bring to boil again. dry skin conditions. Take your time "ith this application and "ork it into your skin. here is one of nature5s remedies.or skin that is dehydrated and taut or the most severe rough. 0ring to boil and let steep for 2 minutes. <se a large to"el to cover your head and the pot. pure lanolin or shea butter Apply one of the above. @il!based body lotion. skip this step. '+7 cup aloe vera gel While skin is still moist." the four simple steps belo". keeping your eyes closed. Scrub. back of arms. and feet. over the steam. :emove from stove. f your skin becomes extremely irritated.Hydrating Body *e"ipes . /oncentrate a little more on the problem areas. f you like to take baths. it makes a great skin tonic.

oatmeal and cleanser. melted '+& ounce flaxseed oil '+( ounce rose hip seed oil '+( ounce "heat germ oil '1 drops lavender oil ) drops neroli oil ( drops vetiver oil 0lend the melted cocoa butter. gently massage mixture in small circular motions. :inse "ith luke"arm "ater. @n moistened skin. ' tablespoon aloe vera gel Apply aloe vera gel on base of the neck. po"dered sea"eed. $as3ue. As it begins to cool ad solidify. add the essential oils. Apply mixture to base of the neck. Stret"h 1ar 1assage Oil ' ounce cocoa butter. Transfer the mixture to a clean %ar. . :emove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. $assage the oil into your skin once or t"ice daily. throat and face area. #eat the mixture gently until the cocoa butter and bees"ax have meltedB stir "ell. Apply a fe" drops of $acadamia nut oil as a finishing step. 0egin at the base of the neck.$ix almond meal. throat and face and leave on for &1 to 71 minutes. flaxseed oil rose hip seed oil and "heat germ oil. '+7 cup dark clover honey '+7 cup po"dered sea"eed ' ripe avocado. avocado and $acadamia nut oil in a bo"l. purAed ' ounce macadamia nut oil ' mixing bo"l $ix clover honey. Allo" the mixture to cool to a comfortable temperature before using it. $ix together all ingredients except the vanilla extract. $oisturi*er. "ork up the throat area and then the face. if desired. Avoid the under eye area. :inse "ith luke"arm "ater. Stret"h 1ar Cream '+( cup cocoa butter ' tablespoon "heat germ oil ' teaspoon light sesame seed oil ' teaspoon apricot kernel oil ' teaspoon vitamin 4 oil & teaspoons grated bees"ax ' teaspoon clear vanilla extract -optional. /ool completely. then store in a clean %ar "ith a tight!fitting lid.

. hop in and indulge your senses. Some suggestionsB 8eppermint. cover and let it steep for 2 minutes then add it to your bath. f you donQt have any muslin %ust add your herbs to a bo"l. .reshly picked flo"ers of your choice /ombine oils "ith milk and add to bath "ater. t is in most cases very inexpensive. hope you don5t already. 7 teaspoons of honey '1 drops of essential oils added to ' tablespoon of a carrier oil such as s"eet almond.didn5t get to search your "hole site. $ixed "ith almond oil -'1 ml. Her'al Hea-en Bath Tea Bag n a small muslin bag add a handful of your preferred blend of dried herbsB N0. Add rose petals for the most beautiful looking bathC #op in and en%oyC Tropi"al Oasis & cups of coconut milk 7 drops each of tangerine and ylang ylang . Bath *e"ipes Cleopatra 1il Bath & 9itres of milk -non!fat for oily skin. Sea Salt 0ath P >ou should have a section that gives information about sea salt and using it in a bath. Any"ay. echinacea and lavender @ats. Add flo"ers.Essential Oil *e"ipes 8eace of $ind 2!'1 drops of @range 7 drops of Feranium & drops of 8eppermint 0e Well 7!2 drops of 8eppermint & drops of Tangerine Sleepy Time 2!'1 drops of 9avender 7 drops of @range Stress 9ess 2!'1 drops of 9avender 7 drops of /edar"ood 4nergi*e & drops of Feranium & drops of :ose"ood & drops of 0ergamot All of these blends can beB =iffused or put into your oil burner -"ith "ater of course. add 7 cups of boiling "ater. green tea and rosemary . t is "onderful pouring a cup or so of sea salt into a hot bath. $ix all together and run it under the tap to disperse. @ften the best "ay to select oils is to choose "hat you feel like ! let your intuition be your guide. t5s 3uite soothing and it Hsucks outH skin impurities. or a fragrance free cream and used for massage =abbed onto a tissue and inhaled Added to your bath >ou "ill come up "ith your o"n favorites through experimentation. chamomile and calendula 9emon grass and green tea 8eppermint.

<se circular motions. mashed ' tablespoon of po"dered milk ' tablespoon of oatmeal & teaspoons of homey $ethod /ombine all ingredients to make a smooth paste. "ilk soothes and softens while honey contains vitamins. "ix your carrier oil and essential oils you can get enough sea"eed for about ( or 2 baths for around R'). :inse off thoroughly. . ngredients .11. Step > :elax in a Thai style milk bath. Soak for at least ). ndulgeC Sleepy Time ' tablespoon of s"eet almond oil or any carrier oil 2 drops of lavender essential oil /ombine oils and add to bath "ater. 9hen your bath is cool enough to enter add your oils. ' tablespoon carrier oil . Step = Sho"er and exfoliate "ith a banana smoothie body scrub. dulse or nori. minutes. As the "ater is running add your sea"eed. To buy sea"eed try seaveg. Go this slimming and detoxifying bath once a week for + month for best results. drops of . Apply body scrub to your entire body "ith small circular motions. Sho"er first to dampen skin.uniper essential oil 7 drops of 9emon essential oil $ake the bath very hot. The Little 1ermaid Sea#eed Bath ' cup of sea"eed -kelp. dry face "asher or loofah. >ou "ill need to do this for 2 minutes to get your circulation going and loosen dead skin cells. 9hile you are soaking massage you body with the seaweed. hop in and relax.anilla *ose ( vanilla pod seeds & handfuls of rose petals 8lace vanilla into the bath and scatter petals across the surface.s Body Bliss The Steps Step ' P =ry Skin 0rush Step & P Sho"er and 4xfoliate "ith a S0anana Smoothie 0ody ScrubT Step 7 P Thai style milk bath Step ( P $oisturi*e G $assage Step < =ry brush your skin "ith a soft bristle brush. 9et it steep. Afterwards drink lots of water and relax. %f you have never had a milk bath you need to experience this heavenly treat. Fently "ork from your feet up"ards over your entire body.8lace it in your bath. ngredients ' banana. minerals and amino acids that nourish the skin Spa Li-ing !or Health.

olive oil -heavy. =isperse lime %uice through bath "ater. sesame -heavy. citrus foot soak Slice ' lemon and ' orange and set aside for foot soak. #hat you #ill need long handled soft bristle body brush or a dry face "asher or to"el small tub for feet meditation or soothing music /= and player reclining chair and cushions for comfort & to"els 7 lemons ' orange ' tablespoon of olive oil & tablespoons of "hite sugar L stra"berries ' banana ' tablespoon of sea salt in a small bo"l or container favorite moisturi*er and body cream go spa@ '. 0egin by taking a moment to signal the beginning of this time for yourself. cucumber eye compress /ut a couple of slices of cucumber for your eyes and put into fridge to cool. '. 0reathe deeply and soak for '2 minutes or until bath "ater cools. Soak tired feet in a Hcitrus foot bathH and follo" "ith a Hsalty scrubH. Add flo"ers and hop in.& cups of coconut milk Duice of ' lime #andful of rose petals or flo"ers of your choice -optional. detoxify and smooth "ith an all over Hdry skin brushingH. 8ut mask into the fridge to cool until needed. Step ? 4nd your spa body treatment "ith an Ayurveda inspired "arm oil massage. add a s3uee*e of lemon and mix "ell.. Set up your spa and start to gather the ob%ects you "ill need. $ethod =isperse milk through bath "ater. Smooth and cool your face "ith a Hbanana and stra"berry smoothie maskH.. What you "ill need J cup of a cold pressed vegetable oil Food choices areB s"eet almond -medium. 8lastic or glass bottle or %ar to hold oil to be "armed 8ot of very "arm "ater @ld to"el to stand on 8aper to"el little ray o! sunshine summer home spa summer home spa menu 4nergi*e. Fet your body *inging "ith a *esty Hlemon and sugar body scrubH. 9ight a candle or turn on some relaxation music and say to yourself H am no" on a summer home spa retreatH. $ake your summer home spa treatmentsB banana and stra"berry smoothie mask $ash banana and L "ashed stra"berries together to form a paste.. lemon and sugar body scrub . salty scrub 8lace ' tablespoon of sea salt into a small bo"l and set aside for foot scrub. &.

Fet ready for your maskB retrieve your mask and cucumber slices from the fridge. green cardomon pods and ginger root go spa@ . take the tub. '2. '1. 7. 8lace a to"el over your chest and apply your mask to your face and throat. ). 0rush for 2 minutes your skin should be slightly pink from the increased blood circulation. After '2 minutes "ith your mask still on. black tea leaves. Set up your foot soakB fill your small tub "ith tepid "ater and add the lemon and orange slices. remove the cucumber slices and sit for"ard slo"ly. :inse off and to"el dry. milk. $ake yourself a herbal tea and return to your day by saying softly to yourself Hmy summer home spa retreat is over and feel refreshed and aliveH. smother yourself in your favorite body lotion. <se a firm but not hard pressure. L. #hat you #ill need long handled soft bristle body brush or a dry face "asher or to"el meditation or soothing music /= and player -if you do not have a suitable /= try the free online meditations at 9earning $editation and listen through your computer. curled up in a robe "ith a hot cup of chai. slo"ly massage the mask into your skin and then rinse thoroughly. 9ift your feet. Stand slo"ly and make your "ay to the bathroom to rinse off your mask. Slide into your recliner and place your feet into the foot soak. 0rush your body in small. As you breathe out imagine a blanket of "hite light "ash over you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. 2. :epeat 7 times. sea salt and a to"el over to your recliner chair. Take a relaxing Hdetox bathH. one at a time. slightly above the "ater and rub "ith sea salt. '(. (. Set them do"n in a place "here you can easily use them "hile sitting. '7. 8lace the cucumber slices over your eyes and relax. Fet your circulation pumping and smooth your body "ith an all over Hdry skin brushingH. slo" circles beginning at your feet and making your "ay up. #ydrate your face "ith an Havocado moisturi*ing maskH and Hchamomile eye compressH. Tame dried out hair "ith an Havocado hair treatmentH. to"els 4psom salts ' avocado I cup of coconut milk & chamomile tea bags favorite moisturi*er and body cream ingredients for chaiB "ater. =ry your feet. deto0i!ying #inter home spa #inter home spa menu /leanse your mind "ith a guided meditation. $ake yourself an iced "ater "ith a stra" and place it "ithin easy reach. $ove to the bathroom "ith body brush and body scrub in hand. 0efore rinsing. '&.S3uee*e & lemons and add & tablespoons of sugar and ' tablespoon of olive oil to form a paste. /hill out after"ards. M. E. #op into the sho"er and "ork the body scrub in small circles all over your body. 0reathe in to the count of ) and breathe out to the count of (. ''. Take them and a to"el over to your recliner chair. 8at dry and slather on your favorite moisturi*er. honey. Take the citrus slices and rub them all over your feet and lo"er legs. :inse off in the "ater.

). $ake your "inter home spa treatmentsB avocado moisturi*ing mask $ash I an avocado and add ' tablespoon of coconut milk. ''. To"el dry. :un your bath and add the 4psom salts. >ou could even add some extra spa accessories such as a bath pillo". detox bath & cups of epsom salts. hair treatment and eye compress. M. slo" circles beginning at your feet and making your "ay up. 2. <se a firm but not hard pressure. &. cardomon and ginger. have used a rose theme but you could easily substitute the rose "ith dried lavender and lavender essential oil. :eturn to your day by saying softly to yourself Hmy "inter home spa retreat is over and feel refreshed and aliveH. eye compress and hair treatment in hand. L. '1. #op into your bath and apply your face mask. 9eave to cool slightly. 0ring to the boil 7 or ( times. 0rush your body in small. curl up and read a book. 9ight a candle or turn on some relaxation music and say to yourself H am no" on a spa retreatH. (. '&. chamomile eye compress Steep & tea bags in a small amount of hot "ater. . ' cup of "ater ' cup of milk & teaspoons of honey & teaspoons of black tea leaves ' green cardomon pod. face mask. 0egin by taking a moment to signal the beginning of this time for yourself. tea. Wear loose. E.'.. 8ut mask into the fridge until needed. chai $akes enough for & cups. As it starts to bubble add sugar. E2 ml almond oil 2 ml honey &1 ml vodka L1 drops of essential oils -your choice. '7. peeled 0oil "ater "ith milk. :educe the heat and turn it up again. mix to form a paste. Set up your spa and start to gather the ob%ects you "ill need. candle. avocado hair treatment $ash I an avocado and add remaining coconut milk until mixture is the consistency of conditioner. to"el or anything else bath related. #op into the sho"er and thoroughly rinse off the mask and shampoo your hair. 8lay your guided meditation or relaxation music. 0athe for '2 P &1 minutes. @h #oneyC 0ath @il -$akes about '&1 ml P %ust under I cup. crushed J inch of ginger root. Slip into a comfy robe and make yourself a cup of chai. Homemade Spa Gi!t *e"ipes Bath /hoose one recipe and make one gift or use all three recipes to make up a homemade spa gift basket. $ove to the bathroom "ith body brush. 7. 0rush for 2 minutes your skin should be slightly pink from the increased blood circulation. comfortable clothing and sit or lie in a comfortable position for your meditation. smother yourself in your favorite moisturi*er. Strain and drink.

:emove completely "ith "arm "ater. nstructions. nstructions. ' tablespoon pink clay -suitable for all skin types. . egg yolk or fruit. <se &!7 tablespoons in your bath 8retty in 8ink 0ath Salts -$akes %ust under ( cups P ) baths. Store scrub in a cool. :emove thoroughly "ith "arm "ater after '2 minutes. ' cup cornstarch ' cup baking soda ( cups dried milk '1 drops :ose essential oil ( tablespoons dried rose petals $ix ingredients in a large bo"l and divide into glass %ars or little calico bags. /ombine this scrub "ith a hand"ritten note of ingredients to add so that the person receiving the gift can "hip up their o"n fresh scrub. essential oils or anything else spa re"ipe as usual omitting the "layA . )11g 4psom salts ( tablespoons dried rose petals & teaspoons pink clay &1 drops :ose essential oil $ix dry ingredients together in a large bo"l. Smooth onto face and gently massage in small circles. Note. Suitable for all skin types I cup fine oatmeal I cup pink clay & tablespoons almond meal /ombine ingredients thoroughly and place into an airtight container. to form a paste. dark cupboard. Store scrub in a cool. Note. /ombine ingredients thoroughly and place into airtight container. /ombine this mask "ith a hand"ritten note of ingredients to add so that the person receiving the gift can "hip up their o"n fresh mask. <se ' tablespoon in your bath "ater. to form a smooth paste. Smooth onto face and spray regularly "ith "ater to keep it moist.$ix ingredients together and put into small glass %ars or vials.a"e /hoose one recipe and make one gift or use all three recipes to make up a homemade spa gift basket or gift box. <ltimate $ask $ix -$akes about ' cup. Suitable for all skin types I cup fine oatmeal J cup rice flour -for sensitive skin omit rice flour and double oatmeal. >ou could even add some extra spa accessories such as candles. nstructions. 9eave for a "eek so that the bath salts absorb the oils. Add &!7 tablespoons to your bath I! you do not ha-e pin "lay you "an "olor the salt #ith !ood "oloringA :ust add B to <C drops into the salt9 put into a "ontainer #ith a lid and sha e it until the "olor is mi0ed throughA . 8ut & teaspoons of mixture into bo"l and add enough "et ingredient -yoghurt. nstructions. 8ut ' tablespoon of mixture into bo"l and add enough "et ingredient -yoghurt. egg yolk or fruit. Add essential oils and put into an airtight container. dark cupboard. milk. <ltimate Scrub $ix -$akes about ' cup. nstructions. /leopatra $ilk 0ath -$akes about L cups P '& baths. milk.

Honey$Dissed Lip Balm9 "ourtesy o! the National Honey Board $akes '!'+& cups Ingredients: ' cup s"eet almond oil -. And don5t forget to add a little loveC *ECI&ES: Aloha Honey Ha#aiian 6elight9 "ourtesy o! Christopher Watt $akes & treatments Ingredients: & tablespoons green tea '+& ripe papaya '+& cup fresh pineapple. n blender or food processor. . & Tablespoons honey 6ire"tions: 8lace almond oil and bees"ax in a micro"ave!safe bo"l. Set aside to cool. pour into small containers "ith lids. $icro"ave on high for ' minute or until mixture melts. hydrates and re%uvenates. 4xfoliates. '+& cup bees"ax -/an be purchased at craft and beekeeping stores. 8our into glass bo"l and combine honey and green tea. Set aside to cool completely. When cool. nstructions. Taking the time out to make a homemade spa gift adds a special dimension to gift giving.acial @il -$akes about & tablespoons P ' small vial. 0eauty 0enefits. diced & tablespoons honey 6ire"tions: Steep green tea in boiling "ater. & drops of chamomile or lavender essential oil /ombine oils in a small vial and shake until "ell blended. Whisk honey into bees"ax mixtureB stir "ell. $ix "ell. /an also be used for nails and hair. 8eel papaya "edge and remove seeds. cold pressed. $akes about '!'+& cups. hope you en%oy.. blend papaya and pineapple until pureed. Apply to lips as a moisturi*er or on top of lipstick for extra shine. Apply to face "ith fan brush or finger tips. :emove completely "ith tepid "ater and soft facial cloth. Store in covered container in refrigerator for up to one "eek. Apply a fe" drops to face and massage into skin.ound at natural food stores. & tablespoons s"eet almond oil -organic. :ecline and rest for '1 P '2 minutes.

<se a stainless steel or glass bo"l for mixing ingredients. >our face and neck are already clean. "astes and dead skin cells.. =o this by placing your face about '1 inches above a pot of very hot or recently boiled "ater -remove from stove before steaming. f you %ust look carefully you "ill find many of the ingredients of facial pack in your kitchen. #omemade facial masks helps in providing natural oil and moisture to the skin. Al"ays apply moisturi*er after using a facial mask. These beautifying things do not affect the skin adversely. plus the steam from the hot "ater softens the skin making it easier for the facial mask to do its %ob. "hich of them is the most beneficial to you. removing impurities. Whereas ndian "omen are attracted to"ards makeup. or normal skin. Apply a facial mask after you get out of the sho"er to save time. 0elo" are five recipes for facial masks that you can easily make at home. #omemade beauty care recipes like face!packs. Whether you have dry.ace $asks have an deep cleansing action on the skin. a facial mask is a fun. easy. the 4uropean "omen are getting more and more inclined to"ards using the herbal and natural therapy. because aluminum may react chemically "ith some ingredients. <se the homemade facial mask to suit your skin identify your skin type before you apply the homemade face mask. facial masks and scrubs based on herbs and natural ingredients help improve the skin disorders and detoxify. and inexpensive "ay to pamper yourself "ithout leaving home. . oily. t is best to try out a fe" of the homemade facial masks suited to your skin type and discover far yourself. All of the ingredients used in these recipes are sold in supermarkets or in health food stores ..

sesame oil. sage. sage and lemon can halt the progress. cedar and birch are the recommended oils. drops yarrow. drops coriander +. %n case of dandruff. peppermint. But the best treatment is to apply medicated hair oil to the scalp. drops rosewood +. drops birch Gandruff2 To ' o . scalp being the part of a specialised skin. coriander. sandalwood. add2 +. lemon. lavender. 4# balance matters while utilising products for hair care. yarrow. coriander. ?ou can select a good 4# balanced shampoo and conditioner and add essential oils to it. Dor graying hair. chamomile. lemon. lemon balm and cypress are the recommended essential oils. &ecommended recipes are2 &E1%4ES #air loss To ' o . brahmi. . rosemary. +. aromatheraphy oils of birch. rosewood. coriander. coconut oil. %n case of oily hair it is recommended to use cedar. and cypress are the effective oils for cure and prevention. Dor split ends.Hair care is much similar to the skin care. bay. add2 +. Aromatheraphy oils are capable of being effective to the hair follicles and overall health of hair. lemon balm. neem. lavender. To increase hair growth. drops chamomile. %n case of hair loss. rose and rosewood are effective. +. sandalwood and Jetiver will do the trick. drops lavender.

*ust splash the aromatic water on your face. Hently wipe it off with a damp cotton-wool pad and if any stubborn patches of make-up remain. 9arning2 if you notice that the formulation changes in texture during this three-day period. Gisperse the oil in water using your finger.Nfl o /+. Stir the mixture once a day before you begin to use it. Apply it and remove as you normally would for an aromatic treat to an otherwise plain cleansing process. T#E EOD<5%AT<&S "ix three drops of essential oil with . "assage with the paste in small circular movements all over damp skin. After thoroughly washing the face with soap and water. tsps> of product in the * =+ fl o /: tsps> of sweet almond oil. T#E 9ATE& 15EA!SE& . 4at skin dry and moisturi e immediately. throw it away. "ix the essential oil into the cleanser using a sterile spatula or teaspoon handle. Store the mix in a dark glass bottle and shake well before pouring some into the palm of your hand and using your fingertips to massage it into skin. nose. T#E 15EA!S%!H 1&EA" Buy the simplest. drops sandalwood. chin and neck.ust add two drops of aroma oil to a container of lukewarm water. remove them by dipping a cotton-wool ball directly into the oil mix and gently wiping across skin. becoming thicker. 5eave it there to dry it for itself. drops cypress. fragrance-free cleansing-cream you can find and add four drops of essential oil for every 8. then leave for a few minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm =+fl o /: tsps> sweet almond oil and slowly add e$ual amounts of finely ground oatmeal and coarse desiccated coconut until you have a thick paste.. replace the lid and leave it for three days. thinner or lumpy.+. 15EA!S%!H 5<T%<! &eplace the oil-based cleanser with three drops of essential oil added to . <ccasionally the emulsion of a particular brand of cream becomes unstable if you add extra ingredients and it may eventually lead to bacterial contamination. +. particularly around the forehead. 6se this gentle essential-oil =+. And en*oy the fragrant and clean feeling that follows.

H F&.. drops !eroli and ) drops galbanum in .ml =lfl . P ) drops each sandalwood and geranium and + drop of rose in =+ fl o /: tsps> wheatgerm oil.. To impro0e te-t!re P . P . =lfl o /: tsps> apricot kernel oil plus + vitamin E capsule. free of dull. drops rose in .ml =+ fl o /: tsps> wheatgerm =+ fl o / : tsps> peach oil plus + vitamin E capsule. For night time .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! =+ fl o /: tsps> wheatgerm =+ fl o /: tsps> peach oil plus % tsp wheatgerm =+ fl o /: tsps> *o*oba oil plus + tsp wheatgerm oil... P ) drops each !eroli. P ) drops each rose and frankincense in . drops rose and ) drops chamomile in . P ) drops each rose and lavender and % drop !eroli in .exfoliation twice a week for truly polished =+ fl o /: tsps> evening primrose oil plus + vitamin E =lfl o /: tsps> evening primrose oil plus + vitamin E capsule. mimosa and rose in . drops violet and ) drops lemongrass in . To treat rashes# itchiness P ) drops chamomile and ... For thread 0eins P . drops frankincense and ) drops mandarin in . To firm skin 6 . flaky surface. P + drop each marigold and yarrow and . drops of sandalwood in .ml =+ fl o /: tsps> peach oil plus % tsp wheat germ oil. drops lavender in .... drops orange and % drop each lemon and lime in . For dry skin P ) drops violet and .ml =+ fl o /: tsps> wheat germ oil.1&2 M)1ST(R1S"RS For mat!re skin P .)/: tsps> wheat germ oil.

ml =+ fl o /: tsps> sweet almond oil plus % vitamin E =lfl o /: tsps> of sunflower oil plus +vitamin E =+ fl o /: tsps> avocado oil plus % vitamin E =+ fl o /: tsps> sunflower oil plus + vitamin E capsule... drops rosemary in =lfl o /: tsps> sunflower oil plus + vitamin E capsule. For combination skin/ P ) drops each lemongrass and rosemary in .P ) drops each frankincense and myrrh in =+ fl o /: tsps> sunflower oil plus + vitamin E =+ fl . For sensiti0e skin P ) drops marigold and .... P ) drops each lavender and ylang-ylang and + drop geranium in .ml =+ fl o /: tsps> sweet almond oil plus + vitamin E capsule. drops bergamot and ) drops chamomile in =+ fl o /: tsps> *o*oba oil plus + vitamin E capsule.. drops orange and ) drops rosemary in .. To treat sallowness P . To clear blackheads P ) drops each tea-tree and eucalyptus in . P ) drops each chamomile and *asmine and % drop sandalwood in .. P + drop petitgrain and ) drops each rose and lavender in .ml =+ fl o /: tsps> peach oil plus % tsp wheatgerm =) fl o /: tsps> *o*oba oil plus % tsp wheatgerm oil. To Treat &cne P . 21GHT M)1ST(R1S"RS For oily skin P ) drops each *uniper and 1edarwood in . P ) drops each lavender and geranium and + drop lemon in . P ) drops each lavender and mint and % drop lemon in .ml =lfl o /: tsps> sunflower oil plus % vitamin E capsule P ) drops each geranium and lavender and % drop cypress in .ml =lfl o /: tsps> wheatgerm oil.

P %t is best to use them at night and. P A deep-cleansing facemask should be used no more than once a week and a moisturi ing pack at most twice a week. A small preparation with the combinations to use our specific re$uirements is the added advantages. Any leftovers can be spread on elbows. include relaxing or energi ing aromatic oil in the recipe to work on your mind at the same time." M&S5S "ixing your own essential-oil face pack has a lot of benefits. To mix an Essential oil mask. For day time P ) drops violet and . knees or upper back. nostrils and lips. How to lend Them <nly mix enough masks for one application2 it wonMt keep for more than an hour or two.o /: tsps> sunflower oil plus + vitamin E capsule. P As soon as you have mixed up an essential-oil facemask. and more effective as essential oils are more in touch with the skin.asmine =for normal/combination skin> P Heranium =for oily/blemished skin> (sing face masks. as skin here is very sensitive. P Avoid the eye area. The best oils to fix to the skin surface for a deep facial treatment are2 P Drankincense Qfor mature/dry skin> P . use your fingertips to rub the dried mask off your skin so you exfoliate it at the same time. P Dor a moisturi ing facial. but apply it to the neck right down to the collarbone. !ot to mention the glow the skin gets after this beautifying aromatic experience. drops rose in . They are easy to make. Dacemasks should be used as occasional cleansing or nourishing treatments to improve your complexion. rinse the mask off with warm water until skin is clean.-+8 minutes until the mask has dried. Then relax for =+ fl o /: tsps> sweet almond oil plus + vitamin E capsule. P Dor a deep-cleansing facial. place all ingredients in a . %f you overuse them. and then wash any residue off. "SS"'T1&2 F&. apply it to well-cleansed skin by smoothing it evenly on in upward strokes.. they make skin drier or oilier by overstimulating it. since you have to lay back and rest while the mask does its work.

thick paste." M&S5S Moist!rizing mask . P &ice =lfl o /: tsps> carrier oil mixed with enough powdery ingredients to make a sticky. M&S5S F)R TR)( 2" S7)TS ?ou can also easily make masks using a facial moisturi er mixing with that of powdery ingredient. or a blend of +8 drops rose oil in . you may like to apply a little massage oil to the skin.leansing : drops essential oil in . for =lfl o /: tsps> hot water mixed with enough powdery ingredients to make a smooth. ?ou will need a powdery ingredient to give the right paste-like consistency. #ere are some recipes for the most common types of mask so you can perfect mixing them before you go on to experiment alone. =An addition of warm honey will add to the effect> For a . A bit warmed up mask can also do wonders> Aromatheraphy oil ingredient2 Moist!rizing : drops essential oil in . ml =lfl o /: tsps> *o*oba.. . F&. thick paste. P Hround almonds..small bowl and stir well with a teaspoon. After removing the mask. &S1. better the effect. For a Moist!rizing Mask P <atmeal. &emember also that you can apply several different masks in patches2 a moisturi ing one over dry cheeks. an oil-control mix for nose and chin and a firming mix for the *aw and neck.leansing Mask P DullerMs earth P -aolin P Bran ="ore finely grained the ingredients are.

+eep cleansing mask P ) drops =+ fl . The steam opens pores and warms skin.. Go not use the oils listed on the following page. &nti-aging mask ) drops each !eroli. especially as they enter the nasal passages and can irritate eyes. some essential oils are too potent to be directly inhaled in such a small space and absorbed with steam in this =+ fl o /: tsps> apricot oil with + tsps warmed.. rose. petitgrain and lemon in .ml =lfl o /: tsps> iced =lfl o /: tsps> evening primrose oil with % tsps of warmed. drops lavender and % drop lemon in . with enough oatmeal to make a smooth paste. Steam facials are not recommended for anyone with a history of asthma or respiratory complaints. $uick and non-messy. since it is so effective. so essential oils are absorbed more rapidly.1&2S The one remarkably effective way to use essential oils in your beauty routine is to simply add them to a steam facial.. with enough ground almond to make a smooth paste. so they evaporate faster and are even more aromatic than usual. "SS"'T1&2 ST"&M F&. as they have an irritating effect when inhaled. mixed with enough kaolin to make a smooth paste. . melted clear honey. The steam facial is also deeply relaxing. !eroli in . #owever. melted #oney. Apply on face till it dries up. mixed with enough finely ground almond to "ake a soft paste. mandarin and orange in . "nergizing mask ) drops each ylang-ylang. %t also makes the oils themselves more volatile.. lavender and !eroli in .P ) drops each frankincense. When to (se a Steam Facial% . mixed with enough ground almond to make a smooth paste.. Rela-ing mask P ) drops each violet.)/: tsps> hot water. ml =+ fl o /: tsps> sweet almond oil.

spotty or greasy. #owever. P 1lary sage. P Tea-tree. P Thyme. <ils !ot &ecommended for Steam Dacials2 P Basil. gently pat your face dry and immediately apply a moisturi er to trap the extra steamy water in your skin. Also. Then boil some water. P . How to (se Them 9earing an off-the-shoulder top. as they act as an instant Beautifier. For steam facials . P Hinger. Stay under the towel with your eyes closed until the steam cools then add more boiling water to the bowl to evaporate off any remaining essential oils. They are particularly effective when skin is dull. P 5aurel.uniper. in place of a face mask. softened skin and immediately become an extra beneficial night cream. P 1itronella. donMt use them *ust before you plan to go out as the heat and steam can leave a high colour on the cheeks and make skin look shiny for a couple of hours afterwards.Steam facials should be used to deep-cleanse or deep-moisturise skin once a week at most. P Bay P 4ine. Afterwards. dehydrated. cleanse the skin thoroughly. any moisturi er you apply afterwards will get to work on warmed. P 1amphor. P Tarragon. P Birch. Then add your chosen essential oils drop by drop onto the surface of the water. P Jalerian. "ake sure it is the right height so you can sit comfortably and bend forwards over the bowl. Since they are so relaxing it is best to use them before going to bed. heat-retaining bowl and place it on a table. #ave a large towel ready to drape over your head and trap the steam. P Dennel. 4our the re$uired amount into a large.

1'41G)R&T1'G F&. For normal8combination skin ) drops mimosa and . . For mat!re skin . For oily or blemished skin/ ) drops 1hamomile and . drops *asmine. drops lavender. For oily blemished skin . +""7 M)1ST(R1S1'G F&. For mat!re skin/ ) drops of !eroli and .2"&'S1'G F&. R"2&91'G F&. drops geranium. drops sandalwood.Add 8 drops essential oil to + litre =) pints> boiling 9ater. For normal8combination skin/ ) drops rose and . drops rose. #owever. drops *uniper and ) drops bergamot. drops frankincense and ) drops galbanum. drops Heranium. drops of *asmine. #ere is a selection of recipes for you to try before you start creating your own concoctions2 +""7 .1&2 For dry skin ) drops lavender and . drops of violet.1&2 ) drops of peppermint and . Steam Facial Tro!ble Spots %t is best to use a maximum of two different essential oils in a steam facial because they become so aromatic with the heat that any more are invariably overpowering. the right combination will treat almost any problem of both the skin and psyche.1&2 ) drops of ylang-ylang and .1&2 For dry skin ) drops chamomile and .

Dor a particular dry patch of skin. cleanser for oily skinRetc in the market. as you continue stirring. ***************************************************************** Southern buttermilk facial :ecipe Su'mitted By: Tracy of /olumbus. Buy as you go. Dor example. add flaxseed oil or carrotseed oil Instru"tions: $ix buttermilk and oatflour together. did you know the active ingredients in sunblock often dissipate after the seasonS So. and stir well to mix.0 + Tbs inc oxide + +/) tsp light sesame oil + Tbs rosewater "ix together the inc oxide and sesame oil. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------S!nblock <ur esthetician experts say 0%f you can see your shadow. 4specially in the "inter. days in the fridge. Thus you can customi e your own product. you can create the heavy moisturi er with essential oils for dry skin.or an extra hydrating and skin loving boost to this formula. for an oily skin throughout. Each trouble patch of the skin can be treated accordingly. Allow to cool completely. in order to always have a fresh batch. #eat the mixture gently. the essential oil for oily skin can be mixed in moisturi ers. !ote2 This recipe will leave a white nose 0lifeguard style. using a double boiler. &emove from heat and slowly add the rosewater. but.OOT SOAD *ECI&ES Honey Cleanser . FA Summary: This mask al"ays leaves my face feeling soft and rehydrated. cleanser etc. exfoliators. donFt purchase in bulk or save that last little bit in the bottle for next season. **************************************************************** . Ingredients: 7 Tablespoons fresh buttermilk & '+& teaspoons oatflour . always use a sunblock.0 #owever. ?ield2 ) o . in the fridge. mix n match to treat your trouble spots. or. <therwise there are no such thin as cleanser for dry skin. Apply to your face and let dry.Handling Tro!ble Spots 9ith the basic guidelines provided you can change. you need sunblock. :inse "ith luke"arm "ater and pat dry. make your own. and store in a clean container with a tight lid. -eeps2 6p to +.

oot Soa E= Add & drops of organic lemon essential oil.oot Soa s .This mild organic cleanser is terrific for feet because of its natural moisturi*ing and antibacterial 3ualities. & tablespoons 4psom Salt. :inse "ell. . $assage "ith a liberally applied heavy organic cream moisturi*er and cover "ith cotton socks for the night. E0!oliation 4xfoliating your feet is a necessity because of all the friction your feet encounter on a daily basis. After soaking. Soak for '2 minutes. & tablespoons 4psom Salt. ' teaspoon baking soda. :inse thoroughly "ith "arm "ater.oot Soa E< Add ( cups "armed organic "hole milk. $assage "ith liberally applied heavy organic cream moisturi*er and cover "ith cotton socks for the night. The skin responds to this friction by creating more skin cells in areas that are being rubbed -think of calluses that form on your hands from raking leaves. being sure to get bet"een all toes and around toenails. lemon. and astringent properties "hich eliminate the various causes of foot odor.oot soaks are an excellent "ay to care for the skin as "ell as add to your total sense of "ell being. this rough. "et "ashcloth rub entire foot thoroughly. Soak your feet for '2 to &1 minutes and follo" "ith exfoliating treatment.oot Soa E= Add 7 cups organic pineapple %uice and I cup organic coconut milk to a "arm "ater foot bath. & drops or organic rosemary essential oil. =ry thoroughly to discourage fungal gro"th.oot Soa E< Add ( cups "armed organic "hole milk. Soak for '2 to &1 minutes. 6ry . dry build up should be removed. Soak for '1 to '2 minutes and follo" "ith an exfoliating treatment. & tablespoons organic almond oil and 7 drops organic peppermint essential oil to a "arm "ater foot bath. antifungal.. moisturi*e "ith a good organic moisturi*er -see our article on organic moisturi*er recipes if you "ould like to make your o"n.. t took a "hile to get to this pointB it "ill take a bit of T9/ to fix the problem. and ( tablespoons organic oat flour to a "arm "ater foot bath. and L drops organic lavender essential oil to a "arm "ater foot bath. They soften dry skin and energi*e tired feet. Al"ays finish "ith a good . *ela0ing . & drops each of these organic essential oils. Energi(ing .oot Soa E= Add J 4psom Salt. Soak for '2 to &1 minutes. &erspiration/Odor *esistan"e Soa Add L drops of organic common tea tree essential oil to a "arm "ater foot bath and soak for '2 to &1 minutes. coriander to "arm "ater foot bath. Energi(ing . Tea Tree essential oil has antibacterial. To soften and re%uvenate your feet. =o not expect the area to be finished after one treatment. *ela0ing .oot Soa E< <se "armed "hole organic milk and 7 drops organic lavender essential oil. Soak feet for '2 minutes. Wet your foot and apply ' tablespoon organic clover honey to a "arm. :inse "ell. 6ry . sandal"ood.

combine ground oatmeal. 0et"een gingers antibacterial properties and cornstarchQs absorbency. pour a tsp.oot 1as8ue '+( cup Almonds '+( cup =ry @atmeal 7 tablespoons food grade /ocoa 0utter & tablespoons #oney 8rocess almonds in a blender or coffee grinder until finely ground. in the morning. To use. 7 teaspoons organic olive oil and the %uice of one small lemon. by 9ouise . Odor &rote"tion . N$ Summary: Water applied "ith cotton or hands Ingredients: ' egg "hite ' T glycerin or honey ' '+& tsp vodka or "itch ha*el & drops lemon essential oil & drops lavender essential oil & drops thyme essential oil Instru"tions: $ix together all ingredients. light brush on feet using a large brush designed for cosmetic po"der application. Store this mixture in an airtight container. f desired.orrest O-ernight . letting it dry. :inse "ith "arm "ater. Citrus S"ru' $ix ' cup 4psom Salt. All of the follo"ing exfoliation mixtures "ill "ork much better if used immediately after one of the above foot soaks. 8lace in a clean container and keep in the refrigerator. giving extra attention to any areas of thick skin.e. At night before retiring. The next morning. 8at dry. giving extra attention to thick skin.moisturi*er and use moisturi*er at least t"ice dailyB this helps keep the skin soft bet"een exfoliation treatments "hich helps make you exfoliation more productive. you "ill combat foot odor. n the same blender. Sour Cream S"ru' :ub %ust soaked feet "ith ' cup organic cornmeal then apply a mixture of J cup organic sour cream and & tablespoons organic olive oil. also letting the li3uid dry. .. mmediately massage soles of feet -donQt give the 4psom Salt time to dissolve. an hour before bathing. cocoa butter. n a bo"l. :inse "ith "arm "ater. in the palm of your hand or on cotton ball and rub over face and neck. :ub into your clean feet. repeat the operation. honey and ground almonds. Set aside.oot &o#der $ix J cup organic ginger and J organic cornstarch. and leave on overnight. remove the socks and rinse feet in cool "ater. $assage "ell. We recommend you not remove the socks until you5re standing in the tubC ****************************************************************** 0eauty Water :ecipe Su'mitted By: Simohn of Santa . step into cotton socks. pulse your oatmeal until of the same consistency.

Apri"ot Butter Cold Cream 2. Cornmeal Cleanser 2!or Oily S in3 /astile soap ' Tsp /ornmeal Wet face. 6ariations.ennel Cleansing 1il 2.or Oily S in3 '+& cup buttermilk & Tbsp crushed fennel seeds #eat the milk and fennel seeds in top of double boiler for 71 minutes. Add S"eet Almond oil a little at a time until sugar mixture is moist. Turn off heat. do not allo" milk to boil. . >ou can also add pineapple and+or stra"berry fragrance oil for a nice tropical blend. fresh or dried Simmer ingredients in top of a double boiler for about 71 minutes. Buttermil and . cap and refrigerate. *************************************************************** Homemade Cleansing Creams9 1il s and S"ru's '. 0eat "ith a "ooden spoon until smooth and cooled. ?eeps for & "eeks. Apply "ith cotton balls to the face. cool. $ix honey and soap into a lather.or 6ry S in3 '1 o* apricot kernel oil & o* cocoa butter & o* bees"ax #eat all in top of double boiler until "ax and butter are melted. add honey. "ash face. 2. "ash face. *********************************************************** Co"onut Sugar Body &olish *e"ipe Su'mitted By: Angelica of ngle"ood. let steep for & hours.:egular use of this preperation for four "eeks "ill give the skin an extraordinary beauty and freshness. 8our a little castile soap into the palm of your hand.or 6ry and Sensiti-e S in3 '+( cup cream '+( cup milk & Tbsp chamomile flo"ers. Transfer to %ars. Honey Cleanser 2.or 6ry S in3 /astile soap ' Tsp #oney Wet face. <se elderflo"ers. pour into bottle and refrigerate. /A Summary: 0ody 8olish Ingredients: 7+( of cup of sugar '+( cup of grated coconut '+( cup of coconut milk po"der '+( to '+7 cup of S"eet Almond @il /oconut fragrance oil Instru"tions: /ombine all dry ingredients and blend evenly. s"eet violets or lime blossoms in place of chamomile (. being careful to avoid the delicate skin around the eyes. Chamomile Cleansing 1il 2. strain. Strain. Add a fe" drop of fragrance until you are satisfied "ith the fragrance strength. $ix meal and soap into a lather. ?eep refrigerated. 8our a little castile soap into the palm of your hand. add cornmeal. 7. Turn off heat and let sit for about & hours. &. $akes about )o*.

Orange + Oats S"ru''ing Grains ' cup dried orange peel ' cup cooked oatmeal ' cup almonds . mix in borax until dissolved. Store po"der in a tighly sealed container. Add "armed %o%oba oil to "ax and %elly mixture. 7 Tbsp %o%oba oil ' Tbsp "itch ha*el ' Tbsp strained lemon %uice '+) tsp borax L drops essential oil of lemon $elt bees"ax and unpetroleum %elly over lo" heat.or Oily S in3 & cup rolled oats ' cup almonds & tsp dried lavender & tsp dried peppermint & cup "hite cosmetic clay Frind oats. Honey Almond S"ru' & Tbsp almonds & tsp milk '+& tsp flour '+& tsp honey Frind almonds in a blender. store in covered container. S#eet Butter Cleansing Cream: 2. ). 1il and Honey Cleanser: $ix ' tsp "arm honey "ith ' tablespoon milk or cream.L. $ix "itch ha*el and lemon %uice. E. almonds and herbs to a very fine po"der in blender or "ith a mortar and pestle. :emove oil and makeup "ith a "ashcloth that has been soaked in hot "ater and "rung out. Sesame Oil Cleanser: 2. $ix ground herbs "ith clay. then remove "ith a "arm. Lemon Cleansing Cream 2. 9et mixture dry. Honey 4n Oats S"ru' '+& cup uncooked oatmeal ' Tbsp honey ' Tbsp cider vinegar ' tsp ground almonds $oisten face "ith a "arm "ashcloth then apply mixture to face avoiding the sensitive area around the eyes. Add milk. After completely cooled. Cleansing Grains '. ''. '1. beating until cool and creamy. "arm gently. :inse. :ub into skin. unsalted butter. Almond Cleanser Frind almonds to a fine po"der in a blender. &eppermint &atty S"ru': 2. flour and honey.or 6ry S in3 Apply sesame oil to face and neck. '&. $assage into skin then rinse "ell "ith "arm "ater. add lemon oil. . &. mixing until a thick paste is formed. transfer to container "ith a tid lid.or Oily S in3 ' Tbsp bees"ax ' '+& Tbsp <npetroleum Delly -available in natural foods stores. Slo"ly add this to the "ax mixture.inish "ith a rinse of the p# 0alancer. This recipe should be prepared fresh each time. M. rinse "ith "arm "ater follo"ed by the p# balancer. mix ' heaping tsp of mixture "ith "ater to make a paste. damp "ashcloth. spoon into clean %ar. Wet face then rub on almond po"der. $ay be stored at room temperature a"ay from heat sources or refrigerate. To use. blending for 7!2 minutes.or 6ry S in3 Whip s"eet.

too.. be carefulC. you5ll scratch yourself . honey has a high antibacterial po"er that "ill leave your face smooth and bacteria free. Or9 try &otato hand mas8ue 8eel and cook & larger potatoes. %ust regular. blend until mixture is a fine po"der. $ash them and add a bit of butter -or olive oil. =ip them in "arm olive oil and let them soak in all the "onderful fats olive oil has to give. and help the nails. 8lace some in the palm of your hand and moisten "ith a fe" drops of "arm "ater. Apply on the hands and let it dry. :inse "ith "arm "ater. and a capsule of 6itamin 4. :inse off "ith luke "arm "ater. oats. :ub paste onto face "ith a gentle circular motion. *************************************************************** Home spa re"ipes Oli-e oil hand soa All you need is I cup of "armed olive oil -not hot. The honey 'ased !a"ial s"ru' is a perfect "ay to cleanse your face. '+& teaspoon of lemon %uice Fently rub the face. ' teaspoon of honey & teaspoons of finely ground almonds -not salted ones. and almonds in food processor. and a dish "here you can place both your hands. don5t press too hard. ****************************************************************** .8lace peels. Not only does it open clogged pores. This "ill help moisturi*e and revive your hands. ngredients.