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General remedies to Kuja dosha

People who are afflicted with severe Kuja Dosha should marry a person having the same quantum of Dosha. Also such people should worship Lord Hanuman daily, by reciting Hanuman Chalisa. They should visit the temple of Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays. Another remedy is to keep an idol of Kesariya Ganapati in the pooja room and worship Him everyday.

1. Wear RED CORAL in RING FINGER on TUESDAY, coral should touch the skin. Ring can be made of gold, silver or copper. 2. Wearing red clothes on TUESDAY helps. 3. Use copper vessels at home and work. 4. Grow red flowers in your garden or in your bedroom (in pots obviously). 5. Before leaving for an important job, eat gur or honey. 6. Keep copper piece in your pocket or wear a copper coin in red thread in neck. 7. Apply Kesar tilak on the forehead of your God idol. 8. Do business of KUJA related articles i.e. : Wheat, copper vessels, brick, red cloth etc. 9. Nail four copper nails on the four corners of bed or house.

1. Donate articles related to KUJA on TUESDAY like Masoor dal (red lentils) on TUESDAY, Bullock (Preferably red coloured.), Red clothes, molasses, gold, copper, moonga, batasa, sweet chapati, skin of deer etc.. 2. Perform japa of KUJA mantra OM KRAM KREEM KROUM SAH BHAUMAYA NAMAHA, 7000 times in 40 days. 3. Wear KUJA yantra in the neck or keep in temple.

East Tulsi leaf. Start it from Tuesday. • Keep fast on every Tuesday of a new month in a rising moon. Avoid Engaging in martial arts. aggressive exercise etc. Read SUNDARA KAANDA. 16. Take care of younger siblings. HANUMAN CHALISA or BAJRANG VAAN. Worship the ruling deities Kartikeya and Shiva. 17. 10. 11. 12. . Put 7 grains of wheat.4. and red stone with sindoor on it in a red cloth and throw it on TUESDAY in the running water. DEVI KAVACH and GANPATI STOTRA. 9. 13. 7 grains of massoor dal. Rudraksha: Wear a 3 mukhi Rudraksha. a) The Kartikeya mantra is "OM SARAVANABHAVAYA NAMAHA" b) The Shiva mantra is "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA" 6. Being hot tempered. Distribute sweet tandoor chapattis. Distribute sweet tandoor chapattis. • Recite Gayatri Mantra for 108 times in a day. 18. Do not wear red colour shoes or clothes. Keep fasts on TUESDAY. 8. Do not apply kesartilak or sindoor on TUESDAY. 15. black pepper and gur on TUESDAY. Drink water in copper or bronze vessel. 5. do path of LAXMI STOTRA. Manglik Dosha Remedies     • Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily it is one of the best manglik dosha remedies. • For the period of 40 days keep chanting Sunder Kand from Tulsi Ramcharitmanas. Float red flowers in river. 7. Give sindoor for 27 TUESDAYs in a holy place. 14.

RAHU is considered as the cooking stove and the cooked bread (Chapati or roti) is KUJA. Remedy for the Mangal Dosha Mangal Gauri Yantra is the only remedy for Manglik Dosha. If this conjunction takes place in houses where both planets give bad results. rice. CHANDRA's remedy will be helpful. The Bija is Hrim and the Shakti is Swaha. People having manglik dosha must chant this mantra daily and go to Hanuman Temple for worship especially on Tuesday. The yantra is to be installed on a pedestal covered with yellow cloth. sindoor along with lighting ghee lamp. one should take mud pot and fill it with Joo or Sarso (Mustard) in original raw form and put it in running water. it gives very bad results. Articles of Mars are to be donated after the worship. • Consult the expert astrologer to perform Hanumant Sadhana that also needs triangular mangal yantra and mangal stotra that is a unique prayer to mangal. The metre is Gayatri. Source : http://naageshsastri. blood and severe problems in right side of the body. incense. The sage of the Mantra is Aja.blogspot. Prefer to donate it to the workers who work with sharp iron items. native should take his meals in the kitchen. The deity of the Mantra is Manglagauri.     • Om Shreem Hanumate Namah is the mantra to worship Lord Hanuman. stomach. As a remedy. Also distribute sweets.html When RAHU aspects KUJA.parihara. As a remedy. native will be like a King. it will prove highly malefic for the If KUJA and RAHU are together in first house. If the native is facing problems such as late marriage. native suffers problems in arms.html Remedies for Kuja dosha: . pure ghee and deepa (earthern lamp). urinary problems and problems related to progeny. then the native is advised to do the Mangal Gauri Anusthan. The yantra is worshipped with ‘panchopachara’ which includes the articles like vermillion. • You manglik dosh cancellation will happen if you donate red cloth to the workers. flowers. If this conjunction takes place in 3rd or 6th house. RAHU keeps quiet and is unable to do any mischief hence does not give any bad or good results. Source :  Om Hreem Mangalagauri Vivaahabaadhaam Naashaaya Swaha |  The above mantra is to be recited for a minimum of sixty four thousand to a maximum of hundred twenty five thousand times. When KUJA and RAHU are conjunct.

Hence. 7. It is said: ‘Bhaaryam Rakshatu bhairavi’ – Let my spouse be protected by Bhairavi. Success assured.html Following are the remedial measures for the Manglik Dosha. Karitkeya or Kumaraswamy. From a Tuesday start chanting the Sunder Kand from the Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for 40 days continuously.       Source : Donate blood on a Tuesday every three months if health permits. From the first Tuesday of a new month in a rising moon period Start a fast. 8. Then the bad effect of Mars will be neutralized. 3. When Kuja dosha is very strong. it is recommended that the bride should perform ‘Savithri vratha’ to make her husband long-lived. 5. first the bride should marry a pipal tree (pippala) and then the actual marriage should take place. The person who has got Kuja dosha in his/her chart should marry a person with same strength of Kuja dosha. Wear a blood red coral in gold in the ring finger of right hand while chanting the mantra OM KRAAM KREEM KROUM SAH BHOMAY NAMAH. in case of Kuja dosha. Go to the Hanuman temple on Tuesday and offer sweets. Lord Subrahmanya is also called Skandha. sindoor and light a ghee lamp. Worship Lord Hanuman with the mantra:OM SHREEM HANUMATE NAMAH. Daily chant the Gayatri Mantra for 108 times continuously daily. Worshipping the Gods Bhairava or Narasimha is the best remedy for Mars. 4. Savithri is a female who fought with Yama. 2. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily. All wishes will be fulfilled. the lord of Death and got her husband alive. In this case. Wearing Red Coral (moonga) gem of 5 carats in a silver ring for the right hand’s ring finger will help to alleviate Kuja dosha. it separates the couple by killing the spouse. In Hindu puranaas. 6. This is called ‘Pippala vratha’. Goddess Durga is called Bhairavi and hence reciting Durga stotram is also a remedy to escape from Kuja dosha. Wear the red coral after getting your horoscope analyzed from a good astrologer. But it is not cancelled. Kuja dosha can be suppressed by reciting Lord Subrahmanya Astottaram (108 names). 1. .

If Manglik Dosha is the cause of your not getting married then in that case do the fast as described above and along with it feed ants with wheat flour on that day.astropeep. Donate red clothes to workers who work with sharp iron Remedies for Mars:Sindoor to Lord Hanuman. and prayers to Lord Kartikeya (Lord Skanda) protect the native from the evil of planet Mars. 12. As soon as you start the remedies the good results will follow. Source : http://www. 11 should be done after taking proper guidance. Perform the Hanumant Sadhana on a Hanumant Yantra. Remedies number 5. Perform the Mangal Sadhana on a Sri Mangal Yantra along with the Mangal Stotra (Prayer to Lord Mangal). Sleeping on deer skin. 11.9. Throw in the running water pulse of Masoor/ Honey. Chant the Angaraka Astottara Shata Namavali (The 108 names of Mars) Source : http://www. You can do any one of the remedies or use a combination of remedies.htm . Success is sure. Pure silver utensils to be used. 9.astrologybb. As far as practical experience goes the best remedy for the Manglik Dosha is chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa and recitation of the Sunder Kand. Praying to Lord Hanuman with Hanuman Chalisa and other Hanuman mantras.

. 4. you can have a light fast on Tuesday. 3.MangalDosha Remedies: 1. Vedic Yagya: Chanting or reciting mantras. nourishing yourselfonly on a broth of red dhal (which corresponds to Kuja). quicktemper. shlokas or stotrasfrom the tradition of the Veda (pure knowledge) is what is most commonly know asYagya. Maintain good relationships with yourbrothers and sisters. knives or pointyobjects. 2. Marry the one with Same Dosha: The way out of Kuja Dosha isfor a person with Kuja Dosha to Marry an Another with Kuja Dosha. People can do this by themselves and also hire professional Vedic punditsto perform specific rituals (pujas and homas) to pacify certain elements intheir charts. such as butchers. or simply your brothers or sisters. If you arestrong and healthy. Charity: Give to charity on Tuesdays (two hours after sunriseif possible) to strengthen the results. foods made out of red dhal. Other Activities: Beware of hasty decisions. 5. Direct your charitable nature towardsyoung entrepreneurs or pioneers. surgeons or acupuncturists. redstones such as corals. one pointed views and arrogance. Objects to donate (apart frommoney) could be red silks. Planet Position: If the first house is Aries or Mesha and Marsis in Aries the Kuja Dosha is not effective as Aries is the Own House of Mars. military or defencepersonnel. Fasting to balance Kuja: Fasting is a form of Yagya. 6. knives or swords. those who work with metals.

Mangal Mantra Dharanee Garbha Sambhootam Vidyut Kaanti Sam Prabham! Kumaaram Shakti Hastam Cha Mangalam Pranamaamya Ham!! Remedy For Mangal Dosha Marry with Manglik spouse. There are ways of cancellation of Kuja Dosha such as If the first house is Aries or Mesha and Mars is in Aries the Kuja Dosha is not effective as Aries is the Own House of Mars. Do Charity. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. Avoid Munga or coral gem. or masoor dal (red lentils) to a celibate especially on Tuesday. Knives or swords. Avoid Red Colour. Puranic Mantra Dharanee Garbha Sambhootam Vidyut Kaanti Sam Prabham! Kumaaram Shakti Hastam Cha Mangalam Pranamaamya Ham!! Vedic Mantra Om ang angarkaaya namaha Tantrokta Mantra Om kraam kreem kraum sah bhaumaya namaha . Visit Hanuman Temple or Subramaniyam Temple. sweets made from sugar mixed with white sesamum seeds. Keep fasting on Tuesday. Donate Red Daal. Munga (Croal). which you have to consult a competent astrologer to find out. Rred silks. Shree Mangala Chandika Stotram regularly or on Tuesday. And some more other such combinations. Sundar Kand. Chant Mantra of Mars.Mangal Yantra is the best way out or a remedy for a person with Kuja Dosha . Offer donation of commodities represented by Mars.for this u see the link… Donate Grams (Channa) to monkeys on Tuesday.

» Keep Kesariya Ganapati (orange coloured idol of Lord Ganesha) in worship room and worship daily » Worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily » Mahamrityunjaya paath (recitation of Mahamrityunjaya mantra) » Donating red clothes to the workers » Keep ivory (Haathi Daant) at home » Worship banyan tree with milk mixed with something sweet. Mangal Pidaahara Mantra Bhumipoutro Mahateja Jagtam Bhayakrita Sada ! Vrishtikriddrishtiharta cha Peedam Hartu mein Kujah !! Shree Mangala Chandika Stotram Raksha Raksha Jaganmatar Devi Mangal Chandike! Haareeke Vipdam Rashe Harsh Mangal Karike !! Harsh Mangal Dakshe cha Harsh Mangal Daayike ! Shubhe Mangal Dakshe cha Shubhe Mangal Chandike !! Mangale Mangalarhe cha Sarva Source : http://www.microastrology.html Manglik Dosha Remedies Here are some of the most effective remedies for Manglik Dosha » Reciting Gayatri Mantra for 108 times in a day.html . Source : http://www.jyotishphone. » Also. can wear Coral in your finger to reduce Manglik Dosh effects. keeping fast on Thanno Bhauma Gayatri Mantra Om Veeradwajaya Vidmahe Vighna Hasthaya Dheemahi.