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: 1.30 pm Venue : Bilik Gerakan SMK Kamil Attendance : All English Teachers Agenda 1 Chairperson’s Speech 1.1 The chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.The meeting started with the recitation of Al Fatihah. 1.2 She thanked all English teachers for working closely together to ensure the success of the activities and programmes held by the panel. She hoped for continous support from all panel members. 1.2 The panel congratulated En Nik Nor Azhar for his appointment as excellent teacher for EST and expressed hope that with his expertise En Nik Nor Azhar will come up with activities and strategies to ensure excellent achievement in EST. 2. Head of Language Department’s Speech 2.1 Pn Wan Norizan Wan Daud thanked all the English teachers for their commitment and support. 2.2 The head of department reminded all the teachers to get ready preparations for the year 2010 as all teaching and learning process must be done on the first day of school. 2.3 She informed the panel that the coordinators for each form must get ready the annual scheme of work during the holiday and distribute to the respective teachers during the first staff meeting which will be held on the 30th December 2009. Action to be taken by : All form coordinators 2.4 The form coordinators for non-exam classes are requested to prepare a mega programme aiming to help to booast achievement in English during exam.They are required to send in their proposal and budget to the head of department on or before 18th November 2009. Action to be taken by : Form 1,2,4 and

5. 4.1 Pn Nurbaya reminded all teachers to prepare their desk files respectively as soon possible. 6 obtained D . 4.2 Pn Wan Norizan also requested the English Language Panel management file to be completed too. 87 achieved B. 5 obtained E and 4 students failed. 4.2 The teachers in charge are requested to prepare schedules and distribute them to the panel members when 30th December 2009.1 55 students achieved A1 and A2 for English. 6 Panel management and desk files 6. Approval of Previous Minutes 3. Pn Azlinda proposed the minutes to be approved and was seconded by Pn Raihan. Matters arising 4.4 PLBS 2009 – The chairperson also thanked the form 2 and 3 English teachers for completing and sending in their PLBS class files and score marks.1 The English Language Panel will continue carrying out the same activities for the year 2010 as this year with a few changes. 6.1 The chairperson suggested the previous minutes of meeting to be approved.5 Pn Nurbaya reminded any teacher who has not completed his/her second term oral to do so and hand in his/ her class files and score marks to Pn Raihan before 12 November 2009. 5 Post mortem of SPM Trial Examination 2009 5. 108 obtained C.Lower 6 English Panel coordinators 3. Action to be taken: All panel members 7 Proposed teachers allocation for 2010 .2 The chairperson hoped that the target of achieving 77 As [A1 and A2} in the coming SPM exam will be achieved with the commitment shown by the SPM English team.[Appendix 1 ] Action to be taken : All English teachers 4. 4.3 ULBS 2009 – The chairperson congratulate and thanked all the form 4 and 5 teachers for successfully completing their ULBS.

30 pm.2 participation from schools in Pasir Puteh 8.2. 9. The meeting was adjourned at 3.7.1 The respective teachers are required to prepare and distribute the scheme of work on 30 th December 2009 and make sure to include the date and week as done in 2009.2. The proposed English teacher allocation for 2010 is done and submitted to Head of Language Department for further action. 4 and lower 6 ] 8.3 non-exam classes [ form 1. .1 All English teachers are encouraged to submit any suggestions for the panel’s programme for 2010 by 18th November 2009.2 Programmes can include 8. [ Appendix 2 ] 8 Proposed programme for 2010 8.2. 8.4 programme budget 9 Other Matters 9.1 Task allocation for yearly / annual scheme of work 9.2 Form 1 : Pn Siti Rahinum Form 2 : En Azwan Mat Udin Form 3 : Pn Rosyati Abd Manas Form 4 : Pn Hjh Mazirah Maarof Form 5 : Pn Azlinda Anuar EST Form 4 : En Alias Hasan Form 5 : En Nik Nor Azhar MUET Form 6 : Cik Wan Noraribah 9.1.1 collaboration between English and Malay Language panels eg activities during the language month 8.2 First Staff Meeting will be held on 30th December 2009.

Prepared by. ……………….. Verified by . ………………… (Pn Siti Rahinum Awang Mat) ( Pn Nurbaya Edrus ) Secretary of English Language Panel Head of English Language Panel .

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