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atch the follo!ing "7# Pricing $ %arying prices to increase demand Promotion $ &d'ertising( )irect ar*eting etc. used to shift demand +ac* Ordering $ +y postponing deli'ery on current orders( demand is shifted to period !hen capacity is not fully utilised. ,e! demand creation $ & ne! but complementary demand is created for a period or ser'ice Other Options: - ,e! production techni.ues are de'eloped by /0) cell to increase demand for a product - 1osting of the product to set a fi2ed price. 3 odule 4 $ Page ,o. 565# "55# ) &41 $ 1ustomer7centric approach $ Process 1apability $ Father of si2 sigma $ 8mith 9 otorola: Options: • ;he ability of a process to meet customer<s .uality • )r. =. >d!ards )eming • Open loop feedbac* process • ulti'ariate testing • 8tandardised step7by7step process used in si2 sigma !ith specific tools for conducting pro?ects.

Multiple Answer Questions

he companies should seamlessly lin* the follo!ing !ith supply chain operations to create manufacturing strategy: Options: 7 Factory processes 7 Production e. 2F# "2F# .uipment 7 Factory systems 7 /0) cell 3Enit 27 Page . philosophy focuses on reducing Options: 7 Aead time 7 8et up time 7 >2penditure on in'entory .he Bantt 1hart is complicated and difficult to understand. are as follo!s: Options: 7 Dero handling 7 Dero brea*do!ns 7 Dero lead time 7 Dero automation "56# . 7 . 5@H# "5G# .he Bantt 1hart is re.he C4."@# Aimitations of Bantt 1hart are: Options: 7 . 207# "5@# .o.he e2amples of interruption are Options: 7 Po!er failure 7 Pre'enti'e aintenance 7 achine brea*do!n 7 ass Production "G# )egree of centralisation of PP1 depends on the follo!ing factors Options: 7 1omple2 product design 7 Aarge product 'ariety 7 Aarge !or* force 7 )ifferent machines !ith different capacities for different products 3Enit F7 Page .uired to be updated 7 .o.he main ob?ecti'es( according to >d!ard( of implementing C4. 3 odule 4 $ Page .he Bantt 1hart does not consider that processing times may 'ary among !or* centres.o.he Bantt 1hart does not re'eal directly the costs of alternate loadings 7 .

7 /eturn on in'estment "2I# 8i2 sigma is a business dri'en initiati'e originating !ith top 1>O<s such as Options: 7 +ob Bal'in 9 otorola: 7 Cac* =elch 9B>: 7 /ahul +a?a? 9+a?a? &uto: 7 +ill Bates 9 icrosoft: "@0# =hich of the follo!ing details are mentioned in the lubrication layoutJ Options: 7 lubricants to be used 7 method of lubrication 7 price of a lubricant 7 fre. "HG# =hich are the subtas*s of the maintenance phase of the method studyJ Options: 7 >stimation of cost of testing and implementation 7 onitoring and control 7 Performance appraisal 7 &udit on sa'ings .he obser'er need not be present at the place of !or* for a longer time 7 =or* sampling is 'ery economical for short cycle ?obs 7 =or* sampling study can be interrupted at any time !ithout affecting the results 7 =or* sampling study gi'es unbiased results.uency of lubrication "H@# !hich of the follo!ing possibilities can be e2plored by using flo! process chartJ Options: 7 >liminating the operations or combining the operations !ith another 7 /educing the distance tra'eled by !or*men or materials 7 /educing re?ections drastically 7 &'oiding the !aiting time and thereby reduce production losses "@H# =hich are the 'arious reasons for !hich operator is a!ay from the place of !or* ultimately increasing the idle time of the machineJ Options: 7 personal needs 7 absenteeism 7 official discussion 7 acti'ities related to union or society "@6# =hich are the ad'antages of !or* sampling o'er time studyJ Options: 7 .

&# Eninterrupted Options: Periodic / Kuge / onetime 3 odule 4 $ Enit 6 $ Page .on7critical path time Parallel critical path time minus .on7critical path time Parallel critical path time plus .ual to parallel critical path time "2# 1ore 1ompetence is discussed by &# Prahalad and Kamel Options: ichael Porter / Beorge 8teiner / Peter )ruc*er 3 odule 4 $ Enit 2 $ Page @I# "5H# & good layout results in &# Ao!er costs Options: high employee moti'ation / better forecasts / better production planning "26# & time phased order system that under ideal circumstances schedules the order releases for needed demand in'entory items so that the items arri'e ?ust as they are re.a2es / duties le'ied is one of the important determinant for location decision as ta2es/duties substantially influence Options: 1ustomer preference / Order procurement / )eli'ery time / Product cost "5F# ______ are used to create histograms such as sho!n on the Pareto 1hart Options: ) &41( Flo!charts( )F88( 1hec*sheets "57# Product type layout is suitable !hen _____ supply of material can be maintained. 507# .uired( is *no!n as &# aterial /e.uirements Planning 9 /P: Options: aster Production 8chedule 9 P8:( Planning KoriLon( >nterprise /esource Planning 9>/P: "F# .ual to .o.Single Answer Questions "5# Ko! to calculate floatJ Options: >.on7critical path time >.

uality e."@7# aterial flo! in process layout is ____ &# )iscontinuous Options: 1ontinuous / /egular / Eniform "2G# & _____ is the systematic recording and critical e2amination of e2isting and proposed !ays of doing !or*( as a means of de'eloping and applying easier and more effecti'e methods and reducing costs.he ______ materials are those !ith lose !eight in the process of transformation into finished goods.ual to or better than &"A.riangle / /ectangular / +ell "@I# Ko! many types of charts are used for the purpose of method studyJ &# H Options: @ / G / F "20# =hat do you understand by identification of defects in materials( components( machining processes or men to fi2 responsibility of defecti'es( thereby pre'enting or minimiLing occurrence of defecti'esJ Options: Pre'enti'e function / &cceptance function / &ssurance function / 1orrecti'e function "H0# ______ is the card prepared by the dispatching section of PP1 from the route laid do!n in the process sheet and is handed o'er to the operator as his authority to carry out the tas* specified therein. 25@# "50# &n ideal O1 cur'e is ______ shaped cur'e that accepts all the lots !ith . &# ethod 8tudy Options: .he tas* of allocation of ?obs to machines is carried out by the ______ in consultation !ith shop foreman.o. Options: /a! / Pure / 4mpure / Bross .ime study / 1ontrol of resources / Aayout study 3 odule 447 Enit 57 $ Page . Options: Bantt 1hart / Cob card / 1redit 1ard / Manban 1ard "@5# =hich method of manufacturing is suitable for 1ement manufacturing plantJ Options: Pro?ect Production / Process Production / +atch Production / Cobbing Production "52# . Options: 8cheduler / 4n'entory 1ontrol anager / 8tore*eeper / )ispatcher "H5# . Options: O'al / .

Options: 8=O. Options: 4mpure / Pure / /a! / +ought out "@@# ______ is an engineering method for con'erting customer demands into . Options: Enit of measurement / Performance standard / Enit of loading and scheduling / >ffecti'e capacity per !or* centre "H7# =hat do you mean by a single e'ent !hich represents the ?oin completion of more than one acti'itiesJ &# +urst e'ent Options: Float / )ummy e'ent / erge e'ent .rue/False "H# .uality characteristics and for de'eloping product design by systematically deploying the relationships of customer demands and product characteristics."22# .ime Force / 4shi*a!a )iagram "HF# _______ refers to the unit in !hich loading and scheduling is to be e2tended.he acti'ity percentage may be either based on past e2perience or a pilot study .he _____ is a set of tools and techni.ues by !hich products are made to comply !ith the specifications at minimum cost to the firm &# "uality 1ontrol 8ystem Options: 4nspection system / Production system /)esign system "H6# & final detailed determination of the time for !hich employees !ill !or*( the se.uence in !hich goods or ser'ices !ill be pro'ided and the operating times for machine is co'ered under Options: 8cheduling / Planning KoriLon / .he method of &+1) 1hec*list for Operational >2cellence is de'eloped to Options: )etermine efficiency of plant Cudge the performance of P8 >'aluate performance of supply chain >'aluate loss during production "H2# &ny premise in !hich persons are employed for purpose of ma*ing any product/s is called Options: Factory / establishment / +uilding / =or*shop "2@# /a! materials can be classified into t!o categories as gross materials and ______ materials for the purpose assessing their influence on location. &nalysis / Kill ethodology / %alue &nalysis / "uality Function )eployment 9"F): "2H# .

.rue "I# 4n the choice of location of plant( the factor of Npro2imity to the mar*etO is gi'en the highest priority.umber of days of safety stoc* you !ant to maintain. • Ko! much material is re.uiring gross materials are located nearer to their sources of a'ailability "5I# anagement of Production 8ystem is essentially concerned !ith Producti'ity. Match the Following "7# . "@G# 4ndustries re. anagement of "25# 8oft!ares li*e Oracle pro'ide Manban planner to siLe and resiLe Manbans !hen necessary "@2# 1ontinuous elimination of buffer stoc* is recommended to highlight production/purchase problems pre'iously shielded by high in'entory le'els./E> "27# 4n case of centraliLed inspection( inspection rooms generally become bottlenec* and cause delay in ta*ing action regarding re?ection or re!or*.uired each time for replenishment !hen Manban is signaled • . • Ese this if it ma*es sense to replenish material in fi2ed multiples.he time to replenish Manban from its source.he shortest processing time rule( contray to one<s intuition can produce effecti'e performance and should be considered as a standard in designing shop floor control systems. &# .umber of cards $ Aead time $ Aot ultiplier $ &llocation percent $ Options: • . &# . is the former<s adaptability for the pro?ects !here high degree of uncertainty pre'ails and acti'ity times during performance are e2pected to 'ary considerably for certain acti'ities. "HH# Operational efficiency does not depend on in'entory control management "@F# ."6# One ma?or difference bet!een 1P and P>/. • 4ndicates percent distribution of demand for a particular item across multiple locations.

purchasing is suitable in the follo!ing cases Options: 7 Flo! production 7 4tems ha'ing uniform demand 7 4n'ol'ement of people of all categories 7 Ao! cost P1< class bought out items.4nstructs stores department to conduct in'entory of scrap material.4nforms dispatch/finish parts stores regarding the description of the goods accompanying the note.ote $ Options: . . .he C4. "56# 8tore issue order $ o'e Order $ achine setup order $ For!arding .• >ach bin card is specified !ith the number of items from !hich total Manban siLe can be determined. .uire detailed analysis of long term conse.4nstructs !or*men for mo'ement of material from stores to the first machine and bet!een departments. .4nstructs stores department to issue the material. Multiple Answer Questions "@# . "52# . .4nstructs setters to set up machine tools mentioned therein. .he three types of Pfats< are Options: 7 4n'entory fat 7 Aabour fat 7 1apacity fat 7 Profitline fat "50# =hy does the plant location decision re.uencesJ Options: 7 8hifting of plant is al!ays 'ery costly and !ith interruption of production 7 4n'estment is 'ery high 7 Aong term decision 7 4t affects manufacturing lead time.4nstructs !or*men for mo'ement of material from manufacturer to the stoc*ist.

ame 7 /eason for re?ection 7 .o.he Options: 7 7 7 7 aster +lac* belts are Kighly trained in statistics Kighly trained in "uantitati'e &nalysis Ka'ing e2cellent leadership s*ills >2perts in computer hard!are.o. 22F# .3 odule 4 $ Page . "@G# .imeOJ Options: 7 Kunting time 7 Operation lead time 7 Enoccupied time 7 Cob splitting time "20# =hich of the follo!ing are regional factors !hich go'ern the selection of plant locationJ Options: 7 8ocial structure 7 Pro2imity to mar*et 7 1limatic conditions 7 4ndustrial and ta2ation la!s "25# . 27H# "5@# =hich of the follo!ing are uses of the lubricantsJ Options: 7 /etard rate of !ear and tear of mo'ing parts 7 Protect parts from moisture and dust 7 /educe the setup time 7 Meep temperature of bearings !ithin allo!able limits. "5H# =hich are the 'arious forms of NAost .ype of 4nspection 7 /eport on 'alue analysis "H5# Production &cti'ity 1ontrol 9P&1: is the process by !hich manufacturing resources are Options: 7 1oordinated 7 8cheduled 7 1ontrolled 7 )e'eloped 3 odule 4 $ Page .o 0 .he main contents of 4nspection order are Options: 7 Part .

uired adding 'alue to the product .uipment( materials( parts and !or*ing time absolutely essential for production Options: .rained operator "HF# inimum paper!or* in'ol'es liberal use of communication channels such as Options: 7 .elephone 7 >7mail 7 Fa2 7 +ound +oo*s "HG# >2amples of inspection aids are Options: 7 %ernier caliper 7 icrometer 7 Bauges 7 +roaching fi2tures Single Answer Questions "5# .&nything other than the absolute minimum resource of material( machines and manpo!er re. of factors and the best layout is e2pected to _____ all these factors Options: Optimise / 1onsider / a2imise / 4dentify Q5) .uipment 7 Ese of special purpose machines 7 .uality of tools and e.he design of any layout is go'erned by large no.he ____ is the maintenance !or* initiated on a result of *no!ledge of the condition of an item from routine or continuous chec*ing Options: 1ondition onitoring / Pre'enti'e aintenance / >mergency /epairs / O'erhauling "2# .aiichi Ohno defines !aste as A) &nything other than minimum amount of e."H2# =hich are the !ays to reduce 'ariations in time during the time studyJ Options: 7 Eses standardiLed ra! materials 7 Ese good .

ra'el chart / o'ement chart / &cti'ity chart / Fre. Options: .ime Force / Planning KoriLon / >nterprise /esource Planning 9>/P: "I# =e can say that ______ occurs !hen there is a distinct change in the physical or chemical characteristic of an ob?ect.he production planning process leads from an aggregate plan( to master schedule( to Options: aterial /e..oyoda / Kenry Ford / >d!ard Kay / .o.uates !ith only Q defects per million opportunities for each product or ser'ice transaction( is termed as Options: 8i2 8igma / ..&nything other than minimum amount of e.hree 8igma / Four 8igma / Fi'e 8igma "5F# C4.ransportation anufacturing / "55# & 'ision of .aiichi Ohno 3 odule 4 $ Page .aiichi Ohno Options: .uency of mo'ements bet!een !or* centers.he unser'iceable product 3 odule 4 $ Page .o.. .uipment( materials( parts and !or*ing time absolutely essential for production . Options: Operation / 4nspection / .uirements Planning 9 /P: / . 26G# "5G# & _______ is another typical chart !hich is used to record fre.he product( the ser'ice life of !hich is already completed .uency chart / "5I# _____ is the designated period during !hich the master scheduler is allo!ed to ma*e changes( but computer soft!are is not. &nalysis / /O& 3/eturn on assets# / K A &nalysis "G# . 26G# "F# &s the precursor to de'eloping strategic plan( it is desirable to conduct Options: &+1 &nalysis / 8=O. !as de'eloped by Capanese management thin*er &# .uality !hich e.

@G# . Options: Ene2pected / Partial/ Pre'enti'e / >2pected / "@0# /e'ie! of pro?ect progress periodically and e2pediting if re.olerance / )ra!ing/ 8tandard / 8pecification / "27# 8cheduled start of an operation is authoriLed by issuing Options: +ill of material / Cob card / Bantt 1hart / aterial /e.ormal time / 1rash time / Planned time "@@# &ccording to leadership and &# )ifferentiation ichel Porter( there are t!o types of competiti'e ad'antages $ cost Options: )ifferentiation / Enion leadership / %alue / Focus 3 odule 4 $ Page .ime Fence / Planning .uisition "2G# ______ is a close loop process for continual impro'ement. 3 odule 4 $ Page .uired is called as ____ Options: Pro?ect planning / Pro?ect scheduling / Pro?ect onitoring / Pro?ect crashing "@2# =hat do you mean by the e2pected duration of the acti'ity !hich may be based on single time estimate or three time estimateJ Options: Optimistic time / .he _____ is specified to indicate the ma2imum permissible 'ariability in the dimensions of product or parts.&# Planning . Options: ) &41 9)efine( easure( &nalyse( 4mpro'e and 1ontrol:( Flo!charts ( )F88 9)esign For 8i2 8igma:( 1hec*sheets "2I# .o. 576# anufacturing Aead "2@# .ime.ime Fence Options: )emand .ime Force / .he ____ brea*do!ns usually cost more( partly due to damage done to the ad?ustment components and partly due to emergency actions. Options: .o.ime Fence / .

) Aots ha'ing the percentage defecti'e in &"A e.) Aots ha'ing the percentage defecti'e in &"A e. 2FI# "H0# 4n case of +atch Production( !hen batches are small( _____ is the ratio of direct !or*ers to super'isors( and 'ice 'ersa."@H# Plant Aayout decisions are considered to be Options: 8trategic / .) Aots ha'ing the percentage defecti'e more than &"A but less than AP.o.pdf "@F# =hat do you understand by the critical analysis of e2isting ?obs to de'elop easier and effecti'e methodJ &# ethod study Options: Failure mode effect analysis / measurement "@I# .) Options: Aots ha'ing the percentage defecti'e less than &"A but more than AP. 5H2# otion economy / ethod study / =or* .actical / Operational / Perpetual Q35) =hich of the follo!ing is the criterion for the percentage defecti'es in the Lone of the indecisionJ A) Aots ha'ing the percentage defecti'e more than &"A but less than AP. layout is &# E7line Options: E7line / %7line / 8traight line / 8piral Aine 3 odule 4 $ Page .egati'e 3Page .) /ef: Production 0 Operations 3Page . @F6# anagement. &# Ao!er Options: >.o.ual / Kigher / Ao!er / .ual to more than AP.he common form of C4.ual to AP.o.

"57# C4.ue builds the net!or* from acti'ities.rue "H7# 4t is not necessary to *no! spare time a'ailable on the non7critical path to allo! a little delay for no critical acti'ity.rue "26# &ll acti'ities lying on the non7critical paths must ha'e total float and free float. Options: 1ritical Pro?ect anagement / Pro?ect >'aluation 0 /e'ie! . False .uality characteristics."H@# .he strategic plan and Operational plan are the same "@5# 1ent percent inspection does not mean inspection of component for 500% .!o e2treme forms of manufacturing methods are Pro?ect Production and _____ Options: +atch Production / 1ontinuous Production / Cobbing Production / ass Production True / False "H# 4f total float is used up on acti'ity( that acti'ity and subse.he ________ techni.uent acti'ities in the chain become critical. can only be used in certain types of organiLations.echni.echni. False "2F# . "22# Only one tas* can be studied in case of !or* sampling study "2H# 1omple2ity and difficulty of Planning is influenced by types of layout .rue "@7# 1ellular layout is based on the concept of Broup .uality management.echnology . 4n particular( it needs a stable en'ironment( small batches( short lead times and total .ue / Pro?ect >ngineering 0 /esources .rue "HH# 8pecifications is the basic tool of inspection .ue / 1ritical Path ethod "H6# . .